In the face of turbulent love again reflects the adjustment of Shanghai left for the king of truth


a month to adjust the two Google PR, how many webmaster cannot move? In the afternoon of 18 Google again small update PR, from the last update time less than a month, remember the last time wide update June 28th. A month to update PR two times, how many webmaster can settle down? There are some abnormal changes, the recent love Shanghai appear ly, LWH, why several Shanghai Longfeng Shanghai Longfeng site, there is a famous Shanghai dragon blog ranking fluctuations unknown. This time also admitted to wipe a webmaster mentality, this time often is left for the king, there is a saying: light fixed money left

many webmaster in website optimization keywords is the same, why complain all day, every time Google PR updates are not their own, why Google is so unfair, why not update PR only my own website, Google is not on my bias. Recently, Shanghai love changes constantly in the rankings, even one day, a web site keywords ranking position adjustment several times. In a recent fall in love with sea station K also appeared several times, many websites suffer K, even no home page, website ranking is more needless to say. Many owners began to complain, why I always love Shanghai for the website, people’s website why not K, the ranking is not down, my site drop right, love Shanghai so unfair! Follow your mind begins to change, and then optimize their work has also had the change. Most of the time, many webmaster is not the lack of technology, but a good attitude, the so-called Shanghai dragon world, left for the king is the truth.

In the face of the recent Google

to do site optimization ranking if do not pleased not to have compassion, I believe you are not far from success. Shanghai has so many love website ranking changes, this is a matter of fact, my website also appeared in fluctuation, from the third page position fell to the tenth page. Originally the site optimization this work is a duty, not a month for two months, when we handle the work to do about the same time, this time the fight and mentality, do every day is enough, there will always be paid in return, I believe this sentence > met his site

website optimization circles all ordinary, a veteran will be more of a calm, a calm, and in fact we live in is the same reason, when we want to remain calm, calm and composure, not because of momentary contented happy, excited, think oneself really can do. Today I site keywords ranking home page, that he had succeeded, can control the search engine. If it fails, we feel that the world will become very dark, so everyone is my friend like. This person will live very tired, never lose a victory, but what is lost. If a person to see what is too heavy, so it will accomplish nothing. No non indifferent to Ming, non quiet without the far.


Analysis of the status quo Links

3.BaiduRank is cheating the brush out. That is because most concentrated in Shanghai Longfeng Er [Er] Shanghai Longfeng elementary blindly believe that the third party tools to provide the data, ignoring the limitations of the tool itself algorithm. But with the development of the industry, some brush flow tools, the true value of BR value is questionable.

4. the background of Baidu is not clear numerical index can determine the value of a website. The Baidu above is a dynamic value, which leads to the conflict of Shanghai dragon Er daily work, so the third party provides the so-called br value will have a market, at least there is a clear judgment of values can be used as Shanghai dragon Er exchange website, the vicious circle.

for the following analysis:

2. Pagerank as the noble baby evaluation of website quality official basis and in the domestic is not taken seriously.

proposed to nobility baby’s official PageRank, is China characteristics of self – protection. In contrast to BaiduRank, PageRank is one of the elements of the page rank noble baby, born orthodox. Here is that, PageRank is not valued in domestic terms.

1., the market exit China noble baby. Now most of the domestic Internet is not directly login is not a noble baby, most of the domestic Internet traffic, so most of the site for the domestic market is not the meaning of optimization, because there is no traffic for ER [Shanghai Longfeng can through special documents or third party can directly reach]. >

seems in front plus a "China characteristic" became clear in small series, BaiduRank can be said to be the product of Chinese features obscenity out, as synonymous with conventional flow [br=], flow this indicator is the general site of Shanghai Longfeng exchange link, according to er.

1. BaiduRank is not officially recognized and is regarded as the main basis for

1.Baidu official Webmaster Platform repeatedly stated Baidurank [PageRank] Shanghai love does not exist.


then created a problem, high reliability etc. the following analysis:


as the Shanghai dragon Er contact Links is inevitable. Of course, some strange phenomenon is easy to talk about small families, two:

2.Baidu to determine the value of a website is dynamic. The same site obtained in different scenes, the score is not the same, the br value is third party tools under certain conditions for a single scene, calculating demand estimated that no actual guiding significance for the operation.


