Social science popularization week in 2012

September 16th morning, Xining Central Plaza, luoguxuantian flags fluttering. Organized by the Federation of Social Sciences, the provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department, provincial, provincial organs, provincial Party school, provincial universities, the Academy of Social Sciences Institute of association of research jointly hosted the 2012 Qinghai Province Social Science Popularization week officially launched.

at the launching ceremony, the provincial Party committee propaganda department leaders pointed out that the popularity of Social Science Week activities is the province’s social science theory community to the public, the results show that the spread of popular knowledge of social practice. To better serve the overall situation, philosophy and social science society is our sacred duty entrusted by history, we should put the prosperity and development of philosophy and social science as realistic feelings and ideals, vigorously promote the popularization of philosophy and social science, philosophy and Social Sciences let out of the office, to the grassroots, into the public, continue to cultivate people’s scientific ideas and methods and the spirit of science, improve the whole society overall scientific quality, actively promote the wisdom and strength of the "two new" and "three zone" strategic contribution. I hope to participate in the activities of various departments and units, elaborate organization, vertical linkage, joint office, and the masses consciously use popular language, seriously promote the scientific theory, actively to dispel misunderstanding, information transmission and popularization of knowledge work, and strive to achieve than the next session more features and more effect, more effective.

it is reported that the theme of this event is to build a new Qinghai, create a new life, by the launching ceremony, popular science and technology in rural areas, Kunlun forum and science into the community of four plates.

on the day of the launch ceremony, but also commended the 2011 social science popularization week advanced collective and advanced individuals. (author: Hao Wei)


Two key tasks of the deployment of the city

December 20th, the city held a special session of the new year’s day during the focus of the work of the two sections before and after the focus on the work of the arrangements for the deployment. Su Rong, deputy secretary of Municipal Committee, deputy mayor, Municipal Public Security Bureau Secretary Zhang Qian attended the meeting and delivered a speech.After


The public security organs to carry out three facility security protection campaign

May 17th is world telecommunication and information security, in order to further increase the electric power, telecommunications, radio and television facilities safety propaganda work, enhance people’s awareness of protecting the country "three" facilities, the lead organization in the provincial public security department, the province public security, electricity, telecommunications, radio and television departments on the same day in the south of Xining the town square to carry out the "three" facilities security protection advocacy activities.

the campaign to "protect" EIC "facilities, maintenance of public security" as the theme, through the establishment of dispatched propaganda vehicles, publicity boards, hanging banners and other promotional materials distributed by the masses, to create atmosphere, to achieve the social from all walks of life to the three facility security work understanding, support, educate the masses consciously resist related criminal activities, and constantly improve the awareness of prevention and protection, mobilize the masses to actively participate in the "three" facilities security protection to actively report illegal crime clues, to guide and promote the "three" facilities security protection development.

it is understood that in May of this year is to carry out the "three" facilities security protection publicity focused on the month, the relevant departments in the propaganda during the month, make full use of the media, public places and publicity, through broadcast news, broadcast public service ads, set up publicity column posted, publicity pictures and other forms of advocacy work, will be through the "Five" activities, regularly into the rural areas, communities, enterprises, into schools, into the family of publicity, focus on strengthening the publicity and education of minors and employees.



Relocation center on the first day of operation

At 0:00 on November 16th, along with the smooth start of the relocation of the Sea Lake Road wholesale market, many people have spent a sleepless night. Day morning, mayor Wang Yubo and vice mayor Zhang Qian condolences, fighting in the front line of the Sea Lake Road, the relocation of the wholesale market and the Tibetan Plateau agricultural distribution center operations staff, thank you for a night of hard work, sincere greetings and sent to the municipal government.

is located in the north area of Qinghai Tibet Plateau agricultural distribution center currently has more than 500 merchants stationed in the center, busy and orderly operation, merchants settled without joy, excitement. Wang Yubo and stationed merchants serious conversation, detailed inquiry into the situation and vegetables, meat, eggs wholesale and price situation. He pointed out that the Tibetan Plateau agricultural distribution center of agricultural and sideline products trading center is the largest center of Tibetan Plateau, complete functions, advanced facilities, human services, the hardware and software protection, the market will become more and more prosperous, the merchant business will be getting better and better. Wang Yubo asked the city agriculture company and entered the market of industry and commerce, public security departments, with the modern concept and modern enterprise management, scientific management, fine service, the center into a Western class, influential agricultural and sideline products trading center, the security of supply, price stability control, improve the livelihood of the people to play a greater role.  


