To really want to learn a friend suggested Shanghai Dragon

this problem seems very simple in fact. We all know that Shanghai dragon after all is the search engine to deal with. So, we should learn the skills of Shanghai dragon, whom to learn? The novice will feel that this is not nonsense? Of course with the teacher, with the senior school. So I ask you. The senior teacher who learn with? Here are some savvy students should learn to guess who. Of course is through the observation of Shanghai love to return the results, and then after a lot of trying to learn the. It is through their own study skills to find out the latest Website Ranking Ranking method.

is the first Shanghai dragon dealing with who

? skills?

had a Shanghai dragon friend, he always asked me to learn Shanghai dragon real what to do, I didn’t say what reason with him, I have a word with him, from tomorrow onwards, to see 3 to 5 Shanghai dragon blog every day, no matter whether the update the main analysis of each Shanghai dragon blog inside and outside the chain, the domain name included, the length of time, with the number of IP. Links number, website structure. The number of backlinks and Analysis on this blog to compare the results, which is the main factor, the relative absolute, adhere to a month later come back to me.

many people see the so-called Shanghai Dragon God to make money through the Shanghai dragon, how many people pay their own efforts is no thought, blind to join in, leads to that I said. Do not complain Shanghai Longfeng PPC to the fast, more is now suspected of Shanghai Longfeng useless. A lot of people like me, the QQ group of people is not to mention the. I don’t need to say forget these words, I say a few things to really want to learn the skills of Shanghai dragon friends.


a lot of Shanghai Longfeng novices will ask me a question, how can the promotion Keywords to the home page, or what method can fast up and so on the topic, usually ask are basically just in Shanghai Longfeng Shanghai Longfeng optimization sooner or a period of time without effect, so for this the type of problem, I answered do not know how many times, because this problem is too general, speak up endless.

Shanghai Longfeng can say if you do good, must have the effect. And you don’t is Shanghai dragon. In fact, I don’t want to fight any one just in Shanghai dragon friend, because Shanghai dragon’s effect is not by how much you pay to decide. Many people will feel, is not every day I send hundreds of the chain, update the article, do keyword ranking will go? I don’t think people think that this is the case, should be a group.


how to learn the true Shanghai dragon

led to the emergence of this problem should be done with the execution of Shanghai dragon mentality, Shanghai dragon with Shanghai dragon need what, my previous articles have said many times, do not have to repeat.



The value orientation of the title of the website


site title setting will not only meet the need of love Shanghai crawl, but also to be able to provide the search needs of users, this can be a good and qualified website title. Set up in line with the above two factors to the title? We can be analyzed from the following two aspects:

, the first station in search of the user’s point of view! Since the user search the keywords, that he (she) content related to the keywords of interest, or is this information query. Keywords related to the content of many, how can we know the user what needs? This needs long time experience and try to figure out the user’s psychological, but this is not enough, we can quote authoritative: love Shanghai drop-down box! Here to teach you a little trick, when we fell in love with the sea when input a keyword, the drop-down box will appear in a keyword heap, and the keywords from top to bottom is usually the largest user demand keywords. So we can find the keywords users need

site title is the core keywords of a website, is the user search keywords to see the first impression of your site, also love Shanghai first, and its importance is self-evident, in the "core site title on the website of the guiding role" in this article, I have focused on the factors. Since the title of a web site is so important, how can we set the title, today I come and discuss this problem:

second, standing on the perspective of a search engine! Love Shanghai to capture the core keywords, also is the site of the title, matching degree, website content contribution value according to its title and content and links (inside and outside the chain chain) voting score, ranking will give a website with its value, "in which I the core of the web site title guide" this article mentioned, here is not to say the. So, the title of the site settings will not affect the overall ranking of a website that is the answer?. As we all know, the title of the site we will set the 3-5 key words, and the first words of highest weight so! Our first keywords must be set to the keywords can solve the needs of users, the second key is user second, say you understand. That is to say the web site keywords in the title must be a progressive role from the user needs to demand in the first second to third requirements of this order, it can enhance each other between the keywords ranking, will love Shanghai to grab the site title to the site after a high score. What kind of website title will affect the overall ranking of the key? Here, the keywords in the title key exclusion principle, I explain to everyone! Since the keywords set into the progressive type can improve the rankings, what kind of keywords are rejected in the same type? Keywords not and competition. That may be a little confused, for example! Take "warm baby" and "relieve dysmenorrhea" of these two words to say, warm baby is the role of mitigation and treatment of dysmenorrhea, between the two words.


.net site map sitemap.xml

xmltext = xmldoc.CreateTextNode (" "

); );The statement of paragraph

XmlNode xmlnode = xmldoc.CreateXmlDeclaration (" 1.0" " gb2312", null,

XmlElement xmlelem1 = xmldoc.CreateElement (" " " book",, " "

xmltext = xmldoc.CreateTextNode (" "

); );

xmldoc.AppendChild (xmlnode);

/ / add a child element of the

XmlDocument xmldoc = new XmlDocument (


xmlelem.AppendChild (xmltext);

/ / add a root element of

/ / add XML


/ / sub element " book" add two properties


xmlelem1.SetAttribute (" genre" " ",, " fantasy"

xmlelem1.AppendChild (xmltext);

xmldoc.AppendChild (xmlelem);

1., xml

Here is Demo


protected void btn1_OnClick (object sender, EventArgs e

/ / create XML file method

); drawing the lessons of others


XmlElement xmlelem = xmldoc.CreateElement (" " " bookstore",, " "

XmlText xmltext;


Analysis of the influence of several important factors of site traffic

Of course, the

flow is the web site at survival, a site if no flow, even if the content is rich, also just a beautiful shell, no value. Only a certain amount of access to create a certain profit value. The traffic is more important. So as a promotion personnel, we must analyze the access conditions of the website, the website traffic statistics analysis. To know that our competitors compared with website lack? What needs to be improved? Learning promotion skills and methods to improve the flow, improve website search volume brand. This is the core of our work. Today we will talk about analysis of several important factors of traffic to the site:

now many enterprise web mail promotion is one of the first choice, an eye-catching promotion email, sometimes can bring good feedback and must flow. Responsible for web traffic all know that every day we have to statistics mailbox source? In statistics, it analyzes what email sources more? What mail better propaganda.

we all know, in the flow is the king of the network world, or the best search engine, if you search engine traffic rarely or not, it means you stand were not good enough. General web search engine traffic to account for more than 50%, is normal. We can see through the cnzz statistical tools all through which keywords to my website, and then according to the key word search volume to specific optimization, improve search engine rankings, get traffic.

forum, blog promotion is essential, in the post popular popularity section, not only can bring a lot of traffic can also make the website popularity soared in a short period of time. We can see through the background statistics which forum source, which blog hits more? Forum source through the post, decided to choose the forum "

