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Nita Ambani ka mantra kaam kar gaya Twitter users cheer after MIs

first_imgNita AmbaniTwitterIn a nail-biting IPL match at the Wankhede Stadium on May 2, Mumbai Indians (MI) became the third team to qualify for the playoffs after defeating Sunrisers Hyderabad (SRH) in a ‘Super Over’. And yet again social media couldn’t help but credit Nita Ambani, the owner of the IPL team, for MI’s fantastic win against SRH. And you need to know why.SRH’s Manish Pandey had kept MI players on their toes while chasing a 163-run target. Hitting the ball into the stands, Pandey’s sixer on the last ball of the innings tied the scores pushing the team to contest to a Super Over. And Nita Ambani, who was accopanied by her elder son Akash Ambani at the stadium, was seen praying to the almighty to help Mumbai Indians pull off the victory.Coincidentally, Hyderabad could only manage eight runs before Mumbai overhauled the target with ease and three balls to spare. While it was Jasprit Bumrah’s impressive tight over and Hardik Pandya’s power-hittings that sailed MI through the Super Over to the victory, Twitter users hailed Nita Ambani for chanting her secret mantras for the win.”Everything fails in front of Nita Ambani’s that secret Mantra,” a Twitter user commented while another user wondered, “What and whom does Nita Ambani keep praying to? Anyone ?”A couple of Twitter users, who were facing difficulties in their lives, were dying to know what Nita Ambani prays to almighty during the matches that helps them win the game.”I would like to know what prayer Nita Ambani does for #MI need it for tough times in my life too,” a Twitter user commented while another user wrote, “Every owner would be looking to lip read the Nita Ambani prayer. She prays team gets wickets.”last_img read more

Former Ballou Football Player Charged With Murder in Death of Girlfriend

first_imgBy Mark F. Gray, Special to the AFRO, mgray@afro.comLast September Ballou High School running back Jamal Speaks seemed to have the world in his hands.  He was a highly touted running back who was a key component to the defense of their DCIAA championship and appeared to be on his way to a college scholarship.However, after Speaks was removed then reinstated from the team when he was homeless his life took and ugly turn and he was charged with taking the life of his girlfriend then trying to cover it up last week.Former Ballou High School running back Jamal Speaks was charged with murder in the death of his girlfriend Saniyah Floyd. (Courtesy Photo)Prince George’s County Police arrested 19-year-old Jamal Speaks and charged him with first degree murder and second-degree murder along with assault and weapons charges in the death of 18-year-old Saniyah Floyd.  Floyd was found suffering from a gunshot wound in a bedroom of a house in the 13000 block of Buchanan Drive in Fort Washington around 10:30 p.m. April 7.Speaks reportedly was playing with the weapon after he illegally purchased it that afternoon.  Law enforcement authorities don’t believe that he intended to kill Floyd, but did try to cover it up by making it look like she had committed suicide.  However, after their investigation and the subsequent autopsy, evidence proved otherwise. He is being held without bond currently.Saniyah Floyd was allegedly accidentally killed by her boyfriend Jamal Speaks. (Courtesy Photo)“Initially, responding officers and detectives were advised by witnesses that the victim accidentally shot herself,” according to the  statement on the Prince George’s County police blog. “An autopsy revealed that her wound could not have been self-inflicted, and the medical examiner ruled her death a homicide.”The first and second degree charges could bring 25 years to life in prison.  First-degree murder in Maryland is defined as deliberate, premeditated (previously considered) and willful killing of a human being committed by lying in wait for a victim, by poisoning or while committing or attempting any violent felonies.  Maryland Criminal Code 2-204, makes it illegal to commit any murder even if it was not premeditated, willful or deliberate. The fine line between second degree murder and manslaughter lies with the intent of the convicted.While it appears that this may have been a fatal mistake and not malicious, the wide range of charges could make it difficult for Speaks to prove his innocence to the lesser counts as the case will be tried in Maryland. After the crime, which he admitted his involvement in, Speaks reportedly was not initially forthcoming with law enforcement authorities which under the state’s law wouldn’t allow for manslaughter charges.Speaks was offered a scholarship to play college football at Temple University, but according to their website he never signed his national letter of intent during the early signing period last fall.  He had become a sympathetic figure when he was forced to miss football games following a discrepancy with his address because he was homeless. Last September Speaks was emerging as one of the top running backs in in the D.M.V.  He was allowed to remain enrolled in school, though he couldn’t play until the residency concerns were resolved.  Athletic eligibility questions based on address verification following was a common practice used by coaches against players for years in the D.C. high school sports.  However, the suspension occurred after an investigation by the D.C. State Athletic Association.Speaks, who was a night school student, was initially told he couldn’t play in August, However, with the help of his godmother, they successfully appealed the decision via the D.C. State Athletic Association and he was ultimately reinstated. After his story went viral he was able to secure housing and $20,000 from Go Fund Me donations online.According to WUSA 9, an obituary for Floyd said she was a graduate of Central High School and leaves fraternal twin sister and several siblings.last_img read more