The medical site should continue to do the news source

two: news source content in the end how to do

three: News

we know the news source soft text is published in the news source on the website included, because the soft, high weight and can easily be reproduced in communication, has become a major tool for the medical industry, the importance of many medical website the news source is relatively high. However, because of fear of violation of Scindapsus algorithm 2, many medical websites operators or marketers of news sources that a slowly give up, guard even heard a lot of medical friends said, still do not afraid of news source, K

: a news source content you really related to

I believe a lot of friends send news source is an article sent to different places, under normal circumstances an article 10 page has been very good, plus the news source is reproduced, basically love Shanghai search results can carry three pages, too much has a flood. Most of my friends send news source is just a fixed article, or fixed mode.

station? What is the

algorithm 2 algorithm Scindapsus, plus Scindapsus algorithm 2 interpretation, many website operators immediately fear, reduce the release amount of news sources, and even some website operators do not press the source slowly. The guardian beside many medical website optimization friends do not do news source. Scindapsus algorithm 2 is really so bad? You afraid to fight? In fact, you don’t have to worry about, as long as do the following, or to optimize the website with the greatest degree of news sources.

Love Shanghai announced ?The

news sources believe that the webmaster friends have to understand, is popular to say that the search engines trust fast, high weight and dissemination of a good website. Of course, you can also see a love Shanghai encyclopedia explains that the guard stopped asking. This topic is whether medical websites should continue to do the news source, I hope everyone can express their views on.

website has been the problems related to the search engine and webmaster friends brought problems, we know our website content is very important, also attaches great importance to the effectiveness and user readability. So when we send news sources have to pay attention to the news sources are related. So select a news source platform is very important, try to choose the relevant website.

why do we have to do is to do what the advantages of news source? News source? Believe in doing news source of friends all know the news source has four characteristics: first, included fast, news source site basically is the second, the news source link to your own natural effect is very good; two, the weight of news sources the news source is high, and even love Shanghai trust the trust of users, so we published in the news source article is trust; three, assist the news source of the optimization, we released the news source will add anchor text and hyperlinks, achieves the best optimization effect; four, the news source web site to be reproduced, because it is easy to be trusted, because authority, so the news source content be reproduced.



The target love Shanghai home, you want is just rankings

love Shanghai home page ranking was the ultimate goal of Shanghai Longfeng practitioners, or in a certain extent, to give our customers requirements it is the specific keyword optimization to love Shanghai in the top ten, so when we will do a keyword of the first page, the next step should be how to do? Is to inform the customer, he told the keywords already on the line, and then continue to the next monthly money, single? No, maybe the answer is more than this.

ten years ago we had a word do home page, may create a millionaire, today we think of a word do home page, we just completed the task.

? Some people say that

if we ignore the network information and the rubbish pile up like a mountain hand false news, get rid of the annoying ads, we except by optimizing the ranking, what can be done to increase customer conversion rate? In fact we do not increase for customers in every hour and moment conversion rate, is a soft, we appear in the platform, if there is browse to the people, let him interested, we may have contributed to a transformation for customers; our Links emerged in the same industry website, when users visit these sites, probably because of a whim click the anchor text, we are invisible for customers to create a transformation; we released the chain in the news platform, B2B platform, our soft, lively and interesting, let readers have a good impression, so he accidentally again For a search, we once again created a transformation.

many beginners or just to move into the new thought of Shanghai Longfeng work is a specific keyword optimization to the home page, and then keep the home page ranking does not move, even if it is to complete the task. But many people do not know there is a word called for the transformation of Shanghai Longfeng practitioners, the real optimization is to help customers from around the world to complete the transformation of a unknown to the public, high conversion rate from the low turnover rate, this is really a core of Shanghai Longfeng work. That is to say, we do all the work, whether it is content to update, the release of the soft exchange, friends of the chain, the chain is released, all of this work is to do the final conversion. Of course, in a sense, this is an empty word, because it’s too many Internet information, how to search engines also failed to identify exactly what information is useful, what information is spam. Ten years ago in Shanghai love to search for a keyword, the information may be most valuable, but now we search out the most advertising and false news.

Shanghai dragon

optimization is a fraud in the industry, he put the bad things to take advantage of the technology to the search engine page, create a transformation, and those with customer service people just didn’t do optimization, so that > No one shows any interest in.

then the question is, what is the superior love Shanghai ranked first or going into useful, useful

everyone has an answer.


Love Shanghai Scindapsus aureus algorithm 2 strike range analysis


this day Shanghai web search anti cheat team in Shanghai love Webmaster Platform released "love algorithm 2 update notice" green sea, once again set off Shanghai dragon industry to discuss the boom, but it seems that the discussion is only around the chain, here we discuss Qiu Yongsheng and his interpretation.

3, to release the soft site bearing the appropriate punishment, reduce the search.

first thank the two authors, from all aspects of the chain point of view, see here, the webmaster of the two articles Mount Taishan and the North Star signal, A5 and ChinaZ passed out, that algorithm 2 is still the core green chain, but Qiu Yongsheng thinks that the big home seems to ignore some an important thing.

