Shanghai Longfeng planning should be done on dental site

is the summary of the five points, after discovering more and then share with you. In this paper, A5 start > turn

In fact,


to tell you the truth, this thing is like a chain of mechanical operation, construction ceaselessly, accumulated ceaselessly, adhere to and beyond. This pre planning may be hard, because of good ranking site high weight link some dental will lock trouble. The estimated number of people outside the chain, then you can calculate the average construction time, such a plan step by step, but also a clear goal.

Localization of

I use the open source program (phpcms), because it can save the initial cost. The beginning of the selected program, because if it is changed into program, will cause the path to change such a terrible 404 so out! Also is the site of the structure, we all know that the site is the flat structure will affect the site’s features, the structure in initially decided.

, a keyword optimization direction planning

personally think that the selection of key words and planning is the most difficult, first choose the target keywords and long tail keywords, to determine a good estimate, keywords ranking time; for the calculation of initial keyword conversion. This is the station should be planned.

four, dental website contentThe core

of course, the directory structure is an easily neglected problem, especially the directory path, such as dental site, dental disease is divided into many types, optimal path, it is a headache. Both want to let the path short, you can completely explain disease, head to want to burst. Just began to want to use the Pinyin – well, but this disadvantage of Shanghai Longfeng optimization, is used in the form of the last spelling, such as tooth type, implant the case of planting such as have dental implants, I was using..zhongzhiya/zhonglei like this. The current observation, this column implant ranking is very good.

dental site should do Shanghai dragon plan

three, the directory

now the medical industry of Shanghai dragon competition super strong, like many oral and dental business have also entered the Shanghai dragon to want to have a space for one person in the internet. However, in such a fierce competition in the rise is not easy ah, so do the planning of Shanghai Longfeng before a dental site will caution. Now to share my opinion to do some minor dental site, everyone can look at the exhibitions.

five, the construction of the chain

Planning Planning of

of a website is its content, how to output the contents of the one and only, is the most critical, because the content is to the user, final orders or user. So, the dental website content are all around the user.

two, and the structure of the website program


A5 Yue Huai talk about virtual host to Shanghai dragon factors selection optimization

again: the best choice for independent IP host. Site on the independent IP host, not only can let the spider love, included fast, improve the site high weight, also can avoid other search engines penalize sites implicated. Because the shared server usually put a lot of Web sites, once a website is search engine punishment right down, then, other websites will suffer, with independent IP do not have to worry about the site is affected by other cheating sites implicated in increased safety performance.

: finally, in line with the user experience. Customer is God, the webmaster as long as to meet the needs of customers in order to successfully conduct site operations. Shanghai Longfeng optimization to meet user search habits, virtual host selection should also be the same. If the user is most telecom users, we are willing to let a telecom access business, this is conducive to speed up the site loading speed, speed, the user will not turn off the page, reduce the bounce rate. Select the server according to the user to set the orientation search. Most users love love with sea to search China >

: the first virtual host configuration consideration. The configuration, virtual host has the fame is certainly each stationmaster’s love, so when choosing a host to host from the virtual price, space size, the number of independent IP, the capacity of database, how to facilitate the management of domain name registration, to select the host types into consideration according to the website or space support system the program.

: second selection techniques: 1, the performance of quality stability must be high, grab a spider web content is regular, the virtual space is not stable, it will let the spider grab content uneasy, don’t know exactly what the song, not to grab the lead after 2, faster; that users visit your site, often not open, the consequences will be grievous, not only reduce the user experience, and if this is a spider to grab your site, but can not enter the harvest what are not, it must be very angry, not updated snapshot, the site is not included such problems will appear; 3, with no restrictions the flow of space, the site to flow is high, this is certainly not restricted, no matter how many people visit no problem; 4, support pseudo static web pages, web static, pseudo static spider love Page included, saves the host resources, increase user experience; 5, can do a 301 redirect, after the site is down right, the webmaster can do 301 heavy weight regain the original website ranking has always been.

to select keywords, domain name, virtual host website is very helpful for the optimization of Shanghai dragon. The virtual host like locomotive, Shanghai dragon optimization like body, head is not good, there is no way to run the car. The site is the same, the virtual host has no choice, even in the website optimization, website ranking can not run, or not go. Then before do Shanghai Longfeng optimization webmaster how to select the virtual host, search engines love what server, virtual host selection and what they need to do?


