The Jingdong general store two classified pages of Shanghai Dragon (three)

three is changed from thin to thick slash is implicitly the goods may at any time will be the price, do not buy now, the village is not the store, to give users a sense of compact.

2: tell the user "home appliances" this category contains several categories of products

analysis of the Jingdong general store two classification page in Shanghai dragon "yesterday (two)" in our analysis to the advertising, continue to look at the following today’s

"home appliances" with the H2 label, why not add link, my understanding is that

but because of limited space, can not be displayed, so only show some of the most common category.

The upper left corner of

1: give a small spider net, let it go to

1: this page is mainly for the keyword "household appliances" the scope of the word, it is a classification of the home page, the anchor text may lead to excessive weight dispersion

The right side of the

some anchor text link, the first anchor text is "hot", as the name suggests is selling a good product, when people buy all have a common psychological, we are buying things if not what good stuff but there is absolutely no difference, this reflects the special psychology in online shopping especially strong, people enter a product list page, ranking is the most commonly used "sales order" and "sort by price", so "hot" two words to a certain extent, brought back the user wants to know more about its interest, only to the user interest, as the success of the first step……

, a "sale", directly tell the user of this product is very cheap.

3: for users, navigation in the "large home appliance" is to tell the user, click here to enter the "home" of this classification, and here’s a "home appliance" the objective is simply to tell the user, below the products belong to everyone electricity in this category, is to let the user see below shows the product, rather than allowing users to click here to enter the "home appliance" classification. So here only red bold words to tell the user information.

behind several small links to two


a big picture, clear the product picture show.

in bold red text slash several simple and intuitive to tell users now this product is exactly what activities, we all know that is very cheap and very short cycle "theory,"

2: navigation already has two "home appliances" anchor text links to seduce spider climb, here there is no need to increase the burden to the spider, a spider climb the same anchor text may also be more tired and tired of the


The website reflects the value chain of Shanghai Dragon

not all the station link web page

The number of each article in the chain


general webmaster accustomed to when related keywords appear in website link to the web page, but this link the main purpose and the starting point is to improve the site keywords ranking and weight, but on the other hand it may hurt the site keywords ranking and weight, also can let the spider love Shanghai any such link is completely in the manufacture of the garbage chain, site a long time will inevitably suffer to search engine punishment.

website user experience is a commonplace talk of an old scholar topic, but for many webmaster ignore sites within the chain, and as long as the link to the website home page, column page, content page, so it is in the site within the chain at random links, and the total disregard for the user experience of the website and search engine spiders to crawl the feeling, when the spider came to all the pages are basically climbing to irrelevant pages, this time will be down right on the site for a long time, usually by the website ranking. So when do the chain must grasp the correlation within the site chain.

novice webmaster often make mistakes, which is the most common mistake: Shanghai dragon all internal links all point to the home page, the main purpose is to enhance the site weight first name, but whether it is related to the homepage keywords or a link, and has nothing to do and point to your home page, any such great blind to enhance the website weight, actually this approach we can guess, if some spiders are attracted to the website, there is a natural deception, so it can be a short period of time to enhance the website ranking, but for a long time, may be caused by a serious drop right even by K.

site keywords links must be a reasonable allocation of

website optimization, website inside and outside the chain chain chain is also crucial in ranking at any one site are endowed with relatively large influence, according to the years of practical experience in Shanghai Longfeng, reasonable chain page generally have very good ranking, we know the inner chain important chains in Shanghai Longfeng value where? How are we going to do the site within the chain

for the site, in addition to the core keywords, other keywords is more, but many of these are concentrated in the corresponding one or more pages, you will need to do the work assigned keywords within the chain, the website content updates, the same page only needs a corresponding URL address anchor text links can, but must be related, as well as the URL address for the anchor text link must do the degree of the control, the distribution needs reasonable, so that to the search engine or the user experience is good effect.

link or the page must have certain associated

site within the chain site within the chain is.



