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Penashues campaign knew it ran afoul of Elections Canada over donations in

first_imgBy Jorge BarreraAPTN National NewsOTTAWA–Former federal cabinet minister Peter Penashue’s campaign knew by at least mid-February it had run afoul of electoral donation laws, Elections Canada records show.Elections Canada rejected Penashue’s amended campaign return that month because it failed to identify returned corporate donations and made no reference to an $18,710 non-monetary contribution from an airline, according to a Feb. 12 letter from Chief Electoral Officer Marc Mayrand. The letter was carbon copied to Penashue, who was intergovernmental affairs minister at the time.Mayrand’s letter raises questions around the timing of Penashue’s resignation.Penashue’s campaign returned a total of $46,560 in ineligible donations Elections Canada records show. At least 16 of the donations came from businesses. It is against election laws to accept corporate donations.“The information provided does not support the changes requested,” said Mayrand’s letter, which was addressed to Sandra Troster, Penashue’s new official agent. “In cases in which corporate cheques were received, corporate rather than individual names and addresses are required and no reference was made with respect to the reporting of the contributions of air travel services provided by Innu Mikun Limited Partnership and Provincial Airlines Limited. Consequently, authorization to correct the return is not granted.”Mayrand’s letter came in response to an amended electoral campaign return submitted to the elections watchdog on Dec. 19, 2012.Mayrand gave the campaign a deadline of March 4 to make the changes.The campaign did eventually submit a cheque for an $18,710.54 non-monetary donation from the airline for campaign travel during the last federal election, according to a copy of a March 4 dated cheque.Penashue resigned his post as intergovernmental affairs minister and his Labrador seat last Thursday. In his statement, Penashue claimed he was resigning after he and his campaign became “aware that there were ineligible donations accepted by the former official agent.” Penashue said he would run again in a byelection.Yet, according to Elections Canada records, his campaign had been trying to amend his electoral returns since at least mid-December.Penashue could not be immediately reached for comment.Fred Delorey, spokesperson for the Conservative party, would only say that the official agent “did not complete the amended return until recently.” read more

Lankans involved in Nauru riot

They gained access to a kitchen and armed themselves with knives and steel bars. Several new buildings were set on fire and the medical centre has been destroyed.At least 15 guards have been injured, including a local police officer who was stabbed. There were reports up to 500 people may have escaped the facility but a spokeswoman from the Australian Immigration Department said the situation was under control this morning. ABC news reported that refugees began rioting late Friday afternoon and within two hours had taken over the centre. The riot came hours after Prime Minister Kevin Rudd announced his hardline crackdown on boat people, although authorities are denying a link. The Sydney Morning Herald said that it was understood most of those rioting were Sri Lankans.The Refugee Action Coalition’s Ian Rintoul says the protest was over the slow processing of claims and had been in the planning for the past few days.He said before the protest yesterday there were two serious self-harm incidents by Tamil asylum seekers on Nauru. Police and security guards have restored order at the detention centre on Nauru in Australia after a full-scale riot broke out last night when detainees, mostly Sri Lankans attacked the police and tried to escape, Australian media reports said.Nine News reported today that up to 60 detainees were held overnight at the island’s police station following the outbreak of violence on Friday afternoon. Rudd announced on Friday that no asylum seeker who comes by boat will ever be resettled in Australia. Instead they will be sent to Papua New Guinea for processing and, if found to be refugees, will be resettled there. read more

Insurance companies convene at SMMT to discuss EV market

Companies from the UK insurance industry today met at SMMT to discuss how the low carbon vehicle market will impact on motor insurance premiums.Henry Carver, Head of Consumer Incentives at the Office for Low Emission Vehicles (OLEV) and other senior automotive industry representatives gave members from the Association of British Insurers (ABI) an overview on the latest technical and safety information for electric vehicles, as the UK’s transition to a low carbon industry gathers momentum.  Covering topics which included safety, battery disposal, mileage range, charging capabilities, maintenance, warranties, leasing and the second hand market for electric vehicles, vehicle manufacturers also gave their perspective on electric vehicle uptake, including 2011 market projections.SMMT Chief Executive, Paul Everitt, chaired the seminar, which was attended by approximately 100 delegates. A number of electric vehicles were also available to test drive throughout the day, including some models yet to become available in the UK.For more information on SMMT’s Electric Vehicle Insurance Group, contact Peter Davis, Technical Manager to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window) read more