Ali, CEO, Wei Zhe 5 words, through the essence of B2B B2B must be part of unity, so that the other p

new year, it came to the 2017, the new year, I do not know if you have a small target set one hundred million, no never mind, help you have a good plan for science and technology arena business plans for the new year, O2O increasingly popular not only small entrepreneurs must see, also see in the eye, so, small finishing a new O2O business plan, to see if you dare to let go! Let Xiaobian together look at

The first and foremost thing about


The five essential

B2B is Business, to, Business enterprise to enterprise + Businesman, to, Businessman businessman to businessman

dear Peng! You wanglian spectacular friend good afternoon:

simple example, but it illustrates in the Internet era, you use an organization with an enterprise to retain another enterprise is impossible. Truly connected or businessmen to businessmen?. Understanding this is critical because we are talking later about why B2B has multiple accounts and that’s because of this first nature. When we design 2B products, we must be clear, absolutely do not think that your product is for the enterprise, and you should ask the question should be, this product is to the enterprise who use, which?

first, O2O+ catering distribution

believes in many office workers



fourth, O2O+ fresh distribution

I often say, do B2B is to have the mentality of bitter, 2B spirit, in the spring of the times, do a very hard thing. Why do B2B hard 2B? Because most of the funding we heard the story, the story of the capital is usually 2C, is a consumer oriented carnival, but B2B is behind the scenes, it is not every consumer contacts every day, not every day in the street to see, not to mention the B2B itself a very difficult thing.

B2B is that it is not simply business to business, but business to business, plus merchants to businessmen. I’ve talked about it many times, but I still want to thank Ma again. Because it is 2005, 06 years, Ma Yun and I speak a word, let me understand this essence. He told me at that time, Wei Zhe, do not only understand B2B as enterprise to enterprise, because the first essence of B2B is actually businessman to businessman, or entrepreneur to entrepreneur. It must be clear, the carrier and the audience service today, is a entrepreneur and a businessman, rather than a business or a company, in the Internet era, an organization or an institution is sticky live people, stick people must be sticky, people have.

today, first of all to share with you is the five essential issues of B2B. Talking about the essence of B2B, in fact, is to see the essential difference between it and B2C. What’s the difference between B2B and B2C? There are five main aspects.

, for example. Now Beijing mayor Cai worked in Hangzhou during the period, he served as Minister of Zhejiang provincial Party committee organization, first opened a personal micro-blog, and soon won the 6, 7 million fans, a large network of V, but in contrast, when the Zhejiang provincial Party Committee Organization Department of micro-blog is only 6, 70 thousand fans.

said that women and children’s money is the best earned, according to the national "two child policy" fully open, do not make more small reminders, I believe that smart customers have already seen the O2O market, there are too many maternal and child needs. As a pregnant woman, while a special time to take good care of yourself, while for the arrival of a new life to prepare, there are always a lot of things need to configure for prenatal, new mothers, children do not have ready, every day there are emergencies, sometimes the nipple burned bad to buy new the baby is sometimes special shampoo out, always need to buy some emergency supplies, and maternal and child class O20 is their Savior! The more important is a good place for maternal community O20 or new mother exchange experience, children what time to start to eat food supplement, which stores on sale, in short, Xiao Bian think baby take the market prospect of O2O



second, O2O+ pharmaceutical distribution

is the so-called hunger breeds discontentment, the National Bureau of statistics data show that in 2014, the market size China catering industry was 2 trillion and 790 billion yuan, an increase of 9.7%. Catering o2o development is more rapid, it is expected that in 2017 the restaurant o2o market will exceed 200 billion yuan, compound growth rate of more than 30%. In recent years, as the pace of life has accelerated, the number of people eating out and taking out meals has increased.

