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Access to information guide

first_img7 March 2005Trying to get information from a government department or private company?Help is at hand, in the from of a user-friendly guide on how to use the Promotion of Access to Information Act, published in all 11 official languages by the South African Human Rights Commission (SAHRC).South Africa’s Constitution gives every person the right of access to information, held by a public or private body, that is required for the exercise or protection of any right.The Promotion of Access to Information Act of 2000 gives effect to this right; now the SAHRC is helping to make the right a reality by offering citizens a simple, easily understandable guide to the law and how to use it. Guide to using the Promotion of Access to Information Act The guide tells the reader how to make a request for access to information, what assistance is available from the information officer of a public body, when access to information may legally be refused, and what legal remedies there are in cases where information is illegally withheld.The guide also lists public bodies from whom information can be requested, along with contact details of their information officers.According to Commission chairperson Jody Kollapen, contact details of private bodies have not been included in the first edition of the guide, due to the fact that some private bodies were temporarily exempted from publishing information manuals in terms of the Act.However, he said, an electronic version of the guide will be kept on the SAHRC website and updated monthly to keep the public abreast of developments and changes in the contact details of information officers of public bodies and general information on the Act.Building a culture of opennessThe Act represented a landmark in South African history, addressing for the first time the pre-1994 culture of secrecy in state and private institutions, seeking instead to foster a culture of transparency and accountability in South Africa.The Act also acknowledged the need to educate South Africans on their rights, to enable them to participate in decision-making that affects their lives.“Participation in democratic processes can only be effective if it is informed participation”, SAHRC commissioner Leon Wessels says in the foreword to the guide.The responsibilities of public and private bodies should under the law “are not intended to be a costly burden but an essential mechanism to ensure good governance and the transformation of our society”.The right of access to information should not be approached in an adversarial manner, Wessels says, but rather be used “as a vehicle to change our society”.Law ‘unique in the world’According to Commission chairperson Jody Kollapen, access to information regimes are fast gaining momentum around the world. “Countries such as Mexico, Pakistan and the United Kingdom, that previously did not have access to information legislation, now have such legislation”, Kollapen writes in the preface to the guide.“Mexico … adopted its Federal Transparency and Access to Public Government Information Law in 2002; Pakistan adopted its Freedom of Information Ordinance 2002 in October 2002; while the United Kingdom approved its Freedom of Information Act 2000 in November 2000.”South Africa’s freedom of information legislation remains unique in the world, however, being the only such law that permits access to records held by private as well as public bodies.SouthAfrica.info reporterlast_img read more

