Do 301 steering thoughts after 301 to hope to prepare useful

second week love Shanghai after the update, found only included depressed and released home. After a few days did not see release sub page. As everyone knows, generally included the home page, included second days will gradually release the sub pages. Good brother, still maintain a good attitude, a good attitude maybe could marry a good wife. This is when I don’t love good luck, met in Shanghai the two audit. The reason that we should do is to check the site, for example, the space is too slow, Guan Jian illegal. Sweat, be too careful, but be careful to make the boat. After the inspection found no such as many problems, the rest I was patiently waiting for love in Shanghai checked again, and then do our job on the line. That will generally normal included three weeks.

first said that what is called the 301 turn 301 turn (or call 301 redirect, 301 jump) is when the user or search engine web server sends to the browser request header information, the HTTP server data flow (header) in a status code, "said the permanent transfer to another address.

niche published technical articles, may express unclear, hope to understand.

301 after the turn, the first week of the Shanghai love spider climbed up the net by several slowly rising to more than 100 days. I thought this should be turned to love Shanghai climb to the old station after. There are words that have the game. Spider, continue to update the site information is included in the Shanghai love day. We have to do the first week of the thing is very simple, is the original site update, the chain don’t send too fast, your site is not included no weight, be careful on everything.

third weeks after the big update > love Shanghai.



The first

then use Adsense tools to check the website of the other search engines, the noble baby included still fast, found the PR value of the site should reach PR2, it is the old station PR turn.

believes that many webmaster have site is K, a game site, site ranking is very good, but suddenly one day is in love with the sea rather baffling K, ranking all fall down. This game webmaster still did not give up, every day to update the site every day outside the chain, he could not find out why. Lasted nearly a year the ranking is still not up. Presumably this time most of the webmaster will think of another domain name, then the old station weight and PR turn again to do the new optimization faster. But the game owners do not know 301 about this, so he finally chose to give up.

to talk about me on the site until 301 to observe included. That how to do the 301 turn, most of the webmaster all know, if you don’t know can love Shanghai.


Analysis of the influence of several important factors of site traffic

Of course, the

flow is the web site at survival, a site if no flow, even if the content is rich, also just a beautiful shell, no value. Only a certain amount of access to create a certain profit value. The traffic is more important. So as a promotion personnel, we must analyze the access conditions of the website, the website traffic statistics analysis. To know that our competitors compared with website lack? What needs to be improved? Learning promotion skills and methods to improve the flow, improve website search volume brand. This is the core of our work. Today we will talk about analysis of several important factors of traffic to the site:

now many enterprise web mail promotion is one of the first choice, an eye-catching promotion email, sometimes can bring good feedback and must flow. Responsible for web traffic all know that every day we have to statistics mailbox source? In statistics, it analyzes what email sources more? What mail better propaganda.

we all know, in the flow is the king of the network world, or the best search engine, if you search engine traffic rarely or not, it means you stand were not good enough. General web search engine traffic to account for more than 50%, is normal. We can see through the cnzz statistical tools all through which keywords to my website, and then according to the key word search volume to specific optimization, improve search engine rankings, get traffic.

forum, blog promotion is essential, in the post popular popularity section, not only can bring a lot of traffic can also make the website popularity soared in a short period of time. We can see through the background statistics which forum source, which blog hits more? Forum source through the post, decided to choose the forum "

, a search engine source

effect is the best, the most significant still belongs to the brand search volume, if your site every day search volume reached thousands, or even tens of thousands, that your website propaganda has done very well, like Admin5, Xuzhou to stationmaster net net, the recruitment of such large-scale web search volume every day too many to count, flow naturally high.

four, other

source mailbox know love


website optimization webmaster know, love Shanghai love their own products, like Shanghai Post Bar, love love Shanghai library, Shanghai map, Shanghai love Wikipedia, of course I love Shanghai know that weight is beyond doubt, like Xuzhou to Shanghai every day through the network flow to know love is very good, because a little optimization look, basically can have ranking, but now love Shanghai know the chain is not easy, so we have to be careful to use.

three, Shanghai



Content information retrieval of classified information (I)


website successfully, the user experience often plays an important role, but with the increasing of website content, website content retrieval will inevitably become a part of the indispensable, especially for classified information network. Let’s start with the problem of classifying information:

1, classification of too many users too confused, here refers to the user to send information to the user, because the same information may belong to multiple categories, then I have sent to which classification it, repeat will be deleted, and the improper choice of categories easily ignored, this is a problem.

