How to optimize the site movie station

five, don’t let the profit dazzled by

focus on user experience Three,

two, do not follow the

is now too many people are involved in the ranks of the station to the middle of the film, will inevitably encounter a lot of website templates are the same, so we should be in accordance with their own style first modify the template in the early stages of the site, try to do a clean template, let members looks very comfortable feeling. But the color to set more soft, don’t get in the limelight, so will only make your site look like neither fish nor fowl.

now few owners will go to pay attention to this experience as long as I see every day flow normal to the user, not to pay too much attention to the user experience, since the movie station more Adsense more we should pay attention to their own website experience is good, only to retain some good experience of the site back, so we do in Shanghai dragon must also pay more attention to optimize the user experience, but also a lot of investigation to see their website what is insufficient and then be improved.

many friends update movies are copied directly from the Internet to paste over, inside some of the film are introduced and some explanations are not any changes all copied, this update is no help at all, you can go to Youku, potatoes, Sina, 56, find some original video or other movies to the station. This would ensure the update with others movie websites are not the same thing, but slightly change the name, is a good original and search engines will be more popular.

Copy the

, choose a suitable Shanghai Longfeng site program

site to make their own style of

now I found many webmaster for website profit is concerned, I have seen many webmaster put on the site covered with all kinds of advertisements in the early stages of the site, and then in the Shanghai dragon optimization and promotion, it is not only the search engine on your very friendly, and you do Shanghai Longfeng optimization it is very difficult, and the user experience will be very bad, I think your site not on the 3000IP word root >

since we are optimizing the movie station, you should choose a suitable film station and Shanghai Longfeng convenient program optimization, here I recommend you can use Marx CMS to the station, the understanding friend should know Marx is designed to make the movie station station system point, is very perfect and comprehensive are for some functions of film site, so we should choose a good reputation and very easy to use program.


recently there are a lot of people involved in the film to the ranks of the station, because the movie station traffic and profitability are very violent, and the movie site maintenance is also easier to maintain, so many people are beginning to slowly toward the movie station, today we will talk about how to optimize the movie station.


How to make the 2013 website home — love Shanghai station optimization article

to you how to do in the station optimization before I give you analyze why love Shanghai Encyclopedia of high weight, ranking good? The love is love Shanghai Shanghai encyclopedia products (you know), the Shanghai Encyclopedia of love within the chain to do good. So in 2013 the website to love Shanghai home from the station in the chain start.

: the so-called junk junk the chain is the chain outside the station released a lot of no reading outside the chain, this is a little love to punish Shanghai.

in my opinion, the reason many sites are penalized 3 points: garbage outside the chain, Links quality, the quality of the station.

how to do the chain of the article: the article links to articles can recommend reading form, for example: the 2013 how to do web site optimization, website optimization recommended reading must find related articles, not recommended for website construction, network marketing article. Can also refer to rules and related articles in the article, for example: in Shanghai to adjust the search engine ranking rules, a large number of sites fought.

The current 2013 love punishment

August 2012 23 is a day of mourning for the webmaster, because the love of Shanghai search engine adjustment, many sites have been K, has been nearly 4 months, not far from also ranking. Today is December 12, 2012, in the last month of the year, I believe that many owners are thinking about how to make the website of Shanghai 2013 love home, to tell the truth, I Chinese site in Shanghai Longfeng long thinking about this problem, after several months of practice, and finally realize the website how to optimize the current search engine after adjustment love, can make the keyword ranking Shanghai home, below I to share with you, for your school exchange.

station link is divided into: the article, based on the column page, the home page

site posts: some website content quality is not high, the content of the article or collecting or false original or not reading, but also a standard love Shanghai punishment.