1983 World Cup: Dev’s Devils

first_imgExperience, youth, determination: the Indian team that beat West Indies, Zimbabwe, Australia and England to lift the glittering Prudential trophy had them all. Following are career profiles of the squad that made the miracle at Lord’s possible. As limited overs statistics were not available, Test match figures have been given.Sunil Manohar Gavaskar, 33, has been around for a long time. “Sunny” began with a bang in the West Indies in l971, when he collected 774 against Gary Sobers’s men. Gavaskar, at 5 ft 4| in only a half inch taller than fellow cricketer and brother-in-law G.R. Viswanath, has amassed 7.625 runs in 90 Tests, at an average of 52.23. With 27 centuries, he is only two short of Don Bradman’s world record.Gavaskar’s strength is his copybook technique, and it is this which has enabled him to score two centuries in a Test thrice, become the first Indian to carry the bat in a Test innings -at Faislabad in Pakistan last winter -and be top scorer for India on 30 occasions.Krishnamachari Srikkanth, 23. is a sixes and fours man. A newcomer to international cricket six Tests. 147 runs, average 16.23, highest 65 -he is an ebullient batsman who can tear any attack apart, as he almost did in the Lord’s finals. “Anna’ began his Test career against England. In Pakistan, he didn’t do very well in the Tests, but produced a string of big scores in the other matches. Srikkanth is also a brilliant fielder, with an accurate eye for the run-out chance and a powerful, accurate throw.Dlllp Balwant Vengsarkar, 27. also known as ‘Colonel’ and ‘Sleepy’, is a pillar of the top order, and usually bats at number three. One of the most experienced and battle-hardened members -63 Tests, 3,484 runs at an 37.46 with six centuries -Vengsarkar has time and again made big scores over a respectable length of time to win a match or pull it out of the fire, as at Lord’s in 1979 when he scored a century and saved India from defeat. He can also keep wickets in an emergency.advertisementMohinder Bhardwaj Amarnath, 32, the man of the third Prudential World Cup for India, made his debut as far back as 1969-70, after which he did not play for the country until 1975-76. He was reinstated in 1979, but was dropped again after the England and Australia tours. The great comeback began in Pakistan last year when the “chest-on” stance that ‘Jimmy’ adopted allowed him to tackle Imran with confidence when others were taking regular walks back to the pavillion. The series brought him 584 runs, and the subsequent five Tests in the West Indies another 598-the discard had transformed himself into one of India’s finest batsmen. He now has 2,648 runs from 37 Tests at an average of 44.88 and has hit seven centuries. His casual right arm gentle medium pacers can be deadly, as India’s opponents discovered recently.Mulkraj Yashpal Sharma, 28. is one of the most tenacious batsmen in the side. He made his debut in 1979 and has been dropped from the team once or twice. But ‘Pappu’ has ISt I always made it back into the team, as much for his grit as his fielding- he is a sharp cover fielder. He has played in 33 Tests, amassed 1.550 runs at an average of 36.90, and hit two centuries.Ramlal Nikhanj Kapil Dev, 24, captain of India, is arguably the best all-rounder in the world today-although Ian Botham will no doubt have something to say to that. The statistics say it all: 53 Tests, 2,253 runs, average 32.65, three centuries. (Ian Botham is better on paper: 59 Tests, 3,266 runs, average 36.69, 11 centuries.) Kapil has also taken 206 wickets, at an average of 29.52 runs per wicket. (Here again Botham has an edge: 267 wickets at 24.47 runs apiece.)Kapil has just been chosen as one of Wisden’s five’cricketers of the year 1982. He is the youngest to capture 200 or more Test wickets-only two others have done so before the age of 30-and has thus completed the ‘double double’: 200 wickets and 2,000 runs in Tests. His infectious enthusiasm for the game and ‘lead-from–the-front’ captaincy was in large measure responsible for that incredible moment when he raised the Prudential trophy high in the air on June 25, 1983, at Lord’s.Sandeep Madhusudan Patil, 26, was the man who hit Bob Willis for six fours in an over last year, who hammered 174 off Lillee, Pascoe and company, and whose drive for four off Imran Khan off his knee at Faislabad in Pakistan was considered the best shot of the recent Indo-Pak series. ‘Sandy’ has, in three-odd years, collected 1.254 runs in 20 Tests at an average of 43.24, with three centuries. His style of batting is ideally suited to one-day cricket, as was evident when he drove, pulled and lofted England’s bowlers to score 51 not out to take India to victory in the Prudential semi-final last fortnight.advertisementSyed Mujtaba Husain Kirmani, 33, took over from Farokh Engineer in 1975-76 after a long understudy period. Since then, he has crouched behind the stumps in 69 Tests, scored 2,100 runs at an average of 24.70, with one century. He has also caught 128 batsmen and stumped 32, thus becoming the only Indian wicket-keeper to do the double: 1,000 and more runs and 100 or more victims.As a measure of his experience-of India’s current squad, only Gavaskar has played more Tests-‘Kiri'(also known as ‘Ganga Hassan’) was made vice-captain of the team that toured the West Indies this year but had a lean tour -and the vice-captaincy went to Mohinder. Kirmani has claimed six victims in a Test thrice. He does take off the gloves sometimes: he has bowled one ball in Test cricket but that was a no-ball.Roger Michael Binny, 28, is a useful alU rounder, just how useful came to light last fortnight when his accurate medium pace did a little more than its bit to get India the trophy. He has played nine Tests for the country, scored 198 runs-highest 46-at an unimpressive average of 15.23. But he is an asset for any side, because quite apart from his bowling – 15 Test wickets at 42.13 runs each -he is an excellent fielder. Incidentally, ‘Jackie’ and Sanjay Desai knocked up a record 451 for the first wicket for Karaataka against Kerala in 1977-78-and were still there when the innings was closed, Binny scoring 211 not out.Kirti Bhagwat Jha Azad, 24, made his Test debut in 1980-81 but has not quite lived up to expectations, with 107 runs in four Tests at an average of 17.83. However, his slow off-breaks were invaluable in the World Cup competition, tying spin-shy batsmen to their crease, keeping the run rate down, and capturing some crucial wickets in the process.Madan Lai Udhouram Sharma, 32, is like a rubber ball-he keeps bouncing back into the team and game. ‘Muddy’ is a never-say-die player, extremely competitive on the field, and refuses to .wilt even when his medium pace gets the stick. He “has played in 31 Tests, scoring 762 runs at an average of 20.59. His highest is 55 not out. He is the ideal foil to Kapil Dev in the medium pace attack-64Test wickets at 36.95 runs apiece-and, not the least, he is a brilliant, hard-running fielder-nobody will forget his fantastic catch to dismiss Peter Toohey of Australia at Sydney in the 1977-78 series.Ravi Shankar Jayadrith Shastri, 20, was an emergency recruit in the 1980-81 tour of New Zealand when he was flown down to make up the eleven for the Test at Wellington. Shastri captured three wickets in four balls in that Test and finished the series with 15 wickets at an average of 18. His orthodox left-arm spin had brought him into the side, but his batting soon strengthened his position. In 19 Tests he has taken 42 wickets at about 40 runs each. He has also scored 669 runs, at an average of 30.40, with two centuries.advertisementBalwinder Singh Sandhu, 26, a medium pace bowler, made his mark as a batsman on his debut in Pakistan when he scored 71. ‘Ballu’ is able to swing the ball and this, more than his pace, has accounted for the nine wickets he has taken in seven Tests, at 53.22 runs apiece. He has also scored 206 runs at an average of 34.33.Sunil Valson, 25, was the player whose selection earlier this year for the World Cup squad created a bit of a furore. Ironically, the left arm medium pacer did not play in the tournament.last_img read more

