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Domestic three bitcoin platform to launch the reserve verification system 100%


technology news August 26th morning news recently, the domestic bitcoin trading platform launched overseas business development, financing currency, virtual futures and other new trading form at the same time, bitcoin market downturn, once again raised questions about bitcoin holders trading platform. OKCoin, bitcoin China and fire currency network and other domestic three bitcoin trading platform launched a reserve verification system of 100% to ensure that the sudden emergence of a large number of bank deposits, there is sufficient liquidity. read more

Stationmaster net broadcast Suzhou cracked network Keywords fraud biography fair market in June 1st

1 Suzhou cracked network keyword fraud involving nearly billion

has encountered a problem how to do Internet search keyword input?. Therefore, "keyword" is of great significance to establish and promote the brand on the network. Criminals on the use of this emerging network of things, cheat others money. Last year, Suzhou police cracked the use of the network keyword fraud case, the case is the first case in Jiangsu, the country more than 1 thousand and 500 people cheated. Currently, the case is still under further processing. read more

Be careful not to be taking advantage of loopholes in the policy record DC

has a number of agents more treacherous, very unkind.

1 all current domestic transfer charges canceled, most agents charged 50-100 yuan and mailing fee, 100 yuan more than the cost of ownership, are not kind.

2 was the agent, will use a lot of requirements, your domain name can not be transferred out, there are 60 days of the deadline, the deadline, the registration card with you here and there. The purpose is to hold you tight.

3 was IDC, because of that you have illegal content, illegal content, by the public security investigation. You scared to speak loudly, but he took the opportunity to shut down your server, then sell his home. read more

China and the United States and Japan PKLine WhatsApp WeChat who is more powerful

are green logo, are information, voice, social distribution center, both in the local market share of absolute. China’s WeChat (WeChat), the United States WhatsApp, Japan’s line can be said to be the world’s three important representative of instant messaging software.

from the surface, they are no different, are in the solution of the problem of timely communication. But with the development of mobile Internet, they grow and expand on the three piece of land. Behind the development, is the three product in the function, the business model is the difference, and get to the bottom of its difference, the product of thinking and cultural background is the key of the three differ. read more

Wireless search users will be the first Baidu in the field of mobile nternet cloning miracle

in the field of wireless search, Baidu is likely to clone its traditional Internet search market hit a miracle. In July 2, 2008, the famous Internet research firm Analysys released the latest report shows, the world’s largest search engine Baidu has Chinese with number 22 million 400 thousand wireless search users, Wenzhan China wireless search market toubajiaoyi.

in the traditional Internet search market, Baidu has nearly 80% of the market share, far ahead of other competitors at home and abroad. Baidu’s success in the field of wireless search, Baidu is regarded as a continuation of the advantages of traditional Internet search. read more