The province’s first national expert service base

reporter learned from the provincial human resources and Social Security Bureau was informed that recently, the Qinghai University declaration, human resources and social security department, human resources and Social Security Department formally approved the establishment of the Qinghai Province, Sanjiang plateau and the source of ecological agriculture and animal husbandry expert service base ", this is the first national expert service base in our province the establishment of the.

in recent years, Qinghai Province, Sanjiang plateau and the source of ecological agriculture and animal husbandry expert service base "aimed at the ecological protection of the Tibetan Plateau and the recovery of major scientific issues of regional economic development and the demand of science and technology, the plateau characteristics of crops (grass) to cultivate new varieties of crops in resistant mechanism, plateau animal to extreme environment adaptation mechanisms, plateau aquatic biological and ecological and environmental monitoring and assessment, hydrology and water resources, environment of the plateau ecological environment protection and restoration has carried out extensive research, has accumulated a series of scientific research and the theory of technological innovation, with the distinctive regional characteristics. At the same time, formed by the National Academy of Sciences, China talents engineering candidates, winners of national outstanding youth fund, the Ministry of education, Ministry of education Changjiang Scholar "New Century Excellent Talents in Qinghai province", "Kunlun scholar" as the academic leaders of the high level research team.

The establishment of the first national

level expert service base in our province, can better organize the majority of experts with professional advantage, to help the grassroots gathering resources for innovation, breakthroughs in key technologies, to optimize the industrial structure, improve people’s livelihood construction, cultivating talents, will carry out the "experts Service grassroots action plan" of our province better, guide high-level experts to provide intellectual support to the grassroots and build research high level intelligence sharing platform play a positive leading role.



The tiger Taiwan two lane potholes flat

Tiger two lane road has been severely damaged, to bring a lot of inconvenience to the surrounding residents to travel on rainy days. In order to solve this problem, the day before the implementation of the west area of tiger Taiwan two lane road reconstruction project. May 3rd, the reporter saw the transformation of the road black and bright, very flat, the masses praised the streets clean, convenient travel.

tiger Taiwan is one of the two lane traffic thoroughfare connecting 54 West Road and West Main Street, in this region, population density is bigger, the surrounding schools, enterprises, organs and distribution, traffic surge, pavement damage is more serious, there is the phenomenon of water wet pavement, people travel more inconvenient. This year, the west district government will tiger Taiwan two lane road reconstruction project as one of the small area of urban construction projects, enhance the work quality of the city in the way to fine idea, the rainy season travel inconvenience to solve the problem of the road has brought to people working in this area. District Urban Construction Bureau in advance to prepare, in the rainy season before the start of the implementation of the transformation project. Taking into account the road subgrade intact, in order to avoid waste of funds and redundant construction, the transformation of the road only to be planed milling, repair of damaged sidewalks, construction area of 2400 square meters. At present, two lane road reconstruction project has been fully completed and opened to traffic. (author: Xiao Yan)



Xining key project – Beichuan river area will become a public garden

has settled in the field of Xining Tao Haiying back home every time, they have to drive along the Beichuan river run a circle. Often see the construction site of the Beichuan River comprehensive management of construction projects in full swing, a shock, a look on the heart!

(core) Beichuan River comprehensive management project estimates a total investment of 7 billion 500 million yuan, the planning control area east of Dongshan, Tianjun South Road, Wan Village nine and Wei village at the junction of West Ning Zhang Gonglu (Current State Road 227), north to the Kang bridge, planning area of about 9.32 square kilometers.

in the Beichuan River (core) comprehensive management of the project plan, the beautiful Beichuan River meandering from the Kang bridge into the core area, after settling basin and a series of natural purification, clear into the urban area of Xining. In the core area of the river is about 6 km, the planning and design of Wetland Park, country experience area, residential area, leisure area, characteristics of the business district, tourist resort row upon row of. This is accompanied by the Qinghai river is undergoing tremendous changes.

June 3rd, the Beichuan River (core) comprehensive treatment project construction site, a number of large machinery is working in an orderly manner, construction workers busy transporting seedlings, digging, planting trees. According to reports, from the Beichuan River (core) comprehensive management project started in November 2013, has completed 5.6 kilometers of new flood drainage, sewage pipe works, new inspection wells 165, the new interception mouth 79, upper reaches of the river and both sides of Menyuan bridge green construction, green planting project has been completed, the other is in the construction of.