Tadka maar ke

first_imgChef Vipul Gupta, Sous Chef, at the Sheraton says that winter is the best time to eat because people don’t mind heavy dishes and the spices. While summer is all about eating light, winter is just the opposite. And Punjab seems to embody the concept of eating it up with all the desi ghee, the butter and the tadka this season. To celebrate the mood, Sheraton has organised their Sardiyan Da Swad at Baywatch. A meal is priced at Rs 1750 per person without taxes and alcohol. Also Read – ‘Playing Jojo was emotionally exhausting’On offer is an excellent buffet that will fill you up with some great food. For starters they have Tandoori Paneer Tikka, Bhatti de Aloo, Cholian di Tikki for the vegetarians and the others can dig into Paind ha Kukkad, Macchi Amritsar Wali, Lahori Sheekh  Kabab and Tandoori Pasliyan.Take a pick of a great spread of main courses with Chilmil Ghost ke Sitare, Hare Saag wali Macchi, Rara Gosht, Amritsari Nalli, Teekha Masala Paneer, Sohare wali Daal, Batale di Masala Arbi, Shalgam Palak and much more. They rotate their dishes over the week so guests have a wider range to pick from.Choose between a fragrant biriyani made Punjabi style, the chole pulao or a selection of Indian breads to go with the delicious gravies.Keep place for some yummy desserts like Gud Wali Kheer, Peeran di Niyaz and of course Gajar ka Halwa and we promise you will not regret tucking in so much. Give weight-watching a rest this season and book yourself a table!last_img read more

Get This Drones That Attack and Take Over Other Drones

first_img Growing a business sometimes requires thinking outside the box. Free Webinar | Sept. 9: The Entrepreneur’s Playbook for Going Global December 6, 2013 If you’re psyched about Amazon’s scheme to someday have unmanned drones deliver products to your doorstep, scale your excitement back a couple notches. Not only is FAA approval of such a service still a ways off, Amazon’s plan potentially faces one more hurdle: hacker attack drones.As crazy as that might sound, well, just keep reading.”Serial hacker” Samy Kamkar — who was apparently responsible for knocking MySpace offline for a period in 2005 — has created something he calls the SkyJack. It’s an aerial drone that seeks out other drones, hacks them and then essentially takes control over them.Running a combination of custom software and other easily available applications on a Raspberry Pi circuit board, the SkyJack seeks out the wireless signals of nearby drones, hijacks the connections used to control them and commandeer the victims’ flight-control and camera systems, according to a report from Ars Technica.Here, Kamkar explains SkyJack’s technical details:What’s more, Kamkar has made public all the tech specifications that anyone needs to build an aerial hacker drone of their very own.So, imagine all those Amazon drones buzzing overhead being turned into zombies by one rogue drone, and all of our packages winding up in the hands of some criminal. Hopefully delivery drones don’t take to the skies without some serious security measures in place first.What crazy apps and gadgets have you come across lately? Let us know by emailing us at FarOutTech@entrepreneur.com or by telling us in the comments below.center_img 2 min read Register Now »last_img read more