1, filter clean up the garbage chain;

2, outside the chain of high quality

just watch it for the first time, Qiu Yongsheng thought like everyone, love the sea to increase efforts to combat the soft chain, think about is how to regulate the chain approach, to avoid the risk, two articles A5 and ChinaZ seem to have confirmed my thoughts, but always feel not so simple, love again in Shanghai on Webmaster Platform. "Love the sea Scindapsus algorithm 2 update announcement" carries on the detailed explanation, that the article mainly said there are two blocks, a block for soft Wen promotion, the other one is for news source site.


"love sea 2 update notice" issued Scindapsus algorithm, the views of the great spirit is also the first time published:

ChinaZ "personal webmaster on how to build the green algorithm chain", the author blog opinion:

1, Shanghai green love algorithm is mainly for the chain part.

filter soft outside the chain;

A5 "fell in love with the sea green algorithm 2 strong incoming, Shanghai dragon how clever response", the author Liu view:


4, to attract outside chain

link analysis

2, the target site for proper punishment.

5, suggestions for the construction of the chain Scindapsus algorithm, Shanghai Longfeng guide users to share content.

Q pigSeveral key points of the construction of the chain:

According to

news source site:

3, the principle of

2, the target site punishment;

two Update 2, Scindapsus love Shanghai algorithm, let the webmaster understand the need to return to the site itself, more understanding of what is called the user experience.

3, let the owners know practical site optimization is the right path.

for soft promotion:

4, according to the green algorithm, how to build the Shanghai dragon chain


Analysis of reasons and details of site is K

cause the site was down the right.

found that this is the case, first check your friends of the chain, to help find the webmaster tools, see is not a chain which is search engine drop right site or by K, some words immediately removed, if not promptly remove the words are likely to be implicated, so suggest you Adsense must check the chain regular quality, so as to avoid unnecessary trouble. There is also a case of Shanghai Longfeng site optimization excessive, especially new sites most likely to happen at this time, we recommend the site within the chain density decreased, some important key to highlight the use of labels, then in about two or three weeks, page generally can restore weight.

Other details

recently found that many of the old site, has been included is quite normal, suddenly one day to check their site site to the home page, but with the domain name search can search directly to the home page, and also included a reduction in every tick, so in this case we should immediately go to check the chain, to see whether it is the friends of the chain is involved, of course there are some is because some Adsense changed title title, or trojan website is linked to a series of circumstances, so this time the owners must make specific analysis on their site, then modified, as the time of the site can be recovered, after all the search the engine is very important for the old site.

two, often do not update the site, often change your title title keywords. Do not update the content of the site is like a spider crawling over each food, looking for fresh food to feed, but after entering your site to find no food can capture, for a long time the spider will not come to you in the site of predatory, so we must ensure that the timing of the new, this is the most basic problem of website. The other is to change the title title, the title is like the face of a man, is like a cosmetic change, every time.

site home page is not included, the contents included the normal page.

, a server space is not stable, often appear isn’t open, so when you visit the site of the spider that cannot go in, once two times the spider said never mind, will have a feeling of boredom, so far to the right site visit, this is the most tragic.

old station suddenly site home.

with stationmaster industry is becoming more and more popular, whether it is to do the father when the mother after 70, the struggle 80, even the young 90 have joined the station in this industry competition is unprecedented, so that each stationmaster is very not easy ah, we want to make a station, but also often do not know how offended the search engine, and then causing the site to drop right home page is K, and so on, especially for the novice webmaster but then Laosheng today is a bolt from the blue, to share some of the solutions, we hope to help.


What skills will be required to participate in the exhibition

in China, China Merchants exhibition has become an important stage for many enterprises to display their own, especially in the professional class merchants exhibition, not only to attract business, but also to learn and exchange with others.

1, the organization and management of the exhibition site

2, exhibition site communication skills

ready. Before the exhibition opens, booth design and construction needs to do a good job of preparation, such as the display of the product display, join promotional materials, used to demonstrate the computer, and so on, as well as staff standing position, etc.. Full preparation will make you busy even if you are very busy, or even if there is not a lot of audience, but also to create a warm atmosphere. People often don’t want to go to the empty booth.

summary. When the audience expressed interest, booth construction company must be able to immediately seize the key points the other party wants to understand. A general introduction to the unique characteristics of the project, in particular, need to be clear, must be refined, there are 3-5 key points can be.

summary. When you understand the background and needs of each other, and the introduction of the project in all aspects of the situation, it is best to communicate the key points to make a summary, this is more recommended