O2O Entrepreneurship Program


do not worry!

third, O2O+ mother and child delivery

medicine as a special subdivision industry in the O2O field, has always been the main point of competition from all walks of life, including sh419, Ali and so on. Why is medicine so striking? A large part of the reason is that the medical relationship is closely related to the national economy and the people’s livelihood. It is a matter of fact that it is difficult for the common people to see a doctor and to see a doctor. Also, pharmacies under the line are constantly changing. On the one hand, people’s large pharmacies such pharmaceutical giants continue to upgrade, hoping to catch the Internet this train, become a well-known pharmaceutical boundary line under the enterprise. Secondly, a variety of Internet companies are also constantly testing the water line under the pharmaceutical industry, hoping to be able to share a cup of soup in the field. Therefore, the pharmaceutical O2O will become the biggest trend in the future.



Online education looking for real disruptive innovationI say to Wangzhuan several superficial view

, especially in the Internet, making money from online projects is not so easy. There are no worries about many articles about Wangzhuan Wangzhuan project, there are some species mentioned Wangzhuan inside. A variety of Wangzhuan is the need for you to spend a lot of time and energy. Even the fastest lucky 28 games cost more energy. Because lucky 28 Games need you to think about how to buy numbers.

editor’s note: This article by the time named co-founder He Feng micro-blog / Sina feeds watercress ID:@ peak brother he Feng, this manuscript before the Clayton Christensen view system discussed and extended, and put forward a very interesting point of view, education and entertainment. Interested readers can interact with him via fengwriting@gmail.

recently read a few articles on Clayton C>

I’m rather disappointed with the existing online education. Of course, from the point of view of correcting energy, real innovation has not yet occurred, and leaves a lot of room for imagination. My disappointment is not directed at China’s online education. I see that many American MOOC have not been freed from the traditional educational model of the past. Most of what they do is also trying to copy online classes online.

, but that’s not a joke about people doing online education. We are confined to the educational tradition of extending hundreds or even millennia. Like the people of radio stations in the 50s, we can’t imagine the possibilities of new media to them, images, to us, the web. But this piece also brings hope: after decades of development, TV programs have spawned such rich content as TV shows, news and talent shows; it is reasonable to believe that the real wonderful of online education is far from coming.

‘s current online education gives the same impression: the professor or the professor, the textbook, the textbook, the assignment, or the assignment. The difference is that the professor brought up a camera in front of him.

so, what is ultimately not to make money fast Wangzhuan project, how to do the thing you should do most, know Wangzhuan project, you can quickly earn money. The above is free Wangzhuan wuyouptc on some opinions by Wangzhuan money fast. Welcome to be friendly and point out the shortcomings.

Several articles have been published in the


either in real life or in the network life, most people want to quickly make money overnight become the upstart of course better; in the network, the use of fast Wangzhuan money making ideas There are plenty of people who are. So free Wangzhuan also laicourenao, talk about their use for Wangzhuan money quickly view. In fact, it doesn’t make much sense to talk about this topic, and it can only make others think we are talking about the big truth. Because many people know how to become an upstart, nothing more than lottery, won the grand prize; pick up what kind of money, and so on, huh, huh?. This way of making money can certainly make a big fortune overnight. But how many people are so lucky to have so many people all over the world?

36kr online education series. Some of my former insiders are different. I’m not running an online education company. I was involved as an online education, "depth user" and an occasional content creator. But since these two kinds of people are the most important people in online education, our voice is necessary.

starts with "no spending" crowd,

, that reminds me of a piece of the story: in 1950s America, radio programs were well developed, but television was just beginning to spread. Some radio stations suddenly became television stations. They can’t think of a TV show is probably what it looks like, so still use the original cast, hired the original radio announcer, different only in front of a camera announcer. Those who upgraded from the audience to the audience received almost the same programs as before, except that they could see an announcer with a confused expression.


