Love Shanghai Webmaster Platform some explanations about love Shanghai snapshot problem

first, need to clarify the update frequency web crawl frequency and snapshots are two completely different concepts.

has been part of the webmaster update time for love in Shanghai snapshot there are some misunderstanding, that there is a certain relationship between the website snapshot update time and the weight of the website, the more frequently updated snapshot, the higher the weight of the site, on the contrary, the lower the.

in fact, there is no direct relationship between the frequency and the weight of the site snapshot update.

crawl the web page or a new check, we will have the important degree and its timeliness value at different speeds to create index according to the snapshot, usually said the updated index of time, often important updates ", we will create the index at a faster rate. If a page is just general text changes or no content timeliness value does not necessarily will be search engine that quickly update the value of the index, even love Shanghai spider to crawl the web content, the snapshot is not necessarily updated quickly, but this does not mean that it is not important to update or love Shanghai the speed is very slow.

the update page snapshot whether important additions directly associated with the website itself "the weight", whether "K" is not directly related to. The owners do not have to pay more attention to the site over time snapshot, we suggest the webmaster will focus on the content of the website construction, only to improve the website content and the search experience, can be trusted by users and search engines.

Each new ?

every love Shanghai included in the site, check the Baiduspider will be updated according to their content frequency continuously whether the new web page, under normal circumstances, Baiduspider will grab the frequency of new content and website speed match, generally refers to the Baiduspider update to grab the contents of web pages.

an important page in the search engine database often save multiple copies of web page, these snapshots crawl time is not the same. In some extreme cases, the search engine may select the snapshot version is different from the current search results, resulting in the snapshot back time. This has no effect on the web site in the search engine’s performance, does not represent the search engine to the site down the right treatment.

love Shanghai why snapshot update

Why would

snapshot time backwards?A snapshot of


How to optimize the site movie station

five, don’t let the profit dazzled by

focus on user experience Three,

two, do not follow the

is now too many people are involved in the ranks of the station to the middle of the film, will inevitably encounter a lot of website templates are the same, so we should be in accordance with their own style first modify the template in the early stages of the site, try to do a clean template, let members looks very comfortable feeling. But the color to set more soft, don’t get in the limelight, so will only make your site look like neither fish nor fowl.

now few owners will go to pay attention to this experience as long as I see every day flow normal to the user, not to pay too much attention to the user experience, since the movie station more Adsense more we should pay attention to their own website experience is good, only to retain some good experience of the site back, so we do in Shanghai dragon must also pay more attention to optimize the user experience, but also a lot of investigation to see their website what is insufficient and then be improved.

many friends update movies are copied directly from the Internet to paste over, inside some of the film are introduced and some explanations are not any changes all copied, this update is no help at all, you can go to Youku, potatoes, Sina, 56, find some original video or other movies to the station. This would ensure the update with others movie websites are not the same thing, but slightly change the name, is a good original and search engines will be more popular.

Copy the

, choose a suitable Shanghai Longfeng site program

site to make their own style of

now I found many webmaster for website profit is concerned, I have seen many webmaster put on the site covered with all kinds of advertisements in the early stages of the site, and then in the Shanghai dragon optimization and promotion, it is not only the search engine on your very friendly, and you do Shanghai Longfeng optimization it is very difficult, and the user experience will be very bad, I think your site not on the 3000IP word root >

since we are optimizing the movie station, you should choose a suitable film station and Shanghai Longfeng convenient program optimization, here I recommend you can use Marx CMS to the station, the understanding friend should know Marx is designed to make the movie station station system point, is very perfect and comprehensive are for some functions of film site, so we should choose a good reputation and very easy to use program.


recently there are a lot of people involved in the film to the ranks of the station, because the movie station traffic and profitability are very violent, and the movie site maintenance is also easier to maintain, so many people are beginning to slowly toward the movie station, today we will talk about how to optimize the movie station.


Novice Shanghai dragon five taboos technique

two, do not put the chain as a whole Shanghai dragon. Don’t think you will update the site, you add the chain is a Shanghai dragon Er, we all know that the chain is a part of Shanghai dragon, but most people don’t really know how to should be how to operate the chain. Now there are a lot of mass software, keyword optimization software and other software have emerged, many people thought it was good stuff, in fact.

, not blindly follow the online tutorial or related books to learn. Even if some tutorials or articles that are valuable, but we all know that search engines are constantly changing, we see in the tutorial, it is likely that they say is out of date. There are so-called tutorials or books of the author’s level is uneven, real experience is the master, there are people out of order random write, and the others take over to change into their own things.

five, must not give up halfway, must unremittingly. No matter what difficulties and suffering you are not down, don’t give up. If you think you can do that, then you might have made no small achievements in the Shanghai dragon website optimization.

, based on my experience to remind you.

