Diligence, learning and the Internet


enters the network time soon, but the feeling still has many.

is really a virtual world, but it’s still the same as in reality. Credibility, teamwork, emotional intelligence, intelligence, etc. are needed in the network. It seems that the Internet is just for making money, but I understand a very common but very important truth from the internet.

many people say that the Internet is promising, as long as you try hard to do it. I was also fooled by this sentence, so I tried to read some tutorials, and strive to do something. But later, the more I learned, the more I didn’t feel right, but I couldn’t tell what was wrong.

feels right and thinks, so when I’m free, I think about things on the internet. The more I think about it, the more I feel that the Internet has a future, and my predecessors are right. So I was still fooled, knowing that one night I suddenly jumped out of the network, like the future of the network. I finally found that I was fooled, and the future of the network stems from your diligence, not the future of the network itself. Think about it,..

predecessors have been emphasizing the future of the network, and cited many successful examples. They even moved the whole team out, and the whole team was a high net income group. This has to be said to be a big temptation, especially for the new. But when you find out, they always emphasize that you have to be diligent. In a word, as long as you work hard, you will have a future on the Internet. Ha ha, the problem will come out. What is the future of the Internet or hard work,


go over it again: if you have paid your time, energy, and enthusiasm in the real world, then will you succeed? I’m sure everyone knows the answer. So, it is not network promising, but diligent, promising.

ha ha, a lot of hard work and network things. So, are the older generations just kidding us? The answer is no, they’re right, they need to be diligent. Thank you very much for your predecessors’ tutorial. It made me understand one thing: as long as I have a heart of enthusiasm and do everything diligently, I can succeed.


great grace, thank you, just here to give your predecessors a sentence blessing words: "bless your predecessors, family more and more happy, the network business is more and more successful."".


webmaster news list


After reading this article, you know it’s not easy to update and maintain your website

of website content update, web site operators in many eyes, is one of the major events, must be done every day and constantly repeated day in and day out, year after year, and then find the problems, and then give the website "add material", in addition to this, the website content updates do not think that simply adding articles, in fact, in the construction site after the website content update is not only to do the content, there are more things to do.


The content of the website

traditional update, is to find a few articles, revise, sent to the site, and a high level of the update is directly to the original article, and then sent to the site, the purpose of doing so is to let the search engines, this update mode in the SEO optimization experience sharing, often can see, the content update does not belong to the normal site maintenance management, in order to meet the demand of some more". For example, the search engine’s preferences, to the site to do optimization, we imagine that if a site has enough users, have enough conversion rate, have enough content, how should we do to maintain and update the website content? This time the site, it is a mature website, do content, only the site itself is the real needs of the content.

is a mature website maintenance, including several aspects of this website content: business data maintenance, information maintenance, visitor interaction information maintenance, and other information maintenance.

business data including inventory data, order status, order information, product data, for an enterprise website, because of business happening, inventory information, product information, order information changing, by writing the log data analysis, to reflect the enterprise website real-time operating status, business data the purpose of maintenance. Through the website data and enterprise backstage business database connection, may realize the website data automatic renewal. This content is not visible to the user, only internal communication and summary, but also revitalize the main source of data for a web site.

Maintain the

news information is what we usually say the contents of these contents include maintenance, maintenance industry news, business news, product dynamic and so on, in the early stage website content maintenance scope may, more complex, and to the mature stage of website content maintenance, are generally subject to the enterprise website, for example, the enterprise every day events, these events reflect the latest trends in the business, is an important channel for visitors to understand the present situation and development of enterprises. Timely dissemination of information is also a channel for communication with visitors.


visitors interactive information is the main feedback all left contact information website, most enterprise website provides e-mail, message board (BBS), QQ (MSN) and other means of communication with visitors. Receive emails or messages from visitors and respond promptly


