The user experience is how much Love Shanghai 2013 core algorithm in experience

four, love Shanghai user experience is how to calculate the. No one knows exactly how the user experience of the algorithm, but can be seen in the analysis. Love Shanghai can not get data from the website, can only get data from its own search list. According to the data capture data can be seen, the user in the search engine in the list of actions are in love with Shanghai server data exchange. For example: if the search for enterprise training, fifth A, sixth B, sixth times if the user clicks the number, click fifth less, then about sixth from the truth experience better, experience of the algorithm that is used to love Shanghai, but now the love of Shanghai has been adjusted, the reason is that why the clicks before failure. What is the experience of the new algorithm? The new experience of the algorithm is not a simple calculation clicks. Something more but calculated? For example, when the user clicks the fifth click whether to return the sixth, and the time interval is? The same user often click on the website is the one, the same user every day whether to enter the same site several times, that this user is not can be considered to be loyal users of this website at the same time, loyal users can calculate a website about? The same user whether every day in search of a large number of words and click, the void ratio was much.

two, website real experience and user experience of love Shanghai. The site’s true experience and love Shanghai computing user experience is not the same, I said the experience and experience of the website for love Shanghai. Site experience is real experience, love Shanghai love Shanghai experience is calculated according to the algorithm of the experience of love Shanghai. Love Shanghai very much the core experience of the algorithm algorithm.

love Shanghai algorithm adjustment, let the owners of these lost the direction, lost a lot, before completely rely on the support link has we also found some be inopportune or inappropriate, outside the chain of good rankings is not very good, therefore, love Shanghai now more and more attention to the user experience, how to understand the user experience.? with all the talk about their own views.

three, love Shanghai can get experience of the website. The answer is no, love activities in Shanghai do not have the ability to get users of the site. Love is not possible in Shanghai and various statistical system gain access to the data website, because Shanghai does not love the fate of their own to the third party.

, to improve the user experience is never out of date. 1, a website content is very good, very large amount of users, viscosity is very high, can solve the problem of users, this website user experience is very good. It can attract a large number of users, get a lot of traffic. 2, from the perspective of a search engine, search engine to provide high-quality content, will do everything possible to put in front of the search results show to the user experience of the website user experience is good, the search engine will never give up. Therefore, to do user experience of the road.


The shaping of entrepreneurship planning 1 what are your interestsWangzhuan comment Jiang Hui and hi

well, first of all in the face of entrepreneurs is the primary problem: how to build a good business plan for yourself? In view of this, in order to make every entrepreneur can get out of their own value in the business on the road. I have decided to make a series of brief analysis, research and Discussion on how to build a reasonable plan of entrepreneurship for myself through some experience of my own. Hope that you are planning to start business, you can get some inspiration, and then according to their own actual situation for themselves to develop a suitable for their own entrepreneurial strategic planning.

first, interest is your energy drive to devote yourself to work

If Jiang Hui

shape" business planning series is mainly for entrepreneurs to provide some suggestions and references in making business planning, this article is about the first chapter mainly discusses the problems about interest. There is no doubt that interest is always the best teacher. Before you get there, all you have to do is find a place to truly calm yourself down. Look at yourself from all sides and find your interests. Only by using this as a premise can you maximize your potential. Below, I talk about the importance of interest, in order to remind readers to pay attention to interest, to interest as a starting point for entrepreneurship.

we end up complaining about their work and how bad, in fact we forget that this is mainly because our attitude to the work, more specifically for this work is that we now are not interested in. Without interest, naturally there is no enthusiasm to devote myself to work. This is quite normal. But if you keep complaining like this and keep on indulging like this, then the ending will be horrible and you can’t accept it.

at the end of 2010, Jiang Hui began his own SEO training course, beginning with only more than 100 people. After that, Jiang Hui constantly attracted new students to join, using low-cost strategy, crazy expansion. The summer of 2010, Jiang Hui opened the 45 class group, when in early September, has opened 60 class group, to the middle of September 2010, has opened eightieth class group. At present, the number of Jiang Hui students is still growing.

online curse Jiang Hui cheat new training costs are many, slander Jiang Hui, MLM is also quite a lot. But few people analyze what Jiang Hui is doing. What is his purpose?.

introduction: some people say that China’s Internet is abusive Internet, because the abuse has become a lot of webmaster lifestyle. No matter what new things happen, the first reaction of many people is to scold him. In the SEO industry as an example, whether it is Wang Tong such a marketing expert, or only such technical expert, behind them, there will always be someone called a liar! However, it is in this condemning, Wang Tong created his own tongwang Cardiff, organized the first SEOWHY elite general assembly. On the Internet, always small part to see the light, then the achievements in most people’s ridicule manmasheng myth.