. Many beginners in not much experience under the condition to optimize popular keywords, everything is a process that has not yet learned to walk to run people will definitely fall. The first to do it in general terms, and even popular points of words, learn from it and summarize the experience, as long as the down-to-earth study and practice, the near future you are a Shanghai dragon website optimization master, you can take the popular keyword.

by www.gylongtai贵族宝贝 feeds.


no matter what you do, in the first phase error that is a normal thing, some novice in Shanghai in the early days of the dragon to do some do not need to do not even do things, to spend a lot of time and energy, in fact, there are a lot of mistakes predecessors have committed, we do not need to go to these here to give you a brief detour, say. For reference:

three, do not throw a link; the chain is very important to a website, and how to obtain a high quality of the chain which is a lot of people are worried. It is worth noting that a large number of tools group the entire Internet made the The atmosphere was foul. The group has become a garbage link, not only make the website ranking not to upgrade, there may also be the decline in ranking, and some have even been regarded as cheating website to the closure.

Four, do not have


You love Shanghai ranked second socialization content really want to replace the Shanghai Phoenix

two, Shanghai or dragon really updated every day, outside the chain of

although this may also benefit from the love of Shanghai convulsions, but no matter how personal sense of social platform optimization will also is the future of social marketing in a key. Institute of social marketing and Shanghai dragon, everyone will think of some time ago the United States well-known financial magazine "Forbes" recently published marketing expert Ken · Krogh (Ken Krogue) for the analysis of the Shanghai dragon, mentioned in the article: Shanghai dragon phoenix is dead or in 2 years will disappear, and social real time content will be popular. There are different views on this comment, Shanghai Longfeng mainly for search engines, socialization of the main content for users, if you have been Shanghai dragon machinery as search engine to do so, then it is likely to die, through the love of Shanghai K of the station, you can see love Shanghai’s resolution. If the Shanghai Dragon into the socialization trend of future, will win another sky Shanghai dragon? Talk about this, because a platform, light blog belongs to the content of socialization, Shanghai dragon really want to be social content replaced? Now is too early to talk about these. But the trend of the Internet, the sooner you can master it more zhandexianji.

Although this blog at


who knows the night view the key when the blog ranking was rushed to the Shanghai home of love second, really let himself by surprise, because before he has been with the company’s Web site to do the optimization, a busy day to night to update the article, the hair of the chain, the best time is reached tenth this word, competitive or deep.

, the future of Shanghai dragon really want to be social content instead of

this afternoon in the fall in love with the sea view company main keywords "wedding training" ranking, found in a blog on the blog to row to the second page, at that time did not care too much, but I feel as to page second add data and some of the more eye-catching ads might go! Tuck

every time you encounter some Shanghai Longfeng problems, to the forum asked, the most heard the answer is, adhere to the original, insist on the chain, but when we have insisted on this, but found himself more and more tired, do not do the original, pseudo original or crappy original, the chain is all around to do so, even if still do but what is not updated every day looking at competitors. Personally feel that the future of Shanghai dragon must get rid of the low-level operations to Shanghai dragon industry into a higher level. The original is precious, the quality of higher prices. "



for a long period of time management, but now all the time to do site optimization has not reached the height of their own to produce some new thoughts on optimization.



In the face of turbulent love again reflects the adjustment of Shanghai left for the king of truth


a month to adjust the two Google PR, how many webmaster cannot move? In the afternoon of 18 Google again small update PR, from the last update time less than a month, remember the last time wide update June 28th. A month to update PR two times, how many webmaster can settle down? There are some abnormal changes, the recent love Shanghai appear ly, LWH, why several Shanghai Longfeng Shanghai Longfeng site, there is a famous Shanghai dragon blog ranking fluctuations unknown. This time also admitted to wipe a webmaster mentality, this time often is left for the king, there is a saying: light fixed money left

many webmaster in website optimization keywords is the same, why complain all day, every time Google PR updates are not their own, why Google is so unfair, why not update PR only my own website, Google is not on my bias. Recently, Shanghai love changes constantly in the rankings, even one day, a web site keywords ranking position adjustment several times. In a recent fall in love with sea station K also appeared several times, many websites suffer K, even no home page, website ranking is more needless to say. Many owners began to complain, why I always love Shanghai for the website, people’s website why not K, the ranking is not down, my site drop right, love Shanghai so unfair! Follow your mind begins to change, and then optimize their work has also had the change. Most of the time, many webmaster is not the lack of technology, but a good attitude, the so-called Shanghai dragon world, left for the king is the truth.

In the face of the recent Google

to do site optimization ranking if do not pleased not to have compassion, I believe you are not far from success. Shanghai has so many love website ranking changes, this is a matter of fact, my website also appeared in fluctuation, from the third page position fell to the tenth page. Originally the site optimization this work is a duty, not a month for two months, when we handle the work to do about the same time, this time the fight and mentality, do every day is enough, there will always be paid in return, I believe this sentence > met his site

website optimization circles all ordinary, a veteran will be more of a calm, a calm, and in fact we live in is the same reason, when we want to remain calm, calm and composure, not because of momentary contented happy, excited, think oneself really can do. Today I site keywords ranking home page, that he had succeeded, can control the search engine. If it fails, we feel that the world will become very dark, so everyone is my friend like. This person will live very tired, never lose a victory, but what is lost. If a person to see what is too heavy, so it will accomplish nothing. No non indifferent to Ming, non quiet without the far.


