The three trend on the 2012 Google Shanghai Dragon

three trends: high quality content is still the trend of

for us to optimize personnel, only to seize the trend of search engine to develop more in line with their own site optimization strategy, this paper hope for being ready to develop 2012 optimization strategies to help you. This paper consists of 贵族宝贝0839bx.cn/ finishing editing, reproduced please keep the source.

has experienced several updates in the 2011 Google panda algorithm, the increasing demand for the quality of the content. If we put in the past 2011 as a high quality website in 2012 this year, so it will not have what different. But not in the search engine optimization trend will turn to the three aspects of Google in 2012, or more. Today I just share a few in 2012, Google search engine optimization.

: a trend of search engine is more emphasis on social signal


in 2011, we have seen the development potential of mobile search. According to statistics, nearly 90% of the intelligent mobile phone users will open the Internet, there are more than 70% users can use their smart mobile phone or tablet computer to search, and 53% mobile users can choose online shopping. Although the desktop search and mobile search results will not be very different, but the site on mobile devices has more limitations, a mobile station needs to consider the site navigation, site layout, site loading speed etc.. This requires us to be more than ever to have the Shanghai dragon desktop search engine optimization technology more diversified.

two trends: mobile search ranking

has been the development of a search engine for high quality content. Continue to work with the search results to improve the quality of the content of the site in Google in 2012 will. For us to optimize personnel, to provide more fresh, high quality content is a big trend.

more important


essentially, the search will be more humane in 2012. This means that the search engine optimization through social media will be more dependent on social signals. This is a search engine optimization strategy of the extension, if you do not have a social signal is not the real Shanghai dragon. But Google last year launched its own social network noble baby + algorithm toward social signals tend to. As for the search giant, it also can use these signals to generate more in line with the search of the search intention search results. Of course, not just the personalized search through social signals, data analysis it through the search behavior of the search area, the search log recently came out of search results. But the social signal is no doubt that the 2012 Shanghai Longfeng trend.


Mobile web design white paper in-depth understanding of user needs

does not think that now the mobile site has become increasingly poor, and now mobile web pages have basically become App accessories, the status is very poor. But now we have the tools to change the bad situation, with the support of the concept of mobile-first, and in response to the development of the design, I believe the future of the mobile phone "will have more excellent user experience. But don’t be too happy. If you don’t get permission to use it, you won’t be able to use tools that are about to change your phone’s Web pages.

is what makes our mobile pages difficult to progress, and the user’s habits are a big hindrance. The difficulty with mobile web pages is that you have to let users get rid of the mindset of using browsers and programs on the computer, allowing users to embrace a new way of browsing.

has to admit that doing mobile sites is a thankless job for

, we have to face the fact that it will take a lot of time and cost to optimize web pages in response to design.

when we have to face so many different sizes of screens and consider so many different performance settings, we need to spend too much time and cost on different types of response design. Designers need to consider different page layouts, different interaction styles, as well as users run smoothly whether different devices have corresponding functions to support ", these are the need to spend a lot of time to do the test. But the cost of time and cost is inevitable, especially when developers want to constantly optimize their pages on different devices. In fact, after such a long time, have the opportunity to change this situation, it is a pity that companies spend too many resources in the mobile phone web development mode, they have lost the change of determination and motivation.

changes are difficult,

is one of the fear of change of human nature, and are now facing a relationship to the practical interests of the change, if the change is not successful, the enterprise may lose billions of market, who dares to risk their lives? Even if it takes a lot of cost and manpower to do in response to design, we have the courage to challenge the user’s habits, and this must be the traditional site of user training for more than ten years of struggle to use! You go looking for a user to ask, "what is in his eyes, he will certainly tell you that it is a 960 pixels wide, comfortably into view the window of the page, can do a lot of things, there are many practical and interesting content. When you ask him what his mobile page looks like, he probably thinks about App only. Users will describe the web as a poor, small amount of navigation based feature. This is really a sad reality – both web pages, mobile pages and traditional web pages are so big!





