The 5 big search trend in 2016 can not be ignored

2. structured data is more significant in

2015, announced the opening of its new noble baby machine learning systems, namely RankBrain, the artificial intelligence (AI) technology is designed to search for a better understanding of. Noble baby official also said that when there has never been a search term appears in search engine, this technology will be very helpful. This new ranking mechanism in the test phase quickly highlights its advantages, as the search giants nobility baby said, RankBrain will be the third most important signal in its ranking algorithm.


and other search engines when the nobility baby can be very good for Machine Learning algorithm, they can understand the potential needs of the audience and by showing the most needed information, and thus enhance the user search experience. So how to grasp the

stands in the technical perspective, if advertisers grasp this opportunity, need to pay close attention to structured data. Structured data such as based identification, identification, relationship between help Adsense by describing the page content accurately and search engine to communicate, rather than the content of web pages to code > left crawler

APP by advertisers to enhance brand awareness, we need to optimize APP. Usually, the design is beautiful, and the good architecture and brand information of the mobile terminal application, is very helpful for APP operation. Remember, when a user searches for a APP application in the store, they can only see the APP icon and a small amount of information, all APP related pictures, especially the icon, the user clicks to try to stimulate the desire for more information. On the other hand, when the APP application store shelves, users began to seek, to review and monitor the user rating of APP. When users start Tucao experience poor or there will be some wrong place, should be timely to repair and to inform the user of the problem has been treated.

in the past year, search and content marketing has undergone many major changes of website development, the original content or is no longer subject. On the contrary, to search and social data for the material creation, has become a new trend. This may be the new skill of the webmaster grab the audience attention. In this paper, the morning tea will share 5 owners in 2016 to pay close attention to the trend of Shanghai dragon.

1. mobile APP need to optimize

mobile APP may be 2016 search and brand show is becoming more and more important factors in the amount of. In 2015, mobile search volume over the PC side, at the same time, usage of mobile APP is also growing. According to the relevant data show that the mobile terminal consumption occupies the paid search consumption of 52%, and the top five hundred enterprises have 42% sales leads from the mobile APP. App will be to enhance the user experience of mobile terminal indispensable tools.


Shanghai dragon master is to worship it

think, long term, which is more cost-effective?

I believe there are a lot of

3, the new Shanghai dragon really can say goodbye to hard times?


1, a short page ranking value of

Shanghai dragon to seek a breakthrough, others do not pay attention to the details, but not others do not dare to do a gambler million desirable

imagine, if you are not to hype the fame, short page ranking value of

" Shanghai dragon has a special, largely do this word is to do the training. Whether active or passive, line up will have speculation effect. If you do Shanghai dragon training, a speculation effect is quite good, no matter can sustain this ranking, the purpose of marketing have been reached.

many people worship such as rain, Shanghai dragon password short time words rushed to the home page, but if you do the site as they quickly rushed to the home page, and then quickly out of sight I do not know, even by the K station, you are willing to do such a thing?

Black hat The word "

effect is good, can quickly get the ranking, we all know this. But at the same time, we should also know that black hat also faces great risk, believe it will be a K station. On the other hand, each update algorithm will be let the black hat very careful, top ups and downs. Spent time doing, black hat technology is likely to come to nothing overnight, and white hat can reach a steady rise.

also, some Shanghai dragon Er announced that "Shanghai dragon to seek a breakthrough, others do not dare to do" Benniao, think this statement is not correct. To know the high return must be accompanied by high risk, and the gambler’s mentality is absolutely not desirable. There are thousands of gamblers, but the real fortune by gambling has several people? We can not only see some bright moments, but did not notice how many people died in this bright road.

Er, Shanghai dragon worship rain Shanghai dragon password can put the key words do love Shanghai home in a short period of time, feel this technology is very sacred, think oneself also can love that some day in the future the rape of Shanghai. However, in the Shanghai Dragon Technology Internet flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum is really worthy of worship? We simply discuss from several aspects:

in Shanghai behind the mysterious dragon, is like the Shanghai dragon life. A lot of Shanghai dragon Er all know that your daily work is very boring, as you ridicule Internet workers in general. So, some people will timely put forward the "new Shanghai dragon", that allows you to bid farewell to the era. But we careful study will find that the website is still hard times to bid farewell to the chain is massive, and even unknown sprocket stations. You can see.