Lu Guofu four stable factors determine the optimal success


I have many times in the article emphasizes the importance of content, because the content of the website is the core of the website, users come to our site, we rely on high-quality content to retain users, so has always stressed that the original article, because the search engine the daily workload is very large, which included the article before and will make a database of articles comparison, found your article high repetition, and your website weight is not high, it is likely that it will not be put out, so the high quality content is to make search engines love important factors of your site. Then the contents of OK, then we have to consider is the site update frequency of the problem, a lot of friends website the frequency of updates is not stable, good mood when update several pieces, the mood is not good if a week is not updated, so it is not good to the search engine, we like to go home in the play, if found to several little change, then we will go, we will not go. So the content update frequency must steadily update. When updates can function and method of operation in accordance with the operation of this article in the chain.

is normal

site is a stable space we must pay attention to the details, a lot of friends in this little note, after all, the price is not a space, a lot of friends chose a >

is the first point to emphasize is the content, then many friends will think of the chain. The website of the chain to improve website rankings have great influence, outside the chain of good will make your site search engine get more attention. In front of the chain wrote this website need we can see what the problem?. In fact, a Links chain is what we call the Links must be stable, I wrote this article in front of Wuhan Shanghai dragon blog mentioned in my analysis of weight decreased Links in 5, 6 sites have been unable to access the problem, I think this is also a great hurt, so I hope my friends look at the web site data in the exchange links, stable link to conquer all. There is an increase in time Links must increase, or by the search engine to determine the cheating time, have no time to regret. When I want to exchange Links I can refer to this Wuhan Shanghai dragon blog Links exchange standard.


two site outside the chain is stable and normal

three web site space is stable and fast

now do the Shanghai dragon optimization for more than a year’s time, in the process we do optimization have been stressed the need to stabilize the website, actually the website stability we say not only refers to the stability of site space. I found love Shanghai particularly sensitive to this instability, will give you some colour to see, now my blog is halfway there are some unstable factors, led to the current snapshot not update, included not increase. Today Wuhan Shanghai dragon with his blog to share the stable development of website what data is we must pay attention to.

A website content update frequency


How to make the 2013 website home — love Shanghai station optimization article

to you how to do in the station optimization before I give you analyze why love Shanghai Encyclopedia of high weight, ranking good? The love is love Shanghai Shanghai encyclopedia products (you know), the Shanghai Encyclopedia of love within the chain to do good. So in 2013 the website to love Shanghai home from the station in the chain start.

: the so-called junk junk the chain is the chain outside the station released a lot of no reading outside the chain, this is a little love to punish Shanghai.

in my opinion, the reason many sites are penalized 3 points: garbage outside the chain, Links quality, the quality of the station.

how to do the chain of the article: the article links to articles can recommend reading form, for example: the 2013 how to do web site optimization, website optimization recommended reading must find related articles, not recommended for website construction, network marketing article. Can also refer to rules and related articles in the article, for example: in Shanghai to adjust the search engine ranking rules, a large number of sites fought.

The current 2013 love punishment

August 2012 23 is a day of mourning for the webmaster, because the love of Shanghai search engine adjustment, many sites have been K, has been nearly 4 months, not far from also ranking. Today is December 12, 2012, in the last month of the year, I believe that many owners are thinking about how to make the website of Shanghai 2013 love home, to tell the truth, I Chinese site in Shanghai Longfeng long thinking about this problem, after several months of practice, and finally realize the website how to optimize the current search engine after adjustment love, can make the keyword ranking Shanghai home, below I to share with you, for your school exchange.

station link is divided into: the article, based on the column page, the home page

site posts: some website content quality is not high, the content of the article or collecting or false original or not reading, but also a standard love Shanghai punishment.

Shanghai website

website love Shanghai home, from the station of

Links quality: many owners in order to save, see each other as long as the weight of high PR high, regardless of whether their website content and website related exchange chain; another point is to buy a large number of individual links, but also love Shanghai punish one, according to the data statistics, those who buy the chain of the site have been K. Many people want to ask, love what Shanghai is know whether the site is the purchase of the site. On this point, Shanghai dragon Chinese network station to tell you, love Shanghai judge this site will be enough Links standard from your website is not to judge, but you buy from the website of the other side of judgment, when love Shanghai found a site with single export links, he judged the website in the sale of Links he, who appeared in the website chain involves websites all receive the punishment.


How to quickly restore love down the right site in Shanghai

7, the site has been attacked, after the attack site shut down.

first of all we want to know why, our website is down right. Only know the reason why we can be targeted to solve the problem. After solving the problem we need to sum up experience, after how to do in order to avoid the drop right! So in accordance with the above three steps we 11:

5, recently there is no modification of the page;

1, the website, see if it is a new station, if the station quickly to the front row, there are suspected of cheating;

first, we must understand the reason the site down the right, then go to the

3, check the relevant domain, Google link link (link can check out the high weight link): the quality of the chain difference will affect the weight of

then, know.


you 3, this website is not to buy someone else’s domain name;

2, the other site is suspected of cheating: whether the site is pure advertising website; website content quality; whether the soft anchor text links a large number of

two, through the collection of site: view website, you can find out the horse, to detect whether the acquisition:


four, check some things outside of the main chain, whether it is because in the fall of rights caused by


three, ask, is generally ask website managers some drop right before the operation, find out the reasons of website drop right from these operations, mainly about several operational problems:

1, Links: check whether the Links website in the fall of right; Links is too much; the other site ranking brand word;

! horse! from where?