Baidu knows how to eliminate negative information

recently took charge of micro-blog’s marketing and email marketing, so he wanted to summarize some of micro-blog’s marketing ideas, but opening notebooks didn’t make sense. See the "About Baidu Guicai secret", think of Baidu know negative information has great influence on some of the company’s. For now, a lot of people online and offline to understand a product, a company, use Baidu Search is the most concise way, while Baidu know that good ranking in Baidu’s results, directly lead to negative information which the company’s image, and then affect the performance. While many PR staff do not know how to cope with the negative information on Baidu know, resulting in a "Baidu know delete this gray industry, so as to eliminate the Baidu know share some negative information experience.

clears Baidu and knows negative information

1. Identifying negative information affecting

since it is clear Baidu know the negative information, then Baidu know there must be the company’s negative information was found. In order to develop specific cleaning plans, quantify marketing efforts, visualization, you need to understand how much Baidu knows the range of negative information, users will see what negative information in any way.

therefore, we need to count the current negative information, classify the records, and record the new negative information every day so as to adjust the direction of the PR in a timely manner.

two, delete Baidu, know the negative information

delete the stranger in Baidu wizard in secret sharing. Of course, only you are a regular company, and the negative information is indeed malicious, strangers just agree to delete, otherwise, bad comments will only increase over time, in vain to increase the workload.

to delete Baidu know, there are some details need to pay attention to, for example, at the same time report a number of links, continuous reporting malicious information, increase the success rate of reporting details, and so on. Strangers don’t talk much here. Regular companies need details of this, you can contact me, of course, free of charge, but it must be regular companies, and indeed malicious information.

three, diluted Baidu know negative information

removes negative information on the one hand; on the other hand, it increases positive information, diluting negative information, and gradually reducing the impact of negative information. The method is similar to the first step, determining how users may see positive information, and then answering questions or adding questions to themselves to answer positive information, rendering positive information in front of the user.

Baidu know ranking also has some skills, online search a lot, stranger is not introduced.

four, monitor PR effect

the above three steps are required to be detailed records, and every day the day before the analysis of the effect, timely adjustment, remediation, and so on. The effect of PR can be reported once a week so that BOSS can understand the situation, apply for funding, and so on.


Large web site operations confused where does it come from

network marketing can not do without website operations.

site operations, in addition to personnel management, marketing planning, financial management, just on the website itself, the most so that web site CEO headache should be the content of the site. How can I make good web content? The content of the website involves reading experience, user transformation, search engine ranking and so on. How can you make good content? Where does the content come from,


regular website operation, is reproduced and original simultaneously. The quality is the same, the more original content, the more readers and search engines will be favored, the more able to produce positive user experience and user viscosity, and then produce a user transformation. A website reprint, only the quality of content, patient.

website content of the original, you can have the original, pseudo original, can be an interview manuscript, the article finishing, a word of his table and so on, these are editorial things. Many web site editors are web site vice president, you can see the importance of web content.

website content, in addition to the original and reprint, there are other attractions and search engines to attract no, there are topics.


project is a special subject, which is a comprehensive and in-depth report of something and a character. After reading a project, I fully understand one thing, this is the topic.

website operations, the content of the site does not have to ask for more, can meet user needs; website content does not have to be new, applicable; website content does not have to seek depth, and become a fact.


According to Fujian NEPARTAK after the attack of reconstruction measures

heavy rainfall this year, a serious phenomenon, resulting in a lot of urban waterlogging phenomenon. After heavy rainfall in Fujian Province, this year ushered in the first typhoon NEPARTAK "". "NEPARTAK" attacks in Fujian, causing severe floods in some areas, roads, farmland, communications infrastructure, water supply and drainage facilities, water conservancy facilities, power grid equipment suffered serious damage, water supply and drainage safety affected rural housing after disaster reconstruction task is very arduous. Then, according to the "Fujian NEPARTAK" after the attack reconstruction measures what?

therefore, the provincial government before the study and formulate the enterprise, rural housing, roads, telecommunications, disaster destroyed arable land, city water supply and drainage facilities, water conservancy facilities, power grid and other eight post disaster reconstruction project, to promote the province’s disaster area and damaged facilities to accelerate post disaster restoration and reconstruction to provide policy support.

