Description the correct wording

is the description of the site content introduction, description of the ranking keywords although there is no direct effect, but when you enter the keyword ranking in the top 20, describing the role of the beginning. If a website is well written, in accordance with the needs of users, so the description can attract users click, thus gradually pick improve site keywords ranking, so we must pay attention to the description of the plate. Through some of my views, for we exchange how to write a description of the website.

2. manufacturing industry scarcity. Scarcity is the only identification we distinguish from other sites, users are not interested in the same content, different in order to attract the user’s attention, so we should highlight the difference between us and the advantage of others. For example, your company’s products is the industry’s lowest price, then you will have a price advantage, we can focus on our price advantage, to show our low price to the user. If the quality of your products is the best company, then you will have your own product quality be described. We should be able to show their advantages to our customers, certainly can not be fooled. If your price is not the lowest in the industry, then don’t brag about being the lowest industry, because as long as the user that you are not the lowest, so the user is very difficult to believe you.

1. mining user needs. Description of content on the site is a comprehensive introduction, when your competitors, and meet the needs of their users will choose to click on the website, so our description must meet the needs of users. So how should we dig? First we have a considerable understanding of our industry. Because only the very understanding of our website product industry, we can more accurately understand the users pay more attention to what. Here we can use love Shanghai drop-down box and relevant search for user demand analysis. I worked in the LED advertising vehicle as an example, we love Shanghai led search advertising car, mobile LED advertising, LED advertising vehicle car manufacturers, car LED advertising prospects, how, LED car LED car advertising advertising video, led mobile advertising, LED advertising vehicle car price advantage will love Shanghai related to search, this is the search keywords users are most concerned about the content, this is very consistent with the needs of the industry. Because I am engaged in the industry is a type of investment products, users will return and market prospect of the product concerned. The price is also the user pays a content, generally a keyword + price are users more concerned about things, so we should be included in the description of these users pay more attention to the content.

3. description to be easy to understand. Many of us love Shanghai Longfeng stacked on the description of key words, actually this is meaningless, will only make the user feel much, because the description stack keywords will not increase the relevance of your site. Most words can describe display is 75, that is to say more than 75 words after the contents of the user can not see, so we describe the number of not more than.


Limit six degree space, CPA advertisement on-lineEveryone car Li Jian sh419 Department entrepreneurs


expresses the concept that human beings are so closely related to each other on this planet that invisible bonds connect us. There are countless combinations between people, polymerization of a large information forms a unique advantage of the network world, breaking the barriers and barriers across the gap between human and virtual reality and interaction, mutual trust, understanding and communication, interpersonal circle a more true will be born with six. Growth.

in the Internet business such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain as the emerging era, Li Jian seems to be a benchmark figure, many entrepreneurs and veteran business known, some people follow his model, was the envy of his luck, more people criticized his "burning" speed.

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Li Jian clearly remember, the original "sh419 space" on the line in the first week, the flow of more than a million, the level of product in startups, basically can get round C or B round of financing, but in the sh419 system, is just a meeting room of applause, things have passed, very dull. In sh419, often there will be some products, traffic is only two or three million for two or three months, this product will end up badly, and this traffic for many entrepreneurs, how luxury.

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in sh419 Webmaster Platform recently held a salon, Li Jian beard, wearing a T-shirt and jeans, with a new webmaster identity to share his entrepreneurial experience, the common sh419 Department of entrepreneurs, have encountered difficulties when startups promotion.

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China’s first entertainment interactive review portal, Web2.0 is a positive responder and leader. Through advanced acquisition mode and first-class editing level to provide high-quality information essence for the reader, multimedia interactive entertainment community platform collection of movies, music, digital, automotive, travel, reading, video, maps, delicacy, blog, electronic magazines, shopping in one.

3, post user IP can only be included once a day, repeated IP repeated as invalid users.

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sh419 Department Entrepreneurs: from squandering traffic to the street station soliciting

valid registration requirements:

first let you know the domestic league dynamics,

The six dimension of

2, posting users should be consistent with the content of the six space website posting, not malicious irrigation.

from sh419 after leaving, Li Jian joined the 58 city, where the work model so that he felt a great contrast, "that is every day to grab traffic platform, grab very hard.". Just a little bit of traffic, you can feel very tall, on the already one of the industry’s best players." Li Jianru said, leaving the sh419, only to know the value of the flow.

