The difference in design of the shopping process


tour in the major electricity supplier website you, in online shopping, I did not know whether or not aware of some small differences,

sets out specific content, visual styles, and recalls the pages of the products that we are familiar with… Of course, this is not playing everyone to leave the game, need to look at the periphery piercing eye. We can experience from the details of the interface, and even squint to find something.

pro, did you remember what’s the difference,


OK, let’s get the answer: the difference is in the purchase button on the details page.


holding the inquisitive spirit to stroll around the other business website, not found this may and type of website of business. For example, Taobao, pat belongs to the C2C type, there is obvious "direct purchase", "join the shopping cart" button; Jingdong, Yi Xun belongs to the B2C type, only "join the shopping cart" button. What’s the design for this,


the following is an analysis of the author’s expectation, Paizhuan, added:

The difference in the

platform determines the role of the shopping cart in different

first of all, from the nature of the platform, C2C is a multi store system, equivalent to the shopping experience of the store; B2C is a single mall system, equivalent to the shopping experience of large supermarkets.


multi store system, that is, shops are distributed everywhere, can be compared to the real life of small shop shopping. Small shop is not exclusive logistics system, so in C2C orders after payment, also need to online confirmation receipt and evaluation. For the same kind of goods, there may be a variety of prices in different stores, and the price is determined by the seller. We click on "join the shopping cart", will stay on the current page, so the shopping cart here is more likely to continue to buy in this shop.

B2C can be compared to a supermarket in real life. It’s a single mall system. There is a unified product label, the only commodity prices, have their own exclusive logistics system, the next line after receipt, no need to confirm the receipt on-line. In the "add to cart", will jump to other pages, because no matter where or jump to belong to the mall, so this shopping cart emphasizes the whole concept of the website, where all goods for an all.


1 action buttons, VS, 2 action buttons,

can be sure that most e-commerce users buy a single piece of merchandise on an e-commerce site. Therefore, from the purchasing behavior, "immediate purchase" should be the most necessary operation of the user. If the interface is only 1>


Video website flaring up again to decide the future development strategy

Sina, the Sohu purchase of billions of dollars each hit TV drama copyright, network video has increased in the field of investment, Sohu is the introduction of the ultra clear channel to compete for users, Tencent to enter the high-profile network video industry, Tencent launched video network test version in April this month, the Tencent to big 440 million investment in Huayi brother, hope that through their own platform will be integrated with the Huayi Brothers to occupy a space for one person in the resources, the network video industry, another portal giant NetEase also unwilling to lag behind, they chose the inventive, open class, micro film differentiated video products, hope that with different routes in the network video industry share.

the four portals in the network video field of huge investment does not ban back in 2007 — the video site of the golden age, the foreign YouTube and domestic potatoes, become fashionable for a time, Youku and other video sites also achieved great success, make a successful video website has become a lot of grassroots Adsense dream. Then, as the giant portal has to enter the field of online video, and a spring in the online video, video website how to get a better development? This is a point (business) of black and white, and share this with you.

one, network video analysis of the status quo

through the continuous development in recent years, the video site to watch their favorite television drama, variety show has become many people’s surfing habits, according to Chinese Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) shows released in January this year, "the twenty-seventh China Internet development statistics report", the network video has become the seventh largest domestic application Internet users, ranking even more than e-mail, online shopping, online banking and so on popular areas, thus its development prospect is quite broad, has great potential for development.

also has several problems that can not be neglected in this field:

first, the network video field of intense competition, the original Youku, potatoes, cool 6 needless to say, recently reached the field of online video portal giants are making the competition in this industry reached the fierce degree:


, the online video site than in other areas of higher threshold, technology, space and bandwidth can be regarded as to enter the network video field road stumbling block, and under the new management approach recently introduced, to create a related news or television drama video sites need to apply for a "information network transmission audio-visual programs permit", and apply for the permit conditions is the registered capital must reach more than twenty million yuan, the lack of sufficient technical strength and large amount of money to support the small video sites can be said that there are great difficulties.

third, high input, low return, or even non return. At present, the profit model of the video website mainly relies on advertising revenue, although some sites have started the attempt to launch a payment service, but they are still very immature


Electricity supplier practitioners note the future buyers online comments will be like this

lead: in order to be ready to respond to changes in consumer buying patterns, here are some of the predictions that we believe retailers must understand.


we all do this — before we make the final purchase decision, we habitually look at the search results of the commodity buyers, star rank and roll back feedback.