, a search engine source

effect is the best, the most significant still belongs to the brand search volume, if your site every day search volume reached thousands, or even tens of thousands, that your website propaganda has done very well, like Admin5, Xuzhou to stationmaster net net, the recruitment of such large-scale web search volume every day too many to count, flow naturally high.

four, other

source mailbox know love


website optimization webmaster know, love Shanghai love their own products, like Shanghai Post Bar, love love Shanghai library, Shanghai map, Shanghai love Wikipedia, of course I love Shanghai know that weight is beyond doubt, like Xuzhou to Shanghai every day through the network flow to know love is very good, because a little optimization look, basically can have ranking, but now love Shanghai know the chain is not easy, so we have to be careful to use.

three, Shanghai



When exclusive copyright is no longer the threshold, how can the competition for digital music platf


with a set of beauty and talent in a woman, get tens of millions of investment, valuation of billions of dollars of fame, Luo Zhenyu sold 12 million ad "first night" experience, the name was broadcasting and rectification, now down, also began to appear by the user who does not like.


but in the face of such "stingy" Spotify, let the music people can not refuse.

earlier >


Chen Anni, belongs to this kind, she will have the net red identity into the business products, even if the 1 million user retention rate to early drainage is not good, let Chen Anni look at her comic from behind the stage.

if we take the concept network is not so much red, from Ma Yun, Robin Li to Luo Yonghao, Dong Mingzhu, Lei Jun, these giant companies active in the frontline bigwigs, all have their own "Red Net" character.


is a good user experience for Spotify. Unlike traditional music player passive, Spotify aims to help users find music, emotionally close to the user’s heart, experience, to meet user habits, but also both social attributes.

coincidentally, the timing of the announcement was "hit" by Katy Perry Katie, ·, Perry who released the new album Witness in June 9th Taylor. For a time, the Internet has raised a great deal of discussion about two lovers killing female singers, digital music, "selling sounds" and "personal grudges".


recently, the topic of music circles in Europe and America Center Taylor Swift Taylor · Swift announced that, in order to celebrate their album "1989" sales exceeded 10 million, and certified by the RIAA single total sales exceeded one hundred million, all her own album in all music streaming media platform again, including before she blasted "do not respect the artist value" Spotify.

"people are afraid of being famous and pigs are afraid of being strong",

Chen Anni’s successful realization of the use of net red identity drainage

Papi sauce catch is not good, this season, is a radio broadcast platform to make snap to rectify, what I want "and" fuck "," cheap like"…… Papi sauce, you’re talking too dirty. The radio babies have to be neat and neat for you.

, look at your dirty words:

Tucao Papi sauce a lot of people: >

a "sorry, I only have 1% life" comics, won the one million users for a comic APP, the Red Net characteristics of successful products to the drainage of the "great Anne", "dream back bitch" reputation, to achieve a lot of start-up team coveted 1 million initial users.


Papi sauce is "ruined"

net red by SARFT requirements rectification, to vulgar, all kinds of live platform began to implement the real name system, blacklist system…… A long time ago, net red people rely on the mode of survival, supervision, and now the net red, more like tightrope walking.

is really ", so Papi sauce slightly destructive to the morals" a dirty word to delete, delete and continue to publish video.

as for the re development of the later, to see is purely the product itself, has nothing to do with the net red.


the result is, 10W+’s reading, 2W+’s point of praise……

so, what are the "seductive" changes in the last two years of the music streaming media that make the singers love and hate, and


to reduce the income, can not stop the music "gestures"

first of all, Spotify has a huge number of users. At present, Spotify monthly active users more than 100 million, the number of paid users has reached 50 million, representing an increase of 25% over the previous six months. Huge user base, optimistic growth, higher rate of conversion of paid users, who can deny the charm of Spotify?




over the past two years, the relationship between musicians and streaming media has become increasingly subtle. Two years ago, Adele Taylor from the Swift led boycott led by the Spotify free streaming behavior, now Taylor will all work yourself back on the shelves, music for streaming media is no longer a tough attitude and swing, and the living environment of the media streaming media platform for music to say, is a good news.

giants’ net red characteristics drive their products to promote and display, the Internet community of civilians is more inclined to fast realizable means: micro business, Taobao…… In search of "net red realized" this road, different circles have different means.

, you want to cash, always need an outlet, which in any kind of red net are common.

in "music more and more poor, the record company more and more rich, Spotify" arch-criminal "?", music pioneer ID:nakedmusic wrote, in the free on-demand mode Spotify with advertising and subscription model, a single click on the platform for the creation of music revenue continued to decline, from the original very now low, low to "heinous".


How to set up the hotel website background information

Shanghai Longfeng, influence ranking search results more elements is TItle, so here we added custom page title, keywords function. Because each site optimization of the same keywords the end result are not optimized, such as some optimization of Lijiang Hotel, Lijiang Hotel, some can optimize some optimization, optimization of some hotel near Old Town of Lijiang hotel near Old Town of Lijiang, you can analyze love some of Shanghai’s search results, can help you how to set up suitable your keywords, title.

here is a point to note is that {minjiage? Use element method} tag, {} which with the mean when?? data when the front? Behind the Chinese characters is displayed, each label can be set here, not only limited to the price.

in the label "# {Ningbo Fubon stadium #10}, here is the new alliance, so webmaster can organize some original content, the relevant information is added to the information inside the hotel. The search engine is love original content, but also on the reservation for the hotel to do a very good guide, and the background of the advertising system can even combine the advertising links to your release information, grasp each period very popular activities such as the most accurate, close to the Asian Games in December, around the exhibition, civil servants test information.

How to set the background

city name required, not with

label instructions: the name of the city # keywords # {call number}

is currently the two functions in other hotels which have not appeared, hope every webmaster can make full use of the two features, his own website to make features make different, to make traffic.

keywordsAccording to the analysis of our department

webmaster can prepare some similar aspects of these articles, such as concerts, exhibition information, hot tourist destination, Asian Games and other reference

Fill in the article are as follows:

, a hotel related information into the information content of

hotel website information

? Keywords

is the default setting for our hotel list page:


Please pay attention to the content of

can not be emptyThe maximum number of calls to 10

how to organize the content of

we have added recently held in Ningbo concert of Jay Chou for example, the title "Jay Chou Ningbo concert hotel early book"



two, management background custom page title,


Analysis of reasons and details of site is K

cause the site was down the right.

found that this is the case, first check your friends of the chain, to help find the webmaster tools, see is not a chain which is search engine drop right site or by K, some words immediately removed, if not promptly remove the words are likely to be implicated, so suggest you Adsense must check the chain regular quality, so as to avoid unnecessary trouble. There is also a case of Shanghai Longfeng site optimization excessive, especially new sites most likely to happen at this time, we recommend the site within the chain density decreased, some important key to highlight the use of labels, then in about two or three weeks, page generally can restore weight.

