Meet these problems how to solve the new snapshot

most of the time snapshot will change some signals to the site recently, according to the operation examples, if your file snapshot It is without rhyme or reason. or even disappear, then the site 80% is pulled the hair. It is also because with such foreshowing snapshot, so many new friends always have this or for a snapshot that is sensitive to emotions. In view of this, I summarized some problems of the snapshot share to you, hope you can help me with you as a webmaster. Of course, the following is my personal opinion, not place together to discuss.

compared to the snapshot update is not normal, the home page snapshot is more frightening. Because in the eyes of many old webmaster, snapshot is K station prelude, did not hesitate to consult. In fact, I think this thing is a direct impact, because in my opinion, each page in the search engine that will have a number of backup, such as the Shanghai algorithm to adjust the stage of love in some special cases, it is easy to appear to show the effect of the error caused before the backup is called out, we are worried about this the occurrence of appeared, but when all the abnormal phenomenon will disappear again to stabilize. So long as our own website is no problem, there is no possibility of cheating, so no harm is still relatively low, but for those who do not update itself timely, cheating means station sites, snapshot is obviously their quality can not meet the current requirements of crawling, the correction is actually more like K precursors. After all, because there is only the fruit, the website hardware strength is the most solid foundation we refuse to treat a snapshot of the blind.

snapshot home page and not how to do, don’t have problems.

snapshot will be K station rhythm it.


believes that this is a lot of owners are most concerned about, because in the actual operation of the process we will find that if the snapshot time their constantly changing, sometimes stagnant, and delayed a few days, so your site will have a certain impact. Keywords or drop, or directly by K off. Therefore, this let many webmaster becomes like a badly frightened person, blindly think that as long as the snapshot is not normal, then the site will have big problems. In fact, in Shanghai the official definition of love, is just a snapshot of pure text document, is the site can not be opened as a preview for user interface, no other value added. The blind will update snapshot ranking hook is not too appropriate frequency and website. But through the normal operation, if your site is normal, updated timely and high quality, and can make into the construction of the chain and flow, so the snapshot will remain one of the fast update frequency. So the snapshot update to a certain extent, showing you the nearest site condition.

snapshot update frequency and site rankings have no direct relationship.

do not know if you have this problem, when you click on the page and home page snapshot, you will find out is not relevant, but one of the other pages, if there is.



Entrepreneurship on the road of those pits entrepreneurial team how to do PR cock, good, handsomeDo

as I do before the product is the same, a lot of grass root entrepreneurs can only know to do their own products, but do not know how to do PR, so the product is good, no one knows what it is, just like a cup of C girls, walk to bent. Today I from a start-up point to blow newbier, tell startups PR those things.

when the Northern Song Dynasty Sima hit the light cylinder, in the reform of Wang Anshi when he left politics for fifteen years, wrote a "mirror" the masterpiece of yew. As the fall of Wang Anshi, the court to re find a prime minister, then who? Sima Qian, he wrote a book "yew mirror", and is the highest of the widow, his voice, and the logical host. This "mirror" is his mentor PR for

why do PR? We give some success from far to near PR chestnuts to explain it:

said all of these may be too far, then we look at the current popular personage, right?

online publicity method to search a lot, to find the most suitable for their own. You can go to my website to see some methods of website promotion. Here says two: make full use of the chain and soft wen.

so, how do you make money online? Make money online, you have to have a home online, that is, your website or blog. First, register a blog or open a web site, then add content to your website to make your blog or website look more professional. As for the filling of the content is to find the Wangzhuan project. It is what I did, or money, or feel good project very much information about the project website I believe we will, put them into the site, to the site to add some basic knowledge, Wangzhuan Wangzhuan experience the best is original, not the modification of others. Wangzhuan tutorial etc..

literally, PR is Public Relation Public Relations, of course, there are people in the industry said that the self is PianRen a, it is of course the PR public relations, public relations and public relations when you live in a small card hotel received is not the same. PR range is very broad, definition I do not say, that is the theory of the matter, I say here PR, is to engage in propaganda!


