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Correa and Saponjic, the only strikers on Koke’s lap

first_imgSimeone has summoned 18 players to face Granada tomorrow. The Argentine coach has had to make bobbin lace to form the list since he has several casualties in all the lines. Although he has also been able to include Koke. The Atlético captain has been discharged after losing the last five games due to a muscle injury. His return is a relief for Cholo who has had trouble organizing the cast of summoners for whom he has had to call Manu, Ricard and Toni Moya, three players of the subsidiary. In defense Felipe is low for accumulation of reprimands and Giménez is still injured. In addition, Trippier was operated by a pubalgia this week and Arias is still convalescing due to muscle problems. Saponjic and Correa are the only strikers in the call, since João Félix, Morata and Diego Costa are low due to injury. Atlético faces the duel against Granada in need of adding three by three. The rojiblanco team is sixth, out of the positions that give access to the Champions League.last_img read more

Barça comes out of chaos alive

first_imgHe finally changed the dynamics of Barça after leaving alive a duel as chaotic as thrilling in which the Blaugrana knew how to overcome Betis twice to win 2-3 and follow the wheel of Real Madrid. Barça is still alive.The last novelty of Setién to try to find the effect of changing that negative dynamic away from home was to rehearse a 4-4-2 with Arturo Vidal as half a point to respond to a Betis who went out to make life impossible for Barça at the exit of the ball. With Barça living on the wire, Messi appeared again at the last moment to throw away the last foul of the first part that Busquets turned into a goal after lowering the ball with his chest. After a chaotic first part, the good news for Barça was that it came out alive after skidding on each corner. The good news for Betis is that it had already detected the weaknesses of the Blaugrana defense. The team that was able to turn madness into rationality would take the game. ChangesSunrise (56 ‘, Junior Firpo), Arthur Melo (56 ‘, Vidal), Loren Morón (61 ‘, Borja Iglesias), Joaquin (69 ‘, William Carvalho), Tello (85 ‘, Guido Rodríguez), Rakitic (88 ‘, Griezmann) Betis’ bet was based on the fact that Barça’s defense was a Russian roulette. With Piqué sanctioned, Umtiti had to play yes or yes and as a left back, Alba gave up his position to Junior. Barça was an invitation to chaos and there Fekir accepted the stake and destroyed the Blaugrana defense, which was a fair. Four minutes into the game, the Frenchman stole a ball from Semedo, got into the kitchen and his shot was blocked by Lenglet. Clear penalty that transformed Channels.Next, Barça reacted by De Jong, who supported by Messi was the only one who accepted Fekir’s challenge. Three minutes after fitting 1-0, the Argentine attended the Dutchman to tie the game. It was the moment when Barça should feel the owner of the game. He had overcome the initial crisis and from then on it was a matter of patience. But not even for those that Barça knew how to calm the game, which remained mounted on a Russian roulette of nonsense. The turnovers were constant, also causing both Sergi Roberto and Busquets to play the red running backwards in a scenario that was reopened for the Fekir show, which took advantage of another loss of Vidal to score 2-1. Goals1-0, 5 ‘: Channels, 1-1, 8 ‘: Frenkie De Jong, 2-1, 25 ‘: Nabil Fekir, 2-2, 47 ‘: Busquets, 2-3, 71 ‘: Clement Lenglet CardsReferee: José María Sánchez MartínezVAR Referee: Carlos del Cerro GrandeClement Lenglet (4 ‘, Yellow) Sergi Roberto (28 ‘, Yellow) Vidal (31 ‘, Yellow) Emerson (35 ‘, Yellow) Mandi (46 ‘, Yellow) Busquets (56 ‘, Yellow) Guido Rodríguez (72 ‘, Yellow) Nabil Fekir (75 ‘, Yellow) Nabil Fekir (75 ‘, Red) Clement Lenglet (78 ‘, Red But the beginning of the second part was more of the same. Madness in both areas without anyone being able to control the game. Barça had more continuity, but missed the completion of Messi, who has long fought with the goal despite continuing to play film. The Catalans alternated their dominance phases with turnovers that generated local kickbacks.To try to put order, Setién gave entry to Arthur and Jordi Alba and Barça began to encircle the goal of Joel. In the absence of success in the goal, Messi remained excellent in the assists and after throwing a foul, Lenglet scored a header that began to decide a game that Fekir could decide to see a double card in ten seconds. As great as unconscious. But not to leave the dirt alone in the transit of glory, Lenglet was ejected three minutes later. Ten against ten and Umtiti of only born center with Busquets helping him to carry out a party that demonstrates that Barça is still alive.last_img read more

