To really want to learn a friend suggested Shanghai Dragon

this problem seems very simple in fact. We all know that Shanghai dragon after all is the search engine to deal with. So, we should learn the skills of Shanghai dragon, whom to learn? The novice will feel that this is not nonsense? Of course with the teacher, with the senior school. So I ask you. The senior teacher who learn with? Here are some savvy students should learn to guess who. Of course is through the observation of Shanghai love to return the results, and then after a lot of trying to learn the. It is through their own study skills to find out the latest Website Ranking Ranking method. read more


The value orientation of the title of the website


site title setting will not only meet the need of love Shanghai crawl, but also to be able to provide the search needs of users, this can be a good and qualified website title. Set up in line with the above two factors to the title? We can be analyzed from the following two aspects:

, the first station in search of the user’s point of view! Since the user search the keywords, that he (she) content related to the keywords of interest, or is this information query. Keywords related to the content of many, how can we know the user what needs? This needs long time experience and try to figure out the user’s psychological, but this is not enough, we can quote authoritative: love Shanghai drop-down box! Here to teach you a little trick, when we fell in love with the sea when input a keyword, the drop-down box will appear in a keyword heap, and the keywords from top to bottom is usually the largest user demand keywords. So we can find the keywords users need read more


.net site map sitemap.xml

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xmldoc.AppendChild (xmlnode);

/ / add a child element of the

XmlDocument xmldoc = new XmlDocument (


xmlelem.AppendChild (xmltext);

/ / add a root element of

/ / add XML

) read more


Analysis of the influence of several important factors of site traffic

Of course, the

flow is the web site at survival, a site if no flow, even if the content is rich, also just a beautiful shell, no value. Only a certain amount of access to create a certain profit value. The traffic is more important. So as a promotion personnel, we must analyze the access conditions of the website, the website traffic statistics analysis. To know that our competitors compared with website lack? What needs to be improved? Learning promotion skills and methods to improve the flow, improve website search volume brand. This is the core of our work. Today we will talk about analysis of several important factors of traffic to the site: read more


When exclusive copyright is no longer the threshold, how can the competition for digital music platf


with a set of beauty and talent in a woman, get tens of millions of investment, valuation of billions of dollars of fame, Luo Zhenyu sold 12 million ad "first night" experience, the name was broadcasting and rectification, now down, also began to appear by the user who does not like.


but in the face of such "stingy" Spotify, let the music people can not refuse.

earlier >


Chen Anni, belongs to this kind, she will have the net red identity into the business products, even if the 1 million user retention rate to early drainage is not good, let Chen Anni look at her comic from behind the stage. read more


How to set up the hotel website background information

Shanghai Longfeng, influence ranking search results more elements is TItle, so here we added custom page title, keywords function. Because each site optimization of the same keywords the end result are not optimized, such as some optimization of Lijiang Hotel, Lijiang Hotel, some can optimize some optimization, optimization of some hotel near Old Town of Lijiang hotel near Old Town of Lijiang, you can analyze love some of Shanghai’s search results, can help you how to set up suitable your keywords, title. read more


Analysis of reasons and details of site is K

cause the site was down the right.

found that this is the case, first check your friends of the chain, to help find the webmaster tools, see is not a chain which is search engine drop right site or by K, some words immediately removed, if not promptly remove the words are likely to be implicated, so suggest you Adsense must check the chain regular quality, so as to avoid unnecessary trouble. There is also a case of Shanghai Longfeng site optimization excessive, especially new sites most likely to happen at this time, we recommend the site within the chain density decreased, some important key to highlight the use of labels, then in about two or three weeks, page generally can restore weight. read more


Don’t talk about old the original ranking just flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum it

in Shanghai against duplicate content increasing situation, "the general copy" Internet event has improved. Is the inevitable owners started to recognize the original content, pseudo original has become increasingly shaky. For the love of Shanghai, stressed that the original is do in order to do their own user experience, consolidate their own brand of charm. But in the webmaster’s point of view, the original ranking for what is the meaning of


so the final decision is in the hands of users. This is reflected in some of the new station is particularly evident. The new station will carefully start, not just the collection content, station is generally a high degree of original content. So new sites will get good rankings in just online. But their ranking is often short-lived, because the new station is often relatively simple, not too rich content to attract visitors, ranking will soon fall. The so-called "sandbox effect" is about the situation. Enter the sandbox after the new period needs to optimized step by step to the long climb back from behind. read more


Analysis of website update frequency and ranking of the association between love Shanghai

second: because the update frequency of the different types of Web sites are not the same, so we cannot blindly pay attention to update frequency, in fact, I think, for different types of stations, search engines should have the corresponding search cycle, therefore, for some enterprise station, if the frequency of updates but do not conform to reality it is not to have the effect, I think, for a class of station, search engine will have a certain period to crawl included, so frequent updates are not necessarily meaningful. read more


Analysys released September data love sea search market share steadily recovering

following the August total number of visits to achieve the proportion of 1.6 percentage points of growth after September, no change, traffic share at 5.8%, ranking third. In the third quarter, soso and Sogou reached a strategic cooperation. The proportion of the total number of visits SOSO August increase of 0.4 percentage points to 1.8%, and continued until September. Analysys believes that with soso into Sogou Tencent platform to bring technology, data and flow of resources, and to expand the new Sogou in traffic market share, enhance its position in the search market. read more


