Gao Xiaoqin on the wine table embarrassed why many CEO see the tearsHow do I get my share of the mon

talked about at this dinner, behind Chen Qingquan to stay, since high Xiao Qin waved his hand and pulled out in time on the assistant, assistant after drunk by Gao Xiaoqin like paralysis, in her neck between breath, wine shop in the ears, also because of increased body temperature becomes very heavy, high demanding his assistant Xiao Qin half back, half and half dragged into the car.

Since the

in order to protect her sister from infringement, she was Zhao Ruilong, Du Bozhong raped, 4 years 3 miscarriages. Later, she was given Qi Tongwei as a mistress, but in this way she created the landscape group.

Abstract: since the start of any side, to maintain high Zazhi last clear: if someone is not a friend, she wanted to protect themselves; they are friends, to protect her. The most difficult time to start business, she went home on the doldrums, every 5 minutes to open the mailbox and WeChat, the night before 12, nothing to sleep.


drink, drink wine and not at the end of the day, but with the thing on the table.

first: how do you choose micro-blog website?

this is a little with our webmaster website do consider what industry will stand before the website or on what content sites, micro-blog is also the same material, to be precise, so as to get more fans, not what content is released, so that micro-blog’s quality will be greatly reduced.

at this time, she hasn’t climbed Tongwei Qi, "sapiential" singing is also not skilled.

In fact, micro-blog

once thought of landscape group business, and high Zazhi like played chicken spirit.

she knows deeply that if you go to the Bureau today, either you fall or I die.

in the East, where there was a wine Bureau, three hours on the phone, but arrived in table three glasses of wine. This is the truth that Gao Jian has always believed since he started his business.

here I just introduced as my own way, when we first started and no fans, I choose the mutual powder this method is of mutual concern, the dissemination of micro-blog content that lets you quickly released out for others to see, is sure to have friends asked me where to find people to interact with us this powder, you can add group. When the fans reach about 500, you can join a large number of micro-blog groups that match your content theme. Each article is forwarded to the group. This will attract more people to pay attention to you. As long as you stick to it, you will succeed.


night fled after a meal, a lot of high Xiao Qin was filling wine, head dizzy, but also helped the new assistant to go outside.

third: how do you get micro-blog’s promotion?

since the start, no matter who need to maintain high Zazhi last awake, because if someone is not a friend, she wanted to protect themselves; if people are friends, she wanted to protect them.

now domestic micro-blog site is relatively large, Sina, Tencent, Sohu. Secondly, the second line of a little bit of network, such as second-line is temporarily not introduced. I do is micro-blog Sina micro-blog Sina micro-blog, I also recommend here first, sina is the first to do micro-blog, Sina second micro-blog uses micro-blog’s third independent domain name, Sina blog, many famous people from all walks of life are in use, which makes Sina micro-blog opened to attract a large number of registered members.

she is a CEO, is also a link between the interests of man and tools, in the power of the whirlpool, foot deep mud, she struggled to escape. She can not do the true meaning of the revolt, jump out of the cycle, because of the tough road of entrepreneurship……

fourth: how do you make money on micro-blog?

Gao Xiaoqin this character, in fact, is very sad.

business the most difficult period of time, a home on the low-spirited high Xiao Qin, and friends to chat, absent-minded every 5 minutes to open the mailbox and mobile phone WeChat group, 12 in the evening before even if nothing is can’t sleep sleep.

in Han Dong for a few years, high Zazhi had not the humble Fisher girl, fought all the way to the upstart CEO position, not only in business than the same level of men better, people also learn to chat, a cup of flirting, this station in the center of the topic resource man.

today to share with you how I do Sina through micro-blog I have a monthly income of 3000 last year, micro-blog is also just out, micro-blog didn’t know how to make money, but also a friend said to me, I am working in our city information industry park, the inside of the network company a lot. My friends go to work in a company which is their company is micro-blog marketing staff, the positive wage could reach about 3000, playing shows micro-blog is still very profitable. I started operating micro-blog around January of this year. Here to share with you, I am how to operate, now fans do more than 120 thousand.