2, the classification is too small, users too confused, here users refer to the information to find the user, because the classification is too small, is bound to cause a classification of content is too much, so looking for information is also a problem.

3, find the correct classification, but can not find the information you want to rent a house, for example, I might want to rent a house in the area, but the amount of information is usually rental housing classification is very large, so as to find the information they want to look for a needle in the Ocean, very difficult.

in this dilemma, content retrieval seems to be an essential solution to the problem. The search here is divided into two

1, according to the title of the full-text retrieval index, only the title, when the user search is only for the title of the retrieval, advantages: fast, because the contents of the index is relatively small, the content is not comprehensive index of disadvantages.

2, according to the information content of the full-text retrieval index at the same time, the title and content, the advantages of the users to search for the full text retrieval, index comprehensive, defect information more easily, to find the user: slower, because the contents of the index is relatively large.

in fact for the classification of information, only the index title is enough, because the title often has covered most of the keywords, the screenshot below is a screenshot of the Shenzhen classified information network, after entering the can see the search box in the upper right, enter the "Nanshan Haiya department store" to see the search results as follows.


so it’s very easy for users to find information, and it’s very helpful for improving the user experience. As for how to do full text indexing, I’ll detail

in the next article

this article by the Shenzhen classified information network original, reprinted please note, welcome reprint. Contact QQ:1103061397


Talking about CMS content management system of webmaster weapon

this article by happiness studio ( original, if you want to reprint, please indicate the source.

believes that many webmasters have become quite familiar with CMS. If you have just entered the line, please pay attention to the following brief introduction.

CMS is the abbreviation of Content Management System, which means the content management system".

CMS has many template based excellent designs that can speed up site development and reduce development costs.

The function of

CMS is not limited to text processing, but it can also process pictures, Flash animations, audio and video streams, images, and even e-mail files.

CMS is actually a very wide range of titles, from general blogging programs, news releases, to comprehensive web site management programs that can be called content management systems.

simply, CMS is a system that makes it easy for you to make web sites.

does not say the source code classification of CMS first, we are the stationmaster that does not understand program, it is to pay attention to the design of downstage, and the management of backstage. A CMS is a good CMS system as long as one has a nice front desk and a convenient management background, plus a modified template that is also handy.

, let me talk about the major CMS systems that are currently in fashion.

says that some are based on PHP programs.


-MAMBO, a foreign CMS system, the function is very powerful, adding support for many components, with rich template module.


2. Ling Bo -Limbo (Lite Mambo), as the name suggests, evolved from Mambo. The aim is to simplify the original Mambo system to make it more portable and less complicated while inheriting some of the powerful functions and features of Mambo. At the same time, Limbo supports three installations: TXT, Mysql, and SQLite.


3.HBcms: an official recommendation of the PEAR+SMARTY PHP technology architecture CMS, launched in 2006, fully in line with the development trend of CMS, simple, easy to use, beautiful. I tested it locally. It’s easy to use, especially for inexperienced new people. At least not intimidated by complex functions. Of course, it also has a variety of complex functions, just to see if you need it. Using the official PHP technology recommended by the PEAR+SMARTY is an important feature of this CMS that continues to evolve, and many functions directly


What are the poor grass root project to build up the family fortunes

"poor" is not terrible, terrible is not know how to struggle, leading to life can only be a poor man. Therefore, even if it is poor Cock wire, but as long as we can choose to make their own good business opportunities, poor Cock wire can also become a rich man. So, what are the poor grass root project to build up the family fortunes?

of the rise in recent years a lot of network terms of people call it has many kinds, such as rich handsome, rich two generations, grass root, poor and short ", the nature is synonymous with the rich, wherever there is beauty, how can the poor grass root.? In addition there is no other way seems to start to go, although stable, but still some difficulties to build up the family fortunes.

what are the entrepreneurial projects can make poor grass root build up the family fortunes?