2, black hat and undesirable gambler



Optimized clicks for shlf1314 Adsense advanced optimization techniques36 listed companies restructur

tourism in Tibet as an example, the acquisition of Kara’s progress is whirling. Its restructuring plan announced in February this year has been questioned two times by the sfc. Among them, second times whether the company circumvent backdoor, concerted action and other sensitive issues made inquiries. Among them, the inquiry content of the exchange, "the company increased four quarter short-term borrowing of about 418 million yuan, whether to circumvent backdoor listing" one, but also the reorganization pushed to the cusp. The Tibet tourism has not replied to this inquiry letter. In addition, three companies in the acquisition of the 3 billion 100 million storm group, Gump technology in 2014 at a loss, made in 2015 the newly established science and technology. Profitability is unstable, etc. These are the important reasons for the termination of the acquisition.

2 creates the keyword

Acme printer

entered June, the news of the failure of the reorganization of listed companies continued to come out. Only in June 23rd, there were three listed companies announcement reorganization failed.

1 adds new or unused keywords,

browse the customer’s website, identify the main product categories and models. You can make ad groups for a specific product type or type. Create a new ad group

, for example, let’s take an advertiser who wants to increase the amount of traffic, for example, where the customer sells Acme printer products.

method which includes clicks, add new or unused keywords, search keywords and related websites, there must be a list of keywords, detailed methods can refer to how to expand the keyword. Create keywords for ads that are not advertised in the advertiser’s Web site, which is equivalent to optimizing the analysis site mentioned in the 6 step song. Join a broader keyword, join the broad keywords must be careful, and must match the keyword matching options to operate, you can follow the optimization of the 6 steps in the key word matching options to operate.

In addition to the if necessary

Acme jets

interface news has combed businesses with a significant decline in revenues and profits in 36 failed companies. Among them, gold >

Before the

distinguishes between high click keywords and observes which group of traffic in the ad series takes up the entire range of 50% traffic. Increase daily budget, make daily report, observe advertising time, and make sure budget can provide all delivery time. Increase the maximum cost per click or enhance the quality score, CPC is a result of the rankings, of course, the premise must be keyword quality score is good, if the quality score is not good, then improve the quality score, set distribution preferences to maximize clicks, select the search network on shlf1314 related cooperative search site. Broaden your location, positioning, and set up relevant and adjacent areas according to the product characteristics, such as property, Shanghai, and so on, which can be put into the surrounding areas of Jiangsu and Zhejiang.

first understand the amount of browsing = the number of websites visited by advertising

mergers and acquisitions have not been, and the subject of mergers and acquisitions in the industry as well as the industry’s "43" provision is not related. First of all, from the merger target industry, most of the film, games, and Internet banking and other popular industries. The failure of June 23rd announcement restructuring of Tibet tourism 600749.SH, Yongda group 002622.SZ, 000509.SZ at the Bank of the Internet in the financial sector three companies acquisition target.

adds the variant form:

add summary

when the English keyword comes, plural:

Acme printers

advanced optimization mentioned in the quality score of how to optimize the account, that if the quality score, but the daily traffic is very small, may one day not more than 20 hits, the promotion is not any effect, how to optimize the traffic? How to ensure the promotion hits quality score under the premise? How to bring traffic effectively? Let me introduce about how to operate.

interface news according to WIND statistics show that in 2015 the year of mergers and acquisitions failed only 54 cases, and in 2016 has not been more than half, the failure has reached 36.

The increase of

group 300431.SZ, the acquisition of straw bear pictures, constant days dragon network and acquisition of wonderful entertainment network, poly Ling boahsin set by the acquisition of Jiechi technology acquisition targets are in the video game industry. This has been rumored with the film and television, media, VR and other industries mergers and acquisitions case "one thing one discussion" is inextricably linked.

Acme ink jet machine

for the part of the advertiser’s Web site that is not advertised

the reasons for these mergers and acquisitions are also related to the high premium overvaluation in these industries. Is the industry known as the "43 provisions" clearly pointed out that listed companies to issue shares to buy assets, should comply with the "full description and disclosure of the transaction of listed companies can improve asset quality, improve the financial situation and enhance the sustainable profitability and other requirements, and part of the company’s reorganization has stepped on the red line.