It is an indisputable fact that the manner in which

consumers make decisions has undergone tremendous changes in the past ten years. We stand in the store and use smartphones to compare prices and feedback on the products. Family and friends will also immediately participate in the evaluation through social media. When we are ready to buy something, more and more online retailers can deliver goods directly to us, sometimes even on the same day.

A recent

survey shows that with social media, instant messaging, picture sharing, and online buyers’ comments, 61% of consumers will read online reviews before making a purchase decision. After all, these comments provide all potential consumers with honest and fair reviews from the same buyers, helping them understand the product from the buyer’s point of view.

as the review has become increasingly important in the purchase process, it is easy to see that consumer reliance on them will grow in the future. Nelson released the latest "global advertising trust" survey report shows that online buyers comments consumers have become the second most trusted brand information sources, 70% of global consumers said they trust online reviews, and in four years the growth rate of the number of 15 percentage points.

some industry observers predict that retail sales will change over the last five years, and that the extinction of physical stores is not far off. In order to win in the long run, retailers must act now.

, for example, in the next few years, we can see the anonymous comments disappear, it is able to become buyers in Facebook, Twitter or other social media identity check links. This will benefit retailers and consumers alike. This prevents customers from complaining frequently after anonymous usernames, helping stores build credibility, and providing an interactive link that allows stores to connect with valuable customers.

So how to do

business to meet the growing demands of evaluation, and effective management of the process? In order to prepare for consumers to buy in the form of change, the following is the number of predictions we think retailers must understand.

1) all comments will eventually be linked to social media. The age of anonymous comments will soon be over. In the future, anonymous comments will be eliminated. Although very rare these days, in the future, consumers will only value reviews that they believe are genuine and reliable buyers. By looking through reviewers >


What are the principles of cigarette display

on how to display cigarettes, and now many people have learned the method, however, after all, different geographical location, the face of different consumers, the method does not necessarily apply. Therefore, we only have mastered the relevant methods, in line with certain principles, will let the cigarette display work better. So, what are the principles of cigarette display?

cigarette display is an important content of cigarette business, scientific and reasonable arrangement of cigarette sales can not only improve the efficiency and accuracy, but also can attract the attention of consumers to stimulate their desire to purchase, improve the cigarette sales profit, achieve a multiplier effect.

a, obviously. It is obvious that the soul of the principle of cigarette display, the location of cigarettes to be conspicuous, easy for consumers to buy cigarettes.

two, full display. The cigarette container must be full of cigarette, not blank, have sold out of the cigarette to replenish the OTC, the fullness of the container to a certain extent arouse consumer desire.

three, harmonization. The cigarette in the container should be placed in accordance with a certain display method, such as family display, price display, etc., and the direction of the price tag should be unified, so that the overall coordination of cigarette display.

four, highlight. The container based on full display in the cigarette to prioritize, highlighting the main sales of cigarettes and recommended cigarettes, cigarette, cigarette brand new products will be the focus and slow-moving cigarette prominent display, to display the effect of brand cultivation by cigarette.

five, price eye-catching. Eye-catching and uniform price tag is not only convenient for consumers to buy, but also regulate the store management, which also set up a store of integrity.

six, vertical concentration. The cigarette vertical focus on display, you can highlight the brand series, scale, increase visibility, grab the attention of consumers, to seize the initiative consumption.

no matter what you learn is your shop, but if you can meet the above cigarette display small introduced by these principles, I believe your cigarette display is a successful work, which can make your cigarette sales have better performance, create more wealth for you.