Ali integrity through a combination of love Shanghai auction will play more than 2 1+1 pattern

now for small and medium-sized enterprises, two of the best platform for the promotion of information is two, one is represented by the B2B Alibaba platform, the other with a search engine as the representative of the love of Shanghai. Some people may also say that micro-blog marketing, WeChat marketing, video marketing and so on, for China of small and medium enterprises are still too immature. Even the most basic B2B are a problem, at least in this industry where I was. So on the whole network marketing for small and medium-sized enterprises is also not realistic, can do love Shanghai and Ali is very good. Of course, the two platform is different, such as partial information factors love Shanghai more and more partial commodity factors ali. So why is the biggest profit Shanghai love to support the medical industry, because the medical profession is the type of information. read more


Amazon launched cloud search service in six years to return to the search market

Amazon CloudSearch cloud search service can integrate the search function in Web sites and applications, whether it is user oriented website or corporate website, it is the same with Amazon贵族宝贝 search technology. This is a great progress in the business, because a lot of electronic commerce website search function is very bad, no potential income.

image hosting and sharing sites Smugmug through Amazon cloud search service support picture browsing, other use of this service include Search Technologies, NewsRight, enterprise ex.fm, Car Domain and Sage Bionetworks etc.. read more


A5 Yue Huai talk about virtual host to Shanghai dragon factors selection optimization

again: the best choice for independent IP host. Site on the independent IP host, not only can let the spider love, included fast, improve the site high weight, also can avoid other search engines penalize sites implicated. Because the shared server usually put a lot of Web sites, once a website is search engine punishment right down, then, other websites will suffer, with independent IP do not have to worry about the site is affected by other cheating sites implicated in increased safety performance. read more


Description the correct wording

is the description of the site content introduction, description of the ranking keywords although there is no direct effect, but when you enter the keyword ranking in the top 20, describing the role of the beginning. If a website is well written, in accordance with the needs of users, so the description can attract users click, thus gradually pick improve site keywords ranking, so we must pay attention to the description of the plate. Through some of my views, for we exchange how to write a description of the website. read more


From Shanghai 628K station to see love love Shanghai’s own changes

as shown in figure


in June 28 for the webmaster is a black day, a large number of websites have been kicked out of love Shanghai database, in addition to fire, basically K website is Taobao guest website, not to mention the quality Taobao guest website itself, just look at the strength of Shanghai will be able to know the love of the sea change algorithm is love in the direction of the user experience, frenzied bidding relative to previous love, Shanghai is now standing in the customer’s perspective on the search results ranking problem. read more


Limit six degree space, CPA advertisement on-lineEveryone car Li Jian sh419 Department entrepreneurs


expresses the concept that human beings are so closely related to each other on this planet that invisible bonds connect us. There are countless combinations between people, polymerization of a large information forms a unique advantage of the network world, breaking the barriers and barriers across the gap between human and virtual reality and interaction, mutual trust, understanding and communication, interpersonal circle a more true will be born with six. Growth.

in the Internet business such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain as the emerging era, Li Jian seems to be a benchmark figure, many entrepreneurs and veteran business known, some people follow his model, was the envy of his luck, more people criticized his "burning" speed. read more


Gao Xiaoqin on the wine table embarrassed why many CEO see the tearsHow do I get my share of the mon

talked about at this dinner, behind Chen Qingquan to stay, since high Xiao Qin waved his hand and pulled out in time on the assistant, assistant after drunk by Gao Xiaoqin like paralysis, in her neck between breath, wine shop in the ears, also because of increased body temperature becomes very heavy, high demanding his assistant Xiao Qin half back, half and half dragged into the car.

Since the

in order to protect her sister from infringement, she was Zhao Ruilong, Du Bozhong raped, 4 years 3 miscarriages. Later, she was given Qi Tongwei as a mistress, but in this way she created the landscape group. read more


About Wangzhuan project success webmaster can copyCrazy 90 and seasoned uncle PK intelligent adult s

practitioners actually see clearly the limitations of innovation in the adult goods industry, but the direction of their development has not jumped out of the original wholly-owned. In other words, the existing market for intelligent adult supplies, in fact, not just the user needs, but through a certain extension of the publicity stunt, such functions want and user demand is not too much relevance.

90: function to play edge ball


from the outside, China’s adult intelligence is just like that: adding several modules to traditional products, especially the communication module, and designing a App at the end of the mobile phone so that the two can interact. read more


Ali, CEO, Wei Zhe 5 words, through the essence of B2B B2B must be part of unity, so that the other p

new year, it came to the 2017, the new year, I do not know if you have a small target set one hundred million, no never mind, help you have a good plan for science and technology arena business plans for the new year, O2O increasingly popular not only small entrepreneurs must see, also see in the eye, so, small finishing a new O2O business plan, to see if you dare to let go! Let Xiaobian together look at

The first and foremost thing about


The five essential

B2B is Business, to, Business enterprise to enterprise + Businesman, to, Businessman businessman to businessman read more


Webmaster change the monthly income growth rate, you might not want to think ofThe Body Shop will be

afternoon sleep, 0 working state, after deducting personal interest, remaining only in the struggle for our life. If you are a senior webmaster, see here, please float over, the following article you do not have to read.

smart tips!

L’OREAL group CEO – Paul ·, Ann Gong in an interview, said: "The Body Shop is still a beautiful brand.". Maybe other people can do better."

1, proficient in website construction. Is not proficient, but also more than ordinary people know more about website construction read more