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until October 28th blog stopped, November 5th morning when I see included Bo silly eye, love Shanghai became more than 100, page snapshot disappeared. Scared into a cold sweat. No matter what you feel in love with the sea, it gradually changes over the next few days, the final stop in the current page 33 page is still missing.

is out of the question, a day before the background on the blog to shuffle, always remain perplexed despite much thought, how my blog, I posted a good post is not an accurate da. In view of love.

so the third site is also mentioned in this article blog in May this year on the line, you should be able to think of the domain name on the line after what was the effect of the. Anyway, the feeling will be very difficult, as some of the new domain name does not exist what bad records, and the name of my record is very obvious, is likely to be fu/mian records, although I didn’t do what we. Blog by JBLOG program, a Chinese blog development program, his reason is to support the static blog and PHP program. On line second day Shanghai put the original old data all clear, then nearly 20 tianbai included the blog home page. After the line has been adhering to the manual writing contents, occasionally send some PPT background. This persisted for about 4 months, I feel like giving up love, Shanghai began to include the blog content page, from September to October it gradually increased to nearly 200, the weight of love Shanghai more and more is also high, although not included in the content page every day, but the snapshot is updated every day.

my second station application domain name after the line after three months on the line, because the content is pure acquisition nor pseudo original, so not what their way, give up. The opening of the new domain name to adjust the content and updating method, the new site now included is good, the outlook is bright. Now I say second station domain name after idle, in order not to waste resources, I set up the new sites, a personal blog.

by the original acquisition station, think to do an absolutely original site to try the effect. The actual situation of this original idea is certainly not what the problem is, my blog is a big problem. The reason is that second of my site I give up three months after the update found love Shanghai actually included, a little willow Liu Cheng Yin feeling. But I was not happy, because my third stations and second stations are the same, even third stations are in the second station acquisition based on the content deleted part was established. As can be imagined second of my domain name basically is in a difficult situation now has two, but not included, then, must give up, do it new and old included. We want to put a period of time, Shanghai love the old collection are deleted and re start the new sites. Later, in the webmaster forum asked many webmaster, some say to do new sites just now, do not have to wait for the removal of old included on the line.

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Shanghai dragon ER cannot have four kinds of mentality

The coverage rate and position of the

everyone’s mood to understand, but I don’t think that’s really necessary every day staring at the search engine to see included quantity, chain number. Because Shanghai Longfeng not check out, but to do it, more time should be spent in the process of implementation.

to Shanghai and Shanghai dragon dragon is one of the most common mistakes, especially some of the primary Shanghai dragon ER and enterprise website, especially serious. Shanghai Longfeng Er often have such confusion, we may be the site optimization very in place, but the effect is not very ideal, for example: the title keyword strategy is in place, the internal page set up within the chain, keyword density of the page is also very good, website update quantity control is very good, but also through content carefully the pseudo original articles on keywords, selection of fine, then every day to do outside the chain, but the result is not satisfactory. The cause is a departure from the user, not shown to the user, but purely in order to cater to the search engine and do, we all know that search is a business structure, search engine is certainly in order to cater to the needs of users, if the user does not love the content search engine that is not love.

search engine on the Internet has become increasingly high, Shanghai dragon trend can be said to be like a raging fire, Shanghai dragon learning has become a necessary course of webmasters, but because many people accept no formal or not system training, produced a lot of bad phenomenon and misunderstanding on the understanding and operation of Shanghai dragon on the author and we talk about some of the most common and most deadly in the understanding of Shanghai dragon misunderstanding, we hope to help you, and can reduce the road bends in the concrete operation.


on this issue, the author has previously written an essay like this, introduces the promotion of the Internet, because many people just contact network promotion, think network promotion is Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon is the network promotion, in fact, Shanghai Longfeng effect is good, but Shanghai is a dragon many network promotion method, not all sites are suitable for Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon can only bring users, can keep users, can not allow the user to pay for our products and services is not to decide the Shanghai dragon.

we often see people posting said, included my xdjrw贵族宝贝 how rare today 10 ah, how is it? Or prawns, my site outside the chain suddenly increased a lot, it will not be a problem! Such a problem we can be seen everywhere, such as the following users than

