Traditional enterprise network marketing needs to avoid several detours

now, the problem of network marketing is the traditional enterprise has not to do and not to do, but how to do? How to do will have effect? This group of customers in the Ken Tan network marketing agency currently in service in 80%, the customer is not involved in network marketing, a considerable percentage of the enterprises long ago it has launched a network marketing business, and many enterprises are also looking for network marketing service company for several professional, even had also put a lot of manpower, which is ultimately the effect is not ideal! How to do network marketing has always been a topic here by a commonplace talk of an old scholar, for these companies to carry out before the network marketing situation in the preliminary understanding and analysis, summarize the reasons for the following enterprises to develop the network marketing effect is not good, for your reference!

1. Understanding of network marketing

the so-called understanding of the problem is mainly that traditional enterprises do not have a correct and objective understanding of network marketing. The so-called network marketing, in short, is network + marketing, the two are indispensable, but focus on marketing. The final understanding of the issue is mainly reflected in the enterprise main body, as a successful traditional enterprise boss, has no sense of marketing is not, but the network is somewhat strange, so they will mistakenly believe that network marketing key is reflected in the network, and then do network promotion, do a good business website is the network marketing. At the same time plus the market that advocate network marketing company technology first, no marketing planning skills for commercial interests, the wrong guide! For a transaction in the absence of a correct and scientific understanding of the premise, you hurry, you will fail from closer before a tan roots! "On the network marketing, network marketing, e-commerce, the three concepts of" coarse text, we do not put off to see


two, prophase network marketing planning problem

before carrying out network marketing project, we first need to be very clear what is the purpose of network marketing is to spread the brand?? or want to through the network of merchants? Or directly to the end customers to provide products and services? Maybe something you want to achieve through the network, the network can also help you achieve this several! But different purpose determines you carry out the network marketing strategy will be different. After all, the enterprise brand communication, merchants, retail service audiences are not the same, their focus is not the same, if not the actual purpose of the development of network marketing strategy and the corresponding to take the form of wide net, East West hit a shot, the gun, which also want that, too, the result is a sesame lost watermelon, what are not final.

first we should have a clear objective, to identify target customers where they love, what about what, then they can meet the needs of targeted in the formulation conforms to the characteristics of the network attack strategy, the only hope of success. As for how to produce, is another topic, Tan roots network camp >


What skills will be required to participate in the exhibition

in China, China Merchants exhibition has become an important stage for many enterprises to display their own, especially in the professional class merchants exhibition, not only to attract business, but also to learn and exchange with others.

1, the organization and management of the exhibition site

2, exhibition site communication skills

ready. Before the exhibition opens, booth design and construction needs to do a good job of preparation, such as the display of the product display, join promotional materials, used to demonstrate the computer, and so on, as well as staff standing position, etc.. Full preparation will make you busy even if you are very busy, or even if there is not a lot of audience, but also to create a warm atmosphere. People often don’t want to go to the empty booth.

summary. When the audience expressed interest, booth construction company must be able to immediately seize the key points the other party wants to understand. A general introduction to the unique characteristics of the project, in particular, need to be clear, must be refined, there are 3-5 key points can be.

summary. When you understand the background and needs of each other, and the introduction of the project in all aspects of the situation, it is best to communicate the key points to make a summary, this is more recommended


Video website flaring up again to decide the future development strategy

Sina, the Sohu purchase of billions of dollars each hit TV drama copyright, network video has increased in the field of investment, Sohu is the introduction of the ultra clear channel to compete for users, Tencent to enter the high-profile network video industry, Tencent launched video network test version in April this month, the Tencent to big 440 million investment in Huayi brother, hope that through their own platform will be integrated with the Huayi Brothers to occupy a space for one person in the resources, the network video industry, another portal giant NetEase also unwilling to lag behind, they chose the inventive, open class, micro film differentiated video products, hope that with different routes in the network video industry share.

the four portals in the network video field of huge investment does not ban back in 2007 — the video site of the golden age, the foreign YouTube and domestic potatoes, become fashionable for a time, Youku and other video sites also achieved great success, make a successful video website has become a lot of grassroots Adsense dream. Then, as the giant portal has to enter the field of online video, and a spring in the online video, video website how to get a better development? This is a point (business) of black and white, and share this with you.

one, network video analysis of the status quo

through the continuous development in recent years, the video site to watch their favorite television drama, variety show has become many people’s surfing habits, according to Chinese Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) shows released in January this year, "the twenty-seventh China Internet development statistics report", the network video has become the seventh largest domestic application Internet users, ranking even more than e-mail, online shopping, online banking and so on popular areas, thus its development prospect is quite broad, has great potential for development.

