The Shanghai dragon practitioners dilemma a bird in a cage to the blue sky

was the internal circle is relatively small, while in the second and three line city, almost no large-scale professional optimization company. The small and medium-sized Internet companies, the Department of Shanghai Longfeng not many members, such as communication circle problem. Long without fresh blood in, plus itself on the Shanghai dragon team is not seriously, resulting in a lack of communication within the company. A meeting or training has become a cope, this is the Shanghai dragon team status and many difficulties, but it is difficult to improve.

second, let employees to learn new knowledge, but not all tangled up in the chain to release, come down for a long time employees must feel tired.

said Shanghai Longfeng work, basically can be used to describe the word can be boring, think about what kind of work is not repeated. Because of this reason many couples can not give up halfway to the end, there are many, and now the bottom of Shanghai Longfeng practitioners salary level is very low, so many people choose to give up Shanghai dragon. Or do live one day at a time of the day, according to their own personal experience, both in the second and three line city of Shanghai dragon general practitioners.

Shanghai Longfeng circle can be divided into two categories: one category is the leadership of Shanghai Longfeng practitioners, another kind is at the bottom of the Shanghai dragon practitioners, to the author himself as an example, the main work is to write the content and the chain construction. Of course, the entire site planning of Shanghai dragon does not need to be responsible for us, but the Shanghai dragon is not only the content and the chain so simple. When considering the user experience and operation, the bottom of Shanghai Longfeng practitioners on don’t know how to start, especially in a small network company, the internal circle is too small, often let us as we need a broader caged bird, blue sky.

third: lost enthusiasm, the status quo of

second: lack of communication, trapped in the small circle of

first, improving the welfare of employees, which is the most fundamental problem, if the treatment is too poor, not what employees work enthusiasm of nature.

: the first boring work, insipid

third, to make the training plan, in order to inspire learning interest in Shanghai dragon. It can mobilize the enthusiasm of all, of course, the specific implementation of the time are very difficult.

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for the majority of the bottom of Shanghai Longfeng practitioners, lose enthusiasm for work, and are not in the minority, the author is one of them. The ranking has become more and more difficult, more and more work pressure in Shanghai dragon, long do not rank more will make many people lose confidence, and then begin to muddle along. No longer thinking about how to do the optimization, but gradually become a mechanical chain and this code, many Shanghai Longfeng team are facing problems. As to how to solve this problem, the author thought from three aspects.


Analysis of website update frequency and ranking of the association between love Shanghai

second: because the update frequency of the different types of Web sites are not the same, so we cannot blindly pay attention to update frequency, in fact, I think, for different types of stations, search engines should have the corresponding search cycle, therefore, for some enterprise station, if the frequency of updates but do not conform to reality it is not to have the effect, I think, for a class of station, search engine will have a certain period to crawl included, so frequent updates are not necessarily meaningful.

fourth: frequent updates is meaningful, but more attention should be paid to the quality of


: first we should pay attention to the quality of the article, and not to update and update.

generally, the author believes that with the increase of web pages of good, ZhengZhan weight will slowly be accumulated, so as to improve the site’s ranking. So as Shanghai dragon, we want the website information update frequency to understand, in fact, update frequency is also an important way to love Shanghai weight accumulation, but we must pay attention to the reasonable transfer of weight.

search engine to access the site, which included the new page, also want to check before the movements of the page. This is the kind of feedback mechanism. Included in the previous page visit, will the new URL is added to the access database. At the same time, frequent updates to develop a good habit of spider crawling, which is advantageous to the site of the cumulative weight.

many friends hope that their website has a good ranking, so do the chain, website content, many webmaster friends think the site update frequency is higher, so with the increase of time, the website ranking will be very good to improve, so many webmaster every day try to update the content, which if unable to get high quality content, will try to reprint a think good article, then, what are the links between web site update frequency and love Shanghai ranking? According to some observations of their own, here and put forward some own views, I hope everyone pointing.


third: update frequency is too high will cause the search engine to alert

so many people think if you want to keep the ranking, it must maintain a certain frequency, even if the quality is not good but also have a certain effect. But in fact, this idea is not accurate, after all, we update the article is not to look to the search engines, more specifically, we should not be the pursuit of update frequency, but really have the original or quality content to offer visitors, you should update.

if the website content quality is not high, high update frequency will cause the attention of the search engine, to increase the site audit, which will lead to bad consequences.

webmasters will find such a situation, some for a long time not updated station rankings is very good, this is a very normal and very.


