Novice Webmaster beginning for the webmaster’s joy and sentiment

access to the Internet for several years, but do the webmaster or a big girl – the first time. The first station, in addition to more exciting and fresh, more of a calm thinking after.

since the choice of the road, I was a road full of confidence to go. As the saying goes, everything is hard in the beginning, because not previously involved in the industry, want to make it light with confidence is not enough, so I prepared to do a full.

1. Study, study, and study

need to do website technology, this is what I am missing now, I do not believe a webmaster without technology can do a good job site. To this end, I began to learn modestly, they do not understand the school, puzzled and asked, all to digest. Network technology, the practice of strong, and blindly rely on their own study, time-consuming and laborious, and may not be able to achieve good results. Before listening to a friend said, the site is a very hard thing, always not to regard it as right now they are doing, and have a deeper understanding, but suffered in the music, so that their own more of an understanding of the industry, to master a technology.

two, strengthen communication,

any industry needs to communicate, so do the enemy, we can learn from each other. As an old webmaster said, "you have me on the road, and we all work together to make this industry bigger and stronger, so that more Internet users will be satisfied.".

three, peace of mind and

in fact, we do web site, the purpose is very simple, all in order to make money, we have to live after all. But I think, for a just do the website of people, can’t take advantage of too heavy, a day must have how many IP, if so ask yourself, there will be a lot of pressure. If you do not ideal, will make yourself discouraged, lose enthusiasm and morale. As long as we do what we should do, perfect the process, and the results need not be too much pursuit. So the mentality is very important, must be interested.

four, persevere,

began to do so, everyone can maintain a high degree of passion, but a long time, not everyone can be the same as the original. In everything you do, you insist, just as you follow. Without this spirit, your website will not be successful. I want to do more than just do the website and do anything else. Without perseverance, I won’t succeed.

is a long way to go, I will search under the



The concept of profit for third party Flow Statistics website

was surprised to see the headlines a few days ago when he saw the news that the company had 2 million vcs. After reading the full text, I can not help admiring the company’s business acumen.

looking for hidden business models.


URL shortener (hereinafter referred to as TinyURL) is N years ago, model has been finalized, the majority of people think that is just a very ordinary, or even worthless things; to provide such a service website, in addition to earn traffic and improve Alexa ranking and PR value, advertising costs to earn the jump page it is unprofitable.


company called Bit.ly is how to find a people to ignore the market, and find the profit point? We can take TinyURL and network bookmark comparison can be found similar; two are provided at the convenience to the user, but the cost of a slightly higher. And the added value of much larger, which indirectly makes user data have higher value. Users are willing to take the time to switch to a URL abbreviation, that is enough to explain his attention to this site.


master data. The number of millions of users the most attention, isn’t this a goldmine? But the data is so pure, almost without much cleaning work, can be organized into the most valuable market information.

traffic statistics website.

, in contrast, user data for web traffic statistics service providers (hereinafter referred to as statistical websites) is priceless. The small and medium-sized websites, which occupy half of the industry, have filled the most realistic market demand. They are distributed in different corners in a very discrete form, forming a long tail. But they often need to carry traffic analysis, with the service of third party statistics so that a handful of these statistics website have the ability to integrate fragmented data flow, and the whole is amazing, enough insight into market demand.

more importantly, the statistical website has the incomparable advantage that the search engine can compare. We often look at the rankings of Baidu and Google, but this list and even search companies have very limited data. From the overall statistics, only the user, the use of the search engine rate is only about 70%; from the statistical process, only the user in the search engine on the web query and points out the process, but it can track user statistics website all acts in many target sites.

business model.

there is no doubt that the vast amount of data that statistics sites have is favored by the industry’s marketing staff, which is a good profit channel.

first, in order to avoid infringement of the statistics user’s privacy, the data must be re combination of coarse packaging and considering the typical user traffic characteristics, that is to say, do not give the user.


How to use thousands of College Students Entrepreneurship

many people want to work, they may already have a mature idea, but the money is a big problem, but business is not to be so hard, the protagonist of the story, with thousands of yuan, successful business! Let’s go and have a look!

A did not get a diploma students, with 6000 yuan investment, now she has two companies, is a small boss. Thousands of pieces of money can do what, after the girls, she is how to use the 6000 yuan investment, with 2 companies in 5 years? Thousands of pieces of money can do what, for 5 years, she had her shirt and striking one snag after another, hand-painted shoes, through the network China wholesale to Hongkong and France, the United States is. Talk about business and venture confidently he dreamed of listing.

