Lu Guofu four stable factors determine the optimal success


I have many times in the article emphasizes the importance of content, because the content of the website is the core of the website, users come to our site, we rely on high-quality content to retain users, so has always stressed that the original article, because the search engine the daily workload is very large, which included the article before and will make a database of articles comparison, found your article high repetition, and your website weight is not high, it is likely that it will not be put out, so the high quality content is to make search engines love important factors of your site. Then the contents of OK, then we have to consider is the site update frequency of the problem, a lot of friends website the frequency of updates is not stable, good mood when update several pieces, the mood is not good if a week is not updated, so it is not good to the search engine, we like to go home in the play, if found to several little change, then we will go, we will not go. So the content update frequency must steadily update. When updates can function and method of operation in accordance with the operation of this article in the chain.

is normal

site is a stable space we must pay attention to the details, a lot of friends in this little note, after all, the price is not a space, a lot of friends chose a >

is the first point to emphasize is the content, then many friends will think of the chain. The website of the chain to improve website rankings have great influence, outside the chain of good will make your site search engine get more attention. In front of the chain wrote this website need we can see what the problem?. In fact, a Links chain is what we call the Links must be stable, I wrote this article in front of Wuhan Shanghai dragon blog mentioned in my analysis of weight decreased Links in 5, 6 sites have been unable to access the problem, I think this is also a great hurt, so I hope my friends look at the web site data in the exchange links, stable link to conquer all. There is an increase in time Links must increase, or by the search engine to determine the cheating time, have no time to regret. When I want to exchange Links I can refer to this Wuhan Shanghai dragon blog Links exchange standard.


two site outside the chain is stable and normal

three web site space is stable and fast

now do the Shanghai dragon optimization for more than a year’s time, in the process we do optimization have been stressed the need to stabilize the website, actually the website stability we say not only refers to the stability of site space. I found love Shanghai particularly sensitive to this instability, will give you some colour to see, now my blog is halfway there are some unstable factors, led to the current snapshot not update, included not increase. Today Wuhan Shanghai dragon with his blog to share the stable development of website what data is we must pay attention to.

A website content update frequency


Love be the most changeful Shanghai search included drop, detailed analysis

love Shanghai update. Basically love Shanghai will often update adjustment, general update this is normal, as long as your ranking has no effect, did not decline, then it is normal, do not bother to update, adhere to the optimization can drop some included.

some websites not less included, but before the 5 article released every day, can be included 3 article, although now released 5 only 1 articles included, even an article is not included, it is included reducing, after the net strange Shanghai Longfeng analysis, general website had revised, the original site of some of the procedures and tectonic changes are found in Shanghai, love your website and not the same as before, on your website rusty, the number of spiders to less, it will reduce the natural. So a website but do the best, do not even need revision, revision, step by step, this is for the best, don’t delete the old content.

website was hacked, we do the most awful is that the server is not stable, the website was hacked, the net strange Shanghai dragon also encountered students site was invaded, the only way is to change a server, thus preventing intrusion, the official website was hacked because some cause included reduced by a file in a file to FTP.

cheating practices, cause included reduced, as for what you use cheating means I don’t know (for example, hidden stack keywords >

2012 this year was an eventful year, love Shanghai algorithm has been adjusted, has been changed, for often included drop webmaster, analyze the reasons for the decline included here.

included reducing the reason analysis of two:


The quality of the

love Shanghai suddenly reduced It is without rhyme or reason. included problems, many owners have encountered recently, many students ask their singular Shanghai dragon website rather baffling love Shanghai included reducing, some still did not find the reason, there is no suitable solution. Some friends say love is called Shanghai included reducing the hair fell in love with altitude".


included reducing one reason:

included reducing the reason analysis of five:

Reduce the cause analysis of three

, is to emphasize the numerous problems, before we have done a business website included from hundreds to dozens, we were investigating the reasons, the first time found the site the quality problem, although many articles published every day, but the others are false, the quality is not high. 3 years ago, Shanghai Longfeng collection of other articles, the search engine that is love, 2 years ago, the article also has a proper pseudo effect, but now the pseudo original search engine is generally able to identify. It included drop, first check is not the quality problem.

included reducing the reason analysis of four:

The use of


Shanghai dragon company please pay attention to the latest love Shanghai Webmaster Tools



as a member of the company, Shanghai love is always our main position optimization. So for the love of Shanghai adjustment and the latest developments, we must always pay attention to the latest trends, we love Shanghai to grasp the direction of Shanghai dragon. A lot of people have not noticed, so here today are, convenient for everyone. 2014.02.20 1:57

1) power distribution — a massive search designed for mobile phone terminal is more fit for mobile search search strategy, let users easily have mobile phone site traffic.