Shanghai website

website love Shanghai home, from the station of

Links quality: many owners in order to save, see each other as long as the weight of high PR high, regardless of whether their website content and website related exchange chain; another point is to buy a large number of individual links, but also love Shanghai punish one, according to the data statistics, those who buy the chain of the site have been K. Many people want to ask, love what Shanghai is know whether the site is the purchase of the site. On this point, Shanghai dragon Chinese network station to tell you, love Shanghai judge this site will be enough Links standard from your website is not to judge, but you buy from the website of the other side of judgment, when love Shanghai found a site with single export links, he judged the website in the sale of Links he, who appeared in the website chain involves websites all receive the punishment.


How to select the keywords B2C platform

4, of course, in the long tail word, we must consider the user experience, especially in the face of so can not only as "2011 New Men’s shirts, casual or short sleeved plaid shirt" such a word to do Title. To some reaction product characteristics combined with the word. Such as: "the latest Korean cotton washing feet high waisted jeans, you can also add other brands, such as" color,……" These words, in a word, search volume, conversion rate, and the users feel these three things are indispensable.

take our shirts for Crespo card company, a product, in the selection of Title, if considered from the perspective of optimization, like the words "men’s shirts, Casual Shirts, plaid shirt" relatively is the largest search. But we can not blindly to do so, the reasons are as follows:

1, B2C product page itself is small, such as keyword only choose those popular, will make the whole site have many similar pages, it is one thing to show the dislike to the search engine.

3, should let the inner surface to optimize some long tail words, such as "2011 New Men’s shirts, casual or short sleeved plaid shirt" relatively long tail word competition will be a lot less, as long as the page is enough, there are always some will have good rankings, will bring a lot of traffic, but it managed to avoid the same product key words the same situation.


2, the word search volume, but more competition. If these words are used to optimize the large inner surface, not only to compete with the channel or column page, and will lose

keyword is often related to the future success of the optimization or effect, and for B2C, the first of his selected keyword is hard, if not only can bring traffic, also want to consider the energy into the user’s keyword, another point is to consider the user experience, not light in order to optimize and not for the sake of users, so, especially its product content page keywords, to reflect the basic information of some products, allowing users to see, know about the product information, although it may not have to search.

(www.sportica.cn), please advice.

there are a lot of details, in which not one to dwell. There is little time, perhaps, then write. Because the current task is to put a small Crespo card mall official website optimization.

Xiao Xu is mainly responsible for the optimization of the mall, there is no previous contact, now just to talk about personal views.

The original article from keyword

B2C platform is how to select the


The chain is analytic Xicihutong high quality chain

first we look at Xicihutong of the whole site, we first look at the PR value, the weight value and included quantity. As shown below:

Yesterday I saw an article in The construction of the chain of

A5: fast to make the high quality the chain (a): xicihutong. This paper describes the chain weight Xicihutong is high, the construction of more simple, the author of the article before interest, has never been considered to Xicihutong chain construction. With doubt the Xicihutong chain survey of A. The result is the author thinks that Xicihutong chain is not high quality of the chain.

weight Xicihutong is really good, with an enviable 8 weight, and high included, high flow. From the overall point of view, is a good platform for the construction of a chain. And then we are faced with a problem, released in the above chain is easy, the author tried in the above published an article, and took their chain. As the result of a link and theoretically release easily. The spirit of a shock, it is a good platform for the release of the chain. But happy not long after I found a detail that is outside the chain is not we imagine the kind of pure chain, but a hyperlink. As shown below:

is not a simple hair of the chain, which contains many interests. Reasonable analysis of the chain is valuable for us to make our time and energy wisely. This paper from the Thailand San Jose website 贵族宝贝she555贵族宝贝/, reproduced please keep the source.

as we optimize the staff may know, the chain is not worth the weight transfer. We can see in the picture above, we can see that when a user clicks on our link, is another page will first enter the Xicihutong, then to the target page on the jump. Xicihutong so set, one can increase the site’s visitors, more important things in order to avoid the loss of external weight, to prevent too much garbage chain. I believe that this is why weight Xicihutong can keep a good reason. Then we have to face such a problem, that is the chain Xicihutong does not exist optimal value, is at most a site exposure value.