New Film Highlights Prince Charles And Global Sustainability

first_imgA new film highlights the global sustainability work of The Prince’s Charities, founded by the Prince of Wales.Video: Prince Charles And Global Sustainability“I have long been deeply concerned about the effect our modern, highly industrialised approach is having on nature’s capacity to sustain life on Earth,” said Prince Charles. “There is a growing set of alarming problems which, if not addressed with real urgency, will severely affect nature’s capacity to keep her life support systems running and thus guarantee the well-being of billions of people around the world.“It is worth bearing in mind that bodies like the UN have produced countless reports showing the damage we have so far been responsible for. In the last half century alone, not only have we depleted over a third of the world’s farmable soil, we have so intensified the way we produce food we are now using far more water than we did, even though there is less fresh water available.“In that same 50 years we have also burned down over a third of the world’s tropical rainforests and are still doing so – despite the fact that they are actually the lungs of the world. An area the size of a football pitch goes up in smoke every four seconds – that’s over 26,000 football pitches a day! As a result, we have destroyed more than 80,000 species on which, did we but know it, we depend for our long term health and welfare. Everything is interconnected.“Thus, because these forests produce billions of tonnes of rainwater every day, we now risk big consequences for our ability to grow all the food we will need to feed what will soon be a global population of nine billion people. And all of these problems are being compounded by climate change, an effect the experts ominously call “a threat multiplier.” For many years I have sought to highlight that this all adds up to something far more than an “environmental crisis.” We are fast engineering a global economic crisis.“This film demonstrates the work of those initiatives I have set up through which I aim to bring together leaders of organizations and government and those from the corporate world to share their knowledge and forge practical solutions. They range from trying to establish more sustainable fisheries and better ways of managing farming within tropical forests, to the creation of more sustainable approaches to food production and more local forms of food distribution, not to mention clever financial mechanisms that enable global corporations to do things differently for the good of the Earth and for their profits. This is the work of my International Sustainability Unit and of the British Asian Trust.“The film also profiles the Cambridge Programme for Sustainable Leadership, of which I have been patron for 20 years, and the work of a project I established in 2004, called Accounting for Sustainability. This works with the corporate world and within government to ensure we are not battling to meet the challenges of the 21st Century with the decision-making techniques and corporate reporting systems of the 20th Century. If we are to guarantee the well-being of our grandchildren and their grandchildren, then genuine sustainability has to become embedded in the DNA of business and government. As this film shows, without a resilient approach to business and economics, I am afraid we run the risk of bequeathing those who follow us something far worse.”Source:PrinceOfWales.gov.uklast_img read more