2: Shanghai and Shanghai Dragon Dragon don’t

3: not every day staring at the search engine

In the QQ group or forum >

1: promotion is not only the Shanghai dragon


When exclusive copyright is no longer the threshold, how can the competition for digital music platf


with a set of beauty and talent in a woman, get tens of millions of investment, valuation of billions of dollars of fame, Luo Zhenyu sold 12 million ad "first night" experience, the name was broadcasting and rectification, now down, also began to appear by the user who does not like.


but in the face of such "stingy" Spotify, let the music people can not refuse.

earlier >


Chen Anni, belongs to this kind, she will have the net red identity into the business products, even if the 1 million user retention rate to early drainage is not good, let Chen Anni look at her comic from behind the stage.

if we take the concept network is not so much red, from Ma Yun, Robin Li to Luo Yonghao, Dong Mingzhu, Lei Jun, these giant companies active in the frontline bigwigs, all have their own "Red Net" character.


is a good user experience for Spotify. Unlike traditional music player passive, Spotify aims to help users find music, emotionally close to the user’s heart, experience, to meet user habits, but also both social attributes.

coincidentally, the timing of the announcement was "hit" by Katy Perry Katie, ·, Perry who released the new album Witness in June 9th Taylor. For a time, the Internet has raised a great deal of discussion about two lovers killing female singers, digital music, "selling sounds" and "personal grudges".


recently, the topic of music circles in Europe and America Center Taylor Swift Taylor · Swift announced that, in order to celebrate their album "1989" sales exceeded 10 million, and certified by the RIAA single total sales exceeded one hundred million, all her own album in all music streaming media platform again, including before she blasted "do not respect the artist value" Spotify.

"people are afraid of being famous and pigs are afraid of being strong",

Chen Anni’s successful realization of the use of net red identity drainage

Papi sauce catch is not good, this season, is a radio broadcast platform to make snap to rectify, what I want "and" fuck "," cheap like"…… Papi sauce, you’re talking too dirty. The radio babies have to be neat and neat for you.

, look at your dirty words:

Tucao Papi sauce a lot of people: >

a "sorry, I only have 1% life" comics, won the one million users for a comic APP, the Red Net characteristics of successful products to the drainage of the "great Anne", "dream back bitch" reputation, to achieve a lot of start-up team coveted 1 million initial users.


Papi sauce is "ruined"

net red by SARFT requirements rectification, to vulgar, all kinds of live platform began to implement the real name system, blacklist system…… A long time ago, net red people rely on the mode of survival, supervision, and now the net red, more like tightrope walking.

is really ", so Papi sauce slightly destructive to the morals" a dirty word to delete, delete and continue to publish video.

as for the re development of the later, to see is purely the product itself, has nothing to do with the net red.


the result is, 10W+’s reading, 2W+’s point of praise……

so, what are the "seductive" changes in the last two years of the music streaming media that make the singers love and hate, and


to reduce the income, can not stop the music "gestures"

first of all, Spotify has a huge number of users. At present, Spotify monthly active users more than 100 million, the number of paid users has reached 50 million, representing an increase of 25% over the previous six months. Huge user base, optimistic growth, higher rate of conversion of paid users, who can deny the charm of Spotify?




over the past two years, the relationship between musicians and streaming media has become increasingly subtle. Two years ago, Adele Taylor from the Swift led boycott led by the Spotify free streaming behavior, now Taylor will all work yourself back on the shelves, music for streaming media is no longer a tough attitude and swing, and the living environment of the media streaming media platform for music to say, is a good news.

giants’ net red characteristics drive their products to promote and display, the Internet community of civilians is more inclined to fast realizable means: micro business, Taobao…… In search of "net red realized" this road, different circles have different means.

, you want to cash, always need an outlet, which in any kind of red net are common.

in "music more and more poor, the record company more and more rich, Spotify" arch-criminal "?", music pioneer ID:nakedmusic wrote, in the free on-demand mode Spotify with advertising and subscription model, a single click on the platform for the creation of music revenue continued to decline, from the original very now low, low to "heinous".


