Foreign trade Shanghai dragon attention to improve the discrimination ability of the Google update w


Spammier: is the classification of Web site based on, then determine whether there is garbage sites of the sites. This phrase can use some of the sites for search engine results in classification, such as computer games, movies, music website.

Google distinguished engineer Matt Cutts in Google webmaster blog publicly praised those websites with high quality, and said that in the next work, will focus on the introduction of an algorithm for the waste site, this algorithm will affect the site’s ranking.

is a great highlight the Google update algorithm, it may affect about 3% of all queries, including English, German, Chinese and Arabic language, do not know this update to the webmaster friends will cause much impact

update algorithm, Google has been developing more advanced, they use statistical language model, speech recognition, Machine Translation to identify on the page "unnatural word distribution", and even determine synonyms in context. So Google in the face of huge data when there is a simpler algorithm.

In the Google network April 24th

original content: www.kaililong.n>


2, the use of statistical language model to identify "

Phrasification: select duplicate pages from the spring window. Focus on jumping out of different types of sites in the small window page page repeat screening, once found to be filtered out.

3, put forward two new queries and phrasification


search engine to determine the Web cluster associated with the site in some way, such as on the same host, bridge page for these pages for the target and related articles, once determined this is a cluster, cluster file may receive the search text, see that the text belongs to them inside. If not once was found outside the text link to enter, will be considered cheating, while in the detection of internal documents, the search engine will meta tag inside the main content of the search, if found in the meta tag with repetitive keywords, or are hidden in the words on the page, or the page contains a lot of irrelevant links, so unfortunately, this website has also been included in the search engine spam blacklist.

in Shanghai Longfeng industry seems to have not a new thing, as everyone knows, Google for a long time to update in this algorithm over the optimization of the website, and the update algorithm targeted is junk website. What kind of website will be attacked in the algorithm update? Few highlights we first look at the "update" garbage algorithm:


1, Google launched several recognition systems of different elements to detect website


The value orientation of the title of the website


site title setting will not only meet the need of love Shanghai crawl, but also to be able to provide the search needs of users, this can be a good and qualified website title. Set up in line with the above two factors to the title? We can be analyzed from the following two aspects:

, the first station in search of the user’s point of view! Since the user search the keywords, that he (she) content related to the keywords of interest, or is this information query. Keywords related to the content of many, how can we know the user what needs? This needs long time experience and try to figure out the user’s psychological, but this is not enough, we can quote authoritative: love Shanghai drop-down box! Here to teach you a little trick, when we fell in love with the sea when input a keyword, the drop-down box will appear in a keyword heap, and the keywords from top to bottom is usually the largest user demand keywords. So we can find the keywords users need

site title is the core keywords of a website, is the user search keywords to see the first impression of your site, also love Shanghai first, and its importance is self-evident, in the "core site title on the website of the guiding role" in this article, I have focused on the factors. Since the title of a web site is so important, how can we set the title, today I come and discuss this problem:

second, standing on the perspective of a search engine! Love Shanghai to capture the core keywords, also is the site of the title, matching degree, website content contribution value according to its title and content and links (inside and outside the chain chain) voting score, ranking will give a website with its value, "in which I the core of the web site title guide" this article mentioned, here is not to say the. So, the title of the site settings will not affect the overall ranking of a website that is the answer?. As we all know, the title of the site we will set the 3-5 key words, and the first words of highest weight so! Our first keywords must be set to the keywords can solve the needs of users, the second key is user second, say you understand. That is to say the web site keywords in the title must be a progressive role from the user needs to demand in the first second to third requirements of this order, it can enhance each other between the keywords ranking, will love Shanghai to grab the site title to the site after a high score. What kind of website title will affect the overall ranking of the key? Here, the keywords in the title key exclusion principle, I explain to everyone! Since the keywords set into the progressive type can improve the rankings, what kind of keywords are rejected in the same type? Keywords not and competition. That may be a little confused, for example! Take "warm baby" and "relieve dysmenorrhea" of these two words to say, warm baby is the role of mitigation and treatment of dysmenorrhea, between the two words.


