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Clashes with Kadhafi remnants erupt in southern Libya

first_imgTRIPOLI – Fresh clashes erupted Tuesday in the southern Libyan city of Sebha pitting supporters of slain dictator Moamer Kadhafi against government forces and former rebels, a military source said.The latest fighting was sparked by the arrival of government reinforcements who aim to dislodge the Kadhafi supporters from several positions they occupy in and around the desert city, said Al-Ferjani Akila, of the Sebha Operations Centre.There was no immediate word on casualties. “Clashes are taking place between the army and former rebels from Misrata on one side and supporters of the old regime on the other,” he said.The coastal city of Misrata saw some of the bloodiest combat of the eight-month uprising that toppled Kadhafi, who was captured and killed by rebels in October 2011.At least 88 people have been killed and 130 wounded over the past two weeks in fighting between rival tribes in Sebha.The fighting initially pitted the Arab Awled Sleiman tribe against members of the Toubou, a non-Arab ethnic group that has long complained of being marginalised by Tripoli. The Awled Sleiman have also clashed with other Arab tribes.Kadhafi loyalists have taken advantage of the chaos to launch repeated attacks on the city’s Tamenhant air base, according to local officials.last_img read more

UN mission calls on Darfurians to seek peace

2 June 2008A top official of the joint United Nations-African Union peacekeeping mission in Darfur (UNAMID) called on Darfurians today to stop fighting and seek the path of peace. A top official of the joint United Nations-African Union peacekeeping mission in Darfur (UNAMID) called on Darfurians today to stop fighting and seek the path of peace. Deputy Joint Special Representative Henry Anyidoho made the call at the Ad Da’en horse festival in South Darfur, where he spoke with principal Arab tribal leaders from the Rizegat community, local officials and intellectuals. The four-day festival, which ended today, provides a platform for tribal and ethnic reconciliation and mediation and has been an important date in the Darfurian calendar since the 1920s.“Let’s return to the path of peace,” Mr Anyidoho said. “It is easier to stop than to continue fighting; why must you choose the more difficult option?” He stressed that UNAMID was working with all parties to the conflict, and called on Darfurians to banish any misconceptions and doubts about the neutrality of the joint force. Mr. Anyidoho explained the mandate and role of UNAMID to the tribal leaders and reminded them that many peacekeepers from different parts of Africa had laid down their lives in the cause of peace in Darfur. “Don’t let their sacrifices go in vain,” he said, adding that the only way to honour them was to ensure that sustainable peace returned to the region. He advised Darfurians to question themselves about the root causes of the fighting, adding that there could not be any development in Darfur in an atmosphere of rancour and conflict. Meanwhile, the Secretary-General’s Special Envoy for Darfur, Jan Eliasson, is in Sudan for consultations with the Government of Sudan and other stakeholders. UNAMID took over peacekeeping operations from an AU mission at the start of this year. The mission’s goal is to end the deadly clashes and humanitarian suffering that has engulfed the Darfur region of western Sudan since rebels began fighting Government forces and allied militiamen in 2003. read more