second: choice of content topics?

money is also to others advertising, usually send a hundreds of it depends on the amount of fans for you, if you do micro-blog content is about Home Furnishing industry, basically you have 5W many fans will send someone asked you to publish an ad information. Some people may not even know the micro-blog marketing advantage, I am here with you to explain it, when you have a 5W fan, you release a micro-blog, you 5W fans of micro-blog home page will appear that you have just released the micro-blog, and not only your fans to see the fans and can see this post than >


Problems in hospital websites in the medical industry (two)

current medical industry in the hospital site problems, second phase, in fact, this second phase for some friends, may not be a very serious problem. Today to say may be still hospital site of pre planning some attention, but I think each hospital is facing new website, so I write this article. I think there are still some reference for everyone.

for the medical industry, the formation of the hospital network marketing team is not perfect, the lack of specialized medical site early development of site planning personnel, so to design out of the site will have a lot of details of the problem, although the problem is not serious, but the problem is always a problem. Even if only 1% of the impact, I think it should be ruled out as far as possible.

page opens

web operators can now open their own websites to see how their website links (news links, navigation links) are opened. Does your hospital website jump to the new page on the basis of the original page, or do you open the new page directly in the new window?

we take a hospital for reference, please open the check this hospital website links open website, open the way for the jump to the new page in the original page, which is the way to map a. Well, let’s talk about this link now, so let’s just click on a link in the organization’s Web site and move on to the next page.

, we can look at this page, and although this site introduces a crumb link in the design, it tells the user which browser he or she is browsing in.

– – "bread crumb links,

now we imitate the user access process, take a look at this article, this article a total of three screen length (the mouse wheel scrolling, and more) in the article finally did not give users an indication of this is the return to the home page, or to browse the relevant content classification. The user will need to drag the page to the first screen, and then click the navigation Home button for the return operation. This undoubtedly increases the user’s operational steps. Here, imagine if the user clicks the "close" button after browsing through this article. What to do? This is the biggest problem and embarrassment when you jump to the new page in the original page. It also involves a problem where the user is habitually closed after visiting the page, and the results continue to look for the hospital’s associated formula, which is likely to result in the two click of Baidu or Google’s ad campaign.

so, let’s look at a better solution.

this organization at the end of the news page to add a pointer to the user’s link button, tell the user you can return to the home after reading. No doubt solved some of the problems. But what if the user closes the page habitually,

?Here’s what



My road to grass roots one harvest, one harvest

I saw

friends did at the station in 2007, on the recommendation of a friend in the new network to buy a domain name, and then began my site tour, because often in the Ali Mama, stationmaster net, outdated webmaster forums, so often see some Adsense experience like the article, all that generate static file search engine included, then made a DZ forum, then 6 static has been very mature, so do the 1 months or so, Baidu, Google included large quantities, but due to the popularity of the content is too little, I a person, every day included only a few,, traffic has always been hovering around a dozen IP, watching it every day dozens of IP.

the occasional opportunity, from a station known strengths acquisition, can be heard within a day of tens of thousands of hair stick, to tread on air, from a friend to a cracked version, to start my crazy collection of the road, a day online posting thousands of crazy collecting stickers, XinLiMei Zi Zi to wait the search included, thought this day included thousands of stickers, traffic is not a day tens of thousands of IP.

The results of

I was contrary to expectation after the two week, I found that only Google update my home page of the site, a content is also not included, other search engines directly connected home has no update, this problem has not been solved. I think these search engines are testing my patience. A few days of hard work didn’t reach my results, but the search included in reduced later in stationmaster net to see an article that a large number of duplicate content that is on the garbage collection search, will only reach the reverse effect, only the original article will search spider love, after reading the previous behavior of their troubles at.

after the lessons of the past, finally realized that station can not be instant success, and behave like to do to have a good return, then continue to do his work send original stickers, and adhere to the post every day, it’s time to send a stick, hair, doing this for more than a week, and every day home page snapshot, and the search is updated every day, how many basic posted on how much, let me a long time to find the joy, regain self-confidence, after more than a year, my website in my daily insistence, finally from a small growth for a nearly 10000 IP station.

from my recent do stand experience but also to the new station long friends do a piece of advice, but also the most important, is not anxious to do what, no hard work and effort is unlikely to succeed, if there is not enough to pay, there is no good harvest, the so-called one Geng Yun 1 harvest, this is the truth of the permanent.