The bet of Klopp and ‘Lewy’: € 50 if he scored 10 goals in a training

first_imgPlay under Guardiola: “When Pep arrived at Bayern everyone thought he would play without 9. I thought he would have to play differently. I learned a lot of Pep. I talked a lot with him about tactics and for me it was something new. I knew that if I was able to playing with Guardiola, with his way of thinking and his ideas, would be good for me. In modern football it is impossible to play without a striker. We have not seen him for several years. “Possible signing for Manchester United: “I spoke with Sir Alex Ferguson two years after signing for Dortmund. At that time, I really thought about leaving for United. Because it was Ferguson and Manchester United. Dortmund told me no. It was the first time I thought about leaving because, think about it, a call from Sir Alex Ferguson for a young player is something impressive. It was a special day for me. “Arrival of Flick by Kovac: “The players have more confidence when they know what the coach is asking for. The communication is much better. I still believe that we will play and win the Champions League final.”To play: “Now, everyone knows a lot about tactics. Before a game you can’t say: ‘Today, I’m going to try this.’ It’s impossible but if your body knows the movement, the technique … will appear at the necessary moment.”Play forward: “You can play very well. Give a good pass or a great center but, if you want to score every game you have to change your mindset. And it’s not a click:” Ok, now I’m going to score. “I think 70% is more head that skill. Not everyone can play forward. “Age: “I want to keep playing for a long time. I don’t feel like I’m 31 years old and I work to stay in the top level for five or six more years. I don’t want to be a striker who stays 90 minutes in the area waiting for the ball. I don’t like to touch the ball only 10 times per game is not enough for me, those games seem the most difficult to me, sometimes you have to be patient and you only have one in 90 minutes and you have to be ready, but I like to be part of team, of the game. I want to move and not only wait for the ball. It is what leads me to look for spaces, receive and find my teammates. I can still do everything but I also do it so I can shoot from a distance. “Routines and concentration: “Everything you do before a game is important. Routines and hobbies also because they help you reach a high level of concentration. The brain receives information that something important is coming. A psychologist asked me what I was doing and I said I didn’t know. But before the game I was more focused. I usually wear my left boot before the right one, for example. “ Klopp: “He’s an incredible guy. No matter what I tell you, you believe it. Everything comes from his heart. I used to have a lot of problems with my body language since it was always the same during matches and during training. Sometimes, you have to be more pissed off. I thought I was never going to get it. I had to change and I did it with Klopp. He told me he never knew if he was happy or pissed off. Nobody likes to change things about himself but he knew that it would make me a better player and that I would make a leap in my career. “ Robert Lewandowski is living his best year at the scorer level. An important statement if you consider the excellent level of Polish for almost a decade that has always kept him among the best points of the continent. The forward is shining at Bayern this year (38 goals in 32 games) and reviews with The Guardian his entire career in an extensive interview.The Polish explains the decisive role played by Jürgen Klopp in his career to transform him into the great scorer who is, narrates his third goal of poker to Real Madrid and also, as it was to be under the command of Pep Guardiola. Poker at Real Madrid: “If you score four goals for Real Madrid in a semifinal, it’s something special. You never forget. The best goal of the four? The third. I didn’t have much space. I saw that the ball was coming towards me, Pepe coming from the Xabi Alonso right from the left I didn’t think much I just wanted to do what I can do best: score goals You never have much time If you think too much, it’s a mistake You have to do the first thing that comes to mind If you think hard, the defense covers you. “To train: “When you practice shooting you can think: ‘It does not matter, it is in training’. But no, if you concentrate during training, it will surely be easier during a match. If you have 20 chances in training and you score 20 goals, sure that during the match you will be closer to scoring “Bet with Klopp: “In Dortmund I bet with Klopp that if I got ten goals in a single training I had to pay € 50. In the first I got three or four. After just over a week, I scored seven or eight. In three months, I already got Score each training more than ten goals. When this happened several weeks Jürgen told me: “It’s over. This is too much. I’m not going to pay you more. “That’s my mentality. It’s what helps me and makes it better.”last_img read more

