The difference between the website ranking and the long-term stability of the fast

1. creative cost

, a cost difference between

we don’t choose the black cap as a long-term stable ranking, we need to update some long-term stability to meet the needs of users, so we need to search for a special editorial staff to do the content, and the chain chain, we need specialized personnel to do a relatively high quality of the chain and through systematic training and, while rapid ranking only through the purchase link directly to complete the construction of the chain, long-term stability relative to the rapid ranking and human resources cost is relatively high.

In fact,

if we choose to make the difference on the creative content of the website, then our keyword ranking will be relatively long-term and stable, and meet the needs of the creative content that we can provide users with unique value and different content in the industry website, at the same time we do creative content of the cost is relatively high.

2. and human resources cost

normal website optimization speed difference is not obvious, in the optimization operation of the above many people love to take a shortcut, always want to do today second days of operation will immediately get ranked, such as a lot of people found that an operation can improve his ranking immediately to the batch operation, and this situation is cheating the operation, which is very harmful to the website. >

1. website optimization speed difference

many people will choose the black hat causes rapid ranking is because the human resource cost and the relative investment is less, the batch capture content do they need only locomotive for example can produce large amounts of content, without having to go to specialized editors to write original, it will save a lot of manpower cost at the same time, the updated content is collected every day, can make the website have short-term rankings.

two, the speed difference between

for the website ranking Shanghai Longfeng different persons understanding is different, a lot of people doing keyword ranking will always require fast ranking, as far as possible to shorten the cycle of keywords ranking, but ignore the long-term stability of this factor, shorten the cycle of course I want, but if you tried to pursue this site factors, often results in the former flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum, compared to the long-term stability of the rankings can obtain more stable flow, we further improve the conversion rate, this is what we should pursue, there are some differences in rankings on the website of the rapid and long-term stability in the operation is, today for everyone to share the difference the two.

if we choose not to dig site difference creative content, so our website ranking is relatively fast, but not stable, because our website long-term with respect to the user is of no value, not for industry user viscosity, so the rapid ranking for different cost requirements creative content is relative low.


Shanghai Longfeng electric district held a contest in my opinion

the evening of April 5th, and the electric district Shanghai Longfeng contest sponsors green outfit chat, learned that the contest and the past is only the top-level domain name to contest rules in April 1st to May 1st, "the three words power values" do it first, you can get 10 thousand yuan reward.

Shanghai dragon? Love Shanghai, the explanation given is: search engine optimization! About Shanghai dragon, in fact I have very shallow understanding. Remember not heard in Shanghai dragon, one of my blog one day can have both the flow of three thousand, then listen to people say that Shanghai dragon play is good, you can complete the love of Shanghai when the monkey, very easy to get traffic. As a result, there is a period of time, when I wrote the article, beginning in the title, at the beginning of each period, and then at the end to add keywords, the traffic has dropped a lot, then completely throw away Shanghai dragon, now kept in the 1 day of thousands of flow around.

, my view is that "business" three words ranking method should change? If someone put a "electric business circle" three words for 29 days to do the first, but the last day off, so I couldn’t get the first prize, this is not very unjust. I think this kind of competition, we should first improve the integral system, every statistical time points, set a time every day, take 1 – 30 of the statistics, the score is 30 points —1 points! This analogy, the statistics for 30 days, and finally through the final points to this kind of selection, to determine the ranking more fair.