From the above we can see that the




The impact of the mirror site

in optimizing a website, but the company itself is the site set up mirror sites, web application, the content of the purpose of what exactly as like as two peas, I also don’t understand. The mirror site has been proposed to do 301 jump to the main site, but did not (which is the main cause of the mirror site with more than 2000 IP is not willing to do so close to jump). Desperation can only continue to do optimization task I. What is the two sites, there will be no link, that is considered to be advertising. To analyze friends love Shanghai (the two keywords, ROM home and brush house rankings are in second). The following is I met this month.

, three examples

first published articles in almost 1 minutes can be included, but is not the mirror site to determine what time will be included. But the overall situation, the master station included more than 50 thousand page, more than 10 thousand page also mirror site. The keyword ranking is, the master is the main keyword and the article page keywords good ranking. The mirror is a good ranking list page. The mirror site good ranking keyword list page corresponding to the above master keyword list page ranking is bad or the corresponding page other less related pages.

The author of the recent

master A using the relative address, so it is easy to do data mirroring mirror B. We are mainly standing outside the chain, the mirror station sent a few early chain. The difference between the two sites in the chain difference is above two, now the site of the station is: A love Shanghai weight 3, PR2, IP daily about roughly 8000. Mirror B love Shanghai weight 1, PR0, IP daily about roughly 2000.

for example, such as ZTE n880e rm-607 the keywords I done outside the chain for the keywords, such as Shanghai Post Bar love this kind of interaction is very high, the link and so on, but the result is beyond 100. And the mirror site does not do under the condition of the chain, ranking is eighth. There are many examples of this, perhaps this is the mirror site of one of the dangers.


, four potential hazards

analysis of two station as well as the performance of the keyword search engine with


some people say do mirror also has its advantages, a page can be repeatedly included, when the master cannot access can access the mirror sites, can also master shunt. Yes, these are much earlier in the methods used, but this method is out of date. Now, as long as the love mirror site found in Shanghai will give drop right processing, the master is not affected by, I think more or less will be affected by the impact. And if love Shanghai mirror site as the primary site, the damage will be incalculable. So we should not do.

, an analysis of two station operations of


My website user, where are you

for web sites, especially for new sites, the mining and training of new users is an extremely important aspect. As a webmaster, we should find their own website where the potential users? To the fastest, most potential users must first find, accurate analysis and location of site audience, to better start looking for new users of the site tour.

1, Q & a platform. Q & a platform is one of the most concentrated areas of the same interest audience. For example, Baidu knows, Sina, love asked, etc., these sites are classified according to different topics, questions and answers of the same class of questions may be interested in this topic of users. As a webmaster may pay more attention to these quiz platform, also often involved in answering questions properly with their website links, so that one can increase the site outside the chain, access to web traffic; more important is to make more friends, they are the most likely to be users of your web site.

2, community community. Community community refers to the user’s affiliate channels, such as Baidu post bar, watercress group, campus group, blog and so on. Webmaster can search through these channels search engine, suitable for their website theme community, and then join them, here to tap their website users.

3, interest search. In the portal, forum or blog user search interface, and some will search by interest, the webmaster can for their website theme implementation search, so in the user list to find the site of interest users.

4, QQ group. The reason why QQ group alone listed, first, because this group of relatively large number, two because they are relatively active. How to expand for QQ group, you can see my other article on QQ group promotion feasibility suggestions.

5, peer site. Peer websites are the most direct way for new users to come. If you want to find the most users, you should look for it in the leading website of your website industry. For example, modern Chinese Web site webmaster may wish to present Han, www.xianhan8.cn go up "pull" users, because it is for the professional website, interest coincide, the user is the most, but also the most accurate. Of course, do not have to invite each other, you can go to the most active users.

6, industry teacher. This is a relatively easy source to ignore, but this source does not apply to all sites, only for academic and professional websites. This kind of webmaster may collect more teachers e-mail address, and then contact them, let them do promotion for your website. The specific method may be to give the teacher the website or the forum user registration invitation code, lets the teacher recommend again to own student, this is the most pertinent, the most effective promotion way.