2, look at his related domain: asked whether he had been sending. If made, there will be many outside the chain link type; domain name;

6, ask him what time do the pseudo static; the old station is because the pseudo static result;

, through IIS server log view status code:

How long do you

status code returned if it is "404" so that the path is a dead link; if it is "500503" so that the server space is not stable; if the return status code is "304" that page updates too! These are likely to cause the site to drop right, of course, this is said to visit the spider returns the status code, rather than accessing the state code!!!

4, this domain name is a cheating; if he bought a cheating domain, then you have to take before he brought down the right of cheating;

: Domain

through the title, if the site was linked to horse general will automatically generate some junk page, the title usually repeat. If this is the case that your site may be


Love be the most changeful Shanghai search included drop, detailed analysis

love Shanghai update. Basically love Shanghai will often update adjustment, general update this is normal, as long as your ranking has no effect, did not decline, then it is normal, do not bother to update, adhere to the optimization can drop some included.

some websites not less included, but before the 5 article released every day, can be included 3 article, although now released 5 only 1 articles included, even an article is not included, it is included reducing, after the net strange Shanghai Longfeng analysis, general website had revised, the original site of some of the procedures and tectonic changes are found in Shanghai, love your website and not the same as before, on your website rusty, the number of spiders to less, it will reduce the natural. So a website but do the best, do not even need revision, revision, step by step, this is for the best, don’t delete the old content.

website was hacked, we do the most awful is that the server is not stable, the website was hacked, the net strange Shanghai dragon also encountered students site was invaded, the only way is to change a server, thus preventing intrusion, the official website was hacked because some cause included reduced by a file in a file to FTP.

cheating practices, cause included reduced, as for what you use cheating means I don’t know (for example, hidden stack keywords >

2012 this year was an eventful year, love Shanghai algorithm has been adjusted, has been changed, for often included drop webmaster, analyze the reasons for the decline included here.

included reducing the reason analysis of two:


The quality of the

love Shanghai suddenly reduced It is without rhyme or reason. included problems, many owners have encountered recently, many students ask their singular Shanghai dragon website rather baffling love Shanghai included reducing, some still did not find the reason, there is no suitable solution. Some friends say love is called Shanghai included reducing the hair fell in love with altitude".


included reducing one reason:

included reducing the reason analysis of five:

Reduce the cause analysis of three

, is to emphasize the numerous problems, before we have done a business website included from hundreds to dozens, we were investigating the reasons, the first time found the site the quality problem, although many articles published every day, but the others are false, the quality is not high. 3 years ago, Shanghai Longfeng collection of other articles, the search engine that is love, 2 years ago, the article also has a proper pseudo effect, but now the pseudo original search engine is generally able to identify. It included drop, first check is not the quality problem.

included reducing the reason analysis of four:

The use of


Meet these problems how to solve the new snapshot

most of the time snapshot will change some signals to the site recently, according to the operation examples, if your file snapshot It is without rhyme or reason. or even disappear, then the site 80% is pulled the hair. It is also because with such foreshowing snapshot, so many new friends always have this or for a snapshot that is sensitive to emotions. In view of this, I summarized some problems of the snapshot share to you, hope you can help me with you as a webmaster. Of course, the following is my personal opinion, not place together to discuss.

compared to the snapshot update is not normal, the home page snapshot is more frightening. Because in the eyes of many old webmaster, snapshot is K station prelude, did not hesitate to consult. In fact, I think this thing is a direct impact, because in my opinion, each page in the search engine that will have a number of backup, such as the Shanghai algorithm to adjust the stage of love in some special cases, it is easy to appear to show the effect of the error caused before the backup is called out, we are worried about this the occurrence of appeared, but when all the abnormal phenomenon will disappear again to stabilize. So long as our own website is no problem, there is no possibility of cheating, so no harm is still relatively low, but for those who do not update itself timely, cheating means station sites, snapshot is obviously their quality can not meet the current requirements of crawling, the correction is actually more like K precursors. After all, because there is only the fruit, the website hardware strength is the most solid foundation we refuse to treat a snapshot of the blind.

snapshot home page and not how to do, don’t have problems.

snapshot will be K station rhythm it.


believes that this is a lot of owners are most concerned about, because in the actual operation of the process we will find that if the snapshot time their constantly changing, sometimes stagnant, and delayed a few days, so your site will have a certain impact. Keywords or drop, or directly by K off. Therefore, this let many webmaster becomes like a badly frightened person, blindly think that as long as the snapshot is not normal, then the site will have big problems. In fact, in Shanghai the official definition of love, is just a snapshot of pure text document, is the site can not be opened as a preview for user interface, no other value added. The blind will update snapshot ranking hook is not too appropriate frequency and website. But through the normal operation, if your site is normal, updated timely and high quality, and can make into the construction of the chain and flow, so the snapshot will remain one of the fast update frequency. So the snapshot update to a certain extent, showing you the nearest site condition.

snapshot update frequency and site rankings have no direct relationship.

do not know if you have this problem, when you click on the page and home page snapshot, you will find out is not relevant, but one of the other pages, if there is.