Acme inkjet printer

from the acquisition of the underlying enterprises, the failure to be listed on schedule, mainly affected by financing capacity. But for a backdoor enterprise, the blow could be fatal. Because of their poor performance and other reasons, will seek mergers and acquisitions, or backdoor, once failed to declare, these shell resources or mismanagement of enterprises can only seek the next restructuring targets.



On the new higher survival handbookGo the opposite way – do not take the usual road website promotio

B. If you have a good condition of the Internet, and some spare time, do Wangzhuan is good, you need to Wangzhuan early, a lot of input, so that the annual income of Wangzhuan is the most value of the company requires you to spend about half a year long run, will be harvested. Establish an own Wangzhuan site is a must, for example, the seaman established specialized information to provide their own Wangzhuan Wangzhuan site, to move off the assembly line, this line of good trick.

! in the website of increasingly fierce competition today, financial strength than YAHOO, shlf1314, MSN, Alibaba, etc., and to fight for a world of their own in the network, there are few tricks, wonderful trick is difficult to surprise, rapid success the. Today, Lara’s usual move is to do the opposite".

the opposite has a lot of knowledge, such as differentiated positioning and so on, theoretical stuff is not detailed talk. In the light of today’s biggest trend, I’ll say something practical.

today network business ideas, so far no one has done, you now to do is NO.1, this idea is called "catch the purchaser" sounds scary, but spoke almost all small and medium-sized enterprises of small and medium-sized enterprises generally worry about the truth, what is difficult to sell! Product sales are sluggish! The product can not find buyers, this is my dream, sent a spider man quietly on the Internet and OK walk, look all the purchaser’s whereabouts, and all of them will be brought to justice, and then waiting for looking for their suppliers. The buyers were caught by me, and the supplier didn’t step on my threshold! This is exactly the opposite and the application in the construction of e-commerce website. Why is it called "going the opposite way"? Because according to our long-term observation, many e-commerce sites in the construction and operation of thinking basically is positive, they saw the supplier difficulties, but did not see the essence of the problem, they know that the supplier is their users, but do not know the supplier is not their marketing object. Think of a seller only e-commerce website, how can long-term development? And a buyer gathered in the platform, how can the supplier not frequent patronage?

and has been on the site for free, free is actually quite critical, profit model, free website is the source of profit, it should also be act in a diametrically opposite way, if I want my web site to make money, I’m going to maximize my free website, not only free to all users, and also there is reward, someone surprised me so? Ha ha >

D. You have to play by the advertisers make money online game rules, don’t cheat, at least not for a very low-level cheating cheating tools, otherwise you will not get any revenue, but also harm the Chinese image, everyone did not have to play.

G. E-mail to make money, to receive mail as soon as possible after clicking the link, because most messages have a time limit, and then access a is expired. If there is more mail, you can send each message >

F. Note that now the new company at the time of registration, in the choice of interest, almost all of the seach, it would be best not to choose, because the China traffic worthless, so search is not worth the money, so don’t choose would not have received seach letter

E. The vast majority of advertising companies are not allowed to you with a project to register multiple accounts, usually is the advertiser through your registration information, the Internet IP address and coockie on your IE to determine whether you have multiple accounts on one project. So, if you are on the same machine, the same IP registered on the same project multiple accounts will be very stupid, waiting for you to pay when you delete your account, then maniang is of no use ^_^. But there’s nothing wrong with registering an account at the company and at home. However, we must pay attention to the specific operation, what problems can write to me?.

a. A good attitude is very important to new people on the internet. That is to say, the money on the network is not so good, it must be earned by your long hard work. Users must be careful before they register,

C. Mail money companies, many ads are search engines, usually you have to search, otherwise, a long time, may delete your account. Wangzhuan often you hear "do an effective search, advertisers often will send you a link from the search engine, then you spot the link is not enough, because it is the advertiser no income, you have to point to a keyword search engine, then there is a search results and this is an effective search. If you really want to make money from a company, then an effective search is a must. Just imagine, if advertisers don’t have any income, where does your income come from? So, if you search frequently and don’t make a valid search, then your account is normal for K?