Princes Trust Ambassador Tim Peake Announces STEM Funding

first_imgPrince’s Trust Ambassador Tim Peake was in Cardiff last month to help the Minister for Welsh Language and Lifelong Learning, Eluned Morgan, announce £7.2m of funding to encourage young people, especially girls, to study Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) subjects at school.The astronaut joined the Minister at an event organised by The Prince’s Trust Cymru at Tramshed Tech, where they met young people involved in our STEM-related programmes. There, the Minister announced an investment of £7.2m, including £5.2m of European Union funding, for two similar projects which will help to ensure young people, particularly girls and young women, continue STEM studies at GCSE and beyond with the aim of pursuing STEM-related careers.Over the next four years, STEM Gogledd will work with 600 young people, 60% of whom will be female, to enrich and promote STEM subjects through a range of activities that complement the mainstream curriculum within schools across Gwynedd, Anglesey and Conwy.Technocamps 2 will work with 3,600 young people across West Wales, North Wales and the South Wales Valleys, two-thirds of whom will be female. It will target secondary schools which do not currently offer computer science as an option at GCSE, or where the subject is only recently available. The project will enable pupils in these schools to take part in workshops to build on their existing knowledge and enthusiasm for IT and computing.Announcing the funding, the Minister said: “It is a pleasure to be standing alongside Tim Peake today to announce such an important investment which will help to build the skills of our young people to help drive a the Welsh economy.Wales must become a STEM nation if we are to build a modern, dynamic, open economy that benefits everyone in Wales. Both the pace and nature of technological change is increasing dramatically and, to have the skilled workforce to capitalise on it, it is vital we have more young people who choose to study STEM subjects to a sufficiently high standard.“This is why I am grateful to organisations like The Prince’s Trust for their pioneering programmes and to role models, like Tim, who are influential in promoting the study of STEM subjects. Tim’s Principia mission inspired a generation and showed just how far, literally, science can take you.“We cannot just rely on people like Tim, though. We must all play our part in stimulating interest in these crucial subjects as a way of securing the next generation of STEM professionals in Wales. This is why I am so pleased to announce this £7.2m investment, £5.2m of it from the EU, for STEM Gogledd and Technocamps. This is a great example of EU funds helping to enthuse and excite young people, particularly girls, about the opportunities available to them.”Philip Jones, Director of The Prince’s Trust Cymru said:We are delighted that Tim Peake was able to join us and Welsh Government in promoting the importance of STEM to Welsh Education today. At The Prince’s Trust Cymru, we believe every young person should have the chance to succeed, and we believe Welsh Government’s latest commitment to STEM activities will help transform more young lives in Wales.last_img read more