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Li Jian, a standard 80, was once sh419’s youngest product director, after becoming Vice President of the city of 58, vice president of Microsoft engineering. In April 2014, Li Jian created a car for everyone, and completed the 2 round of financing in just six months, of which $20 million was from the B round.

from an ordinary product designer to sh419’s youngest product director in history, Li Jian worked at sh419 for 7 years, for these years of feeling, now he used "squandering traffic" to describe. At sh419, two months after the launch of a new product, if traffic doesn’t reach tens of millions, then it basically means failure, and the product will soon be stopped.

six degree space www.6dzone

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then Li Jian spent years to adjust their mentality, last year, his team sometimes send ten employees in the street stands for one day to ask each person not to mind taking the trouble to buy a car, to sell the car? These employees from time to time will be driven by some "black man", one of the world "


unit price: 4 yuan / an effective registered member

4, data returned three days.

Abstract: Li Jian worked for sh419 for 7 years, and for the past few years, he has described it as "squandering traffic". At sh419, two months after the launch of a new product, if traffic doesn’t reach tens of millions, then it basically means failure, and the product will soon be stopped.


Marketing division talk about making money online5 essential modes of thinking for a successful entr

isn’t everyone who can be an entrepreneur. When you dream of saying goodbye to your boss for ever, it may be difficult to think about starting a business alone. It might help you become a little more realistic.

unfortunately, these feelings of optimism tend to produce too much confidence. In the face of the harsh realities, it is necessary for entrepreneurs to be confident that their careers will flourish, or that they will stay together and tell themselves that the usual rules do not apply to themselves. But too much confidence will drag them back, leaving them unable to recognize the pitfalls of the road and their own flaws.

employees in an enterprise can enjoy their own time and rest in their own time, but entrepreneurs must always pay attention to the future of the enterprise. Like sharks, stopping progress means death.

self-made entrepreneurs need to be optimistic, and whatever the signs indicate, they need to believe that everything will have a perfect ending. According to a survey by Gapulo in 2012, entrepreneurs often than their old employees more active.

stay confident, not conceited,

brand promotion with these strokes, in July activities set off 500-1000 yuan

entrepreneurs are often full of confidence in themselves, and because of this, they will have a good prospect for the future. The survey also shows that entrepreneurs are more likely to enjoy their jobs relative to their employees, and that opportunities for self reflection and self-improvement are relatively frequent.

Translation: hunting cloud network reported on November 4th green cable Canada

is that this optimism seems to feed back through economic gains. According to a report by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission showed positive enthusiasm of business owners are relatively easy to get loans. Investors seem to be more inclined to choose "Hi skin" rather than a worried business owner.

entrepreneurs are a unique crowd. When most people fantasize about leaving their businesses, a handful of people actually do. Entrepreneurial life looks glamorous, actually full of pressure, challenges, and even setbacks.

  , with the rapid development of the Internet in China, in China’s thirteenth Internet Conference, China’s Internet users have reached four hundred million. Many people very early to see the Internet, this fat want to enjoy themselves, so a large number of Web sites now in front of Internet users, especially in entertainment sites mostly! No one wants to make a loss of money, and when your website develops, the owners begin to think about how to make money. There are many ways to make money online now, but some may earn only tens of dollars a month, or hundreds. How do you earn the same amount of traffic? This involves the choice of online advertising up. I have done many forms of advertising: text links, banner, shlf1314, Adsense, sh419, the main promotion, and so on, the effect is not very good. Later, I stumbled upon an image alliance website. Try to do a month, actually earned one thousand. The site has been cleared for good results. Entertainment sites can try. His uplink is high and the settlement is in good time! In fact, the network to make money is the webmaster’s exploration, and if you choose a good way, you can earn more money. Forget to tell you the address of this website,   http://union.seekfilm author: Guo Haifeng

on the rough road to being an entrepreneur, successful people have some common traits. Successful entrepreneurs thinking often means not conservative, but out of the restrictions and fetters to form their own new ideas; means to overcome the fear of the unknown, because become entrepreneurs, it means with unknown peers.

obviously, the lifestyle of the entrepreneur is very different from that of their employees. But what’s the difference between the way they look at things? Here are five original gold medal thinking models for entrepreneurs.

