Shanghai love note website revision

4, after the website is not in Webmaster Platform or submitted for a long period of time after the submission.


capture abnormal new website concerned, in the short term appropriate to enhance the grasping pressure to help new websites faster capture

love Shanghai Webmaster Platform published: July 25, 2013

2, new web page is not set 301 jump relationship or a very short period of time to stop the 301 jump;

1, a short period of time, the two level domain domain name frequently change two directory exchange and URL rules change frequently and so on;

2, old and new "must be set up and the 301 jump and jump between old and new content capture, for a period of time until a new web page collection and sorting to achieve a relatively stable and good condition;

website notes: website tools to help

index fluctuation attention the new website, the website shows the attention tool has been replaced with link number

Hello! Webmaster Platform launched website tool has been a long time, we have recently analyzed a large amount of data, from which found a lot of problems are worth to pay attention to the Webmaster:

and Webmaster Platform use website tools you love Shanghai notify the site of the old and new revision (old and new sites are required to verify, can jump 301) processing acceleration system.

first use 301 jump all page redirection system that will gradually replace the old

information submitted will first check system, calibration cycle is generally about a week. Check after the changes take a long time, can be through the following method to check whether the process during normal operation:

The revision of the

3, when you do the website preparations, please login Webmaster Platform website tools and submit the relevant data.

also on the old site.

under normal circumstances, the website for their performance in the search engine will produce a little loss, once these problems will make the loss of expansion, this is our webmaster and do not want to see, therefore, hope that the Webmaster:


finally, use details about the website tools more please read the website tools to help

1, the website should be cautious, that is necessary under the condition of

Dear webmaster friends:

when your website revision (such as replacing the domain name or a large number of links in the short term permanent jump), to ensure the new resources be included, and show the effect of index volatility does not appear, we suggest that the steps are as follows:

3, the old page within a short period of time will not be able to access;


Analysys released September data love sea search market share steadily recovering

following the August total number of visits to achieve the proportion of 1.6 percentage points of growth after September, no change, traffic share at 5.8%, ranking third. In the third quarter, soso and Sogou reached a strategic cooperation. The proportion of the total number of visits SOSO August increase of 0.4 percentage points to 1.8%, and continued until September. Analysys believes that with soso into Sogou Tencent platform to bring technology, data and flow of resources, and to expand the new Sogou in traffic market share, enhance its position in the search market.

Analysys released September data: love sea search market share steadily recovering


technology news November 20th morning news, Internet data and analysis firm Analysys released today September domestic search market data show that the love of Shanghai’s market share rose slightly in the third quarter of September, 72.1%. 360 search ranked second, share of 14.2%. Sogou accounted for 5.8%, ranking third.

Analysys International believes that the changes in the market environment, PC and mobile search market have perfect double:


China Chinese after August following the withdrawal from the market the proportion of the total number of visits fell slightly in September, stable at 1.9%. The fierce competition in the industry makes Google China share gradually to be divided, and the Chinese continued to explore the search quality and user experience did not follow up, lead to the advantage of shrinking.

Google Sina

in the third quarter of this year, total love to visit Shanghai in the whole network in the proportion of the number of steady rise, July 71.4%, August 71.9%, September 72.1%. Analysys believes that with the love of Shanghai products continue to improve, the traffic is increasing, which makes the advertiser keyword advertising on the market gradually to further enhance the recognition.

360 search accounted for 14.2%, ranking second; Sogou accounted for 5.8%, ranking third. Google China accounted for 1.9%, ranking fourth; search accounted for 1.8%, ranking fifth.

Chinese search engine market increasingly fierce competition, the future love Shanghai, 360, the new Sogou launched a more intense game. Analysys think tank eCDC (consumer behavior Chinese digital analysis system data show that in September 2013, the total number of visits in the search engine of PC+ mobile, love Shanghai share of 72.1%, ranking first in the. In the first, second quarter of this year, Shanghai love search market share of about 78%.

data show that in August 360 the total number of visits to search the proportion increased by 4.3 percentage points, to 12.8%, in September amounted to 14.2%. Analysys believes that with the optimization of browser and other products and services to carry out the 360 vertical search, not only to strengthen the drainage capacity of entrance, also accelerate the commercialization of the 360 search, and then drive the growing traffic.