How to set up the hotel website background information

Shanghai Longfeng, influence ranking search results more elements is TItle, so here we added custom page title, keywords function. Because each site optimization of the same keywords the end result are not optimized, such as some optimization of Lijiang Hotel, Lijiang Hotel, some can optimize some optimization, optimization of some hotel near Old Town of Lijiang hotel near Old Town of Lijiang, you can analyze love some of Shanghai’s search results, can help you how to set up suitable your keywords, title.

here is a point to note is that {minjiage? Use element method} tag, {} which with the mean when?? data when the front? Behind the Chinese characters is displayed, each label can be set here, not only limited to the price.

in the label "# {Ningbo Fubon stadium #10}, here is the new alliance, so webmaster can organize some original content, the relevant information is added to the information inside the hotel. The search engine is love original content, but also on the reservation for the hotel to do a very good guide, and the background of the advertising system can even combine the advertising links to your release information, grasp each period very popular activities such as the most accurate, close to the Asian Games in December, around the exhibition, civil servants test information.

How to set the background

city name required, not with

label instructions: the name of the city # keywords # {call number}

is currently the two functions in other hotels which have not appeared, hope every webmaster can make full use of the two features, his own website to make features make different, to make traffic.

keywordsAccording to the analysis of our department

webmaster can prepare some similar aspects of these articles, such as concerts, exhibition information, hot tourist destination, Asian Games and other reference

Fill in the article are as follows:

, a hotel related information into the information content of

hotel website information

? Keywords

is the default setting for our hotel list page:


Please pay attention to the content of

can not be emptyThe maximum number of calls to 10

how to organize the content of

we have added recently held in Ningbo concert of Jay Chou for example, the title "Jay Chou Ningbo concert hotel early book"



two, management background custom page title,


Amazon launched cloud search service in six years to return to the search market

Amazon CloudSearch cloud search service can integrate the search function in Web sites and applications, whether it is user oriented website or corporate website, it is the same with Amazon贵族宝贝 search technology. This is a great progress in the business, because a lot of electronic commerce website search function is very bad, no potential income.

image hosting and sharing sites Smugmug through Amazon cloud search service support picture browsing, other use of this service include Search Technologies, NewsRight, enterprise ex.fm, Car Domain and Sage Bionetworks etc..

2004, Amazon has had its own A9 search engine, initially rely on Google to provide search results. In 2006, Amazon closed the A9 search, and A9 project technical director of UDI · Manber (Udi Manber) joined Google. Amazon in six years to return to the search market, the Amazon search service has become a real commodity, it is one of the AWS service.

search service scale is different, the price is also different. There are three kinds of scale, small and large, super large. These examples of the price per hour were 12 cents, 48 cents, 68 cents. Upload data and additional charges. You need to configure the change of index data re charge 98 cents per GB.


Beijing on April 13th news, according to foreign media reports, announced in the "Amazon Amazon Web services (AWS) before the" add a series of "cloud search" (CloudSearch) service, after a lapse of six years to return to the search market.

‘s chief technology officer Vogel Weiner · (Werner Vogels) through the blog said: "the Amazon cloud search will have the effect of democracy, because its function is to use many users before. Amazon cloud search can be said to be a powerful search engine, which we are familiar with the price for every developer, support on-demand (pay-as-you-go) model. It allows developers to improve their products, lower costs, even without management."

The Amazon

cloud provides another option to buy the search service search for businesses and individual developers, Google through Apache Lucene and other open source search software to provide such services. Amazon Web Services Technology Division Jeff · Baer (Jeff Barr) said, users can set up their own search in less than an hour, the service price is only $100 per month.


Webmaster change the monthly income growth rate, you might not want to think ofThe Body Shop will be

afternoon sleep, 0 working state, after deducting personal interest, remaining only in the struggle for our life. If you are a senior webmaster, see here, please float over, the following article you do not have to read.

smart tips!

L’OREAL group CEO – Paul ·, Ann Gong in an interview, said: "The Body Shop is still a beautiful brand.". Maybe other people can do better."

1, proficient in website construction. Is not proficient, but also more than ordinary people know more about website construction

1, click on sh419 advertising alliance. This league deduction amount, needless to say, but income is good. 2000ip well, there are 300 yuan in income,

‘s previous major bidders also included private equity funds, CVC Capital Partners, Brazil beauty giant Natura, and CJ group in South korea.


February this year, the Financial Times reported that L’OREAL group plans to 1 billion pounds for its The Body shop, looking for new buyers. Four months later, some private equity funds have expressed willingness to buy. Among them, China’s Renhe Pharmaceutical Group also conducted consultation on the auction. When people are guessing "drug" and "drug" can be integrated, today, Renhe pharmaceutical has been clarified, no direct or indirect intention to acquire.

when it seems all the more painstaking. Write here, let me secretly smile: I am also a webmaster, although IP is not much.

