How to resolve the negative information in Shanghai Longfeng ingenious ideas

appeared negative information don’t panic, do not hype, as the saying goes: "Good news goes on crutches qiuckly" you may want to tell colleagues are good company to deal with negative information, but the results as you click and search results to obtain the rankings and the weight of negative information, we should look for the negative sincere apology and redress for for the customer rather than looking for what the company delete delete posts, then you will find the delete negative numbers. After obtaining the customer to accept our apology, can the soft editor is not usually a lot of stationmaster said no what to write? Processing negative information is actually very good material, the article to write honest so that we think you are very sincere to get public recognition, this kind of company is very small it is easy to get forgive.

technology can settle the temporary negative, but if not, after reflection and summary >

The bad news is the emergence of an enterprise

are generally negative peer or media exposure, the harm of negative information is fatal, because the negative information wasn’t like the conventional negative just to demand better services or products, they are in order to attack the enterprise and the existence of. Such negative information needs for the special case of processing, such as "you and Yili story". But we can nip in the bud, the conventional negative strangled in the cradle to avoid it into special negative.

two, special negative

conventional negative refers to customers to buy our products for service or product quality caused by the negative effects of this kind of dispute, at first is relatively small, but probably because of the wrong operation of our own and detonated it, most of these negatives are customer first and our customer service or customer service communication without, then say you don’t deal with me to send you to the negative, may not understand the harm of negative customer service personnel do not care which lead to negative production. Then the customer will address negative information to our customer service, customer service staff will tell other employees that other employees will search or click on the negative information to give weight to get ranked, assuming our company website one day only 10~20IP if we have 10~20 people to click on and search the word, then there will be related to the search, so that we their own pit other customers find the relevant search usually click in the search, this development may be transformed into a special negative negative routine.

, a conventional negative


, a brand in the process of operation, some may be due to our services or products cause customer dissatisfaction, others are peer malicious slander, a negative properly can shape our positive image, will seriously affect the company’s brand and performance. Today Xi’an Shanghai dragon for everyone to share how to use the means of manipulating the negative information of Shanghai dragon. To deal with negative information, first we try to understand the types of negative information, negative information Xi’an Shanghai dragon will be roughly divided into two categories:



The essence of understanding the real meaning of Wangzhuan WangzhuanTalking about the dark Venture C

. "

Wangzhuan, suggests that the use of the network to achieve the purpose of profit. The 90 unscrupulous profligate, higher in their eyes is a piece of cake, easy money was. The reason is that they see a lot of people wandering in the home to the network had a day every day and have ample food and clothing, leisure time to travel around to chat. The most important thing is to have a free space, not by the early eight late five, ready to rest, enjoy the comfort of life. How many people dream of such a life, but how many people really understand the bitterness and frustration.

< >

here are the questions he has examined in the book:

– on the surface, the school’s mission is to educate children. In fact, the real purpose of the school is to keep the children in the same place so that adults can make room for it by hand during the day. "

overnight "hackers and painters" became very red, this Paul Graham blog published in the United States in 2011 2004, Chinese translation book. Recently, because of the logic of thinking books and create things in mind Sina experimental reports of serial entrepreneurs become more famous.

btw: when I write this article, I deeply appreciate the writing system of sina’s bad, so I switched to Evernote and apple systems of writing. I hope Sina’s technical staff also read this book.

what’s the difference between money and wealth?


I am a fan of this book, but I believe not really read this book, most people will think this is a discussion of Internet technology and hacker books, in fact it is not even a computer and some books, this is an independent thinking deeply on the face of the world with routine problems, no one even fully understand the Internet and computer can get a lot of inspiration, this book proves one thing, as a venture capitalist Paul Graham the world’s most cattle’s success is from the idea of success. I was inspired by the book, and it still motivates me to explore the ideas in the book.

why is school a bad social organization,

– "near my house, the bumper of a car is stuck with a sticky paper that says," death before inconvenience,

why is user experience important,



is the Internet workers migrant workers hard, why not

Wangzhuan formal work, every day is the rest of life is regular, the time will be home from work one day, relieve fatigue easily, by the end of the month will receive a steady paycheck. But Wangzhuan sometimes make life a mess, no time to eat, even have no time to go to bed, how many people in that, it became a habit. A lot of people because of this life and choose to give up, but these are higher if the only way which must be passed with a strong will, may make you feel better. More importantly, no matter what it is, will experience some wind and rain to see the rainbow, beautiful, this is a long process.