After three changes in the group buying history, the public comment flash Hui upgrade and contradict

take a closer look at this product, and you will find that "flash" is a step less than "verification" than the original group purchase. This small function, but it is an upgrade of group buying mode. But this model there is a contradictory problem: if the flash is not enough to discount the benefits, "cheap" leveraging the pain point; if the flash Hui discount is lower, and the difference of group purchase business profits loss and not essential.


more and more group buying users pay the following dialogue:

"468 yuan, credit card or cash,


can use



need 9 pieces of 50 yuan vouchers (price 42 yuan), to pay 18 yuan in cash."

then the waiter will bring a piece of paper and copy the 90 digit verification code to the front desk for verification. If a number is accidentally copied or lost, it needs to be called again. This scene is happening in more and more group buying scenes.

public comment on the launch of a new product – "flash benefits.". That is to say, when the end user consumption, open the comment page in business deals and integration of the page, there will be a discount information, such as "Monday to Friday, 11 pm to 2 pm every day at noon, 32% off". Users only need to enter the amount of money in the page – payment can be done without verification. Less users calculate the price – need a group of Coupons – the waiter to send coupons digital – to enter the front desk, enter the verification code, verify coupons and other troubles.

is involved in the "Shan Hui" businesses will be a benefit word in the comment down menu appear together as well as "group (group purchase), order (reservation), line (line)". Rather than being a new product, it’s a small feature for businesses and users.

take a closer look at this product, and you will find that "flash" is a step less than "verification" than the original group purchase. This small function, but it is an upgrade of group buying mode.


(this figure comes from network)

Three changes in

group buying model

The development of

group purchase, from a business model had several major changes: in the first day of on-line glutinous rice had launched a package, 40 yuan = two movie tickets + two times a bucket of popcorn, cola + + a Hagendasi ball, only the panic buying a list of one day, sold 150 thousand copies overnight, became the largest group purchase website, but also for the newly opened Yiu Lai international studios to bring huge traffic.

this is the concept of early group buying, buy is limited discounts, users enjoy preferential experience products, and to bring new guests to the business. Later, a single daily has been difficult to meet the great >


One engaged in the mechanical industry to the webmaster’s conversion process

back in 2004, I finally graduated from Southern China ordnance technical school, I qualified scores to receive secondary school graduation certificate.

was taken to Ningbo by school for the first time. The first time I came to this city, I felt everything was strange, and my life started from this place.

has been in the mechanical industry for 3 years, and does not feel much interest, and slowly began to become interested in computer networks. How can a website be accessed on the Internet?.

what are the articles above all websites?. I’m in my control. Can share the good things to everyone, ha ha, I feel very fascinated! When I thought, I want to learn to do web site, and I do a program on the internet.

is very happy to have access to your website. Later on the Internet looking for information, slowly introduced by friends to the laggards, in the backward learning a lot of things.

from space, domain names, servers, and then to the operation, publicity and other aspects, are lagging behind, access to a lot, learned a lot.

is now a movie site, and what I want most is to introduce good movies to friends and share it with you.

so I keep updating every night. Upload the latest movie. Permanently open free HD movies, now go to bed at 2 every night, get up at second in the morning at 8, and sleep 5-6 hours every night.

you are like this? Do a webmaster really tired Oh Oh! But see QQ group inside the user said, the movie updates very fast, hope to visit your site more and more, after listening to the feeling is pretty good.

Hunan cinema http://www.18183d.cn


On the advantages of vertical community website development

is currently in the domestic SNS market showing a separatist warlords situation, renren.com students occupy the market, occupy the 51 and younger Internet users, happy net occupy small white-collar office, later want to shake their foundation is not easy. With the launch of UCHome, so many business websites want to through the combination of SNS and vertical demand, seeking a breakthrough, such as music, science and technology, delicacy, pets, this way whether it works? In this regard, it is difficult to doubt that the private key that do vertical SNS is to strengthen the foundation of professional and industry the good products and operations.

vertical SNS has an unparalleled advantage over the integrated community.

takes the bean web as an example: a good bean web is a platform for discovering and sharing food, a social network for gourmet lovers. By creating a virtual online kitchen, you can solve practical problems for students who are worrying about what to eat. Whether you are for second days when the collocation and the worry of white-collar bourgeoisie, or one family meals recipes demanding housewives; or you are experienced master chef, or just rush into the kitchen, rookie novice…… You can display yourself, get advice, and so on. At the same time, you can find your favorite food quickly and conveniently, and find friends similar to yours in the group.