Wang Tong through their own marketing talent founded tongwang, become entrepreneurs trust SEO marketing experts; only by SEOWHY gathered a large number of technical madman, create an annual salary of more than 300 thousand elite groups. So far, what other markets are available in the SEO direction,

search in sh419, will find a message that Jiang Hui had a behind the partner, Chen terutami. Chen Huimin is one of the original founder of Xicihutong, 1998 with friends created Xicihutong, later involved in real estate, clothing and other industries, is a shopping mall in the "old" veteran. His collaboration with Jiang Hui suggests that Jiang Hui’s "running all the way" is by no means

if you present immoderation, unwilling to own life, if you want to do something when the old memories in their own business — the rest of life. So, a good business plan is essential, only in a good planning guidance, you will not lose himself in the vast sea; only in a good business planning, you can walk every step with confidence, does not produce panic illusion, lose yourself the original dream.

to tell you the truth, the author in 2010 June that a by "once cheated 4000 yuan last month to earn 10 thousand yuan of advertisement to pull students earning workers online. His marketing was so successful that even though I knew it might have been a hoax, I was able to resist curiosity and spent 240 dollars in September to observe it.

according to Jiang Hui himself, he really engaged in SEO marketing, probably in the second half of 09 years, SEO training to make money, about 09 years at the end. Its guiding ideology is summed up in one sentence – using SEO to obtain directional flow sales profiteering products.

if you think today’s job is limiting your performance, you don’t have a cold job at all. So I still remind you: think about what is your interest? To find the most wanted to do their own thing, then do their maximum capacity and energy to do this thing, so your life will not be wasted. Life is short, and there are many unpredictable factors in this short stream of life. So you have to find your interest. Only in the interest driven, you can put your heart into it, but also in this short and full of unknown life in the long river to create their own value.

Wangzhuan road bolted Jiang Hui


used "running all the way" to describe Jiang Hui as nothing.

The author wrote the "

two, interest is <

, Jiang Hui and Chen Huimin’s "conspiracy",


A hard road to brand growthWill self-made social networking site Pheed be the next Twitter

technology news Xiao E Beijing on October 23rd news, according to foreign media reports, Pheed will become the next Twitter? Miley · Cyrus Miley Cyrus seems to think so, Ashlee · Dell Ashley, Tisdale at David · Getter David Guetta, Pris · Hilton Paris Hilton Chris, · Brown Chris Brown think so, there are tens of thousands of other people to join the site within a few days.

is here today, the main hope is to share with a brand business exchange some feeling recently, do promotion difficult, more difficult to do the brand! Do their own Tmall or Taobao brand, which is a lot of people in the first time into the business of emotion and dream, but it can really end inside this industry we also need to become an independent school, do a lot of things


brand is equal to the sellers, this is just for the money bag and shop, but the real so-called brand concept, in fact, more should have a higher pursuit, the concept that allow consumers to experience the product from the transaction value and brand, and has been able to go for a long time support and communication, this is a brand should have.



introduction if you allow influential people to charge for content, they will make quality content. Pheed allows users to share all forms of content, including text, pictures, audio, video and live broadcast. Users can choose to share for free and charge 2-35 dollars for sharing.

brand marketing is a very long process, but also is to determine their own rules, the style displayed in front of consumers, then shooting, the decoration of these most basic elements should be communicated to consumers through the best way to express. "


Pheed is a self financed, self financed start-up company that leases offices in a six acre building in Landau, a fraternity based research and development organization. The company soon won more than 200 early adopters and celebrity registered. Pheed was launched only a few days ago, but over 350 thousand users have visited independently. None of this is the use of the iPhone application that they are badly in need of. It has not yet been approved.

