How to quickly restore love down the right site in Shanghai

7, the site has been attacked, after the attack site shut down.

first of all we want to know why, our website is down right. Only know the reason why we can be targeted to solve the problem. After solving the problem we need to sum up experience, after how to do in order to avoid the drop right! So in accordance with the above three steps we 11:

5, recently there is no modification of the page;

1, the website, see if it is a new station, if the station quickly to the front row, there are suspected of cheating;

first, we must understand the reason the site down the right, then go to the

3, check the relevant domain, Google link link (link can check out the high weight link): the quality of the chain difference will affect the weight of

then, know.


you 3, this website is not to buy someone else’s domain name;

2, the other site is suspected of cheating: whether the site is pure advertising website; website content quality; whether the soft anchor text links a large number of

two, through the collection of site: view website, you can find out the horse, to detect whether the acquisition:


four, check some things outside of the main chain, whether it is because in the fall of rights caused by


three, ask, is generally ask website managers some drop right before the operation, find out the reasons of website drop right from these operations, mainly about several operational problems:

1, Links: check whether the Links website in the fall of right; Links is too much; the other site ranking brand word;

! horse! from where?

2, look at his related domain: asked whether he had been sending. If made, there will be many outside the chain link type; domain name;

6, ask him what time do the pseudo static; the old station is because the pseudo static result;

, through IIS server log view status code:

How long do you

status code returned if it is "404" so that the path is a dead link; if it is "500503" so that the server space is not stable; if the return status code is "304" that page updates too! These are likely to cause the site to drop right, of course, this is said to visit the spider returns the status code, rather than accessing the state code!!!

4, this domain name is a cheating; if he bought a cheating domain, then you have to take before he brought down the right of cheating;

: Domain

through the title, if the site was linked to horse general will automatically generate some junk page, the title usually repeat. If this is the case that your site may be


The new direction of search engine optimization in 2016

3. mobile station slowly become the mainstream

website also affect the user experience, so according to the website traffic to choose a good server, this is also an important factor for optimization.


5. does not have the garbage outside the chain optimization function of

2. website layout meets the user experience

In fact, this is

1. high quality content for the construction of

love Shanghai constantly with the new algorithm, the website of Shanghai Longfeng optimization is more and more difficult to do, keyword ranking constantly ups and downs, as Shanghai dragon Er we need is constantly strengthening our trial and error, optimization techniques constantly, constantly to understand love Shanghai algorithm, then 2016 Shanghai Longfeng optimization what new direction


this point in love Shanghai algorithm will not change, but is particularly important, the importance of the content is the core of our website construction quality. Both users and search engines love Shanghai, high quality content is affected by love. But high quality content is original content? In fact, many people think that my article as long as the original content on it, but this is not the case, the original article is not equal to high quality content, love Shanghai search engine and the user is not only love with high quality content and is the original and unique articles. This is a good article.

mobile station optimization is a must be taken seriously, the current mobile Internet traffic has exceeded the PC site, so the mobile end user experience is to be done, the PC and the mobile terminal to go hand in hand.

concluded: eight of the fish here to tell you all the details of the decision, the user experience of the website is better than love Shanghai and users love, in 2016, as long as we do not optimize these details >

and above to view, as long as the user is love, love of Shanghai will be included in your site, of course also includes some websites, love of spiders in Shanghai is not very senior can identify flash, video website content and so on, so this one is still to be valued, if excessive use of this website, it is difficult to love spiders in Shanghai included, in the process of website construction, we should make for the user experience of Web site and love Shanghai favorite website.


optimization of the people know that the chain for the emperor, the chain is king in this sentence, in the past few years, many people have released the chain in various forums, but it has no significance, send the chain to the right place, we are looking for is related to high weight high places send chain the hair of the chain, and not copy paste, love Shanghai will give you ranking. If a high quality original content, unique, such that. So do a lot of optimization is a day fifty or sixty? That doesn’t have a meaning, not love love Shanghai as content, timely was collected, it will only have the opposite effect.

server spaceOpen the speed


How to break through the Shanghai site optimization love weight checked again

as mentioned above, this is a good phenomenon, as a son-in-law has been mother-in-law first recognized, the next step is to take advantage of the fire brick, but still have to be careful to control the heat, webmaster friends should be analyzed according to their own circumstances, if the new station should pay attention to the original article writing. The construction of the chain, if it is right to stand down, it should be analyzed according to the specific situation, but whether new or old station, should pay attention to the following points:

I believe that many owners have to understand, the reason is mainly aimed at the railway station and right down station, the main railway station is the weight of itself is not enough, and the right to stand down is revised, the server is not stable, the chain factors, website weight factors, which have led to the emergence of the phenomenon of assessment. Especially new sites, many of my friends have always said his article is original, why not search, this is because the new weight is not enough, love Shanghai strict examination, but would love Shanghai archive review, content analysis, if confirmed as original words will be immediately released, and given a certain weight so, in the new time, we must pay attention to the original article, give yourself some weight to stand, let love Shanghai for your station approval.

we love Shanghai weight of the audit, if love is the beginning of Shanghai on the website of the acceptance period, then this is the love of Shanghai weight, obviously, this phenomenon on a website it is a good thing, because it means that your site has let love Shanghai accredited, love Shanghai had given you a certain weight, but you want to have a qualitative improvement, you have to break through the bottom line, as long as the efforts to make this kind of phenomenon is lost, your website ranking, website quality, website traffic will have a qualitative change will your website weight, there is a big upgrade.

This phenomenon can be seen as

as for the right to stand down, no matter what the reason is, will cause the re examination of love Shanghai, re weight distribution site, but due to the original site, love in Shanghai after a period of time, will return to the weight, it depends on the basis of the right to stand down is good enough, the better the base station. Drop right after recover faster, checked again a short time a lot.

when you start your website for rapid collection of time, when you see your site included increased day by day when you are pleased with oneself, but soon you will find that your site there will be some phenomena such as: the content of the website is released included, and there will be a good ranking, but soon, they found just included in the article but how also can not find, or sometimes found over a period of time "was re released, but there is still no rankings, believe this is many webmaster will meet the problem, this is mainly in the two stations easily that is, a new station, gradually establish the weights, one is the old station is right down, there will be gradually restore weight.

< >


Liu Yugang the rapid increase of the website chain method I see

in the study of the A5 time half a year after many times to see some master who emphasize how important the building reuse after awoken, and I am responsible for dumplings network began a new round of revolution — the chain increases. Speaking of the chain webmasters may first think of the Links, but I love Shanghai last year after the update algorithm, before Links to the weight of the website has not. So you don’t concentrate completely in exchange Links.

in addition, there are some methods such as love a commonplace talk of an old scholar, Shanghai know love love Shanghai love Shanghai Shanghai Encyclopedia of library space and so on love their products in Shanghai. But now Shanghai know the basic link with love is not through love, Shanghai encyclopedia is also true, since love is pulled into the Shanghai library copyright dispute, love Shanghai library also delays the audit. Now Shanghai is relatively easy to love by love and love the experience of Shanghai Shanghai space, Shanghai Shanghai Post Bar know love but love love Shanghai encyclopedia can add links that will be very good effect.

4, free information release website


community forumThe !

blog and its users become fashionable for a time, a large number of calculation is also unable to browse. So it is a good tool for the use of the Internet marketing blog is good. These large portals are generally the news source of some website, if you blog article can to the portal home page, then your website traffic and anti Union will show explosive growth, with the increase of the chain blog will play to the extreme.

, the 2 major portal blog

1, Shanghai love their products:

community forum to become head of some heaven, countless stationmaster was fighting here, day and night crazy hair department links, more winners use group, but I don’t know the webmaster found no, this chain is often not a long time flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum, will be the moderator to delete or search engine was abandoned, so webmaster in when the forum should pay attention to the skills you want to soften the statement to each moderator or make users feel between the lines, you say is a fact, the website link in the article, the necessity but let users feel moderator and linking.

specifically, we do the chain construction:

each line will have some portal or classified information website, to these sites posted your company information, leave your links, this website is relatively good for links. You can also register some ID, some training vest, in turn release, but should pay attention to constantly changing IP, so that no cheating

5, if the above four ways you are at the same time, but the number of the chain was not satisfied, then you should do? Here, the old China mall responsible person Liu Yugang to give novices.

The Internet is the product of the Since the


To really want to learn a friend suggested Shanghai Dragon

this problem seems very simple in fact. We all know that Shanghai dragon after all is the search engine to deal with. So, we should learn the skills of Shanghai dragon, whom to learn? The novice will feel that this is not nonsense? Of course with the teacher, with the senior school. So I ask you. The senior teacher who learn with? Here are some savvy students should learn to guess who. Of course is through the observation of Shanghai love to return the results, and then after a lot of trying to learn the. It is through their own study skills to find out the latest Website Ranking Ranking method.

is the first Shanghai dragon dealing with who

? skills?