As can be seen from

, vertical SNS website not only focus on entertainment and pay more attention to the practicality, this is a comprehensive community website no advantage, but because the vertical location of SNS and a certain industry, so the doomed, vertical SNS website user base is small, especially when using Ucenter Home to build SNS to become a vertical the trend, so the vertical SNS of an industry is also facing the user distribution situation, how to do the vertical SNS website? We must first recognize their own shortcomings to improve from the perspective of the user experience, and improved, attention and mining the potential demand of the target population have not been met, thinking through what kind of products can form better meet these needs.

what are the disadvantages of good bean nets:

, does not support the activities of the city, as a delicacy to share a website, how to make the decentralized social relationship, centralized management, how to released the delicacy to allow more people to share, offline activities is very important.

two, the community website is based on human, emphasizes the relationship between people, vertical community is no exception, but good bean network did not do a little, good beans online you can let your friends know what you like to eat, but how to let your friend know what you do not like to eat it, good beans nets should add a food blacklist, so that users can add their own do not like to eat food, and let your friends know.

three, good bean network does not support the food recommendation between friends in the station, such as I want to recommend a good food to my friends, and he Lala relationship, but good bean net indeed


Three successful entrepreneurial wealth to their means

do you want to be a millionaire? Do you want to be an entrepreneur? So, you’re going to see how rich people think about it. The following are three small business story, in the face of fierce market competition, they do the opposite, but success!

live money.

After giving the


insist on their own ideas


What is the name of the nightclub method

now people’s way of life is constantly changing, nightlife is more and more rich, so the nightclub business began to become hot up. Because of this, now the nightclub is more and more. However, want to open a hot business nightclub, naturally also need to have a proper name. Many investors do not know the name of the nightclub, in fact, as long as the master of the relevant methods, the name can be very simple. So, what is the name of the nightclub method?

1, the name of the nightclub welcome legitimate

to the public’s favorite language used in the nightclub called the title, to meet the customer’s desire for happiness, in order to attract business.

2, nightclub named brand law

brand names, generally refers to the company invented a brand-name products, then my brand name as the name of a company, such as the former Shanghai pen factory, Shanghai emerald Phoenix Bicycle Companies are based on their own brand products "green gold", "phoenix" to take the name of the enterprise.

3, the name of the name of the law

"Xing", "long" and "source", "Mao", "hair" and other words in the old shop signs often appear, this is the old business people love luck, elegant mouth color, such as the time-honored Yueshengzhai founded in 1775, the name "Yueshengzhai", there are "Yue Yuechang Sheng" meaning; people set up the first beer factory of Beijing Shuanghesheng brewery in Shandong Zhang and Hao Ge rise mainly fund-raising run, named "plan", "financial resources, both sides jointly have luxuriant" meaning.

4, the name of the name of the elegant law

this is the name of the shop is a unique Chinese commercial naming. Because Chinese under the influence of Confucianism, there is a weak suppression of traditional ideas, so some businessmen to commercial places also named as the literati’s study, such as "vegetarian", "Ge", "Xuan", "home", "garden" etc..

5, nightclub named mark method

is the main kind of nomenclature as a symbol, to highlight the salient features nightclub called, now in the world has developed into CIS (Corporate Identity System) part of the famous black monkey hat shop is a wooden door made of black monkey, to indicate its historical tradition, as distinguished from another hattery.

6, the name of the club vulgar grammar

colloquial more colloquial, the use of the name of the company’s corporate name, the title can be the majority of the public. The famous Wang Mazi, Goubuli etc. are colloquial name. Delicious >


The details of the need to pay attention to the opening of a high pressure coffee shop

coffee is the Westerners love to drink, to China after very popular, the beginning is a luxury, not now, now more and more people love to go to the cafe, where art, elegant, suitable for rest and talk about things, so now open a cafe is a fashionable investment method to make money, his development prospects are very broad. There are a lot of details to open a coffee shop, however, the details determine success or failure, do you know what the details of the need to pay attention to the coffee shop?