Now most of the

in short, it can be seen as a Twitter with a business plan. I always hear about the next great idea of social networking, and I think I can compete with Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or Instagram. But you can see that some big brands such as Myspace or shlf1314+ can’t do that. So, what makes Pheed different? Why hasn’t Pheed failed and disappeared like many other social networks after a brief focus,

emerging social networking site Pheed Tencent technology plan

network in the process of the initial business shop, fear most is the capital chain rupture, no team, this situation is very difficult to set up a brand, so this time as a business, I think we should speed up the pace, with Taobao the most commonly used single products off the strategy. Choose a line to popular style, and then to train and drill exhibition devoted to several drainage tools, in the short term, let the store have a qualitative leap, of course, in this process, product, service, customer maintenance monitoring and effective management must be guaranteed, or fast growth will bring many negative effects to the shop, the most obvious is the reduction in the score.

it’s pretty simple, and if you allow influential people to charge for content, they’ll make quality content. Pheed allows users to share all forms of digital content, including text, pictures, audio, video and live broadcast. Users can choose free sharing and fee sharing options, 2 content producers can use the channel monthly subscription or set up pay live browsing project.


has been pre sold, this time to find the selling brand difference is focus in the next need to run, so that consumers can the product has a strong degree of recognition, style or style, or the quality of service, all businesses can find a point of view, of course, this place is not just to make up, but should with competitors demanding analysis, finally draws the related conclusion, the future market share and growth rate of the two indicators is the need to combine the data for evaluation, once the main style, then the rest of the things is the brand marketing and market penetration.


one percent, a very mature and high visibility of the shop, a year revenue is more than one million, inside the industry can be said to be very well-known as the network, in recent years in the industry seems to have emerged in many fights for having heard it many times of the Amoy brand, seven princess, Liebo etc..

of course, as every one of us in the hope to enjoy a better quality of life, it must be established has been stable in the material foundation stage, so how to do the first pot of gold, how to solve the basic problem of "living" down, has become a topic of concern many sellers.

What is


users can charge 1.99–34.99 dollars or $1.99–34.99 per month for each visit

The secret weapon of


Wolf on the road local Sns website profit way

The introduction of the

SNS concept has made SNS sites flood now, as is the local sns web site. Baidu, Google, "local + happy network / Renren" will see a lot of content, almost SNS local website, I believe there will always be one or two remaining tenacious, innovative SNS website. I also wrote some of the local SNS website article: "Xi’an happy net allows local SNS website to see the dawn [], copycat renren.com appeared I saw now the more successful local SNS website about this, there is a" Chongqing slip ": http:// www.cq6.com, the site" Love Dating in Chengdu I used to do it together, the result that I die, this Chongqing slipped gJj alive, I understand how far the distance between master and rookie. Ha ha,


same, SNS website’s profit is also a problem, "campus network" why want to change "everybody net", in fact very simple, because student groups do not have much spending power, they can’t earn "big money"". Today I do not say "happy net", "everybody net" gain, because I do not have that aptitude, ha ha, simple talk about the development of local SNS website and profit way.

: the first Tencent to study, the accumulation of local users, enhance the user adhesion sites, all levels of local net and age of the user, the first core, to reflect the SNS social, a user group, there is the money base.

1, ad

local SNS website advertising, in addition to learning happy network, Renren do some implantable advertising, fully integrated into the game, and strengthen brand awareness, and strive for consumer recognition and good impression. In addition, you can do a lot of targeted advertising, as long as there are users, it is very easy to do advertising for the local.

2, game

SNS is the site with many local Kang Sheng uch, which itself joined the game, from the station can be divided into; also can do two times based on uch, with more games, this "Chongqing slip" did a very good job.

3, combined with local characteristics, launched offline activities

lets users from the virtual community to go to real life, in fact, itself is a "very exciting", and through the local company team to carry out a series of friends, entertainment and tourism, charge membership fees, profit from. In the northwest desert, Xi’an happy nets engaged in a lot of outdoor tourism, what’s your foot. Chongqing mountains and water, the most important is a lot of beauty, Chongqing slipped has carried out many parties, dinners, participate in each activity, not a group of beautiful women, these are local characteristics! Besides, what wedding ah, love as the theme of the meetings that is what time can do.



Web design analysis explore the font structure in banner

              for we usually see the website banner, which itself determines the shape fixed form is generally rectangular, banners about structure and text centered, it is generally divided into the main theme, title and subtitle text, more. The design of the time also need to consider the application to the website promotion graphs of various sizes readable extension, in addition, its image assisted theme, text rendering, banner communication behavior can be understood as the computer screen as the carrier, in the first screen position of the IE browser, the user’s eye focus residence time of about 3 seconds.



[because banner is generally used for thematic categories in the portal website, two pages, users come in before, in the home have a certain understanding of the subject, so the role of banner is to package pages and add content to the two pages in the interest and content direction; so this is and traditional advertising generally requires the first sensory visual impact to the eye of rape in different places. ]

The importance of

text in banner

for the text, we often hear the demand side put forward: "the word should be large!"

