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Babita Sarjou PI continues

first_imgAs the trial continues into Babita Sarjou’s murder, Police Inspector Suraj Singh attached to Major Crimes Unit, Criminal Investigations Department took the witness box on Thursday to give evidence against Sarjou’s ex-spouse, Sharnandand Naraine, called ‘Anand’ of Lot 51 Seaforth Street, Campbellville, Georgetown; and Darel Pronton called ‘Yankee’ of Lot 54 Broad Street, Charlestown.Inspector Singh in his evidence reiterated that no inducement was offered for Pronton’s oral statements nor was he assaulted at any time in his presence. Singh disclosed that he never received any complaints of assault from Pronton, neither did he see his body bearing marks of violence, in fact , he stated that Pronton looked comfortable.Babita SarjouSharnandand NaraineMurder accused: Darel ProntonSingh continued that Pronton’s statement to the police was given voluntarily despite many cautions administered to him.Prontons’ attorney Nigel Hughes in cross-examination of Singh contended that his client’s statement was not voluntary. Hughes suggested to Singh that his client give statements to the police on the premise that he will not be charged.Naraine’s attorney, Peter Hugh was not present in court for the hearing.The trail continued on Friday along with a Voir Dire (trial within a trial) to ascertain whether statements made by Pronton were willingly or involuntarily given. It will also determine if the statements can be admitted as evidence in the PI.The case was reopened by Crime Chief Wendell Blanhum and his team of detectives who were able to crack the case on May 22, after they spent over five hours digging up a site at Naraine’s Seaforth Street, Campbellville, Georgetown, home where they believed Sarjou’s body was buried. They recovered skeletal remains, however they are still awaiting confirmation from DNA samples sent for overseas testing.Meanwhile it was reported that Sarjou had left her home to go to the Diwali motorcade on the eve of November 4, 2010 with Naraine who had called her. He reportedly picked her up in his car and while she was sitting in the front passenger seat she was strangled by Pronton who was reportedly seated in the back-seat of the car.Sarjou’s lifeless body was allegedly transported to Naraine’s house where he had allegedly dug her grave two days before she was killed.last_img read more

New Amsterdam’s Esplanade Park being renovated

first_imgThe Esplanade Recreational Park and Botanical Gardens, situated in north- western New Amsterdam, is undergoing major rehabilitation work by the Mayor and Town Council of New Amsterdam.A view of the Esplanade Park in New Amsterdam. The Bandstand can be seen in the (right) foreground, and the Pavilion in the backgroundFinancing for this project, which is all part of the New Amsterdam Town Enhancement programme, has been made available by the Ministry of Social Cohesion.Thus far, extensive under-bushing of the area has been completed, and the perimeter drains have been dug. According to the Department of Public Infrastructure, the facility is to be fenced, and an arch is to be constructed. Among other work earmarked to be done are: fencing of the inner field of the facility; installation of 25 LED lights around the perimeter; construction of ten benabs, two ‘kissing bridges’, and a walkway, among other conveniences.The venue presently boasts a playground, pavilion, stand, a benab, a bandstand, and some sheds. There are also several concrete benches which were donated by the business community.When completed, the Esplanade Park is set to house an inner field and an outer track.Recently, the Town Council, through the Ministry of Communities, signed a $14 million contract with a Berbice contractor to do further extensive works at the facility.In 1998, under the mayorship of Businessman Errol Alphonso, the town became twinned with Midland Texas in the USA. During that exercise, the playfield was rehabilitated and a pavilion was built (named the Midland Ball Field and Pavilion).In the early 90s, the Council collaborated with the Rotary Club of New Amsterdam to develop the Esplanade Park.last_img read more