4, the show League, mainly has the first video. 3000IP has about 200 monthly revenue,

generally speaking, 1Wip’s website has one month to deduct the server, can have several thousand yuan advertisement income, certainly not generally more than 3000 yuan.

, based in Hongkong, founded by Cai Chongxin, one of the Alibaba’s core founders, manages part of Mr. Ma’s wealth and Cai Chongxin’s $8 billion fortune. Major investment in health care, artificial intelligence, big data cloud computing and other fields. Investment in technology companies, including we are familiar with melon seeds, used cars, straight sell nets, beautiful say, sing, go to market nets, etc..

5, other specialties. Every man has his head.

let’s take a look at what the webmaster has,

3 search consortium. The league is well matched, but it has very little income. There are mainly sh419, valley brother and so on.

then went back to the personal website long month can earn much money to buy a car? No? Senior webmaster will be nothing difficult, Xiangche beauty villa villa, everything. More people live on

has 3>

4, not stupid. This is very important. In particular, there is no point in building technology, and can earn money through the web site, long is not stupid:

another potential buyer from China’s background might be Ma Yun’s family office Blue Pool Capital. According to the Reuters, Investindustrial, the European private equity fund, has invited blue pool capital to bid for more than 800 million euros in joint bid for The Body shop.

in 2006, L’OREAL Group acquired The Body Shop at 652 million pounds. At that time coincided with the natural cosmetics are very popular on the market. However, in the acquisition of ten years, L’OREAL’s argument is that "The Body Shop has not been in accordance with established track development."". In L’OREAL’s latest quarterly earnings, The Body Shop sales of only 197 million 200 thousand euros, down 1.5%.

this a few years behind and often in the webmaster online, or a group of people think when the owners of the wise; time do not want to go on to do Sohu family at home, you can also get a low income. Other lines,

many people say that the webmaster’s income is low, indeed, the webmaster’s income is very low, I am always very low income.

these special skills may not be useful in some industries, but they are valuable in the field of network e-commerce.

3, know the user experience

2, understand the characteristics of traffic and visitors and the importance of the site

5, other alliances. Generally included lower than this.

6, monthly advertising. Direct advertising income will be higher.


, let’s take a look at the website’s current revenue stream. At present, the biggest revenue is advertising revenue.

was founded in 1976 by The Body shop, founded by Anita Roddick. It also experienced a "beautiful" development process: the main natural and healthy skin care philosophy and against animal experiments, is now hot "single brand shop sales model founder, like a garden and forest shop style and the style of the product, once by Diane’s favor. There’s a total of 1200 products, covering the body care, facial care, cosmetics, indoor fragrance, hair care and other categories, more than 3000 stores in 66 countries worldwide sales.

2, click on shlf1314 advertising alliance. The alliance doesn’t cut prices, but it’s divided into opaque, often psas. Some Chinese websites earn more than sh419, some lower than sh419’s


Jinshan Fu Sheng father of the times is a better era of entrepreneurshipWhat do you need to do to cr

I’d like to begin with the thought of my favorite person, from Alex Harry’s article "Shadowland of Dreams" :

in fact, writing is a need to fight a lone battle paying affair. By luck, only a few famous writers, more people aspirations blighted. Even the most successful writers will experience a period of life and unknown to the public. I’m one of them."

Jinshan CEO Fu Sheng

answer: Michael Wolf. He founded five start-ups, and the number is still increasing.

"many young people told me they wanted to be a writer.". I often give them encouragement, but also warned them "when a writer ‘and writing is completely different. Most of the young people actually embrace dream just for fame, not knowing at the typewriter is so long and lonely. "You have a desire to write." I told them, "not just to be a writer.""

at the China Internet Conference in 2013, Jinshan network CEO Fu Sheng at the meeting, talking about the era of spelling father is a better era of entrepreneurship. "Fight father", but in this rapid development of resources and platform to fight, with better resources in order to compete more favorable, and use a larger platform to better development and display their own.

this is from Q & a website Quora, translated by fortune Chinese network:

said that in the era of entrepreneurship competition of family background is better, from where you can see the time for business? Competition of family background of the times, dad is divided into three kinds, father, stepfather and godfather. As an entrepreneur, how do you choose the right father and a better resource?. Fu Sheng comes in later, good resources, we do not need to deliberately seek out, the only thing we can do is to do their own products, let people recognize you, find you the highlights, in order to better invest in you or provide you with better resources.