Other details

recently found that many of the old site, has been included is quite normal, suddenly one day to check their site site to the home page, but with the domain name search can search directly to the home page, and also included a reduction in every tick, so in this case we should immediately go to check the chain, to see whether it is the friends of the chain is involved, of course there are some is because some Adsense changed title title, or trojan website is linked to a series of circumstances, so this time the owners must make specific analysis on their site, then modified, as the time of the site can be recovered, after all the search the engine is very important for the old site.

two, often do not update the site, often change your title title keywords. Do not update the content of the site is like a spider crawling over each food, looking for fresh food to feed, but after entering your site to find no food can capture, for a long time the spider will not come to you in the site of predatory, so we must ensure that the timing of the new, this is the most basic problem of website. The other is to change the title title, the title is like the face of a man, is like a cosmetic change, every time.

site home page is not included, the contents included the normal page.

, a server space is not stable, often appear isn’t open, so when you visit the site of the spider that cannot go in, once two times the spider said never mind, will have a feeling of boredom, so far to the right site visit, this is the most tragic.

old station suddenly site home.

with stationmaster industry is becoming more and more popular, whether it is to do the father when the mother after 70, the struggle 80, even the young 90 have joined the station in this industry competition is unprecedented, so that each stationmaster is very not easy ah, we want to make a station, but also often do not know how offended the search engine, and then causing the site to drop right home page is K, and so on, especially for the novice webmaster but then Laosheng today is a bolt from the blue, to share some of the solutions, we hope to help.


Don’t talk about old the original ranking just flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum it

in Shanghai against duplicate content increasing situation, "the general copy" Internet event has improved. Is the inevitable owners started to recognize the original content, pseudo original has become increasingly shaky. For the love of Shanghai, stressed that the original is do in order to do their own user experience, consolidate their own brand of charm. But in the webmaster’s point of view, the original ranking for what is the meaning of


so the final decision is in the hands of users. This is reflected in some of the new station is particularly evident. The new station will carefully start, not just the collection content, station is generally a high degree of original content. So new sites will get good rankings in just online. But their ranking is often short-lived, because the new station is often relatively simple, not too rich content to attract visitors, ranking will soon fall. The so-called "sandbox effect" is about the situation. Enter the sandbox after the new period needs to optimized step by step to the long climb back from behind.

so, optimization must have a clear understanding of the nature of the original, not to the original and the original. All in the search engine of the original is generally relatively rough, without considering the user experience, so the original rankings is destined to be short-lived. In order to obtain the lasting rankings >

before the answer to this question, we first analyze a typical means of cheating: hot industry into the popular content not related. For example, a web site is to do the popular wedding photography industry, but due to intense competition, want to get good rankings have great difficulty. So some owners will insert some related content on the popular wedding photography website, such as insert a camera shell material article. Because the content is popular, has a certain scarcity, love Shanghai will soon included such articles, and can get good rankings. In this process the domain name ranking will advance a lot, but this is a typical deception visitor’s behavior, now the search engine can be easily identified and punished.

see here, I believe we have to understand the meaning of the original content. Strictly speaking, popular content of original content is equivalent to the above mentioned, are scarce in the Internet, will give priority to ranking. From this perspective, the original meaning of ranking is great.

is far not so simple. The original rankings are temporary search engine rankings, the unique original content in the front row, only temporarily assuming web content is valuable, is the needs of users. As to whether it is worthwhile, the search engine to the user to decide. If the row in front of the original content can obtain a large number of users click, and then the user behavior on the web site reflects is very attractive, search engine will think these content is indeed a user demand. What time will the extension of these websites ranking, otherwise only flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum.



Analysis of website update frequency and ranking of the association between love Shanghai

second: because the update frequency of the different types of Web sites are not the same, so we cannot blindly pay attention to update frequency, in fact, I think, for different types of stations, search engines should have the corresponding search cycle, therefore, for some enterprise station, if the frequency of updates but do not conform to reality it is not to have the effect, I think, for a class of station, search engine will have a certain period to crawl included, so frequent updates are not necessarily meaningful.

fourth: frequent updates is meaningful, but more attention should be paid to the quality of


: first we should pay attention to the quality of the article, and not to update and update.

generally, the author believes that with the increase of web pages of good, ZhengZhan weight will slowly be accumulated, so as to improve the site’s ranking. So as Shanghai dragon, we want the website information update frequency to understand, in fact, update frequency is also an important way to love Shanghai weight accumulation, but we must pay attention to the reasonable transfer of weight.

search engine to access the site, which included the new page, also want to check before the movements of the page. This is the kind of feedback mechanism. Included in the previous page visit, will the new URL is added to the access database. At the same time, frequent updates to develop a good habit of spider crawling, which is advantageous to the site of the cumulative weight.

many friends hope that their website has a good ranking, so do the chain, website content, many webmaster friends think the site update frequency is higher, so with the increase of time, the website ranking will be very good to improve, so many webmaster every day try to update the content, which if unable to get high quality content, will try to reprint a think good article, then, what are the links between web site update frequency and love Shanghai ranking? According to some observations of their own, here and put forward some own views, I hope everyone pointing.


third: update frequency is too high will cause the search engine to alert

so many people think if you want to keep the ranking, it must maintain a certain frequency, even if the quality is not good but also have a certain effect. But in fact, this idea is not accurate, after all, we update the article is not to look to the search engines, more specifically, we should not be the pursuit of update frequency, but really have the original or quality content to offer visitors, you should update.

if the website content quality is not high, high update frequency will cause the attention of the search engine, to increase the site audit, which will lead to bad consequences.

webmasters will find such a situation, some for a long time not updated station rankings is very good, this is a very normal and very.


Analysys released September data love sea search market share steadily recovering

following the August total number of visits to achieve the proportion of 1.6 percentage points of growth after September, no change, traffic share at 5.8%, ranking third. In the third quarter, soso and Sogou reached a strategic cooperation. The proportion of the total number of visits SOSO August increase of 0.4 percentage points to 1.8%, and continued until September. Analysys believes that with soso into Sogou Tencent platform to bring technology, data and flow of resources, and to expand the new Sogou in traffic market share, enhance its position in the search market.

Analysys released September data: love sea search market share steadily recovering


technology news November 20th morning news, Internet data and analysis firm Analysys released today September domestic search market data show that the love of Shanghai’s market share rose slightly in the third quarter of September, 72.1%. 360 search ranked second, share of 14.2%. Sogou accounted for 5.8%, ranking third.