2) cash flow to make easy money – Seamless love Shanghai Union Station in the massive resources, mobile phone mobile promotion materials, mobile traffic.



5, site app two new function

in the morning

note: for ordinary users in the Internet can normally access the content, Baiduspider can not access and grab, grab is abnormal. This function allows owners more clearly love Shanghai spider crawling the web times, and probably because of the space server is not stable or death caused by crawling the page number of failures, so as to let the webmaster more convenient and detailed on the site as a whole to control, and not to do the work but I do not know the result that a loss at a loss.

2, grab the abnormal function upgrade, directly display the total number and the number of errors of

This paper consists of:

if the pressure is abnormal, the webmaster can also submit feedback informed love Shanghai

Guangxi cross era Shanghai Longfeng company 贵族宝贝zhongwangyulian贵族宝贝/, reproduced please specify!

3, the rebate feedback data curve, and the overall change of daily data at a glance

1, page optimization tips page revision, separate pages and pictures check

Shanghai dragon


4, security detection function upgrade, compared to the original part of the increase in function. This feature is very important for the owners of limited space, omitting

summary: from the above love Shanghai webmaster function to increase and upgrade can be seen, in order to win over the owners or, in order to improve their own good, for whatever reason, love Shanghai as a search engine function more perfect and convenient. Shanghai Longfeng company and the owners of analysis, days after the Shanghai dragon optimization work of the grasp and control will be more clear.


Lazy Links method for construction

first, we have to know what is the link exchange platform

Hello, I am the future. Our website construction website has been officially released for several months, at the beginning of our weight is not high, so we are active to find someone else Links the exchange. After several months of efforts, our website also rapidly improving the strength level. That we are lazy, do not want to take the initiative to find others exchange chain, and we are now using the link exchange method is a passive attitude, namely the use of link exchange platform.

in addition to the two link exchange platform outside, there are many excellent links exchange platform, Shanghai dragon Er can also search "link exchange platform" to get more in the search engines, as shown below:

link exchange platform is a single function in recent years before the rise of the site, only one role is to provide information, link exchange. In the link exchange platform, users generally is each web site, search engine optimization personnel (Shanghai dragon ER), who published his own website information in link exchange platform, they want to release the Links information of the target, and then passively wait for others to find their own link exchange. For those of us in Shanghai dragon Er, with link exchange this platform not only enables us to save time and effort, but it is a valued link exchange method. But the disadvantage is the need to leave all the webmaster contact, such as QQ, e-mail, send the information on the surface appears to be of no great importance, but there may be potential risk sending spam. There are a lot of Links exchange platform, we have listed domestic popular popularity two Links platform: "want to chain chain GO9GO and poly Rui network link exchange channel.

here I would like to introduce my common friend chain exchange platform, is the release of relevant information in a chain exchange with a chain exchange regional forum, and then wait for the response. Here with a chain exchange tools Forum: Shanghai Phoenix Forum, 28 push, push etc.. This method is suitable for a wide range, but also bring the chain, but the drawback is that the need for manual in someone else’s reply until the audit, on the other side of the back in to find a suitable chain so far. Here we take Shanghai Phoenix Forum as an example, the analysis as shown below: >

want to chain chain GO9GO is Links platform for domestic popular popularity, Links information can be released for free here, and by "management links", advance their website information to Links platform home, in order to facilitate others now, as shown below:


poly Rui is a chain exchange platform for users of professional Links self-service exchange platform, currently has more than 100 thousand of the owners here to exchange links, links to resources are very rich, as shown below:


Don’t talk about old the original ranking just flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum it

in Shanghai against duplicate content increasing situation, "the general copy" Internet event has improved. Is the inevitable owners started to recognize the original content, pseudo original has become increasingly shaky. For the love of Shanghai, stressed that the original is do in order to do their own user experience, consolidate their own brand of charm. But in the webmaster’s point of view, the original ranking for what is the meaning of


so the final decision is in the hands of users. This is reflected in some of the new station is particularly evident. The new station will carefully start, not just the collection content, station is generally a high degree of original content. So new sites will get good rankings in just online. But their ranking is often short-lived, because the new station is often relatively simple, not too rich content to attract visitors, ranking will soon fall. The so-called "sandbox effect" is about the situation. Enter the sandbox after the new period needs to optimized step by step to the long climb back from behind.

so, optimization must have a clear understanding of the nature of the original, not to the original and the original. All in the search engine of the original is generally relatively rough, without considering the user experience, so the original rankings is destined to be short-lived. In order to obtain the lasting rankings >

before the answer to this question, we first analyze a typical means of cheating: hot industry into the popular content not related. For example, a web site is to do the popular wedding photography industry, but due to intense competition, want to get good rankings have great difficulty. So some owners will insert some related content on the popular wedding photography website, such as insert a camera shell material article. Because the content is popular, has a certain scarcity, love Shanghai will soon included such articles, and can get good rankings. In this process the domain name ranking will advance a lot, but this is a typical deception visitor’s behavior, now the search engine can be easily identified and punished.

see here, I believe we have to understand the meaning of the original content. Strictly speaking, popular content of original content is equivalent to the above mentioned, are scarce in the Internet, will give priority to ranking. From this perspective, the original meaning of ranking is great.

is far not so simple. The original rankings are temporary search engine rankings, the unique original content in the front row, only temporarily assuming web content is valuable, is the needs of users. As to whether it is worthwhile, the search engine to the user to decide. If the row in front of the original content can obtain a large number of users click, and then the user behavior on the web site reflects is very attractive, search engine will think these content is indeed a user demand. What time will the extension of these websites ranking, otherwise only flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum.



Mixing the live broadcast and the VR Rio Olympic Games have come to an end, whose business opportuni

opportunity track: training

if you are advertising size is the size of the advertising pictures, you can direct the management of advertising in " " adjusted as shown below: if the ad unit " " column is " text and image ads, " said; you have chosen to support the picture advertising, does not need any adjustment. If the display is " only text advertising " or " only picture advertising " you can click on the right side of the " modify the ad settings " change the advertising unit settings to " text and picture ads ".

now, you simply have to make a few simple adjustments to capture this opportunity, win more multimedia advertising resources, and increase your website’s revenue:

since 2009, International Olympic Committee confirmed the plenary session of the Rio Olympics golf became a formal event, everyone hold Chinese Golf 30 years of big move, in the mobile Internet era all release.

shlf1314 AdWords last month released a multimedia advertising tool, this tool provides a rich multimedia advertising templates, advertisers spend only 1 minutes, you can create a multimedia advertisement beautifully. We have not found that as long as the advertisement set pictures or text ads, image ads, many, but this one use, advertising is very popular, at least my station is www.gz66 such an article just point out, the matching is image ads, so we have to end if make good use of image ads to increase our income

the first step: adjust the size of the advertising unit.

crowded track: booking court

second step: make sure you choose to support image format ads.


sports enterprise has cooled down, and the global Carnival of Rio Olympic Games will come to an end. This session highlights and slots together after the Olympic Games, which can continue to enjoy the bonus of entrepreneurship in the field of

feedback from the capital market in recent years, so that golf entrepreneurs see hope. Golf is a niche sport in many sports segments, though it is more than soccer and basketball. In August 2015 and January 2016, the cloud Golf and express listed on the new board, from two levels of market news also injected a shot in the arm for the golf business.

supports multimedia advertising in the form of 728X90160X600300X250336X280250X250200X200,

Document No. 46 issued by


The carnival of

in October 2014 is regarded as a historic breakthrough in China’s sports industry. By the State Council personally depicts 5 trillion the size of the market, followed by the entrepreneurial boom, will push the sports venture capital is concentrated into the air, explosive, seems to be pushing the rush to speed up the pace to catch up with the Olympic bonus 2016.


however, the upsurge is always accompanied by the bubble theory. A large number of sports venture projects do not have a shaping business model, serious homogenization. For example, the recent fame of live broadcast platform, in the field of sports live limited by copyright, play too many tricks; and for example, more than 3000 sports App mode is too repetitive, by 2016, financing has been very few.