these eight specific implementation plan: "Fujian province enterprise disaster recovery and reconstruction of production plan" "Fujian province rural housing reconstruction plan" "Fujian province highway post disaster reconstruction plan" "Fujian province disaster destroyed arable land reclamation plan" "Fujian Province Communications Industry post disaster restoration and reconstruction" implementation plan "Fujian province city water supply and drainage facilities for post disaster reconstruction implementation plan" and "Fujian province water conservancy facilities in the post disaster reconstruction plan" "Fujian power network reconstruction plan" etc..

program clearly defined the overall requirements of the reconstruction work, the objectives and tasks, work steps, support policies to further clarify the responsibility unit, task division, etc., in order to ensure the effectiveness of the program landing.


enterprise post disaster production and reconstruction plan made, in principle, plant, machinery and equipment, tolls caused serious damage to the facilities of business outlets, to assist enterprises to resume production and operations within one quarter after the disaster; cause especially serious damage, complete the reconstruction and recovery of production in the second half of this year.

to promote the recovery of the affected enterprises to speed up production and reconstruction, the province has developed 8 supporting policies.

to set up special funds for disaster relief. The establishment of provincial finance industrial enterprises and commercial enterprises relief funds allocated 20 million yuan each year, mainly for the purchase of emergency relief supplies, reserve and transportation expenses, as well as the key enterprises hit the recovery and reconstruction of production expenses.

encourages companies to buy property insurance. Fujian Insurance Regulatory Bureau and all property insurance companies to innovate enterprise property insurance, adopt various preferential measures to encourage enterprises to purchase insurance for the insured and actively affected enterprises as soon as possible organization claims, to simplify the claims process and procedures within 1 months in advance to verify the amount of the loss of the pre payment of 80% of the recommended


Mainstream video barrage thinking looking at product features from user needs

could not see the product function, starting from the needs of the user pain points carefully, may be able to restore justice.

at the last interview, the interviewer asked about the Iqiyi barrage, a lack of understanding and a lack of depth of discussion. The past few days, always think about this meaning, believe that the interviewer is not without any cause or reason put forward this problem, expect Iqiyi to have changed the recent barrage of ideas, so that in the interview up for discussion.

so I was interested, too, if I were a product manager, wondering why I changed the barrage and how to change it.

one, barrage some of the problems

The past

barrage appears only in the a station (AcFun), B (BiliBili), many people have not heard, now with 90, 00 after gradually become the backbone of the Internet, and the two dimension of culture popularization of the mainstream video sites, also joined the barrage function, to meet the needs of users. But not everyone is going to open it, like me. I thought the barrage affected my input for watching the show. It was jumping off the top of the screen, so it almost never opened. This time, since you want to study and analyze, and then watch any program and video on the weekend, have opened the barrage, the first serious feelings.

fonts have too many colors.

just opened, I encountered confusion, I found a barrage of font riotous with colour my attention, tend to color special content at the beginning of the period, I think VIP is a unique power, later found that as long as the login can change the font color, and there is no threshold, leading to a barrage of screen fonts flying riotous with colour

has a wide variety of content.

, especially popular programs, barrage content variety, and some are meaningless emoticons fill the screen, and some of the barrage is to use hot spots advertising, what is more, the content is rude. Duplicate useless content, keep the beginning and so on.

barrage will never be found again.

when I try to send a barrage, barrage to enter, block emphasis rolling through the screen, will once again play time back to send a barrage of time points, you never see just send content. Suspect, because the barrage content is too much, Iqiyi adopted a certain screening mechanism, but how to filter, screening mechanism is unknown.

, two, Iqiyi, and Tencent video barrage features

with some confusion encountered when Iqiyi barrage, I use the Tencent video barrage function, and all kinds of content after sending can not find the problem also exists, the difference is that the font format unified video barrage of Tencent, but increased the point like features, like after more than a certain number of barrage will use prominent color logo. Aware of the barrage of two video products >


Content information retrieval of classified information (I)


website successfully, the user experience often plays an important role, but with the increasing of website content, website content retrieval will inevitably become a part of the indispensable, especially for classified information network. Let’s start with the problem of classifying information:

1, classification of too many users too confused, here refers to the user to send information to the user, because the same information may belong to multiple categories, then I have sent to which classification it, repeat will be deleted, and the improper choice of categories easily ignored, this is a problem.