?Unlike the

if you want to go online to earn this road, it must pay more effort than others, perhaps the dream is full, the reality is so skinny. If you want to make money on the site, must promote, expand the popularity of the site, all of which can you pay your effort, otherwise your site will be neglected, only and always success across the hand. In the meantime, also want to dig your potential wisdom, to innovate, learn to be flexible.

– most people, in most cases, always choose the easiest thing to do. If the Internet software can beat desktop software, it must win in a more convenient advantage. This is true both from the user’s point of view and from the developer’s point of view."

text / life three poison

– " I have read a lot of historical information and can not find any historical facts before twentieth Century to support the phenomenon that this theory should be universal. Many young apprentices in the Renaissance seemed happy and devoted. In the past, teenagers played a more active role. Before the advent of industrialization, teenagers were some form of apprenticeship, not in a workshop, on a farm, or even on a warship. They will not be thrown aside to create their own small society. They are junior members of adult society. "

maybe when you see those in the workers exposed to the weather would think, is the same day, their hard day but only tens of dollars, compared to the free at home sitting in front of the computer will have a lot of income for those who simply is a world of difference. Why is there such a gap, God is not fair to let people feel. But when you really get into the higher the industry experience, what is higher, the original concept will be ingrained in your mind is completely overturned, because in the face of difficult Wangzhuan is the need of ordinary people do not have the perseverance. We make an assumption, 24 hours a day, every day sitting in front of the computer for 16 hours or so, maybe you questioned, too exaggerated. Can tell you, certainly not, not a bit. This is every staff Wangzhuan have experienced. Because the customer is God, in this period of 16 hours at any time to find your customers, if you are not, you will lose an opportunity, this opportunity may make you lose more, you should know that every chance may have a second chance.


90 days successfully build website actual combat experience record — website plan article

2 days ago in the A5 hair article "3 months to build a successful website experience record", is in the group of friends at the request of writing thoughts, are in a hurry to three part of general write again many webmaster friends after reading have expressed great concern and curiosity, hope I can written in detail, should you webmaster friends asked me to decide is divided into several parts with his own experience in writing again to write today is "site planning".

site planning is a professional work, including the understanding of customer needs, customer evaluation, website design, website structure function planning, page design, content editing, writing "the website functional requirements analysis report, provide website configuration of hardware and software of the system, organize relevant technical data and text data.

, but for personal Adsense, it is impossible to think so carefully, but the following parts are the

we must plan

first: location of the site type

I can often receive some Q my friend, the first sentence is: "I want to make a station to play" I said, "what do you want the class type station", they answered "don’t know, don’t know what to do, just want to make a station to hear these words, simply" let me spray blood, sad, even what they want to do not know to do station station, this station is not destined to succeed. Because all kinds of website system now is very rich, there is no limit to what the basic personal webmaster, what type of station can operate but more choice, but also want to do this mess, want to do that. So when we are standing, we must consider what kind of station we are going to do. I will note:

if you want to flow high, you can do some gender sites, entertainment sites (these stations flow high, but not long, often people as garbage stations to operate).

if you have a certain technical strength and money can do some long-term development in areas such as portals, SNS, good line function and good line operations team, this kind of site is very easy to success.

if you do not want to waste station and no money, then you can do something for you, such as my "CMS net station resources", because I have enough space and bandwidth so my position is for our personal webmaster friends to provide source code, templates and other resources download, plus you have for many years the website construction experience, can provide a little help for some novice webmaster friends, so far it is successful, you can be my analysis of the data, I also said in the previous article roughly.

summed up 6 words, "do fine, do fine, do well."".

second: website structure planning

said this is more depressing, and now most of the personal structure of the station site is "thousands of articles", in addition to web sites, columns and content is not the same, the structure is about the same, and even some columns >


When the webmaster does the station, don’t forget the user’s feelings

, for the website, I ran mm. That’s the way it is. In the evening, I updated my website "Yantai ferry ticket network". Suddenly, mm said, "your website doesn’t look professional, is it?"." In a word, I got angry and fired up with mm. Said a few difficult to listen to, and mm ran away. I didn’t stop either. Go with him.

