Google is confident that it will be able to obtain a licence to operate in China

Google is confident that it will be able to obtain a licence to operate in China

            Beijing time on July 9th morning news Google CEO Eric · Schmidt (Eric Schmidt) said that the company is able to get in China operating license, before the news, China is likely to reject Google’s operating license extension application.

Schmidt in the sun (Sun Valley), said he expects the Chinese government will extend the company’s Internet license, but the specific time is not yet approved.

Schmidt said: we are expected to get the necessary permission to renew operations." read more

No flash marriage Youku potatoes or change the copyright and advertisement price

whether or not Wang Wei is the choice to start a business or choose to do a thorough literary youth, his career in the field of video will end up with Youku potatoes. On the other hand, Youku, Tudou as company leaders, Koo really can lead the new company leading the industry leader position


March 12th, Youku, Tudou announced the merger, with the way of 100% of the convertible merger agreement signed on the day before yesterday.

in accordance with the agreement, from the date of the merger, converted into 7.177 shares of Youku potatoes per class a common stock, all outstanding and ordinary shares of class A and class B common shares will be delisted, its American depositary receipts will be delisted and converted into 1.595 shares of Youku American depositary receipts. read more

Zhang Xiaolong the father of WeChat Tencent past and future

Zhao Nan

is not the first time WeChat let Zhang Xiaolong fame, the domestic software industry has branded his imprint.

industry know Zhang Xiaolong, because of his Foxmail, this is the first time Zhang Xiaolong fame. From the 1996 launch of the mail client software, to 4 years in the year of 2000, it has attracted 2 million users. This allows most people to give up the Microsoft system comes with the Outlook mailbox software, was also the most well-known technology website ZDnet was rated 5 star software. read more

[pure] Reading six dry cargo transition features of the nternet thinking

[introduction] what is the Internet thinking? What are the characteristics? Has been plagued by many people who do business, whether it is business or the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries under the impact of the Internet entrepreneurs, "the Internet thinking" has become the common oral zen. But what is the Internet thinking? Public opinions are divergent., Mo is a Co. Black brother to share this article B block 12 floor, talk about the views of the author, the Internet is how to deconstruct the thinking. read more

Suning 2 billion 975 million acquisition of the daily express of 70% shares in the future will be wh


technology news news January 2nd, Su ningyun announced that evening, a wholly owned subsidiary of Jiangsu Suning logistics in cash 2 billion 975 million yuan acquisition transferor holds 70% stake in the daily express. Within 12 months after the completion of the delivery, Suning logistics or express all remaining shares to buy every day.

said the announcement, December 30, 2016, a wholly owned subsidiary of Jiangsu Suning logistics and express every day, how to separate individual shareholders Zhang Hongtao, Chen Yanping, Xu Jianguo, Chen Dong and by the shareholders on behalf of the holders of the actual shareholder Xi Chunyang, Chen Xiangyang signed the "equity transfer agreement", Jiangsu Suning logistics in cash 2 billion 975 million yuan (including equity transfer tax) acquisition transferor holds 70% stake in the daily express. read more

Taobao blocked cash back rebate site model met the challenge mode

Taobao Alliance announced yesterday that it will no longer support Taobao Station Shopping back in January 1st from now on Taobao customer mode


technology news November 21st noon news, Amoy’s Taobao Alliance announced yesterday that from January 1st next year will no longer support Taobao station Shopping for Refund Taobao off mode, only support the return points, back in kind, return coupons and other non cash rebate mode. This also means that as students rely on cash back rebate website business model will face substantial adjustment. read more

Adsense network broadcast from the line of short video features juvenile anonymous chat station fina

1 from the line for 9 seconds short video features PK Tencent Sina

news January 15th, Alibaba’s mobile social platform for exchange today launched 9 seconds short video capture and sharing function, become the Tencent and Sina as the second shot, another major breakthrough short video social networking giant.

and Tencent and sina is different, Ali is not a short video made a separate APP but directly integrated into the exchange, the exchange has had in chat with a short video capture function, the new on-line version 4.4, with friends, get together, chat and other dynamic social scene will be on line 9 seconds short video capture and sharing function. read more

Briefing will A5 financing stage rice cake mother Meihua medical billion yuan financing obtained

1 will be staged

Investor: Contact interactive

investment amount: 230 million yuan

rental installment of the brand will be staged announced the completion of A shares of listed companies to contact the interactive 230 million yuan C round of financing, renting area once again recognized by the market and investors, leading the market. Staging founder Li Lei said, this financing will be used to continue to increase in the real estate scene under the risk control model of subdivision and perfection, and strengthen the large real estate intermediary company cooperation, promote the positive development of housing industry stage. read more

People from the media reading how to write a good article

someone asked me, Yang brother, how to write a good article?

I asked him: how many articles did you write?

he said: three

I said: when you write 300 articles, come and ask me this question!

sounds my answer seems very unfeeling like, in fact, want to write a good article, not to rely on the idealistic. A lot of people are very envious of those who write an article, can trigger a wave of people forwarding writers.

, however, in my opinion, writing, one is relying on talent, two is the need to write. Some people may ask, I would like to write, but do not know how to write! Of course, the first focus of writing is the writing material. Is the so-called one can’t make bricks without straw. Now I will give you hematemesis share how I find writing material read more

Giants have set foot in the nternet based services grassroots entrepreneurs where the road

with the capital market, the giants are through a long period of primitive accumulation and the development of a strong enough, in the Internet, these giants are only at a faster rate to complete their original accumulation. Even if these giants in public always show how he is righteous, and continue to express themselves in this industry bigger contribution, and the fact that they have done a lot of contributions; but they do all this really just their own words as simple as that, I think their ultimate aim is to their core interests. read more