The development of the industry how to make use of the Wangzhuan Wangzhuan forum better on the Inter

with the development of the Internet, Wangzhuan industry has become the grassroots webmaster will do in daily life, but also higher in recent years fast, also attracted a lot of attention to the novice webmaster, when the Internet to expand day by day, Wangzhuan domestically this industry has also begun to mature in fact, with the foreign Wangzhuan industry still has certain difference, but domestic Wangzhuan not too good, but the overall trend is still moving forward, the future of the Internet Wangzhuan will become a hot topic.


recently, the author has been responsible for the optimization of Wangzhuan forum, in the optimization process also got a lot of experience, want the forum optimization to Baidu home page Wangzhuan type, the whole structure optimization and page optimization and content optimization is essential, but also to do some efforts in the external links and this is recommended, in general this couple is the type of site Wangzhuan necessary, but a lot of Wangzhuan site owners are beginning to use the Discuz forum, to give up CMS dream weaving program, I think this is a good choice, now the forum program has matured stage, and there are portals and forums and homes and other functions, through the forum do Wangzhuan site types other than the program better than many times, at the same time, the grassroots webmaster and novice webmaster can also use the Forum on the Internet There are opportunities for a better online, here by the webmaster exchange with the type of Wangzhuan.

must first have two conditions,

, you need to find a good Wangzhuan

type do Wangzhuan owners must first find a good project, in general, good projects in the forum are recommended, as long as usual attention to high popularity of the forum you can timely find the webmaster good project, how to judge whether a project is good or bad? I think the first to see how the evaluation of the project and others, how long is this project operation time, finally see this project Wangzhuan whether there is a professional, such as whether the record Wangzhuan forum, whether there is a detailed help documentation, this is the first condition.

two, found to do vigorously propaganda,

to find a good project, to do vigorously propaganda and promotion, it is best to find other webmaster to cooperate. Do Wangzhuan owners should be more clear, is a good place for Wangzhuan Wangzhuan forum propaganda, but also can find the target users in the forum, you can find several popular relatively strong Wangzhuan forum, this is very simple, the webmaster only needs to search "network can make forum" on Baidu, finally do the best publicity.

after the two conditions above, the webmaster to join the forum, then registered member, spend a little time to release some good articles in these forums, should pay attention to the user experience and search experience, then your membership level and obtain high authority, general >


Operating health care products to make money worry free market demand is very hot

now many industries are beginning to face the transition, because the product can not meet the needs of people, or can not keep up with the trend of development, had begun to change. And some industries have not only stand up, and more popular. Health care industry is one of them, operating a health food store easy to make money, absolutely trustworthy.

Medical research shows that:

see the answer above, you should also be aware of the extent of the popular industry. And the quality of the brand is super strong suction gold strength, easy to sweep wealth. Flower honey health is a pretty good investment options to meet the market demand, four business worry free.


related recommendations


Store lighting design

The design of

store lighting is very important for the people, the design is good, can enhance the value of clothing stores up to a great extent, and can work to change the sense of space, the space with the role of personality. Therefore, the lighting is one of the important tools for the design of store atmosphere. Specific to the application level, lighting and play the following three categories:

1 basic lighting: basic lighting is mainly to make the whole store in the formation of the extension of the light, but also to maintain a unified store color, so as to ensure the basic lighting shop. Among them, the main use of the mode of embedded (such as floor lamp, roof barrel lamp), direct top lighting two solutions.