Large web site operations confused where does it come from

network marketing can not do without website operations.

site operations, in addition to personnel management, marketing planning, financial management, just on the website itself, the most so that web site CEO headache should be the content of the site. How can I make good web content? The content of the website involves reading experience, user transformation, search engine ranking and so on. How can you make good content? Where does the content come from,


regular website operation, is reproduced and original simultaneously. The quality is the same, the more original content, the more readers and search engines will be favored, the more able to produce positive user experience and user viscosity, and then produce a user transformation. A website reprint, only the quality of content, patient.

website content of the original, you can have the original, pseudo original, can be an interview manuscript, the article finishing, a word of his table and so on, these are editorial things. Many web site editors are web site vice president, you can see the importance of web content.

website content, in addition to the original and reprint, there are other attractions and search engines to attract no, there are topics.


project is a special subject, which is a comprehensive and in-depth report of something and a character. After reading a project, I fully understand one thing, this is the topic.

website operations, the content of the site does not have to ask for more, can meet user needs; website content does not have to be new, applicable; website content does not have to seek depth, and become a fact.


Take tool + community + electricity supplier approach hot mom help get $100 million C round of finan

recently, the largest domestic mobile vertical community "freaky help" announced the completion of $100 million C round of financing, led by vip.com, Jingwei venture, King Lam capital and Morningside venture capital investment. The financing amount is the same as in January of this year, and in valuation, the hot mom will reach $1 billion.

freaky help in the first round of angel investment by Dai Zhikang, the second round of Dai Zhikang and Xianfeng Huaxing; A round of investment about millions of dollars, including investment led investment partners and Xianfeng Huaxing, Morningside venture. Last July, freaky help to get a B round of investment of $20 million, by the King Lam capital lead investor, with investment with Morningside ventures, vip.com, Jingwei and Xianfeng Huaxing venture.

"hot mother help" is perpendicular to the mother and child community, to pregnant partners, hot mother help, hot mother mall three products based, covering women "pregnant – pregnancy – childbirth – Parenting" 4 important periods. Users can get pregnant, during pregnancy partner via mobile phone neonatal conservation knowledge and expert guidance; in addition, in the freaky help share the happiness of motherhood, seeking help, understanding mother friends; in freaky mall mothers can buy goods and bonded goods overseas direct mail. Since its launch in September 2014, the total turnover of the mall has exceeded 50 million in just 3 months.

hot mother to help CEO Jin Zan said that the financing will be mainly used to further improve the main consumer groups of women living to the shopping ecosystem, including product development, commercial exploration and marketing and so on.

vertical market began to concern from 14 years in February, the change of population structure, consumption patterns, upgrading two-child policy of liberalization has stimulated the two trillion market surfaced, and Zulily to stimulate the market but also to the domestic entrepreneurs have entered. Honey bud baby, freaky help, babe network, lotus, division, the only product sale of diapers and other start-up companies have completed large financing, 2015 maternal electricity supplier industry competition will be more intense.


How should we choose the bookstore

many people choose to open a bookstore in the market many investment projects, opening a bookstore is certainly a potential consumer market, because the book is the spirit of intake of people, the people of the modern society of education is more and more attention, thus opening a bookstore as long as make adequate preparations, plus the correct operation, will make money.


suitable for the bookstore where:

1, students gathered near


2, residential lots

Bookstore location is located in a residential area area, should take the family entertainment magazines and books, holidays and working hours as the main consumption time. Here is a book on family life of books and audio-visual products consuming power, family entertainment magazines and CDs consumption is generally the largest.

3, located at the corner of the

corner position is often very ideal, it is located in the intersection of two streets, two street between people in this together, there are many passers-by crowd the stagnation point, can produce a "corner effect". Corner position can increase the area of the display window of the books and video products.

4, located at the junction of trigeminal

Bookstore store located in road junction, the store is considered an ideal Bookstore store location. In the bookstore store this position should pay attention to play to their strengths, in the shop front entrance decoration, shop signs, advertising signs, show window should be carefully designed to seize the customer’s consumption psychology, will attract the pedestrians to the bookstore in the store.

Bookstore site

1, not the choice of fast lane side

2, not in the surrounding residents and commercial outlets or less slow growth in regional

has been basically complete theThis lack of

3, should not be located in the road and the shop floor high and low places


Small and micro enterprises to achieve public Entrepreneurship

is the largest number of small and micro enterprises, the most promising commercial subjects. Throughout the country to build a number of small and micro enterprises entrepreneurial innovation demonstration base, designed to provide support for the lack of capital and entrepreneurial enterprises.