Schlumberger eyes up Nevada lithium brine project

first_imgSchlumberger has entered into an earn-in agreement with Pure Energy Minerals Ltd that could see it become the 100% owner of a lithium brine project in Nevada, US.Pure Energy has granted subsidiaries of Schlumberger an option to acquire all of its interests in the Clayton Valley project in return for constructing, at its own cost and expense, a pilot plant for the processing of lithium brine.Schlumberger, which is more used to providing services to those in the oil & gas field, has a three-year period in which to exercise the option and may only exercise it if it has completed construction of the pilot plant and test work, which achieves certain parameters, Pure Energy said.Upon exercise of the option, Pure Energy will be entitled to a 3% net smelter returns royalty on minerals produced at the Clayton Valley and an advance minimum royalty payment of $400,000 per year starting January 1, 2021, for a period of five years or until the project achieves commercial production.Pure Energy and its technical consultants have completed the basic design for the proposed pilot plant which could cost an estimated $15-$25 million. The company has received a water right from the Nevada Division of Water Resources to extract the lithium-bearing brine needed for operation of the planned pilot plant.The pilot plant design is being led by Tenova Advanced Technologies with significant contributions from SUEZ Water Technologies & Solutions, a business unit of SUEZ Group, and NORAM Engineering & Constructors. The facility at the project will be the first pilot-scale implementation of the Tenova Process in the world. This process is specifically designed to exclude solar pond evaporation, increase and accelerate lithium recovery, and reduce the associated environmental footprint of lithium production.last_img read more

IMPORTANT POINTS FOR TOP 16 Wisla wins in Porto

← Previous Story Women’s EHF CL: ZRK Vardar beat Larvik in Norway! Next Story → HANDBALL-EXCLUSIVE: SAND THE GOLD OF HANDBALL? Polish vice-champions Orlen Wisla Plock won one of the most important battles at the EHF CL campaign this season. Manolo Cadenas’ team beat Porto 24:20 in Portugal and celebrate second victory – now very close to the TOP 16.FC Porto Vitalis Porto – Orlen Wisła Płock 20:24 (9:14)FC Porto Vitalis: A.Bravo (33% 3/12 saves, 2/3 penalty), H.Laurentino (22% 4/17 saves) – M.Schubert, H.Santos(3, 1/2k), M.Pereira, R.Moreira(3, 0/2k), A.Hernandes Borges, D.Salina, J.Ferraz(6), G.Duarte(4), H.Rosario, W.Davyes(3), P.Spinola, M.Martins(1)Orlen Wisła: M.Wichary (50% 5/11 saves, 1/1 7m), M.Šego (50% 11/24 saves, 3/4 k)(1) – V.Zrnić(3, 1/2k), A.Wiśniewski(1), I.Nikčević(3), V.Ghionea(1, 1/1k), K.Syprzak(4), M.Toromanović, Z.Kwiatkowski, P.Nenadić(6, 0/1k), I.Milas, M.Lijewski(3), N.Eklemović(2)STANDINGS: 2. THW Kiel4301123:120(3)6 5. FC Porto Vitalis5104112:136(-24)2 2. KIF Kolding Kobenhavn430194:89(5)6 4. Orlen Wisla Plock5203135:132(3)4 EHF Champions LeaguehandballOrlen Wisla PlockPorto handball 6. Dunkerque HB Grand Littora…400487:103(-16)0 1. KS Vive Targi Kielce4400132:103(29)8 read more

America is sending missiles and drones to Iraq

first_imgTHE UNITED STATES is sending Iraq dozens of missiles and surveillance drones to help combat a recent surge there in Al-Qaeda-backed violence, a State Department official said today.The official confirmed a New York Times report about the weapons shipment. The daily said 75 Hellfire missiles were purchased by Iraq and delivered by Washington last week.The State Department official confirmed the “recent delivery” of Hellfire missiles and an “upcoming delivery of Scan Eagles” – reconnaissance drones that are a smaller version of the larger Predator drones that once were frequently flown over Iraq.“The United States is committed to supporting Iraq in its fight against terrorism,” the official added, saying that the effort aims “to strengthen their capabilities to combat this threat.”The official added: “We remain committed to supporting the government of Iraq in meeting its defense needs in the face of these challenges.”Officials in Washington said the support is being sent under the “strategic framework agreement” between Iraq and the United States.Administration sources told the Times that the weapons delivery comes as the Iraqis had virtually run out of Hellfire missiles.The weapons shipments are being delivered as Baghdad confronts the worst wave of Islamic militant violence in half a decade.Yesterday, at least 44 people were killed in attacks across the country, including the bombing of a market near a church in Baghdad.The country is seeing the worst violence since 2008, when it was just emerging from a brutal period of sectarian killings.Militants frequently attack places where crowds gather, including markets, cafes and mosques, in an effort to cause maximum casualties.Experts say widespread discontent among Iraq’s minority Sunni Arab community is a major factor fueling the surge in unrest.More than 6,700 people have been killed in Iraq since the beginning of 2013, according to AFP figures based on security and medical sources.- © AFP 2013IN PICTURES: Over 100,000 dead as Syria sees another year of violenceMore: Car bomb targeting Christmas mass in Baghdad leaves 17 deadlast_img read more

