You love Shanghai ranked second socialization content really want to replace the Shanghai Phoenix

two, Shanghai or dragon really updated every day, outside the chain of

although this may also benefit from the love of Shanghai convulsions, but no matter how personal sense of social platform optimization will also is the future of social marketing in a key. Institute of social marketing and Shanghai dragon, everyone will think of some time ago the United States well-known financial magazine "Forbes" recently published marketing expert Ken · Krogh (Ken Krogue) for the analysis of the Shanghai dragon, mentioned in the article: Shanghai dragon phoenix is dead or in 2 years will disappear, and social real time content will be popular. There are different views on this comment, Shanghai Longfeng mainly for search engines, socialization of the main content for users, if you have been Shanghai dragon machinery as search engine to do so, then it is likely to die, through the love of Shanghai K of the station, you can see love Shanghai’s resolution. If the Shanghai Dragon into the socialization trend of future, will win another sky Shanghai dragon? Talk about this, because a platform, light blog belongs to the content of socialization, Shanghai dragon really want to be social content replaced? Now is too early to talk about these. But the trend of the Internet, the sooner you can master it more zhandexianji.

Although this blog at


who knows the night view the key when the blog ranking was rushed to the Shanghai home of love second, really let himself by surprise, because before he has been with the company’s Web site to do the optimization, a busy day to night to update the article, the hair of the chain, the best time is reached tenth this word, competitive or deep.

, the future of Shanghai dragon really want to be social content instead of

this afternoon in the fall in love with the sea view company main keywords "wedding training" ranking, found in a blog on the blog to row to the second page, at that time did not care too much, but I feel as to page second add data and some of the more eye-catching ads might go! Tuck

every time you encounter some Shanghai Longfeng problems, to the forum asked, the most heard the answer is, adhere to the original, insist on the chain, but when we have insisted on this, but found himself more and more tired, do not do the original, pseudo original or crappy original, the chain is all around to do so, even if still do but what is not updated every day looking at competitors. Personally feel that the future of Shanghai dragon must get rid of the low-level operations to Shanghai dragon industry into a higher level. The original is precious, the quality of higher prices. "



for a long period of time management, but now all the time to do site optimization has not reached the height of their own to produce some new thoughts on optimization.



Teach you how to use the pictures to improve site traffic

we all know that the search engine can not judge the picture of the original article is after all, because the image is a complex thing, if I take a picture of you, but in my website and you are completely different, you may wonder how? Because I have the size of the pictures are changed, not only that the picture description, the title of the article, but also a little change, I think no matter who is the search engine will think that this is my own original, there is no way to study its sources. So this is just to use, greatly improve your included with originality, also is to the original image.

can find some expression content of the popular picture, the picture of the title of the article keywords set of image attributes. You can try, if you continuously updated hundreds of articles like this, you will find such a phenomenon, not only included the amount of love in Shanghai is greatly improved and traffic is increasing rapidly. Why is love Shanghai image search mode can make your article as search results, not only that even the news pages of search results will appear. In other words, if a picture of your article was collected, your site will appear in Shanghai and Google are in love, if you keep doing this, in a few years, you will experience a search engine to bring you the flow of joy, look carefully will know most comes from you image search.

sites currently, most of the owners take the way is to use a lot of content to update to improve the search engines, but have not found such a problem, although the website reached tens of thousands or even more visits but still did not improve, for what? There are many reasons, because now the web site people in more than one of you, whether you choose what type of website has a lot of people and you in the competition, you don’t choose properly, too many people do, it is difficult to have the opportunity to compete in the many talent shows itself, if only rely on improving the website weight so for the novice webmaster, it is a to move forward more obstacles, it is indeed difficult, people are watching with web traffic and their profit can only helplessly, is really too much to handle. So today we’re going to talk about is how to improve the site visits with pictures after reading the article, you may become click into place.

search engine to determine the image text description has a basis, that is the image attribute: " alt" it may attribute a different name, but in almost all of the website is to add pictures can all be set, we use the right mouse button to complete the rename of the picture. Usually, we used an article from other sites, will modify the picture’s title, the content of the article introduces the properties, picture, but the picture content should not too much, as long as it can express the meaning of the picture can be, and to take the title and keywords plus.

In fact, the There are many

now realized that the webmaster for the few, this means that the first update the site in this way.