Views on the optimization of medical websites

medical industry high returns and high profit more and more hospitals are aiming on the electronic commerce the medical industry, bidding and SEO is unusually hot speculation, in the process of competition, there will be some "extreme optimization techniques" turned out, given the industry’s air quality seriously the pollution, based on this, Baidu also started the medical industry SEO crazy purification, today we talk about the medical profession SEO to optimize the status and direction of the walk.

since it is a discussion of the status quo or the future, it is necessary for us to compare it with us. From the previous optimization methods in the optimization of the feasibility of one by one analysis.

1] bidding. This needless to say, and now the medical website bidding and SEO are separated, the effect of the most obvious bidding, is still the current medical website access to the main means of flow, this article is not discussed.

2], links and news source, soft text. A fellow of the author, once the Links and news source soft of the 132 diseases such as diabetes, vitiligo words do Baidu home page, so powerful? Now this method is still feasible? According to the author and a number of exchanges between peers, case analysis shows that the effect of soft news sources have disappeared, Links is still valid, the Links and buy one-way links (personal site, high quality site) to achieve the ultimate, can do the same. But to recognize that all things are not absolute, for example, buy links this thing, Baidu is clearly the object of Scindapsus aureus algorithm, but not to say that you buy the one or two link Baidu will hit, but you buy links with junk links, or links too obvious, then you will Baidu took aim, news source soft too, although the effect is not obvious, but the bold speculation, the news source some high weight of the site or have the effect, the key is to pass the quality. What is the quality? It is useful to the user of the article, such as a real pathological analysis, the contents do not cheat, the same case the people see and will have a general understanding of their condition and treatment, this article for him, it is useful. In short, SEO can not be immutable, sharp eyes and quick thinking is the key to SEO in the medical industry.

3), level two domain name. 39, drug seeking and other large medical sites and small sites, independent, two level domain name for There are both advantages and disadvantages. weight of high standing, master, the 301 can quickly put the weight transfer in the past, keywords ranking will rise quickly, the drawbacks is that the two level domain suffered punishment will affect the weight of the main station, a a double-edged sword.

basically on these points, from the analysis of one by one, you can see that the current medical industry SEO is in dire straits, not change, have to die. Then, the optimization of medical websites should follow. The author believes that the website optimization will eventually go back to the website itself. This is the root of all the optimization. User body >


What kind of grassroots entrepreneurs can control the market

as grassroots entrepreneurs, lack of venture capital, entrepreneurial experience, and the entrepreneurial spirit of dedication and spirit of struggle, and what grassroots entrepreneurs can win in the business market pull, rushed to get rich? What do they have in common?

1. insight

entrepreneurs to get angel investors recognized, he must have extraordinary insight. Insight, will have the ability to find. Identify needs, identify market opportunities, and lay the foundation for entrepreneurship.

For example, the

2. business minded


If your name is illegal

to a proper name, now numerous operators can be described as the brains, however, the name is illegal, is still a question. Many people reflect Fuzhou, Fuzhou East Street shop signs are more than the traditional Chinese characters, English or even signs as a shop sign. In this regard, the legal profession pointed out that the shop signs and other billboards should be standardized Chinese characters, using English or even symbols are illegal.

symbol English flooded shop recruit

according to the clues provided to the public, visited Fuzhou city Dongjiekou District, found that there is indeed a lot of businesses in order to attract the attention of customers using a large number of new in order to be different, in the shop sign in the substandard text, mainly the following three aspects: the use of traditional Chinese characters or random change idioms, all use or the use of digital symbols such as English doping.

traditional Chinese characters easily in the shape of color, so many businesses’ favor". Gathered in Fuzhou street, Xian Tower Street, Damien road and several shops, found a lot of this shop, and relates to many industries. As a company called "Dommin" clothing store, one of the "green" and "Yang" both characters, the clothing store "village story" "language" is used in traditional Chinese characters.

restaurants, "Sun Kee health garden" in addition to "life" all characters, "the more we fish pot" of the "record" and "fish" are used in traditional Chinese characters, the name "Bama tea tea chain" and "industry" is used as traditional Chinese characters. "Set of jade Xuan jewelry" and "Fu Hui jewelry" and other jewelry store name will also treasure the use of traditional characters. In addition to these shops in addition to traditional Chinese characters, and not in a prominent position to configure the specification of Chinese characters to write the signs.