glasses shop

glasses industry profits has become an open secret, and even included in China’s top ten profiteering industry, retail Glasses profit margins can reach 200%, 500%, or even 1000%! But in need of technical optometry glasses shop is very exquisite, need to master a variety of glasses to repair and pick the goods selected goods skill and so on, including the secret not publicity business skills, it is such a threshold, hindered the pace of the industry most people enter the glasses.

plant pet shop

money is not too much, it does not matter! Our country has a very good plant consumption market, the annual flower trade in more than 130 million pots, trading volume of more than 30 billion yuan. Small plant pets in 2004 after entering our country, the number of transactions each year more than 60 million strains.

however due to the lack of reliable first-hand sources of information, and the excessive to join the market, making the existing business purchase cost is high, product update speed is too slow, the vessels process is lack of competitiveness, so the current PET plant operators, breakthrough single management bottleneck and high purchase price is the key point.

so, pet shop management plant can also learn hydroponics technology, it not only solves the bottleneck of a single business, but also cultivate their pet plant sale, greatly reduces the cost of the purchase price, and the update speed varieties entirely by their own master.

video game shop

, the game ban has been two months, we can see, shopping malls, supermarkets have already been placed on many game consoles, more and more people contact and receive video games, video game market will be visible after the continued hot. The status of the industry has been kept confidential because of the high profit of maintenance


8 years to buy a mattress into the slag into the business to pay attention to the dregs of the year

annual 3.15 coming, I believe that during this period the merchants are careful. However, consumers hope that all businesses are so every year, so as to provide good services to provide good goods. But recently, a customer to buy a mattress 8 years into a slag, a detailed look at the details of it!


for IKEA

professional reply to apologize



related recommendations


Wuliji food project introduction

a lot of investors are very interested in Korean food brands, so Xiaobian today we recommend that there is a certain degree of popularity in the Korean restaurant brand. The following is to recommend Wuliji food brand

Wuliji restaurant project

Wuliji restaurant is located in the city of Ji’nan Alexander road. Company to "do China first brand" Korean food for the strategic development objectives; to "culture dissolve in heart, standardized in the form of" management philosophy and the "popular food brand" for the purpose, and actively create fashion leisure culture diet guide. After more than three years of its fine business, Wuliji received the majority of Korean cuisine lovers and enthusiastic pursuit, has now developed into a business Korean direct and joined the operation of Korean cuisine shops. From the characteristics of our home, whether it is the service etiquette, decoration style or the production of dishes, taste, etc., are adhering to the essence of the Korean food culture, exudes a rich Korean style. The unique flavor of the Korean barbecue, a variety of hot and sour pickled cabbage, mellow filled the unique taste of the Korean bibimbap, Hot pot meal; various delicacies let people drool. I…

Wuliji cuisine combines consumption characteristics Chinese, carey integrate the pizza and snacks, dozens of flavor fashion drinks, with a new sales model, close to the public, Wuliji cuisine and is equipped with a variety of delicious snacks and drinks coffee, tea, ice etc.. Simple, casual, elegant, stylish environment for the pursuit of romantic people ran; pizza, steak, coffee, snacks make fashion people were unable to stop, when the attractive color, delicious fragrance appear in the table, your enthusiasm is not delicacy again ignite


Wuliji about petty bourgeoisie, let you forget. To join the food, hot, and look forward to your joining, create wealth life!

Wuliji restaurant join conditions:

a, franchisee qualification:

can identify Wuliji food business philosophy, it can be used as a long-term undertaking, and can keep the good reputation and image in the course of business; have a positive attitude and entrepreneurial spirit, love in this industry; with independent legal status and qualification of the operation and management ability.

two, capital and store requirements:

have the appropriate financial strength, a single investment of more than fifty thousand yuan of funds. To meet with Wuliji restaurant franchise headquarters opened the street shops; shop area of 15-50 square meters.

Due to the limited space of

Wuliji cuisine introduction only here, if you have this brand for what other.