Female aerobics teacher held for robbing 15 cr in Dwarka

first_imgNew Delhi: A 32-year-old woman aerobics teacher was arrested with her three associates in robbery case of Rs 1.5 crore in Bindapur area of Dwarka district. Police said that the victim in the case had hired the instructor for training, who passed information regarding cash kept in the victim’s house to other accused.Deputy Commissioner of Police (Dwarka) Anto Alphonse said that on the intervening night of March 30-31, the accused entered in the complainant’s room where he and his aunty were sleeping. Also Read – Odd-Even: CM seeks transport dept’s views on exemption to women, two wheelers, CNG vehicles”All the accused started beating them and tied their hands, feet and mouth,” said DCP Dwarka. He further said that the accused fled away with valuables and money. Complainant has alleged that on March 30, his uncle and his two sons went to Beas, Punjab. His aunt was alone at home. Therefore, for the safety of his aunt, the complainant comes to her house in Bindapur for night stay. “Recently the victim’s family had sold a property. The aerobics teacher had information regarding the huge cash kept in the house,” an investigator said. Also Read – More good air days in Delhi due to Centre’s steps: JavadekarThe investigation further revealed that on the day of the incident, accused entered into the complainant’s house with the assistance of the lady as she had let the rear gate open during the evening. “The accused had also completed MBA,” he added. Police further added that on the basis of CCTV footage, it was learnt that total six persons were involved in the crime and subsequently, section 395 of IPC was added in the present case. On April 5, the team arrested one of the accused Baldev Singh who is the mastermind of the heist. On interrogation, he disclosed the name of the aerobics teacher, who gave them information. During the investigation, the police team conducted search operation in the outskirts of Aligarh, UP and other distant places in order to arrest the co-accused persons involved in the heist. The team constantly shadowed the accused persons technically and on the basis of disclosure of Baldev Singh, on April 7. “After tracking and obtaining the location of the mobile phones of accused Biru, he along with co-accused Sonu was arrested from the area of Sudarshan Park in Moti Nagar,” police said. On the disclosure of accused Baldev, a sum of Rs 40 lakh was recovered from his bank locker and case property of the present case. On the instance of Sonu total Rs 7.56 lakh was also recovered from his native village in Badaun in Uttar Pradesh and two gold bangle were recovered from the possession of accused Biru.last_img read more

Football Fourstar safety Tyreke Johnson commits to Ohio State

Ohio State landed its first recruit in nearly three months when four-star safety Tyreke Johnson committed to the school, adding another highly regarded recruit to the top 2018 class in the country.A Jacksonville, Florida, native, Johnson is the fifth-ranked safety in the nation and the 38th-best prospect overall, according to the 247Sports composite rankings. He joins five-star Jaiden Woodbey and four-star Josh Proctor as the third safety in the class. The Buckeyes have two cornerbacks, four-star Sevyn Banks and three-star Marcus Hooker, committed. Johnson attends Trinity Christian Academy, the same high school as freshman cornerback and former five-star recruit Shaun Wade. He is the fourth Floridian in the class to commit to Ohio State. Johnson is the first player in the 2018 class to pledge his services to the Buckeyes since junior college defensive tackle Antwuan Jackson Jr. committed on Sept. 12. read more

Neymars father brands Barcelona return reports fake news

first_imgNeymar’s father has debunked reports linking the Brazilian star player with a return to Barcelona in the summer.Spanish outlet El Mundo reported on Thursday that the Paris Saint Germain forward is desperate for a return after leaving he club in controversial circumstances, according to Sports Mole.Neymar Sr insists that there is no truth to the speculation, however, posting the message “Fake News from Fake News” alongside Globo Esporte’s version of events according to Sports mole.David Villa, SpainQuiz: How much do you know about David Villa? Boro Tanchev – September 14, 2019 Time to test your knowledge about Spanish legendary forward David Villa.Neymar joined Paris Saint Germain in a controversial 222 million euro transfer in 2017 and has become fan’s favourite after scoring 46 goals from 50 appearances in all competitions.Neymar’s stay at PSG has been fraught with controversies as It was earlier reported of a fallout with Cavani after a disagreement over the team’s spot-kick taker.A return to Barcelona will see him reunite with former teammates Messi and Suarez who he had a brilliant combination with while at Camp Nou.last_img read more