NBA Playoffs Preview LeBron vs The SuperBalanced Hawks

Over in the Western Conference, James Harden’s Houston Rockets, however, rank as the fourth most unbalanced team in the past 31 years — in the 2nd percentile! Meanwhile, this year’s Warriors team is more balanced than usual, ranking in the 76th percentile, which is amazing given that Stephen Curry himself has 2.0 WAR through the first two rounds. The Dubs have a superstar and a well-balanced team. (Which probably goes a long way toward explaining why they’re so great.)The Cavs are favored not because their third, fourth or fifth starter is better than his counterpart on the Hawks. He isn’t. The Cavs are favored because they have LeBron James — and that’s probably enough to get LeBron to his fifth straight NBA Finals. The Fighting LeBrons — err, we mean the Cleveland Cavaliers — face off against the Atlanta Hawks for a trip to the NBA Finals. It’s the four-time MVP vs. four All-Stars.And it’s a close matchup, though the Cavs have a slight edge. The Hawks earned the top seed in the East and home-court advantage, but the Cavs still have a 63 percent chance of winning the series, according to our Real Plus-Minus projections.But if these two teams are similar in their overall level of talent, they are radically different in its distribution. This year’s Hawks team is historically well-balanced — like the 2004 Detroit Pistons, the 2006 Phoenix Suns and the 2013 San Antonio Spurs. The 2015 Cavs, in contrast, are largely carried by James (and, to a lesser extent, by Kyrie Irving).Atlanta has four players — Kyle Korver, Paul Millsap, Al Horford and DeMarre Carroll — who have all accrued 1.1 to 1.5 wins above replacement (WAR) through the first two rounds of the playoffs. Meanwhile, LeBron has amassed 2.1 WAR for the Cavs all by himself.The Hawks rank fourth out of the 124 teams to make the conference finals since 1985 in terms of the evenness of their production. (As measured by the distribution of WAR among the five players with the most minutes through the first two rounds, weighted quadratically.1That is, the player with the highest WAR is given a weight of one, the second-highest WAR player gets a weight a four, the third gets a weight of nine and so on.)By that measure, the Hawks’ score was 52.2. (The higher the score, the greater the contribution the team received from its less-heralded players.) LeBron’s Cavs, however, ranked 71 out of the 124 teams with a score of 26.9 — so they’re not extraordinarily unbalanced, but they are less balanced than the typical team in the conference finals. In addition to the brilliance of James, that number was primarily driven by the weak production from Cleveland’s fourth- and fifth-best players, namely Tristan Thompson and Timofey Mozgov.Below is a table of each conference finalist since 1985 with their weighted WAR and its percentile. The Hawks are in the 98th percentile, while the Cavs are in the 43rd.2Past LeBron teams, whether the Cavs or the Heat, are even more unbalanced than this year’s Cavs team. read more

Gerry Adams Laissez faire comments reflect what is recorded by Smithwick Tribunal

first_img“I am concerned, as I was during the Newstalk interview, not to say anything which detracts from that or which causes any further hurt. That was never my intention,” he said. Adams’s initial comments in a Newstalk Breakfast interview yesterday morning have drawn widespread condemnation and the defence of his remarks by Sinn Féin’s Padraig MacLochlainn has also led to criticism.‘Everyone knows IRA was responsible’But the Sinn Féin president insisted that what he said reflects what is recorded by the Smithwick report, saying that it is “nonsense to suggest that I was blaming the two RUC officers for their own deaths. Everyone knows the IRA was responsible. That was never in question”.Adams quotes from the report, saying that it noted Buchanan having crossed the border on average 10 times a month, travelling on his own and in a car that, the report said, was “readily identifiable”.He said the report noted “there was a general view that the RUC crossing the border were targets”.Adams goes on to say: “Clearly, the decision to continue to travel as frequently as they did across the border, without escort, left the RUC officers open to the real possibility of attack. None of this distracts from the tragedy and loss of life.”He goes on to express concerns about the conclusions of the tribunal, pointing out that it accepts that there is “no direct evidence of collusion and then went on to claim without supporting evidence that ‘on the balance of probabilities’ there was collusion”.In the blogpost he goes onto call for the outstanding issues of the Weston Park Agreement to be dealt with and criticises his opponents for not being open to discussing the Sinn Féin proposal for “a comprehensive, victim centred, truth recovery process under the tutelage of an independent international agency”.He added: “Could it be that partitionism and revisionism allied with party political self-interest has primacy over more important matters?”Read: ‘Insulting, offensive, quite outrageous’: Sinn Féin criticised over Smithwick responseRead: Gerry Adams criticised by Tánaiste and Fianna Fáil over response to Smithwick TribunalMore: Adams branded “an apologist for terrorists” after “laissez faire” remark SINN FÉIN PRESIDENT Gerry Adams has defended his remarks about two RUC officers murdered by the IRA having a “laissez faire” attitude towards their personal safety.In a statement posted to his blog Léargas, Adams said today that while it was never his intention to say anything which “detracts” from the hurt being experienced by the families of Harry Breen and Pat Buchanan, what he said reflects the report of Justice Smithwick published this week.He also hit out at the “contrived outburst” of Fianna Fáil leader Micheál Martin in the Dáil this week and the “pompous remarks” by the Justice Minister Alan Shatter who described Adams’s comments as “nauseating”.“I am very conscious that at the heart of this issue are two bereaved families,” Adams said, adding he did not needed to be reminded of this “by any of my political opponents”.last_img read more

