Love Shanghai Webmaster Platform some explanations about love Shanghai snapshot problem

first, need to clarify the update frequency web crawl frequency and snapshots are two completely different concepts.

has been part of the webmaster update time for love in Shanghai snapshot there are some misunderstanding, that there is a certain relationship between the website snapshot update time and the weight of the website, the more frequently updated snapshot, the higher the weight of the site, on the contrary, the lower the.

in fact, there is no direct relationship between the frequency and the weight of the site snapshot update. read more


How to optimize the site movie station

five, don’t let the profit dazzled by

focus on user experience Three,

two, do not follow the

is now too many people are involved in the ranks of the station to the middle of the film, will inevitably encounter a lot of website templates are the same, so we should be in accordance with their own style first modify the template in the early stages of the site, try to do a clean template, let members looks very comfortable feeling. But the color to set more soft, don’t get in the limelight, so will only make your site look like neither fish nor fowl. read more


Novice Shanghai dragon five taboos technique

two, do not put the chain as a whole Shanghai dragon. Don’t think you will update the site, you add the chain is a Shanghai dragon Er, we all know that the chain is a part of Shanghai dragon, but most people don’t really know how to should be how to operate the chain. Now there are a lot of mass software, keyword optimization software and other software have emerged, many people thought it was good stuff, in fact.

, not blindly follow the online tutorial or related books to learn. Even if some tutorials or articles that are valuable, but we all know that search engines are constantly changing, we see in the tutorial, it is likely that they say is out of date. There are so-called tutorials or books of the author’s level is uneven, real experience is the master, there are people out of order random write, and the others take over to change into their own things. read more


You love Shanghai ranked second socialization content really want to replace the Shanghai Phoenix

two, Shanghai or dragon really updated every day, outside the chain of

although this may also benefit from the love of Shanghai convulsions, but no matter how personal sense of social platform optimization will also is the future of social marketing in a key. Institute of social marketing and Shanghai dragon, everyone will think of some time ago the United States well-known financial magazine "Forbes" recently published marketing expert Ken · Krogh (Ken Krogue) for the analysis of the Shanghai dragon, mentioned in the article: Shanghai dragon phoenix is dead or in 2 years will disappear, and social real time content will be popular. There are different views on this comment, Shanghai Longfeng mainly for search engines, socialization of the main content for users, if you have been Shanghai dragon machinery as search engine to do so, then it is likely to die, through the love of Shanghai K of the station, you can see love Shanghai’s resolution. If the Shanghai Dragon into the socialization trend of future, will win another sky Shanghai dragon? Talk about this, because a platform, light blog belongs to the content of socialization, Shanghai dragon really want to be social content replaced? Now is too early to talk about these. But the trend of the Internet, the sooner you can master it more zhandexianji. read more


In the face of turbulent love again reflects the adjustment of Shanghai left for the king of truth


a month to adjust the two Google PR, how many webmaster cannot move? In the afternoon of 18 Google again small update PR, from the last update time less than a month, remember the last time wide update June 28th. A month to update PR two times, how many webmaster can settle down? There are some abnormal changes, the recent love Shanghai appear ly, LWH, why several Shanghai Longfeng Shanghai Longfeng site, there is a famous Shanghai dragon blog ranking fluctuations unknown. This time also admitted to wipe a webmaster mentality, this time often is left for the king, there is a saying: light fixed money left read more


Lu Guofu four stable factors determine the optimal success


I have many times in the article emphasizes the importance of content, because the content of the website is the core of the website, users come to our site, we rely on high-quality content to retain users, so has always stressed that the original article, because the search engine the daily workload is very large, which included the article before and will make a database of articles comparison, found your article high repetition, and your website weight is not high, it is likely that it will not be put out, so the high quality content is to make search engines love important factors of your site. Then the contents of OK, then we have to consider is the site update frequency of the problem, a lot of friends website the frequency of updates is not stable, good mood when update several pieces, the mood is not good if a week is not updated, so it is not good to the search engine, we like to go home in the play, if found to several little change, then we will go, we will not go. So the content update frequency must steadily update. When updates can function and method of operation in accordance with the operation of this article in the chain. read more


How to make the 2013 website home — love Shanghai station optimization article

to you how to do in the station optimization before I give you analyze why love Shanghai Encyclopedia of high weight, ranking good? The love is love Shanghai Shanghai encyclopedia products (you know), the Shanghai Encyclopedia of love within the chain to do good. So in 2013 the website to love Shanghai home from the station in the chain start.

: the so-called junk junk the chain is the chain outside the station released a lot of no reading outside the chain, this is a little love to punish Shanghai. read more


How to quickly restore love down the right site in Shanghai

7, the site has been attacked, after the attack site shut down.

first of all we want to know why, our website is down right. Only know the reason why we can be targeted to solve the problem. After solving the problem we need to sum up experience, after how to do in order to avoid the drop right! So in accordance with the above three steps we 11:

5, recently there is no modification of the page;

1, the website, see if it is a new station, if the station quickly to the front row, there are suspected of cheating; read more


Love be the most changeful Shanghai search included drop, detailed analysis

love Shanghai update. Basically love Shanghai will often update adjustment, general update this is normal, as long as your ranking has no effect, did not decline, then it is normal, do not bother to update, adhere to the optimization can drop some included.

some websites not less included, but before the 5 article released every day, can be included 3 article, although now released 5 only 1 articles included, even an article is not included, it is included reducing, after the net strange Shanghai Longfeng analysis, general website had revised, the original site of some of the procedures and tectonic changes are found in Shanghai, love your website and not the same as before, on your website rusty, the number of spiders to less, it will reduce the natural. So a website but do the best, do not even need revision, revision, step by step, this is for the best, don’t delete the old content. read more