How to prevent website content from being stolen

‘s maintenance of the SEO policy might help you find problems that are completely unrelated to SEO. For example, SEO can help you discover whether or not web content has been stolen. One way to do this is to add unique tags to your website. Some people steal content from other people’s Web sites into their own websites. If you add unique tags to your web content, you can quickly find stolen content.

Another way

SEO helps find stolen content is to track the user’s whereabouts. Typically, when SEO policies are executed, programs such as Google analytics are used to monitor the site. Through this kind of analysis program, you can find stolen content. For example, in this kind of program, you can see that users enter the site through those links, and sometimes you may find users from a completely unexpected place. That’s where you can link to that site to see what’s going on. It’s easy to spot websites that steal content. There are many ways to keep track of the content of your web site.

tags the content of the site and finds only stolen content, but it does not prevent the recurrence of similar events. There is a way to prevent content from grabbing web content – domain hiding. Domain hiding is actually hiding the actual address of your web site. You can redirect visitors to another URL using the HTML framework. For example, the site’s address is www.gosanya.net, which can be disguised as www.hnlmzy.com.

using domain hiding techniques

, but the problem is that domain hiding can also affect search engine crawlers, because the same content will appear on two different pages, one for real web pages and the other for redirected pages. Another problem is that the search engine crawler cannot read the set of frames used to redirect users, which means that the site may not be able to participate in the ranking of search results. So you can use this method only when the content is really unique and can greatly enhance your ranking.


How does the Internet come into my life

my first contact with the Internet in 2002, I became the director of the Red Dragonfly computing center Wang home to see him I open the GG page in a few years later, I told this to search a lot of interesting things, I blurted out, and then enter porn, sex, and then is a big English on site, there are Chinese pornographic novels, handsome.

I was using my mailbox for the first time, too. Unfortunately, I didn’t have my mailbox at that time. I didn’t even have my own cell phone. I don’t even have a fixed line at home. A friend of mine, a lovely American girl from Taiwan, made a brief stay in Beijing and returned to the United states. She asked me to use e-mail, so I registered one at sina. However, there are very few letters. One is that I don’t speak English, and two, I don’t have Internet access.

I had a personal homepage for the first time in 2003, and I did it with Zhang Jie, now AOKANG, when I was at home with my college classmates at a small club, pottery, book bar – Seventh space. Li Jie helped me to do a website, hanging in the 51 or two level domain name server, and now I only remember a column called "write, write their own, others, to see others" from 2003 to 2006, I started my own business, I also have a business site, is a a tax on financial home, hanging on a friend of the space, then I in the Nanjing accountant colleague Zhao Qiang, also help me modify the content. At that time, www.33ww.com.cn webmaster Ma Jun is still in Chengdu, do stand already quite experienced. We also exchanged links.

looks like in 2007, I registered the domain name of 21rl.com in the new network. At that time, I began to recognize the reputation now outside the fast code site, long Gjj, to learn a lot of him standing knowledge, but also my idol now.

was low in 2007. He knew Wang Tong and agreed on how to use the Internet to develop business. He bought a set of his works.

over the years, did not achieve any results, previously felt that the opportunity is everywhere, want to do everything, and now is to consider their strength, select the appropriate project and work, no longer distract efforts.

from the first time to see the Internet excited, then identified the Internet will become a way of life, now not to 5 years, the Internet has gradually enveloped around us, and this network is more and more close, really, he will replace the TV as a new generation of people living in a part of.

finally want to say is, with everyone learning, learning from the Internet, thinking about the Internet, let the Internet bring me wealth, is what I am thinking now.

