Do sales work also need to consider the customer – Business

no matter what kind of business we do, as long as there is a kind of sales, we need to start from the customer’s point of view. In short, sales are composed of three elements: the owner, the customer and the commodity. Commodity is a kind of moving object, the price and brand are only presented to the owner and customer. The owner is a bridge to connect goods and customers, through the introduction of the owner, so that customers can get more information about the goods, thus deciding whether to buy or not to buy. read more


Chongqing Mimei joined with what conditions Chongqing small noodles

heard that the Chongqing market has been very small hot, right? So, for a business with a small capital of entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs choose to join the Chongqing Mimei Chongqing small noodles, is a very good choice!

Chongqing younger sister Chongqing facet?

Yu Mei sister Chongqing has a huge consumer groups, is a good venture to join the project, after joining the money certainly earn. Today, most shops have to invest at least one hundred thousand of the total, which is not the general investors can afford, but joined the Chongqing sister younger sister, only to invest 1-5 million can easily start profitable. And headquarters is a comprehensive enterprise specializing in R & D, old noodle stores knot production and sales, can provide good products Everfount to keep pace with the market demand for the franchisee, the amount of the project you want to start to miss. Gourmet join, pasta project worth investing. read more


Wuliji food project introduction

a lot of investors are very interested in Korean food brands, so Xiaobian today we recommend that there is a certain degree of popularity in the Korean restaurant brand. The following is to recommend Wuliji food brand

Wuliji restaurant project

Wuliji restaurant is located in the city of Ji’nan Alexander road. Company to "do China first brand" Korean food for the strategic development objectives; to "culture dissolve in heart, standardized in the form of" management philosophy and the "popular food brand" for the purpose, and actively create fashion leisure culture diet guide. After more than three years of its fine business, Wuliji received the majority of Korean cuisine lovers and enthusiastic pursuit, has now developed into a business Korean direct and joined the operation of Korean cuisine shops. From the characteristics of our home, whether it is the service etiquette, decoration style or the production of dishes, taste, etc., are adhering to the essence of the Korean food culture, exudes a rich Korean style. The unique flavor of the Korean barbecue, a variety of hot and sour pickled cabbage, mellow filled the unique taste of the Korean bibimbap, Hot pot meal; various delicacies let people drool. I… read more


Fast food market leader in the development prospects of Chinese fast food

with KFC and McDonald’s constantly exposed security problems, now these foreign fast food has gradually disappear heat, and these foreign fast food is no longer favored by people, the reason is because of the inherent defects of nutrition and cooking methods has been criticized by people. Today’s people in the diet is no longer just the pursuit of fast food fast and convenient, but also pay more attention to health. So now, Chinese fast food has become the most entrepreneurial investment projects.

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Children’s wear shop business strategy children’s clothing business plan template

now the children’s market Unlimited Business Opportunities, many entrepreneurs saw this opportunity, hope that through children’s clothing shop opened to realize their dream of becoming rich, so the first step is to write a detailed business plan, so Xiaobian to prepare the children’s clothing store business plan template, hoping to bring inspiration for everyone.

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Matters need to pay attention to small appliances stores all business

small home appliance business, which should pay attention to business problems? Small household electrical appliance stores need to pay attention to what business problems? Many franchisees are new, not y understanding the problem. Xiao Bian provides a few suggestions, hoping to help each franchisee, if you do not understand, you can consult a lot, concerned about the operating skills.

What to pay attention to open small household electrical appliances store location:

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The new business can bring new vitality for cigarette – shop

already has a mature market, the old brand of cigarettes do not really have any problem, almost no need to do any publicity, do not need to take action to promote, you can make cigarette products hot. However, the price of such cigarettes has been fixed, almost to achieve the transparency of the market, the profit is very limited. In this context, the operation of new cigarettes is a better choice.

many retail owners are accustomed to focusing on the old brand of cigarettes, because they have a stable customer. However, this is just a kind of complacency, to achieve rapid development, but also need to accept the new brand. In fact, think about the new brand has many advantages, it can also inject new impetus to our store. read more


Entrepreneurs to invest in winning the six operating skills

now go on the road of entrepreneurship is more and more, every entrepreneur has its own set of business methods and techniques in the process of entrepreneurship, today the whole network Xiaobian for everyone to talk about entrepreneurs in the investment process of the six major business skills, help entrepreneurs succeed rich.

entrepreneurs either alone around the unemployed, or hardened, trying to revive the old, if they want to survive, must carry on the reform. Everyone has to change, especially entrepreneurs. read more


Franchisees are not optimistic about fast food chain

many new entry entrepreneurs think fast food franchise industry is the potential investment choice, and in fact many seasoned entrepreneurs are not optimistic about the fast food chain industry, there are many reasons, here’s to Ajisen Hand-Pulled Noodle as an example.