From Mac, Google to PHPWind

PHPWind recently released a version of 7.3, which really surprised me. I had to applaud the speed and speed of PW’s innovation. With a feature selection in the background, the site switches freely between the portal mode and the BBS mode. And after the expansion of the function of the member center, is a SNS platform. Many intelligent interactions form a completely new user experience and application process, and make the passive search of customers change to active access. More user support from functionality.

said PW had to mention his rival, dz. It has been a long time since the two companies have been concerned, but Kang has been expanding the product for the sake of horizontal market strategy. See e-commerce fire, buy a ECSHOP (later sold), see video fire, a superV (later also sold), now SNS fire, and began to advocate UCenterHome. The product line is too long, and we have a UCenter to integrate.

remembers the last time he talked to Wang, he repeatedly stressed that PHPWind was only focused on community interaction, and many people misunderstood that PHPWind was just BBS. And this 7.3 version gives us the answer, PW is not doing SNS and other applications, but based on their own core products, based on the realization of user interaction needs. Personally feel that the "community Transformers" can be very word expression of 7.3 of the product.

said, "why did PW7.3 pull MAC, Google?". In fact, this problem can be linked to a deep, I recently wrote an article with "domestic CMS industry is" what is left of the article, mentioned abroad for open source software, Vignette, Ncompass, InStranet is not the market value of up to hundreds of billions of dollars are giant acquisitions. But at home, I don’t know who dares to come out and say, "we live very smart, or we’ve earned enough money.".

community software, after all, is still a small circle, to grow and develop, always want to learn from some giants. Similarly, as a technology-based company, Mac and Google rely on what to achieve today’s status and achievements, constant innovation, inclusive of various talents and user centered design concept. In the Chinese Internet plagiarism circle, really can go beyond innovation and how many? The light from the SNS, there are several SNS like Facebook SNS? Many of the webmaster, how to understand the six dimension theory of


, Mac and Google have been sought after, respected, and become great IT companies because they are serving users and changing the world and changing everyone’s lifestyle. They have their vision of strategy and vision of global competition, but they are not confined to the circle, industry, and their products themselves. Open source and open API contain philosophy and tolerant breadth of mind, really >


The three year plan of action for disabled persons in Anhui Province

disabled entrepreneurs are subject to a lot of practical conditions, with no small difficulty. Recently, the introduction of the latest support policies for disabled people in Anhui, the next 3 years, Anhui will increase efforts to support the employment of people with disabilities, to achieve the success of the disabled entrepreneurs of the 30 thousand.

Urban and rural families of disabled persons to declare

fully supporting the business, help each defective entrepreneurs can venture onto the road, is the requirement of social development. The next 3 years, Anhui disabled entrepreneurs will get unprecedented help, entrepreneurs can not miss the intention.

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Regional summary is not suitable for shop

there are a lot of shops on the site, you should choose what kind of location and what kind of price. Today Xiaobian from another aspect of the shop to add the location of the skills, so you should not be able to deal with the area of the shop. The most common are the following:

1, on slope road

2, the road and the shop floor high and low

This is a bad place to set up shop:

3, fast lane side

4, the population is low or slow population growth

although residential area is a shop hot spots, but also to distinguish the cell types. If it is a relatively small number of residential areas, it is difficult to support the survival of a store. This area should not be used as the new shop store, this is because in the absence of floating population under the condition of limited fixed total consumption will not increase due to the opening of new stores.

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There are ten tips for getting rich

everyone wants to be a boss, but not everyone can be a boss, to be a profitable boss, to be a successful boss is to be diligent and intelligent. Here we summarize the experience of the predecessors on the basis of the characteristics of contemporary social development, summed up the ten personal business to get rich tips! Hope to be helpful to friends!

1, the amount of venture capital will be reduced to a minimum.

2, learn to sell yourself.

3, generous to customers.

4, at the beginning of the best to provide products or services directly from home.

5, from the first day, all computerized.

typewriters and manual methods in the current market is not competitive, are no exception from the letters, accounting, marketing, and sales documents. Starting from the first day to use the computer.

6, long working hours.

to accounting, correspondence and other administrative work to stay the night. These things can never take up nine to five hours. This prime time can only be used to build relationships, make presentations, make phone calls, or face to face with clients. Talk to the customer for a day, after returning home to engage in income can not engage in the work.

7, love your customers.


9+3 policy to guide students in Yibin Entrepreneurship

entrepreneurship has become very common now, and in such a pioneering period, around the government for some college students entrepreneurial activities are very concerned, in Yibin on the launch of "9+3" policy guide.