Heres What Happened Today Monday

first_img Source: Dan Rivers/Twitter Get our daily news round up: Monday 28 Nov 2016, 9:00 PM Al Sha’ar neighbourhood today – the man that filmed this had to flee his home with his daughter in his arms #Aleppo— Dan Rivers (@danriversitv) November 28, 2016 8,876 Views Share Tweet Email Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article No Comments Short URL A woman signs a book of condolences for Cuba’s late leader Fidel Castro in Havana, Cuba. Source: Natacha Pisarenko AP/Press Association Images#US: An attacker who ran over and stabbed a number of people at Ohio State University was shot dead.#UK: Barry Bennell, the paedophile coach at the centre of an abuse scandal that has rocked English football, was taken to hospital by police responding to a “fear for welfare incident”.#SYRIA: Syrian rebels have lost all of the northern neighbourhoods of their stronghold in eastern Aleppo as the army pushes an offensive to retake the battered city, according to an on-site monitor.INNOVATIONPaddy Power-Betfair and Topaz are among the latest companies to be prosecuted by the office of the Data Protection Commissioner for breaking e-marketing regulations through unsolicited spam emails and text messages.Facebook has launched a scheme to bring internet access to underserved locations in India (BBC News).PARTING SHOTA man who had to flee his home in Aleppo with his daughter in his arms filmed the devastating impact the ongoing Syrian war has had on the city. By Órla Ryan Pope Francis is set to visit Ireland in 2018.24 people were arrested as part of a major garda operation targeting drug dealing in the Carlow/Kilkenny region.A man arrested in connection with a stabbing and acid attack on a woman in Limerick was released without charge, a file will be sent to the Director of Public Prosecutions.Four men who launched a boat on the River Shannon, which later overturned and led to one of their deaths, had been drinking and taking drugs, the Marine Casualty Investigation Board (MCIB) has found.A convicted rapist was removed from court during his sentence hearing after he repeatedly interrupted proceedings and called his victim, a grandmother in her 50s, a “filthy prostitute”.A Dublin man who pleaded guilty to IRA membership and was arrested in the run-up to Prince Charles’ visit to Ireland had explosive device components in his locker at Maynooth University, the Special Criminal Court heard.The Environmental Protection Agency is calling on people in high radon areas to test their homes for radon, after one house was found to have over 24 times the acceptable level – the equivalent of getting 17 chest X-rays every day.Shane Ross defended his record as tourism minister, saying the record numbers speak for themselves.A youth admitted attacking gardaí after he stole live exotic animals which had been part of a wildlife exhibition at a library in Dublin.A 30-year-old man was arrested after an attempted armed robbery at a post office in north county Dublin.WORLD Nov 28th 2016, 9:00 PM Pope Francis has been an important voice for the young, the poor & disadvantaged – glad he will visit Ireland in 2018— Enda Kenny (@EndaKennyTD) November 28, 2016 Can’t watch the video? Click here. Comments have been turned off for legal reasons. NEED TO CATCH up? brings you a round-up of today’s news.IRELAND Here’s What Happened Today: Monday Pope Francis to visit Ireland, Shane Ross defends his record and attacker shot dead at Ohio State University. Source: Enda Kenny/Twitterlast_img read more

