Qinghai flowers into the community flower arrangement contest held successfully

By the provincial forestry department, the provincial Flower Association, the cause of the western group of flowers into the community flower arrangement flower competition and bonsai, stone works exhibition was held in Xining in September 28th, Shangri-La community. From the community and Shangri-La community owners, engaged in flower cultivation, bonsai enthusiasts to participate in the game, the event is the 2008 Olympic Games, the Olympic FLOWER FLOWER luster donation Gladiolus flower and also an important tradition activities. read more


Sanjiang source National Park has become the focus of attention from all walks of life in Qinghai

December 9th, from the capital of Beijing came an exciting news: China will launch a national park system in Qinghai, the source of the pilot area of. December 11th, the provincial Party committee held a standing committee to implement the spirit of the central comprehensive deepening reform leading group meeting, the deployment of the source of Sanjiang national park system pilot work. Even Japan, "Sanjiang National Park" has become a hot word in Qinghai, Sanjiang from the source to the Huangshui Valley, from Kunlun Mountains to the shore of the Yellow River, Sanjiang source once again become the focus of attention from all walks of life in our province.

source in Sanjiang pilot, the National Park System of extraordinary significance, we have reason to believe that the future source of Sanjiang National Park is a shining Chinese, and even the world’s name card.

10 years of painstaking work, Sanjiang source of ecological protection project Chuzhan victory: the ecological system of Sanjiang source region of the degradation trend of the initial check, improve the ecological status of ecological construction areas; grassland and wetland area increased, the desertification trend preliminary reversal; grassland degradation trend has been curbed, problems eased water; to improve the water resource conservation function, increasing the total; soil conservation of ecosystem services to improve.

in mid June this year, the provincial environmental protection department issued the ecological environment in our province for ten years (2000 to 2010) report to assess changes in remote sensing. The report shows: ten years, our province;

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Xining urban and Rural Planning Bureau held a general plan revision work arrangements

"Planning" the overall development of city space in Xining city in 2030 interim results briefing held, Xining Urban Planning Bureau in accordance with the revision of general planning of the overall progress, June 28th, held a general planning revision work arrangements, the next step for the overall planning revision work planAfter

"planning" the overall development of city space in Xining city in 2030 interim results briefing held, Xining Urban Planning Bureau in accordance with the revision of general planning of the overall progress, June 28th, held a general planning revision work arrangements, the next step for the overall planning revision work plan. read more


On the selection of the most beautiful civil candidate publicity

they are from the city’s most grass-roots 12 civil servants, they use the most warmth of the story, the most simple feelings, the most selfless interpretation of the interpretation of the most beautiful meaning.

for the in-depth study and publicize the service level and advanced models, the service of the masses at the beginning of this year, the Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau in the city civil affairs system of grassroots civil workers, carefully selected 12 outstanding contributions in the work of the representative. read more


New year to go to the grassroots level to see the facts here is a lively new year

Li Hanmin 94 years old this year, live in the elderly welfare center. Thirty-one early in the morning, the center of the small blackboard to write a dinner notice, he and the center of the other more than seventy old people do not mention how happy heart. Li Hanmin said: "here is the lunar new year at home can not ah, here we busy, the old lady laughed, each is a companion."

old people are voluntary, at their own expense to come here to support the elderly, there is someone to take care of, and secondly, will not feel lonely. read more


Practice the mass line in deepening reform

Xining City, the comprehensive deepening of reform as an important starting point to carry out educational practice, seize the key areas and key links to deepen the reform and solve the problems, the actual results let people bring the experience of reform, to promote the mass line of educational practice and deepen reform complement each other, complement each other.

docking mass appeal reform list list

combined with the actual development of Xining, put forward to the reform of the economic system as a guide, to strengthen the administrative management system, city construction management system, the integration of urban and rural social undertakings, to reform and improve the system of ecological civilization, the system of Party building, and other 7 major categories of 33 specific reform topics, itemized in research, clear the focus of reform.