Shanghai Longfeng Title Optimization looks like very powerful

title to reject mediocrity, when necessary to add inflammatory words, but should not overdo sth.. For example, a cosmetics website, in which you can add >

3, adding seditious words

each page has a theme, the title should be written on this theme. For example, an introduction of commodity information ", should emphasize on commodity prices, reviews, origin, specifications, advantages and so on, as the story of the brand, the production process of goods, may also mention the web page, but not all listed in the title, it will dilute the core information of this web page, let the title does not seem to focus on.

But today I want to discuss the details of the

2, the use of special symbol

therefore, the title must write attractive, "looks like very powerful, let others see after the click desire. Can refer to the following optimization techniques:

title means that in Shanghai Longfeng what? A lot of Shanghai Longfeng practitioners may say it is the first reference to identify the search engine web content. This is to say a version of itself is bad, yes, a search engine to identify web content is probably the most important reference "title.

1, the core of the web information extraction

, is the title of the deeper meaning, may not be limited to Shanghai dragon.

Shanghai dragon the most direct purpose is to let his "row to the first page. So, if you have the opportunity to row to the first page, your competitive advantage? "Row to the first page of the time, of course, hope to have more people to click on your title to your site. So, what visitors click on your title? Of course is because your title is more attractive. Sometimes, especially love Shanghai, home of the ten position hits is not necessarily a qualifying decision, because Chinese browsing search results look more evenly, because two is not particularly quasi love Shanghai search results.

first, do Shanghai Longfeng, many people first priority is to put the key words to the whole title, which is in any case is not negotiable, title does not contain the keyword is a very low-level error. However, a lot of people on the basis of not doing too much optimization, just stay in the level with keywords. In fact, to the title can get more clicks, talent shows itself, need to do more optimization based on keywords layout.

special symbolic role is very clear, is to Bo eye. For example, [], [], < > this kind of symbol, now more and more people, because they can make the title looks different, but also can make the title organized, in order to focus on two looks. For example, if the page is a picture or food, in the title "[map] [Video]," the word may have more desire to click.


The 5 big search trend in 2016 can not be ignored

2. structured data is more significant in

2015, announced the opening of its new noble baby machine learning systems, namely RankBrain, the artificial intelligence (AI) technology is designed to search for a better understanding of. Noble baby official also said that when there has never been a search term appears in search engine, this technology will be very helpful. This new ranking mechanism in the test phase quickly highlights its advantages, as the search giants nobility baby said, RankBrain will be the third most important signal in its ranking algorithm.


and other search engines when the nobility baby can be very good for Machine Learning algorithm, they can understand the potential needs of the audience and by showing the most needed information, and thus enhance the user search experience. So how to grasp the

stands in the technical perspective, if advertisers grasp this opportunity, need to pay close attention to structured data. Structured data such as schema.org based identification, identification, relationship between help Adsense by describing the page content accurately and search engine to communicate, rather than the content of web pages to code > left crawler

APP by advertisers to enhance brand awareness, we need to optimize APP. Usually, the design is beautiful, and the good architecture and brand information of the mobile terminal application, is very helpful for APP operation. Remember, when a user searches for a APP application in the store, they can only see the APP icon and a small amount of information, all APP related pictures, especially the icon, the user clicks to try to stimulate the desire for more information. On the other hand, when the APP application store shelves, users began to seek, to review and monitor the user rating of APP. When users start Tucao experience poor or there will be some wrong place, should be timely to repair and to inform the user of the problem has been treated.

in the past year, search and content marketing has undergone many major changes of website development, the original content or is no longer subject. On the contrary, to search and social data for the material creation, has become a new trend. This may be the new skill of the webmaster grab the audience attention. In this paper, the morning tea will share 5 owners in 2016 to pay close attention to the trend of Shanghai dragon.

1. mobile APP need to optimize

mobile APP may be 2016 search and brand show is becoming more and more important factors in the amount of. In 2015, mobile search volume over the PC side, at the same time, usage of mobile APP is also growing. According to the relevant data show that the mobile terminal consumption occupies the paid search consumption of 52%, and the top five hundred enterprises have 42% sales leads from the mobile APP. App will be to enhance the user experience of mobile terminal indispensable tools.


The difference between the website ranking and the long-term stability of the fast

1. creative cost

, a cost difference between

we don’t choose the black cap as a long-term stable ranking, we need to update some long-term stability to meet the needs of users, so we need to search for a special editorial staff to do the content, and the chain chain, we need specialized personnel to do a relatively high quality of the chain and through systematic training and, while rapid ranking only through the purchase link directly to complete the construction of the chain, long-term stability relative to the rapid ranking and human resources cost is relatively high.

In fact,

if we choose to make the difference on the creative content of the website, then our keyword ranking will be relatively long-term and stable, and meet the needs of the creative content that we can provide users with unique value and different content in the industry website, at the same time we do creative content of the cost is relatively high.