What are the advantages of early investment industry

early education as the basis of education, has been very seriously, but also parents have been concerned about the problem. To provide children with a high efficiency and quality of enlightenment education, is the wish of every parent. So what are the advantages of early investment in the industry? Today, we have a good analysis.

open early childhood institutions will not join the backlog of funds, but no inventory loss. Easy chain operation. Children’s early education agency industry is small, low risk. Early childhood style usually does not change much, unlike the public gallery of the fashion goods, or expensive children, as long as consumers every day to buy something, no matter how changes in market economy, children joined the agency shop business will continue, every year the business is good, the investment risk is greatly reduced. And can be formed in the consumer reputation benefits.

open early childhood education institutions to facilitate management, business is simple, usually just into good goods, a certain amount of sales can be mastered. Children’s early education through the computer and database management support, plus the headquarters of the full pre industry training, industry guidance, so that you manage convenient, simple operation. Open early childhood to join the organization, there is no product backlog and inventory costs. Children early to join the agency industry is not like other industries, must first stocking library, stored in the warehouse, and then sell out, can not afford to sell cheap. And joined the headquarters cooperation, sales of goods can be exchanged, thus avoiding the loss of funds.

through specific analysis and presentation, we also clearly understand the advantages of early education industry and market development advantages. If you’re ready to make a contribution to your children’s education, take advantage of this market opportunity, find a good project, and start your own business!

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Do sales work also need to consider the customer – Business

no matter what kind of business we do, as long as there is a kind of sales, we need to start from the customer’s point of view. In short, sales are composed of three elements: the owner, the customer and the commodity. Commodity is a kind of moving object, the price and brand are only presented to the owner and customer. The owner is a bridge to connect goods and customers, through the introduction of the owner, so that customers can get more information about the goods, thus deciding whether to buy or not to buy.

in the sales process, although customers are directed to goods, but into the store is the first contact with the owner, the owner’s behavior and attitude directly affect the customer’s purchase psychology, obviously, to do a good sales shop, you should stand in the perspective of customers to experience the needs of the customer service.

once, led his son to go to the county to buy clothes, in the process of shopping, his son was thirsty, there are two small stores near the convenience store, I casually chose to go in and buy a bottle of mineral water. To tell the truth, I have been doing retail for a long time, are for customer service, but also want to do the customer at the same time feel and learn what they can accept the service attitude. Boss, buy a bottle of mineral water, what brand of

master bar, how much?" "1.5 yuan"" "No, it’s 2 yuan." why is it so expensive? It’s not iced. It’s 1 yuan" The whole process of consumption, the owner has been eating ice cream with me watching TV in the dialogue, not because he overcharged me 0.5 yuan, but the kind of lazy and disrespectful behavior indifferent attitude, let me feel very unhappy.

left the store, and buy a lot of goods because of the son, go to another shop, a convenient bag for his son to buy shoes with the broken, I squatted down to tidy up, walked out of a young woman from the store, I rush into the store to pick up a few big convenient bag, also help me organize together, although not too many words on the contact, but her kind and sincere service, let me feel very comfortable.

two the two different attitudes and behavior, let me do the customer at the same time have a subjective experience, purchase direction, to meet consumer, I have to go to second, will never go to the first consumer. At the same time will also think about what role they play in the business can better attract customers.

how to more customers to consider, we also need to do transposition work, so as to truly understand the needs of customers. In short, often do transposition experience, can be a very good understanding of customer needs and customer service attitude, the idea of agreement, the owner will change some is not conducive to the attitude of customers with behavior, so as to better improve their level of sales.


Do you know how to locate the shop

a lot of people tired of the previous model of office workers, and now many people have chosen their own shop, do not want to continue to work for others. In fact, there are a lot of successful and unsuccessful shop, which is not only what we choose to open a store, and the location of the store is also a relationship. A good location, you can give more customers to spend more, which also brought good voice to the store. Here to tell you about how to shop location.

