Small shop to select the project

an area surrounding often there will be a lot of shops, the main customer is small, therefore, if the shop to do business, will be combined with the market, choose the right to operate the project, it will make the real entrepreneurial development. However, for many investors, the biggest problem is the natural choice of the project. So, how to choose the district shop?

District shop project key to the quasi position, to determine the location of entrepreneurship, so that it will not be hindered. In May last year, I moved to the city of Chongqing Hua Yan Temple next to a community. The quality of the district itself is not bad, the owners are white-collar workers, self-employed workers, workers around the factory, as well as part of the work force and students. read more


Start the car beauty stores location to consider what the whole

with the people’s living conditions continue to improve, many people live now is very good, a lot of people now are car owners, car beauty in recent years ushered in a huge market, car usage continues to increase, provides a broad consumer to the. There are many entrepreneurs sprouted the idea of opening a car beauty shop, but in the location of the problem, we do not know how to site. Here to give you a look, open car beauty shop location to consider.

car beauty shop location to consider what? 1, observe the size of the area around the store. read more


How to open the paint paint stores location

paint paint is now a lot of home decoration essential, brand paint and paint has also been deep into thousands of households, so the home brand paint shop has become the first choice for many entrepreneurs. But there are many who did not choose to shop because the shop failed, therefore, the choice of shops to open the brand paint stores is very important. So, how to choose a paint store to join it? Xiao Bian for us to do a detailed introduction.

1, if the paint and paint stores in the flow of people is not a lot of places, it is necessary to open the shop a little bigger, how to choose a paint store? And do have characteristics and goods to complete, so as to make the reputation to attract admiring customers. At the same time, operators should pay attention to business methods, such as membership marketing, holiday promotions, etc., in order to attract more new and old customers. read more


Beijing will improve the accident insurance claims

many families because of all kinds of accidents, lost the only child at home, so that the loss of independence for the elderly suffering, but also to make their lives an accident. Family Planning Association in Beijing, will improve the accident injury insurance payment standard increased from 30 thousand yuan to $50 thousand, so that the loss of independence for the elderly happier life.

"heart warming project" is the City Planning Commission, city after helping the city’s loss of independence for the elderly in the Huimin project, funded by the government for the loss of independence for the elderly to purchase comprehensive insurance, pensions, accidental injury insurance, medical insurance for accidental injury, disease and death insurance and critical illness insurance payments 5 women. The program was launched in 2012, has so far covered more than 1.1 people lost independence. read more


Sixth aunt Chuanchuan Xiang small business investment Hot pot Optimization

string of fragrant delicious, I believe we all know. In fact, in the catering market, in the face of such a competitive food to join the project, we want a better business, is a good choice for joining the project is very important. Sixth aunt how Chuanchuan Xiang Hot pot? Trusted brand food to join the project, it is worth joining!

business value string string sweet taste, the heritage of the sixth aunt Chuanchuan Xiang Hot pot authentic Sichuan, after years of painstaking research, using ancient Malatang formula, to develop healthy innovative ways to meet consumer tastes the product, how sixth aunt Chuanchuan Xiang Hot pot price? The country now has Hot pot stores on the sixth aunt Chuanchuan Xiang the 100, visible brand strength is very strong. read more


Puyang City, a school campus stampede

campus security, related to you and me, in the hearts of many people, the need to strengthen the construction of campus security, win recognition. Henan County, Puyang Province, third experimental primary school students on the toilet when the stampede occurred. The accident caused a total of 22 students were injured, 1 of whom died on the way to hospital. This event, not only the hearts of parents involved in the matter, but also caused widespread concern in the community.

yesterday afternoon, the Puyang county government issued an official notice that the stampede was due to a short break time, students focus on the toilet, causing congestion. At present, the accident caused 22 students were injured, 1 of whom were sent to hospital on the way to death, 5 people were seriously injured, injured students have been sent to hospital for treatment. read more


Ten underwear brand rankings

women’s underwear is to ensure that women’s health is a key step, good underwear can enjoy the health of women, therefore, women attach great importance to underwear brand. Supermodel Natalia Vodianova once said, "good underwear will make women dress more perfect", showing the status of underwear in the hearts of women. Underwear is like a woman’s second lovers, hazy, mysterious, said to be. Women love their own, it is necessary to start from the most intimate place, choose a high-quality underwear is the best way to love their women. read more


Join the coffee – the preferred business with a small capital diffuse

it’s very common to open a coffee shop in our life. For business with a small capital of entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs choose to join the diffuse coffee project, is a very good choice!

coffee to make money?

first, investors should have entrepreneurial enthusiasm and confidence in the success of. In the fierce competition in the market society, investors must always of entrepreneurial enthusiasm and confidence in the success of the business is power, put his career as a coffee shop carey treated to win in the fierce competition. read more