"ah, bigger? It’s already big." and then it’s a little bit bigger. In fact, we all know that big and small pixels don’t make sense.

but think carefully, the demand side to really just a little bit of the pursuit? After all, they are not designers, do not know how to express their own ideas, and only can let people feel the only way for the size of the conspicuous difference only, perhaps because of the word, not conspicuous, word processing is too ordinary, perhaps the background is too so, we should be eye-catching, understood as "a" word to be visible, and "conspicuous" has many kinds of ways.

Banner= text + image [secondary]

Banner the text generally occupy the entire banner region of 70%, while the actual image only accounted for less than 30% of the image design many designers focus more on the 30%, ignoring the 70% most important text area, and finally use word system patched together, what can a reasonable design of this banner like the


, especially when the subject is extended to a small scale extension diagram, when the text area is left, the generalization is completely finished.


The distinction between characters in

and letters in English

text and English characters >


What are the types of financial management

to do business, it is inevitable that there will be a little money accumulation, a lot of people put the money in the bank, with the need to take, in fact, this is the most cost-effective. If you want to make money in the presence of the bank to play, to maximize the effectiveness of funds, in simple terms, is financial management. Financial management, in a narrow sense, refers to the individual or family according to their actual economic conditions, within a time limit by taking a class or more types of financial investment tools to achieve the economic objectives of the preset. Choice of financial management varies from person to person. I visited a few cigarette retail businesses to explore their financial activities, there are probably the following:

savings deposits

this type of financial management is characterized by safe and reliable, convenient procedures, flexible forms, but also has the inheritance. Therefore, well received by the general public, more suitable for beginners to finance the business and stable elderly pension.

merchant Liu Chungen to take this financial way. The early start, Liu Chungen because of a shortage of funds, no money, store revenue basically to maintain business and domestic subsidies. After a few years, with a certain balance, Liu Chungen still habitually put the balance of the money in the bank reserve. With the growing deposit, Liu Chungen began to consider the use of spare cash.

so in the advice, he China Bank signed a financial agreement, "the days and months multiplying" will be used to store operating funds in order to form, because this flexibility means close to the demand, but the interest rate is up to 5 times more than the current. The remaining funds are deposited on a regular basis for different periods of time, after the funds to be prepared for another.

insurance investment

this type of financial management is mainly used for accidents, force majeure and other factors lead to personal injury and property losses caused by the negative impact. In order to reduce risk, people often reduce their losses by buying insurance. This method applies to all financial business.

merchant Zhang Hua in view of their actual situation, in recent years, the purchase of a number of insurance as a financial investment. Zhang Hua and his wife are only children, both young and old 7 people together, the couple became the mainstay of the family. 6 years ago, in the home of the farmer’s father was seriously ill, for the city to set up a shop to make a living, Zhang Hua, not to mention the time and energy is difficult to take care of the economy, it is a big pressure".

this incident caused Zhang Hua worries, but also changed the concept of financial management of Zhang Hua. In the understanding of the major insurance companies after the implementation of the various types of insurance, do not hesitate to Zhang Hua home from the savings of the selected part of the funds, respectively, to the old mother-in-law and parents bought a 30 year period of major disease insurance policies, prevent illness again brought economic distress and thus bring out the spirit of burden.


Operating characteristics of snack bars need to pay attention to the five major issues

food and beverage industry has been an industry all the time in the business account, have a very big demand, special snack is a hot spot for investment in the catering industry, more and more people do, increasing competition in the market, want to own the snack shop more popular, not only to have a good product, but also to a good management method, so as to attract the attention of more people, bring good business for you. So, for inexperienced entrepreneurs, how to operate a special snack bar? Need to pay attention to what matters?

1: to introduce special snack, should be based on the original hotel for carrying stores, as the characteristics of the project introduction, not as sure as a gun not suitable separate shop; or only to the hotel after the production, wholesale delivery; another one is to stand ready to join the company, manufacturers of the stall operators.

2: the state of the food industry process requirements more and more strict, if you want to introduce the characteristics of snacks must take into account the industry policy and local laws and regulations. In addition, many of the characteristics of snacks are often successful in the introduction, profit for some time, to recover the investment, the project itself is also a recession, the result may be only a pile of equipment, raw materials, no gains at all. Good budget for the return cycle.

3: special snack is small, but the distribution of energy than other projects to be more time consuming, because it is a small project, like our surrounding Baozipu, tea and congee, the same is very hard and exhausting. To do this, we must have the psychological preparation, not the introduction of production to make money so simple.

