Ali acquisition of high property search results for a new map of Shanghai

actually I haven’t felt this map based search results what is good, but in my search "Shanghai site construction" to see the panorama, the moment I suddenly felt for the user search, the search results are worthy of recognition. Then I search for "Suzhou where fun", search out the map without panorama, but with the continuous development and breakthrough of panoramic three-dimensional map, the map search results the user experience will be better, such as Suzhou where the fun I search scene if there are panoramic three-dimensional map, the user search even "first in the" experience. And if I were looking for a >

only if you are standing in the station position, love to say Shanghai’s search results to Shanghai’s own "thing" has been more than enough, the proportion is too large, and now give love map of Shanghai so "care", this let the webmaster friends and staff can not help twelve website optimization Speechless. This move and love Shanghai too hard, on the one hand to "love Shanghai map" spread in the search results, on the one hand, "forced" corporate owners pay engage in "map" (mark of love map of Shanghai as keywords to be charged).

what kind of "keyword" will trigger the "map"


love Shanghai certainly is not such a fool as to whether you found what keywords, are the first to get you a love map of Shanghai, that is self smashing signs. Now this special status of "map" has just appeared, certainly also is perfect, here we also can only vaguely to guess what kind of keywords will trigger the "map" effect. I try to search a lot of words in my most familiar website construction industry, the construction of regional now search sites such as Suzhou website, Shanghai website construction and the words will trigger a "map" effect. In fact, this keyword is not difficult to guess, when users search for the keyword search for companies, manufacturers have a "place" of the nature of the time could trigger a "map" effect. But also need to meet another fundamental condition is that search keywords had a keyword map marked. But this point with love Shanghai for map this special treatment, the keyword map marked "will quickly be webmaster friends and Shanghai Longfeng practitioners pay attention to it. Keywords map marked so many people but also involves a ranking on the map, it remains to be further studied.


can now many of my friends have also found that many of the search results page is the first love map of Shanghai (as shown below is my search "Suzhou site construction" and "Tianma network" in the search results). The first is to reflect my love sea map tactics may be for a few days ago, the acquisition of high moral ali. The search results to the user experience?

This type of

map search results the user experience is good


Shanghai dragon industry is bright Shanghai dragon Er occupation is dim

Shanghai dragon chain whatever how hard, how many search engines in the competition, Shanghai dragon is every webmaster want to site to expand to experience. Now whether it is personal website or corporate website, there is a specialist of Shanghai Longfeng Shanghai Longfeng team in the web service, no way this is a big trend. Whether it is love or Shanghai, Google, 360 search engines, home to 10 locations, ten positions of hundreds of millions of websites to grab (if you remove pr>

is the third quarter of 2012 to the search engine market share report for the first quarter of 2013.

love Shanghai in 4.17 days after birth experience with words and more publicity. The library is more and more difficult to success. And in the blog is becoming more and more love Shanghai algorithm is low, the use of anchor text too much love of Shanghai is also likely to be considered cheating chain;

two, Shanghai dragon industry outlook is good.

as of now (2013.10) 360 of the market share has reached 20%, compared with 13.42% in March 13th, 6 months will occupy 7% of the market share. Love the market share of Shanghai search engine is being eroded. In the future is to compete in many search engines, 360, Google will rise, the love of Shanghai is no longer the only choice of search engine. Shanghai dragon Er search engine will face more pressure.

In July 1st

love Shanghai’s market share is gradually reduced to

chain has become more and more difficult to do, Shanghai dragon.

, the Shanghai dragon is each site must do

, Shanghai dragon Er occupation is dim

decide on what path to follow?Second,

Shanghai dragon industry prospects are bright, and Shanghai dragon Er occupation is dim


love Shanghai Scindapsus aureus algorithm 2 updates, this piece of soft Wen chain became a website with the poison of fear. Then the main classification information, yellow pages website corresponding revision, publishing platform can put a plurality of small. The chain for the emperor era is lopsided. Shanghai dragon Er how to do?

entered the Shanghai dragon in this industry for half a year, have their own understanding of Shanghai dragon. In the big and small Shanghai dragon forum Post Bar, Webmaster Platform and some QQ group global long, Shanghai er know more or less general view of their occupation of the dragon. Shanghai dragon Er mostly in the forum to complain, complain, complain that Shanghai dragon has become more and more difficult, more difficult to love Shanghai. General Shanghai dragon Er occupation future is bleak. I think so, too。

love Shanghai 4.25 released "on the chain of judgment" and pointed out that "judging whether the chain for the chain of the principle of real recommendation". Love Shanghai is to eliminate the human chain release way. While the soft chain looks like it is a good way.


