Clothing store should pay attention to what the two bottom line

Clothing store should pay attention to what the two bottom line

to the shop name, as long as we can master the relevant skills, there will always be a lot of ways to get a suitable name does not seem difficult. In short, the name of their own clothing store, is a troublesome but very important thing, want to play a good name, first of all have to pay attention to the bottom line, to seek truth from facts. So to the clothing store name to pay attention to which two bottom line?

clothing store owners want to dress up a good name, it should be realistic, to combine the positioning and development of clothing stores, but also to ensure the credibility and integrity of the clothing store. So when the clothing store name should pay attention to what? There are two main points that all the shopkeepers have to pay attention to. read more

How to enter the ranks of the rich

how to become rich, I believe this is an all thought the question, why is the same person, someone, hilltop rich and successful people? Mediocrity and poverty, failure? We look at the periphery, who do not want to get rid of poverty and become rich, but to achieve this goal for most people it is not an easy thing. So there are a lot of people blame it on fate, there are a lot of people in the eyes of the unfair opportunity.

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How to do a good job in Chongqing hot pot noodle shop positioning

do specialty food business, Chongqing snacks swept the country, but also to see more and more investors to the Chongqing hot pot noodle market prospects. For practitioners, want to make their own Chongqing hot pot vermicelli shop can successfully occupy a place in the market, first of all do a good job shop positioning. How to do a good job in Chongqing hot pot noodle shop location, the following aspects have to consider:

first, the positioning of all processes as the boss must personally grasp. This is every catering business people should know, everything is beginning his grasp of the position, like a big project, the boss must unswervingly to learn and supervise the implementation team, otherwise it is easy to encounter the situation, Baoqiang Wang, the product does not throw, long absence will cause influence to accompany marriage. The same is true of entrepreneurship, so do a good understanding of Chongqing hot pot rice noodle shop positioning and master the direction of development is particularly important. read more

Big hole fried chicken brand introduction

every year there is a Korean hot China film circles, many people crazy for fascination, although not seen small, but still JiaBuZhu Korean wind impact. Attracted by the food inside. A 2013 "from the stars you" swept the whole of Asia, the delicacy of the chicken and beer is also a delicacy frenzy around. Big hole fried chicken is authentic Korean fried chicken brand, the world’s good brand. Korean drama actor and actress favorite fried chicken with beer quickly become the pursuit of Chinese young people snack food. read more

How to join the whole record

Take this dish have a unique variety of

Hot pot in recent years in the catering sector is a mix of wind, today Xiaobian to recommend this one to take food to join the project is written to take food, take food out of a whole note has attracted attention of the special taste, chowhound, people remember. This taste, naturally remember this brand. The franchisee, all take food production and sale has simple technology and standardized operation, low cost, low risk, but also by the general investors, especially small investors and entrepreneurs of all ages! How to join down to take food? Here we give you a specific analysis. read more

Do not judge business

profiling, which is almost any one’s mind, but if the shop to do business, but people are really bad. Not long ago, a retail business to my cousin ‘s play, it happened that I had to go out of the store, the transaction naturally give her to the escrow.

half an hour later I returned to the store, cousin with deep feeling told me about one thing.

she said that after I left, one dressed in very ordinary people to three bottles of water, she didn’t see what money is not how enthusiastic. When the customer buying water did not leave immediately, but go to the counter to the cigarette, a pack of 40 yuan of "Yuxi", after the settlement of accounts opened up on the spot after suction. read more

Professional angel investment proposal entrepreneurs melt a round of PreA

can be recognized by the Vc firms of entrepreneurs is a standard, and as a professional angel investment advice is for the entrepreneur entrepreneurs to raise a round of PreA, where the specific meaning, Xiaobian a look!

attention of venture capital circles may be found,   Pre A  fusion; rounds of entrepreneurial projects more and more, especially from the beginning of the second half of 2015, domestic venture projects frequently broke   Pre A  round of financing, it can be said that the   Pre; A  round of financing is becoming the new trend of RMB fund! read more

Shop agent what marketing strategy

The rapid development of

network to online business and sales network has entered a golden period, in fact, the sales network is various, so the shop agent what marketing strategy?

investigation sources,

approved products

source is available, the supplier is, the key is to look at your place of his supply source is reliable? General suppliers of products have the company’s Web site, careful observation, research site construction, reliability, etc., in general can be judged almost. Then the market investigation, look at the demand of similar products, be aware of. The product is determined, the key is to see whether you recognized? You have a full understanding of the products identified and recognized, you have the confidence and courage to product into the market, in order to have the possibility of long-term development. read more

The investment adviser to share with you a small shop business win 8 strokes

for many entrepreneurs, may not have too much money in the early stages, therefore, in the entrepreneurial choice of the project, the project will be interested in those small shops. So, what are the small shop business success cheats?

1. business site selection, is the most important factor in the success of the mini store, choose as far as possible to have people places, such as a collection of stores, night market, downtown; read more

Master Wang joined the three advantages of sizzling tofu

types of snacks is diversiform, can be described as full of tricks, so many varieties of snacks, there are few small I do not love, as the primary chowhound I recommend a good snack brand Master Wang sizzling tofu here. Master Wang sizzling tofu from the beginning to focus on tofu career, carefully crafted various delicacy snacks, such as a guaranteed quality. Master Wang is the ultimate pursuit of sizzling tofu for delicacy, now have a good reputation. Master Wang joined the sizzling tofu? The following small for everyone to analyze. read more