What are the poor grass root project to build up the family fortunes

"poor" is not terrible, terrible is not know how to struggle, leading to life can only be a poor man. Therefore, even if it is poor Cock wire, but as long as we can choose to make their own good business opportunities, poor Cock wire can also become a rich man. So, what are the poor grass root project to build up the family fortunes?

of the rise in recent years a lot of network terms of people call it has many kinds, such as rich handsome, rich two generations, grass root, poor and short ", the nature is synonymous with the rich, wherever there is beauty, how can the poor grass root.? In addition there is no other way seems to start to go, although stable, but still some difficulties to build up the family fortunes.

what are the entrepreneurial projects can make poor grass root build up the family fortunes?

glasses shop

glasses industry profits has become an open secret, and even included in China’s top ten profiteering industry, retail Glasses profit margins can reach 200%, 500%, or even 1000%! But in need of technical optometry glasses shop is very exquisite, need to master a variety of glasses to repair and pick the goods selected goods skill and so on, including the secret not publicity business skills, it is such a threshold, hindered the pace of the industry most people enter the glasses.

plant pet shop

money is not too much, it does not matter! Our country has a very good plant consumption market, the annual flower trade in more than 130 million pots, trading volume of more than 30 billion yuan. Small plant pets in 2004 after entering our country, the number of transactions each year more than 60 million strains.

however due to the lack of reliable first-hand sources of information, and the excessive to join the market, making the existing business purchase cost is high, product update speed is too slow, the vessels process is lack of competitiveness, so the current PET plant operators, breakthrough single management bottleneck and high purchase price is the key point.

so, pet shop management plant can also learn hydroponics technology, it not only solves the bottleneck of a single business, but also cultivate their pet plant sale, greatly reduces the cost of the purchase price, and the update speed varieties entirely by their own master.

video game shop

, the game ban has been two months, we can see, shopping malls, supermarkets have already been placed on many game consoles, more and more people contact and receive video games, video game market will be visible after the continued hot. The status of the industry has been kept confidential because of the high profit of maintenance


Taught you how to open a shop in Beijing Qingfeng baozi

said at the end of 2013, early 2014, the most popular restaurant brands than Qingfeng baozi pu. Qingfeng baozi Pu franchisees must first go to the headquarters to fill in the "registration form" and ask the applicant of pre qualifying, store location. Qingfeng baozi Pu headquarters in Xicheng District Ping the first street intersection North Road East, called Hutong Qunli, into the alley on the south side of the first door is. Please refer to the map below.

first, you need to find an area of not less than 200 square meters (local join) shop, not less than 45 kilowatts of power requirements, if you choose the electric steaming vehicle steamed buns, then the power requirements of not less than 70 kilowatts, the distance of the existing shops Qingfeng baozi Pu to a certain distance, the best in more than 2 kilometers, the selected stores must be the main street in the area along the street store room, the best selection of the first floor. There are more than 60 thousand residents in the area to be able to walk within ten minutes. Must be able to obtain food and beverage business license.

Qingfeng Bao zipu headquarters for you think good: the shop door width not less than 8 meters.


in signing the franchise contract, the need to pay a total of $320 thousand, including a one-time franchise fee of 100 thousand yuan, 160 thousand yuan deposit, and the first year of 60 thousand yuan equity gold, also known as the brand use fee, only after a year to pay 60 thousand yuan of equity gold. Renewal of the contract, no longer charge a one-time fee, the continuation of the use of margin.

Beijing no preferential policies, outside the area can have……


How to use thousands of College Students Entrepreneurship

many people want to work, they may already have a mature idea, but the money is a big problem, but business is not to be so hard, the protagonist of the story, with thousands of yuan, successful business! Let’s go and have a look!

A did not get a diploma students, with 6000 yuan investment, now she has two companies, is a small boss. Thousands of pieces of money can do what, after the girls, she is how to use the 6000 yuan investment, with 2 companies in 5 years? Thousands of pieces of money can do what, for 5 years, she had her shirt and striking one snag after another, hand-painted shoes, through the network China wholesale to Hongkong and France, the United States is. Talk about business and venture confidently he dreamed of listing.

"because of love, so choose." Li Wen answer the reason for their own business. Thousands of pieces of money can do what, after graduation Li Wen went to Shanghai to work for more than a year in Shanghai, he saw someone wearing a "three English war Lv Bu" line drawing T-shirt, feel very interesting, want to buy can not buy, think this is a business. Later on the clothing online direct sales PPG advertising to the inspiration of Li Wen venture, he felt, if you do a customized and personalized personality T-shirt sales of personalized website, should be very promising."

