Economics taught by Starbucks

Starbucks coffee all over the world, many consumers love Starbucks, especially fond of exotic consumers, we can learn a lot of knowledge of economics from Starbucks, Xiaobian for you now.

1. has a smaller cup of coffee than


we usually see only in the Starbucks Cup Cup (tall), large (Grande), Super Cup (Venti). In fact, there is a small cup, that is, short cup, the capacity of 8 ounces (227ml), also known as children’s cup. A Starbucks clerk said: every store has this cup type, but also know how to configure a small cup of coffee, but it does not appear on the menu, generally do not sell, the need to bring their own customers." From the point of view of cost and operation, small cup 3 yuan cheaper than the cup, but also contains a concentrated coffee, the cup is significantly higher profits. read more


Grasp the contents of the following five fast-food restaurants do not make money for a long time

fast compared with the modern life mode, so in the current development of the catering market strong, has become the eyes of many investors "xiangbobo". Entrepreneurship is not difficult to open a restaurant, and in order to open their own fast food store profitability is not a simple thing, it is necessary to master the following.

: the pursuit of growth

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Start the small clothing store and purchase what skills

clothing industry has always been very popular in the industry, an industry is a main consideration during this time, more and more people opened a clothing store, for a lot of people who want to start a business, also want to open a small clothing store. Operating clothing store, on the purchase of the problem is also more important, the purchase is also a skill. Here to introduce to you, open the small clothing store purchase what skills?

new entrants buyers, arrived in Guangdong Humen small clothing wholesale market or other small clothing wholesale market, suddenly see so many good and cheap goods, do not hesitate –! See very feminine clothing — small, decisive! See very personality, sexy little this garment, without thinking — a result! Go back on sale, find their own small clothing franchise into a hodgepodge, what style, profit and inventory can be expected to. read more


Female college students jelly shop ideas from shopping

female college students usually have enough time to go shopping, in fact, can be seen in the street a lot of female college students stall, selling snacks, selling flowers, selling milk tea, etc.. The idea was from life, the following network Xiaobian to bring you a female college student in the store shopping is the initiation of the business idea see jelly.
shopping inadvertently found jelly shop business opportunities

from Zichuan, Wang Qiuyun, 23 years old, just graduated from college in Zhangdian, a mobile phone company to start a market supervision. 2005 in October, she was on a business trip to Ji’nan, when shopping, she found a ready to open the Q jelly house. In the west of Zhangdian district two, there is a jelly house shop. The store operates a variety of cakes made with jelly, refreshing. In this more than and 20 square meters of shops, Jelly filled cabinets, ranging from $1 to $58, attracted a large number of young men and women come to buy, and Wang Qiuyun is the shop owner. Identify opportunities to make a prompt decision.
store opened successfully after read more


Where is the old Hot pot to open business – Business

Hot pot is a lot of friends favorite delicacy, as demand for healthy and delicious increase, the old Hot pot to join the project has begun to pay close attention to diners, also opened the development direction for investors, if you want to open an old Hot pot stores, open good sense in where? Xiao Bian for us to do a detailed introduction.

there is a source of business to ensure that, therefore, the old hot pot franchise stores to open in the easy to gather the customer’s lot, the old hot pot shop where good? We examine the business environment, in the site before the business conditions, government planning, hardware conditions, legal conditions and so on, only the analysis of these data using scientific means deeply, and to effectively implement to the site, we can choose the suitable position for yourself. read more


Ceramic sanitary ware product quality problem is increasingly obvious

with the improvement of living standard, people also grow with each passing day bathroom products for the requirements, but now the quality of ceramic sanitary products is becoming more and more obvious, it has become an unavoidable topic, following on from the small as we explain.

    uneven;     a common phenomenon, now the domestic ceramic sanitary ware industry still exists is that companies tend to launch low high multiple brands, do long began to have no confidence, patience to do. In view of the current competition situation of ceramic sanitary ceramic sanitary ware enterprises in China, it is time to give up reluctantly, no longer is the number of the siege of the market. It is understood that many of the domestic first-line brands have begun to focus on brand strategy planning to focus on creating a strong brand to meet the needs of the domestic market. Only concentrate on doing a good brand, it is possible to compete with foreign brands of ceramic bathroom. read more


Delivery not only convenience and self

is now a lot of people busy, often visit a mall shopping goods very much, but a lot of people living away from the shopping malls are very far, in this context, if the store can provide door-to-door service, consumers will believe in this mall is more reliable. Therefore, whether it is a small supermarket or store, as long as the customer needs, I think, businesses must try to meet consumer demand.