CCTV2 set of programs, two days to bring me 1000+IP

          long-term mixed A5, look at how you earn all kinds of IP articles, but relative to me, can use the experience is very poor. Either you don’t understand it, or you don’t know how to operate it. Stand also done for several months, every day rely on a few keywords, every day to maintain a certain IP, and always can not have a breakthrough in quality. More can not understand, some experts write how to use an article to earn thousands or even tens of thousands of IP. But today I’m going to talk about how I used an article for two days to earn 1000+IP.

          yesterday, when collecting articles published, saw an article about Taobao’s opening business; this article was published in Taobao forum to give the essence. I went over it carefully, and the landlord posted a CCTV2 set on his post to broadcast the story of the success story of his opening business, a replay of June 8th 12:30  and more than 3 p.m.. At that time I did not care, but this article is slightly edited, reprinted to my website, the article reprinted in the morning, the broadcast time is still a few hours. But my station is to provide Taobao shop website www.woaitaobao.com I love Taobao, this program is still attractive to me so, immediately turn on the TV, 12:30 time in CCTV2 set of wealth story will be broadcast. The program content is about Shanxi rural Tuhuo products sell Taobao selling the shop owner Wang Xiaobang, entrepreneurial pioneer essay in taobao.com, then the majority of users encounter portrait spoof, the story of the rising flow shop. After the program was over, I closed my computer and went out.

          6 p.m. home to open the computer to see statistics, the surprise of the scene, only the "King Xiaobang" keyword brings me to the more than 60 IP, including other keyword search countless words Wang Xiaobang. I have not recovered, carefully fine after the following process: after the release of the article about 3-4 hours included Baidu, CCTV2 programs then broadcast, afternoon repeat broadcast, causing the majority of users have curiosity, understand the king Xiaobang information search. Before the broadcast of "the king Xiaobang attention is less than 30, I have certain advantages. I released a follow up a victory with hot pursuit, Title Keyword large and complete articles, about 3 hours after being included in Baidu, as of now this article has brought me about 400IP. But with more and more attention to broadcast programs, web pages also rose, "Wang Xiaobang" keyword from the first page I have dropped to the fourth page, but other related keywords or brings me considerable traffic.



keyword search on Wang Xiaobang some screenshots of

by this article: I love Taobao www.woaitaobao.>


The site for the record filing station you hurt

Hello, I’m Muzi in the boat. Some time ago I have several friends site because the site was shut down for the record, I also have a website impact, then heard many webmaster because of a website for the issue of complaints, the site for the record has been a big problem when domestic owners in the management of the site, not because we are lazy webmaster don’t want to record, but the genuineness of the domestic website for the record in accordance with the procedures go, you can not afford! Don’t know this problem on a web site on the record by the number of injuries? How many Webmaster Station from abroad? Today I according to this problem, talk about some of his own views.

1, which webmaster will be injured because of the website filing,


is the site for the record we have a headache, and more or less we webmaster will record the site because of injury, the injured person is the size, the mentality of the internal strength of the practice, the internal force of advanced person naturally less harm. For the record, a lot of people injured is mainly due to opportunistic, remember back you said in front of earth space, space velocity of the earth is very good, except for some unstable, other places worth, before I have several station is on earth, one is in the country, two is not required for the record, three is the unconditional withdrawal of space, earth will refund. But this time the record after the storm, estimated by the Ministry of the earth he was forced to all strict requirements of domestic websites need to record, and the original commitment refund denied, so I suffered heavy losses, more depressing is that they can be put back the domestic space for Hongkong, have to say the earth a lot of problems, I seriously injured. Maybe a lot of people have suffered the same injuries as me. Here I summarize several major sites for record injury types:

A, first of all, I am such a webmaster, opportunistic, lazy, do not want to record. This will hurt, because once the Ministry issued a document, you really dumbfounded, and you don’t even have to measure not only the time and effort to turn a two space, you are also affected by the 10, 20 you can not stand.

, B, followed by seeking convenience, want to fast record type. Fast filing friend did not pass the results because the check was shut down, then a sad drama, all the site open, covered with confusion to buy a foreign or Hongkong space, to a plan, but I do not know it is for this reason the optimization of website has caused injury.