Over 1400 Aftershocks Have Been Measured Since Friday

first_imgAs of Sunday, there had been over 1,400 recorded aftershocks of any magnitude; 593 of magnitude 2.0 or greater; 17 that registered at least 4.0; and five that were at least 5.0. Facebook0TwitterEmailPrintFriendly分享There have been over 1,400 aftershocks measured by the U.S. Geological Survey Earthquake Science Center since Friday’s 7.0 earthquake that shook southcentral Alaska. At a press conference on Sunday in Anchorage Falsey reassured everyone – things appeared to be calming down: “The aftershocks have thankfully been tapering off.” An aftershock stronger or as strong as the initial one is unlikely, however. The probability for an earthquake of magnitude 7 or higher before December 8 is only 3 percent, said the USGS. Anchorage Municipal Manager Bill Falsey: “More than a dozen of those aftershocks have been greater than a magnitude of four, and five of them have been greater than a magnitude of five. Every one of those in a normal course would have been a real, no-kidding Alaska earthquake. For a lot of people, this event has not ended. “last_img read more

House Beautiful Steps Up Social Engagement Efforts

first_imgQR codes are not the only social action technology publishers are implementing—Hearst’s House Beautiful will be one of the first magazine to be enabled with Pinterest social action technology in print and digitally. The magazine’s June issue was peppered with Pinterest icons that allow users to share images from the publication across the social platform and the Internet.“Our ‘Kitchen of the Month,’ feature will be enabled,” says Newell Turner, the title’s editor-in-chief. “We’re just launching with this to get it off the ground, but I know that within the next month or two most of the magazine will have to be pin-able.”Since House Beautiful images and content will be able to be pinned and shared across Pinterest, the editor and publication are hoping to gain expanded exposure to new audiences. Once someone pins an image, it is shared with their followers and others across the Internet, and can be referenced back to the original source.Turner says that the “Kitchen of the Month” content was chosen to be Pinterest enabled to maintain consistency—instead of having multiple design aspects, the integration of an entire feature story provides the consumer a more streamlined experience. Going forward, different stories of the magazine, in addition to the “Kitchen of the Month,” will be enabled to be shared across Pinterest.“It’s going to take a little bit of back end labor to have the entire magazine Pinterest enabled,” says Turner. “Most of the magazine is eventually moved to the website over the course of a month, gradually and in stages. To make the entire magazine pin-able from the day it’s released, the entire magazine has to be moved to the website in one fell swoop.” The digital edition, in addition to the print magazine, will be enabled with the Digimarc digital watermark Pinterest icon. Digimarc’s digital watermarking technology allows its users to embed digital information into audio, images, video and printed materials. The publication has developed a separate table of contents (TOC) that shows readers where each social digital icon is. The icons can be scanned with the HBConnect app, which is a Digimarc scanner, or the Digimarc Discover app. House Beautiful is using the HB Connect graphic in addition the Pinterest icon to denote the image is digitally watermarked and links to Pinterest. In the digital TOC section there are instructions on how to access the application in order to scan to connect to Pinterest for consumers who may not be aware. “We know this drives people to our website, at a heavy level” says Turner. “A few weeks ago the Pinterest program was almost passing, if not passing the referral volume when compared to traffic we receive from our content syndication partnerships with Yahoo! and MSN.”Turner could not provide figures on the traffic volume. When asked about best practices with Pinterest integration, he says that the title has seen the highest engagement when an icon is placed on the cover of the magazine because it alerts users at the onset that interactivity exists.last_img read more

In Other News Lyft Offering Special Service at Ft Meade

first_img Dan Cohen AUTHOR A new feature added by ride-hailing company Lyft that will allow service members and civilians requesting a ride from or within Camp Pendleton, Calif., to be matched only with drivers cleared to make pickups and drop-offs on the base also is being offered at Fort Meade, Md. Lyft currently is engaged in discussions with other installations to expand its “Base Mode” service, reports Military Times.last_img