Arianespace participera au lancement de 1600 satellites dici 2025

first_imgArianespace participera au lancement de 1600 satellites d’ici 2025Selon un rapport de Nothern Sky Research, 1 600 satellites devraient être mis en orbite dans les 15 prochaines années. La société européenne Arianespace y participera grandement. Elle a un carnet de commande bien rempli.Un rapport de Northern Sky Research estime que dans les 15 années à venir 1 600 satellites devraient rejoindre l’espace. Ce marché colossal de 250 milliards de dollars concerne aussi bien les satellites civils, militaires et de télécommunications que les satellites météorologiques et scientifiques.À lire aussiGrâce à un satellite éteint, des scientifiques découvrent des structures cachées sous l’AntarctiqueLes Européens continueront, de leur côté, à procéder aux lancements des fusées Ariane-5 via la société Arianespace comme depuis huit ans avec 44 missions réussies. Aucun échec n’est à déplorer. A l’heure actuelle, Ariane-5 est la seule fusée en mesure de lancer en même temps deux satellites satcom de cinq tonnes chacun. Cependant, après 2025, Ariane-5 sera certainement remplacée par un nouveau lanceur, capable quant à lui d’embarquer de 2 à 8 tonnes en orbite géostationnaire. C’est du moins ce que prévoit Yannick D’Escatha, le PDG du CNES. A priori, la nouvelle fusée, qui commencera à être développée à partir de 2015, jouera la carte de l’originalité en prenant le nom de … Ariane-6.Depuis 1980, Arianespace a honoré plus de 300 contrats et mis en orbite 294 satellites pour 77 clients. C’est, pour le moment, la moitié des satellites commerciaux utilisés. Alors que se tient le salon du Bourget, en région parisienne, la compagnie annonce qu’un nouveau contrat va être signé avec l’opérateur SES. Celui-ci souhaite lancer le satellite ASTRA 5B à la mi-2013. Avec cette commande, Arianespace a du pain sur la planche. Elle devra lancer 26 satellites géostationnaires et plusieurs cargos ATV vers l’ISS, sans compter les 18 missions de la fusée russe Soyouz qui devra embarquer des satellites aussi bien scientifiques que gouvernementaux. En effet, les Russes lanceront désormais leurs fusées depuis le site français de Kourou, en Guyane. Le prochain décollage russe se fera le 20 octobre prochain et emmènera les deux premiers satellites du réseau européen Galileo. De plus, en décembre, Soyouz lancera le satellite d’observation optique civil et militaire Pléiades-1. Destinés à concurrencer le système GPS américain, 30 satellites Galileo seront mis en orbite d’ici 2018 avec une première étape en 2014 où 18 seraient déjà en place, rapporte 22 juin 2011 à 11:24 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

Benitez hopeful upon recent upturn in form

first_imgRafael Benitez is hopeful that Newcastle can climb further up the table after a promising run of results and highlighted the difference his three loan signings have madeThe former Liverpool and Real Madrid manager has cut a frustrated figure at St James’ Park this season with a lack of funds meaning that he has had to make do with limited resources in what has bee a challenging first season back in the Premier League.But despite that, Benitez managed to acquire winger Kenedy from Chelsea on a loan deal with goalkeeper Martin Dubravka from Sparta Prague and Leicester’s Islam Slimani following later on with the same deals.Fati and Suarez shine against Valencia at Camp Nou Tomás Pavel Ibarra Meda – September 15, 2019 With a mesmerizing first half from Ansu Fati and a brace from Luis Suarez in the second half, Barcelona demolished Valencia at Camp Nou.Valencia…Since then there has been a notable upturn in form for Newcastle, who have lost just two of their past 10 league matches with Benitez hopeful that they can still climb the table.“It’s not always a question of money. That doesn’t always make the difference when it comes to signing the players you need. In January, when we were talking, we said we need a goalkeeper, a winger and a striker.” said the 57 year-old, according to the Daily Mirror.“That is what we did, and you can see the difference. It is about doing the right things at the right time.”last_img read more