issued the "Xining municipal government purchase service work program", through government procurement and other forms, will be part of the public services in the past the government give the conditions of the social organizations, enterprises and institutions to fulfill the government this year, the purchase of public services include basic public education, employment, social security, legal aid, sports culture, sanitation, public transport and other 11 categories of 15, on a pilot basis extended to 14 areas of 118 public service projects, provide better service for the masses.To deepen the administrative examination and approval to provide convenient services:

focus of social and livelihood in solving problems

vigorously carry out quality and enhance the ability of training, entrepreneurship training, and actively absorb the entrepreneurial entities settled business incubators, establish training base of 53 enterprises, retention rate of 48.64% after probation. New 3 business incubator base, the 3 entrepreneurial training base. Around the construction of social security system;

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Ikedaya restaurant’s operating income

diversified development of the food and beverage industry in China makes more and more brands in the food and beverage market, the natural style of Japanese and Korean style restaurant brands are very popular with consumers. As a food and beverage investors in the choice of the purpose of joining you can choose the one hand on the one hand as the food and beverage brands, such as Ikeda Yari is very good.

ikedaya the brand founder of the joint catering industry quality resources to create fashion, warm day zero chilled material brand. Keep the local flavor in taste, and the products do a fresh supply assurance, ikedaya Japanese cuisine to advocate green consumption, nutrition, health, science and technology to go the road, to create a quiet and elegant classical Japanese cultural atmosphere in the dining environment on read more


North area to carry out food safety checks before

in order to ensure food safety during the holiday season, recently, the North District food and Drug Administration on the area of food and drug units conducted a pre inspection.
this inspection is the main content, whether the catering units held "catering service license" business; employees have a valid "health card" posts; operators are neat; food operation function facilities; there is a fly and dust prevention facilities, operating room; whether the trash stamped etc..

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Food and drug sector surprise checks large food problems in the west gate rectification

Mid Autumn Festival is coming, the provincial government food and drug safety committee requirements in the province to carry out two food safety special rectification action. September 24th, the provincial food safety committee to carry out special rectification, the provincial capital of some restaurants, supermarkets, snack city, food processing plants and other raids. Reporters followed the inspectors to see the overall inspection in good condition, but the problem is still a lot of individual restaurants.

in a storage room, placed side by side with the freezer, the inspectors found that the freezer cooked and raw food stored separately according to the requirements. In addition to this problem, in the corner hanging Pidai caused by the inspection personnel, the snakeskin bag hanging on a rack, placed around the messy debris, the ground is full of black oil, one is full of red pepper oil barrels on the side of the bucket is simple with a plastic sheet part the plastic cloth dipped in Chili oil, snakeskin bag and a half basin has installed hot oil container, "what is this?" The inspectors asked, kitchen staff will take down the snakeskin bag, opened inside is black and red pepper. "You are using this method to extract the Chili oil?" The face of law enforcement officers asked, kitchen staff silence. Refining spicy oil to have specialized equipment, you are very unsanitary, can be closed for rectification." Inspectors said.

tableware cleaning in place

tableware cleaning room, two staff wearing gloves to wash dishes, rinse tank cleaning pool in washing dishes were placed with a little foam, and then placed on the shelf.

"you have disinfection facilities? Do the dishes on the shelf?"

"our dishes after washing, took the waiter."

"disinfection facilities, rooms in the hall?"

"that will cause two pollution."

"in accordance with normal procedures, tableware;
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6.2 earthquake occurred in Yushu

according to the determination of seismic network in Qinghai on October 17th at 15:14, 6.2 earthquake occurred in Yushu Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in Zaduo County, the epicenter was located 32.8 degrees north latitude, 94.4 degrees east longitude, focal depth of 9 km, from Zaduo County 57 kilometers, 195 kilometers away from Yushu. Many counties have strong feelings, but no significant housing collapse.

after the earthquake, the first time the provincial Party Secretary Wang Guosheng and Yushu committee responsible comrades call to understand the situation and requirements of the state of Yushu, Zaduo arrange personnel to troubleshoot the disaster immediately, to protect people’s lives and property safety. Provincial Seismological Bureau and other relevant units to strengthen the monitoring and early warning, analysis judged, timely advice. Governor Hao Peng asked the provincial authorities to strengthen measures to closely cooperate with the state of Yushu, miscellaneous counties do disaster prevention and mitigation and other related work. Currently, the local Party committee and government organizations have organized the investigation of the disaster, there is no report of casualties, the mood of the masses. read more