Ali integrity through a combination of love Shanghai auction will play more than 2 1+1 pattern

now for small and medium-sized enterprises, two of the best platform for the promotion of information is two, one is represented by the B2B Alibaba platform, the other with a search engine as the representative of the love of Shanghai. Some people may also say that micro-blog marketing, WeChat marketing, video marketing and so on, for China of small and medium enterprises are still too immature. Even the most basic B2B are a problem, at least in this industry where I was. So on the whole network marketing for small and medium-sized enterprises is also not realistic, can do love Shanghai and Ali is very good. Of course, the two platform is different, such as partial information factors love Shanghai more and more partial commodity factors ali. So why is the biggest profit Shanghai love to support the medical industry, because the medical profession is the type of information.

as you know, Ma said the data is only in the navigation, the data support the case we can know what we do right, do good. Because of the very limited Ali treasure net sales data, we do not support the basic data analysis. So I stop using network marketing treasure, not this thing is not good, but there is no data to support the case I can’t do. Analysis of various data love Shanghai bidding can be very good, analysis of the data dimensions are large enough that you can not imagine. For example, we do Tianpai tin packaging, we can analyze the inquiry most is what kind of keywords, which brings a kind of conversion keyword. This part of a word is extracted, such as we do Tianpai tin, common suffix word tin, tin box, tin box, tin box, metal box and so on, we can easily get into the analysis of the types of words of high.

then send information on the Alibaba mainly add that one kind of word conversion is high, and focus on the display object. Can we get some unexpected search for words, if you are open, widely, this is very valuable. Finding this kind of keywords, whether in love or Shanghai Ali is very valuable. Love Shanghai bidding inside data can be used to Ali too much, love Shanghai access to data is the most widely. This is the love of Shanghai to support Ali Ali, of course also can support the love of Shanghai.

I was doing this Shanghai dragon was born, our company is doing the product, so Ali and love Shanghai have. I have been to two can be combined, and the pattern of 2 1+1<. I have been wondering how to make Ali combined, through the exploration for such a long time, now is something. Say you want to discuss, two platform combination, very understand the properties of the two platforms. Ali is known as data to do the best, but I find it just for its own use of data. Don’t give the majority of businesses to use, I did a few days Ali Ali chengxintong, Ali is the same as love Shanghai auction, but very limited there to see the data, not worth mentioning compared to love Shanghai auction data.


The outlook for web games in 2009 is the size of the game site

2009 web games in the game market has shown several hundred, hundreds of web game companies compete with each other. But there are several profits from the market, the news came out that the current income of no more than 5.

         ;     but some web hosting companies revealed that the news was purely pedestrian nonsense. Is it real or is it bullshit? These are not what we need to be concerned about, but we are concerned about whether it will affect our web game site. Personally, I think the impact is yes, but not very much. Because Web Games in the market can not go bankrupt, even if closed down.

            that is, those who do not have the ability of small web game companies, small web game failures have no impact on us. Big deal, those office workers all go to play a game, so for us to do web game site influence is not very big. Only you that optimize your site, and what to say.

comes from: reprint, please indicate


Baidu’s tough March itch for new sites

I’ve made three new stations since last year. Three stations have encountered the same problem, I do new sites encountered in the process of "Baidu" in March itch written out, I hope the new station friends help.