also has several problems that can not be neglected in this field:

first, the network video field of intense competition, the original Youku, potatoes, cool 6 needless to say, recently reached the field of online video portal giants are making the competition in this industry reached the fierce degree:


, the online video site than in other areas of higher threshold, technology, space and bandwidth can be regarded as to enter the network video field road stumbling block, and under the new management approach recently introduced, to create a related news or television drama video sites need to apply for a "information network transmission audio-visual programs permit", and apply for the permit conditions is the registered capital must reach more than twenty million yuan, the lack of sufficient technical strength and large amount of money to support the small video sites can be said that there are great difficulties.

third, high input, low return, or even non return. At present, the profit model of the video website mainly relies on advertising revenue, although some sites have started the attempt to launch a payment service, but they are still very immature


Original title win in writing (a) touch more easily Xianshengduoren

read books, read leather, read newspapers and read questions. Good title is the first stone to win readers. It is also a necessary magic weapon to stimulate the interest of readers. Otherwise, even if the content is rich, even if the wine is not afraid of alley depth, it is particularly difficult to develop. A piece of the value? Is two points: create hits, create value, and click rate is to create value for the premise, the original value is more in the title, so win in the title, more likely to win.

on the title of the article, how to win in the title win over the network users, first of all to do three things: first, the transfer value, the needs of users of information included in the title, or how many people to see their own is not related to the topic? Two, transmission of information, information transmission and non useful information needs of users. Can also be entertainment topic, after all Internet users on the one hand is the need to work in terms of information, there is only a part of it for fun and to choose interested in reading. Three, the title of the landscaping, modification, modification of the title have to say is very good, even if the content was flat, through a good title, no doubt in the one step ahead to win the user’s attention, even half a bottle of discontent can still call it loud.

1: win in title, how to write Title

in the Internet every day has a lot of articles produced, but not every article can win the user’s smile or sympathy, and even some of the article written out by people smashed, nothing is. But still can play "propaganda" effect, which is the title of the state of mind.

A: good title, half veiled,

is the title of the article can not write to cover and contain everything, confused people to read, and can’t write all the content of the article is to tell the user, or who is willing to read the title of the article? Both stimulate readers’ interest in reading, so that at the same time, is undoubtedly the best way. In this paper, for example, "the original title of the wording" and "win in the title, finishing touch more easily Xianshengduoren" is an example of. The former is straight and the title is written, and the latter is vivid. The title of the article is vivid and vivid, which makes it more attractive. It is also a form of expression of the author’s organizational power.

B: good article, title is long and exquisite,

as mentioned earlier, a long title can really attract the user’s attention. After a lot of writing, the author just makes a central interpretation of the title, which can often be done in a few words. First of all, this title is usually dull, and not described what point of view is too large, and the title and so on are directly the set of arguments, will not produce the best "- veiled" effect. So, how long will the headline? Commonly used expansion method: increase Title prefix, like this (the original value (a)), an overview of the suffix after the content, then continue to describe the main description of things: "to win in the title, finishing touch more easily.


My website user, where are you

for web sites, especially for new sites, the mining and training of new users is an extremely important aspect. As a webmaster, we should find their own website where the potential users? To the fastest, most potential users must first find, accurate analysis and location of site audience, to better start looking for new users of the site tour.

1, Q & a platform. Q & a platform is one of the most concentrated areas of the same interest audience. For example, Baidu knows, Sina, love asked, etc., these sites are classified according to different topics, questions and answers of the same class of questions may be interested in this topic of users. As a webmaster may pay more attention to these quiz platform, also often involved in answering questions properly with their website links, so that one can increase the site outside the chain, access to web traffic; more important is to make more friends, they are the most likely to be users of your web site.

2, community community. Community community refers to the user’s affiliate channels, such as Baidu post bar, watercress group, campus group, blog and so on. Webmaster can search through these channels search engine, suitable for their website theme community, and then join them, here to tap their website users.

3, interest search. In the portal, forum or blog user search interface, and some will search by interest, the webmaster can for their website theme implementation search, so in the user list to find the site of interest users.

4, QQ group. The reason why QQ group alone listed, first, because this group of relatively large number, two because they are relatively active. How to expand for QQ group, you can see my other article on QQ group promotion feasibility suggestions.

5, peer site. Peer websites are the most direct way for new users to come. If you want to find the most users, you should look for it in the leading website of your website industry. For example, modern Chinese Web site webmaster may wish to present Han, www.xianhan8.cn go up "pull" users, because it is for the professional website, interest coincide, the user is the most, but also the most accurate. Of course, do not have to invite each other, you can go to the most active users.