had a Shanghai dragon friend, he always asked me to learn Shanghai dragon real what to do, I didn’t say what reason with him, I have a word with him, from tomorrow onwards, to see 3 to 5 Shanghai dragon blog every day, no matter whether the update the main analysis of each Shanghai dragon blog inside and outside the chain, the domain name included, the length of time, with the number of IP. Links number, website structure. The number of backlinks and Analysis on this blog to compare the results, which is the main factor, the relative absolute, adhere to a month later come back to me.

many people see the so-called Shanghai Dragon God to make money through the Shanghai dragon, how many people pay their own efforts is no thought, blind to join in, leads to that I said. Do not complain Shanghai Longfeng PPC to the fast, more is now suspected of Shanghai Longfeng useless. A lot of people like me, the QQ group of people is not to mention the. I don’t need to say forget these words, I say a few things to really want to learn the skills of Shanghai dragon friends.


a lot of Shanghai Longfeng novices will ask me a question, how can the promotion Keywords to the home page, or what method can fast up and so on the topic, usually ask are basically just in Shanghai Longfeng Shanghai Longfeng optimization sooner or a period of time without effect, so for this the type of problem, I answered do not know how many times, because this problem is too general, speak up endless.

Shanghai Longfeng can say if you do good, must have the effect. And you don’t is Shanghai dragon. In fact, I don’t want to fight any one just in Shanghai dragon friend, because Shanghai dragon’s effect is not by how much you pay to decide. Many people will feel, is not every day I send hundreds of the chain, update the article, do keyword ranking will go? I don’t think people think that this is the case, should be a group.


how to learn the true Shanghai dragon

led to the emergence of this problem should be done with the execution of Shanghai dragon mentality, Shanghai dragon with Shanghai dragon need what, my previous articles have said many times, do not have to repeat.



I say that for the 11 GG experienceHow do you manage the co founders at the start of your business

novice webmaster Pihua talk, hope high people do not laugh ah ~ as popular dishes like my friends exchanges, I Q:5818-3365 do not abandon, do not give up, you will gain


editor’s note: author Aaron Harris, Tutorspree co-founder and YC partner.

, with the goal of creating a company with a market capitalisation of $one billion, decided to build a company from scratch. The co founders are often full of confidence. Confidence will expand with every success and recognition. Failure, the public, and the individual may shrink confidence and make people upset. This change of mood can cause anxiety, nervous fatigue and conflict.

God, O earth, at this time the mood with language has no expression, ha ha ha… May be some "senior" webmaster jokes, not on a GG account? There are so exaggerated? I say! When you have completed the first one is not easy for you. That kind of feeling, I think everyone knows… History, from the beginning of May 17th to August 15th formally approved the application, and will do for 3 months, shlf1314 is my spirit touched… So, everything should insist, as long as you persevere, you will gain a

has proved that founders manage each other before they manage their employees. In fact, when there were only two or three founders in the early stages of the company, poor management often led to failure. Partner management, however, is difficult.

do not abandon, do not give up, the soldiers inside the classic assault.

has many factors contributing to the management of the CO founders. Fortunately, the solution to the problem is simpler. Dealing with the root causes of these problems is much simpler than expressing them for all of these reasons.

open and honest communication is one of the most important factors. It can create a good working atmosphere and provide support for everything else. Its significance is more important than the friendship between the CO founders. When >

co founders often feel that they do not need to manage because they are a team and work for common goals.


unclear division of responsibilities, may cause "site dispute", causing ultra vires violations and micro management.

day!This is my

said, people in a group called a guide, immediately apply for GG, the application is really troublesome… After almost two days, finally a letter, I am very excited to open the mail..Oh, selling quack, I didn’t approve except in anger! My heart, with a hint of disappointment. Sometime, continue to apply again!! a few days later we come to the same result, I do not mind to the Yellow River, less than the Great Wall of non hero, bastard eat heavy iron heart… Again third times, fourth times, fifth times, tenth times… Finally fall into place: the domain name right we in the audit. We need further confirmation of the site www.xiuxiuq.cn you show Q title… Ha ha, is really hard work pays off, as he said hurriedly passed adsense.txt to the root directory, after two days, the eleventh letters, was approved by the

co-founder has little experience in managing personnel. They are also learning when they run start-ups. There are many good ways to manage, but they have to take the time to learn and put it into practice.

