90 days successfully build website actual combat experience record — website plan article

2 days ago in the A5 hair article "3 months to build a successful website experience record", is in the group of friends at the request of writing thoughts, are in a hurry to three part of general write again many webmaster friends after reading have expressed great concern and curiosity, hope I can written in detail, should you webmaster friends asked me to decide is divided into several parts with his own experience in writing again to write today is "site planning".

site planning is a professional work, including the understanding of customer needs, customer evaluation, website design, website structure function planning, page design, content editing, writing "the website functional requirements analysis report, provide website configuration of hardware and software of the system, organize relevant technical data and text data. read more


Web design analysis explore the font structure in banner

              for we usually see the website banner, which itself determines the shape fixed form is generally rectangular, banners about structure and text centered, it is generally divided into the main theme, title and subtitle text, more. The design of the time also need to consider the application to the website promotion graphs of various sizes readable extension, in addition, its image assisted theme, text rendering, banner communication behavior can be understood as the computer screen as the carrier, in the first screen position of the IE browser, the user’s eye focus residence time of about 3 seconds. read more


When the webmaster does the station, don’t forget the user’s feelings

, for the website, I ran mm. That’s the way it is. In the evening, I updated my website "Yantai ferry ticket network". Suddenly, mm said, "your website doesn’t look professional, is it?"." In a word, I got angry and fired up with mm. Said a few difficult to listen to, and mm ran away. I didn’t stop either. Go with him.

I admit I do the webmaster got hot, a day without a time of a busy day, black and white, hey, no way, who let us shoulder the pressure is so big. But, to tell you the truth, it’s really my pain today. For our webmaster, their website is like their children, a busy night, eyes filled with blood, and that site is their own efforts ah. Don’t let others say "no", don’t you say read more


Webmaster ten big server software

when the site grows to a certain size, the webmaster should start thinking about hosting it for the web site. Typically, the server is placed in a telecommunications or CNC computer room, and the site administrator manages the server remotely. Hosted on the web server, need to install the operation of some commonly used software on the server, in order to more effectively manage the remote servers, today I according to my own www.zzxiu.com management experience, recommend ten useful server software, to provide a reference and share. read more


My road to grass roots one harvest, one harvest

I saw

friends did at the station in 2007, on the recommendation of a friend in the new network to buy a domain name, and then began my site tour, because often in the Ali Mama, stationmaster net, outdated webmaster forums, so often see some Adsense experience like the article, all that generate static file search engine included, then made a DZ forum, then 6 static has been very mature, so do the 1 months or so, Baidu, Google included large quantities, but due to the popularity of the content is too little, I a person, every day included only a few,, traffic has always been hovering around a dozen IP, watching it every day dozens of IP. read more


Talking about CMS content management system of webmaster weapon

this article by happiness studio (www.xingfu880.com) original, if you want to reprint, please indicate the source.

believes that many webmasters have become quite familiar with CMS. If you have just entered the line, please pay attention to the following brief introduction.

CMS is the abbreviation of Content Management System, which means the content management system".

CMS has many template based excellent designs that can speed up site development and reduce development costs.

The function of read more


The concept of profit for third party Flow Statistics website

was surprised to see the headlines a few days ago when he saw the news that the company had 2 million vcs. After reading the full text, I can not help admiring the company’s business acumen.

looking for hidden business models.


URL shortener (hereinafter referred to as TinyURL) is N years ago, model has been finalized, the majority of people think that is just a very ordinary, or even worthless things; to provide such a service website, in addition to earn traffic and improve Alexa ranking and PR value, advertising costs to earn the jump page it is unprofitable. read more


The development of the industry how to make use of the Wangzhuan Wangzhuan forum better on the Inter

with the development of the Internet, Wangzhuan industry has become the grassroots webmaster will do in daily life, but also higher in recent years fast, also attracted a lot of attention to the novice webmaster, when the Internet to expand day by day, Wangzhuan domestically this industry has also begun to mature in fact, with the foreign Wangzhuan industry still has certain difference, but domestic Wangzhuan not too good, but the overall trend is still moving forward, the future of the Internet Wangzhuan will become a hot topic. read more


User experience analysis design thinking transformation from Web to mobile applications

[editor’s note] [author] @ Liu Jin legene, with the rapid development of mobile Internet, many Web product managers and designers turned to mobile applications. Jobs that seem very relevant may yet cause them much trouble.

many product managers and designers who just come into contact with mobile applications are still accustomed to using Web’s thinking to do App. When Zhang Xiaolong talked about WeChat, he once said, "never consider the Web form. All considerations are based on App.". So, what is the difference between mobile apps and Web, read more


Teach everyone to let Baidu fast included five laws

1. creates Baidu space.