Meet these problems how to solve the new snapshot

most of the time snapshot will change some signals to the site recently, according to the operation examples, if your file snapshot It is without rhyme or reason. or even disappear, then the site 80% is pulled the hair. It is also because with such foreshowing snapshot, so many new friends always have this or for a snapshot that is sensitive to emotions. In view of this, I summarized some problems of the snapshot share to you, hope you can help me with you as a webmaster. Of course, the following is my personal opinion, not place together to discuss. read more


Shanghai Longfeng Title Optimization looks like very powerful

title to reject mediocrity, when necessary to add inflammatory words, but should not overdo sth.. For example, a cosmetics website, in which you can add >

3, adding seditious words

each page has a theme, the title should be written on this theme. For example, an introduction of commodity information ", should emphasize on commodity prices, reviews, origin, specifications, advantages and so on, as the story of the brand, the production process of goods, may also mention the web page, but not all listed in the title, it will dilute the core information of this web page, let the title does not seem to focus on. read more


The 5 big search trend in 2016 can not be ignored

2. structured data is more significant in

2015, announced the opening of its new noble baby machine learning systems, namely RankBrain, the artificial intelligence (AI) technology is designed to search for a better understanding of. Noble baby official also said that when there has never been a search term appears in search engine, this technology will be very helpful. This new ranking mechanism in the test phase quickly highlights its advantages, as the search giants nobility baby said, RankBrain will be the third most important signal in its ranking algorithm. read more


The difference between the website ranking and the long-term stability of the fast

1. creative cost

, a cost difference between

we don’t choose the black cap as a long-term stable ranking, we need to update some long-term stability to meet the needs of users, so we need to search for a special editorial staff to do the content, and the chain chain, we need specialized personnel to do a relatively high quality of the chain and through systematic training and, while rapid ranking only through the purchase link directly to complete the construction of the chain, long-term stability relative to the rapid ranking and human resources cost is relatively high. read more


Factors affecting the website of Shanghai Longfeng Xinshoubikan ranking


5, page URL and domain name in the keyword

if you know that the search engine ranking algorithm if we clearly know what factors affect website ranking in the search engine. But, unfortunately, the ranking algorithm of search engine is not released. We do not need to know the specific algorithm, because the search engine will often update their ranking algorithms. We only need to know the basic rules should not become without what big problem.

Factors affecting

page visible elements read more


Foreign trade Shanghai dragon attention to improve the discrimination ability of the Google update w


Spammier: is the classification of Web site based on, then determine whether there is garbage sites of the sites. This phrase can use some of the sites for search engine results in classification, such as computer games, movies, music website.

Google distinguished engineer Matt Cutts in Google webmaster blog publicly praised those websites with high quality, and said that in the next work, will focus on the introduction of an algorithm for the waste site, this algorithm will affect the site’s ranking. read more


Shanghai Longfeng electric district held a contest in my opinion

the evening of April 5th, and the electric district Shanghai Longfeng contest sponsors green outfit chat, learned that the contest and the past is only the top-level domain name to contest rules in April 1st to May 1st, "the three words power values" do it first, you can get 10 thousand yuan reward.

Shanghai dragon? Love Shanghai, the explanation given is: search engine optimization! About Shanghai dragon, in fact I have very shallow understanding. Remember not heard in Shanghai dragon, one of my blog one day can have both the flow of three thousand, then listen to people say that Shanghai dragon play is good, you can complete the love of Shanghai when the monkey, very easy to get traffic. As a result, there is a period of time, when I wrote the article, beginning in the title, at the beginning of each period, and then at the end to add keywords, the traffic has dropped a lot, then completely throw away Shanghai dragon, now kept in the 1 day of thousands of flow around. read more


Shanghai dragon company please pay attention to the latest love Shanghai Webmaster Tools

as a member of the company, Shanghai love is always our main position optimization. So for the love of Shanghai adjustment and the latest developments, we must always pay attention to the latest trends, we love Shanghai to grasp the direction of Shanghai dragon. A lot of people have not noticed, so here today are, convenient for everyone. 2014.02.20 1:57

1) power distribution — a massive search designed for mobile phone terminal is more fit for mobile search search strategy, let users easily have mobile phone site traffic. read more


Teach you how to use the pictures to improve site traffic

we all know that the search engine can not judge the picture of the original article is after all, because the image is a complex thing, if I take a picture of you, but in my website and you are completely different, you may wonder how? Because I have the size of the pictures are changed, not only that the picture description, the title of the article, but also a little change, I think no matter who is the search engine will think that this is my own original, there is no way to study its sources. So this is just to use, greatly improve your included with originality, also is to the original image. read more


Stable website ranking we need to pay attention to six points

in addition to do things, the chain is also very important, especially for new sites, want to go beyond the old station must be in the chain above hard, of course we do when the chain is not a chain to say is good, after the years of observation found many webmaster love to do a lot of the chain, while ignoring whether these chain of its useful, or whether it is collected, these are worth thinking. Here I recommend you webmaster can be issued in accordance with the steady increase in the chain to record some of the success of the site, so accumulated over time, the chain of our website will be very powerful, but must remember to "stable", not three days more than two or three net. read more


Shanghai dragon enterprise website gain six ideas the original article material

website has opened a month, now love Shanghai with snapshot is normal. As the Shanghai dragon Er work every day is to update the articles and send the chain. Shanghai dragon, as we all know, the original article is the most friendly to search engine, is a key factor to improve the site weight fast.

4. to love Shanghai search and download some documents, search "doc format such as traffic facilities, traffic facilities PDF PDF is the best words in the document, the document can be directly copied, you can get a title, as an original article. Meet the multi page document, you can put each chapter alone pick out an article. (Thunder dog search engine is also a very good professional document search engine). read more