This What is the

Shanghai dragon exists in every corner of the Internet. "

visible in Shanghai love view, the user experience is always the most important, deliberately Shanghai dragon often fall in love with sea K miserably. But sometimes the opposite is true, we love Shanghai by billboard that a word now is ranked first in the "sky", love Shanghai, found in the first row is not the starting point, but also a website, visible Shanghai dragon is still very important. In more and more enterprises to carry out e-commerce, often a friend asked me, they want to engage in e-commerce, promotion should pay attention to the Shanghai dragon or PPC? My answer is, if long-term do normal product, of course, to increase investment in the Shanghai dragon, so later the brand construction can also to lay a good foundation. Of course, if you want to play the short term, beauty care products and profits, I suggest you first fired employees understand Shanghai Longfeng, let go to Shanghai for sex. Well, not much to say, back into the business, my opinion for this contest.

in fact, we all know, engage in activities, whether the prize money, or iphone4. not to engage in activities to engage in activities, but in order to pass the activities to boost the popularity of the website, improve website visibility and influence. So, why have the parochial prejudice "". I think I should put this activity open, do not set any domain restriction threshold, everyone who can participate.


From Shanghai 628K station to see love love Shanghai’s own changes


as shown in figure


in June 28 for the webmaster is a black day, a large number of websites have been kicked out of love Shanghai database, in addition to fire, basically K website is Taobao guest website, not to mention the quality Taobao guest website itself, just look at the strength of Shanghai will be able to know the love of the sea change algorithm is love in the direction of the user experience, frenzied bidding relative to previous love, Shanghai is now standing in the customer’s perspective on the search results ranking problem.

space is limited, I will not say why Taobao off site will be K, this simple describe: Taobao, customer API site, Taobao data directly call, causing a huge amount of repetition page, caused great distress to the love of spiders in Shanghai, similar to grab page analysis, take Shanghai a lot of love the database, so that similar sites, Shanghai love is seldom included, even not included. Second, Taobao guest single page station, single page station to sell products, website content empty, keyword stuffing for such serious, Shanghai is also the site of love at a distance. The black hat Shanghai Longfeng site, although the black cap can make the site a short time can get good rankings, but in the love Shanghai algorithm change, black hat will be kicked out of the site, this time between 1 to 3 months, so the black hat Shanghai dragon is absolutely not to be taken the.


understand the antecedents and consequences is what we have to love Shanghai search engine change. In the field of market Chinese love Shanghai is a single large, there is Sogou and soso market share increased significantly. Shanghai love search cakes are been eroded by these late search engines, if it is easy to be replaced by love in Shanghai did not change, love Shanghai know that this market is not always the giant, reform is the only way. For the love of Shanghai work everyone should be very clear, because he is a spider crawling algorithm integrates a variety of procedures, so he might not accurately identify as artificial as is wrong, wrong place. The wrong web spam will affect the user experience. For example, we present the domestic search engine three mainstream contrast, are like Shanghai, soso, Sogou, we search the word "Qiushuiyiren". We look at the screenshot, may be due to the different city, different search results.

before 2010, Shanghai love search results has a large number of auction site, black hat Shanghai Longfeng site, users in the use of the love of Shanghai, often see some mandatory advertising, want to find what you want to see, very difficult. Later because of the problem of counterfeit drugs fell in love with the sea, love the Shanghai government was named rectification. Remember the NetEase’s search engine advertising slogan is: love Shanghai unscrupulous, a NetEase. It is also reflected in Shanghai at the time the dilemma of love.

loves Shanghai as shown below:


Linktech D1 convenience network 2008 celebrate Spring Festival, popular promotional activities start

event, 2008 yuan for the whole shopping and 888 yuan for the gift certificate:

animation industry is attracting more and more attention. In the past year, the annual output value of the entire animation industry has more than one hundred billion yuan, which was once regarded as "not difficult to recruit animation industry talent", suddenly changed the tide, from the comic platform, to video website, from game development to movie theaters have ushered in a wave of rebound.

Through the integration of !


activities details:


first let you know the domestic league dynamics,

During the

event, 288 yuan for the whole shopping and 188 yuan for the gift certificate:

is the two dimension people head for the "niche" in the animation industry, animation Tencent is magnified here is how to become a big business? Have a "critical pre pan entertainment layout" vision: a good comic IP, from comic books to television drama to the game and the surrounding, must plan well in advance.