Iker Casillas asks the CSD not to advance the FEF elections

first_imgIn this scenario, the president of the CSD awaits the advice of state lawyers. Once you have the legal opinion requested, it will be sent to the renewed Administrative Court of Sport (TAD) so that it is also pronounced. But in any case both reports are not binding and It will be Irene Lozano herself who will decide whether to grant the electoral advance requested by the president of the RFEF. She has the last word, the final one.The last opinion on the matter has been that of Juan Luis Larrea, an authorized voice since he was the last president of the RFEF before Rubiales. “As the Assembly is mounted, Casillas has it very difficult,” he told the Cope in Saint Sebastian. Boxes has requested Higher Sports Council (CSD) that does not authorize the electoral advance in the Federation, as requested by its president, Luis Rubiales, which aspires to reelection. The Secretary of State for Sports, Irene Lozano, received directly the request of Iker Casillas, who had already anticipated his wish in a first personal conversation that both had at the beginning of the month in the CSD.The other candidate, Luis Rubiales, has also contacted the CSD just to the contrary, to approve the requested advance. Rubiales refers to the advances granted to fourteen federations between 2010 (requested by the Winter Sports Federation) and 2019 (Badminton).last_img read more

Álvaro points to eleven against his ex

first_imgIf all that is part of yesterday, Álvaro García today is also news. The Competition Committee has punished Isi with two matches after his expulsion against Elche, for which the doors of ownership open for the Andalusian. The winger points eleven against his ex and would return to the starting team, something that it had not happened since the day of Oviedo, five days ago. However, that would not be the only change to which Paco Jémez would be forced, since the central Milic is also low by sanction (five yellow). The game against Cádiz appears and all eyes are on him. Álvaro García takes center stage for his past and also for his present. The extreme utrerano, 27 years old, He played in the Cádiz team for three seasons (2015-18) and experienced the promotion to Second. It was precisely in the yellow ranks and under the orders of Álvaro Cervera that he began to emerge, to the point of becoming the most expensive signing in Rayo history. The franjirrojo club paid around five million in this operation.last_img read more

21st Century Cracks: Éric García, Pep’s Right Eye

first_imgIn addition, although he is still in U19 age, he has become a fixture for Luis de la Fuente in U21 (he has played five games). The coach trusts him so much that even He enters the pools to be on the list of 18 of the Olympic Games. In 2020 he had few options, but in 2021, a more mature year, things will change.Beyond its quality, another of its secrets lies in its environment. His agent is Iván de la Peña and after each meeting they have long phone calls to analyze each move. This helps him grow football and, incidentally, keep his feet on the ground. Because if there is something that characterizes Éric, in addition to his talent, it is his humility … His adaptation to the club, at only 16 years old, surprised even those who had bet so much on him. In his first year he became the captain of the U18 team in the League and U19 in the Youth League. A new language, another country … but the same leadership as always when he stepped on the grass. This year has been his definitive explosion: he has played eleven matches with the first team (six from the Premier, three from the Carabao Cup, one from the Champions and another from the FA CUP). In seven of them he has been a starter. Éric García (Barcelona, ​​2001) is one of the cases that has prickled the most in La Masia in recent years. Central with Barça DNA, raised in the club and leader of the respective teams in all categories. In addition to his enormous abilities as a soccer player, he is an applied boy, educated and a good student (he is finishing high school). One of those cases called to be the example of what Barcelona is looking for in its academy of young talents. However, in 2017 everything was truncated. Manchester City came for him and Éric accepted the offer. A risky bet for a 16-year-old boy that added to the flight of talents that the Blaugrana have been experiencing in their quarry in recent years. He is a central defender with hierarchy, with a vision inappropriate for his age and very reliable in all actions.Time has proved the footballer right, because City made the determined bet that he would have liked Barcelona to make. He signed a five-year contract (until 2022) and, above all, gave him opportunities to grow athletically. Guardiola, for whom Éric has become a ‘right eye’, wants to polish him to make him a central defender top. That is why he made his debut with only 17 years old in the first team, in the Carabao Cup against Leicester. “Play as someone 25,” Pep said after that game. Whenever he is asked about the young Spaniard, he praises him…last_img read more