About Wangzhuan project success webmaster can copyCrazy 90 and seasoned uncle PK intelligent adult s

practitioners actually see clearly the limitations of innovation in the adult goods industry, but the direction of their development has not jumped out of the original wholly-owned. In other words, the existing market for intelligent adult supplies, in fact, not just the user needs, but through a certain extension of the publicity stunt, such functions want and user demand is not too much relevance.

90: function to play edge ball


from the outside, China’s adult intelligence is just like that: adding several modules to traditional products, especially the communication module, and designing a App at the end of the mobile phone so that the two can interact.

however, in this long tail market, technological innovation and the expansion of the use of scenarios need to invest a lot of resources, but the returns are not high. There are industry sources told Tencent technology, those who are in the name or profit is impossible forever in this industry, because the market is the highest single product annual sales will be tens of millions.

Abstract the intelligence of adult supplies is a virgin land that has not yet been developed. Therefore, a large number of entrepreneurs have gathered.

earns money through the network, and the main groups make money by this method is the webmaster. Of course there are some Wangzhuan part-time, here is not 11 for example those who hang Wangzhuan poll what click Wangzhuan. Because these income almost all income is very general, and what is now the most popular online Wangzhuan? Surely they all know that women who sell products of Taobao customers, this is the last to do Wangzhuan the fire, some people because of the occupation of the initiative made a fortune. Below the author to analyze these Taobao customer Wangzhuan procedures.

is the market itself, is still fighting in the market tide there are two kinds of people: one is the influx from other industries, they bring new technology, but often in this industry are lack of awareness and somewhat blind; the other is Adult supplies market of the old game player, though they are well versed in the market. But in playing with the rules of the game circle.

? ?It is because

is filled with a large number of online information and the Wangzhuan, what Wangzhuan Wangzhuan special training, what is now the most popular method that teach you to use SEO to make money. Although the network develops very quickly, but Wangzhuan is really so simple? Today I talk here is about some successful Wangzhuan tutorial, the webmaster can also copy the successful

what kind of person does Taobao guest do?

on the Internet Wangzhuan trusted you,

?What are the

can make money?

first and are not for everyone Taobao customers, some owners see others do Taobao off a lot of money, then you also learn to apply a domain name, a website that started as like as two peas, Taobao customers, but we make money? I also have another, see the word weight loss drug list very hot, but the Commission is very high, imagine through my work with SEO the key word do home page you can how to make money. But for a few months, the site or stay in sh419 7, 80, every day there is no IP, such a station let me love why, and then closed. Here I just want to give an example to explain the Wangzhuan we saw on the net is how to make money, but these projects are suitable for you to copy success? About Taobao guest I study a little, if you don’t SEO it is best not to do Taobao customers, unless you are a successful webmaster. A successful website, or you can go to each big website forum Post Bar blog to release your information posted maniac every day, of course this is hard to do. But, like those more hot keywords, even if you use all kinds of means, short time will not do rankings, so if the impatient webmaster or not do.

but because intelligent hardware entrepreneurship is the formation of air, many people want this boring, and intelligent Adult supplies is an unexplored territory, so gather some want the development of entrepreneurs.

Li Meng is the first in a Taobao owner, the University began in the Taobao business health care products, had done monthly profit of 2-3 million yuan, then she made their own health care products brand, income has been very impressive, these experiences that he has accumulated a large number of city.

some people say that the network is a copy of the industry, what others do, I followed the copy, can also achieve success! But this success is difficult, and the Internet is to seize the opportunity, you look at others before the success of the project, such as when you go to do is very competitive and less to make money, but this time there has been a new way to make money, so that make the project training website about this problem, I do not recommend the webmaster to do, after all.

since the year, Ma Jiajia disappeared in this market, there are a number of industry "passers-by" has also been out. What’s more, in this industry, big business starts to be drawing to a close. Since 2012, China’s adult erotic website lovers in the A round of financing to raise 300 million yuan of funds, the industry rarely related news. In fact, lovers are just a sales channel, not a manufacturer.

