Ferrari to build EV supercar tips CEO

Jul 22, 2019 oigcpvet

first_imgHowever, Ferrari CEO Sergio Marchionne has now said that the company will make an electric supercar to rival Tesla. Tesla’s new Roadster is going to be an incredible bit of machinery able to hit 60mph in 1.9-seconds. Marchionne says that what Tesla did is impressive but if an electric supercar can be built, Ferrari will be the first.Tesla’s Model S in high-performance configurations has been embarrassing some supercars as well. Ferrari has work ahead, but the executive says that the company “has to do it.” Hybrid cars from Ferrari will come first and after that transition going full EV is easier according to Marchionne.Ferrari is aiming at selling more than 10,000 cars per year, which means it needs to meet more stringent fuel standards. The EV and hybrid cars will help the automaker to do that. The Ferrari exec also made an interesting prediction.He says that carmakers have less than a decade to reinvent themselves and embrace new automotive technologies to survive in the future automaker.SOURCE: Bloomberg Ferrari is reconsidering some of the things that it will build. There was resistance to a Ferrari SUV for instance but that is certainly happening now. Ferrari is also known for screaming V8 and V12 engines, a silent electric car isn’t something expected from the Italian automaker. last_img

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