two, why do PR


signature settings, you can go to post and post. Should pay attention to the thread, the content of the reply is not the same, otherwise it is likely to be determined by the search engine Spam, mass. What kind of post is worth answering? The latest or most recently released post?. Zhidingtie. Reply less, zero reply post. Zhidingtie spider will climb back, few posts outside the chain on the possibility, the latest posts included the old post, may have to wait until after the update links are only effective advertising stickers, N ~ spam post links are not reply, each forum should not exceed the number of times a day.

when collecting the PR high forum, when registering an account, editing personalized signature is essential, that is, it will display the signature below each post. You can customize your passage according to your own situation. My forum project creative area also welcome you to send your own project.

or the big vernacular, according to my personal understanding, PR is the use of all opportunities, before the public said he was forced to chant. Further vulgar said veteran entrepreneurs borrow Chinese hardcore, saying that "still caught when squatting who used the most important thing is not how much money you have, but others think how much money you have." So, what is called PR is: "the most important thing is not to say how hard you are, but how much people think you are."

Abstract: according to the concept of jiangnachun media heavyweights, there are two main channels: living space and information model, the so-called living space is to advertise on TV, bus, elevator, the movie, the so-called information model is to advertise in the information platform.

website is done, how to publicize this website namely. Why should the propaganda website, if only publicity union links, alliance changes, so we used propaganda posts is full of waste, in order to avoid such a loss, we will not only have publicity union propaganda website, and focus on the publicity website. Because the project is on the site, even if the alliance has changed, and the code has even stopped operating, we just want to get rid of the articles about the alliance in the website. Because your website has not changed.


! After

first, choose PR high forum or website to publicize your blog, why? Because search engines prefer PR high forum, this is related to the site’s search engine ranking is also called SEO. Can go to my webmaster website to see some of the basic knowledge of SEO, how to see PR, http://tool.chinaz/Ranks/, you want to query the web site input, this inside OK.

? Everyone has read

many people just make money when the network, enter the site to get a link everywhere hair, think so even propaganda, the results can be imagined, the effect is very little.

at the beginning of the founding of the Republic of China, political thought Yuan Shikai was the most capable, but why let Sun Dapao this is not my nickname from the host I don’t report? This is because sun of the United States will greatly pull party Freemason, constantly to the domestic Hongmen national power, said Sun Da, how about good and handsome note the comma, it is said that electricity before and after thousands of times, so all the people know that the sun is so greatly cattle B characters, and then logical when the temporary president.

one, what is PR


Grassroots webmaster in 2012 to avoid several mistakes


years after I published an article in A5 "analysis" at the end of 2011 summary of the survival status of individual stationmaster finally said back there will be a series of summary articles, the article mainly writes some current survival status of grassroots webmaster and I on the Internet some people think, in the understanding of the current webmaster the living conditions we found that most of the webmaster or in confusion, not enough profit, but why these owners still insist on a webmaster? Because of me many webmaster friends, and they found me in the chat in the process, although there are many webmaster and not how good, there is no good idea however, they always have a sense of confidence in the Internet, there is a firm belief in their own station, they will be able to think in the webmaster The road is very far away, this belief holds many webmaster, so I’m here to talk about the establishment of new sites of some suggestions.

everyone has a different situation, the site also has a way to make money. Here I am thousands on thousands of, there is no way to say what the website is good, people do make money you do not make money, but relatively speaking, there will still be some future good and more difficult to do today. I have to say about the 2012 new construction of grassroots webmaster should avoid some misunderstanding.

Some say the first

direction should avoid it, these words may offend many students in training for the predecessors, here to explain, since the media age everyone has the right to express their views, the following error is purely personal understanding:

misunderstanding 1: Taobao. A lot of people that Taobao customers can make a lot of money, indeed, I do not have a monthly income of one hundred thousand Taobao customers, but now Taobao off because of Baidu’s repression, entered the station group, has been the webmaster to low investment and high returns, and now all kinds of product competition is very fierce, new enter the station is very difficult to share a cup of soup, more and more companies began to do their own shopping mall, to start their own marketing, Taobao customers living space is shrinking seems to expand, for individual webmaster, so enter the difficulty is small, but the profit to a relatively high degree of.