I think to want to make money fast, the best way is not to try to think how to make money fast, as long as the intention to do the industry to do the first, as long as the first, the opportunity to make money will take the initiative to come to. On the other hand, if you’re full of money, you can’t do what you want to do. What you don’t do well is the chance to make money. This is the famous successful scientist, Mr. Chen Anzhi, who studied the secrets of success in more than 100 top successful people in the world. I think it makes sense.

what will the future look like? How will it come,

and if you’re a diver, you always think of how much do some advertising, earn more money, you can not play basketball, playing basketball is not good, will not be welcomed. You have no market appeal, and you have lost the favor of advertisers. Naturally, there is no advertising available. What’s more, your salary will not be high and you can’t make any money. On the other hand, you don’t think about anything outside the court. You play basketball and become a top player in the basketball world. Natural sources of wealth are rolling in. The fans love you, the media loves you, and the advertisers love you. Rich contracts, high advertising endorsements, will come to you like a flood. Is that the truth?.


Brokeback young my business experience to share content and network service is the key

The popularity of

Internet, provides a business platform for more and more people, the network business has become common, some people succeed, some people are still groping, you do not know the network business on the road has been carried out which part of the. Learn from other people’s online business stories, you can give us some pointers and ideas.

A5 on Thursday January 13th exceeded invitation free stickers founder, Brokeback young Chen Rui to share his entrepreneurial story: the Internet has no wings I can fly, the baby finishing part focuses on the discussion of welcome.

asked: "there are some webmaster in the network business, may not be perfect limbs, but still get very good achievements, just like Chen Rui.". First of all, thank you for sharing your story today. In an interview with guests, he said, "attitude is very important to us. We need to accept a broken self and develop a sound mind. Life teaches us that only we can help ourselves."." How does Chen Rui adjust his attitude? I know some friends who are physically handicapped and haven’t come out of the shadows of their own. I hope guests share their experiences.

answer: the mentality of the problem may have my personal reasons, but there are also reasons for my friends. When I was a child, I had an accident. For so many years, my friends respected me, cared about me, and many people gave me a lot of help. This should be an important reason for me to build self-confidence. So here, I also put forward a proposal, like everyone can treat the disabled people around you, your words may affect their life.

Answer: in the face of the

side of the disabled, we also look at as much as possible with normal vision, many disabled people in action is not the case, they are very brave, they make more achievements, they get a little more applause. We also give applause to Chen Rui.

asked: entrepreneurship is not easy, just to enter the social entrepreneurship grassroots webmaster, how should you position yourself? When did you start positioning yourself,


answer: many friends at the beginning of their own business to set a very specific goal, I personally think that with the passage of time, many of the previously conceived goals are no longer have the conditions for realization. I suggest that you adjust your development strategy flexibly according to your own resources. The goals can be, but should not be limited by your goals.

asked: that was how Chen Rui came into contact with the industry on the Internet? I found a huge space in this industry just contact, or find value in the process of continuous practice? Now many novice want through the Internet business, but the choice in the industry, in the specific direction of choice, is still relatively confused. Hope that Chen Ruineng share, when you contact the Internet at the time of the idea, how to choose a potential development direction,


answer: we actually experienced this confused stage at that time. The first investment we got


Diligence, learning and the Internet


enters the network time soon, but the feeling still has many.

is really a virtual world, but it’s still the same as in reality. Credibility, teamwork, emotional intelligence, intelligence, etc. are needed in the network. It seems that the Internet is just for making money, but I understand a very common but very important truth from the internet.

many people say that the Internet is promising, as long as you try hard to do it. I was also fooled by this sentence, so I tried to read some tutorials, and strive to do something. But later, the more I learned, the more I didn’t feel right, but I couldn’t tell what was wrong.

feels right and thinks, so when I’m free, I think about things on the internet. The more I think about it, the more I feel that the Internet has a future, and my predecessors are right. So I was still fooled, knowing that one night I suddenly jumped out of the network, like the future of the network. I finally found that I was fooled, and the future of the network stems from your diligence, not the future of the network itself. Think about it,..