The best thing about

research shows that entrepreneurs, especially self-made entrepreneurs, often have a tendency to be conceited

stay optimistic,


Follow the rules of the game and make your website burn quickly

some people say that in accordance with the formal steps to do things only if so depressed, with trail method or edge ball will be successful, since the reform and opening up a lot of people are on the side of the ball successfully, I also talk about the rules of the game today, but on the side of the ball to make their sites hot up.

what QQ promotion, mail promotion, soft Wen promotion, right, I also do soft Wen promotion, but the real effect is very good, I think the soft Wen is not comparable to the way I want to say now.

I’m starting to talk about ways:

1. at the end of the world, Sohu, Sina, registered ID please do not register the main starting point information is true; my name is I registered website name for example: riparian tree prediction website (hint: username long, this typography can be accounted for two, the other is a row of their two rows that is attracting attention as Figure)


2. find related topics of the forum, for example my site is telling the station, I found the world is nonsense, nonsense stories where other posts are easy to remove, I published an article called your immortal website this is a novel name and articles I do not mention your own website address if it is, violation of the rules, my article title, abide by the rules of the game, so you don’t want too much. So, what’s your website address? The picture, as shown in figure


3. novel content:

said to comply with the rules of the game, if you can’t write that to find a famous novel, stick Post Bar, get a few chapters and their daily top, hey register all false, if someone found your own original novel is not afraid, not afraid, I’m not saying that is small myself. I reproduced. At most, I just changed the title or added an original XX novel in the title.

you should pass it, so do tens of thousands a day IP slippery came. This paper consists of http://bbs.heanshu.cn feeds.


How to operate the snack bar business hot

is now the number of investors choose to invest in a shop is really very large, in this context, we naturally need to operate a larger market demand. In short, in this era of investment and entrepreneurship increasingly popular, many people are not satisfied with the step-by-step life and work, but more yearning for their own business, free, full. The snack shop is now a very popular venture, snack brands on the market in recent years, the store is more diverse, have to say this is a sunrise industry, but also very fierce competition in the industry at the same time, so how to manage to make their business red fire snack shop? Then we will introduce it in detail.

first, do market research and analysis of consumer groups

snack bar, pre Market Research and analysis of consumer groups is essential. Research work is done directly determine the future development of the store, so naturally sloppy, so what is the purpose of the investigation? There is no doubt that make you more intuitive understanding of the snack food market, shop consumer groups, to find out the regional environment, and then determine the consumer groups, this to their tastes, consumption habits, consumption ability and other aspects of understanding.

two, the establishment of shop positioning planning business to

investment to open the snack bar, the store must have a clear positioning, do not blindly pursue some things, but should choose their own, this is the way of long-term business. Location of snack shop is actually making yourself a realistic goal, and then down to earth, to realize it step by step, not blindly radical, also do not follow the crowd, so in order to better control their own direction.

three, the product is ready to cover a wide range of

consumer demand is never but with the change of environment, immutable and frozen, the trend and other aspects of the change, so their needs and preferences for snacks so naturally, so for a snack shop, some of the natural product range more vulnerable consumers welcome. To know whether the product type is enough, the taste is rich enough, whether the adequacy of stocking and so on these aspects determine the purchasing power of consumers, so be sure to pay attention to.


said that the operation of a shop involves a lot of work, however, if you want to open a business hot shop, in fact, need to do a good job. In short, at the snack shop business, as long as we do the above points, I believe you can snack shop business is booming, profits will come, but at the same time as the operator needs to pay more attention to the daily management of the store, to treat every customer seriously, to establish the good reputation of consumers, and promote long-term development of the shop the.


What is the best selling stall selling hot products recommended

rely on the wages of the work, only when the moonlight family, want to start, and not too much cost, how to do? We might as well choose to use their leisure time to stall the business, then, what is the best selling stall? Now to introduce you to put the stall selling products, welcome to discuss together.

fried ice cream

The manufacture and sale of


free ink color water write paper

currently on the market mainly practicing calligraphy with rice paper, but also to write with a brush dipped in ink. The paper can not be reused, waste paper, and children in calligraphy is easy to get the ink on the clothes. And this product with water ink, can be used repeatedly, both environmental and economic. Products in Hongkong, Southeast Asia market, after a good response.