these people tend to quickly find like-minded people, they all have entrepreneurial dreams, after a brainstorm some ideas from which seems reasonable and creative, according to the design of a product, and then buy a cart, waiting when the offer came in flock, will be a lot of money to the bank.

on the contrary, those who wish to become "entrepreneurs" and become rich overnight, the idea does not really reflect the unique insight or interest. The electronic commerce website they set up a similar, almost no barriers to entry, or are they in Gartner’s report read, a new market is expected to reach the scale of billions, and then take a plunge in copycat products. They are bound to encounter obstacles that are unable to pass, or have no unique insight to defeat their competitors. >

, in 1999 and 2014, we experienced two entrepreneurial tides, and many people suddenly found themselves wanting to be an entrepreneur". Newly graduated MBA students could have joined Goldman Sachs or McKinsey, but they chose to go to San Francisco. The old men in big companies such as Oracle or HP suddenly switched jobs because they didn’t want to miss the next gold rush".

how to make a better start in the age of CEO, Kingsoft network, Fu Sheng talked about: "it is important to return to the source, and constantly think about your products and services, these are the focus of the return of the origin.". As an entrepreneur, you have to go through a lot to do better, or you will encounter more abuse and frustration. As entrepreneurs, to adhere to their beliefs, only to strengthen their beliefs, in order to better achieve the other side of the success of entrepreneurship. As entrepreneurs, we know the details determine success or failure, and seize the small details and you will achieve great success.

as the Internet business owners, how to adapt to the times? Here, I talk about their own views, along with the development of Internet and mobile Internet and big data era, more and more business opportunities, there are more people to choose entrepreneurship. However, in this era of competition of family background, entrepreneurs only their products and services to do well in improving their products and services at the same time early can go to find some better resources to help you, this is a good resource platform in resource utilization of resources, reduce the time wasted, the success of earlier. As long as there is a good product, with a flash point, in order to attract a better background to help you, that is, the so-called "father", so as to achieve the early success of entrepreneurship. Here, A5 webmaster nets admin5 wish broad webmaster friends, as soon as possible entrepreneurial success.

but many people’s hopes will fail. Entrepreneurship is just like Alex Harry’s writing: a company founded by a person who wants to become an entrepreneur is often not the best. The best entrepreneurs are usually knowledgeable and passionate about a specific problem and have the motivation to solve the problem. They will devote themselves to the construction of the company, just want to make it grow stronger. They rarely attend technical meetings, and the company can’t see them at the party, and the acquisition is not their main goal.


The difference in design of the shopping process


tour in the major electricity supplier website you, in online shopping, I did not know whether or not aware of some small differences,

sets out specific content, visual styles, and recalls the pages of the products that we are familiar with… Of course, this is not playing everyone to leave the game, need to look at the periphery piercing eye. We can experience from the details of the interface, and even squint to find something.

pro, did you remember what’s the difference,


OK, let’s get the answer: the difference is in the purchase button on the details page.


holding the inquisitive spirit to stroll around the other business website, not found this may and type of website of business. For example, Taobao, pat belongs to the C2C type, there is obvious "direct purchase", "join the shopping cart" button; Jingdong, Yi Xun belongs to the B2C type, only "join the shopping cart" button. What’s the design for this,


the following is an analysis of the author’s expectation, Paizhuan, added:

The difference in the

platform determines the role of the shopping cart in different

first of all, from the nature of the platform, C2C is a multi store system, equivalent to the shopping experience of the store; B2C is a single mall system, equivalent to the shopping experience of large supermarkets.


multi store system, that is, shops are distributed everywhere, can be compared to the real life of small shop shopping. Small shop is not exclusive logistics system, so in C2C orders after payment, also need to online confirmation receipt and evaluation. For the same kind of goods, there may be a variety of prices in different stores, and the price is determined by the seller. We click on "join the shopping cart", will stay on the current page, so the shopping cart here is more likely to continue to buy in this shop.

B2C can be compared to a supermarket in real life. It’s a single mall system. There is a unified product label, the only commodity prices, have their own exclusive logistics system, the next line after receipt, no need to confirm the receipt on-line. In the "add to cart", will jump to other pages, because no matter where or jump to belong to the mall, so this shopping cart emphasizes the whole concept of the website, where all goods for an all.