generally speaking, the creation of Baidu space in general can be included in a few days. New sites can create a web site related to their own Baidu space, and then add some articles in space, and attached to their web site. At the same time, in the Baidu space links also add their web site. Baidu included in the space at the same time will link to find your new station. Through this step, probably a week or so can be included in Baidu. Of course, if you think the construction of space trouble, you can also go to the Baidu home space (hi.baidu.com) to find some recommendation space, in their space messages and links, you can also speed up included. read more


One engaged in the mechanical industry to the webmaster’s conversion process

back in 2004, I finally graduated from Southern China ordnance technical school, I qualified scores to receive secondary school graduation certificate.

was taken to Ningbo by school for the first time. The first time I came to this city, I felt everything was strange, and my life started from this place.

has been in the mechanical industry for 3 years, and does not feel much interest, and slowly began to become interested in computer networks. How can a website be accessed on the Internet?.

what are the articles above all websites?. I’m in my control. Can share the good things to everyone, ha ha, I feel very fascinated! When I thought, I want to learn to do web site, and I do a program on the internet. read more


Take tool + community + electricity supplier approach hot mom help get $100 million C round of finan

recently, the largest domestic mobile vertical community "freaky help" announced the completion of $100 million C round of financing, led by vip.com, Jingwei venture, King Lam capital and Morningside venture capital investment. The financing amount is the same as in January of this year, and in valuation, the hot mom will reach $1 billion.

freaky help in the first round of angel investment by Dai Zhikang, the second round of Dai Zhikang and Xianfeng Huaxing; A round of investment about millions of dollars, including investment led investment partners and Xianfeng Huaxing, Morningside venture. Last July, freaky help to get a B round of investment of $20 million, by the King Lam capital lead investor, with investment with Morningside ventures, vip.com, Jingwei and Xianfeng Huaxing venture. read more


What stationmaster people need is copycat spirit

              countless webmaster busy building, collecting, day after day, year after year, do repeated tedious work. Webmaster friends can you think what you do is useful, is valuable to others, will be a copy and paste the articles on the site to another site, in addition to increasing redundancy, but also have what use? Rely on SEO to pull flow, it is your website attracted netizen, still attracted search engine? We learned law of value in junior high school. One thing has value and price. Is your website valuable? read more


Webmaster how to build a high PR value

some time ago wrote an article "how your site appears in the first page of Baidu GG" article (the address: http://www.admin5.com/article/20080608/88072.shtml), has been recognized by many users, but also know a lot of friends, and everyone through exchange also let me learn a lot, also let me realize the knowledge share is actually let their knowledge fast way, today I’m going to write an article about how to improve the PR, put me in a recent period of time of the heart to share, if what is wrong place please exhibitions, I put my station out for everyone to see, http://www.82flash.com this is a PR0 station, when next time with the new PR, and I’m sure can reach PR3 or even higher (to see this station is to let everyone As a witness, next time with the new PR if not up to 3 people can say today I write this is here, in fact I don’t brag) to think carefully before I have just taken on PR PR3 station, you can look up to the 3 stations are PR3 http:// www.22bz.com http://www.22bz.cn http://www.92mtv.net read more


Post posted on the website give your webmaster regards

last night, I try holding the mood, the station sent a short column posted today "in the webmaster, I finally have their own independent website", although this is a soft nature of the article, but many owners expressed concern, and encouraging, deeply touched.

The stationmaster of

website, a lot of are old stationmaster, to me so immature website, should know what kind of property. This is almost no technical content of the site, but this is a web site, within a short span of half a day, dozens of webmaster in unison expressed support. read more


The bitterness of a novice webmaster

I am a grass, a small grass, haven’t grown grass!! will have access to the Internet, from 2006 start, the time to visit my cousins, learned that he was doing a movie station, one day can earn 200 to 300, my heart, I asked him to teach me, he called I buy a domain name and space, at that time did not understand what is called domain name and space, I will help my cousin, cousin’s help to me, he would help me to buy space and domain name, but also help me to do a simple web page, the total investment of less than 200 yuan, ha ha read more


Some problems in the construction of local portals from billboards

this time back home, see home stadium set a billboard "especially conspicuous in Yanshi Information Port", because I also do the Internet, so more attention home, hit the Internet web site is actually the page can not be displayed, admire the man, too luxurious, huge advertising entity as a web page cannot be displayed, the economic development of the hometown looks good, but he did not give up, search to see if there are any other home communities, a really a lot, see again feel that they have something to say. read more


On the advantages of vertical community website development

is currently in the domestic SNS market showing a separatist warlords situation, renren.com students occupy the market, occupy the 51 and younger Internet users, happy net occupy small white-collar office, later want to shake their foundation is not easy. With the launch of UCHome, so many business websites want to through the combination of SNS and vertical demand, seeking a breakthrough, such as music, science and technology, delicacy, pets, this way whether it works? In this regard, it is difficult to doubt that the private key that do vertical SNS is to strengthen the foundation of professional and industry the good products and operations. read more