Description (description) method of writing experience

  1, good creative, if done for friends, all know that good ideas can get unexpected good rankings, your creativity is good, may be in the first row of the left, but the price may be more than second cheaper, we are here to say a good idea also is the description of the site and how to better introduce the site, how to attract more users to click on, how to save the user time, how does not affect the user experience, everything is a good description of the site, website. The search engine is for the user to consider, if the content is not clear, open after the user does not need to waste time, users, resulting in a waste flow, affecting the user experience.

      4 pages, each using a different description, search engines love original articles, search engines crawl the site search from the title, and then describe, understand this article about the content through the description, if the website describes all the same, the spider grab, do not know is not repeated, influence the spider grab; to the user, a search engine to show to the user site, users do not know about the contents of the article, click on, rankings are not good, look at your website if there is this problem, feel correct.

      2, the search engine is introduced to describe the search results display brief website to website, website search engine description is displayed to the user, the website description of good and bad, directly affect whether the site has good rankings, for example, the description is a summary of the article, or is the first paragraph of the article, and closely related to subject, content, so you can get search engine, natural ranking is better. Now many programs can be directly displayed abstract, greatly reduce the labor cost, it is still good, but some enterprise stand and blog, or not in this label, the need to strengthen the development of these functions!

      5, the description does not accumulate words, this is in Yuan and lectures and diagnosis, has been emphasized, described is a paragraph of text, not words, friends may know the keyword has been abandoned by some search engines, the description is more important, the search engine can identify your keywords or a paragraph of text, if the keyword accumulation of words, the probability of search engine grab is very low, this I don’t emphasize.

      3, describes the impact of user clicks, since it is the abstract description, if the user search, the search engine index in the front row, if the description written attractive, there are good ideas, such as discounts, promotions, product uniqueness, and different points of other products, these are can attract click. Now more, such as slimming products, to highlight the green, safe, no side effect, this is to attract users to click, you may wish to try.


Webmaster focus Discuzx2 optimization of new policy in advance

site open speed a relationship according to the server, on the other hand the program itself. In the above Discuzx2 have also made a great improvement.

content can be said that in addition to QQ’s new Internet outside a big bright spot, however, should use the main keyword and screening of the long tail keywords, not every page only define your keywords, can not distinguish primary and secondary dispersion leads to the core of the theme. Optimization in place will undoubtedly make the theme more focus on core, each page also features are also more conducive to search engine index, but it is a double-edged sword? However, the search engine is not how you want to do optimization optimization, Shanghai dragon off defined key words to describe the optimization, 000 don’t overdo to finally be right down, in fact, the author thinks that the key of every plate of each page to add 2 key words about the most appropriate. Each industry is different in the description description and the 2 sentence is the most appropriate.

with the Tencent’s discuzx2 release, more and more owners to eye on this forum system. More people are optimistic about the cloud platform roaming, and the use of hundreds of millions of users of QQ Penguin master based to expand their network market. However there is a drawback. Some things have to rethink all the Webmaster: if your site and wide, and suddenly a variety of reasons for Tencent stop access on your forum system, this time you and the members how to log in to decide on what path to follow, not to your website? People have to reflect, on occasion to develop themselves at the same time, should not be calm down in advance to do some countermeasures? This is not the author here alarmist, seemingly impossible is impossible. Well now, those possible factors aside, how to say the following content only for the discuzx2 version to the optimization strategy.

The above picture display

two: to enhance the speed of






is known to be a great improvement of the discuzx2 version of the Shanghai dragon optimization, Title Keyword description of each page can be defined, each section can be independent of Shanghai Longfeng optimization settings, in order to enhance the website is search engine included odds. However, these function is more comprehensive, more conducive to search engine optimization, but also brings unfavorable factors for the site, for some of the primary owners tend to be more prone to errors is not good for search engine optimization.

