What kind of grassroots entrepreneurs can control the market

as grassroots entrepreneurs, lack of venture capital, entrepreneurial experience, and the entrepreneurial spirit of dedication and spirit of struggle, and what grassroots entrepreneurs can win in the business market pull, rushed to get rich? What do they have in common?

1. insight

entrepreneurs to get angel investors recognized, he must have extraordinary insight. Insight, will have the ability to find. Identify needs, identify market opportunities, and lay the foundation for entrepreneurship.

For example, the

2. business minded


Married class Han Chun died Jackie Chan hair micro-blog mourning

Jackie Chan’s family class in the world are famous, every time Jackie Chan filming are inseparable from the support of family support. The day before, Jackie Chan at the micro-blog family mourning class Han spring died at the age of 52, has been involved in the guidance of many movies.

12 on the evening of 23 August, Jackie Chan micro-blog Memorial stunt team member Han Chun left, he wrote: "is set to catch movie, suddenly received a bad news, I married a good brother chun Han class left us, it is no wonder that some time ago, he has been hiding not see us… My brother nicknamed" avalanche cut the knife, who married Banli many distinctions won in battle. The older you are, the more you will face, but I will always remember the days when I walked with you! Brother, miss you!"

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Rural entrepreneurs to avoid these four major contract errors

is now the rural wide area is a good place to start, people have moved to the countryside, but also some of the farmers home business, we all know that in the business when the general need to sign some contracts, so entrepreneurship in rural areas or farmer entrepreneurship should be how to avoid the risk of the contract.

management ideas

zone 2: verbal agreement

to sign a written contract in commercial transactions. The two sides through e-mail, QQ chat agreement, also can be regarded as a written contract. If not because of the sensibilities, has signed a contract to have oral, third party witnesses, and leave the "recording" as supplementary evidence.

3 errors: lack of liability for breach of clause

4 mistakes: the terms of the contract language or


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How to rely on franchise business to make money

for their own conditions are weak entrepreneurial novice, join the franchise market is a great choice. The next thing to do is to rely on franchise brands to achieve success, then how can we quickly hold high the banner of the chain industry?

for franchisees benefit is:

A, "gold brand share". Brand is a symbol of credibility, quality and service, with a high gold content. Consumer recognition of the brand, greatly reducing the franchisee’s investment period. That is, by virtue of the reputation of others to build their own prestige, consumers have a mature chain of trust, will bring benefits to operators.

two, share of business secrets. In fact, the chain is to borrow someone else’s ladder, the success of their own buildings, as long as the master of the headquarters to your business philosophy on the line.

three, share of headquarters to provide support. Even if the franchisee does not know the industry do not worry, because from the supply to management, personnel training, advertising, promotions, etc., all provided by the headquarters.

franchise market a lot of advantages, many novice entrepreneurs are willing to join the rich team, not a person is willing to toil in the business market, and a way to get rich in the thousands on thousands of fishing gold chains, want to have to make efforts.


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Personalized education should have the characteristics of joining

now the society is a pluralistic society, but also a more personalized society in all aspects of people’s lives, whether it is work or business people are learning, always emphasize a concept that is personalized.

join for personalized education institutions, whether it is a market team or team of teachers, the team work quality often depends on the management of team management and operation. As a personalized education to join the organization managers, on the inside and outside the school department development plan in advance to prepare and do a good job of self-controlled system can greatly liberate managers’ work stress. The four management systems of individualized education joining Campus:

1,   evaluation system

have high performance, there must be a high standard, high demand, high wages. At the beginning of the people, the sex of the lazy, want to be lazy, system management. Said a lot of management decentralization, but other things are not any change, or conservative, so that decentralization is certainly. Decentralization means the change of rights and responsibilities, "coup" will make everything change. When you turn right down, we must also take responsibility and restraint together decentralization, for just to get more rights of new managers, if not a cage put them right trapped, let him play limited, otherwise will only have two results: one is to do with him two, what is to kill you. The evaluation system includes new systems and processes, and even the new salary system, to make the right, right to play in the play.