2 key lighting: for popular models and main products, the application of key lighting is very important. One of the key lighting can not only make the product form a three-dimensional feeling, while the strong contrast of light and shadow is also conducive to highlight the characteristics of the product. Of course, the focus of lighting can also be used in the window, LOGO, brand spokesperson, and the store model, to enhance the brand’s unique effect. As for the equipment, the main equipment used mainly for spotlights and wall lamps.

3: the main function of auxiliary lighting auxiliary lighting is to highlight the store color level, atmosphere and colorful visual effects rendering, enhance product attraction and infectivity of. Among them, the available lighting equipment, in this no longer cumbersome.

of course, in addition to artificial light, natural light, and change over time in the commodity circulation mapping surface quality of light emitted from the surface of the object, quality, clear tone and color reproduction rate of light itself is also very important. Therefore, only in the system to take into account the various effects of light, the various light source adjustment and application, in order to ensure that the light always rendering shop atmosphere, highlighting the display of goods, enhance the display effect.

It introduced the design of


Small business also has the university to teach you to spread your hands

a lot of people mentioned that the stall all feel very simple, do not get on the ground is now put on sale? In fact, although the stall is a small business, the need to pay attention to a lot of problems. Small businesses also have a university asked, today Xiaobian teach you put stall on hand.

select the time period. Holidays are a good opportunity, and you have to give up these things for money. Popularity is the lifeline of the stall, the faster you can sell goods to make money, not the higher the price to make money. After dinner at night is a good time to sell, 16:30 ~ 17:30 is the time to work, very popular, can enjoy the sales items, because people are tired of working out saw good fun, it will stop at have a desire to buy; 17:30 ~ 20:30 for dinner after the people walk shopping activities to start, all kinds of daily necessities, fun leisure supplies sales opportunity came; started around 21:00 the main consumer of food.

choose cheap practical goods. After all, stalls business, do not expect your earnings will reach 200% or more. Select the price of goods are generally less than 100 yuan, the spread of the business is concerned about the small profits and quick turnover, your goods and shopping malls than not, can not be a brand, but the quality of goods can not be less than the mall. People can choose to buy your goods because cheap affordable look good, but passers-by do not like to buy is a poor quality products.



Do you know the secret of running a tea shop

tea is the vast majority of people love to drink, not only taste good, very healthy, in everyone’s life, will be found around the tea shop are very profitable, looking at a small shop, the profit is considerable. So many entrepreneurs have sprouted the idea of opening a milk tea shop, in fact, operating a profitable milk tea shop, but also a secret. Today, we will introduce you to start a tea shop to do business secrets.

business highlights


name to attract customers. But now most of the young people love personalized thing, so Zhang to own tea shop has a very unique name: what is what, no tea shop. Milk tea unique, distinctive. Not only was special, tea is also the name of the name is special, many young blitz of TV drama, sports stars, etc..

business ideas

talk about selling milk tea shop a lot, but want to do well, but also pay attention to many places. Milk tea packaging has become a culture, is no longer a simple drink, but a fashion. The key point lies in, everyone was first attracted to the new varieties of tea, then gradually develop consumers agree with the taste of tea, it is the most authentic, look for the brand to buy.

milk tea gross profit at around 50%

content of 360 grams in a cup of pearl milk tea need 30 grams, 30 grams of cream ingredients, 20 grams pearl powder, the syrup, tea etc.. According to a quotation calculation, 13.8 yuan / kg, milk powder 12 yuan / kg, pearl 3.8 yuan / kg, per cup of pearl milk tea cost about 1 yuan, custom cups, sealing tape, etc. Straw cost about 0.4 yuan. In a cup of pearl milk tea 3 yuan calculation, the gross profit of tea in about 50%.

milk tea quality

a tea shop business has been flourishing, no matter what time, product quality and excellent service is the foundation of the new name and product name — the first buyers desire to buy, to move icing on the cake. The tea brewing process seems simple, in fact, to stabilize the taste of a variety of milk tea is not an easy thing. This requires investors to pay attention to improve their products and service quality.

venture many projects, an industry of tea industry is worth of choice, has a great prospect to mining, after reading the above description, for some business secret tea shop, now I believe we all understand. Today’s entrepreneurial market, there are a lot of projects, but we have to carefully choose to find the most suitable for their own projects. Tea shop investment is small, Lee recommend


How to join the whole family Haoheng steak

to recommend a more competitive steak for everyone to join the project — Haoheng Family steak today. In this high demand for healthy nutrition food, Haoheng Family steak is undoubtedly the best choice for you.