Bomb squads prepare to enter Colo suspects apartment

first_imgAURORA, Colo. — Authorities on Saturday began the intricate process of disarming booby traps in the apartment of the suspect behind the Colorado movie theater rampage, hoping to find clues inside to the motive for the shootings without causing an explosion that could destroy key evidence.Scores of law enforcement officials, including bomb squad technicians and dozens of federal agents, removed one trip wire and one explosive device inside James Holmes’ apartment Saturday, and “other devices” are in there, Aurora police Sgt. Cassidee Carlson said.“We have been successful in defeating the first threat,” Carlson said. The traps were meant to kill the first people entering the apartment, she said.Holmes, 24, was arrested early Friday outside the suburban Denver theater with high-powered weapons and ammunition and charged with the rampage that killed 12 and injured 58 during the midnight showing of the new Batman movie, “The Dark Knight Rises.”Makeshift memorials sprang up for the victims, including a U.S. navy sailor, an aspiring sportscaster and a man celebrating his 27th birthday. In his Saturday radio address, President Barack Obama urged Americans to pray “for the victims of this terrible tragedy, for the people knew them and loved them, for those who are still struggling to recover.”last_img read more

Vancouver man says shooting followed Bidens advice

first_imgA Vancouver man who fired a shotgun in the air Monday to chase away car prowlers says he was following the advice of Vice President Joe Biden.Jeffrey C. Barton pleaded not guilty Wednesday in Clark County District Court to a misdemeanor charge of illegally discharging a firearm.Outside of court, Barton said, “I did what Joe Biden told me to do. I went outside and fired my shotgun in the air.”The 52-year-old is accused of firing his shotgun Monday to scare away three men who appeared to be breaking into his vehicles. Clark County sheriff’s deputies were dispatched at 3:30 a.m. to Barton’s home in the 5800 block of N.E. 124th Street for a report of an auto prowl, according to court documents. On the way, the 911 dispatcher heard Barton shoot his gun repeatedly, the court documents say. He allegedly told the dispatcher that he didn’t aim at the men — but that next time, he would.In response to a home defense question in February, Biden said Americans don’t need semi-automatic weapons because a couple of blasts from a shotgun will scare off intruders.last_img read more

61 see improved employee performance through investment in workplace culture

first_imgAlmost two-thirds (61%) of employer respondents see an improvement in employee performance following investment in workplace culture, according to research by EY.Its survey of 100 FTSE 350 board members also found that 92% of respondents believe that investing in workplace culture has a positive impact on an organisation’s financial performance.The research also found:86% of respondents view culture as fundamental or very important to their organisation’s overall performance.More than half (55%) of respondents report that investing in workplace culture has increased operating profits by 10% or more.Just 12% of respondents include a detailed overview of their culture and how it is managed in their public filings or annual reports.Less than a fifth (19%) of respondents believe that the board has primary accountability for workplace culture.51% think that the board should take more responsibility in shaping and measuring culture.68% regularly and actively try to promote and control organisational culture at board level.47% of respondents feel that there is either little or partial board-level consensus on what an organisation’s culture should be.Kevin Hills (pictured), UK head of integrity and compliance at EY, said: “The lessons are clear: culture generates value for organisations willing to invest in it, encompassing both improved performance and reduced risk. You may not always get what you expect, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.“There will always be multiple sub-cultures within any one organisation, each of which influences how employees make decisions. However, it is the board’s responsibility to set the tone from the top and to have oversight, accountability and responsibility for monitoring.“History has shown time and time again the corrosive impact that pockets of ‘bad’ culture can have on a business. But where people are aligned around the organisation’s purpose and values, they are more likely to make the right choices when faced with a difficult decision, even if it may not always be the easy thing to do as targets may be missed.”last_img read more