October 20th, the animation Tencent held the second session of the "Cooperation Conference" Tencent of animation industry in Shanghai, including Vice President of Tencent, Tencent group pictures CEO Cheng Wu, general manager of Tencent, Tencent Zou Zhengyu cartoon animation content center director Li Xiaoting and several other executives say, share some industry four years of the establishment of Tencent animation thinking.

Adsense network alliance information release group: 5084047

dear League member:

active time:

the past two years, Tencent animation development rate of some dazzling. According to official data, the current Tencent animation platform cartoon and caricature the number of over 22600, 29 of total amount of reading over 1 billion, playing a total of 12 broken billion animation, the signing of the 610, the author added this year 120, MAU 90 million…… By two dimensional people are "small minority" animation industry, in Tencent animation here is how to be magnified into a big business,


more League information goes on: http://top.admin5/u

During the

event, 88 yuan for the whole shopping and 68 yuan for the gift certificate:

1, get rid of the 50 Fen picture quality: first perfect the animation industry chain again >

During the

if you are the Commissioner of the league, please give me the latest information and we will send it to you for the first time. Feedback

and rapid development, has produced a "one person" under the "matchmaker" the small fox animation Tencent has become the industry leader, but in fact, this situation was simply unthinkable a few years ago, the Tencent to animation "intrapreneurship" started, was very embarrassed, even to the editorial department give a caricature of an increase of 20 yuan royalties and debate.

D1 convenience network to join the 5 sites, celebrate Spring Festival, hot promotions, activities began to shock 2008


linktech alliance

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Admin5 union channel every day to see ah, a lot of money online information.

, vice president of Tencent group, Tencent pictures, CEO, Cheng Wu,


activity rules:


in 2015, "animation industry cooperation conference", Tencent animation for the first time put forward in the pan entertainment concept to realize "two dimensional economy" slogan. A year later, Cheng Wu, Zou Zhengyu and so on several important topics of domestic animation, and summarized them in this industry and market experience and Prospect — this is 2015 Chinese animation development is a microcosm of the two dimension: the industry has a lot of problems, but can be solved.

, Happy, New, Year,

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two dimension has a lot of problems, but it’s being solved one by one,

from January 4, 2008 to February 18, 2008

During the

, however, it was quickly discovered that there was still a lot to go before developing the quality of IP at hand to the level of Japan, South Korea or the United states. Over the past year, companies, including Tencent and Austria Fei, have begun investment, acquisitions and open cooperation in the animation industry.


Looking at the development mode of website business from the rise of webmaster IDC channel

        today to the webmaster nets, see the Admin5 news: IDC news channel stationmaster net monthly business exceeded 150 thousand, when Admin5 IDC just opened business, I registered a domain in which, today suddenly saw the stationmaster net in less than half the time to do it more than 150 thousand monthly business, indeed very deep feelings.

      if only from the business volume, the webmaster nets of such numbers does not bring much shock to the industry, but as just half of the business, there are many places worth learning and thinking about the Webmaster:

1, the site must have the main direction, around the main business of the edge of the business gradually developed

      we all know that Admin5 is webmaster information started, also have a lot of friends know the main operation direction of Admin5 is in the domain name transaction, while the IDC plate was mistaken for a lot of friends from graph king doing fun things.

      in fact, according to the location of the station network and development, is not so simple, because a comprehensive portal platform is always webmaster station network positioning is to serve the owners, so in fact can cover the business scope is quite broad, so offer IDC services do not play, but from the root of mining webmaster needs.

      but another friend asked: why Adsense network at the beginning of the station did not explore this business, but wait until the end of 07 years when the opening?

      it also brings us enlightenment place: a web site in the station early or even half a year, don’t offer too many projects and business, it will make itself is not the kind of exposure to the audience in the sea feeling, many local operating station friends have had experience in the Admin5 post, without exception, said: the early opened column on the topic not too, should be targeted, so the creation of mainstream business too early, and not much business characteristics, as well as Admin5 information and trading market, and gradually expand the mining level, achieve user habits and needs of users highly uniform effect.

two, according to their actual situation, select business type

      many industry station friends and friends do local portal, as long as the right direction, all branches of the project will be all done, in fact, for the initial entry into the industry novice friends, is worth warning.