elegant Art Cafe environment

coffee shop environment. Grade decision of consumer groups, reception of what kind of people, you will have what kind of environment and grade {shop decoration / facilities / clothing to coordinate} style in the design work for store decoration and continuation of aging, attract customers favor comfort, such as a coffee shop Xu investment, so in the decoration when Jerry hardware facilities can not, so as to avoid the operation problems.

provides quality service

the customer is God, is God to us, so the operation early attendant and the various departments of the backbone of staff, will receive a formal action, good training, each a small service smile, produced, vision, are related to the growth rate of the old customers.

regular advertising

good product needs publicity, promotion, so the pre opening, marketing planning activities must be done carefully, operation can according to different seasons do not regularly launch new products, the implementation of product update rate, enhance competitiveness, each industry has short period two stages, seasons, holidays, can bargain preferential marketing planning.

no matter what business should pay attention to some details, most of the time, the details can decide the success or failure, so we need to do a heart, open cafe is no exception, if you are not careful and don’t pay attention to some details, there may be another universe. A brick is not much, but also to build a house, Many a little make a mickle., a detail although small, but it is possible that you failed. We need to seriously study the details of the need to pay attention to the opening of the cafe, to clear their own stumbling block on the road.

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Clothing stores Analysis

clothing store prospects, want to choose a suitable business opportunities, in advance, it is necessary to go through some investigation. If you want to do a good job business, then in the investigation stage, you need to be ready. How to choose the right project, to avoid their own into the scam? Xiaobian finishing a few suggestions, hoping to provide some reference for you.

brand stores investment amount is generally relatively high, most investors bear, which requires investors to choose one or several investment and other conditions to join in many brands of their own can be accepted, and no stores in the local brand, this process is time-consuming.

from many brand clothing stores in several selected Italy, and also need to brand enterprise telephone communication, to see whether your own conditions conforms to the enterprise to join, if it conforms to into the substantive phase of negotiations, if not suitable, we need to do further work on the side.

into this step is investigated with problems and discuss the join on the enterprise, you need to evaluate the company’s basic situation, such as whether the enterprise operation record, how many stores, the existing stores and franchise stores, how have happened disputes and other business information through the information preliminary judgment on whether the enterprise is the formal business.

if the enterprise through the investigation, have signed a contract to join, to join the contract, investors must be careful, because for a lot of short-term corporate crooks are set traps in the contract, make you join was found when there is no way. Their trap settings are very clever, if not the industry is difficult to find.

Work / clothing franchise

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Small smoke suction into a good helper

The process of

in the actual operation of our shop, we should be good at "invention" some gadgets, so there will be a great help to the development of our business, of which, this paper introduced the "smoke" is a good tool. "Smoke", really powerful, lightly smoke, smoke." I opened a shop in Nantong County, Henan Province, the town of Rudong, his invention of a small baby in the operation – "smoke son". Smoke smoke son what? In my shop, it is a practical tool for placing and extracting cigarettes.

shop for more than and 10 years, in a $three high cigarette counter, from the display to the sale of cigarettes to take, I have to repeat this work every day dozens of times.

in the past, I, like other retailers, took the smoke out of the counter. If it is a little far away from the cigarette, it is inconvenient to take up, time-consuming and laborious. I have not found a good solution to this problem.

once, I went to the town to buy a mobile phone, the owner gave a mobile phone silicone stent. The small support is a round, flat, flat part like a small suction cup, which can be adsorbed on the surface of smooth objects.

I take a silicone stent, while watching the pondering: if the principle behind it to do a smoke suction son to take the counter in the cigarette, not very good?

said he would do it. I quickly found the relevant materials, making it too difficult: first of all, on the silica gel support round part cut out a round hole, and then loaded on a length of about 60 cm plastic handle, after fixed processing, a complete "smoke" is made.

is a good smoke"! It can not only smoke, smoke, convenient and practical. According to my habit, I have to adjust the cigarette display in the counter every day. With the smoke suction son, the display efficiency can be increased several times.

since the smoke suction son appeared in my shop, a lot of customers to buy cigarettes are very curious about it, always take a look at, and ask what. There are peers come to learn, I have no reservations to introduce them to the production and use of methods.

do not look at just a small thing, but if you can use it properly, no doubt can help the store to create a higher profit income. A small smoke suction son, not only for my cigarette business has brought convenience, but also brought the popularity of the store.