Toni Nadal: “June will be key in the future of the season”

first_img(Rafa Nadal gained his first ATP match in Mallorca in 2002 at the age of 15. That championship had 5 editions after which went to Valencia. Now, it’s a new event). Till now we had Spaniards like Feliciano López and Fernando Verdasco, amongst others. We had been in contact with high-level gamers, however the cancellation of Indian Wells (scheduled for March 12 to 22, it was the first event suspended by the coronavirus) simply arrived and all the things stopped. In the event you relocate at the finish of the 12 months, I think about that gamers will need to be in the most doable tournaments.What’s the key date to know if there will be a event in 2020?I might say that June will be a key month in the future of the season. Though the ITF suspension is till July 13, tournaments like Roland Garros (moved to September) and the US Open aren’t mounted in two days and should know this in advance. We’re ruled by the ATP, we can not make date modifications on our personal.Do you assume this marketing campaign will be resumed?Properly, for this I’ve two concepts. I perceive that it will be troublesome, as a result of tennis is a sport with lots of mobility, journey, totally different borders and it will not be straightforward. On the different hand, I additionally assume that nations will attempt to revive their economies when all that is over and return to normality as quickly as doable. Champions League, LaLiga … will resume the competitions so far as doable.How does quarantine occur?It’s onerous to see day by day the quantity of new entrants and deaths that happen in our nation. In my case fortunately all the things is ok and thank God the folks in my household are in good situation. Let’s hope that as the days go by, a inexperienced sprout will emerge that will make us see the gentle at the finish of the tunnel. Now at residence I dedicate myself to studying, entertaining myself (performs Parcheesi on-line along with his nephew Rafa), watch historical past documentaries and outdated tennis and golf occasions. The Mallorca Championships, of the ATP 250 class, was to be held from June 20 to 27, being the third ATP event in Spain, after Madrid (1,000) and Barcelona (500) however with the peculiarity of being the first in historical past on grass on Spanish soil. After the cancellation of Wimbledon, the Worldwide Federation introduced that there will be no competitions till July 13, leaving the Balearic event undated. Toni Nadal (59 years outdated) talks about new potentialities.Is the event suspended or is it only a postponement?It’s momentarily canceled. We’ve got to see how society is progressing proper now. In the event you can play all through the season, we will attempt to relocate.Did you anticipate this postponement to happen?Sure. Already with the passing of the days it was apparent that on the scheduled dates it was not going to be in a position to rejoice. We had been in contact with the organizers of Wimbledon to see what was taking place with the event, and as soon as it was discovered that this 12 months it was not performed it was apparent that the relaxation of the grass season was not both.Wimbledon determined on to focus his efforts on the 2021 version.It’s apparent, a event like Wimbledon you can not set up it in October for instance. The climate, the schedule … in Mallorca we’re fortunate that the climate situations are higher and there’s a wider vary.After 4 feminine editions, this 12 months the event premiered in the males’s class. Have been there any confirmed gamers?last_img read more