Analysys International believes that the changes in the market environment, PC and mobile search market have perfect double:


China Chinese after August following the withdrawal from the market the proportion of the total number of visits fell slightly in September, stable at 1.9%. The fierce competition in the industry makes Google China share gradually to be divided, and the Chinese continued to explore the search quality and user experience did not follow up, lead to the advantage of shrinking.

Google Sina

in the third quarter of this year, total love to visit Shanghai in the whole network in the proportion of the number of steady rise, July 71.4%, August 71.9%, September 72.1%. Analysys believes that with the love of Shanghai products continue to improve, the traffic is increasing, which makes the advertiser keyword advertising on the market gradually to further enhance the recognition.

360 search accounted for 14.2%, ranking second; Sogou accounted for 5.8%, ranking third. Google China accounted for 1.9%, ranking fourth; search accounted for 1.8%, ranking fifth.

Chinese search engine market increasingly fierce competition, the future love Shanghai, 360, the new Sogou launched a more intense game. Analysys think tank eCDC (consumer behavior Chinese digital analysis system data show that in September 2013, the total number of visits in the search engine of PC+ mobile, love Shanghai share of 72.1%, ranking first in the. In the first, second quarter of this year, Shanghai love search market share of about 78%.

data show that in August 360 the total number of visits to search the proportion increased by 4.3 percentage points, to 12.8%, in September amounted to 14.2%. Analysys believes that with the optimization of browser and other products and services to carry out the 360 vertical search, not only to strengthen the drainage capacity of entrance, also accelerate the commercialization of the 360 search, and then drive the growing traffic.


Ali integrity through a combination of love Shanghai auction will play more than 2 1+1 pattern

now for small and medium-sized enterprises, two of the best platform for the promotion of information is two, one is represented by the B2B Alibaba platform, the other with a search engine as the representative of the love of Shanghai. Some people may also say that micro-blog marketing, WeChat marketing, video marketing and so on, for China of small and medium enterprises are still too immature. Even the most basic B2B are a problem, at least in this industry where I was. So on the whole network marketing for small and medium-sized enterprises is also not realistic, can do love Shanghai and Ali is very good. Of course, the two platform is different, such as partial information factors love Shanghai more and more partial commodity factors ali. So why is the biggest profit Shanghai love to support the medical industry, because the medical profession is the type of information.

as you know, Ma said the data is only in the navigation, the data support the case we can know what we do right, do good. Because of the very limited Ali treasure net sales data, we do not support the basic data analysis. So I stop using network marketing treasure, not this thing is not good, but there is no data to support the case I can’t do. Analysis of various data love Shanghai bidding can be very good, analysis of the data dimensions are large enough that you can not imagine. For example, we do Tianpai tin packaging, we can analyze the inquiry most is what kind of keywords, which brings a kind of conversion keyword. This part of a word is extracted, such as we do Tianpai tin, common suffix word tin, tin box, tin box, tin box, metal box and so on, we can easily get into the analysis of the types of words of high.

then send information on the Alibaba mainly add that one kind of word conversion is high, and focus on the display object. Can we get some unexpected search for words, if you are open, widely, this is very valuable. Finding this kind of keywords, whether in love or Shanghai Ali is very valuable. Love Shanghai bidding inside data can be used to Ali too much, love Shanghai access to data is the most widely. This is the love of Shanghai to support Ali Ali, of course also can support the love of Shanghai.

I was doing this Shanghai dragon was born, our company is doing the product, so Ali and love Shanghai have. I have been to two can be combined, and the pattern of 2 1+1<. I have been wondering how to make Ali combined, through the exploration for such a long time, now is something. Say you want to discuss, two platform combination, very understand the properties of the two platforms. Ali is known as data to do the best, but I find it just for its own use of data. Don’t give the majority of businesses to use, I did a few days Ali Ali chengxintong, Ali is the same as love Shanghai auction, but very limited there to see the data, not worth mentioning compared to love Shanghai auction data.


Amazon launched cloud search service in six years to return to the search market

Amazon CloudSearch cloud search service can integrate the search function in Web sites and applications, whether it is user oriented website or corporate website, it is the same with Amazon贵族宝贝 search technology. This is a great progress in the business, because a lot of electronic commerce website search function is very bad, no potential income.

image hosting and sharing sites Smugmug through Amazon cloud search service support picture browsing, other use of this service include Search Technologies, NewsRight, enterprise ex.fm, Car Domain and Sage Bionetworks etc..

2004, Amazon has had its own A9 search engine, initially rely on Google to provide search results. In 2006, Amazon closed the A9 search, and A9 project technical director of UDI · Manber (Udi Manber) joined Google. Amazon in six years to return to the search market, the Amazon search service has become a real commodity, it is one of the AWS service.

search service scale is different, the price is also different. There are three kinds of scale, small and large, super large. These examples of the price per hour were 12 cents, 48 cents, 68 cents. Upload data and additional charges. You need to configure the change of index data re charge 98 cents per GB.


Beijing on April 13th news, according to foreign media reports, announced in the "Amazon Amazon Web services (AWS) before the" add a series of "cloud search" (CloudSearch) service, after a lapse of six years to return to the search market.

‘s chief technology officer Vogel Weiner · (Werner Vogels) through the blog said: "the Amazon cloud search will have the effect of democracy, because its function is to use many users before. Amazon cloud search can be said to be a powerful search engine, which we are familiar with the price for every developer, support on-demand (pay-as-you-go) model. It allows developers to improve their products, lower costs, even without management."

The Amazon

cloud provides another option to buy the search service search for businesses and individual developers, Google through Apache Lucene and other open source search software to provide such services. Amazon Web Services Technology Division Jeff · Baer (Jeff Barr) said, users can set up their own search in less than an hour, the service price is only $100 per month.


A5 Yue Huai talk about virtual host to Shanghai dragon factors selection optimization

again: the best choice for independent IP host. Site on the independent IP host, not only can let the spider love, included fast, improve the site high weight, also can avoid other search engines penalize sites implicated. Because the shared server usually put a lot of Web sites, once a website is search engine punishment right down, then, other websites will suffer, with independent IP do not have to worry about the site is affected by other cheating sites implicated in increased safety performance.

: finally, in line with the user experience. Customer is God, the webmaster as long as to meet the needs of customers in order to successfully conduct site operations. Shanghai Longfeng optimization to meet user search habits, virtual host selection should also be the same. If the user is most telecom users, we are willing to let a telecom access business, this is conducive to speed up the site loading speed, speed, the user will not turn off the page, reduce the bounce rate. Select the server according to the user to set the orientation search. Most users love love with sea to search China >

: the first virtual host configuration consideration. The configuration, virtual host has the fame is certainly each stationmaster’s love, so when choosing a host to host from the virtual price, space size, the number of independent IP, the capacity of database, how to facilitate the management of domain name registration, to select the host types into consideration according to the website or space support system the program.