… Why isn’t it so easy for

although managing the co founders is very important and difficult, most of the management advice I’ve seen is about managing employees or supervisors. These observations are useful, but not suitable for initial stages of entrepreneurship. What I read about this stage of management is called "managing an early partner as a love affair."". This remark is true, and it can be said to be of some benefit.

startups face high levels of stress, which can make decisions wrong and emotionally out of control. Minor mistakes can also be magnified.

looked at the inside of the people to the high, issued when a screenshot, a NB, USD is not hundreds of thousands of USD, the conversion of RMD down the wages of a few months. I sweat…. why they can do it, I will not, I also do some people may stand! I will ask you, do not stop, you add the group doing? Because now online information about Wangzhuan too much, I want to know, what a fiddle about money for several weeks, finally made a stand, because you don’t have to find the original source for a long time. Then, the application domain name, buy buy space space… No experience, bought a waste of space, FTP also did not pass two minutes, time out, I am depressed… The whole time, finally what are you finished, now just didn’t apply to GG advertising, I began to dream of a dollar, haha

to manage the co founders:


members are evenly matched, it may be difficult for small teams to make decisions, especially when there are serious differences.

communication is more difficult than you expected, even in the case of only two people.


first of all, there is no clear direct reporting between team members. A co-founder may be CEO, but this does not mean that he is the best manager or the most suitable governance planning, sales and production.


Alliance channel 3 alliance will be removed, waiting for the new alliance to joinInternet practition

How does

delisting reason: Alliance site web site can not open.

two, choose your favorite and good project to build the site. Everyone has his or her own features, which may involve different fields and may have different views. Use your strengths and plan your site in areas you know well. At present, most of the personal webmaster’s blog exists in the form of blog, and write more of what you are good at. For example, a Taobao, you can set up their own e-commerce blog, believe that for the webmaster can write some things with their own unique insights and ideas, so it will attract many people to visit the site and increase the probability of repeat. Here is to remind you not to choose the topic is too cold, or really no flow.


two, make good use of micro-blog >

1. Use to expand your communication circle. Personal webmaster’s time is limited, here just want to say some suitable for them. The Internet also needs to have contacts to accumulate, especially in the promotion of the embodiment of the full, broad connections, let us multiplier. The most effective way is , personal webmaster is in the evening to manage their own station, this time is also the peak of the internet. There are many groups of people in the same circle on the Internet. There are a lot of like-minded people here, which is very helpful in the future promotion.

do effective promotion?

What kind of website does

Internet industry open diversity, created different jobs, in the same IT industry, we do is very different work. However, often we will find that we share a common identity – webmaster. Now, the individual stationmaster on the network grows up like a spring mushroom, this is decided by objective factor, the cost of website construction drops, spend hundreds to be able to build a station. We believe in the establishment of the purpose is mainly to achieve Wangzhuan, but this is only in the form of the development of sideline wangzhuan. Perhaps it’s because the station owner’s job is not at work, so more Internet workers join the team. Personal webmaster to Wangzhuan or the need to achieve some thinking.

set up?

3 of the removal of the League were:

in addition, the League channel asks for good alliances to join.

one, with a high degree of social concern on the topic. Websites like profit making, the most common is to join the advertising alliance. No matter how Wangzhuan, its basic elements is the site’s traffic. To the current high degree of social concern to the site, is an effective use of resources, when our site on-line, will be subject to this topic of concern. For example, some time ago, micro-blog quite fire, micro-blog marketing has been the concern of the vast number of social groups, many people began to start micro-blog as the theme of the site, and soon achieved success. Here, FTP home views, these hot topics, although high degree of concern, the probability of success is also great. But pay attention to its competitiveness is also great, do such a website is not only you, there are many other people, so, choose this direction or to work hard.

more information as in the League: top.admin5/u.shtml
to join Admin5 alliance channel, please contact the
if you are a Union Commissioner, please give me the latest information feedback, we in the first time to report to you. Feedback


Two days to promote small Ali shopping League summary

1., Baidu on the site included significantly faster than before, basically send external links to attract users, 3 days included new sites.

2. Taobao guest webmaster is very easy to accept, add an external link, even if you are a not been included in the new station.

3., my slogan http://www.xiaoali.com and this site do link, and then click, your website automatically recommended to this station home advertising (Adsense are not willing to spend money to buy advertising position, I send you free).

4. in 3 without any technical content, in the local Q group to recruit a human contact Taobao customer master class I (we can not treat people, to impart knowledge exchange).

5. wants A5 to be a friend of Taobao’s Web site and receive information such as 3, as appropriate.

6. re positioning this site: only to find the mall class, shopping guide sites do connection, vertical navigation.

7. on earnings direction is unclear, like brothers and sisters on


8., please witness the growth of this site, and you go hand in hand with Amoy friends.

9, I wish you all a long time to make money.