I admit I do the webmaster got hot, a day without a time of a busy day, black and white, hey, no way, who let us shoulder the pressure is so big. But, to tell you the truth, it’s really my pain today. For our webmaster, their website is like their children, a busy night, eyes filled with blood, and that site is their own efforts ah. Don’t let others say "no", don’t you say


mm left, and the room was silent, leaving only its loud breath. Hum, where is my website unprofessional? I don’t know anything about it. Layman. However, glancing at one’s website, ah, it seems to be a bit wrong. My dense information, can the average person find what he needs right now? Is my navigation clear enough? Can every one of my posts give enough information to the user,


I do not know when, we become the eyes of others called "master.". Do website, make money by internet. Garbage stations, ADSENSE, SEO, DIV+CSS, CMS, ASP, PHP. A busy day. One station after another, but no one was successful. Most Adsense obsessed website, but few people to consider the user’s experience. Are you calm down and asking people around you, how exactly are your websites in their eyes? Have you ever really thought about bringing value to your users?

hao123 was successful, and at the beginning, people even looked down on it. A self-taught web designer could do better than he did. But it’s this simple website that buys the astronomical figures most of us can never earn in our lives. Most of the time, our website is not successful, because we are not enough to adhere to, not careful enough, not from the user’s point of view.

, "8 Chinese Internet users are 10 rookies" is the Bible of the Internet in at least two years. We webmaster should really read your website from the user’s point of view. Remember the first time the Internet feel? When you will distinguish the website will pay attention to beauty, this website is not written by DIV+CSS? Today I seem to be back. Also remembered, before an article which falls behind, "the fireworks looked, was only the passer-by."." Yes, most of us are destined to be just passing travelers.

note: This article was written a few days ago, the website is revised, mm is back, and everything begins again.

by www.ytpiao.com webmaster > feeds


Ten big money business opportunities, you must not know

venture capital can not be blind, we must have a general understanding of the market, also only in the hands of a good opportunity to achieve entrepreneurial success, so that business is the prerequisite and basis of economic success. Here, Xiao Bian will share with you ten big money making opportunities.

A: shortage of entrepreneurial profit opportunities.

to dilute your. The shortage is the first foreign economic profit motivation, air shortage in the plateau or in sealed space, air will make money business. Everything useful and short of things can be entrepreneurial opportunities to make money, such as high technology, true feelings, genuine, knowledge, etc.. < < < entrepreneurial opportunity

Distant water cannot quench present thirst. In the performance of the shortage of time, the time is to start making money business opportunities. Aircraft faster than the train, although hormone therapy can delay life, they have entrepreneurial opportunities to make money.

three opportunities: convenience business opportunities to make money.

four opportunities: intermediate business opportunities to make money.

the sparrows in the post. People are always eager for quick success, the most terminal, unscrupulous. For example, when digging gold, will not care about selling water price, the results of gold did not dig, fat, sell water.

five opportunities: systematic business profit.

originated in a longitudinal business independent of the value chain profit. Such as the telecommunications boom, IT strong demand, IT manufacturers profit, the number of supporting providers to increase, value-added service providers, telecommunications consumer.

six: business culture and entrepreneurial opportunities to make money habits.

decided by the way of life of some business opportunities to make money. For example: a variety of holiday products, life and worship props.

eight opportunities: catastrophic business profit.

caused by a major crisis of how to find opportunities to make money??.

Major business


To investigate what the whole open a Chinese fast food restaurant

Chinese fast food restaurants are now very good development, more and more friends began to engage in fast food investment, if you want to open a Chinese fast food restaurant, you need to shop in front of what? Xiao Bian for us to do a detailed introduction, which is a good choice for the moment, it is worth paying attention to.

in front of the shop to do a lot of preparatory work for investors, to understand the needs of the food and beverage market, some of the needs of the people is what? What are the brand has entered the local market, the enemy can


Chinese fast food has become the main trend in the food and beverage market, then how to choose the project? In order to be truly aware of, choose the brand, you have to ask, understand the company’s internal operation is clear, when asked the company personnel of different levels, all the answers are very consistent, if the answer is that the results are different, the operation of the brand is a big problem.

if the emergence of the Chinese fast food to join the brand more, you have to look at a more accurate judgment, Chinese fast food restaurants need to pay attention to what? The investment of Chinese fast food stores according to their comprehensive ability, according to their own understanding of the local market, the same project is different in every area of the city played a benefit is not the same, familiar with the project should be based on their own knowledge degree, and make a decision according to their own judgment for the local market demand, make good preparation, can in the future be wenzhongqiusheng.

in the investigation of the project, the Chinese fast food brands to join the operability of how much more communication, open Chinese fast food restaurants need to pay attention to what? How to understand the business status quo, and the future development, especially the internal management and external management headquarters, and the technology is mature, logistical support and headquarters to join, whether professional, business training.


above is about some matters need to open a Chinese fast food restaurant investigation, investigate the Chinese fast food franchise brand of consumer groups, the investment value of big projects, is the focus of investors to study, hope that this to be a lot of attention.