This paper is composed of two

2, the server speed optimization (here to choose "

, head of the 1 static optimization





Site binding domain two lead solution weight dispersion

method to determine the 301 redirect is not applicable, so the website which have been filed in a new directory, Guangzhou trademark registration web site files a copy, binding the two level domain name, so you can use robots.txt to disable the search engine included in the directory contents.

the author found the Guangzhou trademark registration network of the two domain names are included, so immediately set up a 301 redirect, make the use of the two level domain jump for promotion to the primary domain. It can reduce the repeat included site was brought to the site damage. The website now has a collection of often, you can go to consult.

some time ago, due to a trademark registration in Guangzhou substation of the company to do for promotion, but because the site does not record, and love Shanghai provides personal website can not do for promotion. Then in another company has filed a separate website in the two level domain binding to the site bidding promotion. As a result, Guangzhou trademark registration network not for promotion of the problem is solved, but also a problem again. The web site also bind the two domain names, one is used to do the bidding, the other one is used as the Shanghai dragon, but after two days later, I found that as the bidding of the two domain names is also love Shanghai included.

After the

according to the normal situation, because the site is in a space, long time repeat included, then the site is bound to be K, if not K, then due to the weight of highly disperse, website domain name is very difficult to obtain ranking. Before considering the use of robots.txt to prohibit the search engines, but in the robots.txt operating instructions, no method included the domain name, if you use robots.txt, then only the prohibition of website content, so that the two sites are not included. So how to solve this problem? Here to share with you:

, a 301 redirectAfter

of course, which is built on the premise of the binding domain two must be on the site, if the site does not have the necessary binding domain two words, then I suggest that you do not go to the bound. Results the website weight is distributed, and the search engine will think this site is mirror sites, direct K off is no ground for blame. This article from the Guangzhou trademark registration 贵族宝贝, please retain the copyright information.

301 redirect is indeed can solve the weight dispersion problem, but I found that after setting the 301, Guangzhou trademark registration network when bidding promotion can not query the site visits and path, thus to promote the obstacles. So we must find new solutions.

two, a new directory


Palm expert CEO Yang radium Chinese thumb gold diggerConfessions of an American entrepreneur, how to

he gave me a very simple answer: "you don’t have a start-up partner.". If you can find one by Saturday, please let me know."

in January 6, xinhuanet Beijing reporter Zhao Xiaohui 2005, by overseas media as "the first person" Chinese SMS Yang Lei almost put the "thumb economy" to play to the limit.

"Super Girls twenty million" SMS voting that Linktone gained hitherto unknown visibility and partner favor. However, Yang Lei to go further.

· the total volume of visits has been 8840 since April 17th. Of these, 8.7% of the 770 people are from Australia, and this is my target population.

· 1083 came from Twitter>

1 ask more questions.

data has always been the most fascinating

if there’s anything I’ve learned in the past week, I think there are two things:

story begins:

only great artists need not copy…

when we make sure that OKcofounder has such a name, I’m all thinking about how to build it, what it needs to design, and an inspiration to jump out:


the next few days, I received some reply — some people did not even look at the website and contact me said their ideas, some are very experienced entrepreneurs about me. Thanks, we need to exchange some. Some people even contacted me on Thursday night, even after seeing the design I said on the website. It feels really crazy. Some of my friends think I am bold in doing so.


, "publish our ideas on Silicon, Beach or Hecknews."." A few minutes later, some of my friends contacted me on Facebook.

2 is a hard job to start a business.

"wait, I should design some interesting questions, and even we can borrow OKcupid’s brand. It would be a fun thing to do."."

on Wednesday afternoon, I found out that I was looking forward to an interview with an angel investment project. It’s a big blow to me, because I really want to get the chance to get investment. I can’t think of their projects where is the problem, so I called to ask why adrian.

I called my good friend Matt: "Hey, I need a startup partner, and suddenly I think I should make a micro website microsite, a personalized home page.". "What do you think of the name?" the two of us thought for a long time, and finally came up with a name: OKCofounder!!

has several friends who contacted me via e-mail and twitter, and asked me to quantify the data on the site. Here is our analysis:


Jiujiang by the central financial subsidy funds

since the policy of returning farmland to forest, people’s living environment has been improved, especially the number of bad weather, such as dust storms less and less. This is the work of returning farmland to forest has made outstanding achievements, and Jiujiang was the central government to return farmland to forest subsidy funds 45 million 774 thousand.