Where is the old Hot pot to open business – Business

Hot pot is a lot of friends favorite delicacy, as demand for healthy and delicious increase, the old Hot pot to join the project has begun to pay close attention to diners, also opened the development direction for investors, if you want to open an old Hot pot stores, open good sense in where? Xiao Bian for us to do a detailed introduction.

there is a source of business to ensure that, therefore, the old hot pot franchise stores to open in the easy to gather the customer’s lot, the old hot pot shop where good? We examine the business environment, in the site before the business conditions, government planning, hardware conditions, legal conditions and so on, only the analysis of these data using scientific means deeply, and to effectively implement to the site, we can choose the suitable position for yourself.

old pot to join the business to pay attention to what the consumer is more focused on the streets, more investment opportunities, the old hot pot shop where good? However, the high rent is also very obvious, the rent is often the flow of people in this area, the purchasing power is proportional to the higher the rental business turnover and profits will be high.

and the old hot pot franchisee in the selection of local, we will begin to inspect the surrounding environment. Old hot pot shop where good? Here we need to observe with two angles, one is to use the merchant’s point of view, is to determine whether the site can create results, and customers will never go shopping, investors have become the focus of the investigation.

observation of the old hot pot shop outside the image of the store, can let the customer at first glance to find, whether it is a corner, or obvious position, are good, old hot pot store open where good? To show their potential customers, can attract more customers,

is about more than the old Hot pot stores open where good introduction, I hope everyone to be more focused on location, headquarters of the stores put forward different requirements, so also want to seriously investigate and combined with the actual situation, choose a good shop with the least money, to ensure that the old Hot pot stores opened smoothly



Auto beauty stores to share three promotional techniques

we know that in recent years the development of automotive beauty industry is very fast, we have to open car beauty shop to the development of automotive beauty shop cannot do without the marketing and promotional activities, is an important part of the marketing. Here is to introduce a few car beauty shop promotion skills.

two skills: don’t panic buying restrictions, to create a climax you should distinguish between the promotion level, method is to limit the purchase of promotional activities to a climax of the strong move. A person who has decided to buy because of time constraints. Of course, to sell the situation is hot, it must be combined with other incentives, more effective.

three skills: as a franchisee, the use of promotional activities to the customer can provide some small gifts, in order to attract consumers, activities only provide gifts or part of the premium and discount services, consumers will get a complete gift or service must continue until the consumption activities to satisfy the conditions set. This approach often makes people feel like trying to stop, but can not, long-term fishing, step by step to catch the appetite of consumers.

to automotive beauty shop business is booming, it is necessary to do some promotional activities. Only in this way can your new customers turn into loyal customers. The above three tips is to open the car beauty stores need to remember, we want to help.



How to join the gift of love. – the whole

everyone wants to live their lives, the kind of wonderful feeling unspeakable. Of course, the reality is often cruel, because life, always have the courage to face difficulties. So constantly forward without worrying about the forward is not wrong. Take the restaurant franchise business, opened a bakery, the development prospect is considerable, the gift of love bread to join activities have been started, investors will be able to join us now with the advantage of the brand development of their careers, but also get the gift of love from the bread to join the brand support. In the face of such a rare opportunity, how can you miss it?

how to join the love gift cake shop

for investors, the gift of love to join the bakery has a lot of advantages, will make everyone’s business easier. A gift of love bread shop equipped with well-known manufacturers of production equipment, with all kinds of series of batch production headquarters unified package material, simple operation, stable performance, high yield rate, unified image, greatly improve the gift of love in the bakery productivity, reduce production costs, reflects the chain brand advantage.

love the gift of bread hit the marketing card, so that the business of the shop is more prosperous, more attractive to consumers. A gift of love bakery franchise headquarters integrated international advanced marketing idea, combined with national conditions and Chinese catering industry structure, after years of painstaking research, has a victorious "gold marketing strategy", to ensure that the gift of love bread stores every day diners like clouds, family business is booming.

new business model, will greatly enhance the income of franchisees. A gift of love bread first launched swept the world "one N" mode of operation, a single operation of the traditional varieties of subversion, make you in a store investment, realize the hot income more than one point, bring the unexpected income effect to the land of the gift of love bread shop.

love cake cake joining process:

1, the intention of customers to the company’s products, brands, such as all-round investigation;

2, the intention to submit the application form;

3, China Merchants Department for qualification examination;

4, confirm the application cooperation, signed the contract;

5, China Merchants Department for site approval;

6, the design department to provide renovation programs and guidance;

7, marketing distribution and the opening of the preparatory work before the guidance of


8, product and business training for investors and employees;