How Digital Wallets and Mobile Payments Are Evolving and What It Means

first_img Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. Register Now » April 4, 2017 The digital wallet revolution has not have lived up to its expectations — yet. According to Gallup, just 13 percent of smartphone owners have a digital wallet app, while the majority of those who do have an app (76 percent), rarely use it.That may be disheartening for those of us involved in the industry, but there’s always a silver lining.Business Insider is forecasting that in the U.S. alone mobile payments volume will increase to $503 billion by 2020 and will be used by 56 percent of the consumer population during that year. Meanwhile, Sweden, Singapore, the Netherlands, France, Canada, Belgium and the U.K. are already on their way to becoming cashless societies – with Australia, Brazil, India and much of Africa following suit.Related: How Digital is India Towards a Cashless Future?While there are still barriers and limitations, such as security concerns and limited number of compatible vendors, digital wallets, and mobile payments are not only changing how we pay for goods and services, they also have the power to go beyond payments because of how they’re constantly being evolved – which is going to be important for both businesses and customers.Breaking down digital wallets and mobile payments.The idea of a digital wallet, which is basically just a digital version of a physical wallet, isn’t new. In fact, David Chaum, an American cryptographer, created digital cash all the way back in 1983. That was the beginning of cryptocurrencies.Once we entered the ’90s, however, things began to accelerate rather quickly. Thanks to the internet and advances in technology, we had the ability to start ordering pizzas online (some claim that happened in 1994 when a customer ordered a pepperoni and mushroom pizza from Pizza Hut) and purchase movie tickets using a phone (Ericsson and Telenor Mobil accomplished this in 1999). We also saw the introduction of PayPal in 1998, which is considered the first digital wallet.By 2003, mobile devices started picking up momentum, which was followed by developments like the invention of bitcoin in 2008 and the introduction of Google Wallet (2011) and Apple Pay (2014).Related: Looking for a New Payment Company? You’re ‘Due’ for Some Good News.Today, however, there’s a lot of confusion surrounding digital wallets and mobile payments since these terms are interchanged so frequently. To be clear, a digital wallet is simply tokenization of data. While digital wallets are often associated with payments, they can be used to issue digital rewards, tickets or boarding passes, room keys, or identification.Mobile wallets are basically the mobile version of a digital wallet with five types of mobile payments:The mobile wallet. This is arguably the most hyped-up type of mobile payment, aka the “tap and go” method where your smartphone’s built-in NFC (Near Field Communication wireless technology or Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) is used to make a payment using your smartphone.Mobile as the point of sale. This is when a merchant uses their mobile device to process payments. Square is one the most well-known examples of this.The mobile payment platform. In a nutshell, these are the companies like PayPal that allow you to make peer-to-peer payments to your friends or pay a merchant online. These top payment solutions will be the future of payments.Direct carrier billing. This when you purchase an app or game on your smartphone and the charge is put onto your cell phone bill.Closed loop payments. These are mobile payment systems built by a company, for example, the Starbucks mobile app.Related: 4 Things You Should Know About Cashless PaymentsWhat’s all the hype surrounding digital wallets and mobile payments?For customers, digital wallets and mobile payments can replace carrying around a bulky wallet. Besides being a minor hassle, you no longer have to be concerned if you forgot your cash, credit card, or ID at home. All that information is stored on your smartphone. And, unlike your wallet, you probably never leave home without your phone.Additionally, using digital and mobile payments saves you time. Instead of inserting a card into an EMV terminal, you can just swipe and go. And, when shopping online, you no longer have to race against time to complete a purchase before your session expires, like when buying concert tickets. As long as you have a digital wallet, you can make instantaneous payments online.Digital wallets also come with customer perks like promotions, cash back rewards, and keeping track of your accounting easier. Most importantly, they’re convenient. You can split a dinner tab with friends, pay bills, and avoid expensive transaction fees when you travel.For businesses you have access to funds almost immediately, you save money on transaction fees by removing third parties, and you don’t have to invest in an expensive POS system. Additionally, digital and mobile payments provide access to real-time data, helps you maintain a competitive edge, and most importantly, improves the customer experience since you’re providing fast and secure payment methods.Related: Uber Reinvents Its Payment Model, Introduces Digital WalletsStaying ahead of the curve.Digital wallets and mobile payments are rapidly evolving in order to enhance the experience for both customers and business owners. That means that they’re going beyond simply transferring funds electronically or swiping your smartphone over a checkout terminal.For example, major banking institutions that JPMorgan Chase & Co., Bank of America Corp., Wells Fargo & Co. and U.S. Bancorp, launched a joint venture called clearXchange. This allows customers to transfer funds instantly to another bank account through their phones. Traditional banks are also creating digital wallet apps that allow you to review your account, establish budgets, receive alert notifications, and transfer fund via social channels like Facebook.Related: Surging Ahead: Fintech Startups In The Middle EastWearables, such as watches, wristbands, and jackets, are starting to be used to make payments, as is the possibility of tapping into the Internet of Things. In the near future, you’ll be able to preorder your morning cup of coffee at Starbucks while driving since your Starbucks app is connected to your car.The most buzzed trend, however, is the blockchain. While often associated with cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, the blockchain will make it possible for digital wallets to handle transactions like;Purchasing high-end items, like cars, jewelry, boats.Mortgage, utility, and educational payments.Medical payments.Fundraising and donations.Portfolio shifts.Real estate closings or transfer of titles.Payroll.Related: 25 Payment Tools for Small Businesses, Freelancers and StartupsLike it or not, digital wallets and mobile payments are steering us towards a cashless world where payments can be made quickly, conveniently, and securely with just the tap of a button. However, digital wallets are also moving beyond smartphones and payments. On top of transferring funds, we’ll be able to monitor accounts in real-time and use blockchain technology to make immediate transfers of money to titles.What do digital wallets and mobile payments mean for you? Free Webinar | Sept 5: Tips and Tools for Making Progress Toward Important Goals Attend this free webinar and learn how you can maximize efficiency while getting the most critical things done right. 7 min readlast_img read more