Tencent technology Liang Chen reported on October 22nd

2013 at the end of a day, looking for new opportunities in the garage coffee after 90 days after Li Meng, met her partner. After some conversation and understanding, Li Meng decided to join, and the two young people have not been exposed to adult products industry. In April, they set up a cross Oh technology company.

market, the existing intelligent adult supplies, in fact, not just the user needs


Behind the scenes, how many of these public numbers have been made to make tens of thousands of ads


because WeChat subscription number "serious gossip" popular, so that rose babe has become a media circle of reds. On the same day as she was interviewed, there was another fashion magazine that wanted to film her for many years as a journalist, hidden behind countless reports, and now she was being intrigued by others.

is different from the imagination, and the experienced baby has a face. Time is very precious to her, she went out to carry a laptop computer, or on high heels. Two an interview with the gap, she sat opposite hangchikengchi to reporters in code. Every evening around nine o’clock, her subscription number is pushed, and before she releases, she has to finish the complex process of writing, editing, reviewing, and most of the work is done by herself.

like her, there are many such creators on the Internet, they use their own long, offering entertainment, fashion, delicacy and other types of subscription, dissemination of works, in the new media platform to share knowledge and experience and attitude to life.

who are those behind the master? How do they play with the new media? The "circle" interviewed many fans "love gossip grow Association", "serious gossip", "Li Rebecca’s world", "tongue movies" subscription number behind the traders, listen to them on behind the sequence of events.

accidentally test the water: media people play new tricks privately,

, rose, Beibei, and her serious "deep fried body"

in June 24th last year, WeChat issued her first rose baby article, titled "the first serious gossip:" black history forgotten, is written by Zhang Yimou, Liu Xiaoqing and other stars of the past little gossip. At that time, the subscription number was only three users, in addition to two "out of circle" friends, as well as herself.

rose at Beibei "Vista world" magazine, for amusement occupation career when she saved a lot of stars "leftover material". These anecdotes seem to be scattered and combined with each other, yet they are strung together into logical lines of story. At first, she put these stories as a gossip to share a few friends around, but a lot of times, there will be a chat content into text ideas, "since in the chat, I’ll take these 00 pieces of things to say, write down not directly write to more people, if someone love?" this is the first motive of her creation.


subscription number "serious gossip," the first phase of content


finished her first article, she thought it was "very old" and was embarrassed to share it with friends. It was only transferred to a few friends outside the circle. Five minutes later, the article was actually unit colleagues saw and thrown into the work group, two no intersection of groups, in the information on the realization of the common, she felt very magical. To her surprise, >


Transformation of garbage station into potential station My Forum maintenance experience

was standing in the sale of the forum, but after a look, these contents can share out ah, need to learn experience, veteran can point to the opinions and suggestions, hehe.

text segmentation line —————


,, from someone else’s hand in October 2008.

before October 2008, this forum relies on collecting data, other stations to do links, pop-up, keyword optimization, and other fast and effective way to maintain the site, of course, received a certain effect.

, after October 2008, I started taking over. The work is listed as follows:

keyword analysis, know the current needs of users of this forum.

conclusion: it’s very miscellaneous. It has everything. However, from the location of the domain name and website name, the theory should be based on 3G.

analyzes the content of the forums, looking at what users like and which users are excluded.


1, the data collected basically browse once, and then left directly. Unable to retain users.

2, Manual published content, taking into account the needs of users, add a picture of the text shows that adding software tutorial introduction, add the relevant content links users to browse for a long time, also like to browse other pages.

3, the relevant content must be true relevance, otherwise, and then attractive content, but also can not be recognized. After all, people come by keyword, the purpose is very clear.

4, should give yourself a reply, reply content, and content related to, from other websites can comment on some other users, the best is two and content, it can mobilize the active participation of users. PS: no need to re register users, users only focus on content, making some fake users is not worth it.

analyzes the functions of the forums to see which ones need to be opened and which ones need to be closed.


1, for this forum, some entertainment functions, some tasks, functions are not necessary, because the user is very few, we only pay attention to the real useful content.

2, post classification, information classification, these functions are very useful, can facilitate users to better view content, search content.

final conclusion:

1, the original content collected by the software all deleted, leaving only manual published.

2 classifies the content and classifies it by post classification and information classification model.