7, Witkey website. Witkey website is also one of the "breeding" places for new users. On the one hand, the webmaster can search for related tasks, and all the participants in these tasks may be you


Japanese hybrid models popular MOE MOE Department of the United States and the value of the spike

domestic merchants network integrity platform, provide all walks of life to join a good project, entrepreneurial projects, rich money business opportunities, business ideas, business guide, join the information industry news etc. detailed introduction of services for the majority of entrepreneurs, is the ideal choice for web entrepreneurs looking for investment, entrepreneurship, join, chain, good project agent. The whole network for their support of the majority of entrepreneurs looking for their own entrepreneurial rich project, the success of your entrepreneurial dreams of wealth!

part of the resources from the network users, if there is any infringement, please contact us, we will deal with you as soon as possible, thank you for your support! Contact QQ:1662508921

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website statistics


Chizhou youth service groups to start a series of strokes

is so large in the employment pressure on society today, people have turned to entrepreneurship, some government at the same time around also actively promote a series of entrepreneurial activities in Chizhou issued a business chain strokes helping business.

in the internal platform, Chizhou city not only vigorously promote the construction of youth entrepreneurship Park and private incubation base, into the park (base) enterprises to provide free space, and reduction of utilities, property management fees; also provide maximum business loans and labor-intensive small business loans. Starting in July 1st this year, the maximum amount of loans secured by businesses for different groups of 50 thousand yuan, $80 thousand, 100 thousand yuan, a unified adjustment of $100 thousand. For the identification of labor-intensive small businesses, 2 years can be obtained loans, loans of less than $2 million, you can apply for a financial discount of 50%; less than $4 million to $2 million, you can apply for a financial discount of $25%. According to statistics, from 1 to July, the city issued a total of secured loans of up to $70 million; issued by small and medium enterprises with a loan of $12 million. In addition, recommend


Women’s clothing stores purchase what skills are all

to do business is not easy, need in many aspects have to be considered, the purchase is more troublesome things, to women’s clothing store business is good, to do well the first choice of supply, only good products can bring good business. So, how to choose the supply of women’s clothing store? What skills to follow? This article describes the women’s store purchasing skills, I hope to help you.

1, a lot of entrepreneurs who have just started to shop online, at the beginning and can not accurately find the source of goods wholesalers. Because even in the major wholesale markets, there is also cooperation between wholesalers. Some wholesalers and even from the A wholesale market into the goods, and then in the wholesale market to B wholesale shipments, which will undoubtedly increase the cost of the purchase of entrepreneurs.

to avoid this phenomenon, do not be afraid of trouble, be sure to run a few wholesale market, do not miss any possible opportunity to determine the source of purchase, to avoid being fooled.

2, each wholesaler will have the main category of goods, these goods are generally from the relationship between a good factory direct purchase, the price has certain advantages. They tend to lower the price of some of these products, in order to attract the attention of customers, so as to promote the sale of other products.

if entrepreneurs do not trouble, you can find a number of wholesalers, wholesale they are used to attract customers eye goods. If it is too much trouble, it is still looking for a good service wholesalers, or when the replacement of the cost of waste and energy must be much higher than the cost of the purchase of the province.

in the selection of wholesalers, try to find a replacement for the quality, the cost by the seller of the wholesalers, usually check the quality of goods carey so they shipped, even if there is a problem, but also their transportation fee, so as not to waste their money.

shop purchase is all the shopkeepers can not avoid things, if entrepreneurs want, need to pay attention to many details, choice of supply stores for women’s business is very important, as long as the choice of good, you will be able to easily shop, easy to get rich. Of course, this method is not suitable for all women’s clothing store operators, which requires entrepreneurs according to the actual situation of the store and its own conditions, to choose the best purchase channels, so as to allow you to shop success!

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