, C, and finally some people want to file, but because the filing process is too cumbersome and retreat, I am one of this kind of person. Many people believe that is because the record is too cumbersome and retreat, the formal record indeed regular, even the time is fast for N preparation, may record this thing really need our care ah! But it is careful to prepare the case, is careful not to record


2, the risk of a common solution to the filing problem!



New station by K may not be a bad thing, more force Adsense to improve the quality of the site

my site is launched in 2009 June, was not what the chain, only rely on the updated daily, at the end of the website Baidu ranking is in front, update the page snapshot every day, it was the site of the flow are 90% Baidu brings. But the good environment is not long, in January 14, 2010 by the IDC service provider found my website has Adult supplies, closed my website, in order to restore the site as soon as possible on the same day, I delete the site above Adult supplies.

until 18 was broken network, 90 small sites finally restored access, that day check Baidu included as 0, do stand a year long back, met the legendary K station, then anxious my mind is blank. Fortunately, two or three days after Baidu returned to my original most included (now it seems Baidu should have just for a few days can not access the site temporarily blocked in the search results, once the site restored access, Baidu will recover most included in a short period of time).


website to restore access to a few days before the flow and be shut before or almost, was really happy, that is just a false alarm; but not happy for a few days the site was suddenly Baidu right down, a few days did not come to IP, presumably because the site for three or four days can not access by Baidu drop right, just Baidu right down for a few days during the buffer period did not immediately reflected.

down right, from Baidu almost no IP. At this time, I began to think of the site is not too dependent on Baidu? Because I was almost never done outside the chain, the most rely on the acquisition to rely solely on regular updates to improve Baidu ranking; website chain in other search engine rankings are not high, after the decision will try to focus on to improve the quality of the website.

after nearly two months of efforts, although Baidu ranking still did not return to the Baidu site my website over a few pages also can not find the page where, but now the site has a lot of traffic. Because through the improvement of the site’s friendly interface, attracted a lot of repeat customers, but also increase the original and the chain, my site through other search engines Sogou, Google have brought a lot of traffic.

through this time K station, I think the site traffic can not be too dependent on a single search engine, I just rely too much on Baidu, will be caused by K after no traffic. So I think the new station by K or drop right is not a bad thing, more can force Adsense to improve the quality of the site. The problems found in the earlier, the cost is low; the site is undergoing a total day after K, K you to scold the search engine station is also of no avail, because they do not listen to, even if they heard, we have no way to others; some of the snappy comebacks, we really need to do is to calm down, to improve the quality of website is the hard truth.

webmaster in a problem, more need calm mentality, especially after the site is K, don’t give up easily, can insist on to continue to do it, in fact, now ranked very good >


Do not understand decentralization to the user You busy Goushu cheats teach you how to operate 42 po

[Abstract] for example, we do business, like the management of a company, you are CEO, you do hands-on, you don’t like who is dead? So I say the user operation of Pyramid model, in fact with a lot of logic in real life is common. I never think that a "user guards" operation, no matter how strong your individual combat capability, you will always be a common operation. So, I say, editing is just the very beginning of the operation, that’s why.


recently, someone told me that I’m tired of working in a community. I have to deal with a lot of things every day. The new product will be released soon. It’s estimated that my workload will be doubled, and I’ll have some shit. He and I said, how much you can help you share the reliable user? He immediately dumbfounded… ..

it is that many operators are everything, what things are Qinliqinwei, the results of your busy as a dog. What are the reasons for this? There are several reasons for this:

1, too much confidence in their ability.

I don’t like the idea that a few people hold up a program for hours in a conference room. It’s not like planning work, it’s extremely trivial, and always think about the user’s feelings. Do you really think each of your ideas, users can participate in it? Not exactly.

2, unwilling to decentralization.

operations have a misunderstanding, always feel that the quality of things users do not have their own high, feel that the user is not assured.

you do not want to, the first user to do as well as you, should have been, second, you do nothing, the user did not do well, then what do you want,


3 is not willing to spend time every day on training users on

why? Because it is a slow living, hard work. We manage the team, everyone knows different places management difficulties, not to mention the user, so many people would rather live themselves, and go home early, are not willing to spend every day to train users inside a bunch of dead faithful.