misunderstanding two: standing group. There are more and more stations and also on behalf of a search engine will be more emphasis on combat stations, plus now stations into more and more, so that the novice webmaster or envy others stations old webmaster best or not easily enter into high cost, risk is large, but also not return as easy as you think.

misunderstanding three: product payment promotion. This mode of operation of a few years ago, a simple web site or single page + major search engine promotion, through the sale of products to make money, this money was very legend, is also very crazy, but with the increase of various products and spread of bidding, this alone can find a good product directly on the auction money fewer opportunities, don’t think you hold that a chance, maybe you >


What stationmaster people need is copycat spirit

              countless webmaster busy building, collecting, day after day, year after year, do repeated tedious work. Webmaster friends can you think what you do is useful, is valuable to others, will be a copy and paste the articles on the site to another site, in addition to increasing redundancy, but also have what use? Rely on SEO to pull flow, it is your website attracted netizen, still attracted search engine? We learned law of value in junior high school. One thing has value and price. Is your website valuable?


Join the dry cleaning market prospects

in recent years, the development of the dry cleaning industry fiery, people are also very optimistic about the prospects for the development of this market. But what about the dry cleaners market? We believe that this issue is not very clear, today Xiaobian for everyone to introduce a simple, interested friends to look at it together.


Rural entrepreneurs to avoid these four major contract errors

is now the rural wide area is a good place to start, people have moved to the countryside, but also some of the farmers home business, we all know that in the business when the general need to sign some contracts, so entrepreneurship in rural areas or farmer entrepreneurship should be how to avoid the risk of the contract.

management ideas

zone 2: verbal agreement

to sign a written contract in commercial transactions. The two sides through e-mail, QQ chat agreement, also can be regarded as a written contract. If not because of the sensibilities, has signed a contract to have oral, third party witnesses, and leave the "recording" as supplementary evidence.

3 errors: lack of liability for breach of clause

4 mistakes: the terms of the contract language or


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Two types of lighting companies can break the mobile Internet Era

with the advent of the mobile Internet era, the traditional lighting business business gradually cold, so that many operators do business is not good sense. Development environment has changed, business ideas also need to change, there are class lighting companies can break the mobile Internet era.

: first

with big data and Internet information tools, C2B model becomes feasible. The so-called C2B, is a private custom, said the refinement is precisely the goal of locking their target customers, database oriented, providing one on one solution.

the whole house intelligent, including intelligent lighting. Lighting is not only lighting to illuminate the traditional function of the light is not only cutting of space and distribution, lighting the future emotion, experience is the expression of aesthetic art, is intelligent emotion can take the initiative to people’s perception of emotion "the passions".

platform, easier said than done, the current industry leading enterprises, growth for the enterprise platform is relatively easy, because they have the brand advantage, channel advantage, capital advantage more grafting. Mobile Internet era, the platform has the characteristics of the winner take all. So even now the industry giants, it may be cut from the edge, with the help of capital financial leverage, by virtue of the advantages of the third models to subvert.



Seven magic weapons to make you rich

How can

get rich and happy? Some people on the rich experience of the United States has been summed up, read do not have some experience.

1, money begets money law: in 1967, North Carolina’s Ralph brothers decided to sell shares to raise funds to open a grocery store. They contacted 100 acquaintances who bought their own shares at a price of $10 per share for $100. More than 30 years later, the original grocery store has become a chain of more than 1 thousand food king of the big company. Its stock price of $109 per share, when the investor has become a millionaire in the top 78.

2, to 1960, Han asked and Georgina came to the United States from Cuba, penniless. They worked as a reporter after graduating from college in 1966. Their strategy of getting rich is to save every penny, because the bank savings are compounded, so the couple goes to the bank on time every month. Their life is very frugal, discounted goods they often buy things, often cut coupons from the newspaper to buy cheap things, go to work with lunch boxes. A few years later, they save most of their income. It was not until 1987 that they took out $1250 to invest in mutual funds, and became millionaires in 8 years.