Dani Ceballos, Betis dream

first_imgDani Ceballos’ words of love to Betis in El Chiringuito, as well as his resounding refusal to play in the eternal rival Sevilla, have sat very well within the Verdiblanco club, where the possibility of recovering the footballer from Utrera in the not too distant future is seen with some hope. If possible, next summer even if it is through an assignment by Real Madrid, where today it is not certain that it will have a place.Betis have probed their loan in all the transfer windows since the summer of 2018. A few months ago they were also interested in Dani Sevilla, although both have ended up denying that approach because it could not be specified. “I am very betic. In Seville he could only play at Betis. I didn’t get to speak to Lopetegui ”, affirmed the protagonist. The one who was closest to getting him in LaLiga, in this case removing him from the Emirates during the last winter market, was Valencia. Ceballos even spoke with the now technical coach, Albert Celades, along with the one who was in the Spanish Under-21 team. This has been recognized by the utrerano: “My agent told me about the interest of teams and I did not play because I was coming back from injury. I knew about Valencia’s interest ”.Real Madrid paid 16 million euros three seasons ago, something more than the termination clause that Dani Ceballos had at Betis. The utrerano, who had already won the European Under-19 in 2015, played 22 games in his first season as a white and 34 last year, but after a few months with Lopetegui Zinedine Zidane returned to the bench, and the midfielder left in August to Arsenal on loan for a campaign and with no purchase option. After a brilliant start as a gunner, an injury took him out of the box and despite the change of coach (Arteta for Emery) he has never been the same.In August, Dani will be 24 years old. The fact that the Eurocup, which was going to have something more difficult to attend due to its imminent role at Arsenal, has been postponed until 2021, will cause you to want to find a team that will ensure ownership. Heliopolis, where he surrendered like nowhere until his march to the Bernabéu arrived, is willing to give you the minutes you need to finally put him among the best players on the continent, that luxury to which he continues to aspire. LaLiga Santander* Data updated as of April 2, 2020last_img read more

Today marks the 96th anniversary of the first soccer game played by Alavés in Mendizorroza

first_imgThe Sport’s Friends (predecessor of Deportivo Alavés himself) had already played matches in the same location but the terrain was practically a wheat field. Vitoria it had barely 30,000 inhabitants and the land was owned by Manuel Cobo. The benefactors of the project to create a soccer field in good condition were Felix Alfaro, José Gabriel Guinea and Federico del Campo, in charge of looking for patrons to put the idea on its feet. The works started in 1923 and closed a few months later. The celebrations of San Prudencio they served as the perfect setting for two historic games.And is that Alavés played his first commitment, as a club, on April 28 and faced the Cuenca-27 Infantry Regiment, who was stationed in the city and who had helped since the early 20s to condition the area. That eleven alavesista was formed by Martinez in goal, Millán and Fives behind Castresana, Juanin and Baroja as means and Valero, Abellán, Pérez Muga, Juan and Bridge in the front. The albiazules won 3-1 and laid the first stone in their stadium to then star in a glorious journey. Pérez Muga got two goals and Juanín the third. Alavés’ last match at Mendi was on March 6 against Valencia. Then the break came. San Prudencio (holy meon as tradition says because it always rains) is celebrated with a pilgrimage every April 28. It is customary to eat snails with perretxikos and the saint is venerated days before doing the same with the provincial patron saint in his sanctuary, that of the Virgin of Estíbaliz. This Monday would have been the day of the retreta, the tamborrada, the dinners in the societies and the longest night of the year along with that of the Bajada de Celedón and the txupinazo of all the days of August 4.Waiting for what happens then – the Sanfermines have already been postponed – the San Prudencio 2020 will be lived from the confinement. But also remembering important ephemeris like 96 years of celebrating Alavés’ first game as a team in Mendizorroza. On the 27th the inauguration itself had taken place with the blessing of the priest of San Miguel, Faustino Mendieta, a foot race, a cycling race and a collision between a team from the province (with some players from the Alaves) and the Tomatoes from Deusto. The final result was 2-0 favorable for the local team.last_img read more

On July 4 the final of the German Cup will be played

first_imgNonetheless alive in the competitors Bayern Munich, Eintracht Frankfurt, Bayer Leverkusen and the modest Saarbruecken fourth division. The Bavarians will face the Hessians in the reissue of the final of 2018 and the Leverkusen will attempt to not skate in the duel with the nice revelation of the Pokal. As in the Bundesliga, the three remaining clashes in the cup competitors will be behind closed doorways they usually will observe a strict well being plan that the federation has already introduced to the authorities. Merkel can also be anticipated to present her the go-ahead. The Pokal final is already dated. As introduced by the German soccer federation on Monday, the plan is to place the of entirety on the season in Germany on July 4.. The conflict would happen at the Berin Olympics, as is customary in the German cup competitors. The semifinals would be played on June 9 and 10, however planning will depend on the sure of the German authorities round Angela Merkel who already gave the inexperienced gentle to the resumption of the Bundesliga per week in the past.last_img read more