"in the past few years I don’t have any idea that your life has been in the mountains. One day in 2009 of August, the County Education Bureau and the township government staff to call me to go to school, and said no money, is free of charge. I thought it was a joke, I thought how this is possible, so they didn’t respond. Out of curiosity, I went to inquire. The thing is true, but the choice, I am very contradictory. After all, my age is not small, the foundation is not good, and dropped out of school for many years, there is no confidence. Finally, I persuaded the family, decided to come out, then the idea is very simple, mixed diploma". In a student exchange meeting, Yang Jun to show your heart.

came to Changning vocational high school, Yang Jun felt the most "9+3" students are simmering effort, very hard, want to run a good future. There are many older students like him. So, his heart was deeply touched, for their future is full of expectations.

may have dropped out of school for many years he worked very hard, need to work harder than anyone else, he was anxious, feel the pressure. But he persevered with his tenacity. Remember just opening soon, the provincial Office of education and the State Education Bureau decided to conduct an investigation on the degree of grade 2009 students, "9+3" and decided to record or did not meet the students with learning difficulties returned to Kangding on tuition, tuition may be eligible to continue learning. When in school cadres and teachers to seek his views, Yang Jun firmly said: "I will never go back. Since I came out, we must make a difference, or never return home".

Yang Jun based while other students some poor, but his strong hands, interested in electronic products, choose the specialty of electronics technology and application. To the professional department, he still qinxuekulian, seriously study and study skills. In order to achieve one expansion to improve the employment skill structure, entrepreneurial ability, he also applied for the "Alternation", the use of spare time to learn from the production line, rich practical experience of teacher knowledge and management experience. < recommended


Stay-at-home mom open dessert shop to achieve wealth in life

a lot of women in the birth of the child, the work life must have a certain degree of alienation. Want to start their own business, the choice of those industries is more appropriate? How about the dessert industry? The investment value is very high, suitable for business with a small capital.

"for venture investment, I personally did not know too much, but when her husband filed, husband very supportive of me and give me a careful analysis of the market situation and industry direction, finally we got the target locked in the Sitian dessert join above, to understand the history of the enterprise brand Sitian dessert with purpose through the network, we can see that this is a very powerful with the appeal of the brand, especially the on-the-spot investigation to taste Sitian products and see the size of the company headquarters of strength, so I really feel the charm of dessert with entrepreneurial impulse." Chen Yao busy with the guests to pay the money.

stay-at-home mom change road, from the beginning of investment dessert. From the first step, slowly explore their own path of development, which is the only way for all successful people, the dessert store to join the project to help complete the mother began second life, it is enviable! Want to invest in women also want to hurry yo!



Fast food market leader in the development prospects of Chinese fast food

with KFC and McDonald’s constantly exposed security problems, now these foreign fast food has gradually disappear heat, and these foreign fast food is no longer favored by people, the reason is because of the inherent defects of nutrition and cooking methods has been criticized by people. Today’s people in the diet is no longer just the pursuit of fast food fast and convenient, but also pay more attention to health. So now, Chinese fast food has become the most entrepreneurial investment projects.

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A good idea to become a good project entrepreneurial salad Hanyang Entrepreneurs Service

many first-time entrepreneurs who are not clear, good ideas are not representative is a good project, to find a good team, and its contribution to human capital, known as a superior project.

52 hours to start entrepreneurial dream

(Startup  Salad) entrepreneurial salad is a non-profit global entrepreneurial community, active in the world, there are ideas, enthusiastic and willing to share in the local young people, initiated and organized 52 hours of entrepreneurial activities salad. Usually held on Friday night to Sunday for a closed salon. 100 entrepreneurs gathered together, each entrepreneur will be their own ideas and ideas, expressed in a minute, the audience voted for the final selection of the 10 as an entrepreneurial project. After the completion of the 10 entrepreneurial projects Leader team recruitment, and then go through the deep study of 2 days and 2 nights, and ultimately honed into the formation of the project, the final mentor and venture intervention, free choice. Within 52 hours, creative ideas into entrepreneurial projects to achieve entrepreneurial dream. Now in more than and 30 cities around the world, the birth of the valuation of hundreds of millions of projects, but also to help tens of thousands of entrepreneurs.

"good ideas and many items, but a friend is hard to find." Zhang Dongsheng said the person in charge of entrepreneurship salad WuHan Railway Station. Compared with the previous entrepreneurial activities, it is the most prominent feature is that the eyes from the entrepreneurial project transferred to the entrepreneurial team, will be dull conference selection entrepreneurial activities into a hey lying body".

"to Hanyang, is a bosom friend! Hanyang has a profound culture of the salon, and the business is to find a business partner entrepreneurs entrepreneurial platform!" Entrepreneurial salad, said Zhang Dongsheng, head of the WuHan Railway Station, they are optimistic about the prospects of Hanyang and provide a good environment, so choose to settle here, is willing to help young people start entrepreneurial dream.