Hot pot restaurant location to grasp the five principles

watched the hot pot sales season is coming, many of the intention to open a hot pot shop entrepreneurs are starting to stir. When it comes to hot pot restaurants, the first thing to do is to choose a good shop. A lot of people are the first venture, how to choose the hot pot shop location, small series that these five principles are necessary to tell them.

Second, to implement the principle of proximity. In other words, to facilitate transportation, convenient communication, easy access. Located in or near the business district, economic zone, cultural zone, development zone, the road is smooth, the customer is easy to "close";

Third, to the environment supporting place. External environment to form a climate, hot pot restaurants to other food and beverage to operate, such as "food street", "hot pot city" and so on, at the same time to promote their own comprehensive support, combined with a variety of operations, the formation of economies of scale;

Fourth, profit forecast. How hot pot shop site? In the pre opening, in order to combine a variety of factors, a certain period of sales and gross margin analysis, forecasting profits and benefits.

fifth, the site built. For example Hot pot shop how site now has a home loss to the shop to transfer you can put the store to sublet over, because it has the potential customers, this shop can attract some consumers in the original site.


Stay-at-home mom open dessert shop to achieve wealth in life

a lot of women in the birth of the child, the work life must have a certain degree of alienation. Want to start their own business, the choice of those industries is more appropriate? How about the dessert industry? The investment value is very high, suitable for business with a small capital.

"for venture investment, I personally did not know too much, but when her husband filed, husband very supportive of me and give me a careful analysis of the market situation and industry direction, finally we got the target locked in the Sitian dessert join above, to understand the history of the enterprise brand Sitian dessert with purpose through the network, we can see that this is a very powerful with the appeal of the brand, especially the on-the-spot investigation to taste Sitian products and see the size of the company headquarters of strength, so I really feel the charm of dessert with entrepreneurial impulse." Chen Yao busy with the guests to pay the money.

stay-at-home mom change road, from the beginning of investment dessert. From the first step, slowly explore their own path of development, which is the only way for all successful people, the dessert store to join the project to help complete the mother began second life, it is enviable! Want to invest in women also want to hurry yo!



The advantages and disadvantages of the form of trade fairs in the enterprise

now the whole society some show a wide variety of activities has become very common, especially now in some Home Furnishing industry, every year to introduce and sell their own products, will regularly launch some exhibition activities.

the flooring industry every year held various exhibitions, such as the Guangzhou fair, Chinese international Domotex exhibition etc.. The reason why this industry Fair held annually and recognized by the industry, because the show is a low investment costs, can face the dealer to promote effective one of the ways. For some small and medium-sized flooring companies, in the national trade show on the show, not only to develop franchisees, but also to make their own brand is remembered by the industry.

For example,

exhibition investment form has its unique advantages in investment, embodied in the following four aspects:

Second, "bombing style propaganda" effect: in the exhibition investment, each floor brand enterprises with the exhibition to showcase the brand image, product and service in the shortest time, save time and save the investment cost.

Third, draw investment experience: through the exhibition, the floor enterprises can understand and absorb other brands in the same industry investment experience and advantages. At the same time, after understanding the advantages of peer investment, in the next investment secondary school to use, and constantly improve and perfect.

Fourth, understand the industry; through the exhibition floor, enterprises can not only investment, but also through the exhibition floor understand industry trends, understand the needs of dealers to join. At the same time, because the show is also open to the general public investment, so the floor of the enterprise can also be the first time to understand the needs of consumers.


Japanese hybrid models popular MOE MOE Department of the United States and the value of the spike

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What are the preparations for the cosmetics store

cosmetics industry in recent years the market is good, you want to have a lot of friends to join the cosmetics store, then, do you really know how to open a cosmetics store? Open cosmetics stores also have a lot of entrepreneurs do not understand the relevant information to join, the following small series to introduce you to open cosmetics stores which preparatory work.

on the surrounding market investigation and study analysis: industry chain retail cosmetics industry market share is very large, a reasonable prospect analysis of State Development of cosmetics retail chain. The second is to understand the competitors, as the saying goes: the Suns, baizhanbudai. In the shop is the address of the election. The ideal shop address should be selected in the business center, downtown lots, good spending power.

The design of

outstanding storefront specialization: the overall image of the shop to have characteristics, counters, shelves to image, advertising light boxes and other more specialized shops, professional and reasonable layout of container can stimulate consumption. Cosmetics stores can be based on the characteristics of their own products reasonable positioning price. According to their own site and their own products are in line with the reasonable positioning of the local consumer groups, from high school low coverage of consumer groups, consumers can choose according to their own free choice of the price of the product.

In the cosmetics stores open



What should be paid attention to in the education industry

Now we

the whole domestic education industry development speed and scale are all obvious to people, at the same time, there are a lot of people will start to shift the focus of the education industry, such as investors, now invest in a personalized join the school should pay attention to what?

join for personalized education institutions, whether it is a market team or team of teachers, the team work quality often depends on the management of team management and operation. As a personalized education to join the organization managers, on the inside and outside the school department development plan in advance to prepare and do a good job of self-controlled system can greatly liberate managers’ work stress. The four management systems of individualized education joining Campus:

1,   evaluation system

have high performance, there must be a high standard, high demand, high technology. At the beginning of the people, the sex of the lazy, want to be lazy, system management. Said a lot of management decentralization, but other things are not any change, or conservative, such is. Decentralization means the change of rights and responsibilities, "coup" will make everything change. When you turn right down, we must also take responsibility and restraint together decentralization, for just to get more rights of new managers, if not a cage put them right trapped, let him play limited, otherwise will only have two results: one is to do with him two, what is to kill you. The evaluation system includes new systems and processes, and even the new salary system, to make the right, right to play in the play.