: second selection techniques: 1, the performance of quality stability must be high, grab a spider web content is regular, the virtual space is not stable, it will let the spider grab content uneasy, don’t know exactly what the song, not to grab the lead after 2, faster; that users visit your site, often not open, the consequences will be grievous, not only reduce the user experience, and if this is a spider to grab your site, but can not enter the harvest what are not, it must be very angry, not updated snapshot, the site is not included such problems will appear; 3, with no restrictions the flow of space, the site to flow is high, this is certainly not restricted, no matter how many people visit no problem; 4, support pseudo static web pages, web static, pseudo static spider love Page included, saves the host resources, increase user experience; 5, can do a 301 redirect, after the site is down right, the webmaster can do 301 heavy weight regain the original website ranking has always been.

to select keywords, domain name, virtual host website is very helpful for the optimization of Shanghai dragon. The virtual host like locomotive, Shanghai dragon optimization like body, head is not good, there is no way to run the car. The site is the same, the virtual host has no choice, even in the website optimization, website ranking can not run, or not go. Then before do Shanghai Longfeng optimization webmaster how to select the virtual host, search engines love what server, virtual host selection and what they need to do?


Description the correct wording

is the description of the site content introduction, description of the ranking keywords although there is no direct effect, but when you enter the keyword ranking in the top 20, describing the role of the beginning. If a website is well written, in accordance with the needs of users, so the description can attract users click, thus gradually pick improve site keywords ranking, so we must pay attention to the description of the plate. Through some of my views, for we exchange how to write a description of the website.

2. manufacturing industry scarcity. Scarcity is the only identification we distinguish from other sites, users are not interested in the same content, different in order to attract the user’s attention, so we should highlight the difference between us and the advantage of others. For example, your company’s products is the industry’s lowest price, then you will have a price advantage, we can focus on our price advantage, to show our low price to the user. If the quality of your products is the best company, then you will have your own product quality be described. We should be able to show their advantages to our customers, certainly can not be fooled. If your price is not the lowest in the industry, then don’t brag about being the lowest industry, because as long as the user that you are not the lowest, so the user is very difficult to believe you.

1. mining user needs. Description of content on the site is a comprehensive introduction, when your competitors, and meet the needs of their users will choose to click on the website, so our description must meet the needs of users. So how should we dig? First we have a considerable understanding of our industry. Because only the very understanding of our website product industry, we can more accurately understand the users pay more attention to what. Here we can use love Shanghai drop-down box and relevant search for user demand analysis. I worked in the LED advertising vehicle as an example, we love Shanghai led search advertising car, mobile LED advertising, LED advertising vehicle car manufacturers, car LED advertising prospects, how, LED car LED car advertising advertising video, led mobile advertising, LED advertising vehicle car price advantage will love Shanghai related to search, this is the search keywords users are most concerned about the content, this is very consistent with the needs of the industry. Because I am engaged in the industry is a type of investment products, users will return and market prospect of the product concerned. The price is also the user pays a content, generally a keyword + price are users more concerned about things, so we should be included in the description of these users pay more attention to the content.

3. description to be easy to understand. Many of us love Shanghai Longfeng stacked on the description of key words, actually this is meaningless, will only make the user feel much, because the description stack keywords will not increase the relevance of your site. Most words can describe display is 75, that is to say more than 75 words after the contents of the user can not see, so we describe the number of not more than.


From Shanghai 628K station to see love love Shanghai’s own changes


as shown in figure


in June 28 for the webmaster is a black day, a large number of websites have been kicked out of love Shanghai database, in addition to fire, basically K website is Taobao guest website, not to mention the quality Taobao guest website itself, just look at the strength of Shanghai will be able to know the love of the sea change algorithm is love in the direction of the user experience, frenzied bidding relative to previous love, Shanghai is now standing in the customer’s perspective on the search results ranking problem.

space is limited, I will not say why Taobao off site will be K, this simple describe: Taobao, customer API site, Taobao data directly call, causing a huge amount of repetition page, caused great distress to the love of spiders in Shanghai, similar to grab page analysis, take Shanghai a lot of love the database, so that similar sites, Shanghai love is seldom included, even not included. Second, Taobao guest single page station, single page station to sell products, website content empty, keyword stuffing for such serious, Shanghai is also the site of love at a distance. The black hat Shanghai Longfeng site, although the black cap can make the site a short time can get good rankings, but in the love Shanghai algorithm change, black hat will be kicked out of the site, this time between 1 to 3 months, so the black hat Shanghai dragon is absolutely not to be taken the.


understand the antecedents and consequences is what we have to love Shanghai search engine change. In the field of market Chinese love Shanghai is a single large, there is Sogou and soso market share increased significantly. Shanghai love search cakes are been eroded by these late search engines, if it is easy to be replaced by love in Shanghai did not change, love Shanghai know that this market is not always the giant, reform is the only way. For the love of Shanghai work everyone should be very clear, because he is a spider crawling algorithm integrates a variety of procedures, so he might not accurately identify as artificial as is wrong, wrong place. The wrong web spam will affect the user experience. For example, we present the domestic search engine three mainstream contrast, are like Shanghai, soso, Sogou, we search the word "Qiushuiyiren". We look at the screenshot, may be due to the different city, different search results.

before 2010, Shanghai love search results has a large number of auction site, black hat Shanghai Longfeng site, users in the use of the love of Shanghai, often see some mandatory advertising, want to find what you want to see, very difficult. Later because of the problem of counterfeit drugs fell in love with the sea, love the Shanghai government was named rectification. Remember the NetEase’s search engine advertising slogan is: love Shanghai unscrupulous, a NetEase. It is also reflected in Shanghai at the time the dilemma of love.

loves Shanghai as shown below:


Limit six degree space, CPA advertisement on-lineEveryone car Li Jian sh419 Department entrepreneurs


expresses the concept that human beings are so closely related to each other on this planet that invisible bonds connect us. There are countless combinations between people, polymerization of a large information forms a unique advantage of the network world, breaking the barriers and barriers across the gap between human and virtual reality and interaction, mutual trust, understanding and communication, interpersonal circle a more true will be born with six. Growth.

in the Internet business such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain as the emerging era, Li Jian seems to be a benchmark figure, many entrepreneurs and veteran business known, some people follow his model, was the envy of his luck, more people criticized his "burning" speed.

more League information is available: http://top.admin5/u

Li Jian clearly remember, the original "sh419 space" on the line in the first week, the flow of more than a million, the level of product in startups, basically can get round C or B round of financing, but in the sh419 system, is just a meeting room of applause, things have passed, very dull. In sh419, often there will be some products, traffic is only two or three million for two or three months, this product will end up badly, and this traffic for many entrepreneurs, how luxury.

if this advertisement suits you, please go to union official address: cnxad

1, registered after the completion of the successful posting on the www.6dzone website

in sh419 Webmaster Platform recently held a salon, Li Jian beard, wearing a T-shirt and jeans, with a new webmaster identity to share his entrepreneurial experience, the common sh419 Department of entrepreneurs, have encountered difficulties when startups promotion.

if you are the Commissioner of the league, please give me the latest information and we will send it to you for the first time. Feedback

China’s first entertainment interactive review portal, Web2.0 is a positive responder and leader. Through advanced acquisition mode and first-class editing level to provide high-quality information essence for the reader, multimedia interactive entertainment community platform collection of movies, music, digital, automotive, travel, reading, video, maps, delicacy, blog, electronic magazines, shopping in one.