2,   organization system

3,   incentive system


The details of the need to pay attention to the opening of a high pressure coffee shop

coffee is the Westerners love to drink, to China after very popular, the beginning is a luxury, not now, now more and more people love to go to the cafe, where art, elegant, suitable for rest and talk about things, so now open a cafe is a fashionable investment method to make money, his development prospects are very broad. There are a lot of details to open a coffee shop, however, the details determine success or failure, do you know what the details of the need to pay attention to the coffee shop?

elegant Art Cafe environment

coffee shop environment. Grade decision of consumer groups, reception of what kind of people, you will have what kind of environment and grade {shop decoration / facilities / clothing to coordinate} style in the design work for store decoration and continuation of aging, attract customers favor comfort, such as a coffee shop Xu investment, so in the decoration when Jerry hardware facilities can not, so as to avoid the operation problems.

provides quality service

the customer is God, is God to us, so the operation early attendant and the various departments of the backbone of staff, will receive a formal action, good training, each a small service smile, produced, vision, are related to the growth rate of the old customers.

regular advertising

good product needs publicity, promotion, so the pre opening, marketing planning activities must be done carefully, operation can according to different seasons do not regularly launch new products, the implementation of product update rate, enhance competitiveness, each industry has short period two stages, seasons, holidays, can bargain preferential marketing planning.

no matter what business should pay attention to some details, most of the time, the details can decide the success or failure, so we need to do a heart, open cafe is no exception, if you are not careful and don’t pay attention to some details, there may be another universe. A brick is not much, but also to build a house, Many a little make a mickle., a detail although small, but it is possible that you failed. We need to seriously study the details of the need to pay attention to the opening of the cafe, to clear their own stumbling block on the road.

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If your name is illegal

to a proper name, now numerous operators can be described as the brains, however, the name is illegal, is still a question. Many people reflect Fuzhou, Fuzhou East Street shop signs are more than the traditional Chinese characters, English or even signs as a shop sign. In this regard, the legal profession pointed out that the shop signs and other billboards should be standardized Chinese characters, using English or even symbols are illegal.

symbol English flooded shop recruit

according to the clues provided to the public, visited Fuzhou city Dongjiekou District, found that there is indeed a lot of businesses in order to attract the attention of customers using a large number of new in order to be different, in the shop sign in the substandard text, mainly the following three aspects: the use of traditional Chinese characters or random change idioms, all use or the use of digital symbols such as English doping.

traditional Chinese characters easily in the shape of color, so many businesses’ favor". Gathered in Fuzhou street, Xian Tower Street, Damien road and several shops, found a lot of this shop, and relates to many industries. As a company called "Dommin" clothing store, one of the "green" and "Yang" both characters, the clothing store "village story" "language" is used in traditional Chinese characters.

restaurants, "Sun Kee health garden" in addition to "life" all characters, "the more we fish pot" of the "record" and "fish" are used in traditional Chinese characters, the name "Bama tea tea chain" and "industry" is used as traditional Chinese characters. "Set of jade Xuan jewelry" and "Fu Hui jewelry" and other jewelry store name will also treasure the use of traditional characters. In addition to these shops in addition to traditional Chinese characters, and not in a prominent position to configure the specification of Chinese characters to write the signs.

there are a lot of businesses to fight the idea of idioms. "Reluctant to part" into "Yiyibushe" has become a clothing store signs, "perfect in every respect" is changed to "food chain shiquanshimei" as the shop.

doping and even all of the use of English as a shop recruit has been adopted by many businesses. In the East Street shopping district found that such shops can be described as everywhere. If all of the use of English with "JOEM", "SWEET CHERRY", "AOKU", "ONE HOUSE", "AMY" is used English doping; "Kimi Q", "TT show", "car condition".

there are businesses simply put the sign on the shop signs. In the fairy Tower Street and two street Jin Tai Road, found 4 such shops, the signs were "5.11+", "+ – × ÷", "2%" and "H-1989".

is the wording of a private matter?


Operating health care products to make money worry free market demand is very hot

now many industries are beginning to face the transition, because the product can not meet the needs of people, or can not keep up with the trend of development, had begun to change. And some industries have not only stand up, and more popular. Health care industry is one of them, operating a health food store easy to make money, absolutely trustworthy.