the first station started in January, and I added the JS code from the webmaster network. Namely: "this article comes from × ×; source text × ×" the Internet has said that this may lead to Baidu’s right to drop reasons. Just believe it. At that time, Baidu every day from the 1K IP to 50IP, so the situation lasted for a month, Baidu also does not include new pages. Just sell that station. Yes, 200IP, sold 100RMB.). Later, the person who bought the station did not make any changes except for adding a few outbound links to the station’s home page. I sometimes go to his station and haven’t been updated. Suddenly one day, I saw the station’s IP reached more than 1000 (his statistics publicly), carefully look at his station, did not add any import links, but also did not update the article. Calculate the time, about 90 days Baidu weight restored. Now the first half of the year is not updated, there are still more than 100 IP traffic.

is the beginning of the second station, want to learn CMS PHP second, the end of the month I started first with the free space limit flow of 1G, is more than a month’s time, when the flow reaches 1KIP, the flow is not enough, I switched to space charge. Change space only 20 minutes to complete the resolution, the results change space, the day Baidu did not grab, (another friend of mine also appeared large flow, change space and then drop right), that is to change space caused Baidu drop right. From then on, I was downhearted. But I think I can do 1000IP in a month, and I still have some confidence in doing it myself.

, the third stop, is the station, start again, I’m careful to do the station. It took less than a month to achieve the day IP1000 mainly from the search engine industry. I also in Webmaster nets wrote several soft Wen propaganda my station. When the heart, Baidu also ignore me. I once, but fortunately I found I sold that station weight restored, is three months, I think, Baidu is not a period of three months. During the period, second stations experienced three months, but also restored the weight. So I from June until the end of September, now finally in the first page of the SITE home page. Baidu search site name is also in the first (no competition keywords, before going abroad)

through the above three new station site experience summed up the following:

1., Baidu on the new examination more strict (whether you are.CN or.COM), not only half a month included assessment period, but also more weight assessment period of three months.

2. website is a long-term process, especially in one or two months did not resume on the sale, it is a pity.

time is tight, >


Hot pot restaurant location to grasp the five principles

watched the hot pot sales season is coming, many of the intention to open a hot pot shop entrepreneurs are starting to stir. When it comes to hot pot restaurants, the first thing to do is to choose a good shop. A lot of people are the first venture, how to choose the hot pot shop location, small series that these five principles are necessary to tell them.

Second, to implement the principle of proximity. In other words, to facilitate transportation, convenient communication, easy access. Located in or near the business district, economic zone, cultural zone, development zone, the road is smooth, the customer is easy to "close";

Third, to the environment supporting place. External environment to form a climate, hot pot restaurants to other food and beverage to operate, such as "food street", "hot pot city" and so on, at the same time to promote their own comprehensive support, combined with a variety of operations, the formation of economies of scale;

Fourth, profit forecast. How hot pot shop site? In the pre opening, in order to combine a variety of factors, a certain period of sales and gross margin analysis, forecasting profits and benefits.

fifth, the site built. For example Hot pot shop how site now has a home loss to the shop to transfer you can put the store to sublet over, because it has the potential customers, this shop can attract some consumers in the original site.


Make your life simple and happy life is so simple

always feel that their life is too complicated and too much trouble? In fact, life is simple and easy, easy to do, the following recommendations, you will find that life is so simple, so full of fun!

1 to be polite, but don’t let everyone become your friend. Instead, take the time to cultivate the people you can get.

2 don’t try to read the thoughts of others. Don’t try to let others know what you’re thinking. To communicate, communicate.

By the time

6 to care about their body, do a physical examination regularly every year.

7 means. Don’t buy things you don’t need. Don’t sleep all the time. Set up a budget and savings plan and stick to it for a long time.

To have enough sleep every night

9 organize your living space and working space.

10 to get rid of those things you don’t need.

11 spend a little time to learn a time-saving trick or shortcut, you can use over and over again in the future.

13 of the people around you may fill your gaps. Let them do what they’re good at, and you’ll do better.

14 must pay bills on time.

15 on the way home, remember to fill up, rather than in the morning, covered with confusion.

16 if you are not sure when to know how to ask.

18 using the technique to perform the task.

Don’t steal

21 as far as possible to the person you love how to say "I love you".