2,   organization system

3,   incentive system


Small business also has the university to teach you to spread your hands

a lot of people mentioned that the stall all feel very simple, do not get on the ground is now put on sale? In fact, although the stall is a small business, the need to pay attention to a lot of problems. Small businesses also have a university asked, today Xiaobian teach you put stall on hand.

select the time period. Holidays are a good opportunity, and you have to give up these things for money. Popularity is the lifeline of the stall, the faster you can sell goods to make money, not the higher the price to make money. After dinner at night is a good time to sell, 16:30 ~ 17:30 is the time to work, very popular, can enjoy the sales items, because people are tired of working out saw good fun, it will stop at have a desire to buy; 17:30 ~ 20:30 for dinner after the people walk shopping activities to start, all kinds of daily necessities, fun leisure supplies sales opportunity came; started around 21:00 the main consumer of food.

choose cheap practical goods. After all, stalls business, do not expect your earnings will reach 200% or more. Select the price of goods are generally less than 100 yuan, the spread of the business is concerned about the small profits and quick turnover, your goods and shopping malls than not, can not be a brand, but the quality of goods can not be less than the mall. People can choose to buy your goods because cheap affordable look good, but passers-by do not like to buy is a poor quality products.



How to operate and manage snack food franchise

we all know, open a restaurant franchise is inseparable from the operation and management of the late, at the moment, the characteristics of snack food and beverage franchise has been favored by many investment entrepreneurs. The preliminary planning determines the day after operation, open a restaurant franchise, the location is the first factor. So, how to choose a snack food franchise shop? How to operate and manage the snack bar?

for a mature city, should have some fixed brand stores, special snack food catering franchise sales of relatively concentrated large street. This street rents will be relatively high point, but don’t be afraid of high rents, high rents relative benefits, turnover will be much higher, high rents have gold, the size of a small city where possible, this street is only one or two places, for the large scale of the city, the streets there may be many.

and categories will be different, for our brand, we are looking for is a special snack food stores catering franchise brand is relatively concentrated, the brand more and more concentrated, the more mature market environment, to the consumers to buy more, sales of the atmosphere will be better, and this place it is very suitable for the development of.

In determining the

How to manage

location management is completed. Characteristics of local food and beverage outlets to choose the right store area and internal facilities. Do not open the snack bar, 30-70 square meters can be, the best in more than 3 meters wide. Behind the shop with a kitchen, equipped with water, gas, ventilation facilities are also better. If necessary, it is necessary to set up a bathroom. Sometimes because of financial constraints, the election of the shop is very small, can not accommodate a lot of customers during the peak period, will cause the loss of tourists, this time it is best to choose to send the business will be more areas.

characteristics of local snacks catering franchise store layout. The most basic should be clean and shiny, with bright windows and clean tables. With large sums of money to decorate the store is absolutely recommended


Steam cleaning machine ten brands list

is one of the development of science and technology, and secondly, people’s needs, in short, now a variety of intelligent products are constantly coming out. Here, Xiao Bian will introduce you to the steam cleaning machine, the top ten brands, so that everyone can have a more familiar understanding of this emerging industry.

before the introduction of steam cleaning machine list, to understand the working principle of steam cleaning machine, it is steam generated by high temperature, movement speed high molecular surface dirt, by destroying the binding force between them, to eliminate all kinds of stains to use special steam generating system with water pump. Can quickly be strong into high temperature and high pressure steam water in 30 seconds. At the same time will be attached to the object of all kinds of bacteria, mites, microorganisms and pathogens completely eliminated. With nozzles, brushes and other functional accessories, without the need for any chemical reagents, environmental protection concept, rapid decontamination of high efficiency.

steam cleaning machine ten brands list NO.1.ACA

1934 was born in the United States in 2000, ACA in Zhuhai, China invested in the world’s largest production base, in 2001 to establish a world-class level of global home appliance technology research and development center". At present, ACA bread machine, electric oven, coffee machine as a starting point to guide the Chinese market, while the steam cleaner sales.

steam cleaning machine ten brand list NO.2.


Karcher Industrial Company was established in 1935, currently, kaichi has ten large production enterprises in the world, has become for the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games, the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games cleaning equipment suppliers, in 2003, Shanghai kaichi company as a group in China owned subsidiary was formally established.

steam cleaning machine ten brand list: NO.3.

: is the first brand of American steam cleaning appliances, 2010 to enter the Chinese, products include steam cleaning, vacuum cleaner series cyclone series, steam hanging ironing series, designed to provide "simple, fast, environmentally friendly cleaning and sterilizing solutions for family life and small business premises.

steam cleaning machine ten brand list NO.4. red heart

Shanghai Hongxin Appliance Co. Ltd is the "red" brand as the core of the electric iron, rice cookers and other household appliances enterprises to create development, has formed three series, care series: hanging ironing machine, electric irons, electric blower and steam cleaning machines; kitchen appliances: electric cooker, induction cooker, electric pressure cooker, electric fryer, toaster, coffee machine, electric pan, electric kettle; household appliances: Soybean Milk machine, juice machine.