Case change case Huang Taiji’s fall to entrepreneurs who bring enlightenment

Case change case Huang Taiji’s fall to entrepreneurs who bring enlightenment

a pancake stalls can carry many big dreams? Huang Taiji used personal experience to tell you: billions of dollars in financing, valuation of 1 billion 200 million; but this fame was now Huang Taiji also suffered a crisis: the media broke the Huang Taiji store in Beijing appeared off store phenomenon, the operating costs of the line and let them to afford, last year completed the B round of financing is not a new round of financing, takeaway business category is shrinking, the closure of a large number of line takeaway factory…… read more

Today 2007 1 18 domain deletion recommendation

domain name registration com 60 yuan / year Chinese   Beijing CN channel; 50 yuan / year Chinese new network channel / > delete CN domestic domain list more today…… Delete more international domain names today…… read more

Tuniu sued since media people Yu Bin said it has taken legal action for libel and announced yesterday in the official WeChat public number tuniu trumpet ", people from the media, Nanjing EPSCO Network Technology Co. Ltd. CEO Yu Bin repeatedly issued to distort the facts, the article is for libel tuniu, bin filed a civil lawsuit.


pointed out that in August 18th, the way cattle has filed a civil lawsuit in Nanjing Xuanwu District People’s court accepted the case, and. At the same time, the way cattle will report to the public security departments in the near future, pursue the criminal responsibility of the parties. read more

Stationmaster net broadcast Suzhou cracked network Keywords fraud biography fair market in June 1st

1 Suzhou cracked network keyword fraud involving nearly billion

has encountered a problem how to do Internet search keyword input?. Therefore, "keyword" is of great significance to establish and promote the brand on the network. Criminals on the use of this emerging network of things, cheat others money. Last year, Suzhou police cracked the use of the network keyword fraud case, the case is the first case in Jiangsu, the country more than 1 thousand and 500 people cheated. Currently, the case is still under further processing. read more

Word of mouth network Taiwan station on the line to the mainland tourists to show the most authentic

recently, Taobao’s consumer guide and commentary platform word of mouth network (, announced its Taiwan station in Beijing ( formally launched. It is reported that this is the life service website for the first time to enter the Taiwan market, Taiwan station area, word-of-mouth network become the first showcase of Taiwan local consumer information platform for people on both sides, business communication and interaction in the field of consumer. Through word of mouth network Taiwan station, mainland tourists can understand the most authentic Taiwan. read more

The survival way of local news station

      today, the Internet is developing at a hitherto unknown speed, relative with the central focus of news sites and large commercial sites, some media background of local news website, due to a strong media resources, grasp the information source, and there are many traditional media practitioners to enrich the site. Coupled with the market-oriented operation and management mode, the emerging forces of rapid development, has become the backbone of the local Internet industry. Of course, these sites also have some problems obviously, that is the local characteristics is not very clear, as the central focus of news sites and large commercial sites, with real estate, domestic news, international news, cars and other channels, resulting in thousands of network side ", how to highlight the local characteristics of local news websites. Enhance the influence has become an imminent problem. read more

Phoenix nest professional version will take over Baidu search promotion system

October 27th news, Baidu today announced that since the beginning of December 1, 2009, Baidu search promotion professional edition will be the only search for the promotion of Baidu products, the overall management of the promotion of the promotion of all promotion positions. This means that some time ago Baidu search to promote the success of the promotion of professional platform, Baidu management to great confidence.

it is understood that Baidu search promotion professional edition is also known as phoenix nest system. Since April 20th this year on the line, "phoenix nest" because it has more and more management promotion Keywords, more powerful, more sophisticated management features, won the majority of customers is highly recognized in half the time, more than 70% customers take the initiative to complete from the Baidu search promotion version of the classic "migration to Phoenix the nest". Many of Baidu’s corporate clients have said that although the classic version solves the "precision" of the problem, but the requirements for the enterprise search marketing has become increasingly high, "phoenix nest" advocated by the management, optimize the comprehensive marketing system to pursue a better promotion effect for the enterprise more attractive". read more

Chicken and egg On the one to one diseconomies of scale

chicken eggs, or egg? The non scientific but logical problems in the field of education, "one to one" the model stage, this industry debate, is the parents of "one to one" just gave birth to the market, or educational institutions will be the diseconomies of scale model

in the end?

December 9th, purple science because the value of 5 billion 500 million yuan before the termination of the proposed fixed growth plan, which caused great concern. A paper announcement, stirred waves. Major education in the face of K12 in order to personalized one to one intelligent tutoring industry. 2015 operating income of 2 billion 283 million yuan, a loss of $29 million in 2016 revenue is expected to grow to $2 billion 548 million, net profit of up to 77 million. Financial data show that in 2014 and in 2015, 85% of the total sales of science education, teaching and learning business contributed. read more

Foshan delicacy Wo Wo Group group purchase accounted for nearly half of the local station handle mor

text / reporter Liao Yinjie figure / picture

from the beginning of the end of 2010, a number of well-known group buying sites have stationed in Foshan. This year, Foshan group purchase report? Yesterday, issued by a group purchase website of Foshan group purchase market 1~10 month group purchase report, 2011 1~10 month, Foshan local group purchase turnover, up to 50 million 290 thousand yuan. However, the lively behind, but also caused by excessive competition in group purchase website "legacy" – currently Foshan most of the group purchase websites are downsizing, handle network (micro-blog), Wo Wo Group original number is about 70 people, now only 20~30 scale; Gaopeng (micro-blog) FoShan Railway Station staff can withdraw all removed. Only about 10 of the sales staff to run the business in the local, also part of the "zombie" phenomenon (that is, do not update the group purchase information). read more