2, the classification is too small, users too confused, here users refer to the information to find the user, because the classification is too small, is bound to cause a classification of content is too much, so looking for information is also a problem.

3, find the correct classification, but can not find the information you want to rent a house, for example, I might want to rent a house in the area, but the amount of information is usually rental housing classification is very large, so as to find the information they want to look for a needle in the Ocean, very difficult.

in this dilemma, content retrieval seems to be an essential solution to the problem. The search here is divided into two

1, according to the title of the full-text retrieval index, only the title, when the user search is only for the title of the retrieval, advantages: fast, because the contents of the index is relatively small, the content is not comprehensive index of disadvantages.

2, according to the information content of the full-text retrieval index at the same time, the title and content, the advantages of the users to search for the full text retrieval, index comprehensive, defect information more easily, to find the user: slower, because the contents of the index is relatively large.

in fact for the classification of information, only the index title is enough, because the title often has covered most of the keywords, the screenshot below is a screenshot of the Shenzhen classified information network, after entering the can see the search box in the upper right, enter the "Nanshan Haiya department store" to see the search results as follows.


so it’s very easy for users to find information, and it’s very helpful for improving the user experience. As for how to do full text indexing, I’ll detail

in the next article

this article by the Shenzhen classified information network original, reprinted please note, welcome reprint. Contact QQ:1103061397


Electricity supplier practitioners note the future buyers online comments will be like this

lead: in order to be ready to respond to changes in consumer buying patterns, here are some of the predictions that we believe retailers must understand.


we all do this — before we make the final purchase decision, we habitually look at the search results of the commodity buyers, star rank and roll back feedback.

It is an indisputable fact that the manner in which

consumers make decisions has undergone tremendous changes in the past ten years. We stand in the store and use smartphones to compare prices and feedback on the products. Family and friends will also immediately participate in the evaluation through social media. When we are ready to buy something, more and more online retailers can deliver goods directly to us, sometimes even on the same day.

A recent

survey shows that with social media, instant messaging, picture sharing, and online buyers’ comments, 61% of consumers will read online reviews before making a purchase decision. After all, these comments provide all potential consumers with honest and fair reviews from the same buyers, helping them understand the product from the buyer’s point of view.

as the review has become increasingly important in the purchase process, it is easy to see that consumer reliance on them will grow in the future. Nelson released the latest "global advertising trust" survey report shows that online buyers comments consumers have become the second most trusted brand information sources, 70% of global consumers said they trust online reviews, and in four years the growth rate of the number of 15 percentage points.

some industry observers predict that retail sales will change over the last five years, and that the extinction of physical stores is not far off. In order to win in the long run, retailers must act now.

, for example, in the next few years, we can see the anonymous comments disappear, it is able to become buyers in Facebook, Twitter or other social media identity check links. This will benefit retailers and consumers alike. This prevents customers from complaining frequently after anonymous usernames, helping stores build credibility, and providing an interactive link that allows stores to connect with valuable customers.

So how to do

business to meet the growing demands of evaluation, and effective management of the process? In order to prepare for consumers to buy in the form of change, the following is the number of predictions we think retailers must understand.

