Baidu Nuomi 3 7 girls Festival the people of the country to invest billions of dollars positive PK

Baidu Nuomi 3 7 girls Festival the people of the country to invest billions of dollars positive PK

Baidu Nuomi 3.7 girls’ day, the people of the country to eat and drink billion yuan positive PK Taobao

[TechWeb] March 6th news, a wholly-owned acquisition of glutinous rice network less than half a year, Baidu has basically completed its internal digestion. Starting today, the original glutinous rice network officially changed its name to Baidu Nuomi, Baidu’s direct electricity supplier business.

Baidu vice president and Baidu Nuomi CEO Liu Jun said, Baidu has the advantages of technology and traffic, glutinous rice has many years of experience. After the depth of integration, Baidu Nuomi launched a new brand." read more

Wo Wo Group updated prospectus disclosure three new independent directors

news February 12th, domestic life service business platform Wowo (formerly Wo Wo Group) updated again in the United States Securities and Exchange Commission official website prospectus. Prospectus, Wowo plans to this IPO to raise 54 million -6500 million dollars, is expected to issue price range of $9-11.

and the two time to submit the prospectus, Wowo this updated prospectus disclosure of three new independent directors.

Tianrou (Robert) Pu, the former UT Sidakang director, chief financial officer and China Nuokang pharmaceutical CFO, with years of experience in financial management and the United States China. read more

Now that the nternet can sell designer clothes and retailers do

in the fashion business review Business of Fashion this article analysis, bypassing the middle of the network direct marketing seems to be a shortcut to the development of young designers, but the fact is not so optimistic.

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in the interface before the fashion report, there have been young designers and retailers love to kill the story. Now it seems that this game is just beginning, long underdog designers are going to get rid of retailers, achieve homegrown.

in general, the designers of the first few quarters of the production of fashion is usually very small, accordingly, their raw materials and production costs are relatively high. In the high input, low recovery of both ends of the squeeze, the profit itself has been quite meager. Even John Galliano once had to walk the show, not production predicament. The industry default "delayed payment" — at least until after the delivery of the designer a month of receipt in the fashion world young people tend to live in the capital gap in the boundless. read more

Watercress for on line things to business profit model expansion

as the SNS community There remained but a single one. watercress, can be said to be responsible for the SNS type community website on the Internet, when foreign FACEBOOK and twitter are constantly developing and expanding its territory at present, China’s SNS website seems to have entered a period of high development bottleneck, everyone, have become neither dead nor alive only in school. Watercress still struggling with the SNS community website of the sky, although it is them, but also by virtue of its innovation, make SNS website is still in the traditional Internet out of their own piece of the sky. read more

E commerce sales increase 50% strategies to meet people’s weird behavior theory

there are so many irrational behaviors in our lives. These irrational behaviors tend to be behind people’s decisions. It is called grotesque, this process is the use of non rational behavior of people, if I called "irrational behavior prompted e-commerce sales increased by 50%, presumably not many readers would come in the list of global. Don’t mind me saying that your behavior is irrational, and the behavior of everyone around us is mostly irrational:

1 marketing:

Why is read more

CNNC analyst Meng Fanxin veteran B2C how to deal with new challenges

China Internet Network Information Center analyst Meng Fanxin

CNNIC survey: as of June 2010, Chinese online shopping users, 58.3% of people over the past six months in the Taobao shopping mall, and the traditional old B2C, like, Amazon’s user penetration is only 6.6% and 4.8%, the bright younger generation started 3C products, the flagship mall Jingdong penetration also quickly upgrade to the 2.6%.

Taobao mall high user penetration, the first to rely on its C2C platform. Currently there are 89.3% users in the online shopping Taobao users, Taobao users in the Taobao mall shopping accounted for a large proportion of up to 65.3%. Second, the mall business users compared to the small C sellers have a higher degree of integrity protection, mall sellers are required to have a business license to provide commodity invoice vouchers, can support cash on delivery and other services. In addition, from the development strategy also has to the mall tilt of the trend, to provide better display and promotion for the mall business, these have become the unique advantages of Taobao mall development, attracting many brand manufacturers to join. read more

Zhejiang’s first online business license issued by the disabled female students online dream

                      August 7th news; the day before, Zhejiang city of Jiaxing industrial and commercial bureau of Commerce and industry of the West Lake District staff to business shop of disabled college students Yin Huanhuan home, send a business license and tax registration certificate for the. It is reported that this is the first shop in Jiaxing issued a business license.

it is understood that Yin Huanhuan suffering from polio in the Taobao opened a shop called sports goods, mainly engaged in school supplies, stationery and fitness equipment. Because it is the first time the operation of the shop, Yin Huanhuan is the choice of cooperation with suppliers to the mode of operation, to receive orders online, then orders to suppliers, delivery, customer service service from the supplier to complete the Shang dynasty. read more