The new direction of search engine optimization in 2016

3. mobile station slowly become the mainstream

website also affect the user experience, so according to the website traffic to choose a good server, this is also an important factor for optimization.


5. does not have the garbage outside the chain optimization function of

2. website layout meets the user experience

In fact, this is

1. high quality content for the construction of

love Shanghai constantly with the new algorithm, the website of Shanghai Longfeng optimization is more and more difficult to do, keyword ranking constantly ups and downs, as Shanghai dragon Er we need is constantly strengthening our trial and error, optimization techniques constantly, constantly to understand love Shanghai algorithm, then 2016 Shanghai Longfeng optimization what new direction read more


The website is love hair share altitude

After the

A snapshot of

until October 28th blog stopped, November 5th morning when I see included Bo silly eye, love Shanghai became more than 100, page snapshot disappeared. Scared into a cold sweat. No matter what you feel in love with the sea, it gradually changes over the next few days, the final stop in the current page 33 page is still missing.

is out of the question, a day before the background on the blog to shuffle, always remain perplexed despite much thought, how my blog, I posted a good post is not an accurate da. In view of love. read more


Personal experience of Shanghai site is equal to 20 of the phenomenon of love

made a post on the A5 forum posts, did not think so hot, hot with a confused ah, no post promotion, not sticky, even not featured in one day received 941 hits, surprised me for a long time, have to say that things are generally the situation for our webmaster, then what is a phenomenon, is actually about love after Shanghai site included only 20 of the phenomenon, love Shanghai said on Monday it will reset the site property, but a week later, our site is still low, what is the problem? How should we face? read more


How to break through the Shanghai site optimization love weight checked again

as mentioned above, this is a good phenomenon, as a son-in-law has been mother-in-law first recognized, the next step is to take advantage of the fire brick, but still have to be careful to control the heat, webmaster friends should be analyzed according to their own circumstances, if the new station should pay attention to the original article writing. The construction of the chain, if it is right to stand down, it should be analyzed according to the specific situation, but whether new or old station, should pay attention to the following points: read more


Speak with the facts the seven trick chain to maximize efficiency

four for the Google PR high

This is not The

three: high weight blog

five: Links exchange platform

in the exit after the effect of PR Chinese, also is it down but still has the reference of many factors, the fact that Google PR is a reflection of the macro evaluation of website quality. Today, summarizes some high PR forum, A5 forum for reference only: PR6, PR6, laggards forum PR7, Ali mother network official on his PR6, PR5, PR5 in thunder forum forum.

: a search engine login

ForumGoogle First we read more


Talk about how to use the herd effect to network promotion

so how to find these hot events or information? That will see more love Shanghai billboard. "

!The people in the

for our promotion, we should use these hot issues, the herd to the extreme, such as from the choice of keywords from the content, speculation and so on, are able to play the herding, the Internet now the hottest word is the natural Libya air strikes, the degree of concern has greatly exceeded the Japanese nuclear radiation and then we can use the petroleum competition analysis of Libya to guide you to view on the Western powers for oil, causing another round of competition, of course we do promotion, attracting traffic is not the ultimate goal, so we guide the flow at the same time, to the site and goods the combination of these events, so as to bring a more accurate flow read more


Shanghai dragon master is to worship it

think, long term, which is more cost-effective?

I believe there are a lot of

3, the new Shanghai dragon really can say goodbye to hard times?


1, a short page ranking value of

Shanghai dragon to seek a breakthrough, others do not pay attention to the details, but not others do not dare to do a gambler million desirable

imagine, if you are not to hype the fame, short page ranking value of

" Shanghai dragon has a special, largely do this word is to do the training. Whether active or passive, line up will have speculation effect. If you do Shanghai dragon training, a speculation effect is quite good, no matter can sustain this ranking, the purpose of marketing have been reached. read more


That love Shanghai and Taobao on robots graphic screen

the result is the same, Tmall is still being grabbed.

we can see that Taobao has refused to love Shanghai spiders on the entire site and included in the robots index. The event has been in the past four years or so, the result is really love Shanghai can not crawl Taobao page? The fact is that love Shanghai does not comply with the robots agreement, or part of the page on Taobao to crawl. As shown below.