Greek politicians wary of Cyprus deal

first_img Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagram “Painful,” “sheer blackmail,” “punishing” and “intolerable” are some of the words Greece’s politicians used Monday to describe the deal agreed between Cyprus and the troika for a 10-billion-euro bailout of the country.Speaking several hours after the deal was reached in Brussels, government spokesman Simos Kedikoglou suggested that Cyprus faced little choice but to accept significant losses for large depositors as part of the deal.“The agreement stops the slide toward a eurozone exit and the chaos that would come with that,” he said.“Cyprus has produced miracles many times. It will do it again,” added Kedikoglou. “It has the ability to make use of its unique position and its wealth-producing resources to return to prosperity and growth soon.”He also warned that other countries should not seek to take advantage of Cyprus’s economic weakness. The comment comes after the Turkish Foreign Ministry warned on Saturday of a “new crisis” in the Mediterranean if Cyprus collateralizes gas revenues as part of plans to form a solidarity fund.PASOK leader Evangelos Venizelos said that eurozone powers, particularly Germany, had chosen to make an example of Cyprus by “punishing and knocking sense into” the country.SYRIZA said that Cyprus had succumbed to “blackmail” and “threats” in order to agree to the deal.The leftist party criticized the government for failing to show solidarity for Nicosia and accused Southern Europe of “shooting itself in the foot” by failing to form a united front against the idea of a depositor bail-in.In his speech to mark Greek Independence Day on Monday, President Karolos Papoulias described the agreement between Cyprus and the troika as “intolerable” and “selective.” Source: Kathimerinilast_img read more

Saayii Tolof – Part 182 EPISODE 14 Difficult Marriages – Nyaaka

first_imgAt Worsack’ Home Sack paced up and down cursing and swearing. “Where is this useless, dull woman?” he asked while checking the time on his watch and hissing. “Has she started to play bond with men? She has to explain herself.”The Duo   Both Day and Yaaye entered the main sitting room exhausted. Day asked Yaaye to get her some water to drink. While Yaaye went to bring her the water she requested, Sack came out from his room and confronted her.Sack I arrived home since 12 noon and now check the time you are coming home? Are you mad? Have you start to run around? If I found out the truth I’ll so deal with you!” He raved and ranted.Day “You are mad and I’ll not answer you, would you leave me alone to mourn in peace?”Yaaye    She came from the kitchen and found Sack yelling, raving and ranting; “Why are you shouting at her? Are you a murderer? Do you know what your wife was hiding from you all this while? She does not want to bother you with her problems, she does not want to spoil your happiness, she loves you so much that she does not want you to live in misery, your beautiful wife here is suffering from Cancer all these years since she turned into this sour figure>”The Shock and Bewilderment “When did you learn about this and why was I not told?”Yaaye “It was just few hours ago that I learnt about it when she opened up to me and Pastor.” She gave Day the water but as her hands shake the glass of water crashed upon the floor she got up and headed for the door Sack tried to stop her but she rushed out from the compound into the street and out of sight. Sack rushed out of the compound into the streets searched the neighbourhood and she lost out of sight. Sack came back asked Gorgi to open the gate and he drove out in search of her; he stopped people and describe his wife but none seem to have met her.Sack He came back devastated and shocked absence they say makes the heart grow fonder, he started to value his wife more than ever. He sobbed bitterly; “What have I done to myself? Why did I maltreated my lovely angel of a wife, she served well but I’ve never notice, I’ve searched everywhere but she could not be seen I’ve also noticed all the police stations around the neighbourhood, I’ve also given them her bio data and contact address be very alert to the incoming calls. I’ve called her phone but it is not picking.” Yaaye gave him her phone, “Here is her phone she left it here.” “If my wife comes back treat her as a Queen because she is my Queen our people say one does not value his/her back until she/he wants to sit down and cannot sit.”Maagal He is fond of both parents he is also depressed when he did not see mom the whole day when he came back from the library. He went to dad and queried, “Mom what is happening? I tried to phone mom but she is not picking and I later learnt from Aunty Yaaye that she left her phone with her, where is mom is she not coming home today? I miss her dearly. “We all miss her but she asked for space and surely she will return tomorrow, go and eat your food and enjoy your educational films, I’ll join you later and tell your bed time stories.” “It is okay dad we are both depressed I’ll fine my way through am I not a big boy? I want to be independent to make mom proud when she comes back.” Sack drew his son and hugged him, “Both mom and dad are proud of you.” “Thank you dad I am going to bed.”Guilty Conscience   Sack’s guilty conscience turned into depression always blaming self for wife’s predicament and how he will make amends if she is ever found.To be continuedlast_img read more

Over 1400 Aftershocks Have Been Measured Since Friday

first_imgAs of Sunday, there had been over 1,400 recorded aftershocks of any magnitude; 593 of magnitude 2.0 or greater; 17 that registered at least 4.0; and five that were at least 5.0. Facebook0TwitterEmailPrintFriendly分享There have been over 1,400 aftershocks measured by the U.S. Geological Survey Earthquake Science Center since Friday’s 7.0 earthquake that shook southcentral Alaska. At a press conference on Sunday in Anchorage Falsey reassured everyone – things appeared to be calming down: “The aftershocks have thankfully been tapering off.” An aftershock stronger or as strong as the initial one is unlikely, however. The probability for an earthquake of magnitude 7 or higher before December 8 is only 3 percent, said the USGS. Anchorage Municipal Manager Bill Falsey: “More than a dozen of those aftershocks have been greater than a magnitude of four, and five of them have been greater than a magnitude of five. Every one of those in a normal course would have been a real, no-kidding Alaska earthquake. For a lot of people, this event has not ended. “last_img read more