      Admin5 clearly stated in an open press release: "surface >


5 years, the webmaster experience to share the key to real success, IP is to adhere to

Internet began in 1969, the Internet will remain in an unpredictable speed forward, will also be the current and future development potential to a large number of sites disappear! Every day, and a large number of new sites have been born, your website at what stage?

is now talking about my personal experience on personal websites. One is purely recreational and personal. Two is a personal hobby for doing, later into income. Three is a direct target for money making tools. But many webmaster every day shouting: "my website how IP so little? My website how to include no? I have done so long, the site did not earn a penny."… And so forth, all sorts of sighs coming from all sides. Thus losing the information that continues to do website, guide everybody to be very blind.

station planning is a very important step is to frame their site process, then a good domain name (note on the line such as download station, flying in the halo network containing down domain name… In this regard I said no more) at the beginning of the site, the SEO class I have seen many similar. Among them, really useful and you know how much? Take a look at a few points I cleaned out the most important


1, "the code to make small, simple and easy-going, neat layout.

reason 1: web size directly affects the speed of browsing, no one likes to open more than 5 seconds. You can find another type of Web site from Baidu in 5 seconds.

reason 2: mesh surface is not more beautiful, the better. The browser looks at the content, not the interface. So the interface looks comfortable. Neat layout can help users find what they want directly. Achieve user end goal

2, home connection is not too easy, more harm than good,


reason 1: for those large portal except, it must be comprehensive, and has many years of foundation. Each category out an article shows that in the home page can reach great length. Everyone looked at the home page, sure most will be confused, see for a long time can not find what you want to see.

rules according to Baidu. Home page connection is not easy to more than 100 (specifically, how many forget.). At around 100). It doesn’t hurt to conform to it. Two, the content of the home page more, affect open speed (affirmative).

3, SEO, this I elaborate on it! Don’t believe SEO, the more luck, which accounted for only 30% or less. It’s just a site for web friendliness,

(1) about the title of the home page, keyword up to 3

(2) the content page title does not exceed 2

(3) do not collect, manual to disorderly order reprinted (that is, not one by one next to the turn). That’s the same as collecting) to publish

(4) title as little as possible to change or do not change, the article has been sent as far as possible not


Webmaster ten big server software

when the site grows to a certain size, the webmaster should start thinking about hosting it for the web site. Typically, the server is placed in a telecommunications or CNC computer room, and the site administrator manages the server remotely. Hosted on the web server, need to install the operation of some commonly used software on the server, in order to more effectively manage the remote servers, today I according to my own management experience, recommend ten useful server software, to provide a reference and share.

Arp firewall


Arp Firewall – now hosting server must install the first software is Arp firewall, there is no way ah, China’s network environment, do not install Arp firewall, waiting to be hanged trojans. Now the Arp firewall free there are two, one is the 360 Arp of the Qihoo is a firewall, Kingsoft Arp firewall.

remote desktop connection


Remote Desktop – Remote Desktop Connection (previously known as "terminal services client") is mainly used for remote hosting server for remote management, convenient use, convenient operation of the local computer as the same. The remote server must first install the server-side program of the remote desktop connection, and then the client can manage the server through the remote desktop.