there are a lot of businesses to fight the idea of idioms. "Reluctant to part" into "Yiyibushe" has become a clothing store signs, "perfect in every respect" is changed to "food chain shiquanshimei" as the shop.

doping and even all of the use of English as a shop recruit has been adopted by many businesses. In the East Street shopping district found that such shops can be described as everywhere. If all of the use of English with "JOEM", "SWEET CHERRY", "AOKU", "ONE HOUSE", "AMY" is used English doping; "Kimi Q", "TT show", "car condition".

there are businesses simply put the sign on the shop signs. In the fairy Tower Street and two street Jin Tai Road, found 4 such shops, the signs were "5.11+", "+ – × ÷", "2%" and "H-1989".

is the wording of a private matter?


The best ideas for College Students

now college students entrepreneurship school but also has been encouraging, a target at the same time the whole society and the government also promulgated a lot of favorable measures to help students realize their business and become rich.

1. can split open business. In my opinion, the problem of talents in enterprises must be based on the understanding of the nature of talents, independence, self-reliance and self-improvement. No matter what kind of business, can be independent of the business should be independent, so that professional or small team to do their own independence to do. What to do small business good? The corresponding way of working is decentralized. The Internet has provided the conditions for this office. It’s called virtual organization abroad. Many companies in China have accepted this approach, which provides a new way for college students to start their own businesses.

2. book production preliminary work. For example, the selection of topics, text entry, layout design, packaging design, as well as school equivalence, can do it independently.

3. all kinds of graphic design work. Such as advertising, posters, book covers, trademark etc.. This kind of thing is particularly suitable for those who are interested, it is important to come up with their own creative results.

4. a variety of special agency business. Patent application agent, technical property agent, all kinds of registered agent. For example, trademark registration, domain name registration. Many companies, organizations have the need to register the object, but the lack of relevant knowledge, the conditions of registration, scope, process is not clear.

1. education and training. If you have a school of medicine, psychology, education, you can use the University of this brand, learn from developed countries, to carry out early childhood education".

2. mature technology transfer. In particular, science, engineering, agriculture, medical colleges and universities, there are some technical issues and mature technical projects. The teacher is busy with his study. You can do this to find the market for technology, to achieve the transformation.

3. a variety of professional consulting. There are students of the school of economics and management, the establishment of enterprise consulting organizations. Of course, the influence of the students is not enough, please industry experts to form the Zhu Geliang group, looking for Liu Bei, with his common growth".

for the majority of students, entrepreneurship is not just a slogan of the society, at the same time, college students choose a correct way of entrepreneurship is a very important thing in the beginning of the whole business.


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What are the preparations for the cosmetics store

cosmetics industry in recent years the market is good, you want to have a lot of friends to join the cosmetics store, then, do you really know how to open a cosmetics store? Open cosmetics stores also have a lot of entrepreneurs do not understand the relevant information to join, the following small series to introduce you to open cosmetics stores which preparatory work.

on the surrounding market investigation and study analysis: industry chain retail cosmetics industry market share is very large, a reasonable prospect analysis of State Development of cosmetics retail chain. The second is to understand the competitors, as the saying goes: the Suns, baizhanbudai. In the shop is the address of the election. The ideal shop address should be selected in the business center, downtown lots, good spending power.

The design of

outstanding storefront specialization: the overall image of the shop to have characteristics, counters, shelves to image, advertising light boxes and other more specialized shops, professional and reasonable layout of container can stimulate consumption. Cosmetics stores can be based on the characteristics of their own products reasonable positioning price. According to their own site and their own products are in line with the reasonable positioning of the local consumer groups, from high school low coverage of consumer groups, consumers can choose according to their own free choice of the price of the product.

In the cosmetics stores open



Children’s wear shop business strategy children’s clothing business plan template

now the children’s market Unlimited Business Opportunities, many entrepreneurs saw this opportunity, hope that through children’s clothing shop opened to realize their dream of becoming rich, so the first step is to write a detailed business plan, so Xiaobian to prepare the children’s clothing store business plan template, hoping to bring inspiration for everyone.


two. The future development trend of children’s clothing market

three. Local market research

four. Local children’s clothing Market Research Report

five. Children’s clothing store name and

six. Store location and decoration style

seven. Operating mode

eight. Business ideas and development plan

nine. Opening promotion

ten. Input cost and effectiveness analysis