In fact,

, for example, we do business, like the management of a company, you are CEO, you do hands-on, you don’t like who is dead? So I say the user operation of Pyramid model, in fact with a lot of logic in real life is common. I never think that a "user guards" operation, no matter how strong your individual combat capability, you will always be a common operation. So, I say, editing is just the very beginning of the operation, that’s why.

therefore, doing business is equivalent to managing a company, and user operation is equivalent to managing your employees. A top operating company can manage a company in the future.

explains, you understand the importance of decentralization, and how do you empower people to do something more valuable and meaningful?


According to Fujian NEPARTAK after the attack of reconstruction measures

heavy rainfall this year, a serious phenomenon, resulting in a lot of urban waterlogging phenomenon. After heavy rainfall in Fujian Province, this year ushered in the first typhoon NEPARTAK "". "NEPARTAK" attacks in Fujian, causing severe floods in some areas, roads, farmland, communications infrastructure, water supply and drainage facilities, water conservancy facilities, power grid equipment suffered serious damage, water supply and drainage safety affected rural housing after disaster reconstruction task is very arduous. Then, according to the "Fujian NEPARTAK" after the attack reconstruction measures what?

therefore, the provincial government before the study and formulate the enterprise, rural housing, roads, telecommunications, disaster destroyed arable land, city water supply and drainage facilities, water conservancy facilities, power grid and other eight post disaster reconstruction project, to promote the province’s disaster area and damaged facilities to accelerate post disaster restoration and reconstruction to provide policy support.

these eight specific implementation plan: "Fujian province enterprise disaster recovery and reconstruction of production plan" "Fujian province rural housing reconstruction plan" "Fujian province highway post disaster reconstruction plan" "Fujian province disaster destroyed arable land reclamation plan" "Fujian Province Communications Industry post disaster restoration and reconstruction" implementation plan "Fujian province city water supply and drainage facilities for post disaster reconstruction implementation plan" and "Fujian province water conservancy facilities in the post disaster reconstruction plan" "Fujian power network reconstruction plan" etc..

program clearly defined the overall requirements of the reconstruction work, the objectives and tasks, work steps, support policies to further clarify the responsibility unit, task division, etc., in order to ensure the effectiveness of the program landing.


enterprise post disaster production and reconstruction plan made, in principle, plant, machinery and equipment, tolls caused serious damage to the facilities of business outlets, to assist enterprises to resume production and operations within one quarter after the disaster; cause especially serious damage, complete the reconstruction and recovery of production in the second half of this year.

to promote the recovery of the affected enterprises to speed up production and reconstruction, the province has developed 8 supporting policies.

to set up special funds for disaster relief. The establishment of provincial finance industrial enterprises and commercial enterprises relief funds allocated 20 million yuan each year, mainly for the purchase of emergency relief supplies, reserve and transportation expenses, as well as the key enterprises hit the recovery and reconstruction of production expenses.

encourages companies to buy property insurance. Fujian Insurance Regulatory Bureau and all property insurance companies to innovate enterprise property insurance, adopt various preferential measures to encourage enterprises to purchase insurance for the insured and actively affected enterprises as soon as possible organization claims, to simplify the claims process and procedures within 1 months in advance to verify the amount of the loss of the pre payment of 80% of the recommended


User experience analysis design thinking transformation from Web to mobile applications


[editor’s note] [author] @ Liu Jin legene, with the rapid development of mobile Internet, many Web product managers and designers turned to mobile applications. Jobs that seem very relevant may yet cause them much trouble.

many product managers and designers who just come into contact with mobile applications are still accustomed to using Web’s thinking to do App. When Zhang Xiaolong talked about WeChat, he once said, "never consider the Web form. All considerations are based on App.". So, what is the difference between mobile apps and Web,


below is the author in his work through the lessons of blood summed up a few points, here to share with you:

1, single and focused on

Innovation workshop has launched an application called "pudding love life", which contains movies, food and other content, but after the launch has been mediocre. Later, these content was split into different applications, but achieved good results. Why is that,


I think:

first, the mobile side of the screen is small, the scene is not fixed, too many functions will cause hierarchical complexity, operational difficulties, affecting experience. Therefore, the mobile terminal itself is not suitable for too many, too complex functions.

second, from the scene to consider, the user in the corresponding scene, will think of the corresponding application. For example, when a user wants to see a movie, he may search for content and movie related applications, and "love life" and the like, and generally won’t take the initiative to be found. Even if the user sees it, he doesn’t know what it does. So, do mobile applications, do not "big and all."".