Start the new opportunities making clay

a lot of people are constantly looking for business opportunities, but I do not know, a lot of business opportunities in people’s daily lives, perhaps inadvertently, it appears in front of people. Now the soft production, is undoubtedly a very good opportunity, worthy of consideration!

made of soft material jewelry has the advantages of low cost, large profit margins are very suitable for personal investment projects. Soft goods can not only production but also can be in the form of promotion DIY. Coupled with the region’s accession and training benefits generated considerable profits.


Restaurant owner Kim Jeong-eun tourists have asked for a photo

recently, a restaurant owner in Guangzhou because of Kim Jeong-eun and quickly became popular on the internet. Many tourists are attracted to the boss. After Guangzhou and one looks like Obama’s men on the road of the actor.

2 at noon on the 13 day, the reporter in Guangzhou Baiyun District, Xia Mao commercial street, found on the social networking site is a net friend onlookers Guangzhou Kim Jeong-eun — from Shaanxi, opened a restaurant in the man Zhang Daiming. I saw that Zhang Daiming had a similar hairstyle and Kim Jeong-eun, and similar body fat. Not only looks and body is similar, the name Guangzhou Kim Jeong-eun is only 1 years younger than the real Kim Jeong-eun.

"wear sunglasses to wear clothes, more like." During the interview, Zhang Daiming took a similar suit coat from the store, and a pair of sunglasses. When the coat wearing sunglasses worn on top of the head, like a pair of sunglasses wearing a Kim Jeong-eun image, it is now in front of the neighborhood. In order to make yourself look more like Kim Jeong-eun, Zhang Daiming in the reporter during the photo, it is a little waved, looks quite leader style.

"and a customer that I like, I found." Zhang Daiming said that their customers, most of the summer is next to the commercial street, a college students. About two years ago, when Kim Jeong-eun took office not long, Kim Jeong-eun’s photos through media reports, began to be familiar to the people of Guangzhou. One day, a student diners to Zhang Daiming’s restaurant after dinner, looked at Zhang Daiming, and then said, "boss, you look like a Kim Jeong-eun oh."

"I didn’t know who Kim Jeong-eun." Zhang Daiming said he later went to the Internet to find a photo of Kim Jeong-eun, found that a bit like. Before long, the restaurant outside the restaurant owner like Kim Jeong-eun, the news began to be aware of College students. Many students after class to Zhang Daiming’s restaurant for dinner, the end will always find a photo of Zhang Daiming.


Join the children’s education has become the most popular investment focus

today, children’s education is paid more and more attention, in the past few years, the number of children’s education investment soared, is the development of the market all to join the project, three years has become the focus of investment in the first place, the most popular, the children’s education market will be more bright, below to understand the situation of children’s education.

enterprises to "go out" high enthusiasm

shows that this year the franchise growth remained above 10%, 1/3 of the enterprises will join the development speed is set to more than 20%. Surveyed companies generally believe that labor costs and rents rise is the biggest problem facing this year, and increase efforts to develop new products is to ensure that the main means of sustainable growth.

in 45 industries, the investigation involving the format in the children’s consumption and service market is generally optimistic. Children’s education and training has been for three consecutive years, the franchise headquarters franchisee and experts agree that the first "the most growth and the highest rate of return on investment industry"; the retail business of infant supplies was also chartered both as "potential and investment value of the industry".

through some of the data above, can reflect the development of children’s education is getting better and better, market share ratio is more and more big, on children’s products consumption is also increasing, so in the future, children’s education investment is one of the most promising, most bright project, also to attract more and more people to join, so good business opportunities, is worth each investors to consider investment.


Franchisees are not optimistic about fast food chain

many new entry entrepreneurs think fast food franchise industry is the potential investment choice, and in fact many seasoned entrepreneurs are not optimistic about the fast food chain industry, there are many reasons, here’s to Ajisen Hand-Pulled Noodle as an example.

Ajisen Hand-Pulled Noodle successfully listed in Hongkong, and announced that from direct mode transformation for franchise mode

3 30, the main Hand-Pulled Noodle Ajisen (China Ajisen) Holdings Limited (hereinafter referred to as 0538.HK, Ajisen) listed in Hongkong. In the domestic food and beverage chain brand, the market has not yet been successful precedent. Ajisen announced "after the listing will change the direct form of franchise development based on the existing 123 stores".

jiamengfei needs 10 million yuan

then joined Ajisen how high the threshold? The identity of the reporter to join the Advisory Ajisen company’s marketing department, the answer is: the current franchise is not completely open, determine the initial conditions are: funds need at least 10 million yuan, the scale is determined by the investors themselves.

According to a

head of the shadow of Chinese fast food

that Hand-Pulled Noodle Ajisen in Hong Jian