another not abide by the agreement is a scouring network, has attracted the attention of e-commerce site information you should know, the Jingdong store, Newegg also has a shield for a scouring network through the robots, as shown below. But we can still find the relevant pages of these sites in amoy. read more


Shanghai dragon ER cannot have four kinds of mentality

The coverage rate and position of the

everyone’s mood to understand, but I don’t think that’s really necessary every day staring at the search engine to see included quantity, chain number. Because Shanghai Longfeng not check out, but to do it, more time should be spent in the process of implementation.

to Shanghai and Shanghai dragon dragon is one of the most common mistakes, especially some of the primary Shanghai dragon ER and enterprise website, especially serious. Shanghai Longfeng Er often have such confusion, we may be the site optimization very in place, but the effect is not very ideal, for example: the title keyword strategy is in place, the internal page set up within the chain, keyword density of the page is also very good, website update quantity control is very good, but also through content carefully the pseudo original articles on keywords, selection of fine, then every day to do outside the chain, but the result is not satisfactory. The cause is a departure from the user, not shown to the user, but purely in order to cater to the search engine and do, we all know that search is a business structure, search engine is certainly in order to cater to the needs of users, if the user does not love the content search engine that is not love. read more


Analysis of the status quo Links

3.BaiduRank is cheating the brush out. That is because most concentrated in Shanghai Longfeng Er [Er] Shanghai Longfeng elementary blindly believe that the third party tools to provide the data, ignoring the limitations of the tool itself algorithm. But with the development of the industry, some brush flow tools, the true value of BR value is questionable.

4. the background of Baidu is not clear numerical index can determine the value of a website. The Baidu above is a dynamic value, which leads to the conflict of Shanghai dragon Er daily work, so the third party provides the so-called br value will have a market, at least there is a clear judgment of values can be used as Shanghai dragon Er exchange website, the vicious circle. read more


Description (description) method of writing experience

  1, good creative, if done for friends, all know that good ideas can get unexpected good rankings, your creativity is good, may be in the first row of the left, but the price may be more than second cheaper, we are here to say a good idea also is the description of the site and how to better introduce the site, how to attract more users to click on, how to save the user time, how does not affect the user experience, everything is a good description of the site, website. The search engine is for the user to consider, if the content is not clear, open after the user does not need to waste time, users, resulting in a waste flow, affecting the user experience. read more


Carefully written Website Title Optimization of Shanghai dragon half of success


most of the time, I find that Shanghai dragon and life, must know the "homes" and "relationship". Shanghai Longfeng work is not the most painful period do not go up, but do not know the choice of words as the target keyword. Every word is, every word has the flow, so that every word written in title, and title became the stack keywords place. Because the search engine doesn’t love the title stack keywords that users don’t love. When I find a pure keyword stuffing out of title in Shanghai in search results, the first impression is that this is a waste. read more


Ali acquisition of high property search results for a new map of Shanghai

actually I haven’t felt this map based search results what is good, but in my search "Shanghai site construction" to see the panorama, the moment I suddenly felt for the user search, the search results are worthy of recognition. Then I search for "Suzhou where fun", search out the map without panorama, but with the continuous development and breakthrough of panoramic three-dimensional map, the map search results the user experience will be better, such as Suzhou where the fun I search scene if there are panoramic three-dimensional map, the user search even "first in the" experience. And if I were looking for a > read more


Do 301 steering thoughts after 301 to hope to prepare useful

second week love Shanghai after the update, found only included depressed and released home. After a few days did not see release sub page. As everyone knows, generally included the home page, included second days will gradually release the sub pages. Good brother, still maintain a good attitude, a good attitude maybe could marry a good wife. This is when I don’t love good luck, met in Shanghai the two audit. The reason that we should do is to check the site, for example, the space is too slow, Guan Jian illegal. Sweat, be too careful, but be careful to make the boat. After the inspection found no such as many problems, the rest I was patiently waiting for love in Shanghai checked again, and then do our job on the line. That will generally normal included three weeks. read more