2, subdivision requirements and achieve the ultimate

unfamiliar street in front of such a powerful rival WeChat, how to survive and grow up, and WeChat can also look around, shake, and so on to contact strangers. Aside from product positioning and marketing, I’d like to compare the design aspects.



Open the

application, in the WeChat interface, see the recent contact with you before, as well as their message; and Mo, is the first to see the photos and personal signature near strangers.

hits the "friend" on the WeChat tab, and then "nearby" to get to the list page below. But it is obvious that WeChat’s Avatar is much smaller than unfamiliar street, and the information is not as rich as that of unfamiliar street. If you simply want to meet strangers, which application will you choose,



Small spinning it little money

said many people are spinning, is not very understanding, after all, the current product people usually buy products, most just change a little hand, but because in spinning it, you can do the textile product you need, so in the current era of the pursuit of personality, will give you the business is hot!

1, in the bustling city in the neighborhood or rent a recreational gathering 100-200 square meters of the room window; 2, store decoration not too luxurious, but to highlight the "textile" characteristics, revealing the rich folk flavor; 3, according to the characteristics of textile and Gu different customer requirements can be set a single room, and to name these single poeticize or modern


4, from the folk to purchase large quantities of old wooden loom, a spinning wheel and other tools, to buy some handmade cloth from all over the country, such as: Miao batik, folk textile cloth, for customers to visit and enjoy or purchase; 5, count 5 to 100 thousand yuan investment, namely can shop business.

investment to open a home, maybe that is the countless people did not even think of business opportunities, but because of the current business people less, while the market demand for it, therefore can do, so that your business really reach unpopular situation!


How to do well in commodity management during the rainy season

every year there will always be some special period of time will have a great influence on our business operations, of which, the rainy season is an event of far-reaching impact. The rainy season has come, and many floods occurred, but also for our retail households sounded the alarm, damp mildew resistant, improve safety awareness, prevention and.

that year just moved a new store, spacious and bright, clean and orderly merchandise, tile floor, clean and beautiful, the store’s goods are also put in full, by the volume of goods to attract customers, business or turn. The store’s wine box, instant noodles, beverages, beer what piled into the stack in the wall, so do not take advantage of the local. In June, I looked at the bottom of the box, did not find any problems, just sit back and relax.

after a period of time, the goods are sold almost, and I went into a number of new goods to do the supplement, the bottom up to sell. Let me turn the Mongolia, start from the bottom third box, the box on one side of the wall have long hair, the bottom box with the ground, liquor and beverages to say, can not interfere with retail, instant noodles and cookies can not see out of the box, plastic packaging has not changed, open the plastic bag food becomes soft, taste bad.

find suppliers, these commodity suppliers to exchange, there is a part of the commodity supplier, said commodity quality problems, if the bite caused by improper lingshouhu save loss and mice, regardless of the broken bags. I had no choice but to sell these damp goods, but also the loss of a few dozen dollars, fortunately, not much, this is the lesson. Before the old, every summer cement is wet, I do protective measures, never lost goods, now store large bright, but the goods. I really lost my mind in Jingzhou"!

whether new or old house, storage of goods, and leave a certain wall distance, the goods do not directly stack on the ground, can be a soldering iron shelf, also can use two brick and wood bear up, not too high. Leave the ground is good, that is, ventilation is also anti rat, mopping the surface can not dirty box. Summer to do less into the ground, the first out of the principle, enough to sell on the line, not much pressure, the cigarette in the ventilation on the high, to prevent damp mildew, reduce unnecessary losses.

although the time has come to the winter, however, I believe that because the management is not doing well, coupled with the rain this year, many retailers in this year’s rainy season suffered losses. We have to do a good job management, will let our shop business has been booming development. So, with the contents of the above introduction, the 2017 plum rains season you know how to do a good job of commodity management?