6, industry teacher. This is a relatively easy source to ignore, but this source does not apply to all sites, only for academic and professional websites. This kind of webmaster may collect more teachers e-mail address, and then contact them, let them do promotion for your website. The specific method may be to give the teacher the website or the forum user registration invitation code, lets the teacher recommend again to own student, this is the most pertinent, the most effective promotion way.

7, Witkey website. Witkey website is also one of the "breeding" places for new users. On the one hand, the webmaster can search for related tasks, and all the participants in these tasks may be you


From Mac, Google to PHPWind

PHPWind recently released a version of 7.3, which really surprised me. I had to applaud the speed and speed of PW’s innovation. With a feature selection in the background, the site switches freely between the portal mode and the BBS mode. And after the expansion of the function of the member center, is a SNS platform. Many intelligent interactions form a completely new user experience and application process, and make the passive search of customers change to active access. More user support from functionality.

said PW had to mention his rival, dz. It has been a long time since the two companies have been concerned, but Kang has been expanding the product for the sake of horizontal market strategy. See e-commerce fire, buy a ECSHOP (later sold), see video fire, a superV (later also sold), now SNS fire, and began to advocate UCenterHome. The product line is too long, and we have a UCenter to integrate.

remembers the last time he talked to Wang, he repeatedly stressed that PHPWind was only focused on community interaction, and many people misunderstood that PHPWind was just BBS. And this 7.3 version gives us the answer, PW is not doing SNS and other applications, but based on their own core products, based on the realization of user interaction needs. Personally feel that the "community Transformers" can be very word expression of 7.3 of the product.

said, "why did PW7.3 pull MAC, Google?". In fact, this problem can be linked to a deep, I recently wrote an article with "domestic CMS industry is" what is left of the article, mentioned abroad for open source software, Vignette, Ncompass, InStranet is not the market value of up to hundreds of billions of dollars are giant acquisitions. But at home, I don’t know who dares to come out and say, "we live very smart, or we’ve earned enough money.".

community software, after all, is still a small circle, to grow and develop, always want to learn from some giants. Similarly, as a technology-based company, Mac and Google rely on what to achieve today’s status and achievements, constant innovation, inclusive of various talents and user centered design concept. In the Chinese Internet plagiarism circle, really can go beyond innovation and how many? The light from the SNS, there are several SNS like Facebook SNS? Many of the webmaster, how to understand the six dimension theory of


, Mac and Google have been sought after, respected, and become great IT companies because they are serving users and changing the world and changing everyone’s lifestyle. They have their vision of strategy and vision of global competition, but they are not confined to the circle, industry, and their products themselves. Open source and open API contain philosophy and tolerant breadth of mind, really >


5 years, the webmaster experience to share the key to real success, IP is to adhere to

Internet began in 1969, the Internet will remain in an unpredictable speed forward, will also be the current and future development potential to a large number of sites disappear! Every day, and a large number of new sites have been born, your website at what stage?

is now talking about my personal experience on personal websites. One is purely recreational and personal. Two is a personal hobby for doing, later into income. Three is a direct target for money making tools. But many webmaster every day shouting: "my website how IP so little? My website how to include no? I have done so long, the site did not earn a penny."… And so forth, all sorts of sighs coming from all sides. Thus losing the information that continues to do website, guide everybody to be very blind.

station planning is a very important step is to frame their site process, then a good domain name (note on the line such as download station, flying in the halo network containing down domain name… In this regard I said no more) at the beginning of the site, the SEO class I have seen many similar. Among them, really useful and you know how much? Take a look at a few points I cleaned out the most important


1, "the code to make small, simple and easy-going, neat layout.

reason 1: web size directly affects the speed of browsing, no one likes to open more than 5 seconds. You can find another type of Web site from Baidu in 5 seconds.

reason 2: mesh surface is not more beautiful, the better. The browser looks at the content, not the interface. So the interface looks comfortable. Neat layout can help users find what they want directly. Achieve user end goal

2, home connection is not too easy, more harm than good,


reason 1: for those large portal except, it must be comprehensive, and has many years of foundation. Each category out an article shows that in the home page can reach great length. Everyone looked at the home page, sure most will be confused, see for a long time can not find what you want to see.

rules according to Baidu. Home page connection is not easy to more than 100 (specifically, how many forget.). At around 100). It doesn’t hurt to conform to it. Two, the content of the home page more, affect open speed (affirmative).