6000 dollars

helpless in reality the dream "as the dream into reality, you will find out the dream reflected the reality is so fleeting and helpless." After exposure to a number of potential investors, Li Wen confidence began to collapse. Not only investors would not invest to this "young and ignorant" and "after 80", and no assets, the unsecured.


Three successful entrepreneurial wealth to their means

do you want to be a millionaire? Do you want to be an entrepreneur? So, you’re going to see how rich people think about it. The following are three small business story, in the face of fierce market competition, they do the opposite, but success!

live money.

After giving the


insist on their own ideas


Join the dry cleaning market prospects

in recent years, the development of the dry cleaning industry fiery, people are also very optimistic about the prospects for the development of this market. But what about the dry cleaners market? We believe that this issue is not very clear, today Xiaobian for everyone to introduce a simple, interested friends to look at it together.


Small business investment shop sipping Xiabu Hot pot

How small

sipping Xiabu Hot pot? Not subject to age restrictions, suitable for everyone to eat. Small business to choose small Hot pot sipping Xiabu project of their own to open a small Hot pot sipping Xiabu stores, the shop is made! Very good choice!

has a small Hot pot sipping Xiabu to join, mass consumption, small investment, low risk, high return, regardless of the franchise in what places to hot market, can not let people heart? So come join the small bar Hot pot sipping Xiabu food material, raw materials which are used in the production of fresh procurement, to ensure that consumers eat fresh, eat satisfied, and the bottom of the pot is a recipe of Chinese herbal medicine, let people eat spicy but not dry, not greasy oil, can enjoy a healthy delicacy for everyone Hot pot, irresistible delicious delicacy.

now has a small Hot pot sipping Xiabu attention to management and research and development for many years, the brand strength is very strong, product advantage, whether everyone is very popular, has a good reputation in the market, so hurry to join the small Hot pot sipping Xiabu, fresh ingredients, taste good, the price is also affordable, is everyone can buy to enjoy delicacy.

good rich project, rich business choice, as in the small Hot pot sipping Xiabu joined in. If you join the project is very small Hot pot sipping Xiabu, echocardiography. Hurry up! Come and join us to realize our wealth and life!


How to do well in commodity management during the rainy season

every year there will always be some special period of time will have a great influence on our business operations, of which, the rainy season is an event of far-reaching impact. The rainy season has come, and many floods occurred, but also for our retail households sounded the alarm, damp mildew resistant, improve safety awareness, prevention and.

that year just moved a new store, spacious and bright, clean and orderly merchandise, tile floor, clean and beautiful, the store’s goods are also put in full, by the volume of goods to attract customers, business or turn. The store’s wine box, instant noodles, beverages, beer what piled into the stack in the wall, so do not take advantage of the local. In June, I looked at the bottom of the box, did not find any problems, just sit back and relax.

after a period of time, the goods are sold almost, and I went into a number of new goods to do the supplement, the bottom up to sell. Let me turn the Mongolia, start from the bottom third box, the box on one side of the wall have long hair, the bottom box with the ground, liquor and beverages to say, can not interfere with retail, instant noodles and cookies can not see out of the box, plastic packaging has not changed, open the plastic bag food becomes soft, taste bad.

find suppliers, these commodity suppliers to exchange, there is a part of the commodity supplier, said commodity quality problems, if the bite caused by improper lingshouhu save loss and mice, regardless of the broken bags. I had no choice but to sell these damp goods, but also the loss of a few dozen dollars, fortunately, not much, this is the lesson. Before the old, every summer cement is wet, I do protective measures, never lost goods, now store large bright, but the goods. I really lost my mind in Jingzhou"!

whether new or old house, storage of goods, and leave a certain wall distance, the goods do not directly stack on the ground, can be a soldering iron shelf, also can use two brick and wood bear up, not too high. Leave the ground is good, that is, ventilation is also anti rat, mopping the surface can not dirty box. Summer to do less into the ground, the first out of the principle, enough to sell on the line, not much pressure, the cigarette in the ventilation on the high, to prevent damp mildew, reduce unnecessary losses.

although the time has come to the winter, however, I believe that because the management is not doing well, coupled with the rain this year, many retailers in this year’s rainy season suffered losses. We have to do a good job management, will let our shop business has been booming development. So, with the contents of the above introduction, the 2017 plum rains season you know how to do a good job of commodity management?


What is the name of the nightclub method

now people’s way of life is constantly changing, nightlife is more and more rich, so the nightclub business began to become hot up. Because of this, now the nightclub is more and more. However, want to open a hot business nightclub, naturally also need to have a proper name. Many investors do not know the name of the nightclub, in fact, as long as the master of the relevant methods, the name can be very simple. So, what is the name of the nightclub method?