1) all comments will eventually be linked to social media. The age of anonymous comments will soon be over. In the future, anonymous comments will be eliminated. Although very rare these days, in the future, consumers will only value reviews that they believe are genuine and reliable buyers. By looking through reviewers >


After three changes in the group buying history, the public comment flash Hui upgrade and contradict

take a closer look at this product, and you will find that "flash" is a step less than "verification" than the original group purchase. This small function, but it is an upgrade of group buying mode. But this model there is a contradictory problem: if the flash is not enough to discount the benefits, "cheap" leveraging the pain point; if the flash Hui discount is lower, and the difference of group purchase business profits loss and not essential.


more and more group buying users pay the following dialogue:

"468 yuan, credit card or cash,


can use



need 9 pieces of 50 yuan vouchers (price 42 yuan), to pay 18 yuan in cash."

then the waiter will bring a piece of paper and copy the 90 digit verification code to the front desk for verification. If a number is accidentally copied or lost, it needs to be called again. This scene is happening in more and more group buying scenes.

public comment on the launch of a new product – "flash benefits.". That is to say, when the end user consumption, open the comment page in business deals and integration of the page, there will be a discount information, such as "Monday to Friday, 11 pm to 2 pm every day at noon, 32% off". Users only need to enter the amount of money in the page – payment can be done without verification. Less users calculate the price – need a group of Coupons – the waiter to send coupons digital – to enter the front desk, enter the verification code, verify coupons and other troubles.

is involved in the "Shan Hui" businesses will be a benefit word in the comment down menu appear together as well as "group (group purchase), order (reservation), line (line)". Rather than being a new product, it’s a small feature for businesses and users.

take a closer look at this product, and you will find that "flash" is a step less than "verification" than the original group purchase. This small function, but it is an upgrade of group buying mode.


(this figure comes from network)

Three changes in

group buying model

The development of

group purchase, from a business model had several major changes: in the first day of on-line glutinous rice had launched a package, 40 yuan = two movie tickets + two times a bucket of popcorn, cola + + a Hagendasi ball, only the panic buying a list of one day, sold 150 thousand copies overnight, became the largest group purchase website, but also for the newly opened Yiu Lai international studios to bring huge traffic.

this is the concept of early group buying, buy is limited discounts, users enjoy preferential experience products, and to bring new guests to the business. Later, a single daily has been difficult to meet the great >


Baidu’s tough March itch for new sites

I’ve made three new stations since last year. Three stations have encountered the same problem, I do new sites encountered in the process of "Baidu" in March itch written out, I hope the new station friends help.

the first station started in January, and I added the JS code from the webmaster network. Namely: "this article comes from × ×; source text × ×" the Internet has said that this may lead to Baidu’s right to drop reasons. Just believe it. At that time, Baidu every day from the 1K IP to 50IP, so the situation lasted for a month, Baidu also does not include new pages. Just sell that station. Yes, 200IP, sold 100RMB.). Later, the person who bought the station did not make any changes except for adding a few outbound links to the station’s home page. I sometimes go to his station and haven’t been updated. Suddenly one day, I saw the station’s IP reached more than 1000 (his statistics publicly), carefully look at his station, did not add any import links, but also did not update the article. Calculate the time, about 90 days Baidu weight restored. Now the first half of the year is not updated, there are still more than 100 IP traffic.

is the beginning of the second station, want to learn CMS PHP second, the end of the month I started first with the free space limit flow of 1G, is more than a month’s time, when the flow reaches 1KIP, the flow is not enough, I switched to space charge. Change space only 20 minutes to complete the resolution, the results change space, the day Baidu did not grab, (another friend of mine also appeared large flow, change space and then drop right), that is to change space caused Baidu drop right. From then on, I was downhearted. But I think I can do 1000IP in a month, and I still have some confidence in doing it myself.

, the third stop, is the station, start again, I’m careful to do the station. It took less than a month to achieve the day IP1000 mainly from the search engine industry. I also in Webmaster nets wrote several soft Wen propaganda my station. When the heart, Baidu also ignore me. I once, but fortunately I found I sold that station weight restored, is three months, I think, Baidu is not a period of three months. During the period, second stations experienced three months, but also restored the weight. So I from June until the end of September, now finally in the first page of the SITE home page. Baidu search site name is also in the first (no competition keywords, before going abroad)

through the above three new station site experience summed up the following:

1., Baidu on the new examination more strict (whether you are.CN or.COM), not only half a month included assessment period, but also more weight assessment period of three months.

2. website is a long-term process, especially in one or two months did not resume on the sale, it is a pity.

time is tight, >