2. and human resources cost

normal website optimization speed difference is not obvious, in the optimization operation of the above many people love to take a shortcut, always want to do today second days of operation will immediately get ranked, such as a lot of people found that an operation can improve his ranking immediately to the batch operation, and this situation is cheating the operation, which is very harmful to the website. >

1. website optimization speed difference

many people will choose the black hat causes rapid ranking is because the human resource cost and the relative investment is less, the batch capture content do they need only locomotive for example can produce large amounts of content, without having to go to specialized editors to write original, it will save a lot of manpower cost at the same time, the updated content is collected every day, can make the website have short-term rankings.

two, the speed difference between

for the website ranking Shanghai Longfeng different persons understanding is different, a lot of people doing keyword ranking will always require fast ranking, as far as possible to shorten the cycle of keywords ranking, but ignore the long-term stability of this factor, shorten the cycle of course I want, but if you tried to pursue this site factors, often results in the former flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum, compared to the long-term stability of the rankings can obtain more stable flow, we further improve the conversion rate, this is what we should pursue, there are some differences in rankings on the website of the rapid and long-term stability in the operation is, today for everyone to share the difference the two.

if we choose not to dig site difference creative content, so our website ranking is relatively fast, but not stable, because our website long-term with respect to the user is of no value, not for industry user viscosity, so the rapid ranking for different cost requirements creative content is relative low.


Factors affecting the website of Shanghai Longfeng Xinshoubikan ranking


5, page URL and domain name in the keyword

if you know that the search engine ranking algorithm if we clearly know what factors affect website ranking in the search engine. But, unfortunately, the ranking algorithm of search engine is not released. We do not need to know the specific algorithm, because the search engine will often update their ranking algorithms. We only need to know the basic rules should not become without what big problem.

Factors affecting

page visible elements

page URL and domain name if there is a keyword, on your site in the search engine ranking will be a bit more or less positive influence.

6, internal links

4, outbound links

header page, in the HTML tag is from H1 to H6 these six labels. The highest H1 weight, decreasing the weight back, so the most important keywords in web pages on the H1 inside, will directly affect the web search engine ranking.

, the 1 page title

no ground for blame the content of a web page, how important it is to this page. Not only is the user pays much attention to the content of the page, so is our search engine. Because the search engine is for customer service, the search engine is more concerned about the user experience.

The structure of

site links out of the search engine will be valued. The Internet link above is useful for your website, so as to search engine. Therefore, if your page links out of the links are links to simply irrelevant or it is garbage, then it is possible to your site in the search engine rankings is greatly reduced.

Meta description is very important, but now the search engine on the Meta description of the weight is not very high, but many search engines row >

each page title tag is a HTML tag is very important, in the search engine ranking in the weight is very high. So, optimization of the page title is one of the most important factors in Shanghai dragon, he not only affect search engine rankings, more can make to increase the user clicks on the web.

factors within the site can be divided into "visible elements and elements that are not visible.


3, the content of the page

1, Meta

is not visible on the page elements

search engine can be divided into internal factors and external factors of the web site.


structure is a good internal links website is very popular search engine favour. On the site in the search engine rankings is very worthwhile to spend some time on the website of the internal links.

2, page header


Foreign trade Shanghai dragon attention to improve the discrimination ability of the Google update w


Spammier: is the classification of Web site based on, then determine whether there is garbage sites of the sites. This phrase can use some of the sites for search engine results in classification, such as computer games, movies, music website.

Google distinguished engineer Matt Cutts in Google webmaster blog publicly praised those websites with high quality, and said that in the next work, will focus on the introduction of an algorithm for the waste site, this algorithm will affect the site’s ranking.

is a great highlight the Google update algorithm, it may affect about 3% of all queries, including English, German, Chinese and Arabic language, do not know this update to the webmaster friends will cause much impact

update algorithm, Google has been developing more advanced, they use statistical language model, speech recognition, Machine Translation to identify on the page "unnatural word distribution", and even determine synonyms in context. So Google in the face of huge data when there is a simpler algorithm.

In the Google network April 24th

original content: www.kaililong.n>


2, the use of statistical language model to identify "

Phrasification: select duplicate pages from the spring window. Focus on jumping out of different types of sites in the small window page page repeat screening, once found to be filtered out.

3, put forward two new queries and phrasification


search engine to determine the Web cluster associated with the site in some way, such as on the same host, bridge page for these pages for the target and related articles, once determined this is a cluster, cluster file may receive the search text, see that the text belongs to them inside. If not once was found outside the text link to enter, will be considered cheating, while in the detection of internal documents, the search engine will meta tag inside the main content of the search, if found in the meta tag with repetitive keywords, or are hidden in the words on the page, or the page contains a lot of irrelevant links, so unfortunately, this website has also been included in the search engine spam blacklist.

in Shanghai Longfeng industry seems to have not a new thing, as everyone knows, Google for a long time to update in this algorithm over the optimization of the website, and the update algorithm targeted is junk website. What kind of website will be attacked in the algorithm update? Few highlights we first look at the "update" garbage algorithm:


1, Google launched several recognition systems of different elements to detect website


Shanghai Longfeng electric district held a contest in my opinion

the evening of April 5th, and the electric district Shanghai Longfeng contest sponsors green outfit chat, learned that the contest and the past is only the top-level domain name to contest rules in April 1st to May 1st, "the three words power values" do it first, you can get 10 thousand yuan reward.