Jiangxi Provincial Department of finance, the provincial forestry department, the country in 2017 to honor the land for forestry funds, to accurately grasp the conversion of farmland to forest policy subsidy funds corresponding to the area of returning farmland to forests. Returning farmland to forest policy subsidy funds allocated to the provincial level based on the national acceptance of the final acceptance of the country over the years, with a subsidy of 125 yuan per mu.

by the state 2 times in a row up to check not qualified returning farmland to forest area, no longer enjoy the national policy of returning farmland to forest subsidies by the local county forestry department responsible for the supervision of the farmers replanting and organize inspection and acceptance, acceptance, subsequent annual subsidy funds by the local people’s Government at the county level are responsible for solving. A new round of returning farmland to forests, returning farmland to forest national subsidies in accordance with the standard 1500 yuan per mu, subsidy funds within five years in three issued a new round of the conversion of cropland to forest allocated grant funds for implementation in 2015 third years of subsidies, subsidies 300 yuan per mu.

layers of grant funds issued out, ultimately in the hands of the people, let people understand the meaning and value of returning farmland to forest, natural will further support the policy of returning farmland to forests, the people in the country together, we hope that the living environment has been improved.

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Taught you how to open a shop in Beijing Qingfeng baozi

said at the end of 2013, early 2014, the most popular restaurant brands than Qingfeng baozi pu. Qingfeng baozi Pu franchisees must first go to the headquarters to fill in the "registration form" and ask the applicant of pre qualifying, store location. Qingfeng baozi Pu headquarters in Xicheng District Ping the first street intersection North Road East, called Hutong Qunli, into the alley on the south side of the first door is. Please refer to the map below.

first, you need to find an area of not less than 200 square meters (local join) shop, not less than 45 kilowatts of power requirements, if you choose the electric steaming vehicle steamed buns, then the power requirements of not less than 70 kilowatts, the distance of the existing shops Qingfeng baozi Pu to a certain distance, the best in more than 2 kilometers, the selected stores must be the main street in the area along the street store room, the best selection of the first floor. There are more than 60 thousand residents in the area to be able to walk within ten minutes. Must be able to obtain food and beverage business license.

Qingfeng Bao zipu headquarters for you think good: the shop door width not less than 8 meters.


in signing the franchise contract, the need to pay a total of $320 thousand, including a one-time franchise fee of 100 thousand yuan, 160 thousand yuan deposit, and the first year of 60 thousand yuan equity gold, also known as the brand use fee, only after a year to pay 60 thousand yuan of equity gold. Renewal of the contract, no longer charge a one-time fee, the continuation of the use of margin.

Beijing no preferential policies, outside the area can have……


Matters need to pay attention to small appliances stores all business

small home appliance business, which should pay attention to business problems? Small household electrical appliance stores need to pay attention to what business problems? Many franchisees are new, not y understanding the problem. Xiao Bian provides a few suggestions, hoping to help each franchisee, if you do not understand, you can consult a lot, concerned about the operating skills.

What to pay attention to open small household electrical appliances store location:

the main purchase in the business of city local small household electrical appliances wholesale market. Can also go to the domestic distribution center: Shenzhen, Yiwu, Shenyang purchase. The shortcomings of the local purchase price is about 15% higher than the large distribution center, the advantage is to save transportation costs, the local wholesale a few days ago, the general small batch to the goods.

There are a lot of business

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Business needs what skills – Chaos noodle business

chaotic surface is a favorite food of many friends, the industry is now very good development, if you want to join, you can get a good profit. So, what is the need for a chaotic noodle shop? Xiao Bian for us to do a detailed introduction.

skills: integrity management. In good faith, lost in sincerity, the key lies in how you dig it’s gold, "good faith" is a huge gold mine, wonton noodle how to operate? In the franchise business than beauty Wonton & noodles dumplings, if the commitment to the customer can come to fruition, will bring you a hundred times the benefits, not to the quality of the food as beautiful than dumplings wonton credit card, in order to establish an invincible position. Of course, from now on to establish a good faith card, integrity management.

skills two: visibility, the new and the old balance of the two. Perennial way: "the man wants to know, I do not know who to know" that is to say, famous brand ring, wonton noodle how to operate? We do not have to fight to fight to know, even if it does not even know the publicity will not accept, of course, the restaurant is no exception, we should pay attention to long-term and short-term visibility, taking into account the new and old reputation.