What must be done before starting a business

in today’s society, the increasingly fierce competition, more and more people choose their own businesses, many successful entrepreneurs not only realize their ideals and values, but also create employment opportunities for others, however, people tend to see only after successful entrepreneurs, the glory of success, but they rarely succeed before the hardships especially the failure brought painful lessons.

is one of the first problems. Xiao Lin entrepreneurial partners in the entrepreneurial process once they encounter setbacks on the differences, it is necessary to opt out. This shows that they began to start the project on the lack of necessary and sufficient analysis, in the face of difficulties do not have enough psychological preparation, it is likely to be impulsive". If they start to do some research and analysis before the start of the business, and more differences and countermeasures, then once the start of the business will be some differences, and more insist on.

and they did not grasp the core technology needed to start a business, or on how to master the core technology of the lack of the necessary analysis and planning. If they do not have the ability to develop the entrepreneurial team, perhaps can be solved by technology purchase or technical cooperation etc., after all, Xiao Lin is not established; if the core technology that’s needed no solution can be expected, so Xiao Lin and his team may choose the wrong business projects or business opportunities.

is perhaps Jin Xiaolin in College "several successful sale" gave him confidence, believe that entrepreneurship is not difficult, only his foot bitter first entrepreneurial society.


How to operate and manage snack food franchise

we all know, open a restaurant franchise is inseparable from the operation and management of the late, at the moment, the characteristics of snack food and beverage franchise has been favored by many investment entrepreneurs. The preliminary planning determines the day after operation, open a restaurant franchise, the location is the first factor. So, how to choose a snack food franchise shop? How to operate and manage the snack bar?

for a mature city, should have some fixed brand stores, special snack food catering franchise sales of relatively concentrated large street. This street rents will be relatively high point, but don’t be afraid of high rents, high rents relative benefits, turnover will be much higher, high rents have gold, the size of a small city where possible, this street is only one or two places, for the large scale of the city, the streets there may be many.

and categories will be different, for our brand, we are looking for is a special snack food stores catering franchise brand is relatively concentrated, the brand more and more concentrated, the more mature market environment, to the consumers to buy more, sales of the atmosphere will be better, and this place it is very suitable for the development of.

In determining the

How to manage

location management is completed. Characteristics of local food and beverage outlets to choose the right store area and internal facilities. Do not open the snack bar, 30-70 square meters can be, the best in more than 3 meters wide. Behind the shop with a kitchen, equipped with water, gas, ventilation facilities are also better. If necessary, it is necessary to set up a bathroom. Sometimes because of financial constraints, the election of the shop is very small, can not accommodate a lot of customers during the peak period, will cause the loss of tourists, this time it is best to choose to send the business will be more areas.

characteristics of local snacks catering franchise store layout. The most basic should be clean and shiny, with bright windows and clean tables. With large sums of money to decorate the store is absolutely recommended


Shandong entrepreneurial university system has covered the province

in accordance with the instructions of the Ministry of education, in 2016 China’s universities will set up innovative entrepreneurship education courses. At the same time, all over the country is also the formation of entrepreneurial universities, and constantly improve the education system, improve the quality and ability of entrepreneurs.

city with the actual, take the "government + social capital" mode of cooperation, co-ordination and integration of entrepreneurship training teachers, curriculum, project resources, build a set of business consulting, training, training, incubation, service is one of the entrepreneurial university. Since the start of the construction of the entrepreneurial university, the city has trained all kinds of personnel more than 40 thousand people, accounting for more than 40% of the size of the province’s entrepreneurial training training.

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North of the city held a hundred days of plague prevention and Control Conference

June 25th, north of the city held a day of plague prevention and control conference. The meeting city north "plague hundred days" activities carried out the arrangements, "hundred days for plague prevention and control work leading group activities" the member units attended the meeting, deputy district government of Changan Wen Bin attended the meeting and made an important speech.
will read, "north of the city area to carry out the" hundred days of plague prevention and control work for "work programme", informed the recent situation of plague prevention. Deputy district government of Changan Comrade Wen Bin plague prevention and control work in our region put forward specific requirements: one is to recognize the form, to further enhance the awareness of plague prevention and control; two is to improve the levels of scientific prevention and control, prevention and control ability, strengthen the monitoring; the three is to strengthen the plague prevention knowledge propaganda and education; four is to establish a good information system.