Food safety incidents occurred in Xining during the Spring Festival

the morning of February 20th, the Municipal Health Bureau informed the city during the Spring Festival holiday food safety inspection and statistics, during the festival the city without the occurrence of food safety incidents, but there is a serious health problem of the unit subject to administrative penalties.

in order to ensure food safety during the Spring Festival holiday, the Xining Municipal Health Bureau to arrange the catering market during the holiday inspections. During the seven day long holiday, the city dispatched a total of more than 150 health inspectors, inspection of various types of catering units 280 times. During the inspection of law enforcement personnel required to operate strictly in accordance with the catering units of food processing hygiene requirements, to prevent cross contamination of food, prohibited the use of non food substances and the abuse of food additives, strengthen the tableware disinfection work earnestly, ledger, certificate and work during the Spring Festival, the strict centralized dining registration review system, and in accordance with the requirements of good sample work. read more


Comments non residents with gas price adjustment

October 16th, the city held to adjust the price of non residents with natural gas. Relevant departments informed the Xining non residents with natural gas price adjustment measures, the proposed non residents with natural gas prices to adjust the development plan to solicit opinions from the public. Vice mayor Xu Guocheng for non resident natural gas price adjustment of the antecedents and consequences are explained in detail. It is understood that since last July, the state has two times to adjust the price of natural gas gate stations, the city in more than a year to maintain the real price of natural gas, gas pressure and other enterprises according to the current situation, the price of natural gas in accordance with the relevant national requirements to shun price notice. Comments on the participants to the price adjustment scheme basically no objection to the non resident natural gas, heating prices and taxi fare adjustment to be more focused on because of the non resident natural gas price hike will residents hope the relevant departments to conduct a detailed investigation of the two aspects of the estimated adjustment cost, at the same time put forward opinions suggestions for the oil and gas sector and the heating enterprise services etc.. Why the adjustment of non residents with gas prices, according to the introduction, last July 10th, in September 1st this year, the national development and Reform Commission issued a document to raise the price of natural gas stations in the provinces. The stock of gas in our province (by the end of December 31, 2012 the annual total consumption of natural gas gate station) gas price raised to 1.93 yuan per cubic meter, the incremental gas (January 1, 2013 new users of all gas) station price raised to 2.41 yuan per cubic meter. Our city gate station upstream gas price so it has been raised, so the city non resident user terminal sales of gas price adjustment is imperative, this price adjustment is the national price adjustment file requires valence. At the same time, from last year, the two increase in the country’s natural gas prices, Xining gas companies have been carrying upstream pressure on the price adjustment. Since the first half of last year, the city’s consumer price index is higher, so there is no requirement in accordance with the national regulation of non residents with natural gas prices. Thus far, the city’s gas supply enterprises non residents with natural gas sales price upside down for more than a year. In particular, after entering the winter, the demand for natural gas increases, if not for non residents with natural gas prices to adjust, gas companies will face enormous financial pressure. Non residents with gas prices to be adjusted to the standard central heating boiler with gas prices (including city residents for central heating and gas) from 1.30 yuan per cubic meter adjusted to 1.60 yuan, increased 0.30 yuan per cubic meter; industrial gas prices by 1.70 yuan per cubic meter adjusted to 2.10 yuan; commercial gas prices by 2.07 yuan per cubic metre adjustment the bus station is 2.47 yuan; CNG user price from 1.63 yuan per cubic meter adjusted to 2.03 yuan; social CNG station gas price from 1.72 yuan per cubic meter adjusted to 2.12 yuan; the taxi filling gas price from 2.99 yuan per cubic meter adjusted to 3.39 yuan, increased 0.40 yuan per cubic meter, the increase rate of 13.38%. Residents living with gas sales price is not adjusted considering the income level of city residents, in order to protect the living standards of residents is not affected, the price of gas sales price is not adjusted for household use, still maintain the current 1.48 yuan per cubic meter; read more


Green red yellow color rendering public praise in Xining autumn more and more beautiful

"In the past, the streets of Xining, hillside plant less bleak autumn scenery. Xining is really beautiful autumn!" October 3rd, a family of three to Red Valley Leisure eco-tourism scenic play Ms. Chen told reporters. Xining autumn day Gao Yundan, two north-south mountain green on a thick and heavy in colours, rendering the color of red, yellow, the colorful picture let people taste the unique flavor of Xining belong to late autumn.