? < >

the 2016 Rio Olympics is now over and some changes have taken place. The circle of friends about the gold medal less, Taobao online new expression package more mutual fighting sports power; less, multinational athletes group CP; before the black black site security less, discuss the black technology more match…… The people’s sporting spirit seems to have suddenly awakened, suggesting what happened in the past four years.

120X600468X60. If your ad unit on your website is not in these formats, please re – generate and print the ad size listed above.


data source: new database, sloth bear sports, Internet

if you need to adjust the advertising size, you need to re generate the ad code. You can select " in the generated step; text and picture ads default; " options;



completed the steps above, you can put new ad code added to the page, through these adjustments, can ensure the multimedia advertisement to display on your site, so as not to miss any multimedia advertising resources.

, we will study it carefully and we will find some secrets from it. Finally, I hope you all make a fortune.

, according to incomplete statistics, over the past 18 months, occurred in the field of sports financing in 307 cases, the total amount of financing more than 20 billion yuan, more than 10 times the number of 2011 -2014 sports financing total Disclosure Based on the data network. Sports media not gold in most areas, but also music, Wanda, Ali and other giants have a card track. And VC and PE are active in the field of national fitness, fitness, cycling, running and other fields of financing scale is more than 300 million yuan data source: "2016 sports start white paper".


Stationmaster learns Zhao Benshan, advance with time, new high

believes that these days everybody had read Zhao Benshan MBA news, the uncle is Chinese entertainment for decades the wind does not collapse, rain does not fall on the giant, fame, his reputation, in the Chinese place known to every family, no one does not know; on the influence, people will see the governor on an equal footing; theory of wealth, he is said to have 700 million net worth, had no shortage of fame, not bad money, why should he have to read what MBA, let some people go to see a joke? You know such a top MBA, optical fee to about 500000, you can imagine all sorts of criticism, the taunt, may have people think this is a joke, you just graduated from primary school, you read what you MBA, this is not a money burning


but in my opinion, he is a real learning, keeping pace with the times, why is Zhao Benshan so successful, he must have his reasons, long time work in the career, loneliness, but not willing to reality, he was just out of the society is just a song and dance duet actor, through their own inherent the talent and hard work, continuous learning, constantly breakthrough yourself and create the ordinary people do not create achievements. As a personal webmaster, we should learn how to learn Zhao Benshan, the spirit of keeping pace with the times, in my opinion, the following three points are very important.

: the first learning is its own thing, not used to decorate the facade of the things, from Zhao Benshan himself spent 550 thousand to read MBA can know, his reputation, his influence did not need to spend 550 thousand to hype their own packaging, but because he really need to make the transition to do business planning, need to add background knowledge such. Learning, and as a webmaster we should also do our business and learning and related knowledge, really into it, learn it, grasp it, use it.

second: enhance self-confidence, not because of a little frustration is stagnant, to acquire new knowledge and use of new knowledge to win, the so-called insist Aoyama do not relax, it will not be because of the four corners of the world wind, like Zhao Benshan’s media criticism, the cold satirical ridicule and give up to read MBA, and we as individuals the site, to keep learning, continue to explore, and in this process, you can imagine will encounter many difficulties, but must strengthen confidence, continue to break their own, it is possible to make a success.

third: to take precautions in stages to learn different knowledge, Zhao Benshan just way, absolutely not to learn what MBA, at that stage he may learn is how to sing the song and dance duet, how to play a good play, but we, as a personal webmaster, to be divided into different stages to learn different knowledge as a green hand, the rookie webmaster, we are going to learn some simple encoding, art design, site slightly molding, we want to learn SEO, promotion; site of a certain group of users, have a certain reputation, we must learn to learn marketing, set up team etc.. Just like the www.wwjh.net thing I just started


I wonder if the webmaster met such a girl

              do stand, for many webmaster, especially beginners webmaster has become an important part of everyday life, and even some friends reached the point of obsession, life is like a game, do stand when a part of the game is the webmaster. Just want to say to those who indulge in standing friends: stand up, leave the computer and see if your love is still there.