predecessors have been emphasizing the future of the network, and cited many successful examples. They even moved the whole team out, and the whole team was a high net income group. This has to be said to be a big temptation, especially for the new. But when you find out, they always emphasize that you have to be diligent. In a word, as long as you work hard, you will have a future on the Internet. Ha ha, the problem will come out. What is the future of the Internet or hard work,


go over it again: if you have paid your time, energy, and enthusiasm in the real world, then will you succeed? I’m sure everyone knows the answer. So, it is not network promising, but diligent, promising.

ha ha, a lot of hard work and network things. So, are the older generations just kidding us? The answer is no, they’re right, they need to be diligent. Thank you very much for your predecessors’ tutorial. It made me understand one thing: as long as I have a heart of enthusiasm and do everything diligently, I can succeed.


great grace, thank you, just here to give your predecessors a sentence blessing words: "bless your predecessors, family more and more happy, the network business is more and more successful."".


webmaster news list


Mainstream video barrage thinking looking at product features from user needs

could not see the product function, starting from the needs of the user pain points carefully, may be able to restore justice.

at the last interview, the interviewer asked about the Iqiyi barrage, a lack of understanding and a lack of depth of discussion. The past few days, always think about this meaning, believe that the interviewer is not without any cause or reason put forward this problem, expect Iqiyi to have changed the recent barrage of ideas, so that in the interview up for discussion.

so I was interested, too, if I were a product manager, wondering why I changed the barrage and how to change it.

one, barrage some of the problems

The past

barrage appears only in the a station (AcFun), B (BiliBili), many people have not heard, now with 90, 00 after gradually become the backbone of the Internet, and the two dimension of culture popularization of the mainstream video sites, also joined the barrage function, to meet the needs of users. But not everyone is going to open it, like me. I thought the barrage affected my input for watching the show. It was jumping off the top of the screen, so it almost never opened. This time, since you want to study and analyze, and then watch any program and video on the weekend, have opened the barrage, the first serious feelings.

fonts have too many colors.

just opened, I encountered confusion, I found a barrage of font riotous with colour my attention, tend to color special content at the beginning of the period, I think VIP is a unique power, later found that as long as the login can change the font color, and there is no threshold, leading to a barrage of screen fonts flying riotous with colour

has a wide variety of content.

, especially popular programs, barrage content variety, and some are meaningless emoticons fill the screen, and some of the barrage is to use hot spots advertising, what is more, the content is rude. Duplicate useless content, keep the beginning and so on.

barrage will never be found again.

when I try to send a barrage, barrage to enter, block emphasis rolling through the screen, will once again play time back to send a barrage of time points, you never see just send content. Suspect, because the barrage content is too much, Iqiyi adopted a certain screening mechanism, but how to filter, screening mechanism is unknown.

, two, Iqiyi, and Tencent video barrage features

with some confusion encountered when Iqiyi barrage, I use the Tencent video barrage function, and all kinds of content after sending can not find the problem also exists, the difference is that the font format unified video barrage of Tencent, but increased the point like features, like after more than a certain number of barrage will use prominent color logo. Aware of the barrage of two video products >


Teach everyone to let Baidu fast included five laws

1. creates Baidu space.

generally speaking, the creation of Baidu space in general can be included in a few days. New sites can create a web site related to their own Baidu space, and then add some articles in space, and attached to their web site. At the same time, in the Baidu space links also add their web site. Baidu included in the space at the same time will link to find your new station. Through this step, probably a week or so can be included in Baidu. Of course, if you think the construction of space trouble, you can also go to the Baidu home space ( to find some recommendation space, in their space messages and links, you can also speed up included.

2., Baidu know post replies.


column in the Baidu search in the Baidu know the weight is very high, in the Baidu know columns can also speed up the post post included. Can be used to answer the mode of his answer set to answer in the answer of "source" added to their new link. If you think Baidu know ourselves from a lot of trouble easily blocked, you know "in some of the latest Baidu did not solve the problem of answering a question and add your link. Baidu will also frequent searches for these new problems.