1 27, the reporter from the Harbin Municipal Committee was informed by letter, Harbin Institute of technology Anshan Institute of business counseling (incubation) base has been successfully selected small micro enterprises in Liaoning province innovation demonstration base "gongbang, so far, our provincial innovation demonstration base has increased to 10. In recent years, an important position in the city continue to promote new business incubator of entrepreneurship and innovation for the whole society, constructing the public record space, create a public technology service platform, provides a broad space for the development of innovation and entrepreneurship. Public entrepreneurship, innovation for the people to bring the opportunity to dream of becoming one of the engines to promote economic development.

is a small micro enterprise business base is the establishment of small and medium sized micro enterprises in place, more is to promote entrepreneurship innovation under the new situation, promote entrepreneurship with innovation ". The selection of the "small and medium sized enterprises in Liaoning province micro entrepreneurship demonstration base" was renamed "medium and small micro enterprises in Liaoning province innovation demonstration base", the province’s only selected the 21, to play the role of small and medium-sized micro enterprise demonstration base in guiding and promoting the innovation of medium and small micro enterprises and service aspects.

in the entrepreneurial base building, with nearly 2000 square meters of research site they BOSCH Anshan Precision Instrument Co. Ltd., and it is listed as the key support object. "BOSCH" is not Chongwang, just a short time, the fog and the attitude of the core equipment R & D performance indicators have reached the advanced international and domestic leading level, the company was registered, year sales revenue of more than 300 yuan.

ginger hit Dr. also carries the dream of peach fly, the formation of the Anshan Freetech Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd. and R & D team, its research and development of optical fiber sensor has been 4 million yuan contract orders in hand. The entrepreneurial base through innovative business incubator team, the research achievements, industrialization, not only provides a new impetus for the city development of laser industry, it has become our city public entrepreneurship, innovation and an important position.

from Harbin Institute of Anshan Institute of business counseling (hatch) near base, Anshan science and technology market the brand is very eye-catching. In the one or two floor area of the total area of 6000 square meters, covering the intellectual property services, high-end talent services and scientific and technological achievements transformation, integrated services, science and technology intermediary services, financial services, such as science and technology services platform for the 5. Building 3 to 5 layers of up square meters of public space is created in, recommended


How to open a hot pot shop location is better

a store business to good, need to consider the place is a lot of, for example, open Hot pot store, is also very important in the site, because the Hot pot shop for entrepreneurs, the most difficult thing is the location, because it once selected will directly affect the business situation, so many the operators are in the location when tangled screenwriters, fearing that their pick the wrong. So, how to open a hot pot shop site? Here are some principles and rules!

1, the local factors of the hot pot restaurant location

in the site, we must choose a convenient operation and development of the region, which is the premise of the site. The site should take into account the level of economic development, culture and education, market competition situation, planning position characteristics, hardware and software environment is advantageous factors and so on various aspects; 2, Hot pot store location principle first to determine the service object. To combine the location of the hot pot restaurant, to determine the appropriate facilities and equipment, and then choose their own operating grades, in determining the varieties of hot pot.

2, the principle of hot pot shop location

second to implement the principle of proximity. In other words, to facilitate transportation, convenient communication, easy access. Located in or near commercial, economic, cultural, development zones, the road is smooth, easy access to customers.

third to the environment in place. The external environment to form a climate, other stores catering to the Hot pot mixed operation, such as ", " food street; " ", Hot pot city; at the same time to promote their comprehensive facilities, a variety of business combination, the formation of scale fourth profit forecast. At the opening of the front, should be combined with a variety of factors, sales and gross profit for a certain period of analysis, prediction of profit and benefit in addition, can also determine the choice of shops with experience.

3, hot pot shop location and layout

to determine the location of the principle, in the implementation of the following points: select the concentration of commercial outlets, population gathering, convenient places, specific location, peer gathering, special port. Layout should also consider the following ideas: diffusion, aggregation, competition, multi sectoral coordination.