FTP services and client


FileZilla – the client file upload to the server, the most commonly used software is FTP, the Microsoft IIS comes with a simple FTP server software, if you feel good, also can be installed on the server FileZilla server software is free, the client can use the free FileZilla Client, supports multi-threaded file upload.

hardware detection


CPU-Z – CPU-Z is a free system detection tool that detects CPU, motherboards, memory, systems, and other hardware devices. The type of CPU that it supports is quite comprehensive, and the startup speed and detection speed of the software are very fast. In addition, it can detect the motherboard and memory related information, including our commonly used memory double channel detection function. When you run the remote administration server, you can use this software to clear the server’s hardware information.

traffic monitoring


DU Me>


Small business investment shop sipping Xiabu Hot pot

How small

sipping Xiabu Hot pot? Not subject to age restrictions, suitable for everyone to eat. Small business to choose small Hot pot sipping Xiabu project of their own to open a small Hot pot sipping Xiabu stores, the shop is made! Very good choice!

has a small Hot pot sipping Xiabu to join, mass consumption, small investment, low risk, high return, regardless of the franchise in what places to hot market, can not let people heart? So come join the small bar Hot pot sipping Xiabu food material, raw materials which are used in the production of fresh procurement, to ensure that consumers eat fresh, eat satisfied, and the bottom of the pot is a recipe of Chinese herbal medicine, let people eat spicy but not dry, not greasy oil, can enjoy a healthy delicacy for everyone Hot pot, irresistible delicious delicacy.

now has a small Hot pot sipping Xiabu attention to management and research and development for many years, the brand strength is very strong, product advantage, whether everyone is very popular, has a good reputation in the market, so hurry to join the small Hot pot sipping Xiabu, fresh ingredients, taste good, the price is also affordable, is everyone can buy to enjoy delicacy.

good rich project, rich business choice, as in the small Hot pot sipping Xiabu joined in. If you join the project is very small Hot pot sipping Xiabu, echocardiography. Hurry up! Come and join us to realize our wealth and life!


Ji’nan to help disabled college students employment

there are a group of people, perhaps they do not have a sound physique, but still struggling to pursue their ideals. However, on the road of entrepreneurship and employment has repeatedly frustrated, and now, they finally wait until the hope that the city of Ji’nan to help college students with disabilities entrepreneurship employment in full swing.

this year, Shandong provincial civil service examination for the first time recruiting disabled people. Last weekend, 2016 in Ji’nan City, the civil service examinations written started. It is worth mentioning that the Ji’nan area a total of 63 disabled candidates, City Personnel Testing Center set up 3 disabled room in the Ji’nan City Binhe primary school test center, and the creation of Wheelchair Access…… This initiative, no doubt for the city’s disabled college students to build a broader platform for employment.

according to the relevant departments statistics, at present, China’s college graduates with disabilities 2000 to 3000 people per year. The city’s existing disabled college students less than 1500 people, of which the majority of college students with disabilities from the city, with the support of efforts to increase in recent years, the number of college students with disabilities is increasing year by year. In order to train them, both the society and the family pay a higher cost…… Reporters learned that, in order to help the disabled students complete their education, employment, the past two years Canlian not only for college students with disabilities and poor families of disabled children grant student scholarships, through special recruitment, build a business platform, to help them achieve their dreams.

"relative to normal people, the disabled family training a college student is not easy, employment is to improve our living conditions, into the community and realize the main way of life value." Wang Xiaofan (a pseudonym) 30 years old this year, after seeing this year, Shandong provincial organs of civil service examination for the first time after the recruitment of persons with disabilities news reports, the first time to report the name. For her, the exam is not only an opportunity to enhance their own, but also to complete a long cherished wish.

home in Jiyang, Wang Xiaofan suffered from polio, childhood health is not good. But she did not relax on their own requirements, from childhood to school with normal children. Compared with healthy students, little more hard. She is eager to use the results to prove themselves, pay back the family. In July 2013, Xiaofan with honors and get a master’s degree in administrative management.

has not yet graduated, I hope I can take the civil service exam." Upon graduation, Xiao field of a city for the civil service exam, and written second achievements of the smooth entry into the interview. However, taking into account the image of the unit, in the interview, she was brushed down. "At that time, I felt so depressed that I read the book for so many years." Xiao told reporters that this matter at the time of their relatively large blow. However, later in the city CDPF’s help, Xiao was luckily Ji’nan disabled employment service center management hired, become the center of love is recommended