3. Baidu encyclopedia to create new entries.

Baidu encyclopedia column in Baidu search weight, with Baidu know column almost. You can create a new word that is similar to the topic of a new station, and then write the website and link address in the data source. This effect is the same as Baidu’s answer.

4. Baidu collection new station.

Baidu collection column ( is Baidu’s new column, although the weight is not high, there is no example to prove its effectiveness in the collection. But the sea type electronic commerce organization thinks, Baidu collection is actually the user’s online favorites, for the user favorites in the website, Baidu will give the corresponding weight, at least will visit to understand.

5. hair soft links.

send a soft text, and then posted to webmaster nets and other well-known websites, this is a lot of new station webmaster preferred method. In fact, this method is not as fast as the list of several methods included. After all, the 5 method is to recommend new sites in Baidu’s own products. This is like two children, one is myself, the other one is for others, you will take care of the parents who are a little more? I’ve heard that our Admin5 is now 10 minutes can be Baidu included, 5 minutes can be Google included.

finally, I want you to pay attention to family



Some problems in the construction of local portals from billboards

this time back home, see home stadium set a billboard "especially conspicuous in Yanshi Information Port", because I also do the Internet, so more attention home, hit the Internet web site is actually the page can not be displayed, admire the man, too luxurious, huge advertising entity as a web page cannot be displayed, the economic development of the hometown looks good, but he did not give up, search to see if there are any other home communities, a really a lot, see again feel that they have something to say.

speaking of building regional portal, of course, is not suitable for any place to do, suitable for regional door Huxing site survival of the following three points.

first: a complete ecological chain. Living entertainment, the area has a complete ecological chain. This will give the content update provides enough raw materials, keep the site’s viscosity is especially important, after all, one can’t make bricks without straw, and at the same time for you on the website after profit lay a good foundation.

second: there is a certain number of Internet users. There are several ways you can look into the investigation method.

< 1> according to the surrounding Internet cafes operating status, the general Internet cafes almost faster or poor operation, indicating that the popularity of computers in the residents have been relatively high.

< 2> the number of the region’s computer sales shop, if the number of daily computer maintenance and sales will give them blood supply in the public computer penetration rate has reached a certain level, although no exact figures to support.

< 3> search the name of the region, exclude government websites, look at the top ten regional websites, their membership registrations, and the number of postings.

< 4> pay attention to people around you; but the situation around me is that as long as the age of 40 years old or at home, there are primary, junior high school, high school children, basically equipped with computers at home.

third: the region not too big; such as Beijing, have not seen too popular Beijing portal, but that you can find a lot of places like Huilongguan, Wangjing, a group of this community as the representative of the city portal area, in fact the reason is very simple, if there is a solid support network, so it will be a good the development, users can see some of her own life and is closely related to the information on the Internet, especially in the class of life, such as which discount shopping, which hotel promotion, if the area too far is not what meaning, such as living in the Beijing North Fourth ring users see an online supermarket discount or a South Fourth favourable information, so it is there is no news for him, what practical significance, if the site does not have the meaning to the user or the message more than 60% news about you The viscosity of the user will also be lowered by the site. So a portal is ideal for building in such a system as a complete ecosystem. We’ll have to choose


Married class Han Chun died Jackie Chan hair micro-blog mourning

Jackie Chan’s family class in the world are famous, every time Jackie Chan filming are inseparable from the support of family support. The day before, Jackie Chan at the micro-blog family mourning class Han spring died at the age of 52, has been involved in the guidance of many movies.

12 on the evening of 23 August, Jackie Chan micro-blog Memorial stunt team member Han Chun left, he wrote: "is set to catch movie, suddenly received a bad news, I married a good brother chun Han class left us, it is no wonder that some time ago, he has been hiding not see us… My brother nicknamed" avalanche cut the knife, who married Banli many distinctions won in battle. The older you are, the more you will face, but I will always remember the days when I walked with you! Brother, miss you!"

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