three skills: IQ, money changers and distributors, three. You must learn to make friends in order to be successful, wonton noodle how to operate? A friend of you talking, he can’t help you through; a friend is good at director, he can help you through your third friends; the advantages of good integration before two friends, can help you through, this is a question, the three indispensable. Of course, the United States than dumplings Wonton & noodles management is also so, need money business, business operators, the combination of the three.

skills four: methods, enthusiasm, warmth, cold, humor, four adaptations. In the food and beverage industry, wonton noodle how to operate? Look to see the same trade, like those prosperous shop, good way of business can use; longitudinal view of customers, grasp the customer psychology, learning enthusiasm, warmth, cold, humor and other methods to customers, also eat soft soft, also hard to eat hard, flexible.


above is some techniques on how to operate the wonton noodle, I hope you have a certain understanding, each direction of management in the development of catering industry, he is like the human brain; quality, taste the chef decided to catering, solid can not be ignored; the representatives of the catering industry has a subtle image. The role of brand catering to set up. In addition, financial and material resources is the lifeblood of the survival and development of food and beverage.


Economics taught by Starbucks

Starbucks coffee all over the world, many consumers love Starbucks, especially fond of exotic consumers, we can learn a lot of knowledge of economics from Starbucks, Xiaobian for you now.

1. has a smaller cup of coffee than


we usually see only in the Starbucks Cup Cup (tall), large (Grande), Super Cup (Venti). In fact, there is a small cup, that is, short cup, the capacity of 8 ounces (227ml), also known as children’s cup. A Starbucks clerk said: every store has this cup type, but also know how to configure a small cup of coffee, but it does not appear on the menu, generally do not sell, the need to bring their own customers." From the point of view of cost and operation, small cup 3 yuan cheaper than the cup, but also contains a concentrated coffee, the cup is significantly higher profits.

2. in Starbucks do not necessarily buy the biggest cup

Yoshimoto Yoshiki "to buy a mug of coffee" the book said in Starbucks, from the perspective of economics, in the Starbucks cup to buy more Ogoe Mimegumi, his intention is to in the three cup capacity is 1/3, the price is only more than 3 yuan, for consumers, is certainly more large more cost-effective.

but Starbucks coffee pricing is carefully measured, the price and the capacity difference makes customers and companies are good for large customers affordable, more capacity to pay the cost of it is very low (only a few seconds or more milk), 3 yuan in higher profit margins. Starbucks clerk explained that the content in the Italian Cup of espresso drinks is a large and super cup is two copies, so large, than in more than a cup of espresso, more milk; and super cup is only increased large amounts of milk.

3. star card is designed to attract more customers

4. clerk may not be able to make coffee

According to the development plan of the


Xining Municipal Committee on the work of the Health Bureau Youth League

on the afternoon of August 13, 2010, Zhao Dong, Secretary of the municipal Party committee and director of the office of the Secretary of the Health Bureau of, the Health Bureau Youth League work. Group bureau deputy party secretary Meng Fanlu and subordinate units responsible for the people and part of cadres to participate in the discussion. Forum on Health Bureau Secretary Meng first half of this year to carry out the work of the Communist Youth League, the existing health bureau of the Communist Youth League work problems and the future work of the Communist Youth League of Secretary of the Municipal Youth League Committee report, after hearing the report, the Health Bureau of the Communist Youth League to carry out drought relief and disaster relief work affirmed, and according to the existing organization health bureau of the Communist Youth League is not perfect, the work of no innovation and other issues put forward opinions, advice bureau Party committee must pay attention in the work of the Communist Youth League, the youth service guide, the purpose of the party building, improve the group fabric construction, highlight the characteristics of the work of the Communist Youth league. The forum, Juzhu units also in recent years group work and communicate each other. The years of work according to the Bureau of the Communist Youth League and Jushu unit group, Meng Secretary of bureau Party committee group organization measures the next step: one is the bureau Party committee to seize the time to study as soon as possible to carry out general election, the Communist Youth League work; two is the innovation to Juzhu units mission work, reflects the importance of team work; three leadership and support all Party committees to strengthen the team work, to implement the work of the group.