3, post user IP can only be included once a day, repeated IP repeated as invalid users.

Adsense network alliance information release group: 2360256

sh419 Department Entrepreneurs: from squandering traffic to the street station soliciting

valid registration requirements:

first let you know the domestic league dynamics,

The six dimension of

2, posting users should be consistent with the content of the six space website posting, not malicious irrigation.

from sh419 after leaving, Li Jian joined the 58 city, where the work model so that he felt a great contrast, "that is every day to grab traffic platform, grab very hard.". Just a little bit of traffic, you can feel very tall, on the already one of the industry’s best players." Li Jianru said, leaving the sh419, only to know the value of the flow.

Admin5 union channel every day to see ah, a lot of money online information.

Li Jian, a standard 80, was once sh419’s youngest product director, after becoming Vice President of the city of 58, vice president of Microsoft engineering. In April 2014, Li Jian created a car for everyone, and completed the 2 round of financing in just six months, of which $20 million was from the B round.

from an ordinary product designer to sh419’s youngest product director in history, Li Jian worked at sh419 for 7 years, for these years of feeling, now he used "squandering traffic" to describe. At sh419, two months after the launch of a new product, if traffic doesn’t reach tens of millions, then it basically means failure, and the product will soon be stopped.

six degree space www.6dzone

wants to join the Admin5 League channel, please contact

then Li Jian spent years to adjust their mentality, last year, his team sometimes send ten employees in the street stands for one day to ask each person not to mind taking the trouble to buy a car, to sell the car? These employees from time to time will be driven by some "black man", one of the world "


unit price: 4 yuan / an effective registered member

4, data returned three days.

Abstract: Li Jian worked for sh419 for 7 years, and for the past few years, he has described it as "squandering traffic". At sh419, two months after the launch of a new product, if traffic doesn’t reach tens of millions, then it basically means failure, and the product will soon be stopped.


Gao Xiaoqin on the wine table embarrassed why many CEO see the tearsHow do I get my share of the mon

talked about at this dinner, behind Chen Qingquan to stay, since high Xiao Qin waved his hand and pulled out in time on the assistant, assistant after drunk by Gao Xiaoqin like paralysis, in her neck between breath, wine shop in the ears, also because of increased body temperature becomes very heavy, high demanding his assistant Xiao Qin half back, half and half dragged into the car.

Since the

in order to protect her sister from infringement, she was Zhao Ruilong, Du Bozhong raped, 4 years 3 miscarriages. Later, she was given Qi Tongwei as a mistress, but in this way she created the landscape group.

Abstract: since the start of any side, to maintain high Zazhi last clear: if someone is not a friend, she wanted to protect themselves; they are friends, to protect her. The most difficult time to start business, she went home on the doldrums, every 5 minutes to open the mailbox and WeChat, the night before 12, nothing to sleep.


drink, drink wine and not at the end of the day, but with the thing on the table.

first: how do you choose micro-blog website?

this is a little with our webmaster website do consider what industry will stand before the website or on what content sites, micro-blog is also the same material, to be precise, so as to get more fans, not what content is released, so that micro-blog’s quality will be greatly reduced.

at this time, she hasn’t climbed Tongwei Qi, "sapiential" singing is also not skilled.

In fact, micro-blog

once thought of landscape group business, and high Zazhi like played chicken spirit.

she knows deeply that if you go to the Bureau today, either you fall or I die.

in the East, where there was a wine Bureau, three hours on the phone, but arrived in table three glasses of wine. This is the truth that Gao Jian has always believed since he started his business.

here I just introduced as my own way, when we first started and no fans, I choose the mutual powder this method is of mutual concern, the dissemination of micro-blog content that lets you quickly released out for others to see, is sure to have friends asked me where to find people to interact with us this powder, you can add group. When the fans reach about 500, you can join a large number of micro-blog groups that match your content theme. Each article is forwarded to the group. This will attract more people to pay attention to you. As long as you stick to it, you will succeed.


night fled after a meal, a lot of high Xiao Qin was filling wine, head dizzy, but also helped the new assistant to go outside.

third: how do you get micro-blog’s promotion?

since the start, no matter who need to maintain high Zazhi last awake, because if someone is not a friend, she wanted to protect themselves; if people are friends, she wanted to protect them.

now domestic micro-blog site is relatively large, Sina, Tencent, Sohu. Secondly, the second line of a little bit of network, such as second-line is temporarily not introduced. I do is micro-blog Sina micro-blog Sina micro-blog, I also recommend here first, sina is the first to do micro-blog, Sina second micro-blog uses micro-blog’s third independent domain name, Sina blog, many famous people from all walks of life are in use, which makes Sina micro-blog opened to attract a large number of registered members.

she is a CEO, is also a link between the interests of man and tools, in the power of the whirlpool, foot deep mud, she struggled to escape. She can not do the true meaning of the revolt, jump out of the cycle, because of the tough road of entrepreneurship……

fourth: how do you make money on micro-blog?

Gao Xiaoqin this character, in fact, is very sad.

business the most difficult period of time, a home on the low-spirited high Xiao Qin, and friends to chat, absent-minded every 5 minutes to open the mailbox and mobile phone WeChat group, 12 in the evening before even if nothing is can’t sleep sleep.

in Han Dong for a few years, high Zazhi had not the humble Fisher girl, fought all the way to the upstart CEO position, not only in business than the same level of men better, people also learn to chat, a cup of flirting, this station in the center of the topic resource man.

today to share with you how I do Sina through micro-blog I have a monthly income of 3000 last year, micro-blog is also just out, micro-blog didn’t know how to make money, but also a friend said to me, I am working in our city information industry park, the inside of the network company a lot. My friends go to work in a company which is their company is micro-blog marketing staff, the positive wage could reach about 3000, playing shows micro-blog is still very profitable. I started operating micro-blog around January of this year. Here to share with you, I am how to operate, now fans do more than 120 thousand.


second: choice of content topics?

money is also to others advertising, usually send a hundreds of it depends on the amount of fans for you, if you do micro-blog content is about Home Furnishing industry, basically you have 5W many fans will send someone asked you to publish an ad information. Some people may not even know the micro-blog marketing advantage, I am here with you to explain it, when you have a 5W fan, you release a micro-blog, you 5W fans of micro-blog home page will appear that you have just released the micro-blog, and not only your fans to see the fans and can see this post than >


About Wangzhuan project success webmaster can copyCrazy 90 and seasoned uncle PK intelligent adult s

practitioners actually see clearly the limitations of innovation in the adult goods industry, but the direction of their development has not jumped out of the original wholly-owned. In other words, the existing market for intelligent adult supplies, in fact, not just the user needs, but through a certain extension of the publicity stunt, such functions want and user demand is not too much relevance.