How to join the gift of love. – the whole

everyone wants to live their lives, the kind of wonderful feeling unspeakable. Of course, the reality is often cruel, because life, always have the courage to face difficulties. So constantly forward without worrying about the forward is not wrong. Take the restaurant franchise business, opened a bakery, the development prospect is considerable, the gift of love bread to join activities have been started, investors will be able to join us now with the advantage of the brand development of their careers, but also get the gift of love from the bread to join the brand support. In the face of such a rare opportunity, how can you miss it? read more


Circular on printing and distributing the speech of mayor Liu Tianhai at the meeting of lawyers in t

District and County Bureau, the law firms: in April 28th, the City Council held a working meeting of the city’s lawyers, deputy mayor Liu Tianhai made an important speech on the work of lawyers made specific requirements and guidance. The speech of vice mayor Liu Tianhai is hereby printed and distributed to you, please implement it carefully, and the implementation of the situation and the times Bureau attorney notary management office.   two, May 3rd
Key words:
  lawyer leading speech notice; report: Provincial Justice Department lawyers association, the Party Organization Department, municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department, municipal committee.  : send: Municipal Supervision Room, the municipal government information office.   Xining Municipal Bureau of justice in May 3, 2012 issued a total of 40 copies
in the city’s lawyers work conference speech   municipal government deputy mayor Liu Tianhai (April 28, 2012)   Comrades: the main task of this conference is the lawyer learning to convey the province’s lawyers work conference, in recognition of the city’s outstanding law firm, excellent lawyer and excellent administrative law, summary of the city’s achievements, arrangements for the next phase of the work of lawyers. In recent years, our city lawyers work around the party and government work, service, integrity as the theme, to regulate the development of the main line, and actively expand the field of legal services, and constantly improve the quality of legal services, give full play to the functions of lawyers in economic and social development in the service industry, and achieved remarkable results. The lawyer has reached 176, a total of 16 law firms, lawyers continue to enhance the overall quality, the important role of lawyers work in service of the city’s economic and social development in the majority of lawyers to further highlight; by providing quality and efficient legal services to promote the comprehensive, coordinated and sustainable economic and social development; actively participate in politics, to reflect the demands of society to further promote the construction of democratic politics. In addition, the majority of lawyers are also actively involved in earthquake relief, poverty alleviation and other social welfare undertakings, showing a strong sense of social responsibility and lofty dedication. Here, on behalf of the municipal Party committee and the municipal government, I would like to express my highest respect and heartfelt thanks to the city’s practicing lawyers! Warm congratulations to the outstanding law firms, outstanding lawyers and outstanding executive! Just now, Comrade Yan towards conscientiously sum up the work of lawyers in recent years the city’s achievements, analyzes the situation and problems of the work of lawyers in a period of the deployment, I totally agree, I hope Comrades combined with the actual implementation. Below, I will do a better job in the city’s lawyers, to talk about a few views.
1, around the party and the government’s central work, adhere to the correct political direction at present, our city is in a critical period of economic and social development, accelerate economic development and security; read more


6006 people in the province to participate in the first half of this year higher education self-stud

2016 in the first half of the national higher education self-study exam will be held on April 16th to 17 in the 10 test 16 test sites, a total of 580 teachers and staff to participate in the examination, inspection and management of invigilation. The self-study examination for 6006 people, the number of times, the number of candidates increased by 412 over last year, an increase of about 7%, an increase of about 13987.

exam, examination management center and local recruitment office around the examination objectives and focus on strengthening the supervision and inspection, pay close attention to the security and confidentiality of the implementation of the system, and actively carry out combat cheating equipment sales, purify the network environment involving test "," purification test environment, cheating, thorough investigation of the crackdown and other high-tech means using mobile phone take the test and the gang cheating behavior "and to promote the" criminal law amendment (nine) "," national education examination violations approach "as the focus of the legal education of special action, take measures to comprehensive management of the exam environment, ensure safe, smooth and orderly conduct. read more


North of the city held a hundred days of plague prevention and Control Conference

June 25th, north of the city held a day of plague prevention and control conference. The meeting city north "plague hundred days" activities carried out the arrangements, "hundred days for plague prevention and control work leading group activities" the member units attended the meeting, deputy district government of Changan Wen Bin attended the meeting and made an important speech.
will read, "north of the city area to carry out the" hundred days of plague prevention and control work for "work programme", informed the recent situation of plague prevention. Deputy district government of Changan Comrade Wen Bin plague prevention and control work in our region put forward specific requirements: one is to recognize the form, to further enhance the awareness of plague prevention and control; two is to improve the levels of scientific prevention and control, prevention and control ability, strengthen the monitoring; the three is to strengthen the plague prevention knowledge propaganda and education; four is to establish a good information system. read more