Ajisen Hand-Pulled Noodle successfully listed in Hongkong, and announced that from direct mode transformation for franchise mode

3 30, the main Hand-Pulled Noodle Ajisen (China Ajisen) Holdings Limited (hereinafter referred to as 0538.HK, Ajisen) listed in Hongkong. In the domestic food and beverage chain brand, the market has not yet been successful precedent. Ajisen announced "after the listing will change the direct form of franchise development based on the existing 123 stores". read more


Do you know the secret of running a tea shop

tea is the vast majority of people love to drink, not only taste good, very healthy, in everyone’s life, will be found around the tea shop are very profitable, looking at a small shop, the profit is considerable. So many entrepreneurs have sprouted the idea of opening a milk tea shop, in fact, operating a profitable milk tea shop, but also a secret. Today, we will introduce you to start a tea shop to do business secrets.

business highlights


name to attract customers. But now most of the young people love personalized thing, so Zhang to own tea shop has a very unique name: what is what, no tea shop. Milk tea unique, distinctive. Not only was special, tea is also the name of the name is special, many young blitz of TV drama, sports stars, etc.. read more


Beijing is expected to introduce a bike sharing management system

lives with small yellow car, people travel more meaningful, more Beijing citizens can enjoy cycling fun, not only make people’s life more convenient, but also won the people’s attention. However, behind the beautiful phenomenon, people will also find that the lack of management of shared bicycles, brought a lot of problems.

with a variety of colors of the shared bicycle fresh appearance, citizens can enjoy the competition too busy to attend to all the free riding of welfare. But at the same time, the vehicle was destroyed, the car lock to open slowly, the vehicle was occupied for himself, and other news has been coming. read more


How to manage the health museum stores

open health museum stores, how to do business services? Shop on the need to do a good job, or how to get a good profit? But now many investors are new, and the market competition, how to get a good profit? This requires careful study. Xiao Bian to provide some suggestions for reference, I hope useful for you.

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Anhui issued employment entrepreneurship four into the four support to promote the approach

China’s economic development in recent years has been in a downward trend, entrepreneurship employment is not difficult. In order to solve the problem of employment and entrepreneurship, Anhui to carry out four into the four special activities to promote the rapid and effective development of employment.

11 6, reporters from Anhui province people club department was informed that the day before, people and social hall, Department of education, Department of Finance jointly issued the "Anhui Province Employment" four into four to help promote the implementation of measures ", to further improve the standardization, institutionalization, normalization of employment and promote the implementation of the mechanism. To improve the effectiveness of employment work. Approach proposed, will begin in mid November, in the province to carry out employment and entrepreneurship four into the four help special activities. read more


During the national day to buy foreign goods Fujian FTA is a good choice

with the advent of economic globalization, in our daily lives, more and more consumers not only want to buy authentic products, but also want to buy some good products abroad. National Day holiday this year, the FTA has become a new place for people to travel. To direct cross-border mall purchase "foreign goods", to parallel car car trading center…… Free trade zone to upgrade the consumer, so that the holiday economy by a long holiday and a fire. Fujian Free Trade Zone really so prosperous? Below we understand. read more


Eight hours how to make money outside the sideline

after work or on the weekend, Zou Zhijun will be around the area around to see if there is no transfer of rental shops, restaurants, to see which location to do business better, more people. And his wife have a stable job he now wants to engage in a sideline, open a chain restaurant, or wash the car, so that relatives in the store to do, he took care of the line after work.

have a copy of his sideline, has become the choice of many office workers. Zou Zhijun said: "take the dead wages to live has become obsolete, and now the people around me are wondering how to engage in sideline money, a lot of people are investing in stocks, funds, or their own business to do a little business, some young people don’t have much money, can have one thousand two thousand to buy stocks, short-term play make money fast." read more


The shop to do business everywhere is of knowledge

human life is in continuous learning, the learning is not only to learn the textbook knowledge, the academic achievements, in fact, in our lives and work, everything can become the source of learning. My name is Li Xuejun, a cigarette retail customer in Xuzhou, Jiangsu province. In April 2004, I opened a shop in the downtown area of the city – Heng surplus tobacco Department store".

at the beginning, due to the lack of experience in the shop, once a loss, after a period of exploration and learning, I gradually embarked on the right track, business is booming day by day. Now, my store only operates a cigarette, the monthly profit of more than 2000 yuan. This review of more than 4 years of experience to the shop, I am keenly aware of, shop everywhere are learning. read more


Do you know how to locate the shop

a lot of people tired of the previous model of office workers, and now many people have chosen their own shop, do not want to continue to work for others. In fact, there are a lot of successful and unsuccessful shop, which is not only what we choose to open a store, and the location of the store is also a relationship. A good location, you can give more customers to spend more, which also brought good voice to the store. Here to tell you about how to shop location.

1, good lot does not mean good business. Shop location? A lot of good shops often means high rents, the landlord can only earn rent, so it should be suitable for home accessories sales lot and store. First, consumers buy Home Furnishing accessories are often started only in hard decoration near the end, so the store should be connected with the last part of the decoration, such as furniture, curtains and adjacent shop stores, building materials stores, shops and avoid bathroom adjacent; secondly, we should choose in the regional arts and crafts more concentrated, because it can not only utilize shop customers, but also for professional consumer groups. read more