"because of love, so choose." Li Wen answer the reason for their own business. Thousands of pieces of money can do what, after graduation Li Wen went to Shanghai to work for more than a year in Shanghai, he saw someone wearing a "three English war Lv Bu" line drawing T-shirt, feel very interesting, want to buy can not buy, think this is a business. Later on the clothing online direct sales PPG advertising to the inspiration of Li Wen venture, he felt, if you do a customized and personalized personality T-shirt sales of personalized website, should be very promising."

6000 dollars

helpless in reality the dream "as the dream into reality, you will find out the dream reflected the reality is so fleeting and helpless." After exposure to a number of potential investors, Li Wen confidence began to collapse. Not only investors would not invest to this "young and ignorant" and "after 80", and no assets, the unsecured.


Socks ten brands list

it doesn’t seem like a very small part of the socks. However, if the quality of the brand is not good, it will affect the whole appearance. After all, socks always love to break a hole, especially the poor quality of silk stockings, a hook is a waste, so we may not expensive, but prices at random, don’t ignore your socks, his light with cool comfort will affect your mood, the following small statistical socks ten brands list, tell you what good quality socks.

socks ten brands list first: Langsha

Langsha products market share reached 1/3 of the country, the existing more than 2 thousand stores, 100 thousand sales outlets, more than 5000 people in the marketing team, more than 300 foreign customers, product sales across 5 continents, several major brand companies, has successfully entered thousands of households become the well-known brand known to every family.

socks ten brands list second: baonasi

has hired representatives of avant-garde, fashion international superstar Coco Lee, the domestic entertainment star Li Xiang served as ambassador, creating a precedent for China’s Hosiery Market celebrity advertising. The development of supporting high-end brands and the introduction of international brands, to achieve a low value added products and services from Bonas to value-added products and services, from the low end of the industrial chain to upgrade the industrial chain.

socks ten brands list third: Mona

"Mona socks" series of products have been awarded the "Chinese brand", "national Mianjian products" and "Zhejiang export brand"; "Mona" trademark was awarded the State Administration of industry and commerce "A Well-Known Trademark in China"; "Mona" has also been identified as "Chinese industry iconic brand".

socks ten brands list fourth: Nell

currently sells Nell products in Zhejiang to cover the whole country more than and 30 large and medium-sized city, by 2009, the country has more than 5 thousand sales outlets, more than and 200 stores. In addition, Nell for foreign international cutting-edge brand of customer service, the products are exported to Japan, Germany and France.

socks top ten list of the top fifth brands:

Dan GIA Group Co. Ltd. was established in August 2005, is located in Zhejiang city of Zhuji province Datang socks Industrial Park, is a textile industry, real estate, mining as one of the production and operation of the large-scale integrated enterprise, the company registered capital of 170 million yuan, the company’s production of "dingee ya" series of products are awarded "the export of brand-name products", "A Well-Known Trademark in China".




低视力的模式将包括选项大字幕,高对比度,网线选择,文本到语音。Amanda Gardner,铅作家和制片人说:


他们还透露,如果Kickstarter的达到250000美元吗释放后,他们会捐款吗高达25000美元的游戏收益在零售到“世界准入的Blind,”非营利组织,教导盲人“发现一种新的方式’看到声音’”。他们会捐款吗在PC发布第一年内售出的每一份拷贝1美元,高达25000美元。最终金额将确定和公证一年后,PC游戏发布蒸汽或当游戏超过25000个单位的销售,以先到。深端游戏的创意总监Bill Gardner说:

我们受到了媒体的注意,游戏至今已收到,我们希望这有助于提高那些嗡嗡通达意识需要惊讶。我们想贡献一个组织,特别是这是真正鼓舞人心的。当我们发现了Daniel Kish和世界对Blind的访问,我们有难以置信的活力。对我们来说,它使凯西和感知更真实的世界。因此,我们认为,这是有意义的付出和帮助创造这一伟大的事业








The supermarket chain franchise fee how much the whole

convenient, you have to choose to join the supermarket chain? The strength of the brand to join the project choice, is a very wise choice. How to join the supermarket chain? Flexible operation mode choice for business with a small capital of the entrepreneur, is not a very wise choice?

it is understood that the supermarket has opened a profit is very large, but in the end how much profit is not to use a number of different, depending on your convenience store opened in what area and the size of the investment, generally earn one hundred thousand a year is not a problem. Even if you have not done retail business, the choice of supermarket project investment is still able to get huge profits.