The success of the

site to make after the business is more handy, for the novice, it is very difficult, the above is about the analysis of how the location of the Hot pot shop, if you have sufficient funds, the bustling street, where natural is the first choice, the large flow of people, every business is full. If the funds are limited, near the campus and the school is also a good choice, the customer more, do not worry about money. Before the shop, to conduct a detailed investigation of the surrounding area, so as to obtain long-term stable development. < / recommendation


What should be paid attention to in the education industry

Now we

the whole domestic education industry development speed and scale are all obvious to people, at the same time, there are a lot of people will start to shift the focus of the education industry, such as investors, now invest in a personalized join the school should pay attention to what?

join for personalized education institutions, whether it is a market team or team of teachers, the team work quality often depends on the management of team management and operation. As a personalized education to join the organization managers, on the inside and outside the school department development plan in advance to prepare and do a good job of self-controlled system can greatly liberate managers’ work stress. The four management systems of individualized education joining Campus:

1,   evaluation system

have high performance, there must be a high standard, high demand, high technology. At the beginning of the people, the sex of the lazy, want to be lazy, system management. Said a lot of management decentralization, but other things are not any change, or conservative, such is. Decentralization means the change of rights and responsibilities, "coup" will make everything change. When you turn right down, we must also take responsibility and restraint together decentralization, for just to get more rights of new managers, if not a cage put them right trapped, let him play limited, otherwise will only have two results: one is to do with him two, what is to kill you. The evaluation system includes new systems and processes, and even the new salary system, to make the right, right to play in the play.

2,   organization system

3,   incentive system


Family kitchen entrepreneurial projects in Shijiazhuang popular

in Shijiazhuang, is now a popular thing called family kitchen, which is based on the new model of mobile Internet technology and the birth of the health, it makes it possible to open a restaurant can not become a reality. Now, let’s take a look at the details.

phenomenon: no store


called a pizza, opened the door is a blond French guy to room. It is said that pizza or French Evian Mineral Water and surface. Such a new consumer experience so that a lot of consumers quickly in the circle of micro-blog and friends drying out the photos and feelings of pizza, in a large number of forward and spread, the pizza takeaway brand a gun and red.

recently, such specialized family kitchen type venture takeaway in Shijiazhuang fire up. Public Li Ran told reporters to show the number of WeChat takeaway more than and 10 public concern. From the staple food to desserts, category everything. She told reporters that he was the first link from the circle of friends to see these stores. After a taste of the test found that the taste is good, then become loyal fans.

throughout these do takeaway food O2O, it is not difficult to find common patterns of their family kitchen WeChat micro-blog. That is, do not set up a physical store, in the home kitchen or processing room after cooking food, WeChat, micro-blog, etc.. In the traditional restaurant industry, a lot of good reputation of the hotel will be opened by micro-blog or WeChat public numbers to complete the line to the online market expansion. These entrepreneurial projects are contrary to their own, completely through the Internet marketing guide consumers. One of the most successful leader and even out of the store, thus completing the online to offline market counter attack.

2014 November, Dai Ming and his friends noted that in many cities there have been no physical store, micro-blog alone to promote the spicy crayfish takeaway. They are determined to experiment with the project into Shijiazhuang.

"recruit the chowhound!" Forwarding and @ friends have a chance to win iphone6 phone"…… Since the end of 2014, the influential city and micro-blog account joint planning activities, continue to interact with friends on a micro-blog promotion, the generation of crayfish takeaway short-term rapid accumulation of customers. One of the extraction of a mobile phone micro-blog has been forwarded, the number of times to reach hundreds of thousands of times.

"the Internet can make good products have spread rapidly." Acting head


Cool Xining farmhouse tea hot

flowers, string, ditty, Qinghai Laoba disc, when these highly regional characteristics in Qinghai things together, can bring people joy and relaxed, the annual summer season, Qinghai renlang farmhouse tea become leisure.

Qinghai farmhouse garden from the beginning to the close to nature, feel comfortable quickly popular, family reunion, friends, help the aged and the young farmhouse has become a wave of tea consumption trend. Summer temperatures rise, the city’s major tea plantation business is booming, there are some unique farmhouse tea garden is a hard to find, you need to book in advance can be. Yesterday, the reporter saw in the north area of the city of a farmhouse in tea garden, from indoor to outdoor rooms of the arbor are filled with customers, tea Houchu busy, not a moment to stop. The person in charge of this tea garden, told reporters that the business is very good every summer, especially when the holidays, this time need to deploy more manpower, increase the amount of purchase to meet the needs of customers. The official also said that more and more people do business farmhouse tea in recent years, the competitiveness is increasing year by year, they also regularly in order to attract tourists, some new dishes and renovated, perfect facilities in tea garden. "With the whole family, old and young to sit, farmhouse tea appreciation of flowers, playing mahjong, and family chat, play a very good day happy!" One customer said. (author: Liu Dan)