Keep up with the Alibaba go to the countryside Jingdong is doing rural electricity supplier

Keep up with the Alibaba go to the countryside Jingdong is doing rural electricity supplier

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and Alibaba, Jingdong is also promoting rural electricity providers, accelerate the layout of the 3 ~ 6 line cities, counties and rural markets. Now, Jingdong’s rural electricity supplier progress includes the following:

1, Jingdong launched the county service center. Jingdong County Service Center is located on the basis of the original distribution of the Jingdong on the basis of the upgrade from Jingdong to operate independently. In addition to providing customers with orders, distribution, display and other services, the main functions of the service center also includes recruitment and training of rural promoters. The first half of January, the Jingdong "County Service Center" has been included in the Jiangsu city of Suqian Province, Hunan Province, Changsha County, Sichuan Province, Yilong County, Shandong Province Pingdu City and other national cities officially opened, is expected during the opening of the number will be more than 500. read more

Electricity supplier position purification singles false promotion is not in shadow

at the beginning of September, the NDRC price supervision bureau business exposure of false promotions, and not against each big enterprise wars "singles day (November 11th) initiative". In November 8th, Tmall, Jingdong, mall mall, Gome online mall and other major electricity providers have released "singles day" promotions.

and the national development and Reform Commission identified some enterprises exist false promotions 8 * 15 electricity supplier war, compared to the electricity supplier listed promotional information is more attractive. launched the "universal coupons 300 yuan of the following goods are returned for the online and offline, and not subject to any restrictions and other activities; United States online store position before November 11th, carried out in the first round inclusive none, the whole network products heavy into 4 etc.. read more

Fake fake and Taobao affectation of interdependence

review: why Taobao will take the initiative to fake a family scandal, after all things in the competition appears to be speculation scandal.

every time, the joint public security organs fake news will be Taobao active release to the news media, Internet analysts have also come out behind Taobao, called for regulators and the audience to denounce fraud and selling.

fake fake goods to rush into danger for profiteering, was caught is deserved, regulators lead to poor control of consumer interests, is pain do not deserve sympathy. Let a person feel surprised is, why Taobao will take the initiative to fake a family scandal, after all things in the competition appears to be speculation scandal. read more

Maternal electricity supplier United States together by the collective Jingdong hold the thigh near

[Abstract] maternal electricity supplier industry competition, the platform pressure is not small, the characteristics of maternal industry decided to expand the category of electronic business platform must strengthen the market competition, cooperation with the electricity supplier giant can achieve great supplement.

Beijing daily news (reporter Li Duosun Qi Xiang) following the red child was acquired by Suning, honey bud and Jingdong global purchase "merger scandal" after the baby tree with the electricity supplier giant announced. Baby tree CEO Wang Huainan said that this round of financing will focus on the development of baby’s business, also announced to open a new round of price war diapers. Industry insiders believe that the ongoing price war so that the huge pressure on the electricity supplier of maternal and child, along with the United States, such as the electricity supplier giant into the board, the mother and child electricity holding thigh heating phenomenon will become the norm. read more

Jingdong set off the peak of the quality of shopping at 1116 o’clock single volume breakthrough ten

Jingdong to promote the finale of the drama "618 peak moment" began to set off a climax from June 18th zero shopping quality. June 18th 11:16, Jingdong mall volume exceeded 10 million single. From the mobile terminal (including Jingdong mobile client, Jingdong WeChat shopping and Jingdong mobile QQ shopping, etc.), the amount of a single volume of rapid growth, the proportion of orders accounted for 87%. As of 11 points, the order of the geographical order are: Beijing, Guangdong, Jiangsu, Shanghai, Sichuan. read more

The nternet financial hot who will challenge the balance of treasure

  if you are a sensitive taste buds investors, then you will realize that now is the hot Internet banking, will greatly help you increase your assets. This is the market opportunity, is likely to be a new way for China not rich investment channels.

Internet financial hot should thank Ali financial products introduced in July the balance of treasure, but now, it is likely to encounter the challenge of hitherto unknown large Internet companies, the traditional financial and P2P in the field of startups — these three forces are challenging the balance of treasure. read more

Tmall launched the flagship store will be an independent investment expectations

March 2nd news, it is understood that Tmall today issued a notice to adjust investment standards. Tmall said that in order to better optimize the consumer service experience, Tmall will adopt new ideas in terms of investment, the initiative to recruit high-quality goods and services provider.

pointed out that Tmall investment, the biggest change was set up brand investment library from consumer demand and market needs, the objective is to find a good commodity and brand business, together to provide consumers with high-quality goods and services read more

Ali investigation hammer phone booking fraud Tmall executives were punished 7

[Abstract] the results of the survey showed that the reservation data were artificially altered, and the parties to the contract were warned, demoted and dismissed.

Ali Wang Shuai, chief marketing officer of micro-blog announced hammer phone booking fraud survey results

Tencent technology Zong Xiuqian reported on October 18th

today morning, Alibaba chief marketing officer Wang Shuai released the findings hammer mobile phone number of reservation fraud in Tmall Electric City on micro-blog.

Ali survey results show that the reservation data is artificially altered. Although it does not affect the authenticity of the data, but the number of the formation of hunger marketing effect exaggerated reservation, we oppose this clever essence wrong." read more

Google push enterprise website mobile new services

Beijing on April 5th news, according to foreign media reports, Google Corporation today released a new service that allows companies to convert their website into a mobile site visible on the smart phone. The search engine giant hopes that this service can make the site easier to access, so as to continue to maintain its leading position in the field of rapid development of mobile. Google’s new service is part of the company’s "Go Mobile" program, Go Mobile is a time to encourage enterprises to better use of mobile platforms (including smart phones and tablet PCs) market activity. Companies need to pay only 9 per month per month, Google will create a more friendly mobile version of the company’s website, there will be touch control interface, looks like the same as iPhone APP. By using this service, companies can design their own mobile sites, or from Google to create a web site. It is reported that Google uses a start-up company DudaMobile technology to create a mobile version of the site. The company CMO Denis (Denis Mink) said, comparing with those who use mobile phone access to traditional website users know, this experience is very bad." read more

Good B2B website can not be separated from the six innovative ideas

one, from the big and all-round professional development is the current trend of

early in the development of the Internet industry, the relative lack of technical personnel, technical reserves are relatively weak, the technology is the first. This is the idea of advocating technology, resulting in a large number of sites lack of positioning, can not find the future. Although this is the only way for any industry from scratch, but the price is quite heavy.

after several years of development, the network from the early single, advocating technology began to plan, diversified, in-depth field direction, thus contributing to the prosperity of the Internet industry. The same is true of the B2B industry. read more