During the national day to buy foreign goods Fujian FTA is a good choice

with the advent of economic globalization, in our daily lives, more and more consumers not only want to buy authentic products, but also want to buy some good products abroad. National Day holiday this year, the FTA has become a new place for people to travel. To direct cross-border mall purchase "foreign goods", to parallel car car trading center…… Free trade zone to upgrade the consumer, so that the holiday economy by a long holiday and a fire. Fujian Free Trade Zone really so prosperous? Below we understand.

holiday, is located in Xiamen free trade area Xiashang International Mall Fengxinzi cross-border direct purchase of goods experience center, will usher in large shopping "shopping spree" of the public every day. Opening more than a year, in the area of nearly 30 thousand square meters of the mall, there are 40 businessmen in the field of overseas goods have more than 50 thousand kinds, including from all over the world food, health care products, cosmetics, baby products, wine etc..

Import & Export Co., Ltd. in Xiamen Aiga stores in the checkout queue. Manager Liu Chunhui said, the store merchandise from more than two thousand species, from Southeast Asia, South Korea, Japan and Europe and other countries and regions, during the holiday selling is the most busy leisure food, variety, affordable, very popular with consumers.

a few days before the national day, the daily sales are usually two or three times." Liu Chunhui said, in accordance with the law of the long holiday, after the second half of the business will be better.

in the fresh area, Xiamen citizens Ms. Lin Rong is picking the chilled food while watching the price tag, he told reporters: "Vietnam Bassa fillets 35 yuan a bag, the COD 49 yuan a pack, the family love to eat. Some businesses do holiday promotions, the price is also cheaper than online shopping."

three days before the national day, the entire center sales more than doubled." Hyacinth cross-border direct purchase of goods experience center responsible person Zhang Yi introduction, due to the cost of the flow of compression, into the center of the direct purchase of overseas commodity prices more reasonable, some of the goods price is lower than the market two to 30%. All goods purchased by the formal channels overseas, after the customs and inspection and quarantine departments for the record, after the inspection to be on sale, so the quality is guaranteed.

Free Trade Zone in the Fuzhou area, parallel import car trading center is located in Jiangyin bonded port, look at the car, the car in a continuous line of guests. Here the main display, sales of high-end imported cars as well as the domestic market is relatively rare sports car, rv.

according to reports, the parallel import car purchase directly from overseas, with the FTA bonded exhibition and trade policy, crossed the import brand agent, local agent, 4S stores sales, let the car parallel import in the bonded state to deal directly recommended in the exhibition hall


Plateau civilized style community attorney mediation petition

"thanks to the prosecutor, I have to pay the damages to the court." In Xining City Road, the office of the streets of the Park Lane Community civil administrative procuratorial work contact point, an old man because of losing, excitedly came to the West District People’s Procuratorate community convenience contact point complaint. Through conversation, prosecutors understand the circumstances of the case, and patiently explained why the case cannot protest, old people gradually calm the mood, also understand oneself in compensation for the damage, therefore occurs at the beginning of the scene. This setting in the people in front of the civil administrative procuratorial work contact point and the point of contact, to help people solve legal problems at the same time, can let more people know that, in addition to the trial, the petition, the people’s mediation and other channels, but also through the civil administrative procuratorial system to solve the problem.

initially, the civil administrative procuratorial department staff regularly each month to the community to promote relevant laws and regulations to answer the question of the masses. But before long, the community a prosecutor of the news spread like wildfire, more and more people devoted to the civil administrative procuratorial work contact point consulting related issues of community. Gradually, Xining City West District People’s Procuratorate prosecutors felt every month to the community was too short, so that the community point of contact staff of the civil administrative procuratorial legal knowledge training propaganda became the procuratorial work of the "new position", to participate in the training of the staff naturally became the community’s obligations propagandist. As a result, the timing of the fixed point of civil administrative procuratorial publicity and consultation has become a service anytime, anywhere. Now, this approach has been extended to all parts of the province.

contact point set up so far, has received a lot of residents, community residents to consult an endless stream of questions is also a variety of questions. Prosecutors put here as a close contact with the masses, to resolve social conflicts with the "humanization window, a smile, a cup of tea, a greeting, a chair of the reception, enthusiasm for the masses.

in addition, Xining City West District People’s Procuratorate in the process of handling juvenile cases, established leniency related system of criminal judicial policy, some prosecutors also served as the 6 area college vice president of legal. Whether it is the innovation of the criminal procuratorial work process, or the innovation of the civil administrative procuratorial work, it shows that the people’s Procuratorate of the West District of Xining has changed the concept of law enforcement, and the soft power of supervision and service".