3, SEO, this I elaborate on it! Don’t believe SEO, the more luck, which accounted for only 30% or less. It’s just a site for web friendliness,

(1) about the title of the home page, keyword up to 3

(2) the content page title does not exceed 2

(3) do not collect, manual to disorderly order reprinted (that is, not one by one next to the turn). That’s the same as collecting) to publish

(4) title as little as possible to change or do not change, the article has been sent as far as possible not


Do not understand decentralization to the user You busy Goushu cheats teach you how to operate 42 po

[Abstract] for example, we do business, like the management of a company, you are CEO, you do hands-on, you don’t like who is dead? So I say the user operation of Pyramid model, in fact with a lot of logic in real life is common. I never think that a "user guards" operation, no matter how strong your individual combat capability, you will always be a common operation. So, I say, editing is just the very beginning of the operation, that’s why.


recently, someone told me that I’m tired of working in a community. I have to deal with a lot of things every day. The new product will be released soon. It’s estimated that my workload will be doubled, and I’ll have some shit. He and I said, how much you can help you share the reliable user? He immediately dumbfounded… ..

it is that many operators are everything, what things are Qinliqinwei, the results of your busy as a dog. What are the reasons for this? There are several reasons for this:

1, too much confidence in their ability.

I don’t like the idea that a few people hold up a program for hours in a conference room. It’s not like planning work, it’s extremely trivial, and always think about the user’s feelings. Do you really think each of your ideas, users can participate in it? Not exactly.

2, unwilling to decentralization.

operations have a misunderstanding, always feel that the quality of things users do not have their own high, feel that the user is not assured.

you do not want to, the first user to do as well as you, should have been, second, you do nothing, the user did not do well, then what do you want,


3 is not willing to spend time every day on training users on

why? Because it is a slow living, hard work. We manage the team, everyone knows different places management difficulties, not to mention the user, so many people would rather live themselves, and go home early, are not willing to spend every day to train users inside a bunch of dead faithful.

In fact,

, for example, we do business, like the management of a company, you are CEO, you do hands-on, you don’t like who is dead? So I say the user operation of Pyramid model, in fact with a lot of logic in real life is common. I never think that a "user guards" operation, no matter how strong your individual combat capability, you will always be a common operation. So, I say, editing is just the very beginning of the operation, that’s why.

therefore, doing business is equivalent to managing a company, and user operation is equivalent to managing your employees. A top operating company can manage a company in the future.

explains, you understand the importance of decentralization, and how do you empower people to do something more valuable and meaningful?


Brokeback young my business experience to share content and network service is the key

The popularity of

Internet, provides a business platform for more and more people, the network business has become common, some people succeed, some people are still groping, you do not know the network business on the road has been carried out which part of the. Learn from other people’s online business stories, you can give us some pointers and ideas.

A5 on Thursday January 13th exceeded invitation free stickers www.freep.cn founder, Brokeback young Chen Rui to share his entrepreneurial story: the Internet has no wings I can fly, the baby finishing part focuses on the discussion of welcome.

asked: "there are some webmaster in the network business, may not be perfect limbs, but still get very good achievements, just like Chen Rui.". First of all, thank you for sharing your story today. In an interview with guests, he said, "attitude is very important to us. We need to accept a broken self and develop a sound mind. Life teaches us that only we can help ourselves."." How does Chen Rui adjust his attitude? I know some friends who are physically handicapped and haven’t come out of the shadows of their own. I hope guests share their experiences.

answer: the mentality of the problem may have my personal reasons, but there are also reasons for my friends. When I was a child, I had an accident. For so many years, my friends respected me, cared about me, and many people gave me a lot of help. This should be an important reason for me to build self-confidence. So here, I also put forward a proposal, like everyone can treat the disabled people around you, your words may affect their life.

Answer: in the face of the

side of the disabled, we also look at as much as possible with normal vision, many disabled people in action is not the case, they are very brave, they make more achievements, they get a little more applause. We also give applause to Chen Rui.

asked: entrepreneurship is not easy, just to enter the social entrepreneurship grassroots webmaster, how should you position yourself? When did you start positioning yourself,


answer: many friends at the beginning of their own business to set a very specific goal, I personally think that with the passage of time, many of the previously conceived goals are no longer have the conditions for realization. I suggest that you adjust your development strategy flexibly according to your own resources. The goals can be, but should not be limited by your goals.

asked: that was how Chen Rui came into contact with the industry on the Internet? I found a huge space in this industry just contact, or find value in the process of continuous practice? Now many novice want through the Internet business, but the choice in the industry, in the specific direction of choice, is still relatively confused. Hope that Chen Ruineng share, when you contact the Internet at the time of the idea, how to choose a potential development direction,


answer: we actually experienced this confused stage at that time. The first investment we got