90: function to play edge ball


from the outside, China’s adult intelligence is just like that: adding several modules to traditional products, especially the communication module, and designing a App at the end of the mobile phone so that the two can interact.

however, in this long tail market, technological innovation and the expansion of the use of scenarios need to invest a lot of resources, but the returns are not high. There are industry sources told Tencent technology, those who are in the name or profit is impossible forever in this industry, because the market is the highest single product annual sales will be tens of millions.

Abstract the intelligence of adult supplies is a virgin land that has not yet been developed. Therefore, a large number of entrepreneurs have gathered.

earns money through the network, and the main groups make money by this method is the webmaster. Of course there are some Wangzhuan part-time, here is not 11 for example those who hang Wangzhuan poll what click Wangzhuan. Because these income almost all income is very general, and what is now the most popular online Wangzhuan? Surely they all know that women who sell products of Taobao customers, this is the last to do Wangzhuan the fire, some people because of the occupation of the initiative made a fortune. Below the author to analyze these Taobao customer Wangzhuan procedures.

is the market itself, is still fighting in the market tide there are two kinds of people: one is the influx from other industries, they bring new technology, but often in this industry are lack of awareness and somewhat blind; the other is Adult supplies market of the old game player, though they are well versed in the market. But in playing with the rules of the game circle.

? ?It is because

is filled with a large number of online information and the Wangzhuan, what Wangzhuan Wangzhuan special training, what is now the most popular method that teach you to use SEO to make money. Although the network develops very quickly, but Wangzhuan is really so simple? Today I talk here is about some successful Wangzhuan tutorial, the webmaster can also copy the successful

what kind of person does Taobao guest do?

on the Internet Wangzhuan trusted you,

?What are the

can make money?

first and are not for everyone Taobao customers, some owners see others do Taobao off a lot of money, then you also learn to apply a domain name, a website that started as like as two peas, Taobao customers, but we make money? I also have another, see the word weight loss drug list very hot, but the Commission is very high, imagine through my work with SEO the key word do home page you can how to make money. But for a few months, the site or stay in sh419 7, 80, every day there is no IP, such a station let me love why, and then closed. Here I just want to give an example to explain the Wangzhuan we saw on the net is how to make money, but these projects are suitable for you to copy success? About Taobao guest I study a little, if you don’t SEO it is best not to do Taobao customers, unless you are a successful webmaster. A successful website, or you can go to each big website forum Post Bar blog to release your information posted maniac every day, of course this is hard to do. But, like those more hot keywords, even if you use all kinds of means, short time will not do rankings, so if the impatient webmaster or not do.

but because intelligent hardware entrepreneurship is the formation of air, many people want this boring, and intelligent Adult supplies is an unexplored territory, so gather some want the development of entrepreneurs.

Li Meng is the first in a Taobao owner, the University began in the Taobao business health care products, had done monthly profit of 2-3 million yuan, then she made their own health care products brand, income has been very impressive, these experiences that he has accumulated a large number of city.

some people say that the network is a copy of the industry, what others do, I followed the copy, can also achieve success! But this success is difficult, and the Internet is to seize the opportunity, you look at others before the success of the project, such as when you go to do is very competitive and less to make money, but this time there has been a new way to make money, so that make the project training website about this problem, I do not recommend the webmaster to do, after all.

since the year, Ma Jiajia disappeared in this market, there are a number of industry "passers-by" has also been out. What’s more, in this industry, big business starts to be drawing to a close. Since 2012, China’s adult erotic website lovers in the A round of financing to raise 300 million yuan of funds, the industry rarely related news. In fact, lovers are just a sales channel, not a manufacturer.

Tencent technology Liang Chen reported on October 22nd

2013 at the end of a day, looking for new opportunities in the garage coffee after 90 days after Li Meng, met her partner. After some conversation and understanding, Li Meng decided to join, and the two young people have not been exposed to adult products industry. In April, they set up a cross Oh technology company.

market, the existing intelligent adult supplies, in fact, not just the user needs


Ali, CEO, Wei Zhe 5 words, through the essence of B2B B2B must be part of unity, so that the other p

new year, it came to the 2017, the new year, I do not know if you have a small target set one hundred million, no never mind, help you have a good plan for science and technology arena business plans for the new year, O2O increasingly popular not only small entrepreneurs must see, also see in the eye, so, small finishing a new O2O business plan, to see if you dare to let go! Let Xiaobian together look at

The first and foremost thing about


The five essential

B2B is Business, to, Business enterprise to enterprise + Businesman, to, Businessman businessman to businessman

dear Peng! You wanglian spectacular friend good afternoon:

simple example, but it illustrates in the Internet era, you use an organization with an enterprise to retain another enterprise is impossible. Truly connected or businessmen to businessmen?. Understanding this is critical because we are talking later about why B2B has multiple accounts and that’s because of this first nature. When we design 2B products, we must be clear, absolutely do not think that your product is for the enterprise, and you should ask the question should be, this product is to the enterprise who use, which?

first, O2O+ catering distribution

believes in many office workers



fourth, O2O+ fresh distribution

I often say, do B2B is to have the mentality of bitter, 2B spirit, in the spring of the times, do a very hard thing. Why do B2B hard 2B? Because most of the funding we heard the story, the story of the capital is usually 2C, is a consumer oriented carnival, but B2B is behind the scenes, it is not every consumer contacts every day, not every day in the street to see, not to mention the B2B itself a very difficult thing.

B2B is that it is not simply business to business, but business to business, plus merchants to businessmen. I’ve talked about it many times, but I still want to thank Ma again. Because it is 2005, 06 years, Ma Yun and I speak a word, let me understand this essence. He told me at that time, Wei Zhe, do not only understand B2B as enterprise to enterprise, because the first essence of B2B is actually businessman to businessman, or entrepreneur to entrepreneur. It must be clear, the carrier and the audience service today, is a entrepreneur and a businessman, rather than a business or a company, in the Internet era, an organization or an institution is sticky live people, stick people must be sticky, people have.

today, first of all to share with you is the five essential issues of B2B. Talking about the essence of B2B, in fact, is to see the essential difference between it and B2C. What’s the difference between B2B and B2C? There are five main aspects.