Shanghai dragon? Love Shanghai, the explanation given is: search engine optimization! About Shanghai dragon, in fact I have very shallow understanding. Remember not heard in Shanghai dragon, one of my blog one day can have both the flow of three thousand, then listen to people say that Shanghai dragon play is good, you can complete the love of Shanghai when the monkey, very easy to get traffic. As a result, there is a period of time, when I wrote the article, beginning in the title, at the beginning of each period, and then at the end to add keywords, the traffic has dropped a lot, then completely throw away Shanghai dragon, now kept in the 1 day of thousands of flow around.

, my view is that "business" three words ranking method should change? If someone put a "electric business circle" three words for 29 days to do the first, but the last day off, so I couldn’t get the first prize, this is not very unjust. I think this kind of competition, we should first improve the integral system, every statistical time points, set a time every day, take 1 – 30 of the statistics, the score is 30 points —1 points! This analogy, the statistics for 30 days, and finally through the final points to this kind of selection, to determine the ranking more fair.

This What is the

Shanghai dragon exists in every corner of the Internet. "

visible in Shanghai love view, the user experience is always the most important, deliberately Shanghai dragon often fall in love with sea K miserably. But sometimes the opposite is true, we love Shanghai by billboard that a word now is ranked first in the "sky", love Shanghai, found in the first row is not the starting point, but also a website, visible Shanghai dragon is still very important. In more and more enterprises to carry out e-commerce, often a friend asked me, they want to engage in e-commerce, promotion should pay attention to the Shanghai dragon or PPC? My answer is, if long-term do normal product, of course, to increase investment in the Shanghai dragon, so later the brand construction can also to lay a good foundation. Of course, if you want to play the short term, beauty care products and profits, I suggest you first fired employees understand Shanghai Longfeng, let go to Shanghai for sex. Well, not much to say, back into the business, my opinion for this contest.

in fact, we all know, engage in activities, whether the prize money, or iphone4. not to engage in activities to engage in activities, but in order to pass the activities to boost the popularity of the website, improve website visibility and influence. So, why have the parochial prejudice "". I think I should put this activity open, do not set any domain restriction threshold, everyone who can participate.


Shanghai dragon company please pay attention to the latest love Shanghai Webmaster Tools



as a member of the company, Shanghai love is always our main position optimization. So for the love of Shanghai adjustment and the latest developments, we must always pay attention to the latest trends, we love Shanghai to grasp the direction of Shanghai dragon. A lot of people have not noticed, so here today are, convenient for everyone. 2014.02.20 1:57

1) power distribution — a massive search designed for mobile phone terminal is more fit for mobile search search strategy, let users easily have mobile phone site traffic.

2) cash flow to make easy money – Seamless love Shanghai Union Station in the massive resources, mobile phone mobile promotion materials, mobile traffic.



5, site app two new function

in the morning

note: for ordinary users in the Internet can normally access the content, Baiduspider can not access and grab, grab is abnormal. This function allows owners more clearly love Shanghai spider crawling the web times, and probably because of the space server is not stable or death caused by crawling the page number of failures, so as to let the webmaster more convenient and detailed on the site as a whole to control, and not to do the work but I do not know the result that a loss at a loss.

2, grab the abnormal function upgrade, directly display the total number and the number of errors of

This paper consists of:

if the pressure is abnormal, the webmaster can also submit feedback informed love Shanghai

Guangxi cross era Shanghai Longfeng company 贵族宝贝zhongwangyulian贵族宝贝/, reproduced please specify!

3, the rebate feedback data curve, and the overall change of daily data at a glance

1, page optimization tips page revision, separate pages and pictures check

Shanghai dragon


4, security detection function upgrade, compared to the original part of the increase in function. This feature is very important for the owners of limited space, omitting

summary: from the above love Shanghai webmaster function to increase and upgrade can be seen, in order to win over the owners or, in order to improve their own good, for whatever reason, love Shanghai as a search engine function more perfect and convenient. Shanghai Longfeng company and the owners of analysis, days after the Shanghai dragon optimization work of the grasp and control will be more clear.


Teach you how to use the pictures to improve site traffic

we all know that the search engine can not judge the picture of the original article is after all, because the image is a complex thing, if I take a picture of you, but in my website and you are completely different, you may wonder how? Because I have the size of the pictures are changed, not only that the picture description, the title of the article, but also a little change, I think no matter who is the search engine will think that this is my own original, there is no way to study its sources. So this is just to use, greatly improve your included with originality, also is to the original image.

can find some expression content of the popular picture, the picture of the title of the article keywords set of image attributes. You can try, if you continuously updated hundreds of articles like this, you will find such a phenomenon, not only included the amount of love in Shanghai is greatly improved and traffic is increasing rapidly. Why is love Shanghai image search mode can make your article as search results, not only that even the news pages of search results will appear. In other words, if a picture of your article was collected, your site will appear in Shanghai and Google are in love, if you keep doing this, in a few years, you will experience a search engine to bring you the flow of joy, look carefully will know most comes from you image search.