1, the name of the nightclub welcome legitimate

to the public’s favorite language used in the nightclub called the title, to meet the customer’s desire for happiness, in order to attract business.

2, nightclub named brand law

brand names, generally refers to the company invented a brand-name products, then my brand name as the name of a company, such as the former Shanghai pen factory, Shanghai emerald Phoenix Bicycle Companies are based on their own brand products "green gold", "phoenix" to take the name of the enterprise.

3, the name of the name of the law

"Xing", "long" and "source", "Mao", "hair" and other words in the old shop signs often appear, this is the old business people love luck, elegant mouth color, such as the time-honored Yueshengzhai founded in 1775, the name "Yueshengzhai", there are "Yue Yuechang Sheng" meaning; people set up the first beer factory of Beijing Shuanghesheng brewery in Shandong Zhang and Hao Ge rise mainly fund-raising run, named "plan", "financial resources, both sides jointly have luxuriant" meaning.

4, the name of the name of the elegant law

this is the name of the shop is a unique Chinese commercial naming. Because Chinese under the influence of Confucianism, there is a weak suppression of traditional ideas, so some businessmen to commercial places also named as the literati’s study, such as "vegetarian", "Ge", "Xuan", "home", "garden" etc..

5, nightclub named mark method

is the main kind of nomenclature as a symbol, to highlight the salient features nightclub called, now in the world has developed into CIS (Corporate Identity System) part of the famous black monkey hat shop is a wooden door made of black monkey, to indicate its historical tradition, as distinguished from another hattery.

6, the name of the club vulgar grammar

colloquial more colloquial, the use of the name of the company’s corporate name, the title can be the majority of the public. The famous Wang Mazi, Goubuli etc. are colloquial name. Delicious >


Join the big secret of deception Environmental gasification furnace

by the reputation of science and technology and environmental protection, and constantly have new brands come out, to bring people a variety of new services, at the same time, but also to allow more investors have a good opportunity to start a business. However, Xiao Bian here to reveal a secret to everyone: the magic of environmental protection gasification furnace!

manufacturers now have publicity gasifier gasification furnace propaganda into new energy saving and environmental protection products, in the sale of the gasification furnace has no tar on the label, it is really the case? The west fork village of Hebei province Xingtang County Fan Chunfeng in advertising temptation, once bought five magic gasifier, the home a try, the results can be quite different.


gasifier gasification furnace to promote big secret never successfully


How to operate the snack bar business hot

is now the number of investors choose to invest in a shop is really very large, in this context, we naturally need to operate a larger market demand. In short, in this era of investment and entrepreneurship increasingly popular, many people are not satisfied with the step-by-step life and work, but more yearning for their own business, free, full. The snack shop is now a very popular venture, snack brands on the market in recent years, the store is more diverse, have to say this is a sunrise industry, but also very fierce competition in the industry at the same time, so how to manage to make their business red fire snack shop? Then we will introduce it in detail.

first, do market research and analysis of consumer groups

snack bar, pre Market Research and analysis of consumer groups is essential. Research work is done directly determine the future development of the store, so naturally sloppy, so what is the purpose of the investigation? There is no doubt that make you more intuitive understanding of the snack food market, shop consumer groups, to find out the regional environment, and then determine the consumer groups, this to their tastes, consumption habits, consumption ability and other aspects of understanding.

two, the establishment of shop positioning planning business to

investment to open the snack bar, the store must have a clear positioning, do not blindly pursue some things, but should choose their own, this is the way of long-term business. Location of snack shop is actually making yourself a realistic goal, and then down to earth, to realize it step by step, not blindly radical, also do not follow the crowd, so in order to better control their own direction.

three, the product is ready to cover a wide range of

consumer demand is never but with the change of environment, immutable and frozen, the trend and other aspects of the change, so their needs and preferences for snacks so naturally, so for a snack shop, some of the natural product range more vulnerable consumers welcome. To know whether the product type is enough, the taste is rich enough, whether the adequacy of stocking and so on these aspects determine the purchasing power of consumers, so be sure to pay attention to.


said that the operation of a shop involves a lot of work, however, if you want to open a business hot shop, in fact, need to do a good job. In short, at the snack shop business, as long as we do the above points, I believe you can snack shop business is booming, profits will come, but at the same time as the operator needs to pay more attention to the daily management of the store, to treat every customer seriously, to establish the good reputation of consumers, and promote long-term development of the shop the.