, for example. Now Beijing mayor Cai worked in Hangzhou during the period, he served as Minister of Zhejiang provincial Party committee organization, first opened a personal micro-blog, and soon won the 6, 7 million fans, a large network of V, but in contrast, when the Zhejiang provincial Party Committee Organization Department of micro-blog is only 6, 70 thousand fans.

said that women and children’s money is the best earned, according to the national "two child policy" fully open, do not make more small reminders, I believe that smart customers have already seen the O2O market, there are too many maternal and child needs. As a pregnant woman, while a special time to take good care of yourself, while for the arrival of a new life to prepare, there are always a lot of things need to configure for prenatal, new mothers, children do not have ready, every day there are emergencies, sometimes the nipple burned bad to buy new the baby is sometimes special shampoo out, always need to buy some emergency supplies, and maternal and child class O20 is their Savior! The more important is a good place for maternal community O20 or new mother exchange experience, children what time to start to eat food supplement, which stores on sale, in short, Xiao Bian think baby take the market prospect of O2O



second, O2O+ pharmaceutical distribution

is the so-called hunger breeds discontentment, the National Bureau of statistics data show that in 2014, the market size China catering industry was 2 trillion and 790 billion yuan, an increase of 9.7%. Catering o2o development is more rapid, it is expected that in 2017 the restaurant o2o market will exceed 200 billion yuan, compound growth rate of more than 30%. In recent years, as the pace of life has accelerated, the number of people eating out and taking out meals has increased.

O2O Entrepreneurship Program


do not worry!

third, O2O+ mother and child delivery

medicine as a special subdivision industry in the O2O field, has always been the main point of competition from all walks of life, including sh419, Ali and so on. Why is medicine so striking? A large part of the reason is that the medical relationship is closely related to the national economy and the people’s livelihood. It is a matter of fact that it is difficult for the common people to see a doctor and to see a doctor. Also, pharmacies under the line are constantly changing. On the one hand, people’s large pharmacies such pharmaceutical giants continue to upgrade, hoping to catch the Internet this train, become a well-known pharmaceutical boundary line under the enterprise. Secondly, a variety of Internet companies are also constantly testing the water line under the pharmaceutical industry, hoping to be able to share a cup of soup in the field. Therefore, the pharmaceutical O2O will become the biggest trend in the future.



Webmaster change the monthly income growth rate, you might not want to think ofThe Body Shop will be

afternoon sleep, 0 working state, after deducting personal interest, remaining only in the struggle for our life. If you are a senior webmaster, see here, please float over, the following article you do not have to read.

smart tips!

L’OREAL group CEO – Paul ·, Ann Gong in an interview, said: "The Body Shop is still a beautiful brand.". Maybe other people can do better."

1, proficient in website construction. Is not proficient, but also more than ordinary people know more about website construction

1, click on sh419 advertising alliance. This league deduction amount, needless to say, but income is good. 2000ip well, there are 300 yuan in income,

‘s previous major bidders also included private equity funds, CVC Capital Partners, Brazil beauty giant Natura, and CJ group in South korea.


February this year, the Financial Times reported that L’OREAL group plans to 1 billion pounds for its The Body shop, looking for new buyers. Four months later, some private equity funds have expressed willingness to buy. Among them, China’s Renhe Pharmaceutical Group also conducted consultation on the auction. When people are guessing "drug" and "drug" can be integrated, today, Renhe pharmaceutical has been clarified, no direct or indirect intention to acquire.

when it seems all the more painstaking. Write here, let me secretly smile: I am also a webmaster, although IP is not much.

4, the show League, mainly has the first video. 3000IP has about 200 monthly revenue,

generally speaking, 1Wip’s website has one month to deduct the server, can have several thousand yuan advertisement income, certainly not generally more than 3000 yuan.

, based in Hongkong, founded by Cai Chongxin, one of the Alibaba’s core founders, manages part of Mr. Ma’s wealth and Cai Chongxin’s $8 billion fortune. Major investment in health care, artificial intelligence, big data cloud computing and other fields. Investment in technology companies, including we are familiar with melon seeds, used cars, straight sell nets, beautiful say, sing, go to market nets, etc..

5, other specialties. Every man has his head.

let’s take a look at what the webmaster has,

3 search consortium. The league is well matched, but it has very little income. There are mainly sh419, valley brother and so on.

then went back to the personal website long month can earn much money to buy a car? No? Senior webmaster will be nothing difficult, Xiangche beauty villa villa, everything. More people live on

has 3>

4, not stupid. This is very important. In particular, there is no point in building technology, and can earn money through the web site, long is not stupid:

another potential buyer from China’s background might be Ma Yun’s family office Blue Pool Capital. According to the Reuters, Investindustrial, the European private equity fund, has invited blue pool capital to bid for more than 800 million euros in joint bid for The Body shop.

in 2006, L’OREAL Group acquired The Body Shop at 652 million pounds. At that time coincided with the natural cosmetics are very popular on the market. However, in the acquisition of ten years, L’OREAL’s argument is that "The Body Shop has not been in accordance with established track development."". In L’OREAL’s latest quarterly earnings, The Body Shop sales of only 197 million 200 thousand euros, down 1.5%.

this a few years behind and often in the webmaster online, or a group of people think when the owners of the wise; time do not want to go on to do Sohu family at home, you can also get a low income. Other lines,

many people say that the webmaster’s income is low, indeed, the webmaster’s income is very low, I am always very low income.

these special skills may not be useful in some industries, but they are valuable in the field of network e-commerce.

3, know the user experience

2, understand the characteristics of traffic and visitors and the importance of the site

5, other alliances. Generally included lower than this.

6, monthly advertising. Direct advertising income will be higher.


, let’s take a look at the website’s current revenue stream. At present, the biggest revenue is advertising revenue.

was founded in 1976 by The Body shop, founded by Anita Roddick. It also experienced a "beautiful" development process: the main natural and healthy skin care philosophy and against animal experiments, is now hot "single brand shop sales model founder, like a garden and forest shop style and the style of the product, once by Diane’s favor. There’s a total of 1200 products, covering the body care, facial care, cosmetics, indoor fragrance, hair care and other categories, more than 3000 stores in 66 countries worldwide sales.

2, click on shlf1314 advertising alliance. The alliance doesn’t cut prices, but it’s divided into opaque, often psas. Some Chinese websites earn more than sh419, some lower than sh419’s