supermarket join much upfront investment? How to calculate the profit space? Creative combination of goods, innovative marketing model, provides strong support and guarantee for the development of the supermarket, Unlimited Business Opportunities! Convenience stores in Japan’s gross margin of 47%, Taiwan 30%, China, 25%. Supermarket for different business values, the establishment of differentiated commodity portfolio, the overall gross profit margin of 20%-30%.

supermarket join much upfront investment? How to calculate the profit space? A unique business model, to help you develop more of the market, to create the most lucrative profits to build wealth! By rich variety of merchandise and shopping, payment, transceiver, a range of marketing services in the consumer service life center. Open supermarket stores a unique business model, to store more features, more lucrative profits, opened 1 stores earn cost of lodging


entrepreneurs choose to join the supermarket chain, open a supermarket chain of their own stores, is a very good choice. High quality entrepreneurial projects, worthy of our attention and choice. How about investing in supermarket chains? What are you hesitating about? Hurry up!


Pension payment will be suspended for 9 days

reporter learned from the Municipal Social Security Bureau, due to year-end financial accounts, from 26 to January 3, 2015 this year, the city will suspend the basic pension insurance for urban workers in flexible employment. City Social Security Bureau and the local tax bureau to remind the majority of insured persons pay timely payment.



Xining 6 years to start the layout of public toilets within the city’s new public toilets, block 231

In September 27th, the reporter learned from relevant departments of Xining City, to further improve the Xining city infrastructure construction, increase the city public toilet construction, fundamentally solve the public toilet difficult problem, "Xining city public toilet layout planning program" research work has been started on the day before.

it is understood that the "Xining plan" to public toilet layout planning and city land layout coordination principle, according to the nature of city land to determine the toilet set density, spacing and construction area, scientific planning and site selection, layout and location of public toilets, with different land use properties considering the characteristics of Xining City, according to the service the resident population of 2500 to 3000 people per seat, 3 to 5 per square kilometer and road distance of three standard to carry out calculation and check the flow of people.

planning is divided into permanent toilets and temporary environmental protection toilets and street buildings built with public toilets, the implementation of the project landing, to a certain extent, effectively solve the public toilet difficult problem. Through the "Xining public toilet layout plan" subject research, in the next 6 years, in the city of Xining city within the scope of the new city of public toilet, 231. This will further deepen the construction of infrastructure in Xining, improve the level of urban services, and create a civilized city and environmental protection model city play a positive role. (author: Wu Yachun)



Shenzhen actively create venture capital entrepreneurial talent up to 1 million 760 thousand

now a lot of people have entrepreneurial dream, the government’s encouragement, family support, coupled with their own enthusiasm, entrepreneurs with the ideal road, began his own struggle. Recently, jointly organized by the organization and personnel Chinese daily, the Party Organization Department, Mirs district Party committee of the "talent driven innovation seminar held in Dapeng district. In Shenzhen, more than about 10000000 of the resident population, entrepreneurial talent has reached up to 1 million 760 thousand!

as the seminar, the innovation and development of the Mirs district is a microcosm of Shenzhen. The establishment of the new beginning realize that talent is the core power of innovation driven, great efforts in innovation talent system, every year not less than 30 million yuan of outstanding talent development fund award. In addition, the completion of the city’s largest housing to solve the problem of personnel placement, and in the next 5 years to build a new talent apartment 5000. In 3 years, the district has attracted to the dam light as the core promoter region of the international Bio Valley, International Life Science Industry Park, National Marine Industrial Park, as well as the world’s largest gene pool landed here more attracted by the Hopki Medical Research Institute and other world-class scientific innovation team rooted emerging innovations.


Oscar awards ceremony can get small plum Oscar hunting gold

spring, people began to get busy, and the entertainment industry is also very busy recently, the annual Oscar awards ceremony will be held. Of course, this year on the small Li train can’t get Oscar "hunting gold" is of concern.

After the

from 1994 with "not the same as the sky" in the "retarded" performance, life for the first time won the best supporting actor Oscar Award nominated Leonardo · Dicaprio had in his 22 years of Oscar Oscar chase in the course of the harvest of 5 nominations. Although he is far from Oscar’s history with run of the king, but he and Oscar chased and not seek indissoluble bound, has been known for the majority of fans.

however, from this year’s state, the small plum one day of hope. Whether it is reflected from the Oscar poll, or online voting and a few votes at the exposure of the sample, Leonardo · Dicaprio eventually became the eighty-eighth best actor Oscar, has basically become a foregone conclusion.

"from the awards at the beginning of the season he is an absolute leader posture, which he had previously competed for the Oscar never happened. But for many critical commentators, he was acting overexert awkwardness, disappeared in the recent performance, so this is a small plum emperor, has recommended