Beijing is expected to introduce a bike sharing management system

lives with small yellow car, people travel more meaningful, more Beijing citizens can enjoy cycling fun, not only make people’s life more convenient, but also won the people’s attention. However, behind the beautiful phenomenon, people will also find that the lack of management of shared bicycles, brought a lot of problems.

with a variety of colors of the shared bicycle fresh appearance, citizens can enjoy the competition too busy to attend to all the free riding of welfare. But at the same time, the vehicle was destroyed, the car lock to open slowly, the vehicle was occupied for himself, and other news has been coming.

in the convenience of the public travel at the same time, more and more people share the dazzling need to monitor the bike. In this regard, the Municipal People’s Congress, the Beijing municipal Party committee deputy director Song Weizu said, should set up a bike sharing access and management standards, and encryption infrastructure bicycle parking.

at the same time according to the standards to increase law enforcement efforts. City Department of transportation said, sharing bicycle management approach is expected to introduce this year, is currently studying the plan, or district will delimit the sharing of bicycle parking area, bike sharing management by the operating company is responsible for guiding the healthy and orderly development, sharing of bicycle.

in Beijing, more and more people began to ride a bike sharing, let people feel there is a shared bicycle, people’s life become convenient, hope in the future, the relevant departments to launch on bicycle sharing scheme, to share the bicycle more development planning.

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Ceramic sanitary ware product quality problem is increasingly obvious

with the improvement of living standard, people also grow with each passing day bathroom products for the requirements, but now the quality of ceramic sanitary products is becoming more and more obvious, it has become an unavoidable topic, following on from the small as we explain.

    uneven;     a common phenomenon, now the domestic ceramic sanitary ware industry still exists is that companies tend to launch low high multiple brands, do long began to have no confidence, patience to do. In view of the current competition situation of ceramic sanitary ceramic sanitary ware enterprises in China, it is time to give up reluctantly, no longer is the number of the siege of the market. It is understood that many of the domestic first-line brands have begun to focus on brand strategy planning to focus on creating a strong brand to meet the needs of the domestic market. Only concentrate on doing a good brand, it is possible to compete with foreign brands of ceramic bathroom.


  extended product boundless;       now many domestic sanitary enterprises are widespread expansion of boundless trend, the reason is because the operators of ceramic sanitary ware companies and dealers think products to get certain development is the future development the road, so will cause a large area of product development production. Some companies tend to have two to three brands, different brands by the managers do not have to manage, it is easy to cause a variety of products in the company’s internal comparisons. A certain number of product development is indeed a great benefit to the development of enterprises, but the introduction of new products will be counterproductive.

        third, the advantage of subdivision is ignored in

      for the current ceramic sanitary ware enterprises and brands, especially a large quantity of small and medium-sized enterprises and bathroom brand, in order to stabilize the pace in the market, only to identify the appropriate location advantage single, deepening, and professional go to do segmentation in the specification. In technology, materials, processes, services can be optimized to ensure the quality of the product, in order to really put the brand on the right track.


The province’s rapid development of e-commerce to speed up the development of new economic power tel

6 7, the province’s rapid development of e-commerce to accelerate the development of new economic power teleconference. The meeting on the implementation of the "people’s Government of Qinghai Province on the development of e-commerce to accelerate the development of the implementation of the views of" new economic power is analyzed, and summarized the work, exchange of experience, the development of electronic commerce in the province next arrangement. Vice governor Kuang Yong attended the meeting and delivered a speech.

Kuang Chung pointed out that we must affirm the achievements, face up to the problem, and effectively enhance the sense of responsibility and urgency to accelerate the development of e-commerce under the new situation. He pointed out that in recent years, the province continued to optimize the development of e-commerce environment, demonstration leading role is growing, expanding the field of application, to promote the effectiveness of employment, cross-border e-commerce work in an orderly manner. At the same time, there are still some difficulties and problems in the development of e-commerce in our province.

Kuang Chung stressed the need to clear the task, grasp the key to promote the healthy and rapid development of e-commerce in our province. To grasp the application of e-commerce development, grasp the e-commerce subject cultivation, to build e-commerce platform, grasp the e-commerce infrastructure construction, grasp the employment of electronic commerce, grasping e-commerce support system construction. At the same time, we should strengthen the organization and leadership, increase policy support, strengthen the construction of talent team, strengthen propaganda and guidance, and strive to create a new situation of e-commerce in our province.