sites currently, most of the owners take the way is to use a lot of content to update to improve the search engines, but have not found such a problem, although the website reached tens of thousands or even more visits but still did not improve, for what? There are many reasons, because now the web site people in more than one of you, whether you choose what type of website has a lot of people and you in the competition, you don’t choose properly, too many people do, it is difficult to have the opportunity to compete in the many talent shows itself, if only rely on improving the website weight so for the novice webmaster, it is a to move forward more obstacles, it is indeed difficult, people are watching with web traffic and their profit can only helplessly, is really too much to handle. So today we’re going to talk about is how to improve the site visits with pictures after reading the article, you may become click into place.

search engine to determine the image text description has a basis, that is the image attribute: " alt" it may attribute a different name, but in almost all of the website is to add pictures can all be set, we use the right mouse button to complete the rename of the picture. Usually, we used an article from other sites, will modify the picture’s title, the content of the article introduces the properties, picture, but the picture content should not too much, as long as it can express the meaning of the picture can be, and to take the title and keywords plus.

In fact, the There are many

now realized that the webmaster for the few, this means that the first update the site in this way.


Stable website ranking we need to pay attention to six points

in addition to do things, the chain is also very important, especially for new sites, want to go beyond the old station must be in the chain above hard, of course we do when the chain is not a chain to say is good, after the years of observation found many webmaster love to do a lot of the chain, while ignoring whether these chain of its useful, or whether it is collected, these are worth thinking. Here I recommend you webmaster can be issued in accordance with the steady increase in the chain to record some of the success of the site, so accumulated over time, the chain of our website will be very powerful, but must remember to "stable", not three days more than two or three net.

(two) to create high-quality content, increase the page weight.

(three) stable increase for the web site outside the chain.

for the ranking of a website, a stable and reasonable internal structure is the most basic and most critical, because it not only represents a website foundation, but also a focus of the spider crawling daily, so at this time we can say a website to do, from the initial the planning to implementation, the most basic is that we need to arrange the site within the structure, and need to keep stable sustained, do not change the internal structure of the website.

, a web server is crucial for the ranking of a website is, for example, if your site when spider crawling your site found open, one day is two days or so, so, so after the accumulation of time how to get the favor of spiders? Don’t you the website snapshot is not normal, it is caused by the instability of the web server, so I call here you don’t use those cheap unstable space, give your website to find a good space server. "

(a) the reasonable internal structure, stable.

website with the industry increasingly fierce competition, ranking is every webmaster is a big problem, especially for many webmaster, hard to do website ranking search engine home page, but always whipped up and down the website ranking is not stable enough, in the face of the website ranking is not stable, it is the one thing the webmaster very distressed so, today I will share with you how I deal with the status of the website ranking is not stable.

(four) stable web server.


we all know, search engines love quality content of the original, of course, the pseudo weight is desirable, so when we have to update the website as the content of the website to do, do fine, do not love the user, the spider will also favor, is the best of both worlds. Of course, here I suggest you’d better have a fixed point to update the published articles, so to develop a rule, after the spider slowly familiar, you will find the content of your site will reach a second effect


Shanghai dragon enterprise website gain six ideas the original article material

website has opened a month, now love Shanghai with snapshot is normal. As the Shanghai dragon Er work every day is to update the articles and send the chain. Shanghai dragon, as we all know, the original article is the most friendly to search engine, is a key factor to improve the site weight fast.

4. to love Shanghai search and download some documents, search "doc format such as traffic facilities, traffic facilities PDF PDF is the best words in the document, the document can be directly copied, you can get a title, as an original article. Meet the multi page document, you can put each chapter alone pick out an article. (Thunder dog search engine is also a very good professional document search engine).

is to summarize a few points I do original article:

6. found one or two professional traffic facilities technology website, "technical articles, translation" which translation is rewriting, professional use of the vernacular written words. Some statements is not good rewriting, reverse the paragraph order, from the middle of interception of a words or increase the original text, rewrite the best at the beginning and end of their own to write a original text, this article.

methodSome of the things that concern the recent

2. far not said, what happened on your city business, our company is in Guangzhou, not long ago, Guangzhou Tianhe District street, stalls is separated by iron railings seen on the internet. Iron is the product of our company, it can do some articles.

1. company for example, where to sell dozens of water horse, or signed a guardrail production orders, these can be written in the article as the company released news. Last, the boss gave me a task, bidding on Witkey websites for the appearance of a design scheme of zhilupai products, this information also can be published on the company’s website.

5. some professional books. The text search engine is rarely included, if not cost-effective to buy books, some digital library can go online to find the. For example, superstar digital library, the books are free to read, but also can install the software software with OCR function, can directly identify cannot copy the text, without manual excerpt, so you can quickly get a large number of original articles for your release.

3. customer inquiries can also be used to writing articles, customers sent the data is just the best original material. The company’s QQ mailbox every day will receive our inquiry Weiminghu customers, some products can be used as the original data.

I the site of the article is divided into two sections to release a press center, is a knowledge of the industry. The company is a small company to do traffic facilities, to say the news, no news, but small things can be used for material. There are some professional articles can also be used as a pseudo original.