Xining fall short and precious. Reporters from the garden department, in order to let the autumn in Xining is beautiful, in recent years, the garden Department of plant configuration in parks, green space and the street, the selection of autumn leaves turn gold, from Tamarix, evergreen trees silhouetted against pine, spruce, achieve color clear effect. read more


Municipal Seismological Bureau to participate in the general office of the government to meet the 71

to commemorate the 89 anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, enrich the spiritual and cultural life of Party members and cadres. According to the general office of the municipal government office of the general arrangement, the Bureau of cadres and workers to participate in the office of the organization to meet the 71 hard pen calligraphy and photography exhibition evaluation activities. The
the hard pen calligraphy exhibition activities, not only the prosperity of the cultural life of the cadres and workers, we cultivate the sentiment, also to the promotion of Party member of bureau of cohesion, improve the executive ability of the Party branch has a great role in promoting, encouraging all cadres and workers to further improve the city earthquake prevention and disaster reduction work enthusiasm and confidence. read more


How to open a profitable Manicure shop

Manicure said, this is a kind of beauty of form many young girls favorite. At present, Manicure industry is developing rapidly, especially recently more popular at home and abroad is people. But for investors, Manicure open shop to make money, but also pay attention to the following aspects.

first, need a good product Manicure shop. Some Manicure shop to the pursuit of high profits, the introduction of Manicure inferior products, which brings great harm to the health of customers. As everyone knows, to the pursuit of immediate interests, will let Manicure shop lose more customers. Therefore, entrepreneurs should introduce qualified Manicure products, standardized management mode formed in the shop. read more


2014 style wind assessment results released

Recently, the municipal government jiufengban informed the 2014 annual style wind social evaluation results. The Local Taxation Bureau, tax bureau, the Municipal Public Security Bureau listed the top three categories of law enforcement supervision; Municipal Science and Technology Bureau, the Municipal Economic Commission (SASAC), the municipal administrative service center column comprehensive management of the first three; Municipal Bureau of forestry, farming and poverty alleviation and Development Bureau, the Municipal Bureau of tourism industry management top three list construction; line, ICBC, China Unicom listed business services three. read more


Dessert franchise business details

Chinese dessert with foreign is better than alone, from the figure on the Chinese dessert, should be no country can match on.

China food desserts, variety of food law, pay attention to, in the world, I am afraid that it is one of the best. Foreigners get sweets, it is nothing but pudding or cream, egg like cakes, but have different characteristics in China every place, in addition to confectionery, and every kind of sweet soup. After the meal dessert generally refers to sweet snacks, sometimes with rich snacks such as cheese instead. Because in nineteenth Century before the western society of sugar is not universal, the use will be regarded as a symbol of nobility, so in the Western dessert is a certain status. Due to the widespread use of sugar, meanwhile the desserts become popular and develop diversified characteristics. In the numerous dessert shop to join the list, to distinguish between what is the best dessert shop to join, it is necessary to analyze from the comprehensive strength: 1, strength 2, join the dessert dessert dessert brand 3, unique innovation and technology. read more


How much money does it take to eat fast food

Chinese fast food in the earth is a hitherto unknown China catering whirlwind, and this is the needs of the times of necessity, because the whole society is from the industrial society to the Internet society, Chinese fast food products officially Chinese under the background of internet. Today Xiaobian for everyone to recommend a good Chinese fast food to join the brand – good taste when fast food. Good taste when fast food’s product range, price is reasonable, is one of the many brands have more potential. Choose a good taste when fast food, equal to seize the opportunity to participate. Good taste when fast food to provide help and support for the franchisee, such as free store design, free technical training, help you to dream. read more