The Municipal Bureau of statistics held a symposium on the reform of the data collection method of i

According to the National Bureau of industry division "notice on the investigation carried out" industrial output data acquisition method and the current reform of industrial economic development issues, the Xining Municipal Bureau of Statistics Bureau of the office of leadership and invited the Xining area 17 large, medium and small scale industrial enterprises, the reform of the total industrial output value and the current data acquisition method industrial economic development of hot issues in the discussion and research read more


2015 financial support for the city’s economic development effect is obvious

In 2015, under the correct leadership of the municipal government of Xining City, closely around the establishment of the strategic goal of the Qinghai Tibet Plateau regional financial center ", actively play the financial coordination and service functions, to further promote financial reform and innovation, accelerate the construction of the modern financial system, expand social financing channels, optimize the financial ecological environment, promote the realization of the steady and rapid development of the financial industry, provides strong financial support for the city’s economic and social development. At the end of December, increase the city’s financial industry reached 12 billion 199 million yuan, an increase of 19.5%, the proportion of GDP reached 10.8%.

A is steadily push forward financial reform and innovation. Inclusive Finance, the reform of rural financial service system and the reform of investment and financing system reform tasks steadily three. At present, has been initially developed "in Xining city on the development of inclusive financial guidance" and "Xining City, deepen rural financial service system reform implementation plan", "Xining small loan guarantee insurance for the precise poverty alleviation plan", the research put forward the formation of Xining new urbanization and industrial development fund, the municipal government guarantee group, and carry out a feasibility study on the establishment of Xining city’s first Consumer Finance Companies. read more


Pension payment will be suspended for 9 days

reporter learned from the Municipal Social Security Bureau, due to year-end financial accounts, from 26 to January 3, 2015 this year, the city will suspend the basic pension insurance for urban workers in flexible employment. City Social Security Bureau and the local tax bureau to remind the majority of insured persons pay timely payment.

read more


North District Court to carry out with the green and environmental counterparts with the publicity c

to six · the five "world environment day, to arouse public awareness of the relationship between environment and development, improve the level of ecological civilization, promote the concept of green development, urge the public to take practical action to protect the environment. On the morning of June 5, 2012, our hospital held a "green and environmental protection", the theme of environmental protection.
  read more


Let us move Guoxun primary flexor

these days, the West Sea Metropolis Daily reported that recently, the city of Xining City Bridge Street Primary School Grade two students Qu Guoxun, picked up $8900 in cash on the way to school. In the face of great temptation, he gave the money to the school. After the teacher and the police to find, finally found the owner.
"I picked up a penny in the street and gave it to the policeman……" When many of us since childhood singing this nursery rhyme, that pick up things to return. For thousands of years, it is a traditional virtue, is in imperceptible in succession. It should be said, because of the role and influence of education, most of us have always regarded as Shijinbumei traditional virtues rather than legal obligation to treat, as the most basic to comply with public morality. But in recent years, due to some unscrupulous people values distorted, picked up the property not only returned to the owner, and even the court events have also occurred. But, in real life, we also found that "a penny" spirit and we are drifting away, although many people have the spirit of Lei Feng hanging in the mouth, but when faced with real money, how many people can keep calm, like the students like Guoxun flexion without any distractions to its origin owner? Over the years, Qinghai has emerged on the earth a lot of moral models, in them, the focus of the outstanding quality of the people of Qinghai. Today, Qu Guoxun and students with practical action Shijinbumei, add new contents to the quality. Qu Guoxun is not only an example of primary school students, but also an example for each of us adults. At present, the whole province is the construction of "new Qinghai, creating a new life, hope to emerge a lot of flexor Guoxun with their noble feelings, and inspire us forward. (author: left or right) read more


A pair of central county cadres debriefing

, the head of the Department in charge, how to supervise and manage the integrity and self-discipline?" This is December 29th, the city held in the district level party and government team members in the implementation of clean government accountability in the case of a special report on the meeting, the report of the two cadres of the county level, one of the issues raised by the comrades attending the meeting, one of the questions raised by the comrades of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China in 2014.

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How to join sun tender cardboard buns

Chinese traditional cuisine so much, who is the oldest? I think it should be steamed stuffed bun, steamed stuffed bun after a long period of evolution, and now the characteristics of the steamed stuffed bun in the various regions of the Chinese land. From ancient times, has been a hot food buns. With the development of the times, natural buns are also under development, whether it is steamed skin or stuffing in continuous innovation, which is the most successful cardboard buns. The cardboard bun franchise brand which is better? Xiaobian to recommend you sun tender cardboard buns. read more