3, do not build debt: today, credit card companies has a wide range of incentives to attract new customers. Banks and vigorously promote housing mortgages, the general face of such temptations, it is easy to hold their own, the price is that you owe the debt, to pay interest on the debt. 70% of American millionaires have no debt, and they know that every $1 in interest can be used to invest less than $1. Therefore, they must be able to buy a house they can afford and financial resources are still more than enough.

4,  : their own business: the probability of becoming a millionaire when their boss, 4 times greater than the probability of working class. The working-class income depends on the employer is willing to give up their own business if brightest people can realize the ambition.

5, waiting for a long time: in order to wealth for a long time, it is necessary to have sufficient force to resist the temptation of short-term interests, embrace the core assets. Microsoft’s Bill, who won the world’s richest list for many years, is benefiting from his ability to resist the temptation to give up most of’s stake in Microsoft. Any investor is not rich when he is on the road to riches. It takes a long time to wait, reasonable arrangements for the funds in their hands, choose the direction of investment, so anyone can become rich.  

6,   leisurely: investment is not necessarily the truth to make money, but the rich have to make their way through the low tide of investment. Experts found that most of the rich are playing cards. Most of them have a regular life and work, marriage is stable and happy. Aspiring to become rich people, might as well to their attitude towards life.

7, thick skinned recommend


Independent entrepreneurship shop to pay attention to what

independent entrepreneurship shop, you need to consider a lot of things, a comprehensive consideration, in order to make your store better operation. Independent entrepreneurial shop to pay attention to what? This may be a lot of friends are thinking about the problem, today we support a few strokes.

1, select the address is the key

2, for consumer groups can not blindly shop

3, a good name name

the name to the attention of creativity, is not similar to other people, such as people with their own name as the name, we can try to put your name upside down or take the name of the homophonic name do. Take names must pay attention to simple that they can know what you do, but also pay attention to make people easy to remember, don’t find some partial word vocabulary is not common words name.

4, the design should be reasonable

5, flexible advertising


What are the secrets to success

now buy has become a very common shopping mode, and because of this kind of demand, buy network is also very successful. However, even if the market demand, the market competition is very fierce, so if you want to be successful, there are still secrets related to the need to master. So, what are the secret to success?

this year, the new group buying site in the country allegedly over 1000. Due to the clear profit model, many entrepreneurs choose to buy a network of entrepreneurship, some college students also set up their own buy site, Sina, Tencent, Sohu and Taobao and other Internet giants have joined. Buy network seems to have become the most popular form of Internet entrepreneurship this year.

advantages: clear profit, cash rich

network group purchase first payment, after the consumer group, in the group purchase success, namely through the third party payment platform (such as Alipay, money, etc.) the money into the group purchase website account, therefore, the first day of group purchase website success "open group" can get plenty of cash flow and capital turnover soon.

Wu Bo said the handle network in August this year, only a month to earn a year of operating income. Wang Xing founded the U.S. group net from March this year to the first half of September only Beijing branch of the total sales of more than 20 million yuan, according to the U.S. group net earning about 10% Commission projections, Beijing branch of the first half of the U.S. group net income has 2 million yuan pumped into.

and Song Zhongjie introduced since the tick group launched two months, the cumulative transaction amount more than 7 million yuan, nearly two hundred thousand people registered "tour". As for the Thousand Oaks group of glutinous rice network, in June 23rd this year, the first day of the opening of the group launched a studio package, it is one hit 150 thousand record.

in terms of spending, buy the site’s largest operating expenses are labor costs, followed by the site’s own marketing and access to businesses and other market investment spending. According to Wang Xing introduction, the current cost of the U.S. mission network is about 1 million yuan per month, mainly for staff salaries and office expenses expenditure.

founded: seize the initiative

Song Zhongjie from leaving the network to help tick group at the same time in 6 city on the line, but it is ten days. The Internet is fast." Wu Bo summed up the "three" for entrepreneurs from the founder of the reference process: the first one, the head start.

such as April Fool’s day in April 1st this year, the handle network to the price of 2 yuan to launch iPhone phone, so that the industry surprised. Second strokes, the rapid occupation of the high ground, through a series of promotional activities to expand the impact. Third, blitz.

example in apple IP>