Medical research shows that:

see the answer above, you should also be aware of the extent of the popular industry. And the quality of the brand is super strong suction gold strength, easy to sweep wealth. Flower honey health is a pretty good investment options to meet the market demand, four business worry free.


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Operating characteristics of snack bars need to pay attention to the five major issues

food and beverage industry has been an industry all the time in the business account, have a very big demand, special snack is a hot spot for investment in the catering industry, more and more people do, increasing competition in the market, want to own the snack shop more popular, not only to have a good product, but also to a good management method, so as to attract the attention of more people, bring good business for you. So, for inexperienced entrepreneurs, how to operate a special snack bar? Need to pay attention to what matters?

1: to introduce special snack, should be based on the original hotel for carrying stores, as the characteristics of the project introduction, not as sure as a gun not suitable separate shop; or only to the hotel after the production, wholesale delivery; another one is to stand ready to join the company, manufacturers of the stall operators.

2: the state of the food industry process requirements more and more strict, if you want to introduce the characteristics of snacks must take into account the industry policy and local laws and regulations. In addition, many of the characteristics of snacks are often successful in the introduction, profit for some time, to recover the investment, the project itself is also a recession, the result may be only a pile of equipment, raw materials, no gains at all. Good budget for the return cycle.

3: special snack is small, but the distribution of energy than other projects to be more time consuming, because it is a small project, like our surrounding Baozipu, tea and congee, the same is very hard and exhausting. To do this, we must have the psychological preparation, not the introduction of production to make money so simple.

4: some characteristics of the snack items simply do not have the characteristics of the two characters, operating characteristics of the snack bar is simply their own characteristics, but with the guise of the characteristics to cheat your technical fees. Only some of the characteristics of snacks, technical formula, and then is a certain remittance address, e-mail and the like, you do not have to look at the ads, delay time. True and false technology is a problem, even if people do not like to do the food is a problem.

5: even if the real characteristics of snacks, the introduction of the operating characteristics of the snack bar can be adapted to the local consumer tastes, suitable for the future to maintain freshness. Specialty snacks in the introduction of different places is difficult to maintain a longer consumption period. Unless you can use a phase change for a long time to maintain a stable profit.

business is definitely not a simple investment, to better operate such business, but also need to pay more attention on business methods, understand these precautions can make you better operating snack bar, win more wealth for themselves. In this paper, the operating characteristics of the snack bar need to pay attention to the five major issues made a detailed analysis, we want to help.

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The best ideas for College Students

now college students entrepreneurship school but also has been encouraging, a target at the same time the whole society and the government also promulgated a lot of favorable measures to help students realize their business and become rich.

1. can split open business. In my opinion, the problem of talents in enterprises must be based on the understanding of the nature of talents, independence, self-reliance and self-improvement. No matter what kind of business, can be independent of the business should be independent, so that professional or small team to do their own independence to do. What to do small business good? The corresponding way of working is decentralized. The Internet has provided the conditions for this office. It’s called virtual organization abroad. Many companies in China have accepted this approach, which provides a new way for college students to start their own businesses.

2. book production preliminary work. For example, the selection of topics, text entry, layout design, packaging design, as well as school equivalence, can do it independently.

3. all kinds of graphic design work. Such as advertising, posters, book covers, trademark etc.. This kind of thing is particularly suitable for those who are interested, it is important to come up with their own creative results.

4. a variety of special agency business. Patent application agent, technical property agent, all kinds of registered agent. For example, trademark registration, domain name registration. Many companies, organizations have the need to register the object, but the lack of relevant knowledge, the conditions of registration, scope, process is not clear.

1. education and training. If you have a school of medicine, psychology, education, you can use the University of this brand, learn from developed countries, to carry out early childhood education".

2. mature technology transfer. In particular, science, engineering, agriculture, medical colleges and universities, there are some technical issues and mature technical projects. The teacher is busy with his study. You can do this to find the market for technology, to achieve the transformation.

3. a variety of professional consulting. There are students of the school of economics and management, the establishment of enterprise consulting organizations. Of course, the influence of the students is not enough, please industry experts to form the Zhu Geliang group, looking for Liu Bei, with his common growth".

for the majority of students, entrepreneurship is not just a slogan of the society, at the same time, college students choose a correct way of entrepreneurship is a very important thing in the beginning of the whole business.


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