10, so far, this site has joined 50 professional Taobao guest website, 20 mall class website.

personally, QQ:473076, welcome to exchange questions. Answer: don’t know,


Traditional enterprise network marketing needs to avoid several detours

now, the problem of network marketing is the traditional enterprise has not to do and not to do, but how to do? How to do will have effect? This group of customers in the Ken Tan network marketing agency currently in service in 80%, the customer is not involved in network marketing, a considerable percentage of the enterprises long ago it has launched a network marketing business, and many enterprises are also looking for network marketing service company for several professional, even had also put a lot of manpower, which is ultimately the effect is not ideal! How to do network marketing has always been a topic here by a commonplace talk of an old scholar, for these companies to carry out before the network marketing situation in the preliminary understanding and analysis, summarize the reasons for the following enterprises to develop the network marketing effect is not good, for your reference!

1. Understanding of network marketing

the so-called understanding of the problem is mainly that traditional enterprises do not have a correct and objective understanding of network marketing. The so-called network marketing, in short, is network + marketing, the two are indispensable, but focus on marketing. The final understanding of the issue is mainly reflected in the enterprise main body, as a successful traditional enterprise boss, has no sense of marketing is not, but the network is somewhat strange, so they will mistakenly believe that network marketing key is reflected in the network, and then do network promotion, do a good business website is the network marketing. At the same time plus the market that advocate network marketing company technology first, no marketing planning skills for commercial interests, the wrong guide! For a transaction in the absence of a correct and scientific understanding of the premise, you hurry, you will fail from closer before a tan roots! "On the network marketing, network marketing, e-commerce, the three concepts of" coarse text, we do not put off to see


two, prophase network marketing planning problem

before carrying out network marketing project, we first need to be very clear what is the purpose of network marketing is to spread the brand?? or want to through the network of merchants? Or directly to the end customers to provide products and services? Maybe something you want to achieve through the network, the network can also help you achieve this several! But different purpose determines you carry out the network marketing strategy will be different. After all, the enterprise brand communication, merchants, retail service audiences are not the same, their focus is not the same, if not the actual purpose of the development of network marketing strategy and the corresponding to take the form of wide net, East West hit a shot, the gun, which also want that, too, the result is a sesame lost watermelon, what are not final.

first we should have a clear objective, to identify target customers where they love, what about what, then they can meet the needs of targeted in the formulation conforms to the characteristics of the network attack strategy, the only hope of success. As for how to produce, is another topic, Tan roots network camp >


Original title win in writing (a) touch more easily Xianshengduoren

read books, read leather, read newspapers and read questions. Good title is the first stone to win readers. It is also a necessary magic weapon to stimulate the interest of readers. Otherwise, even if the content is rich, even if the wine is not afraid of alley depth, it is particularly difficult to develop. A piece of the value? Is two points: create hits, create value, and click rate is to create value for the premise, the original value is more in the title, so win in the title, more likely to win.

on the title of the article, how to win in the title win over the network users, first of all to do three things: first, the transfer value, the needs of users of information included in the title, or how many people to see their own is not related to the topic? Two, transmission of information, information transmission and non useful information needs of users. Can also be entertainment topic, after all Internet users on the one hand is the need to work in terms of information, there is only a part of it for fun and to choose interested in reading. Three, the title of the landscaping, modification, modification of the title have to say is very good, even if the content was flat, through a good title, no doubt in the one step ahead to win the user’s attention, even half a bottle of discontent can still call it loud.

1: win in title, how to write Title

in the Internet every day has a lot of articles produced, but not every article can win the user’s smile or sympathy, and even some of the article written out by people smashed, nothing is. But still can play "propaganda" effect, which is the title of the state of mind.

A: good title, half veiled,

is the title of the article can not write to cover and contain everything, confused people to read, and can’t write all the content of the article is to tell the user, or who is willing to read the title of the article? Both stimulate readers’ interest in reading, so that at the same time, is undoubtedly the best way. In this paper, for example, "the original title of the wording" and "win in the title, finishing touch more easily Xianshengduoren" is an example of. The former is straight and the title is written, and the latter is vivid. The title of the article is vivid and vivid, which makes it more attractive. It is also a form of expression of the author’s organizational power.

B: good article, title is long and exquisite,

as mentioned earlier, a long title can really attract the user’s attention. After a lot of writing, the author just makes a central interpretation of the title, which can often be done in a few words. First of all, this title is usually dull, and not described what point of view is too large, and the title and so on are directly the set of arguments, will not produce the best "- veiled" effect. So, how long will the headline? Commonly used expansion method: increase Title prefix, like this (the original value (a)), an overview of the suffix after the content, then continue to describe the main description of things: "to win in the title, finishing touch more easily.