After the electricity supplier pseudo price war 4 doubts

After the electricity supplier pseudo price war 4 doubts

as early as a few days ago, the Jingdong at micro-blog mall CEO Liu Qiangdong high-profile has declared himself to challenge Suning and Gome, choose the maximum profit of all electricity as the breakthrough point, put forward all electrical goods online parity, online is zero margin, and line is zero element. In the face of the overbearing Jingdong, Suning and Gome also seems to be a sudden stop until later is not resigned to playing second fiddle, the price war, it seems that most consumers are still confused, although the heart feel good, but in the middle of the process, also have some worries. read more

Taobao excellent station push social shopping guide officially opened to third parties

September 16th news, Taobao today announced that it will share the best shopping platform sharing platform will be officially opened to the third party shopping guide website and developers. At the same time, Alibaba group also announced that it will set up a scale of $500 million fund investment and support third party shopping guide website and other external partners.

It is reported that

Alibaba, the group plans to set up $500 million Ali partner growth fund, to support the excellent third party shopping guide website with external partners, through financial and data to help them grow together. This also means that the seller can come out in a single price competition, in turn to a more personalized products and services to attract consumers, thereby building a virtuous cycle of electricity supplier ecosystem. read more

Valentine’s Day online florist style all their own drainage lines into focus


] February 14th news billion state power network, online shopping flower how popular? According to the prospective industry Research Institute released the "2015-2020 Chinese Internet on flower industry opportunities and challenges and coping strategies of the special advisory report" shows that in 2010, China’s online shopping flower trading amounted to 1 billion 243 million yuan, and this figure has become by 2014 10 billion 236 million yuan, the annual compound growth rate of 69.40%. read more

Vintage where the customer product development will shrink dramatically the costs of trial and error

CEO (micro-blog) aged Eslite (Tencent technology plan)


technology news (Le Tian) March 14th news, this year the electricity industry generally filled with a winter last year, relatively massive expansion, where the pace of this year also began to become cautious. All passengers aged CEO recently said that the brand can not be blindly old this year will certainly be very cautious, where the customer, product development will shrink dramatically, the existing eight will be very cautious. read more

Liu Qiangdong Jingdong no profit date

cover story

, five years ago, I said, I’ve never set a profit in the year, and I still don’t have a plan. We still set our user satisfaction, new consumers, the product should provide the number of goals and so on.

reporter Ji Jiapeng Paris, France

recently, Jingdong group CEO Liu Qiangdong led the delegation of Jingdong procurement team to Paris, for overseas business platform, the official launch of the Jingdong French Pavilion page.

French red wine is the first category of Jingdong overseas direct mining operations, after the "French Museum" opened, Jingdong procurement delegation to Bordeaux region of France and other well-known winery owner, Rafi Margaux, also to discuss cooperation with French food, cosmetics and other brands on behalf of. It is understood that the future of Jingdong will be introduced in France, red wine, food, clothing and other local products in France, France is expected to five years after the amount of goods in the Jingdong’s annual turnover of more than 5 billion euros. read more

Medium resource

Resource Network Services Limited was founded in September 9, 1999, is one of the domain name registration services, based on the Internet web site registration services, hosting rental, enterprise post office, server rental and hosting, website planning and website promotion of comprehensive e-commerce consulting and solutions for large IT company, is committed to developing the application service provider (ASP) market, Internet e-commerce provides a full range of services to businesses, governments, organizations and individuals. read more

B2C core network marketing mode of learning VANCL Eslite analysis

no matter from the establishment of the network brand VANCL, or from the perspective of network promotion, is the success of B2C industry is worth in-depth study and learning, the learning mode of the competitiveness of products from VANCL, website promotion, design concept, three main aspects: channel analysis of core network marketing mode:


a, product competitiveness

We all know that

in the men’s shirts Eslite sales network as the starting point, and gradually extended to the comprehensive type of clothing sales across the board, the high quality products of men’s shirts Eslite, is mainly composed of first-class foundry production, quality and brand shirts are comparable, and the price is very favorable, spend less money, get more high value products, any consumers will favor such products. read more

The success of the first kitchen after the registration of the domain name


Road Station House Hotel "trademark was registered first, Harbin Road station house" first kitchen "fourth generation descendant of Zheng Shuguo only applied for" Harbin pass "label, but with the last lesson, Zheng Shuguo brand awareness is stronger. Yesterday, he was the first to register successfully on the Internet, "Tao House," the Chinese and English domain name, for the future, "road table feast," the promotion and promotion of the road. read more

Overtaking Wood suppliers how to take cities and seize territory

today, the Internet marketing has replaced the traditional marketing methods become a new way of marketing, more and more Internet has become an important way and a wave of business development, business can be said to be carrying the doors of the Internet "ride" road to the north, the hitherto unknown development, especially in the mobile Internet era, the doors of the electricity supplier have more direct traffic through the industry and the Internet industry layout, but be modest wooden electricity supplier is not the ultimate choice for the development of electronic commerce, realize corner overtaking only transformation on the Internet electronic business opportunities, to achieve "in greater market take cities and seize territory". read more

Group purchase thinking

today you buy it, since March this year, this is known as the cohesion of the unity of the forces, the wisdom of the collective consumer spending patterns of group buying began to enter people’s sight. Because of the short time to help you save money, to help businesses improve the visibility, so the "group purchase" consumption patterns quickly become Liaoyuanzhishi spread. All kinds of group purchase websites emerged some early group purchase website every day * * * click rate and the rate of products sold to thousands, can be said to be the day into gold, accumulated, alarming figures. At the same time, a large number of consumers into the cash, the problem also quickly show. This group buying craze should also cause people to think cold. read more