1, good lot does not mean good business. Shop location? A lot of good shops often means high rents, the landlord can only earn rent, so it should be suitable for home accessories sales lot and store. First, consumers buy Home Furnishing accessories are often started only in hard decoration near the end, so the store should be connected with the last part of the decoration, such as furniture, curtains and adjacent shop stores, building materials stores, shops and avoid bathroom adjacent; secondly, we should choose in the regional arts and crafts more concentrated, because it can not only utilize shop customers, but also for professional consumer groups.

2, good at resolving effective traffic. Shop location? We must first analyze is fixed flow or the flow of the flow of people, such as a small convenience store, although a large flow of people, but are basically fixed flow, effective sales only a continuous flow fixed flow will have spread and products contribute to product information; secondly, we should analyse the flow of people the consumption level and the cultural level, one is the area sales of the products, the two is to understand the price and the surrounding environment surrounding this location (such as universities, cultural facilities, entertainment, etc.); such as the industrial zone near the basic flow of workers is not suitable for Home Furnishing jewelry shop business.

3, field trips are important. Shop location? Military experts Liu Baicheng often to five lines uncertain, lose clean, the importance of the field investigation, the same store choice. The business area should also be further investigated this area and operating conditions, can choose one of the sections of the crafts shop inspected, calculated per hour after the flow of people, enter the number of craft shops the number of customers, customers using the crafts shop one day, in order to determine the arts and crafts store operating conditions.

4, to see and ask more. Shop location? Look around the shop business, look around people is what kind of consumer, to ask people to have much interest in your products, so customers only interested in the product can lead to their desire to buy, at this point, you can try to put a small goods stalls look at people and customers of the product whether there is demand, can try the small.

shop to do business, is the need to pay attention in many ways, the location of a detail is very important, should choose a good location, the flow of people and more places will also bring a lot of people consumption, let the store recommended


College students to sell shoes in three years to market the brand

bid farewell to the cruel college entrance examination, the students into the university campus seems to escape the cage. But college time can not be wasted, you may waste time is to start the distance with others began. College students entrepreneurship has become a trend, a lot of success story is very exciting.

entrepreneurial achievements

3 years to bring the brand into the national market, with a large number of stable customer base, but also through scientific management knowledge to optimize the supply chain.

entrepreneurial ideal

my business make money just one goal, for me, another goal of my business is to influence the lives of others, so that people no longer stand the melancholy in the expensive window outside, but simple and easy to get what you want, I hope everyone can be happy.


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What types of consumers can be divided into

every consumer into the door, as a service staff, we also need to know what kind of consumer belongs to, so as to provide better service. They may pass, you did not pay attention to their daily; perhaps slightly stay, you never know. "Do you know your customers?" Now teach you how to identify a few strokes customers.

according to the characteristics of the consumer environment and consumer groups, the author believes that consumers can be broadly divided into three types. Master their characteristics, in communication can accurately distinguish what they belong to.

fixed consumer

such consumers are generally used to buy fixed cigarette brands. Like such consumers, it is best to learn about their place of origin, preferences and cigarette consumption in the usual communication. At this point, if there is a new brand listing, according to the corresponding consumer grade and the origin of cigarettes, to introduce them to their cigarettes. Whether or not to buy is not important, the key is to give consumers a sense of attention.

mobile consumer

such consumers generally buy cigarette brands are more complex, and generally only buy the box at the time of purchase. To this end, they can recommend a moderate price, recently introduced, the appearance of new cigarettes, so the success rate will be higher. Therefore, the flow of consumers can not be ignored, your greeting, a smile can make them become your potential fixed consumer.

fine consumer

consumers generally pay more attention to the quality and price of cigarettes. When they buy the whole cigarette, they can give a small gift, such as lighter, gift bag, etc.. Because this type of consumer value the feeling of love, in order to attract tourists, suitable for more gifts is also acceptable.

of course, these are the main types of consumer summarized by the small sum, and the entire consumer market is very broad, the type is also very much. Perhaps you have encountered more than these types of consumers, it does not matter, as long as you sincerely for their sake, concentrate on their recommendation, sincere service for them, they may become your most loyal consumers.