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Webmaster, please pay attention to your code security

maintains the site at night and suddenly finds the server slowing down. Feeling a little unusual, I opened the log file and got a shock.

found the following information:

GET /web.rar – 80 – Mozilla/4.0 4040 64

GET /web.rar – 80 – Mozilla/4.0 4040 64

GET /iqevwww.rar – 80 – Mozilla/4.0 4040 64

GET /www.rar – 80 – Mozilla/4.0 4040 64

GET /www.rar – 80 – Mozilla/4.0 4040 64

GET /aeamwwwroot.rar – 80 – Mozilla/4.0 4040 64

GET /wwwroot.rar – 80 – Mozilla/4.0 4040 64

GET /wwwroot.rar – 80 – Mozilla/4.0 4040 64

GET /tuvlxxx.rar – 80 – Mozilla/4.0 4040 64

GET /xxx.rar – 80 – Mozilla/4.0 4040 64

GET /xxx.rar – 80 – Mozilla/4.0 4040 64

bright eyes of stationmaster, see to know. An IP address is scanning the rar file above the server.

do you have this habit? Do you always compress the entire website? Are you surprised to see it here?.

that’s why so many source codes are sold online. Get a multi-threaded software, scanning all day long, sure to get a lot of code. Do not know how many stations have been in the hands of others inside.



Webmaster how to build a high PR value

some time ago wrote an article "how your site appears in the first page of Baidu GG" article (the address: http://www.admin5.com/article/20080608/88072.shtml), has been recognized by many users, but also know a lot of friends, and everyone through exchange also let me learn a lot, also let me realize the knowledge share is actually let their knowledge fast way, today I’m going to write an article about how to improve the PR, put me in a recent period of time of the heart to share, if what is wrong place please exhibitions, I put my station out for everyone to see, http://www.82flash.com this is a PR0 station, when next time with the new PR, and I’m sure can reach PR3 or even higher (to see this station is to let everyone As a witness, next time with the new PR if not up to 3 people can say today I write this is here, in fact I don’t brag) to think carefully before I have just taken on PR PR3 station, you can look up to the 3 stations are PR3 http:// www.22bz.com http://www.22bz.cn http://www.92mtv.net

don’t talk too much. I’ll share my heart, and I’ll talk about it from five aspects:

first, we first talk about the Links exchange, exchange connection is a kind of skill is very high, and it is very time consuming, because first of all you have to do is find to do the connection object (for connection to check PR, check the search revenue is not normal, not much more than the number of links), then go to talk about good, finally to do. Link exchange in this process, we should pay attention to several places, the connection is not the more the better, should be refined and excellent (here refers to the fine and excellent PR even less), do the connection first look at the PR and even the number of the other party, if the number of the other side of the PR3 is outside the 100 the connection is not what meaning do, you can not get it to PR instead of PR to do it, we must first see how many other external connection PR connection number, try to find PR large even less to do, certainly a lot of people will ask, I didn’t go to people with PR PR do, others can not ignore me, this is about to see you pull the connecting skills, I talk about my skills, I was first to find the webmaster chat, not to talk about connecting things, talk with go talk to do, talk very well after the general search engine, as long as you are normal collect Someone else will add a connection to you. (to remind you here, and often to see your connection, there should be a lot of immoral people, in order to PR, with you today to do the connection, and tomorrow will be deleted, and I am very contemptuous of this kind of person.


second, landing catalogs, submit your site to the catalog, >


The bitterness of a novice webmaster

I am a grass, a small grass, haven’t grown grass!! will have access to the Internet, from 2006 start, the time to visit my cousins, learned that he was doing a movie station, one day can earn 200 to 300, my heart, I asked him to teach me, he called I buy a domain name and space, at that time did not understand what is called domain name and space, I will help my cousin, cousin’s help to me, he would help me to buy space and domain name, but also help me to do a simple web page, the total investment of less than 200 yuan, ha ha

may be a fluke, "was difficult to be included in Baidu, also brought a lot of popularity, a day can earn 80 to 100 yuan, was very happy, thought the network was filled with gold, ha ha (idea is childish), until the SP die, not what can make money, but also to the 7000 movie station multivariate income closed

later, they learn to stand, know what is called CMS, know what the SEO is, learn something, do a lottery station use its own confused to learn the experience of SEO on site SEO, the effect is not ideal, think of themselves may be not the technology, but also to learn ah.