与小小大星球系列在PS3上大步前进,这是Sackboy结交跳到索尼的新掌机PlayStation Vita的时间。这一次,原来的开发商,媒体分子通过的任务交给了一一一一和眼镜猴工作室。随着PS3的所有版本提供和添加触摸元素,从成功的过渡这是一个必须要买的,还是失望读下去。

游戏:LittleBigPlanet Vita





在小小大星球Vita特色的故事在游乐场发生所谓的carnivalia星球旅行。以前一个明亮、多彩和有趣的地方是,木偶开始变得目中无人。不幸的是,他创造了一堆肮脏的生物叫做山谷,把曾经美丽的carnivalia进入一个黑暗的、阴郁的、危险的世界,所有的木偶和木偶的空隙。随着Sackboy的帮助下,你的任务是把凹陷和带回来,不只是傀儡,但一旦缤纷多彩的世界。对于那些担心这是一个直接的特色在PS3版本的故事的港口,你可以轻松的呼吸这是一个完全崭新的故事,表现在PS Vita版,而这就保持了游戏的新鲜和原始。


一样会击中你的直线距离,当你第一次开始小小大星球是多么不可思议的看起来对Vita的惊人的OLED屏幕。颜色弹出从屏幕和一切关于图形尖叫类。包真的打你与它的华丽和郁郁葱葱的世界,如果你有经验的PS3版本,你会立即爱上再次。它真的就像在一个小屏幕上播放PS3版。他们如此相像,不可思议。不仅颜色看起来不可思议,灯光也漂亮。动画看起来不可思议,没有问题停止流动和魅力Sackboy做他想做的事。当你把这个游戏提供了美丽的场景,它真的打回家是多么的开发工作室已使这一令人难以置信的看着标题。如果你期待一个低能的大哥哥的版本,那么你将在一个巨大的冲击。这是一个标题,出色的演示了PS Vita已经罩在其多大的权力。


小小大星球在PS Vita特点所有美丽的声音效果,你期望从这个系列在PS3。你不仅会听到有趣和古怪的斯蒂芬·弗雷管,不时与他辉煌的色调,游戏的配音在过场动画,让你认识到为什么小小大星球系列是如此独特而有趣的。好的声音效果,主要的吸引力是惊人的配乐,功能贯穿整个单人战役。这是非常吸引人的,它适合在整个故事方面出色,证明是多么重要,音乐是一个视频游戏。



在每个水平上的小小大星球的生活你会遇到分数泡沫和奖的难题,不仅给你一个更好的成绩时的水平完成,而且奖励你的新项目,如贴纸,创造当你潜入深海,服饰配件和工具的创新模式。一个很酷的元素,增加了更多的深度的游戏是能够收集的泡沫,点缀在Carnivalia。每个键给你一个新的支线任务添加到您的单人战役,这些可以从与游戏(这将需要另一个玩家在线或离线播放),包括流赛车,曲棍球,拳击小游戏,(我个人最喜欢的)bash-a-sackboy。在PS Vita版的一大特点是你最熟悉的小小大星球的PS3版本的辉煌程度的创造者。作为一个完全成熟的编辑器,它实际上感觉更自然的PS维塔由于这样的事实,触摸屏和触摸垫是用来做所有的创造,使整个经验,有点容易比以前。它是用你的popit触摸屏,铺贴和添加材料或后触摸板放大和缩小,它就像一个梦,是奖励你一旦得到了你的创造性的一面去。


虽然故事模式可以完成约五小时,仍有探讨和在小小大星球维塔经验数额巨大。单独收集每个级别的所有项目需要花费大量的时间。再加上你的迷你游戏和玩的水平,其他用户有创造的能力,还有很多工作要做,在小小大星球维塔。这是甚至没有提到巨大的水平创造者的特色。小小大星球是不断给PS Vita游戏。


小小大星球维塔在PS Vita上真是一个令人惊叹的软件。它已经制作了这样的奉献精神和技巧,这是很难相信,这一系列最初是用来与一个标准的家庭控制台控制器,尤其是当它工作如此出色,这样一个较小的设备该系列’商标魅力和魅力也存在,与视觉效果超过匹配的PS3版本。如果你拥有一个PS Vita,你需要在你的生活中小小大星球。说这个游戏是’必须买’是轻描淡写的最高秩序。触摸屏Sackboy,我们向你致敬。



Circular on printing and distributing the speech of mayor Liu Tianhai at the meeting of lawyers in t