Baidu knows how to eliminate negative information

recently took charge of micro-blog’s marketing and email marketing, so he wanted to summarize some of micro-blog’s marketing ideas, but opening notebooks didn’t make sense. See the "About Baidu Guicai secret", think of Baidu know negative information has great influence on some of the company’s. For now, a lot of people online and offline to understand a product, a company, use Baidu Search is the most concise way, while Baidu know that good ranking in Baidu’s results, directly lead to negative information which the company’s image, and then affect the performance. While many PR staff do not know how to cope with the negative information on Baidu know, resulting in a "Baidu know delete this gray industry, so as to eliminate the Baidu know share some negative information experience.

clears Baidu and knows negative information

1. Identifying negative information affecting

since it is clear Baidu know the negative information, then Baidu know there must be the company’s negative information was found. In order to develop specific cleaning plans, quantify marketing efforts, visualization, you need to understand how much Baidu knows the range of negative information, users will see what negative information in any way.

therefore, we need to count the current negative information, classify the records, and record the new negative information every day so as to adjust the direction of the PR in a timely manner.

two, delete Baidu, know the negative information

delete the stranger in Baidu wizard in secret sharing. Of course, only you are a regular company, and the negative information is indeed malicious, strangers just agree to delete, otherwise, bad comments will only increase over time, in vain to increase the workload.

to delete Baidu know, there are some details need to pay attention to, for example, at the same time report a number of links, continuous reporting malicious information, increase the success rate of reporting details, and so on. Strangers don’t talk much here. Regular companies need details of this, you can contact me, of course, free of charge, but it must be regular companies, and indeed malicious information.

three, diluted Baidu know negative information

removes negative information on the one hand; on the other hand, it increases positive information, diluting negative information, and gradually reducing the impact of negative information. The method is similar to the first step, determining how users may see positive information, and then answering questions or adding questions to themselves to answer positive information, rendering positive information in front of the user.

Baidu know ranking also has some skills, online search a lot, stranger is not introduced.

four, monitor PR effect

the above three steps are required to be detailed records, and every day the day before the analysis of the effect, timely adjustment, remediation, and so on. The effect of PR can be reported once a week so that BOSS can understand the situation, apply for funding, and so on.


What are the rural entrepreneurial projects can make money

enterprise is a kind of trend is now very popular, whether young or older people in the business this way, in recent years, more and more college students and migrant workers returning home for business, this is a very good choice, but in the face of the market many entrepreneurial projects, you know how to choose? Do you know what kind of entrepreneurial projects in rural areas compared to make money? If you don’t know what to look down on, they will give you full support.

food industry

Increase of

population makes people now for a variety of agricultural products demand is relatively large; but with the rural population to the city a lot of migration, crops have not enough manpower; and the scale of the aquaculture industry has been a substantial shrinking. The increase in demand, but supply reduction, makes today’s popular health food in the market degree is high, the price is rising again; this makes today’s livestock, or Vegetable & Fruit planting, at this stage of the investment market, can be said to have a good profit space.

flower industry

Each flower is

at present on the market a comparative income welcome goods, festival, flowers are a kind of consumer goods more popular; then one such industry, its products there is no practical effect, then why is it able to make money? With the people’s living standard improved, they began to have the ability to meet the spiritual demands of their own; and in various varieties of flowers are endowed with its own unique meaning or is a blessing, this makes the festival, people are willing to choose a variety of flowers to express his mind.

tourism industry

travel for people at this stage, is a good way to relax, but if it is to travel, choose some of the more well-known scenic spots will encounter this embarrassing scene, that is we can only see the head; the tourism industry is facing such situation makes people travel tourism destination choice start locking fewer people, good rural scenery. We can open up a tourist attraction in the rural areas, so as to attract people to go; relatively speaking, it is also more profitable industry.

In fact,

is not only in the city can start in the countryside, also can succeed, the choice of projects need to pay more attention to reading the above analysis after you are not in the heart have a general understanding of it? Know that the choice of what kind of rural entrepreneurship project is making money out of it, with a large rise of entrepreneurial projects in rural areas, we can find more business from, find profitable venture projects in rural areas, so that we can easily get the rural investment profit is relatively high.

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How to manage the health museum stores

open health museum stores, how to do business services? Shop on the need to do a good job, or how to get a good profit? But now many investors are new, and the market competition, how to get a good profit? This requires careful study. Xiao Bian to provide some suggestions for reference, I hope useful for you.

then is about the service. For the health museum store service, you know, this is very important, the beauty industry is also a service industry, in the service, we must grasp a degree". Can not be too enthusiastic, to understand the needs of customers, and then to better promote their products.