PS: I graduated from junior high school, the first time to write something, writing is not good, I hope you understand, thank you for your support!

ad: my website (www.yuanmaw.cn), I qq:991136222 sincere world webmaster friends.


Join the big secret of deception Environmental gasification furnace

by the reputation of science and technology and environmental protection, and constantly have new brands come out, to bring people a variety of new services, at the same time, but also to allow more investors have a good opportunity to start a business. However, Xiao Bian here to reveal a secret to everyone: the magic of environmental protection gasification furnace!

manufacturers now have publicity gasifier gasification furnace propaganda into new energy saving and environmental protection products, in the sale of the gasification furnace has no tar on the label, it is really the case? The west fork village of Hebei province Xingtang County Fan Chunfeng in advertising temptation, once bought five magic gasifier, the home a try, the results can be quite different.


gasifier gasification furnace to promote big secret never successfully


Online business which is better to open the shop to find the location

is now the network has been widely spread to every household, a lot of people have begun to contact the network. But what kind of projects have more investment value? How do you shop online? Today Xiaobian for everyone to recommend a few good projects.

now open newspapers, magazines, advertising agency is looking for products everywhere. Some people hold such an instinctive rejection of this kind of advertising, that is a liar, in fact, is not the case, there are also hidden in a mountain.

Fourth, the best in direct contact with the manufacturers, instead of second-hand or even three hand agents, unless manufacturers have special requirements.

take the task to make money

if you have expertise, then go Chinese tasks such website contact jobs, enjoy. As long as you have enough features, a few thousand dollars a month is not a problem.

to make money online speculation

Web Design

is to spend money to buy advertising, selling products, realize the difference on the line. The auction can go to the Baidu alliance, Google Union, Ali mother, another form of bidding is to buy website advertising, the effect is similar, the key is to look at the conversion rate, high conversion rate, product burst Lee, then you will be rich.


Where to open a pet shop business will be good

pet is a lot of people love to keep, pet sick or other needs will go to the pet shop, now more and more pets, pet shop business is getting better and better. If you want to open a pet shop, then where to hold a business is better? Xiao Bian for us to do a detailed introduction.

1. pet shop location, convenient transportation area, or near several major stations. Pet shop where good? Pet shop consumers generally close to the consumer, so the pet store location should not be more than 20 minutes walk within the street set up a lot of people on the other side of the shop to open a pet shop as well.

2. close to the place where people gather. Pet shop location, such as theaters, cinemas, parks and other places of entertainment, or a large factory, near the organ, which can attract pedestrians passing through, pet shop where good? On the other hand, it is easy for the customer to remember the location of the pet shop, and the guests who have come to the others will be able to guide others.

3. choose close to where the population will increase. Pet shop where good? The development of enterprises, residential areas and municipalities, pet shop location, will add more customers to the pet store to make it more operational potential.

4. new high-grade residential (Commercial Street). Pet shop where good? The new district (Commercial Street) although a short time will not have too high turnover, but residential (Commercial Street) after ripening, the pet shop business will be very influential.

5. pet store location, to choose a smaller side of the street or obstacles. Most of the time, pet shop where good? Pedestrians crossing the road, because the concentration of the spirit to avoid vehicles or other pedestrians, it is easy to ignore the side of the shop.

6. pet store location, with its choice of businesses are now optimistic about the location of the store business, it is better to choose the near future will be changed from cold to warm street is not optimistic.

7. sometimes with its good store business direction and then to find a business place, it is better to find a place in the middle, low price of the business place, pet shop where good? According to the local environment to determine the direction of business.

The above is about

in the pet shop where better, I believe we have a certain understanding, only to determine the address of the shop, opened his own pet store so as to better, want to take the business shop, to consult!

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