Webmaster focus Discuzx2 optimization of new policy in advance

site open speed a relationship according to the server, on the other hand the program itself. In the above Discuzx2 have also made a great improvement.

content can be said that in addition to QQ’s new Internet outside a big bright spot, however, should use the main keyword and screening of the long tail keywords, not every page only define your keywords, can not distinguish primary and secondary dispersion leads to the core of the theme. Optimization in place will undoubtedly make the theme more focus on core, each page also features are also more conducive to search engine index, but it is a double-edged sword? However, the search engine is not how you want to do optimization optimization, Shanghai dragon off defined key words to describe the optimization, 000 don’t overdo to finally be right down, in fact, the author thinks that the key of every plate of each page to add 2 key words about the most appropriate. Each industry is different in the description description and the 2 sentence is the most appropriate. read more


The medical site should continue to do the news source

two: news source content in the end how to do

three: News

we know the news source soft text is published in the news source on the website included, because the soft, high weight and can easily be reproduced in communication, has become a major tool for the medical industry, the importance of many medical website the news source is relatively high. However, because of fear of violation of Scindapsus algorithm 2, many medical websites operators or marketers of news sources that a slowly give up, guard even heard a lot of medical friends said, still do not afraid of news source, K read more


The three trend on the 2012 Google Shanghai Dragon

three trends: high quality content is still the trend of

for us to optimize personnel, only to seize the trend of search engine to develop more in line with their own site optimization strategy, this paper hope for being ready to develop 2012 optimization strategies to help you. This paper consists of 贵族宝贝0839bx.cn/ finishing editing, reproduced please keep the source.

has experienced several updates in the 2011 Google panda algorithm, the increasing demand for the quality of the content. If we put in the past 2011 as a high quality website in 2012 this year, so it will not have what different. But not in the search engine optimization trend will turn to the three aspects of Google in 2012, or more. Today I just share a few in 2012, Google search engine optimization. read more


The target love Shanghai home, you want is just rankings

love Shanghai home page ranking was the ultimate goal of Shanghai Longfeng practitioners, or in a certain extent, to give our customers requirements it is the specific keyword optimization to love Shanghai in the top ten, so when we will do a keyword of the first page, the next step should be how to do? Is to inform the customer, he told the keywords already on the line, and then continue to the next monthly money, single? No, maybe the answer is more than this.

ten years ago we had a word do home page, may create a millionaire, today we think of a word do home page, we just completed the task. read more


The website structure how to affect the search engine included page

station link refers to the website all pages have links pointing to. The station link is often one of the highest weight website links. Links to the total accumulated too much weight, let other samples of the page weight is reduced, affect the content page features. To avoid this, we.

If the site uses

site should have a clear navigation and hierarchical structure, the web site of the important pages from the site should be able to find the location of the superficial. Love of Shanghai low weight website crawling depth is limited. A small website love Shanghai to grab it depth of not more than 3. This is why home page links are more likely to be included. We have found that included the Shanghai dragon interactive forum has been rising. And especially home this week popular part of the post without exception included. Even these posts included the return card more than ten pages. read more


Liu Yugang the rapid increase of the website chain method I see

in the study of the A5 time half a year after many times to see some master who emphasize how important the building reuse after awoken, and I am responsible for dumplings network began a new round of revolution — the chain increases. Speaking of the chain webmasters may first think of the Links, but I love Shanghai last year after the update algorithm, before Links to the weight of the website has not. So you don’t concentrate completely in exchange Links.

in addition, there are some methods such as love a commonplace talk of an old scholar, Shanghai know love love Shanghai love Shanghai Shanghai Encyclopedia of library space and so on love their products in Shanghai. But now Shanghai know the basic link with love is not through love, Shanghai encyclopedia is also true, since love is pulled into the Shanghai library copyright dispute, love Shanghai library also delays the audit. Now Shanghai is relatively easy to love by love and love the experience of Shanghai Shanghai space, Shanghai Shanghai Post Bar know love but love love Shanghai encyclopedia can add links that will be very good effect. read more