4: some characteristics of the snack items simply do not have the characteristics of the two characters, operating characteristics of the snack bar is simply their own characteristics, but with the guise of the characteristics to cheat your technical fees. Only some of the characteristics of snacks, technical formula, and then is a certain remittance address, e-mail and the like, you do not have to look at the ads, delay time. True and false technology is a problem, even if people do not like to do the food is a problem.

5: even if the real characteristics of snacks, the introduction of the operating characteristics of the snack bar can be adapted to the local consumer tastes, suitable for the future to maintain freshness. Specialty snacks in the introduction of different places is difficult to maintain a longer consumption period. Unless you can use a phase change for a long time to maintain a stable profit.

business is definitely not a simple investment, to better operate such business, but also need to pay more attention on business methods, understand these precautions can make you better operating snack bar, win more wealth for themselves. In this paper, the operating characteristics of the snack bar need to pay attention to the five major issues made a detailed analysis, we want to help.

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How to receive the urgent customer

is not every customer can be very idle when buying goods, many people will encounter more or less urgent, this time as a clerk of the store, you need to master these skills in a hurry customer reception, this will make the business more good shops. However, not every salesperson can grasp the relevant methods. So, how does the salesperson receive urgent client?

in general, there are urgent customers can be divided into two kinds:

is really a matter of urgency, too late to choose the same as the usual shopping customers. The customer reception, the clerk should pay attention to fast, don’t let him for shopping and delays, customers leave you is in his best interests rather than doing business on their own impression, which made him repeat shop.

second is something but not very anxious customers, you can also give him a way to deal with, so that customers have nothing to say, it is relatively smooth, so that you do not lose customers. Some customers also have some problems are not solved, then take a hurry to dodge, as long as we find out his problem, it would be much easier.

salesperson can receive them:

, sir, you like the product and want to buy it, but it’s urgent. So bar! Would you like to make an order first and then come back when you are free? It won’t take you much time to open an order."

, sir, I know you’re busy, I’m sorry. But what do you think of our products? Can you let me know?" "Sir, what are you busy all day? Is not to work more to earn more money, and then enjoy life? Now you are not easy to see their favorite things, how do you go? You, the quality of our products are very satisfied, you like it, why not buy it? Maybe there’s no chance or no mood!"

these pertinent words, will allow customers to stay with you to continue the discussion, the future is easier to do.

a lot of people are now in the business is not good to do, the customer is not good to deal with, in fact, as long as we can master the relevant skills, to create a profit is actually a very simple thing. So, there is a small series of above introduction, if you are a salesperson, you know how to receive these urgent customers?


What kind of business and management skills do you need to successfully open a cosmetics store

cosmetics sales market is very hot, so many people want to invest in joining a cosmetics store, to successfully open a cosmetics shop is not a very easy thing, to have a certain business and management skills, the whole network Xiaobian come together and discuss, which requires a cosmetics shop business management skills.

Second, must complete the product configuration, product configuration is the cosmetics shop opened successfully in an important step, it is related to the market research, customer research, earnings forecast, investigation of stores surrounding environment, competitors and so on many aspects of the research results. As Yihuagong cosmetics company stores in the product configuration, line managers will to the market to do research very seriously, then send the data to the headquarters, the first time to organize the senior manager of market management department and business department store, to get the customer depth analysis and market data, and then decide how product configuration.

Third, store decoration, different strokes for different folks, here is not the burden of narrative. But to remind you that we choose the way of style is not the same, the style of the decoration is certainly not the same, for example, Watsons is the cheap route, the decoration is relatively simple, Hongkong Yihuagong cosmetics shop is walking the fine line, her decoration on the high-end line counter. Many franchisees in accordance with the preferences of the company in the decoration effect


What is the most profitable to sell in winter

winter has quietly come, regardless of whether we welcome them, they are desperate to come, so we come to look for some opportunities to become rich.

A, all winter thermal underwear thermal underwear, so long as many people, certainly good sales. Sell warm summer clothes with underwear, thermal underwear is a good package, only need to take a set of samples to come out and do it, not all can be removed the bag like summer clothes hanging up as well.

two, socks, gloves, warm water bag, palm warm, scarf, hat, cotton insoles, cotton slippers…

the approaching winter, like friends also began to consider a replacement. So, what do you put on the stall at night in winter? To be honest, I don’t have any experience. However, there is a plan, huh, huh, just pondering for a while. Take my ideas out and discuss it with you.

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women love rice Nuo Fu to buy clothes