Beichuan river sediment, after completion of the project, will purify the river through natural precipitation, precipitation and biological organisms, and ultimately achieve the clear green, very high visibility effect. The implementation of Huangshui River Basin (Xining section) "the overall goal of clear water, smooth, shore green, beautiful".

according to the requirements of our province as soon as possible, but also the people a clear mother river, Xining city put forward "governance strategy, water for Zheng Ning" ideas, the implementation of the "decision of water into the city" project, realize the Huangshui River (Xining section) "the whole body target clear water, smooth, shore green and beautiful scene the new pattern of ecological environment, the formation of hydrophilic, near the green, pleasant, to the Beichuan River region into a" plateau Shuicheng, summer garden, cultural corridor".

Water into the city "project

Beichuan River comprehensive management project is Xining" punchline. Currently, all kinds of facilities in the central city of Xining saturation, lack of space to improve. At the same time, in the north of the city, the Biotechnology Park, equipment manufacturing park, University Science and technology park is relatively concentrated, each area theme, although the degree of specialization, but more comprehensive service ability are insufficient, where only the distribution of some small restaurants, small shops, people can only meet the demand of the single simple shopping and eating. North of the city is an urgent need to build a new vitality center to integrate the various functional plates, enhance the overall image of the area. The Beichuan river area in the north of the city is relatively appropriate location, and convenient transportation, has become a dynamic center of the advantages and conditions. Through the implementation of the comprehensive treatment project of Beichuan River (core section);


The first batch of 520 million yuan of circular economy development fund

newly established circular economy development fund, for the province’s circular economy and the development of characteristic industries play a significant role in promoting. Recently, the province launched the first batch of circular economy development fund 520 million yuan, focusing on supporting the Qaidam circular economy industry promotion center, such as the development of circular economy of major projects of the 5.

in response to the downtown pressure on the economy to expand effective investment, in accordance with the deployment of our province, the provincial development and Reform Commission focus on investment and financing system reform, efforts through channels, dig the potential, increase vitality, and actively protect the funds for the construction of major projects, effectively promote economic and social development. Especially around the supply side to promote structural reforms in August 2016, according to the market mode to complete the establishment of Qinghai province circular economy development fund, continue to optimize the arrangement of government investment, give full play to the guiding role of government funds and amplification effect, and actively create a "government + society" and "investment + financing" good pattern.

It is reported that

, the development of circular economy fund first raised the scale of 8 billion yuan, the development of circular economy after the establishment of the fund, mainly to carry out the province’s major infrastructure and public services, investment and financing of poverty, poverty alleviation and environmental protection, tourism culture, new urbanization, circular economy and the development of special industries, new energy and new materials new technology etc..

Fund the development of circular economy

the first launch, will focus on supporting the industry promotion center, the Qaidam circular economy Qaidam Green Industrial Park business base, water supply pipe network engineering, Delingha Industrial Park industrial area of Qaidam comprehensive green industrial park district two sewage treatment plant construction projects such as the 5 major projects in the Qaidam circular economy pilot area. The first batch of funds on the floor, marking the development fund of circular economy province launched a "new model of government financing the construction of equity investment + government purchase service", for the province to promote the innovation of investment and financing system reform, the use of market-oriented means to solve the problem of financing, which is important to support the construction of key areas.



Xining in the central area of outdoor electronic screen restrictions

with the increase of outdoor electronic display in Xining, some electronic display because of the volume is too large, open and close time is not standardized, the night light is too strong and other issues, has repeatedly been complaints from residents. In order to control this kind of disturbing the outdoor electronic display, recently, the City District Environmental Protection Bureau Joint District Urban Management Bureau to carry out the outdoor electronic display of special rectification action, disturbing the outdoor electronic screen unit will be the responsibility of strict penalties.

it is understood that the District Environmental Protection Bureau to strengthen the daily management of outdoor electronic display, and with the urban management department, supervision of the outdoor electronic screen setting unit of the installation of intelligent sensor; responsible unit at 7:30 before may open the outdoor electronic display, outdoor electronic display must be closed after 22; all the installation of outdoor electronic display imaging equipment must be mute play. In the future, the relevant departments will regularly carry out inspections of various types of outdoor electronic display, and resolutely put an end to all kinds of outdoor electronic display disturbing phenomenon. (author: Rong Lijun)