1 action buttons, VS, 2 action buttons,

can be sure that most e-commerce users buy a single piece of merchandise on an e-commerce site. Therefore, from the purchasing behavior, "immediate purchase" should be the most necessary operation of the user. If the interface is only 1>


Video website flaring up again to decide the future development strategy

Sina, the Sohu purchase of billions of dollars each hit TV drama copyright, network video has increased in the field of investment, Sohu is the introduction of the ultra clear channel to compete for users, Tencent to enter the high-profile network video industry, Tencent launched video network test version in April this month, the Tencent to big 440 million investment in Huayi brother, hope that through their own platform will be integrated with the Huayi Brothers to occupy a space for one person in the resources, the network video industry, another portal giant NetEase also unwilling to lag behind, they chose the inventive, open class, micro film differentiated video products, hope that with different routes in the network video industry share.

the four portals in the network video field of huge investment does not ban back in 2007 — the video site of the golden age, the foreign YouTube and domestic potatoes, become fashionable for a time, Youku and other video sites also achieved great success, make a successful video website has become a lot of grassroots Adsense dream. Then, as the giant portal has to enter the field of online video, and a spring in the online video, video website how to get a better development? This is a point (business) of black and white, and share this with you.

one, network video analysis of the status quo

through the continuous development in recent years, the video site to watch their favorite television drama, variety show has become many people’s surfing habits, according to Chinese Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) shows released in January this year, "the twenty-seventh China Internet development statistics report", the network video has become the seventh largest domestic application Internet users, ranking even more than e-mail, online shopping, online banking and so on popular areas, thus its development prospect is quite broad, has great potential for development.

also has several problems that can not be neglected in this field:

first, the network video field of intense competition, the original Youku, potatoes, cool 6 needless to say, recently reached the field of online video portal giants are making the competition in this industry reached the fierce degree:


, the online video site than in other areas of higher threshold, technology, space and bandwidth can be regarded as to enter the network video field road stumbling block, and under the new management approach recently introduced, to create a related news or television drama video sites need to apply for a "information network transmission audio-visual programs permit", and apply for the permit conditions is the registered capital must reach more than twenty million yuan, the lack of sufficient technical strength and large amount of money to support the small video sites can be said that there are great difficulties.

third, high input, low return, or even non return. At present, the profit model of the video website mainly relies on advertising revenue, although some sites have started the attempt to launch a payment service, but they are still very immature


Electricity supplier practitioners note the future buyers online comments will be like this

lead: in order to be ready to respond to changes in consumer buying patterns, here are some of the predictions that we believe retailers must understand.


we all do this — before we make the final purchase decision, we habitually look at the search results of the commodity buyers, star rank and roll back feedback.

It is an indisputable fact that the manner in which

consumers make decisions has undergone tremendous changes in the past ten years. We stand in the store and use smartphones to compare prices and feedback on the products. Family and friends will also immediately participate in the evaluation through social media. When we are ready to buy something, more and more online retailers can deliver goods directly to us, sometimes even on the same day.

A recent

survey shows that with social media, instant messaging, picture sharing, and online buyers’ comments, 61% of consumers will read online reviews before making a purchase decision. After all, these comments provide all potential consumers with honest and fair reviews from the same buyers, helping them understand the product from the buyer’s point of view.

as the review has become increasingly important in the purchase process, it is easy to see that consumer reliance on them will grow in the future. Nelson released the latest "global advertising trust" survey report shows that online buyers comments consumers have become the second most trusted brand information sources, 70% of global consumers said they trust online reviews, and in four years the growth rate of the number of 15 percentage points.

some industry observers predict that retail sales will change over the last five years, and that the extinction of physical stores is not far off. In order to win in the long run, retailers must act now.

, for example, in the next few years, we can see the anonymous comments disappear, it is able to become buyers in Facebook, Twitter or other social media identity check links. This will benefit retailers and consumers alike. This prevents customers from complaining frequently after anonymous usernames, helping stores build credibility, and providing an interactive link that allows stores to connect with valuable customers.

So how to do

business to meet the growing demands of evaluation, and effective management of the process? In order to prepare for consumers to buy in the form of change, the following is the number of predictions we think retailers must understand.

1) all comments will eventually be linked to social media. The age of anonymous comments will soon be over. In the future, anonymous comments will be eliminated. Although very rare these days, in the future, consumers will only value reviews that they believe are genuine and reliable buyers. By looking through reviewers >