How to receive the urgent customer

is not every customer can be very idle when buying goods, many people will encounter more or less urgent, this time as a clerk of the store, you need to master these skills in a hurry customer reception, this will make the business more good shops. However, not every salesperson can grasp the relevant methods. So, how does the salesperson receive urgent client?

in general, there are urgent customers can be divided into two kinds:

is really a matter of urgency, too late to choose the same as the usual shopping customers. The customer reception, the clerk should pay attention to fast, don’t let him for shopping and delays, customers leave you is in his best interests rather than doing business on their own impression, which made him repeat shop. read more


Ten big money business opportunities, you must not know

venture capital can not be blind, we must have a general understanding of the market, also only in the hands of a good opportunity to achieve entrepreneurial success, so that business is the prerequisite and basis of economic success. Here, Xiao Bian will share with you ten big money making opportunities.

A: shortage of entrepreneurial profit opportunities.

to dilute your. The shortage is the first foreign economic profit motivation, air shortage in the plateau or in sealed space, air will make money business. Everything useful and short of things can be entrepreneurial opportunities to make money, such as high technology, true feelings, genuine, knowledge, etc.. < < < entrepreneurial opportunity read more


What are the projects to get rich in 2016

a lot of people want to start in 2016 to make money, so we are very concerned about the project in 2016 to become rich. Looking for a good project, entrepreneurship will be twice the result with half the effort, want to start a friend can focus on 2016 to become rich project. What are the items of getting rich in 2016? Let’s get together.

2016 years to become rich project? Foreign language tutor

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How should we choose the bookstore

many people choose to open a bookstore in the market many investment projects, opening a bookstore is certainly a potential consumer market, because the book is the spirit of intake of people, the people of the modern society of education is more and more attention, thus opening a bookstore as long as make adequate preparations, plus the correct operation, will make money.

suitable for the bookstore where:

1, students gathered near


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Seven magic weapons to make you rich

How can

get rich and happy? Some people on the rich experience of the United States has been summed up, read do not have some experience.

1, money begets money law: in 1967, North Carolina’s Ralph brothers decided to sell shares to raise funds to open a grocery store. They contacted 100 acquaintances who bought their own shares at a price of $10 per share for $100. More than 30 years later, the original grocery store has become a chain of more than 1 thousand food king of the big company. Its stock price of $109 per share, when the investor has become a millionaire in the top 78. read more


Online business which is better to open the shop to find the location

is now the network has been widely spread to every household, a lot of people have begun to contact the network. But what kind of projects have more investment value? How do you shop online? Today Xiaobian for everyone to recommend a few good projects.

now open newspapers, magazines, advertising agency is looking for products everywhere. Some people hold such an instinctive rejection of this kind of advertising, that is a liar, in fact, is not the case, there are also hidden in a mountain. read more


Where to open a pet shop business will be good

pet is a lot of people love to keep, pet sick or other needs will go to the pet shop, now more and more pets, pet shop business is getting better and better. If you want to open a pet shop, then where to hold a business is better? Xiao Bian for us to do a detailed introduction.

1. pet shop location, convenient transportation area, or near several major stations. Pet shop where good? Pet shop consumers generally close to the consumer, so the pet store location should not be more than 20 minutes walk within the street set up a lot of people on the other side of the shop to open a pet shop as well. read more


How to open spicy pot pot more money

spicy hot pot is an important branch of Hot pot joined in the spicy taste, very popular with the majority of chowhound. See the red hot business on the move, to open a spicy hot pot restaurant should be very profitable. So open spicy pot pot shop, how to shop to make more money, the following Xiaobian look together.

Accurate positioning is a prerequisite for

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What must be done before starting a business

in today’s society, the increasingly fierce competition, more and more people choose their own businesses, many successful entrepreneurs not only realize their ideals and values, but also create employment opportunities for others, however, people tend to see only after successful entrepreneurs, the glory of success, but they rarely succeed before the hardships especially the failure brought painful lessons.

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Regional summary is not suitable for shop

there are a lot of shops on the site, you should choose what kind of location and what kind of price. Today Xiaobian from another aspect of the shop to add the location of the skills, so you should not be able to deal with the area of the shop. The most common are the following:

1, on slope road

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To investigate what the whole open a Chinese fast food restaurant

Chinese fast food restaurants are now very good development, more and more friends began to engage in fast food investment, if you want to open a Chinese fast food restaurant, you need to shop in front of what? Xiao Bian for us to do a detailed introduction, which is a good choice for the moment, it is worth paying attention to.

in front of the shop to do a lot of preparatory work for investors, to understand the needs of the food and beverage market, some of the needs of the people is what? What are the brand has entered the local market, the enemy can read more


High margin industry inventory

investment, the first thing you want to clear the development prospects of the industry is very good, money can map, otherwise, the investment failure rate will increase. In the end what industries belong to this kind of high profit industry worth investing? Many consumers are not very clear, let’s take a look at it.

electrical appliances industry sales

with the stability of the national income rise, consumer cameras, computer, VCD and other consumer products will be increased by 10% per year. Engaged in the sale of household electrical appliances, as long as the goods in a timely manner, the correct selection of goods, promotions, conservative estimates will be 10% – 35% of the investment return. read more


Clothing stores Analysis

clothing store prospects, want to choose a suitable business opportunities, in advance, it is necessary to go through some investigation. If you want to do a good job business, then in the investigation stage, you need to be ready. How to choose the right project, to avoid their own into the scam? Xiaobian finishing a few suggestions, hoping to provide some reference for you.

brand stores investment amount is generally relatively high, most investors bear, which requires investors to choose one or several investment and other conditions to join in many brands of their own can be accepted, and no stores in the local brand, this process is time-consuming. read more


Ji’nan to help disabled college students employment

there are a group of people, perhaps they do not have a sound physique, but still struggling to pursue their ideals. However, on the road of entrepreneurship and employment has repeatedly frustrated, and now, they finally wait until the hope that the city of Ji’nan to help college students with disabilities entrepreneurship employment in full swing.

this year, Shandong provincial civil service examination for the first time recruiting disabled people. Last weekend, 2016 in Ji’nan City, the civil service examinations written started. It is worth mentioning that the Ji’nan area a total of 63 disabled candidates, City Personnel Testing Center set up 3 disabled room in the Ji’nan City Binhe primary school test center, and the creation of Wheelchair Access…… This initiative, no doubt for the city’s disabled college students to build a broader platform for employment. read more


Small smoke suction into a good helper

The process of

in the actual operation of our shop, we should be good at "invention" some gadgets, so there will be a great help to the development of our business, of which, this paper introduced the "smoke" is a good tool. "Smoke", really powerful, lightly smoke, smoke." I opened a shop in Nantong County, Henan Province, the town of Rudong, his invention of a small baby in the operation – "smoke son". Smoke smoke son what? In my shop, it is a practical tool for placing and extracting cigarettes. read more