Haoheng family Catering Management Limited was born in the known as "seashore Zou Lu" reputation of the Fuzhou city. The rich cultural atmosphere, suitable climate, fresh City Rhythm cultivate Haoheng fashion, family health, nutrition, taste and natural product positioning. Enterprise team since 98 years into the western style steak industry, has more than ten years of experience in the management and operation of western style steak, entrepreneurship has become standardized, standardized to join the modern catering enterprises. Haoheng family join stores located in Fujian, Shandong, Shanghai, Guangxi, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Jiangxi city. Is becoming one of the most active brands in China’s beef industry. In the face of fierce competition in the market, Haoheng family will always adhere to encourage innovation, the pursuit of excellence, the core spirit of enterprising, grasp the market change, and continuously meet the new demands of the market. All the family are all Haoheng, in order to realize the target of "famous brand" Chinese health steak together.

How to join the

family Haoheng steak? What are the support? What are the advantages?

Haoheng Family steak joined in support of

1, store location

2, restaurant design

3, training support

4, personnel support

5, marketing support

6, distribution support

7, regional market protection

Haoheng Family steak join advantage:

1, more than 10 years of successful advantages of rich management experience, top secret characteristics of raw materials formulations.

2, brand health Haoheng steak, quality Chinese moved.

3, product advantage good steak, good nutrition, Haoheng family.

4, training advantage of cutting-edge management technology, to create the perfect execution team.

5, logistics advantage Haoheng family owned factories, ensure each branch to join the normal and orderly and good operation.

6, planning and design advantages we have a young team of planning and design, the


How to join sun tender cardboard buns

Chinese traditional cuisine so much, who is the oldest? I think it should be steamed stuffed bun, steamed stuffed bun after a long period of evolution, and now the characteristics of the steamed stuffed bun in the various regions of the Chinese land. From ancient times, has been a hot food buns. With the development of the times, natural buns are also under development, whether it is steamed skin or stuffing in continuous innovation, which is the most successful cardboard buns. The cardboard bun franchise brand which is better? Xiaobian to recommend you sun tender cardboard buns.


how to join tender cardboard buns

at the moment, China’s specialty food continues to devour the domestic food and beverage market, McDonald’s, KFC and other foreign food giants face unprecedented pressure. It is in this context, the Beijing paper bun from the beginning was called "China delicacy non genetic characteristics characteristics of the concept, the main characteristics of local delicacy market segments, and achieved positive effects. Now is a very well-known brand, so large cardboard buns have joined sun tender what support


After joining

, the headquarters will provide the following support:

kitchen management manual, front office management manual, staff management manual, VI discs, opening instruction manuals, maintenance manuals, equipment manuals, financial marketing manuals. Business planning assistance, provide holiday promotions, design related promotional items, at the same time, the package will be different with the headquarters for the development of business launch period the corresponding advertising, enhance brand image, expand brand awareness; such as: business planning, marketing planning, advertising, promotional and charity activities. For different regions, market, continuous technology, new product development, provided to the franchisee. Help the franchisee to obtain value-added services to win more areas the market competition ability of ". In the context of the contract; cardboard buns brand culture system, management mode, management system, medal of honor Support.

sun is not the same as the tender cardboard buns, steamed stuffed bun, you do not like to experience. Choose the sun tender cardboard buns, choose a good business. Want to invest in the business you do not hurry to leave a message, start your first step in the venture.