, for example, customer requirements you door-to-door, supermarkets usually give some of the high price, large volume of goods, such as color TV, refrigerator, air conditioning and so on, if you ask him to send three bottles of soy sauce two bottles of vinegar, not only suffer supercilious look strange, others think that you take him yet. But the retail shops and small supermarket is not the same, especially those near the residential area of the community store, you must complete the delivery preparation, as long as the customer needs, we send as correct, although the small thin profits, but at least to make personal feelings in there, the human will he later become the power to support you. read more


What is the location of the pet shop open merit

site for any store is very important, pet shop is now a lot of consumers favorite project, if you open a pet shop, where to open a better? Xiao Bian for us to do a detailed introduction.

1, urban and regional planning

planning is a vision of the future development of the future, thus changing the pattern of the future of the city in the space, pet shop how good location? This makes some market prosperity or become cold. This big background, the consideration of the environment, is a prerequisite for the choice of the local market conditions, or a shop not only can not feed the three generation, but become the burden of the three generation. read more


The supermarket chain franchise fee how much the whole

convenient, you have to choose to join the supermarket chain? The strength of the brand to join the project choice, is a very wise choice. How to join the supermarket chain? Flexible operation mode choice for business with a small capital of the entrepreneur, is not a very wise choice?

it is understood that the supermarket has opened a profit is very large, but in the end how much profit is not to use a number of different, depending on your convenience store opened in what area and the size of the investment, generally earn one hundred thousand a year is not a problem. Even if you have not done retail business, the choice of supermarket project investment is still able to get huge profits. read more


What types of consumers can be divided into

every consumer into the door, as a service staff, we also need to know what kind of consumer belongs to, so as to provide better service. They may pass, you did not pay attention to their daily; perhaps slightly stay, you never know. "Do you know your customers?" Now teach you how to identify a few strokes customers.

according to the characteristics of the consumer environment and consumer groups, the author believes that consumers can be broadly divided into three types. Master their characteristics, in communication can accurately distinguish what they belong to. read more


Recovery milk powder barrel can make

for the baby’s family, the milk bucket is not something strange, and often will be very much in place, a lot of people simply after the kids drank directly thrown out. In fact, the recovery of milk bucket but also to make money oh. Xiao Yu, Cantonese, engaged in milk bucket recycling business has been three years. 2013 has just moved from Shanghai to Tianjin. He admitted that he is a novice in this area, far from the veteran revenue, but net profit a year still has three four hundred thousand yuan. read more


Roast pig investment a good of all pig’s trotters

pig is all too familiar with the fictional characters, and we love pig’s trotters special snack items very much, of course I say the two is not to say that we want to eat the pig hoof Marshal canopy, that should not very delicious. We want to say is the pig roast pig trotters brand. Eight quit roast pig trotters, fashion delicious, nutritious and healthy, have a lot of effect on the human body, well received in the market, the market is hot, profitable investment.

pig roast recipe pig’s trotters popular, is that after a long time to boil brine pig’s trotters processing, made with charcoal, sprinkle with sesame, peanut, spring onions and other spices, crispy and refreshing, delicate surface layer with rib. Its taste and spices have exclusive characteristics. read more


Women’s clothing stores purchase what skills are all

to do business is not easy, need in many aspects have to be considered, the purchase is more troublesome things, to women’s clothing store business is good, to do well the first choice of supply, only good products can bring good business. So, how to choose the supply of women’s clothing store? What skills to follow? This article describes the women’s store purchasing skills, I hope to help you.

1, a lot of entrepreneurs who have just started to shop online, at the beginning and can not accurately find the source of goods wholesalers. Because even in the major wholesale markets, there is also cooperation between wholesalers. Some wholesalers and even from the A wholesale market into the goods, and then in the wholesale market to B wholesale shipments, which will undoubtedly increase the cost of the purchase of entrepreneurs. read more


How to join – Ai Fu noodle

how about AI? Chaoyang project, worry free business, worthy of trust. For business with a small capital entrepreneurs, we choose to join the business avery noodle project, open their own brand stores, something that is not a very good thing!

What are the advantages of

‘s joining?

use high-tech location, save time and effort

in order to help more entrepreneurs to achieve entrepreneurial dreams, the headquarters of the Ai Ai vermicelli to provide a wide range of entrepreneurs to support, store selection is one of them. The past need to choose the shop location personnel 11 time-consuming visits. In order to help entrepreneurs more accurate selection of suitable location, avery nanowires using high-tech box location headquarters, Baidu through big data analysis, select the appropriate store location for entrepreneurs. read more