District and County Bureau, the law firms: in April 28th, the City Council held a working meeting of the city’s lawyers, deputy mayor Liu Tianhai made an important speech on the work of lawyers made specific requirements and guidance. The speech of vice mayor Liu Tianhai is hereby printed and distributed to you, please implement it carefully, and the implementation of the situation and the times Bureau attorney notary management office.   two, May 3rd
  Key words:
  lawyer leading speech notice; report: Provincial Justice Department lawyers association, the Party Organization Department, municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department, municipal committee.  : send: Municipal Supervision Room, the municipal government information office.   Xining Municipal Bureau of justice in May 3, 2012 issued a total of 40 copies
in the city’s lawyers work conference speech   municipal government deputy mayor Liu Tianhai (April 28, 2012)   Comrades: the main task of this conference is the lawyer learning to convey the province’s lawyers work conference, in recognition of the city’s outstanding law firm, excellent lawyer and excellent administrative law, summary of the city’s achievements, arrangements for the next phase of the work of lawyers. In recent years, our city lawyers work around the party and government work, service, integrity as the theme, to regulate the development of the main line, and actively expand the field of legal services, and constantly improve the quality of legal services, give full play to the functions of lawyers in economic and social development in the service industry, and achieved remarkable results. The lawyer has reached 176, a total of 16 law firms, lawyers continue to enhance the overall quality, the important role of lawyers work in service of the city’s economic and social development in the majority of lawyers to further highlight; by providing quality and efficient legal services to promote the comprehensive, coordinated and sustainable economic and social development; actively participate in politics, to reflect the demands of society to further promote the construction of democratic politics. In addition, the majority of lawyers are also actively involved in earthquake relief, poverty alleviation and other social welfare undertakings, showing a strong sense of social responsibility and lofty dedication. Here, on behalf of the municipal Party committee and the municipal government, I would like to express my highest respect and heartfelt thanks to the city’s practicing lawyers! Warm congratulations to the outstanding law firms, outstanding lawyers and outstanding executive! Just now, Comrade Yan towards conscientiously sum up the work of lawyers in recent years the city’s achievements, analyzes the situation and problems of the work of lawyers in a period of the deployment, I totally agree, I hope Comrades combined with the actual implementation. Below, I will do a better job in the city’s lawyers, to talk about a few views.
1, around the party and the government’s central work, adhere to the correct political direction at present, our city is in a critical period of economic and social development, accelerate economic development and security;


The Municipal Bureau of statistics held a symposium on the reform of the data collection method of i

According to the National Bureau of industry division "notice on the investigation carried out" industrial output data acquisition method and the current reform of industrial economic development issues, the Xining Municipal Bureau of Statistics Bureau of the office of leadership and invited the Xining area 17 large, medium and small scale industrial enterprises, the reform of the total industrial output value and the current data acquisition method industrial economic development of hot issues in the discussion and research

according to the National Bureau of industry division "notice on the investigation carried out" industrial output data acquisition method and the current reform of industrial economic development issues, the Xining Municipal Bureau of Statistics Bureau of the office of leadership and invited the Xining area 17 large, medium and small scale industrial enterprises, the reform of industrial output data acquisition methods at present the current economic development and industry hot issues in the talks and discussions.

meeting, deputy director of the Municipal Bureau of statistics Wang Zhigong made an important speech. According to her "exposure and the main data on the basic situation of three enterprises" quality verification problems, explains the importance of the convening of the conference, the participating enterprises to encourage staff actively express their views and suggestions for the development of statistical reform suggestions. The participating enterprises with their respective industries, products and revenue accounting system structure, the reform of industrial output data collection and calculation methods; in raw materials, labor, and capital costs are rising in the current market environment, the profits of industrial enterprises still maintain high growth reason; the current SME loans, capital chain tension and operating difficulties, but this situation is not reflected in the statistics, how to look at the small and medium-sized enterprise management difficulties and statistics contrast and other topics in a lively discussion and expressed their views.

Through the discussion of

, allows us to understand the existing problems in the enterprise to submit reports and opinions and suggestions to reform the calculation method of the data, provide the basis for the National Bureau of statistics revised industrial output data acquisition method.